Feb 3, 2019

Sunday February 3, 2019 Pam Amick Klawitter

Theme:"Retirement" - Five different beds make a downturn in the grid.
26A. Royal title: HIS MAJESTY THE KING. Turns down to 28D. ---: KING.

40A. First hit, perhaps: DEBUT SINGLE. Turns down 43D. ---: SINGLE.

59A. Fred or George Weasley: IDENTICAL TWIN. Turns down to  62D. ---: TWIN.

83A. Kids' summer fun spot: SLEEPAWAY CAMP. Turns down to 87D. ---: CAMP.

104. War hero/actor who played himself in "To Hell and Back": AUDIE MURPHY. Turns down to  106D. ---: MURPHY.

118. Item on the housekeeping checklist, or a hint to completing five puzzle answers: TURN DOWN THE BED.
As I mentioned before, Across Lite can't handle blank clues. If you leave the down theme entry blank, Across Lite will show NO CLUE in the puzzle. So Rich normally just uses " ---". They should be blank in the newspaper format.

On the surface, not a ton of themage. But in reality, this type of turning theme is tricky to executive. Often you can't start with Row 3 due to turning action.


1. Baroque music family name: BACH.

5. Busy months for CPAs: APRILS. Taxing months For D-Otto too.

11. Lays into: ASSAILS.

18. AAA part: Abbr.: ASSOC.

20. Head huggers: BEANIES.

22. Obeyed a triangular sign: YIELDED.

23. Mountain dew source: STILL. Is this short for distillery?

24. Reaches via plane: LANDS AT.

25. Salad greens: ENDIVES. Which one do you like better: Curly endive or Belgian endive?

29. Toyland notables: BABES.

30. Poet's palindrome: ERE.

31. Common Market letters: EEC. European Economic Community.

32. "__ shall live your epitaph to make": Shak.: OR I
33. One-time filler: AT A.

34. First-ranked competitor: TOP SEED.

38. Polyester fabric: DACRON

44. Org. concerned with brownfields: EPA.

45. Class with angles: TRIG.

47. Step down: RESIGN.

49. Longfellow's bell town: ATRI. "The Bell of Atri".

50. Eye care brand: RENU.

52. Pampering spot: SPA.

54. Was in front: LED.

55. Painful sequence: OWS.

58. Suffix with ball: OON.

63. Brush fire op: EVAC.

64. NBA scoring stat: PPG. Points Per Game.

65. Corn holders: COBS.

66. Minimally adjusts: TWEAKS.

70. Aden Young's "Rectify" role: DANIEL. Not familiar with the TV drama.

72. It's fixed by a bank: CD RATE.

75. Milk sources: DAIRIES.

76. Tabloid material: SLEAZE.

77. Lord in a Christmas song, e.g.: LEAPER. I had to ask Boomer. "... ten lords a leaping" from "The 12 Days of Christmas".

78. Busy, as decor: ORNATE.

79. Casual Friday surprise: SUIT.

80. Pack animal: ASS.

81. Parasite in the dust: MITE.

88. Bit of broth: SIP. Classic Cantonese soup: pork ribs with corn, dates and carrots. Cantonese have a small bowl of soup with their dinner every day.

89. Do some carpentry: SAW.

90. Symbolic uncle: SAM.

93. Maple-syrup-to-be: SAP.

94. Words with bow or scarf: TIE A. Tiny partial.

95. Winter glider: SLED.

97. Amphibious assault troop carrier: AMTRAC. Dictionary says is stands for Am(phibious) + Trac(tor). Learning moment for me.

100. __ bar: TIKI.

103. Flow blocker: DAM.

107. Menu listing: OPTION.

109. Belgian diamond center: ANTWERP.

111. The Mustangs of Dallas coll. football: SMU. Bush 43 library is there.

112. When doubled, a hip-hop dance: NAE. Wiki shows me this GIF. Alright, we all can nae nae. 

113. Friend of Pooh: ROO.

115. Kinda-sorta cousin: ISH.

116. Dark side Darth: VADER.

124. Steep slopes: ESCARPS. Not a word I use. 

126. Gather dust: LIE IDLE.

127. Give one's address, maybe: ORATE. Nice clue.

128. Spot-on: SO RIGHT.

129. Took the deal: SETTLED.

130. Western Wyoming county: TETON.

131. Sign of alertness: OPEN EYE.

132. Hard rain metaphor: SHEETS.

133. Email folder: SENT.


1. Big do: BASH.

2. Spumante source: ASTI.

3. Forensic detectives, briefly: CSIs. OK, Crime Scene Investigators.

4. "A Study in Scarlet" detective: HOLMES.

