Sep 11, 2018

Tuesday, September 11, 2018 Bruce Haight and Natalie Murphy


11. Cease and desist order?: CUT (it out) and don't do it again !

18. Court order?: ALL RISE.  Out of respect for the judge.   NYY fans adopted that order.

27. Reverse order?: ABOUT-FACE.  A military turn to face the opposite direction.

45. Money order?: STICK 'EM UP.  A robber's command, usually at gunpoint.

58. Work order?: GET BUSY.  i.e.,  Quit dilly dallying.  I'll leave it at that.

65. Gag order?: SHH.  Heard that at the library, the movies, and on the quiet car of the commuter train.

5. Restraining order?: STOP IT

46. Pecking order?: KISS ME.

Eating humble pie here.  The theme eluded me.  Stared at the grid looking for commonalities.  Nothing.  Then,  assuming that ophthalmologist Bruce was leading this duet with Natalie,   I zeroed in on EYE TEST and tried to make some connections.  Nope.  Finally gave up and emailed C.C.  for help.   I should have looked at the clues.  Thanks again C.C. !

Please note the symmetry of the theme answers.  Beautifully constructed.

1. Setting for smooth sailing: CALM SEA.

8. Aptly, it rhymes with "ahh": SPA.

14. Stuffed oneself: ATE A TON.

15. Pursue romantically: WOO.

16. Valuable metal: ORE.

17. "NCIS: Los Angeles" actress: NIA LONG.

20. Remove varnish from: STRIP.

21. NBC weekend fixture, briefly: SNL.

22. Distinctive flair: ELAN.

23. Modern renewable fuel: BIODIESEL.

30. Assures the sad fate of: DOOMS.

34. Easy throw: LOB.

35. "Angie Tribeca" TV network: TBS.    Angie Tribeca  is an American comedy television series, created by Steve and Nancy Carel, starring Rashida Jones, that airs on TBS.    (Just seeing if I can write a sentence in the style of Wikipedia.)

36. "Help me out, will ya?": BE A PAL.

37. Facilitates: ENABLES.

40. Bergen of "Murphy Brown": CANDICE.      Candice Bergen played tough TV reporter Murphy
Brown in the sitcom of the same name.  The program is scheduled to return to prime time on CBS for the 2018/2019 season, starting Thursday Sept 27th.

Saw a commercial for it while watching football.

41. Stay behind: REMAIN.

42. Drunkard: SOT.

43. Dubai's fed.: UAE.  Last Tuesday we had "Abu Dhabi's federation: Abbr.:" as the clue.   United Arab Emirates.

44. Former Russian rulers: TSARs.

48. Words said with an extended fork: TASTE THIS.

50. Continent explored by Marco Polo: ASIA.

53. Talk on and on: YAP.

54. Scalawag: SCAMP.

60. Shoe cushions: INSOLEs.

62. Abbr. used to save space: ETC.

63. Not worth a __: SOU.

64. Muzzle-loading gadgets: RAMRODs.

66. Kindle download: APP.

67. Chart-reading exam: EYE TEST.

Happy Birthday to Husker Gary !


1. Some recyclables: CANS.

2. Going __: fighting: AT IT.

3. Shakespearean king with three daughters: LEAR.

4. Beach city near Hollywood: MALIBU.

6. Quite some time: EON.

7. Taiwan-born director Lee: ANG.

8. River in a Stephen Foster song: SWANEESaluting a Songwriter Far From Home

9. Voting sites: POLLS.

10. Pioneering ISP: AOL.

11. Wind up like a snake: COIL.

12. Celestial bear: URSA.

13. High-schooler, typically: TEEN.

19. Put another roll of film in: RELOAD.

21. Incites to attack, with "on": SICS.

24. More than occasionally: OFTEN.

25. Blots gently: DABS.

26. Biblical garden: EDEN.

27. Warning: ALERT.

28. Scraps for Fido: BONES.

29. President between Bush and Trump: OBAMA.

31. Poppy product: OPIUM.

32. Gambling mecca near Hong Kong: MACAU.

33. Catch some z's: SLEEP.

36. Cookie recipe yield: BATCH.

38. Bill for drinks: BAR TAB.

39. Bart Simpson's sister: LISA.

40. San Francisco's __ Tower: COIT.   View from Lombard Street:

42. Dance move: STEP.

45. Postpone one's bedtime: STAY UP.

47. Go along with: ESCORT.

49. Online admin: SYSOP.

50. Quite some time: AGES.

51. "Family Guy" creator MacFarlane: SETH.

