Sep 30, 2018

Sunday September 30, 2018 Peter Koetters

Theme:  "Power Play"- The first word in each theme entry is a type of penalty in hockey.

23A. *Electric vehicle need: CHARGING STATION.

39A. *Having a blowout sale: SLASHING PRICES.

59A. *Fish story theme: HOOKING THE BIG ONE.

81A. *Like a man resisting the urge to argue: HOLDING HIS TONGUE.

96A. *"Dead Poets Society" setting: BOARDING SCHOOL.
16D. *Pressurized undersea compartment: DIVING BELL.

74D. *Camping out, say: ROUGHING IT.


117. Temporarily disqualified due to an infraction that begins any of seven answers to starred clues: IN THE PENALTY BOX.
Bonus fill:

118. Apt sports org. for this puzzle: NHL.

Sorry, Peter and all readers, no write-up today. If you have any question regarding the theme or certain entry, please click on Comments at the end of this write-up. Your questions will be answered by our capable regulars.
After a scary visit to the ER last Wednesday, Boomer was diagnosed with bone cancer. We had a biopsy last Thursday and more tests and visits to the VA clinic and hospital ahead. Boomer is a tough guy with high pain threshold. But with even Oxycodone, he's still in pain. If anyone has experiences or advice handling bone cancer or the side effects of those drugs, please share on the blog or email me

I'll be back next Sunday. Thank you!


 1. Kick off the flight: BUMP.

5. "Nixon in China" composer John: ADAMS.

10. Underground invader: WEED.

14. Fragrant wood: CEDAR.

19. Goatee-stroking words: I SEE.

20. Bank built for a rainy day: LEVEE.

21. Pal of Grover: ELMO.

22. It's pressed for oil: OLIVE.

26. Stirred: MOVED.

27. Puppet extension?: EER.

28. Suffix with gymnast: ICS.

29. Leveling wedge: SHIM.

30. Hot belt, with "the": TROPICS.

32. "God Bless America" landscape word: PRAIRIES.

35. Punishment with a grounding: NO TV.

38. Many a Snapchat user: TEEN.

43. Long-nosed fish: GAR.

46. 1977 medical thriller: COMA.

49. From head __: TO TOE.

50. More than cool: ICY.

51. A deal may be made under it, with "the": TABLE.

53. Military order: AT EASE.

56. Neatnik's possible condition, briefly: OCD.

57. Crunched figures: DATA.

58. Minute critter: AMEBA.

63. Blackmailed: BLED.

64. Green: NEW.

65. Herd voices: MOOS.

66. Road crew worker: PAVER.

67. Became clear: JELLED.

69. Border: ABUT.

70. Source of a Pasadena parade aroma: ROSES.

71. "Little Beau __": 1952 toon about a skunk: PEPE.

72. Auto safety device: AIR BAG.

75. Asgard group: AESIR.

76. Some lighters: BICS.

77. Canceled, as an event: OFF.

80. Mess maker: SLOB.

85. "Taxi" dispatcher: LOUIE.

87. ATM feature: SLOT.

88. Apple platform: IOS.

89. Fireside treats: SMORES.

90. Christmas tree topper: ANGEL.

91. Fifth-century nomad: HUN.

92. Log: ENTER.

94. Waist container?: BELT.

95. Casual "Pass": NAH.

101. Target of adoration: IDOL.

103. Ages and ages: EONS.

104. Aroused: TURNED ON.

108. Powerful: SINEWED.

111. Swear: CUSS.

114. Arthur of "The Golden Girls": BEA.

115. Israeli heat?: UZI.

116. Get decked out: TOG UP.

122. Rival of ancient Carthage: UTICA.

123. Pump, e.g.: SHOE.

124. Culture dish media: AGARS.

125. Compos mentis: SANE.

126. Passé: DATED.

127. Piece of dirt: CLOD.

128. "I'll think about it": MAYBE.

129. Wasn't straight: LIED.


1. __ curls: BICEP.

2. Arena worker: USHER.

3. Stiller's partner: MEARA.

4. Pricing word: PER.

5. "Tomb Raider" star Vikander: ALICIA.

6. Most populous: DENSEST.

7. DJIA part: Abbr.: AVG.

8. __ hall: MESS.

9. Third face of Eve?: SETH.

10. Tool needing wringing: WET MOP.

11. Bulldogs fan: ELI.

12. Rock subculture: EMO.

13. Stern warning: DON'T.

14. "How goes it, José?": COMO ESTA.

