Oct 1, 2018

Monday October 1, 2018 C.C. Burnikel,

Theme:  ZITI (64. Tubular pasta ... and a phonetic hint to 17-, 23-, 51- and 60-Across) - Each theme entry is in the pattern of Z* T*.

17. Complete quickly, as a test: ZIP THROUGH.

23. Predecessor to Millard Fillmore: ZACHARY TAYLOR.

51. Strict rule-enforcement policy: ZERO TOLERANCE.

60. Buddhist meditation sites: ZEN TEMPLES.

Boomer here.  

Well, normally I try to think of something clever to relate however this past week has been extremely forgettable.  I know C.C. has been relaying some of my aches and pains and I have been treating arthritis without good results. Finally on Tuesday I developed a severe pain in my shoulder and I said enough is enough. On Wednesday, C.C. and I went to the VA Medical Center in Minneapolis and after several hours of tests, we were told that bone cancer has invaded my body.  We are determined to follow all doctors' instructions and fight this thing like crazy.  Thank you for caring.  

1. Crispy fried chicken part: SKIN. Washington NFL Team ??

5. Foolish sort: TWIT.  Not me, but millions of folks go on Twitter to Tweet.  Are they Twits?

9. Neeson of "Silence": LIAM.

13. Cancún currency: PESO.  The peso has lost a bit of ground to the dollar.  I think a peso is worth about a nickel

14. Nonspeaking street performer: MIME.  Do mimes always paint their faces white?

15. Cellist Casals: PABLO.

16. "__ it first!": I SAW.

19. Spring melts: THAWS.  The favorite part of a Minnesota spring.  Trust me, I know.

21. Lake crossed traveling from Ohio to Ontario: ERIE.  I think this great lake supplies most of the snow for the spring thaw in Buffalo NY.

22. Golf course standard: PAR.  Did you have a look at the Ryder Cup course?  Making pars was a challenge on some of those holes.

27. "Later, Jacques": ADIEU.  "I'll hang my harp on the weeping willow tree, and may the world go well with thee."

28. Northern sky sight: AURORA.

31. Mixed-breed barker: MUTT.  Mindful of the "Mutt and Jeff" comics of long ago.

34. Isl. of Australia: TASM. Tasmania. Home of the Tasmanian devil which looks like a little bear.  But there was also a Tasmanian comic devil who looked like he could have a role in "Star Wars"

36. Remove mist from, as a windshield: DEFOG.  I wonder if there was a lot of these clever accessories in the early days of automobiles or if you needed a rag on your front seat.

37. Sushi tuna: AHI.

38. Grabbed a chair: SAT.

39. Praiseful poem: ODE. "It was the third of June, the day Billie Joe McAllister jumped off the Tallahatchie Bridge."

41. Angsty music genre: EMO.

42. Lovestruck teen from Verona: ROMEO. Wherefore art thou? Or is this the first name of a car named Alfa?

44. Houston MLBer: STRO.  If this slang is OK, then the Minnesota team would be nicknamed "Wins".  I doubt it.

46. Unexpected problem: SNAG.  Anyone ever fix stockings with clear nail polish?

47. Angelic figure: CHERUB.

49. Transplant to a new container: RE-POT.

56. Margaret of stand-up: CHO.

58. Chilly: COOL.  This is the favorite word of the entire "Pawn Stars" cast.

59. Get the better of: ONE UP. Was a typical Ryder Cup score, before it got worse.

65. Geometry calculations: AREAS.

66. Brazilian soccer legend: PELE.  Everyone has heard of this Soccer star, but I have never attended a soccer match.  I am still a little ticked off when they tore down a bowling center in St. Paul to build a soccer stadium.

67. Actor Baldwin: ALEC. I enjoy his parody of President Trump on SNL.  I don't think the Prez likes it much, though.

68. Sore throat sign: RASP.

69. Part of GPS: Abbr.: SYST.

70. Some cameras, for short: SLRS. Single lens.


1. Dog group that includes the Akita: SPITZ.  Mark was an Olympic swimmer, and has a nice gold medal collection.

2. "Tik Tok" singer: KESHA.