He knew what he wanted to do from a very young age.

" an American actor, animator, voice actor, filmmaker, and singer, working primarily in animation and comedy, as well as live-action and other genres.  Wikipedia article.

52. Nagging desire: ITCH.

55. Sunburn reliever: ALOE.

56. Rx items: MEDs.

57. Sibilant summons: PSST.

59. NATO founding member: USA.

60. Fury: IRE.

61. "Aye? Not!": NAY.


Notes from C.C.:

1) How do you remember, TTP? That's an image EYE TEST!

Happy Birthday to dear Husker Gary, the creator of this wonderful Crossword Corner map, our trusted Saturday guide and caring friend. I'm so lucky to have met with Gary and his incredible wife Joann. Wish you guys could hear his voice.

2) Owen's Jumble site is listed under Crossword Links on the blog front page.


OwenKL said...

Wishing you Bon Voyage and CALM SEA!
Safe travel, may no DOOM intercede
Sending you good hope
That your vessel stays afloat --
But just in case, how is your password keyed?

The seamen sent to Boston ATE A TON.
They were ASLEEP when the mischief was begun!
A BATCH of patriot men
All their cargo did up-end,
And LOBBED into the sea A TEA TON!

{B+, B+.}

fermatprime said...


Thanks to Bruce, Natalie and TTP!

Great puzzle!

Only hangups were: NIA LONG, BIODIESEL and TBS.

Still over 100 degrees yesterday.

Forgot to post yesterday until very late.

Hope to see you tomorrow!

fermatprime said...

Gary: Have the happiest of birthdays!

Krijo said...

Happy Birthday Gary!
One mistake in the Coit/STICK. I had STOCK 'EM UP.
I have prepared an English crossword for a coffee magazine here. It is called Standart and is in all modern cafes (not chains like Starbucks). Let's see if the response will be positive.

I suspect it will be too hard for the average barista taste.

There has been a big wave of new animated sitcoms in recent years. Rick and Morty, BoJack Horseman, Archer, Brickleberry. All amazing new takes on the Family guy formula with terrific voice actors (mostly authors). SETH really broke new grounds there.

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

Oh, ACRES = ACHERS! D'oh. It was definitely the propofol; perfectly clear at 3 AM today. Yesterday was productive: EGD, check. Shingrix shot #2, check. Flu shot, check. That should take care of the medical chores for a few weeks.

Zipped right through this one with nary a stumble. Thanx, Bruce, Natalie and TTP. D-o even got the theme!

CANS: I recycle my beer cans. They're worth about 50¢/lb to the scrap yards.

Husker: Happy birthday, young man!

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

I loved, loved this puzzle for its simple but oh so fresh and delightful theme. My only w/o was Overate/Ate a ton. I liked the combos of Shh and Psst and the not-quite kissing cousins, Macau and Malibu. Also appreciated the canine mini-theme with: Sics, Bones, Yap, and Scamp, Lady and Tramps's offspring. My favorite C/As were: Pecking Order=Kiss Me and Money Order=Stick em Up. The Eye Test/Bruce connection went right over my head, which is so strange, seeing (no pun intended) as I've been to eye specialists 4 times since April, with another visit scheduled in two weeks.

Thanks, Bruce and Natalie, for a super enjoyable solve and thanks, TTP, for your warm, witty write-up. Extra special thanks for the cute canine pictures. I liked the ratio of Dogs 3, Cats 1! Sorry, Mr. Meow.

Happy Birthday, HG, hope it's extra special! πŸŽ‚πŸŽ‰πŸΎπŸŽˆπŸŽ

It's raining and very gloomy here, a perfect day to christen my new address book with nice, neat entries vs the mish-mash mess of cross outs and scribbles in the old one.

Have a great day.

Krijo, best of luck with your crossword submission.


Sandyanon and Anonymous @ 8:22 ~ Thank you for the U.S. Open fiasco link. It was an unfortunate ending for both players.