15. Split to be tied?: ELOPE.

17. Nice with?: AVEC.

18. Cherry and crimson: REDS.

24. Birth announcement word: GIRL.

25. NBA exec Danny: AINGE.

31. Bus path: Abbr.: RTE.

33. "Wicked Game" singer Chris: ISAAK.

34. Tries to score: SHOOTS.

36. Disaster site procedures: TRIAGES.

37. Spoils recipient: VICTOR.

40. Craving: ITCH.

41. Unreturnable, as a bottle: NO DEPOSIT.

42. Blue hue: CYAN.

44. "Tiny Alice" dramatist: ALBEE.

45. Check, in a way: RE-ADD.

46. "High Hopes" lyricist: CAHN.

47. Plains native: OTOE.

48. Persian call: MEOW.

52. Mosey: AMBLE.

54. Lion king: SIMBA.

55. Once, sometimes: ENOUGH.

57. Going every which way: DIVERGING.

60. Came down with: GOT.

61. Sink: BASIN.

62. Throws out: EJECTS.

68. __ salts: EPSOM.

69. Counterculture icon Hoffman: ABBIE.

70. __ Beach: L.A. suburb: REDONDO.

71. Gumshoes, for short: PIS.

72. Lion king: ASLAN.

73. Actress Massey: ILONA.

75. Enticement: ALLURE.

76. Halve: BISECT.

77. Fiendish sort: OGRE.

78. Tank filler: FUEL.

79. Ending for gab or talk: FEST.

82. Fed. workplace watchdog: OSHA.

83. Red __: spicy candies: HOTS.

84. Like neon: NOBLE.

86. Bit of roller derby protection: ELBOW PAD.

92. Come after: ENSUE.

93. Stalks in a pie: RHUBARB.

97. Corrida cry: OLE.

98. Slowly crept: INCHED.

99. Promise of dire consequences: OR ELSE.

100. Go __ great length: ON AT.

102. Ad preceder?: DEUCE.

105. Burj Khalifa's city: DUBAI.

106. Endangered layer: OZONE.

107. Put the kibosh on: NIXED.

108. Ear decoration: STUD.

109. Scintilla: IOTA.

110. Slipped __: DISC.

112. Cybernuisance: SPAM.

113. Genesis creator: SEGA.

119. In addition: TOO.

120. House of Commons vote: NAY.

121. Designer monogram: YSL.

Happy Birthday to our dog lover Pat and her husband, who were born in the same day and same year. Pat was a few hours older than her husband. Have a wonderful day, Pat!


OwenKL said...

FIWrong. No ta-da, so went to red, and got 4 bad cells. dUMP > BUMP, EviCTS > EJECTS, READs > READD, PIPE > PEPE. vELLEs I didn't notice, and dICEP I had no idea what type of haircut that was.
I know very little about hockey, so all I saw of the theme was that they all started with gerunds. DIVING? BOARDING?

The world was perplexed by the Gordian knot.
Two women to the judge a baby brought.
Alexander chopped the rope clean thru!
Solomon ordered, cut the babe in two!
Ancient exemplars of to HALVE and HALVE not!

Alexander Graham Bell,
A name the world knows so well.
He had a brother
Just as clever:
The namesake of the DIVING BELL!

Said the cat to the cow, MEOW MEOW.
MOOS were responded by the placid cow.
The cat said mew,
The cow said moo,
Can you feel the EMO of this moving crew?

The butcher said, "This slab of meat I'll BISECT."
The candle maker exercised his BICEP
The baker DIVERGED
His culinary urge,
Went to cooking SCHOOL, his friends said, "Bye, Chef!"

{A, B+, A-, B-.}

WikWak said...

Oh, no! Boomer and C.C., you are in our prayers. Does this maybe explain some of the pain he’s been having recently?

FIR in about 20 minutes, and didn’t have any real sticking points. I’m a hockey fan, so the theme (and its relationship to the puzzle’s title) came through pretty quickly.

I had some specifics in mind to mention, but after the news about Boomer they have all gone south. Maybe later.

G'night, all. said...


Thanks to Peter! Nice puzzle. No problems!

So sorry to hear about Boomer. My love and best wishes go to him.

The NetWord Puzzle Sun. by S.N.has a terrible mistake. No question about it. Letter 111 should be D and not an M! This is a first for me, encountering an unquestionable error. I wonder if it will be corrected.

Have a great day!

Jinx in Norfolk said...

I FIWed Friday's puzzle late yesterday and came here to see all the comments. I was disappointed to see that the Corner had devolved into All Kavanough, All The Time. Although I love a little political barb thrown in from time to time, I don't come here to argue politics. Like abortion, gun control and the Designated Hitter Rule, the comments expressed here won't change anyone's mind. The fact is that NONE of us know what happened, and to say "I believe (fill in your least-hated partisan)" is an insult to your own intelligence. Don't forget that the most convincing people you will ever meet are con men and women - otherwise they would have to find a different "profession".