3. Author Asimov: ISAAC.  His trivia quizzes appear in our paper daily.  I just do Sudoku.

4. "Yet another problem?": NOW WHAT.  One of my dear mother's exclamations.

5. Tabloid TV debut of 2007: TMZ.

6. Xbox 360 competitor: WII.  I never owned one of these, but I heard they had a fun bowling game.

7. Driving force: IMPETUS.

8. Colorful aquarium fish: TETRA.

9. Poet __-tzu: LAO.

10. Active ingredient in Advil: IBUPROFEN. I have a full pharmacy on my dresser.  Got to read every label to see what fights with what.

11. Pond growth: ALGA.  This is a singular form of algae.  I don't think you will ever see any alga alone on a pond.

12. Jay of "Last Comic Standing": MOHR.

15. Musical intro: PRELUDE.  Most famous was Lawrence Welk popping his cheek with a finger.  I think you need to be my age to remember.

18. "Howdy there!": HI YA.

20. Pathetic: SAD.

24. Beatles' meter maid: RITA. May I inquire discreetly? When are you free to take some tea with me?

25. First Irish Literature Nobelist: YEATS. 1923.

26. Miner's strike: ORE. St. So. of Wash.

29. Egg-shaped tomato: ROMA

30. Spellbound: AGOG.

31. Artist Chagall: MARC.

32. "Looks like trouble!": UH OH.

33. Mountain and Pacific, e.g.: TIME ZONES.  So if you leave the East Coast at noon and fly to Las Vegas, do you have to eat lunch again?

35. Gourmet mushroom: MOREL.

38. Reporter's contacts: SOURCES.  Mostly anonymous, but everyone always wants to know.

40. Info: DOPE.  Also slang for one who has no info.

43. Before, poetically: ERE.

45. Streetcar: TROLLEY. Generally gets power from an overhead source. Not like the SF cable cars.

46. Sonnet sections: STANZAS.

48. Market upswing: BOOM.  My nickname is Boomer, sometimes my friends will shorten it.

50. Gold, to José: ORO.  We used to use this as an acronym for "Our Records Only".

52. Big name in trading cards: TOPPS.  I have a long history with Topps.  I love their "Heritage Chrome" and my 1955 Topps Doubleheader set.

53. Sam of "Jurassic Park": NEILL.

54. More adorable: CUTER.

55. Heroic sagas: EPICS.

56. Industry mogul: CZAR.

57. Zeus' jealous wife: HERA.

61. Touch lightly: TAP.  Bowl and leave a ten pin on a pocket hit.

62. Lolling trio?: ELS.  Golfer Ernie.  Not invited to the Ryder Cup because he is from South Africa.

63. Erector __: SET.  Of course I had one as a kid.



Dudley said...

Rabbit Rabbit said...


Thanks to C.C. and Boomer!

Only unknown was KESHA (SP?).

Have a great day!

Dudley said...

Hello Puzzlers -

Didn’t quite zip through as usual for a Monday, had to think through one or two spots. Solid theme with an entertaining reveal.

I’m sure Cornerites will spot Topps and, of course, morel as C.C. influences.

Morning Boomer, good to have you standing watch under demanding circumstances, the crossword family is pulling for you!

OwenKL said...

🐰 🐇 🍖

The prescience of the Blog: Saturday a poem ended "In a tub off the Tasman coast". I really wanted Nodland, but Erato insisted I use Tasman for no logical reason whatsoever. And today we have 34a right in the middle of the puzzle!

New Yorker cartoon.

The AURORA isn't just a Northern sight. The Aurora Borealis at the North Pole, and the Aurora Australis at the South Pole.

A couple bonus TZ's = TMZ and TIME ZONES.

A couple CSOs to me: STANZA, of course, ORE (I grew up in Oregon). 54a is a CSO to ??

fleer > TOPPS

OwenKL said...

The classic swain is ROMEO,
Doomed by an overdose EMO.
If he lived today
In Texas, U.S.A.
He might be a fan of the Houston 'STRO!