Oas said...

Thank you Bruce Haight and Natalie Murphy for an enjoyable puzzle.
FIR but had to change Curl to COIL for the snake windup.
When I was a toddler we lived for a time in an area of the Sonora Desert that had its share of rattlers.
Daddy used to love telling stories of me running to meet him comming home from work and jumping over snakes that happened to be slithering accross the pathway. I remember being taught to back away if the snake curled up and rattled.
Favorite clue today was Pecking Order? Instead of calling out Honey I’m Home , I often sing Kiss me Honey Kiss me when I get in from work or town.
McD’s coffee still warm so I finished in good time .
Making plans to attend Hoost Fest in Minot later this month . Friends say there’s lots of music and opportunity to dance. Allways a drawing card for DW and me .

inanehiker said...

Fun run - different to have so many different lengths of the theme answers.

Thanks TTP and Bruce & Natalie!

Happy birthday HG! I have a friend whose birthday is today as well, and her daughter was born on December 7. I keep wondering when something is going to happen on March 2 and June 4 (the birthdays for the rest of her family!

SwampCat said...

What a different kind of puzzle. I wasn’t sure I liked it at first but once I figured out what was going on I loved it! Thanks Natalie and Bruce. Favorite was money order for STICKEMUP and also Go along with for ESCORT.

Thanks TTP for the tour.

Owen, A, A.

Jinx in Norfolk said...

FIR, but erased King LEeR when I realized that NIA was more likely than NIe LONG. Also didn't know MACAU or "Angie Tribeca".

Isn't ORE mostly dirt???

I thought that Marco Polo must have explored Swimming Pool, but it wouldn't fit.

I thought that "beach city near Hollywood" must be in Florida, because there isn't a beach city near Hollywood, CA.

All diesel I buy contains about 10% biodiesel. At about 6.5 mpg, I buy a lot.

A usually-reliable high-placed source, speaking on the condition of anonymity, told me that Bob Mueller is going to play the permanently-employed house painter Eldin Bernecky on the Murphy Brown revival.

FLN, Booger was a character in Revenge of the Nerds, not Animal House. Also FLN, Yellow Rocks it is unwise to have a battle of wits with an unarmed person. By the time I read your rebuttal, the troll's post had been deleted.

HBDTY, Husker Gary. May you have many, many more.

Thanks to Bruce & Natalie for the fun grid. I especially liked "pecking order" for KISS ME. And thanks to TTP for another fine discussion.

SwampCat said...

Happy birthday HG!! πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‚πŸ°

oc4beach said...

Like TTP I didn't get the theme today. Today was tough in that regard. The down clues made the puzzle easy to solve, though.

Lots of rain the last few days from the remnants of hurricane Gordon with many streams and creeks (cricks in PA) flooding. Sun is partly out today, but that won't last too long with the impending hurricane heading toward the SE coast. I hope everyone in Florence's path has battened down the hatches.

Spitzboov said...

Good morning everyone.

Happy Birthday to Husker Gary.

Seemed a little crunchier than usual for a Tuesday. But it all got solved without searches. Favorite clue was "Money order"
CALM SEA. The clue works if the sailing is in a motor vessel. With a sailing vessel requiring wind, the effect is the opposite. Calm seas occur when there is no wind. So the vessel is "becalmed". So while the sailing might be smooth, it isn't going anywhere soon.
Jinx - Re: ORE. I agree. Without refining, ORE is just dirt or rock debris, but may be valuable depending its metal content. But you can hardly build a bridge out of taconite or hematite. Or attach a galena sinker to a fishing lure.

SwampCat said...

Thanks, Spitzboov, for explaining CALM SEA. As a sailboat sailor I winced at that clue, but the answer for the puzzle was clear.

Our boat was an IOR ocean racer, heavy as lead, and it took a gale to move it. CALM SEAS were our enemy!

Abejo said...

Good morning, folks. Thank you, Bruce Haight & Natalie Murphy, for a fine puzzle. Thank you, TTP, for a fine review.

Well, I zipped through this puzzle quite easily. I thought it was easier than Monday's.

Only problem was that I did not get the theme either. I should have focused on all the question marks. Lesson learned.