I've decided to take a break from the Corner until someone has been confirmed to the Court. Until then I wish all of you well. Just don't mention "Jumble" or you'll be in REAL trouble.

Barry G. said...

So very, very sorry to hear about Boomer, C.C.! I hope things manage to work out OK for both of you.

PK said...

This puzzle was more doable and less frustrating than for the past few days. I don't know hockey, but I got the theme. Thanks, Peter.

C.C. & Boomer: I am so sorry to hear about Boomer having bone cancer. My nephew has been living with a rare type of bone cancer which metasticized for the past five years. He moved to California to be near an oncologist who has kept him able to do just about anything. But I think there are several types of bone cancer. My prayers are with you both. Big hugs!

Dudley said...

Hello Puzzlers -

I logged in this morning to see if anyone else had trouble where Redondo meets Aesir, but now I wish the very best to Boomer and C.C. as they navigate new waters. The missus and I will be holding positive thoughts.

Morning, Barry, good to see you once again, in the morning, too!

maripro said...

C.C., My heart goes out to Boomer and you.
You are both in my prayers. I wish there were more that I could do.

TTP said...

Boomer, you are in our thoughts and prayers.

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

No, d-o didn't get the theme. I've only attended a single hockey game, and that was in the late '50s in Houghton, Michigan. The entire hockey stadium was maintained at sub-freezing temperatures, and I was too busy shivering to enjoy the game. Despite missing the theme, this one came together quickly. Thanx, Peter.

I became aware of Boomer's condition earlier this week. I wish the best to both Boomer and C.C., because this is going to be a journey for both of them. My older brother had a form of bone cancer, and he decided against radiation, chemotherapy or bone marrow transplant in favor of palliative care only. He managed to survive with a good quality of life for a full decade after his diagnosis.

Peter said...

My heart goes out to you both, C.C. and especially Boomer of course, to hear this awful news. My best wishes.

jfromvt said...

Being a hockey fan, got the theme early so this was a quick one for me. NHL season starts this week. Lots of sports going on this time of year.

SwampCat said...

C.C. and Boomer, you are both in my thoughts and prayers.

Avg Joe said...

I'm very sorry to read your news CC. You and Boomer are in my thoughts.

Yellowrocks said...

CC and Boomer, you are in my thoughts and prayers. You have a tough row to hoe. I wish you the good outcome of DO's brother.

Prairie Woman said...

My thoughts and prayers for Boomer and C.C. My husband has lived with a different type of cancer for almost ten years. His diagnosis was for two to three years of life. So please know that living with it is possible. I wish you well as you travel this unplanned for journey!

Yellowrocks said...

Happy birthday to Pat and hubby. Have a wonderful day.
FIR. I used to follow hockey years ago, so that gave me a leg up here. Fun puzzle. EJECTS also fits the theme.
I liked seeing ANGEL. Butterflies and angels are my totems. I have tons of butterfly jewelry. And at Christmas time I set out my extensive angel collection, dozens and dozens of them.
I love Dead Poets Society and have watched it several times.
As a mom, my MAYBE is a very hopeful sign. If you just quit nagging I am more likely to decide yes than no after having time to consider. You want an immediate answer? Then the answer is NO.
JINX, I believe enough people have nixed political posts so that they will now cease. It is so easy for a political barb to escalate into a heated argument. It is tempting to answer such a barb, so maybe we should not post barbs. I think, hopefully, we have all learned our lesson.

triple crown said...

If the bone cancer is sarcoma, Boomer should go to the Sarcoma Oncology Center in Santa Monica California. They're writing the book on sarcoma treatment. Been there. Best of luck.

Lucina said...

C.C., I'm so sorry to hear the terrible news about Boomer. Be assured I shall be praying for both of you. I have a friend, now 88, who was diagnosed with bone cancer at least 10 years ago and received treatment. I haven't spoken to her in a while so don't know what type of treatment. She is alive and well though. It seems to be curable or at least able to be arrested.

As for the puzzle, thank you, Peter, for this worthy Sunday effort. And though I know nothing about hockey, all the theme answers were easy to grok.

ASLAN might have been a problem for some if they are not familiar with C.S. Lewis' Narnia.
SIMBA is more well known. Both are lion kings.

I thought MEOW and OLIVE were particularly cleverly clued.

Have a happy day, everyone!

Lucina said...

Happy birthday, Pat! I hope you have a wonderful celebratory day.

desper-otto said...