ROMEO was in the sights of a certain archer CHERUB.
The arrows pierced his heart, and bade him find his dove.
It is such a pity
He wasn't in our largest city,
Where pigeons flock, "I heart N Y" is known to all as love!

At breaking hearts ROMEO was a heartless devil!
He was in love with Rosaline at start of Shakespeare's revel.
With Lady Death
He took his rest.
Like a devil from TASMANIA but in a land medieval!

OwenKL said...

{C, B, B-.}

D4E4H said...

Good Morning Cornies.

I finally finished the Sunday masterpiece. I was able to FIR.

On to Monday. Hey, it's a C.C. CW.


Hahtoolah said...

Good Morning, Boomer and Friends. Well, I didn't ZIP THROUGH this Monday puzzle. I got stuck on the Crispy Fried Chicken Part. All I could think of was Wing, and not being up on my dog groups didn't help. ISAAC convinced me to change the Wing, but SKIN was slow in coming.

Finding ZITI helped with finding ZACHARY TAYLOR. He has a Louisiana connection and lived in Baton Rouge.

Marc Chagall created the beautiful Chagall Windows in the Abbell chapel at Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem. If you ever go to Israel, it is well worth stopping by to see these windows. The pictures don't do them justice.

A CSO to Abejo with ERIE. What would a puzzle be without a reference to this lake?

White Rabbit!

QOD: Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some hire public relations officers. ~ Daniel J. Boorstin (né Daniel Joseph Boorstin; Oct. 1, 1914 ~ Feb. 28, 2004)

Lemonade714 said...

White Rabbit, White Rabbit. Boomer thank you for your always entertaining write-up and for soldiering on while dealing with your pain and challenge ahead. Is it easier to blog one of C.C.'s puzzles? This was a wonderful Monday speed run with all sorts of information and the many inside jokes BOOM MOREL TOPPS and ERIE .
My only unknowns came in Boomer's words - the folk song THERE IS A TAVERN IN THE TOWN (the link shows the lyrics) and Hahtoolah's QOD as I did not know DANIEL J BOORSTIN .

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

Hand up for WING to start things off. Here in the southland "Chilly" is very un-COOL -- downright COLD. Didn't get the full theme, but I did notice all those Zs. That helped me change RIP to ZIP -- TMR/TMZ, one was as good as the other to my mind. Thanx C.C. for a tougher than usual Monday outing. Boomer, we're all pullin' for ya. I'm happy to see that you haven't lost your sense of humor.

OKL: There is no 54a.

Welk: Boomer's Lawrence Welk comment reminded me of the send-up record by Stan Freberg. In it Lawrence gets his popping finger stuck in his cheek, his Wurlitzer accordion gets destroyed, and the bubble machine runs amok sending the Aragon Ballroom floating off into the sunset.

SYST: I'll need my GPS Syst later this morning. I volunteered for an extra M-o-W route this week, and I'd never find some of those places without GPS. I do wish people would put house numbers on their mailboxes. GPS gets you in the neighborhood, but not necessarily at the correct house.

Anonymous said...

The French for "Later" is AU REVOIR. ADIEU means "Good-bye."

ZEN Buddhists tend to avoid TEMPLES.

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning

This was a fast and easy solve with only one unknown, as clued, Kesha. Doesn't she spell her name Ke$ha in the music world? I also had only one w/o, Impulse/Impetus. I thought of Misty at Yeats (was he a Joyce contemporary?) and Abejo at the ubiquitous Erie. Tip of the hat to Owen, also, with Stanza and Oregon and to all of the resident golfers at Par! The Z ~ T entries were obvious but the Ziti reveal still brought a smile.

Thank you, CC, for brightening our day and thank you, Boomer AKA Boom, for "letting a smile be your umbrella". We're all here for you and CC. I enjoyed your nostalgic reference to Mutt and Jeff; I haven't thought of them in years. Remember the Katznjammer (sp?) Kids?

Have a great day.

Oas said...