Tried ATE A LOT before TON won out.

I also recycle CANS. For my Kiwanis Club. The Club uses the money from cans for our charities and operations.

I used to work in and around San Francisco, and I remember that tower, but not the name. COIT.

I will be at the POLLS in November as a judge. I go to judge training tonight in Wheaton, IL.

BIODIESEL is interesting. I used to own a diesel automobile. Boy did I learn a lot about diesels. You can get algae in the fuel tank. Also, if the temperature gets to 27 below zero, the diesel gels up and the car runs slower and slower. I found that out on the Indiana Turnpike.

Anyhow, it is a beautiful day here in NE Illinois. I hope to get some work done outside.

See you tomorrow.


( )

Yellowrocks said...

Happy birthday, Gary. I always look forward to your regular expo and your daily posts. You contribute so much enjoyment to my days.
IM, if you have so many eye appointments, I hope that does not mean your problem is larger than floaters. I wish you the best.
I totally missed the theme. Even looking back, it seems difficult. Neat, in retrospect. Thanks for your interesting blog, TTP.
Krijo, I had stack 'em up, but knew it could not be Coat Tower.
Cute baby picture, but I cringed that she might bite the hull of the strawberry.
Last night we began teaching the STEPs to new square dancers. It was fun.

TTP said...

Good morning.

Well, I probably didn't do justice to Bruce and Natalie's puzzle.

I'll blame my weak effort on exhaustion. Physically and mentally. I'm finally done staining and painting the house. As of yesterday afternoon. Big push on Friday and Saturday to get it done, and wrapped it up yesterday with painting of one small section of foundation with exposed concrete. All good for another ten years !

Time to run errands.

Picard said...

I got that the theme clues all involved an "ORDER". Or am I missing something else?

The theme was not really any help since it involved the clues rather than the answers. But it was amusing and I enjoyed the puzzle. NIA LONG/ANG cross might be a Natick for some.

Only glitch for me was spelling her name CANDaCE at first. Anyone else?

Last weekend we posed in front of the BONES of the biggest animal that ever lived.

TTP: Here we posed at that same spot on Lombard Street with COIT Tower in the background!

Here I was up close and personal with COIT Tower.

Picard said...

From yesterday:
Wilbur Charles Yes that guy was in quite a precarious spot on the Bixby Bridge on BIG SUR!

Here is that precarious BIG SUR photo again

billocohoes Thanks for the BOOG explanation. Yes, pretty awful no matter what!

CrossEyedDave I never heard of Giant Hogweed. We used to wander through that brush every day when I was a child in CONN. If you are correct I guess we were just very lucky!

Picard said...

Husker Gary Happy Birthday and thanks for all of your wonderful work and contributions on the site!

desper-otto Hope the tube down the throat procedure gets you well again soon!

Anonymous said...

Is ore valuable metal ? Or raw material from something - metal
or nonmetal , valuable or not , is extracted ? Like Galena which is chief
ore for lead

Misty said...

Well, I too found this a bit of a Tuesday toughie, but enjoyed working on it nonetheless--many thanks, Bruce and Natalie. I almost, almost got the whole thing, but, like Krijo and Yellowrocks at first, I had STACKEM UP, even though COAT Tower didn't look right to me. But got everything else, and even though I didn't get all of the theme answers, I got enough of them to guess the general theme. Lots of fun, thanks again, helpful write-up, TTP--thanks for that too. Only I still don't get SYSOP--would appreciate an explanation.

Irish Miss, I didn't compute all the dog references--thanks for pointing them out. Dusty would not be proud of me.

Enjoyed the poems, Owen.

Happy Birthday, Gary--have a great day!

You too, everybody.

Bill G said...

Hi everybody (and especially Gary). Happy birthday! I hope you and Joann have a great day and ensuing year to come.

It's hard to get a good photo of Lombard Street, especially from the top.

Michael said...

Misty, SYSOP means System Operator. From Wiki:

"A sysop (/ˈsΙͺsΙ’p/; an abbreviation of system operator) is an administrator of a multi-user computer system, such as a bulletin board system (BBS) or an online service virtual community.[1] The phrase may also be used to refer to administrators of other Internet-based network services.[2]
Because such duties were often shared with that of the sysadmin prior to the advent of the World Wide Web, the term sysop is often used more generally to refer to an administrator or moderator, such as a forum administrator."