Oops! I forgot. Happy birthday, Pat. IIRC, you were also both born in the same hospital, no? Gotta ask, does DH refer to you as the "old lady?" Not when you're in ear-shot, I'll bet.

PK said...

Happy Birthday, Pat, and many more!

C.C. & Boomer: My brothers & SILs were all here by chance and we went out to Breakfast, so I could ask about our nephew who has sarcoma. He goes to the Sarcoma Oncology Center in Santa Monica, CA, as recommended by Triple Crown above. However, I did learn that although it started in his leg, it was not in his bone as first thought. He is in his 30's with a wife and three little kids, so they are aggressively treating him and he feels fine, he says.

A Pidgeon said...

CC: My thoughts and hopes are with you both.

I did finish this one in record time,but could not remember Elmo! Not too proud of that!

PK said...

Boomer's news was so stunning, I forgot the puzzle. Can anyone tell me why 102D: Ad preceder? = DUECE?

Misty said...

C.C., after reading your description of Boomer's condition, it was heartening to read the several blog comments about friends who have lived a decade with cancer and were still able to have a good life. This is what our prayers for him will stress--that he gets good treatment, relief from his pain, and has a long life ahead of him. We can't do without his witty and delightful commentaries, and look forward to them every week.

And Peter, thank you for a delightful Sunday puzzle. I was so happy to get about 3/4 of it before I had to cheat on some of the long answers, and even though I don't know hockey, it was great to get so much of it. Will look forward to more of your puzzles in the future.

Nice poems, Owen. And happy birthday, Pat!

Have a good Sunday, everybody.

Husker Gary said...

-Our thoughts are with you C.C. and Boomer.
-During winters, here on the PRAIRIE, we eagerly anticipate NEW growth. Late last week Boomer wrote of anticipating being back bowling. Gotta love that attitude!
-Blogging is so secondary today but maybe later

desper-otto said...

PK, DEUCE AD is about tennis scoring.

JJM said...

Finally a Hockey themed puzzle! Right in my wheelhouse. Finished in record time. I think Tinbeni and I are the only hockey fanatics in this group, so I'm sure he'll enjoy it as well. Too bad my team (Blackhawks) won't have much of a chance this Season for the Cup, but I get as excited for Opening Night as Baseball fans get for Opening Day! Can't come soon enough.

C.C. & Boomer: I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. Stay strong.

Hahtoolah said...

Good Afternoon, C.C. and Boomer. Your daily crossword blog has meant so much to so many of us here. We have all become friends. Know that you are in my heart as you face this medical challenge. Know that we are all here for you.

Lemonade714 said...

Happy birthday mister and missus Pat.
C.C. you know you can ask for anything and we will be there. Barry G. it is good to know you are out there, and I hope the rest stop by to send support to C.C. when she needs it.

Pat said...

C.C., your news was an out-loud "NO!" You and Boomer are in my thoughts.

I've been to one hockey game and all I remember is the ice cream vendor yelling "Yummy, yummy, in your tummy!" I do look at all the Detroit team scores and some write-ups so the theme wasn't totally lost on me.

Thank you for the birthday wishes. It's been a good day so far: walked my dog, then went to the shelter to spend time with more dogs. Sunday is the day I take the comics and crossword puzzle with me and let my formerly feral dog come inside, lie down beside me and sleep. We've gotten to the point where he will let me snuggle with him. Tonight DH and I will take our dog an go to our daughters home for dinner.

D-O, we were born about 250 miles apart, but we met at the U of M Hospital, both of us working in the finance department. The "older woman" joke got old many years ago so I rarely hear it anymore.

I hope all of you have a great day. Three cheers for October and cooler weather!

Jayce said...

I liked the theme and most of this puzzle.

I hope like heck Boomer gets well.

Happy birthday, Pat.

Becky said...

C.C. and Boomer, I am so sorry that you have had that bad news. Please try to stay strong, and I hope Boomer gets some relief from his pain. I have no advice for you, I've had breast cancer, which doesn't relate to your situation. All my best wishes!!


Sandyanon said...

I feel not only for Boomer and CC, but the other posters who shared their experiences. Cancer is a frightening, terrible thing, and we can only hope that new treatments that are and will be developed can ultimately defeat it.

Abejo said...

Good afternoon, folks. Thank you, Peter Koetters, for a fine puzzle. Thank you, C.C., for a fine review.

First, and foremost, Get well soon, Boomer. I have no experience with this, but do whatever the doctor says. My best to you and C.C., as you work your way through this.

Nice to see your appearance, Barry G. Stop in more often.