Fun puzzle CC . Thanks Boomer for the review.
A few unknnows so had trouble at 9,12 and 35.
Enjoy reading the blogs . Always informative , sometimes funny , get to know a little of the characters of the bloggers. So much so that you get to empathize with some with difficulties to the point of wanting to give helpful advice . Today for instance one commenter could benifit from joining Nitpickers Anonymous.
Enjoyed a wonderful few days away at Minot NDak at the Norst Hoest fest . Several big name entertainers put on concerts . My favorite was Johnny Reid . Alabama had to cancel which was too bad for those that came especially to see them. Lots of excellent high quality free entertaainment all day and dancing nightly till eleven . Great getaway.
Have a wonderful day

inanehiker said...

Fun run for Monday. Just a few erasures e.g. COLD before COOL, but perps to the rescue.

@Irish Miss - Kesha used to spell her name Ke$ha - but changed it back a few years ago.

I agree Hatoolah - the MARC Chagall windows in Israel are amazing. I few things can only be experienced partially in a picture or TV program - The Taj Mahal is in that category. But others like "The Mona Lisa" was meh in person to me- it looked a lot like many other paintings that didn't have a crowd surrounding them.

Thanks CC and Boomer. Praying for you both as you take the steps to treat this.

Yellowrocks said...

Anon, yes, and LATER means good-bye in slang. Clever misdirection.
CC, nice Monday puzzle, and Boomer, thanks for blogging, even with your challenges. I have found that turning one's thoughts to other challenges somewhat helps with the pain.
With six kids, my parents used to say,"Now what!" quite a bit. When my brother and I had a bike collision my dad heard part of the discussion and asked "Now what?" I was insulted because I had previously not been causing any trouble. I said, "It didn't happen now." Whoops! I was grounded for sass.
I find the older I get the closer I am to having to zero tolerance for SNAGs. P&P seems to be thinner now.
I hate zero tolerance rules. They take away any nuance or discretion on the part of the enforcer. When a six year old at school tears his paper napkin in the shape of a gun, should he be expelled for a time?
Hahtoolah, I have not seen the Chagall windows in Israel, but I have seen the ones in NY state. So beautiful! They have a Matisse rose window there also.

Spitzboov said...

Good morning everyone.

Belated Happy Birthdays to Pat and her husband. What are the odds?

BZ to CC on ZT. Easy enough but still fun.
Wanted 'data' before DOPE loomed. I had to 'REPOT' it. Liked the longer downs IBUPROFEN and TIME ZONES which kinda has the ZT motif going uphill.
PABLO - Spanisch for Paul

Don't want to get into the ADIEU flap so I'll just say Tschüß.

PK said...

Hi Y'all! Great fun puzzle, C.C.! Such a happy surprise to see you here with another fun expo, Boomer, Bravo! and Best Wishes!

Got the Z- T theme after ZACHARY TAYLOR & ZERO TOLERANCE filled easily, then went back and filled in ZIP and was primed for ZEN. Liked the ZITI reveal. Then I thought of ZZ TOP(PS) and wondered if this sort of played into it all.

Lolling trio? = ELS. Good one, but "gotcha" me again. Right by TROLLEY, too. Chuckle!

Hahtoolah, I enjoyed the Chagall link. The windows are beautiful if not what one would expect for the tribes. I never studied Chagall because I liked other artists better. Didn't realize he lived so recently, 1887-1985. Will save YR's link until later.

CanadianEh! said...

Marvellous Monday. Thanks for the fun, C.C. and Boomer. (Rooting for you in this new situation).
A little crunchy today for me; maybe I am just out of practice after being AWOL this past weekend with family activities.

Hand up for Wing before SKIN, and Cold before COOL.
I did get the theme and went back to fill ZIP THROUGH and ZACHARY (I did have Taylor as my knowledge of US presidents is improving!).
But this Canadian spelled the pasta as Zeti instead of ZITI giving me a FIW. Of course, I was thinking of ZEDI and made a Freudian slip of the pen. LOL!

Smiled to see ODE, ORE, ORO. Also CHO, LAO, EMO, STRO, ROMEO, PESO, PABLO, ZERO for an O sub theme.
My ROMA tomatoes are all picked and turned into sauce and Salsa.
CSO to SPITZboov.