IOW, big kahuna, electronically.

SwampCat said...

Anonymous @11:32, ... or bauxite ore for alumina which when refined eventually becomes aluminum.

Anonymous said...

Ok puzzle. Way too many "?" Clues for my taste. The theme.well I'll leave it at that.

Lucina said...

Happy birthday, Gary! My oldest granddaughter shares her birthday with you and my youngest was born on December 7. Hi, inanehiker!

I really enjoyed this puzzle, saw the Orders? and wondered if that was the theme.

Misty, I'm no expert but I believe SYSOP means systems operator. It was discussed in a puzzle a long while ago.

Gary, thank you for posting a photo of the German shepherd; it's my favorite breed of dog along with papillon.

Krijo, good luck on your puzzle venture!

Today was my annual wellness check with a very nice nurse who makes house calls for my insurance company. All is well, I'm happy to say.

Have a fabulous day, everyone! Prayers in memory of all who died on this day 17 years ago.

Wilbur Charles said...

Re. Serena-US Open. The issue was signaling from her coach, accusations there of. Did Serena actually deny it?

Jinx, nice post. To paraphrase Gertrude: There's no near there(Hollywood). Then again MALIBU is closer to "there" than Clearwater Beach. And...
Feeding the trolls is akin to my leaving that dead rat where the gator could get it

He came back. I'll send the pic to Anon-T and perhaps he'll post it. I'm on a Samsung.
And... I think CALM is like NEAR.

Abejo, here in FLA I'm not worried about the -27 but Algae?? I have a BMW Diesel

There was a "Theme"????
Duh. Picard just explained it.


Yes, hbd Gary.

AnonymousPVX said...

Went right through this Tuesday puzzle, no issues at all.

I’m just waiting now for Florence to hit.....hopefully a bit north of me (I’m 25 miles inland of Charleston), although I feel guilty hoping it misses me as it invariably hits someone else.

I was just talking to a neighbor whose mother relocated to Myrtle Beach a year or so ago, she’s refusing to leave....she lives right across the road from the beach....they are expecting and predicting a 6 foot storm surge. Because all the neighbors have said “hurricanes never hit here they shift”. I guess she’s betting her life on that. I don’t understand.

Misty said...

Michael and Lucina--thank you very much for the SYOP definition and explanation. And glad you had a good checkup, Lucina.

CrossEyedDave said...

Dead tree version was wet today,
forgot to check my time used on the computer version.
Most of the time spent was running the alphabet thru the
Sou/Sysop Natick...
SOU, I should have known it was Frawnch...

Hmm, maybe Hagar and I should take a Thumper today...

We are familiar with orders around this house...

Happy Birthday Gary, here's a cake you might enjoy!

chefwen said...

Haven’t done the puzzle yet, so I can’t comment, just wanted to wish Husker Gary a Happy Birthday!

Anonymous said...

ESCORT is the OPPOSITE of "go along with"; it's to TAKE along.

The correct spelling of MACAU is MACAO.

And WHAT abbr. is NOT "used to save space"?

Yuman said...

Birthday wishes to Husker Gary. I still don’t get the theme clues. Orders? What am I not seeing?

gmony said...

Wtf is this? At least 13 ? or abrvs for a Tuesday. Not a fun puzzle today but do able. I love Malabu in summer though. Reminds me of my youth.

desper-otto said...

AnonymousPVX: When the storm surge hits, I suspect that woman will evacuate, and then wish someone would help her get out of there.

Jinx in Norfolk said...

WC, algae doesn't grow in diesel, but in water. Unlike gas vehicles, diesel fuel tanks freely vent to the atmosphere. If humid air enters the tank and cools, water condenses into the tank. And diesel also has a little water in it as well. So it isn't unusual to have a little water in the bottom of the tank.

I don't know about modern cars, but my motor home and the marine diesels I have owned had a fuel-water separator with a clear bowl on the bottom so you can detect and drain minor amounts of water. There are also fuel additives that supposedly remove water and algae from the tank. Two problems with those: 1) If you have a lot of algae or water already in the tank, the gunk created by suspending the unwanted stuff can quickly clog a fuel filter, and 2) Warranties may prohibit the use of fuel additives.