The puzzle was great. Liked the theme. I worked it on the train coming back from Pennsylvania.

Had lots of unknowns. Perps and wags fixed them all.

How about those Bears 48-10 against the Bucs.

See you tomorrow.


( )

Lemonade714 said...

Thank you all for being here for C.C. Thank you Becky, I did not know of your battle. It is important for people to know that cancer can be survived.

Bill G said...

Hi everybody, especially CC and Boomer.

I am hopeless when it comes to having something thoughtful to say to those going through this kind of sudden difficult news. Barbara is doing well after her bout with bladder cancer. I hope you two do also. Best wishes. My best healing and happy thoughts have been sent your way. Good luck!

D4E4H said...

Attn all HVAC experts:

For several days I was cold knowing that the HVAC system was set to cool the air, and had to be converted to the system that heats the air. Now I'm hot ! I suspect that there is a third condition where the system is in "Neutral" where it will not provide either cool or warm air. In Louisville, we are anticipating at least a week of afternoon temps in the mid 80's. Does this third condition exist, and if so, is it easy to switch back to AC?


D4E4H said...

I have yet to start the Sunday CW, and with the news from C.C. that Boomer was diagnosed with bone cancer, the CW seems meaningless. Boomer and you, dear C.C. are in my prayers. May his treatment be swift, and effective.


Anonymous T said...

Sunday Lurk say...


Jinx - Oh, hell, Don't get me started on the designated-hitter! :-)

HBD Pat!

C.C. When a little birdie told me about Boomer's condition earlier, I didn't know what to say then. I still don't. The Mayo is close to y'all and one of the leading facilities in cancer research...(?)
My Love to both of you as you move through / deal with this. Peace. -T

Wilbur Charles said...

So sorry to hear about Boomer. I will say a prayer for both of you. I have no advice but laughter may help so...
In the early 80s Red Auerbach was trying to build another dynasty. He'd drafted Bird and Maxwell and in the deal of the century* added McHale and Parrish. Now he needed one more guard.
Where does he look? To Baseball of course. CC are you chuckling? Yes, he signed Danny AINGE off the Toronto Bluejays roster.

READD had me. BLED seemed solid. I finally got it.

I hope Jinx comes back. His pawky wit will be missed. Owen, that A is spot on.
In a tour de force he managed to get ENSIGNs and GERBILs into an amusing poem(J)

This was a nice puzzle. Once I laced up the skates it went smoothly. BALSA<CEDAR messed me up but my French bailed me out. The clueing was clever and entertaining.

FLN. Anon-T, the Fibonacci article was engrossing but like a Saturday xword to this way too Rusty mind.

Misty, you're forgiven. Hockey knowledge filled 1/2 . Nice post, you said that which I am incapable because I'm not a French City. I do try.


* Dick Vitale of all people made it possible. He was a GM at the time


Bill G said...

AnonT, I'm a big fan of the Fibonacci sequence and the Golden Ratio. I must have missed your link. Could you repost it please?

D4E4H: Our new thermostat that controls our new A/C and furnace has three positions; Cool, Heat and Fan. The Fan position is the 'Neutral' position you are looking for. Switching back to Furnace or A/C is easy; just moving the switch.

~ Mind how you go.

Bill G

Anonymous T said...

Bill G. - The simple explanation and the deeper think link.

Really, I've been obsessed with this -- and am to dumb to know better -- but if we irrationalized all our numbers, could we understand the universe better. Stupid premise, but consider the source (me) :-)


Anonymous T said...

and too dumb to spell too too. -t

Bill G said...

AnonT, thanks, I enjoyed reading that. Did you know of Pascal's triangle? There are lots of mathematical patterns to be found therein. I find it stupifying that Fibonacci can be found there too.

Dow Jones said...


The Monday (10/01/18) edition of the Wall Street Journal ( features a crossword puzzle (Gone Phishing) constructed by C.C. It is available to solve online or in print format.

C.C. Burnikel said...

Thanks for the thoughtful comments and emails, everyone. This brings lots of comfort and encouragement to me and Boomer.

Husker Gary said...

-THE BIG ONE was named Walter in On Golden Pond
-The last time I subbed for “shop” they were building with aromatic CEDAR.
-Herd Voices/MOOED and Split to be tied/ELOPE made up for Get decked out/TOG UP :)
-If this PAVER would have been around 40 years ago, my back and I might still be on speaking terms
-The AESIR (pronounced “ICE-ir”; Old Norse Æsir for multiple gods
-Why he LIED
-QUE PASA was one letter short and wrong
-A former student headed for LA to become a singer. She traded microphones for ELBOW PADS and played pro roller derby