Enjoy the day.

Madame Defarge said...

Good Morning.

Back from a week of cooking for the freezer in Dallas. Whew!!!

Did yesterday and today this morning waiting for my tech guy to do some remote work on my laptop.

Love and prayers to C.C. and Boomer.

Thanks for the puzzle and write up today to our own Dynamic Duo.

Shout out to Abejo at ERIE. I thought of Picard at ZACHARY TAYLOR, a he just mentioned he has learned the names of Presidents in order.

Have a fine Monday.

Abejo said...

Good morning, Folks. Thank you, C.C., for a fine puzzle. Thank you, Boomer, for a fine review.

21A ERIE, yes the lake I grew up on was in the puzzle today. Thanks for some of our crossword people for noticing. I was near Lake Erie this past weekend, in Edinboro, PA, which has its own lake, named Edinboro. I helped my nephew and my sister with his annual Keggs and Eggs event coinciding with Edinboro University's Homecoming. A couple thousand college kids and alumni parading through my sister's backyard eating a great breakfast and drinking gallons of beer. About 30 half barrels were consumed. Started at 5:00 AM and was over by 11:30, just in time for the parade.

Puzzle went fairly easy. A few tricky ones, but with perps, no problem.

Hahtoolah, I liked the stained glass windows you linked. Beautiful.

Theme was fine. Got it after I was finished. That's OK.

LIAM Neeson is one of my favorite actors. I do not watch many movies, but have seen several with him.

With my sore knees I do take an IBUPROFEN once in a while. One of my Lodge Brothers is an orthopedic doctor. I talked to him about my knees and he told me to stop in. He will take a look. I think I will.

We have a 31A. My wife and daughter went to Texas to adopt her. She barks a lot and cannot hear a thing. Stone deaf. We like her.

Off to my day. Tons to do and a meeting tonight in Chicago. A Philippino Commandery. They have great food for their dinner. Not sure what it is called, but it tastes good. Great noodles, called pancit.

My daughter got me started on this daily trivia game via my cell phone. Called HQ. Do any of you participate? It is quite interesting and only takes about 15 minutes. Twice a day. 2:00 and 8:00, Central Time. You can win money with this if you are good at trivia.

See you tomorrow.


( )

Lemonade714 said...

Growing up in an area where 90% of the people spoke French, I learned ADIEU (literally: to god, just like adios) in the context 'until next time', and AU REVOIR for good-bye. Just me.

Abejo said...

Boomer: Take care of yourself and the best of luck as you fight this battle.


Husker Gary said...

-Talk about playing hurt! Great write-up of C.C.’s clever puzzle, Boomer!
-My principal friend rued the day he made an public exception of ZERO TOLERANCE for his daughter
-“I SAW IT FIRST” dictates who gets found golf ball
-The AURORA(s/e) at our 53˚N fishing cabin were brilliant and filled the sky
-I would call our 6’3” neighbor and his 5’4” wife MUTT and Jeff but I think they are too young to get it
-Check out these early DEFOGGERS
-Diana Ross sang “And Flo, she don't know, 'Cause the boy she loves is a ROMEO…”
-I watch Pawn Stars but when TWITS Chumley and Hoss start spouting obscure historical facts seemingly from memory…
-A PA announcer for a large marching band event contracted a very sore throat and so I filled in at the last moment last week
-A wondeful venue for WII bowling (:36)
-Bogart as Fred Dobbs sought ORO in Treasure Of The Sierra Madre
-Sam NEILL’s character and I were AGOG upon seeing the dinosaurs in Jurassic Park
-We had consecutive very COOL March vacations in Las Vegas, Dallas, Atlanta and D.C.

Yellowrocks said...

Here is another case of loan words changing their meaning when appropriated by another language.
Indeed, in French, Adieu is used when you are leaving someone for a long long time and if you are unsure when you might see her or him again.
Au revoir is used when you leave someone that you might probably see again and soon.
However, in English both are often used for good-bye, especially when adieu is said jocularly. I suppose having Jacques in the clue might indicate the answer should be the French usage.