Best practice is to keep the tank full, change the fuel filters as recommended whether due to time or mileage, and buy fuel from high-volume dealers. The design also helps out a bit. The fuel pump delivers more diesel to the injectors than they can use, so there is always a flow back into the tank. Engine heat warms the returning fuel, which helps evaporate any water in the tank. Obviously, long trips good, short trips bad.

BTW, a little water can wreck fuel injectors very quickly. My Caterpillar will de-rate the engine and set off a "Stop Engine" alarm if it detects water in the fuel.

OTOH, I had a Mercedes 300 SD diesel sedan before I knew how finicky diesels are and didn't do anything special to it at all. Kept it until the seats became gawd-awfully uncomfortable at 220,000 miles and never had a fuel-related problem. It was a slug around town, but a magnificant highway machine.

Jinx in Norfolk said...

SwampCat - What kind of IOR racer did you have? I had a Catalina 38 (nee Yankee 38) with major reverse tumblehome. Before I bought the boat, then-named Yacht Racing / Crusing Magazine featured her on its cover with Dennis Conner at the helm winning the Congressional Cup. I later had my DW take my picture at the helm of one of Dennis' Stars and Stripes America's Cup 12 Meters, which had been relegated to tourist duty in the Caribbean (St. Martin maybe). Kind of completed the circle - Famous Dennis on my boat, me on his famous boat.

Ol' Man Keith said...

When I was a kid, growing up in San Francisco, I saw COIT Tower nearly every day. Even before I knew how to spell it, I heard the name of the landmark, and I thought people were calling it "Quake Tower."
Just sound it out, and you'll hear why.

A fun pzl from the Haight/Murphy team! And well explained by TTP!

Thanks very much, C.C., for pointing out where the Jumble link can be found - alphabetically under the "Crossword Links" on the Corner's opening page. I guess Owen was unaware of that, or maybe forgot to mention it to us.
We'll leave it to J fans to point out the link every so often...

And that's "30."

Diag Report:
Nothing doing today.

-30 -

Husker Gary said...

-I had a lousy round of golf today but loved my 72nd birthday greetings in TTP’s fun write-up and in the comments. Loved the cake Dave!
-What a fun puzzle. Like C.C.’s and my FB puzzle from last week the theme was in the clues
-Funeral yesterday was fine but full of back stories. Ain’t family great?
-“GET BUSY” and “STOP IT” have passed my lips on many occasions
-3 turnovers and A TON OF penalties DOOMED the Huskers last week but there were many signs of better times to come
-Would you feel slighted if you had REMAINED and had not been the prodigal son/daughter?
-Wikipedia says SWANEE is a disambiguation of Suwannee
-A much better poppy story

Yellowrocks said...

I suppose my mind is in the wrong place. Every time I see Coit Tower I wonder what knd of hanky panky goes on there. LOL

CrossEyedDave said...

Bypass this post if you have no interest, but...

I visited San Fran several times, & visited most of the
tourist spots. But not Coit Tower. So I read the WIKI with its references to Hitchcocks Vertigo etc...

Then, I thought a video of climbing the Tower to see the Murals would be nice.

One of the 1st Vids in queue was this almost 8 minute odyssey,
documenting the 397 steps in the Filbert Stairs.

Right at the end end there are some pics of the Murals,

You mean I could have drove! and not watched that 8 minute video!!!

Ah Nuts!

SwampCat said...

Jinx, we had a Pearson 10 meter, long after its heyday as a racer. We bought it to cruise in because we didn’t have to fear heavy weather.

Does anyone ever Just Cruise? Of course we raced in club races and a few off shore things. Did pretty well due to a favorable rating.

We get good wind in the winter.

Bill G said...

Oh geez...

I just got a serious-sounding call letting me know for the FINAL time that the IRS was going to stop warning me and was now going to seek jail time for an income tax error and shortage. The caller had a little bit of an accent but otherwise sounded very serious. I got so flustered I forgot to write down the number to call. I'm screwed for sure.

Oh geez...

Sandyanon said...

YR @3:15 --


Jayce said...