A very strange example of a loan word changing: The German Arbeit meaning work changes to arubaito in Japanese meaning part time job, a very different connotation.

Lemonade714 said...

BTW another Monday double-header for C.C., as she has the WSJ puzzle to her credit today as well.

Yellowrocks said...

This Sound of Music Earworm has been playing in my head all morning.

So long, farewell, auf Wiedersehen, good night
I hate to go and leave this pretty sight
So long, farewell, auf Wiedersehen, adieu
Adieu, adieu, to yieu and yieu and yieu
So long, farewell, au revoir, auf wiedersehen
I´d like to stay and taste my first champagne

CrossEyedDave said...

I had a minor inkblot at 58a,
as I put cold b/4 cool.

So I guess I have to say I had
a little trouble with the puzzle today...

Lucina said...

Greetings, Bommer; I'm surprised to see you here today, but bravo, as you soldier on with your diagnosis. My constant prayers will be for you and your good health.

I did ZIP THROUGH this today with a few erasures where my mind raced ahead of my pencil but ZT loomed large.

I'll take a CSO at AURORA which is my middle name.

I believe ZEN meditation is practiced in a TEMPLE so it could be called a ZENTEMPLE.

I didn't see Jurassic Park but NEILL perped quickly. I did see The Bookshop yesterday; it's a lovely, poignant film with an evil, domineering, manipulative woman (Patricia Clarkson) and a gentle, determined woman who loves books. It evokes some strong emotions which I feel even today as I write about it.

It rained quite a lot yesterday and last night and my roof is still leaking!!!! It's very frustrating as the roofer has been out here every time it rains.

Have a really good day, everyone!

Picard said...

Boomer I am happy you are able to keep your good sense of humor. I have emailed CC directly. I do wish you the best navigating difficult decisions. I do hope this has a happy ending for you.

CC Thank you for an enjoyable Monday theme and puzzle. Got the ZITI theme quickly.

OwenKL and Spitzboov Hand up I also noticed the bonus Z/T in TIME ZONES.

Here I visited the MARC CHAGALL museum in Nice, France

I loved his art when I was a child for being so playful and colorful.

Picard said...

Madame Defarge I am honored that you remembered my memorization of our presidents as one of my learning opportunities for these puzzles. Yes, indeed, that paid off with ZACHARY TAYLOR today!

From Saturday:
Yellowrocks Glad my paraglider photo brought back happy memories of your own such mountain observations. One of my best friends is a paraglider instructor. She recently moved back to her homeland in France.

The crash image represented an interesting story. It was quite upsetting for me at the time.

Wilbur Charles Thank you for the reassurance. I found that situation disturbing enough that I took a day off from posting.

From Yesterday:
I had a most valuable opportunity to spend time with ABBIE HOFFMAN. I could say a bit about what I learned if anyone is interested.

AnonymousPVX said...

Sorry for the news, Boomer, you handle it any way you want, best wishes.

A nice Monday puzzle that presented no real difficulties.

I’d close with an ADIEU, but I think CIAO will work better.

See you Tuesday.

VirginiaSycamore said...

Hello all, I've had a busy summer but am glad I got to the corner today.
Thanks to C.C. for the fun Monday, rabbit, rabbit puzzle.
Did anyone mention that the 'Stros are also a baseball reference? I think our Cleveland Indians play them first in the Division Series for the World Series.

Boomer, I wish you best of luck and my prayers for your recovery.

5A. TWIT. Every time I hear the word TWIT I think of this
MONTY_PYTHON_Upper_Class_TWIT_of_the_Year contest. [last minute is PG13]

10D. Ibuprofen was my go to pill for menstrual cramps. I went on it “off label” when it was prescription only for rheumatoid arthritis. This was after I read a book called NO MORE MENSTURAL CRAMPS, by Penny Wise Budoff, a woman OB-GYN.
The book came out in 1981 or so and ibuprofen went OTC 2-3 years later.