I liked this theme-filled puzzle very much.
I enjoy reading everybody's comments.
Happy birthday, Gary.
Good wishes to you all.

PK said...

Hi Y'all! Bruce & Natalie really brought this Corner meeting nicely to ORDER. I enjoyed it, thanks. I was shocked that several people didn't get the theme, since I thought it smacked me in the face. Great expo, TTP.

Happy Birthday, Gary! May you have many more years to impart your wisdom to young minds. (That's an order!)

My son once had an extended government sponsored "vacation" in UAE.


MACAU also had three last letters before getting the right one.

Anonymous said...

Hi All!

Not too hard a Tuesday, but, like others, the theme eluded me -- until ABOUT FACE. Cute.

I had trouble in the CALM SEA area... Over eat? ATE A lot? [WO]. Ahh, A TON. Once again, Wilber C., NIA LONG was again NOT being interviewed by Teri Gross. :-)

Thanks Bruce and Natalie for the uniquely-themed / executed puzzle. It could just be the Benadryl, but 'twas no walk in the park.

Great Expo TTP! Your dog w/ a bone looks like Pop's Tinker. Labs are the best.*

Happy Birthday HG!

WOs: ATE A ton; NIA LONG, wrong TzAR
ESP: NIA LONG [again], SOU.
Fav: KISS ME [Kate] - Order to DW? :-)

{B+, A}

COIT tower - lots of steps IIRC. DW's Aunt (pronounced auh-nt; Boston Blood) got us special access. Also got us front of line at Chihuly's in SFO!

Bill G - Re: IRS - It sounds like you got their number. BULLLLSH**

Now to read Jinx more closely on the water in the tank... - Maybe that's why Alfa no start-y [again]

Cheers, -T
*Religious wars ensue... Come at me IM :-)

Bill G said...

~ If attacked by a mob of clowns, go for the juggler.

~ Ban pre-shredded cheese. Make America grate again!

~ The past, present and future walked into a bar. It was tense.

~ They're not going to make yardsticks any longer.

Lucina said...

Bill G:
Thank you for that. You caused me a hearty laugh.

Ol' Man Keith said...

Today is a sad anniversary.
9/11 showed the great vulnerability of an open society to extreme dogmatists.
Respect & tolerance are two of the great virtues of our modern era. 9/11 was our wake-up call, reminding us that we let these recent understandings slip away at our peril. Forgive me for mentioning our current political scene, but I believe everybody here knows their Corner colleagues post in good faith - and that the "tribalism" that so many lament belongs on those fanatics' spectrum of disrespect.


Yuman said...

Yep, I am one of those that shocked you, so could you shock my brain with the explanation of orders?

Yuman said...

Previous comment was a reply to PK

Irish Miss said...

Anonymous T @ 4:34 ~ I'm not sure what Labs have to do with religious wars but you're certainly entitled to your opinion that Labs are the best. Benadryl does funny things to one's brain, me thinks! Everyone knows that Bichons are the Top Dog! 😈 (Why are you not in Blue?)

Bill G @ 4:45 ~ I'm relieved to see your humor is still intact after that scary call from the IRS! πŸ˜‡

Lucina said...

Bill G:
I'm on their call list, too! Maybe we'll land in the same jail . . .

TTP said...

Dash T, I'll agree with Irish Miss on "Benadryl does funny things to one's brain..."

That dog with the bone is a Weimaraner

I guess I can easily recognize the breed because a neighbor down the street had a pair of them. Both gone now. Sad.

Get your rest and drink plenty of fluids.

Jinx, I just watched the news for the first time in a week or so. You better head to the highlands. Also, Splynter wrote the line the same way back on April 30th, 2016, and yes, he'd still be wrong. Is He Still Wrong ?

Bill G, good one liners ! Also, it sounds like you have a bit of fun playing with those callers.

Husker Gary, I was sad to see the outcome of Scott Frost's first game as head coach, but they will only get stronger from there. The Steelers also had too many turnovers against the Browns on Sunday.

Yuman, each of the eight clues listed at the top of the review was an order with a question mark. So a punny definition type of puzzle...

Yuman said...

Duh, guilty of overthinking, need to borrow that V-8 can.
Thank you TTP

D4E4H said...