Live Well and Prosper

Misty said...

Wonderful to have you blog a C.C. puzzle today, Boomer--thank you so much--and our hearts and good thoughts will be with you in the coming weeks.

I loved this Z puzzle and did great with it. Like others I first put WING for the chicken part because LEG and BREAST weren't going to work. But, like others, the ISAAC helped me get SKIN at last. I also had DATA before DOPE and had to fix that too. But, yes, Irish Miss, I got YEATS right away. He was already established when Joyce got started and helped him in his early years. Thanks for including him in the puzzle, C.C. And Yellowrocks, your "Sound of Music" has given me a melody in my ear as well.

Have a great day, everybody!

OwenKL said...

D-o: sorry, I meant 54d, not a. Who here would CUTIE be a CSO to? Certainly not me!

I take a baby aspirin every morning, and used to use Ibuprofen as my most powerful pain reliever, until my doctor told me it counteracts the aspirin. So now (the store brand equivalent to) Excedrin is my go-to now.

Wilbur Charles said...

Yep, Water,water everywhere and the US in the Drink. Why are things so obvious to a TV viewer yet blind to Furyk et co. Tiger, was exhausted. He needed to rest Friday afternoon and all day Saturday. Why select Finau and not play him. Because Coaches select their method of losing, not how to WIN!!! And...
I could correct Speith's putting problem in one Tweet.
Nice to see Boomer doing his inimitable write-up. Pretty testy for a Tuesday. I just saw CC's moniker. I usually recognize a CC from the Baseball. We did have STRO?

Did PABLO MOREL play SS for Houston? Nope, il a joue le handball professionelle.
And, instead of the Golfer we had another ELS. Oops, Boomer nailed that.

Oops again. It's Monday. Felt like a Wednesday.
I read GPS as GDP. Economics Major.
How'd I miss Mutt and Jeff. They were the Comics Headliners of my'ute.

I'm sitting at Walmart but Betsy wants to get going.


Pat said...

Thank you, C.C., for the enjoyable beginning to the week and month. I saw all the "Z"s but not the theme. As usual. Boomer, I enjoy your witty write-ups, thank you.

Fav: 31a Mixed breed barker/ MUTT My avatar has me with my favorite one, Maggie
Second fav: 28a Northern sky sight/AURORA Here's a link to some of my brothers' photos Northern Lights

Spitzboov: what are the odds? My mother commented that Sept. 30 is 9 months after the holidays. I have met 3 people other than DH with a birthday on that day, different years, and
another couple born on the same day and she's older than he. I'm in a social group of about 200 people and there are 4 of us with a 9/30 birthday. Seems to be a small baby boom.

Happy October!

Spitzboov said...

Pat @ 1606 said: "there are 4 of us with a 9/30 birthday. Seems to be a small baby boom." Sounds like the parents had some very enjoyable New Year's Eve parties.

PK said...

Wilbur Charles: I don't know why Furyk selected Tiger for the team in the first place. Even at his peak he didn't do well in Ryder Cup. He's not a team player -- he's a control freak and managed to throw off his partners' game. He hasn't been playing well consistently for years. One of the great mysteries of golf why everyone but me thinks he's an idol.

Bill G said...

Re. birthdays:

If you are in a room full of people, it might happen that two of them have the same birthday, or maybe not. Suppose that there are 40 people or so. Would you wager that any two of them share the same birthday? Or is it more likely that all of the birthdays are different?

Re. Walmart:

I have just gotten into a book about a young woman whose boyfriend deserted her in a small town. She manages to survive for a while by staying in a Walmart store. Then she starts to get involved with some of the local people. Apparently it's a well-known and well-reviewed book though I just stumbled upon it when somebody left it at a local coffee shop. It's 'Where the Heart Is' by Billie Letts. Have you read it?

Wilbur Charles said...

PK, it isn't Tiger's greatness, it's that he'd played all four of the FedEx events climaxed by actually winning the final. He was clearly exhausted.

Yes, he is human after all . A one in a million .

There will be an extra week by the time the next Ryder Cup kicks off .


Sandyanon said...

No, but I've seen the film, starting Natalie Portman. Enjoyed it.

Jayce said...

I liked this puzzle but couldn't get started at the upper left corner. My first entry was LIAM and I went from there. Liked the ZiTi theme and chuckled to see TIME ZONES.

Lemonade714 said...

PK, people think he is an idol because he has won 80 PGA Tournaments, 2nd most of all time; he has another 26 titles worldwide: he has 14 major championship titles, 2nd most of all time; he has won all four major championships more than once; he held all 4 titles at one time - the only man in history to do do; hell look at the RECORD. He may not be a perfect person, but he clearly is a golfing IDOL.

CrossEyedDave said...

Where the heart is,

is a must see movie...

Don't know why,

but if you get thru the Walmart scene, you are hooked...

Ol' Man Keith said...

Oops! Almost forgot to check in...

C.C. laid some neat traps, but I managed an early Ta- DA! anyway. A very enjoyable Monday start-o'-the-week! Thank you!


CanadianEh! said...

I just finished reading Disappointment River by Brian Castner, which was recommended here (I think by YR-Thanks!). Great story of Alexander Mackenzie's attempt to find the Northwest Passage and the author's account of retracing the route in 2016.
I found it especially interesting since we have a modern-day Canadian explorer who made a 4 month solo Trans-Canadian Arctic expedition in 2017. His talks and photos are fascinating!

Anonymous T said...

Hi All!

Posting late because we lost power around 2:45p. It came back on right when the company said, at 4:30, and then BOOM! I text'd my neighbor, "That was a transformer, it will be a while..."

Alas, C.C., you got me w/ MaHR xing PABLa. FIW. Thanks to you and Boomer for the fantastic puzzle & Expo. Boomer, nice to see your spirits are high.

WOs: ADIos, ZERO TOL(l)ERANC, Cold (I'm w/ you D-O, less than 68F is COLD!)
Fav: It's hard to choose - lots of fun in the grid; though, you don't see ZACHARY TAYLOR oft...

{B+, B, B} LOL the New Yorker

Hahtoolah & YR - thanks for the info on MARC's Stained Glass. Beautiful.

Welcome back MdF. You will see I corrected my JFK/LBJ mixup FLWeek (still 75mph though!)
In fact, Welcome back others too... with Boomer's news, it was with mixed emotions that I saw so many 'old' Avatar / friends again. Don't wait for bad news to visit!

Abejo - LIAM "Neesons" is my S*****! just for you.

Ah, Bill G, the Birthday Paradox.
Pat, I have a buddy who's kid's B-Days are 3 days and 3 years apart. His story -- very nice jewelry at Valentines :-)

So Anyway, I started my day at the Alfa ROMEO dealership for DW's ride and started the puzzle. Hey, there's Easter-eggs in here for me - ROMA tomatoes, ROMEO, STRO, ZITI, TWIT (hey, claim what you can :-))
Then -- VirginiaSycamore pay attention -- I pulled out my book, "So, Anyway" by John Cleese. It is a fantastically slow read - every paragraph is densely packed and funny in that understated, stiff-upperlip, English sort of way. There I was, plodding through Cleese's life story, an hour in, but only on page 23 - and there it was, in black and white print, near the bottom of the page... JAPES.

//Um, that's the whole story

Cheers, -T

PK said...

"Where the Heart Is" is one of my favorite movies. I've seen it several times.

I have two grandsons three years apart born on consecutive days, but actually only a few hours apart. The secret there is that daddy had been deployed for six months during the same months in the prior year before the birth. Happy homecoming!

Yes, Lemonade & Wilbur, Tiger was great several years ago and is showing signs of a comeback, but he has never done Ryder Cup play well. He makes my skin crawl and I turn it off if the media starts bowing down to him. I felt that way before his big marital blow up. And I'm not a racist. That golden idol has clay feet.

D4E4H said...

Better late then never, just FIR in 18:43.


Ol' Man Keith said...

'Fess up: how many went for SHIN before correcting it?

Hands up!
C'mon, tell the truth!