Late again.

Thank you Mr. Bruce Haight, and Ms. Natalie Murphy for your easy CW. I FIR in 19:51 min.

Thank you TTP for your excellent review.

Gary, HBD.


OwenKL said...

Anon @ 1:05pm:

"ESCORT is the OPPOSITE of "go along with"; it's to TAKE along."
If as a docent I ESCORT tours thru a museum, I'm taking them. If I'm a paid female ESCORT for an evening, I am going along with him.

"The correct spelling of MACAU is MACAO."
The proper spelling of MACAU is ζΎ³ι–€ (or in full δΈ­θ―δΊΊζ°‘ε…±ε’Œεœ‹ζΎ³ι–€η‰Ήεˆ₯θ‘Œζ”Ώε€ .)

"And WHAT abbr. is NOT "used to save space"? "
Double-U double-u double-U is 9 syllables, World Wide Web is 3 syllables.

PK said...

Yuman: with the word ORDER in each clue, it had to mean something, don't you think? Glad TTP was able to put your thoughts in ORDER.

JINX: Hope your home property remains intact and unflooded. Hope your higher ground is high enough. I've been to Asheville. (Messed up my stair climbing knees at the Biltmore.) We'll be anxious to hear you are okay.

I was taking groceries out of my car last week and got a call from the "fraud department" telling me my credit card was having suspicious activity. I thought it was a robo call and hung up. "Fraud dept." called right back & I hung up again. Unloaded my groceries and found I had a voice mail from the "fraud dept." Finally registered with my brain that maybe I should pay more attention. I had just received a new store sponsored credit card and used it for the first time to buy groceries. Had about six tries before I got the card to work in the store. So I called back the fraud dept. number. We had a nice visit and I assured the caller that I had used the card but had trouble with it. The trouble, I learned, was because there was a sticker on the front that I couldn't get off. I have since removed the sticker and hope the fraud squad won't have to call again.

CanadianEh! said...

Very late to the party but I got my ORDERS?! Thanks for the fun, Bruce (loved that you snuck EYE TEST into the grid) and Natalie, and TTP.

I noted COIT (unknown) and COIL, YAP and APP, STICK EM UP and STAY UP (crossing too but small dup).
I'll take a CSO with 56D. Interesting to have OPIUM today after our OPIATE/OPIOID discussion yesterday.
Favourites were AAH SPA and pecking order?=KISS ME.

I don't think I want BIODIESEL in my tank for a Canadian winter.

Happy Birthday Husker Gary!
BE A PAL was the motto of the people of Gander Nfld. 17 years ago today.

Anonymous said...

IM - I'm not Blue because I'm on my iPad. 2 weeks ago I tried to get a Yubikey to work with it & multi-factor auth with my gAccount and frogged it but good [works fine on the PC :-)].
I'm on my iPad 'cuz I'm sick and don't want to pull out my laptop [there's gotta be 1000 emails waiting :-(].
Religious wars where born out of the Editor wars of lore [Nerd ALERT!] and are what happens when we push our beliefs online over your's. #Labs :-)

TTP - ok, wrong breed. But your pic still looked like Pop's Choc Lab who's so cute you'd give her spaghetti from your own plate
//Just one Tink; no!, you don't get my wine too

OKL - LOL! That why I tell folk 'go to wa-wa-wa' or 'dub-dub-dub DOT site-com'. Fewer syllables indeed.

Back to bed -- Dr. DW's Orders.

Cheers, -T

Bruce Haight said...

Thanks TTP! Natalie Murphy is my 38 year old daughter, from whom I have two grandkids. This is her first published crossword puzzle so I am very proud!

Anonymous said...

Bruce - That's awesome. I was wondering who's this new girl you were hangin' with :-). It also explains some of the odd/freash cluing. Good on you for bringing up another puzzler. -T

Ol' Man Keith said...

What a delight! ~
To read a post directly from Bruce Haight (@12:32), and to learn of his filial, cruciverbal connection to the talented Ms. Murphy!


TTP said...

Bruce, thank you ! And congratulations to your daughter as well ! A great way to start !

Anonymous said...

No one noticed BART (part of BAR TAB) next to LISA?

OwenKL said...

Posting without preview