5. Competent: ABLE.

6. Porridge veggies, old-style: PEASE.

7. Went off on Twitter: RANTED.

8. Racing series including the "500": INDYCAR.

9. Agenda, e.g.: LIST.

10. Upright swimmer: SEAHORSE. Oh, hello!

11. Floor support?: AYE. House/Senate floor.

12. Mythical voyager: SINBAD.

13. Composed: SEDATE.

14. "Arabian Nights" character: ALI BABA.

15. Contraction with two apostrophes: I'D'VE.

16. Denim purchase: LEES. Here are the trends of 2019. I like decorated jeans. But wide jeans, no!

17. '60s antiwar gp.: SDS. Students for a Democratic Society.

19. Red wine choice: CLARET.

21. With 67-Down, controversial MLB period: STEROID. And 67. See 21-Down: ERA. Boomer has to take steroid every day, otherwise, he might have adrenal crisis. His body just does not produce enough adrenaline due to Zytiga.

27. Heckler's input: JEER.

34. Garr on screen: TERI.

35. Slanted column: OPED.

36. It's usually easy to see through: PANE.

37. DJ's collection: DISCS.

39. Cartoon frame: CEL.

41. Perfect spot: UTOPIA.

42. Saint-__: Riviera resort: TROPEZ.

46. Transcript no.: GPA.

48. Besides Jan., only month with two federal holidays: NOV. Here is a list of Chinese national holidays. Nothing in Nov. and Dec.

51. Open, in a way: UNCAP.

53. Union setting: ALTAR.

56. Rolls into a ball: WADS UP.

57. Gorsuch predecessor: SCALIA.

60. Pole emblems: TOTEMS.

61. Two-nation peninsula: IBERIA.

63. Shapely leader?: ESS. Just the letter S in Shapely.

68. Specks in a river: AITS.

69. Topples (over): KEELS.

71. Packaging abbr.: NET WT.

72. Minor league baseball level: CLASS A.

73. "The Untouchables" studio (1959-'63): DESILU. Desi & Lu(cille). I've only seen Kevin Costner's "The Untouchables".

74. Croaked: RASPED.

75. John in court: DOE.

79. Photo tint: SEPIA.

82. Defunct carrier: TWA.

84. Opposite of fast: EAT. Nice clue also.

85. Hill staffer: AIDE.

86. Senior __: YEAR.

90. Seat of the Bishop of London: ST PAUL'S.

91. Vital vessels: ARTERIES.

92. Juin preceder: MAI. French June/May. We also have 98. Peak in France: MONT.

96. Contempt: DISDAIN.

99. Propellant developed to replace gunpowder: CORDITE. Another learning moment.

101. Do some craftwork: KNIT.

102. Sweater's comment: IT'S HOT. Sweat-er.

105. Come out: EMERGE.

108. Pool toy: NOODLE. Wish I knew how to swim.

110. Start of the fire?: WHERE'S.

114. Big-eyed baby: OWLET.

116. Brandy bottle letters: VSOP.

117. Crop unit: ACRE.

119. The Hague's home: Abbr.: NETH.

120. Beatty and Kelly: NEDS.

121. Restrain: BATE.

122. Thames campus: ETON.

123. Wreck reminder: DENT.

124. That, in Tijuana: ESO.

125. Abbr. on some business cards: STE.

Agnes emailed me this gorgeous dining table centerpiece. She said she had it custom-designed by her local florist. So pretty! Dear Santa used to visit Agnes when he went to the big VA hospital. He would then tell me how neat Agnes' house was.

Belated Happy Birthday to Dear Bill G, who's been with this blog for over 10 years. So sorry I forgot your important milestone last Thursday, Bill! Did Barbara take you to a special restaurant to celebrate? What did you have?
Bill and his wife Barbara



fermatprime said...


Thanks to Pam and C.C.!

FIR, but had a tough time doing it!


Happy Birthday, Bill!

Have a great day!

Lemonade714 said...

Happy Birthday Bill G.

My first Thumper in a long time. Enjoyed your write-up C.C.

I did not know as clued DANIEL
Robert Stack was a very different Eliot Ness but I used to look forward to the show as a child.

I guess I will go practice NAE NAE

Nice arrangement Agnes.

OwenKL said...

FIWrong. minor error was misspelling DANIaL+TROPaZ. The big error: sPRIng > APRILS. I don't know why I didn't catch perps sBLE>ABLE or nIST>LIST, but gEAHORSE I did, and left that one cell blank to the very last, wondering how the constructor & editor could have let such an error slip by!

The turned theme answers were easy enough to figure out, but I wondered what the selection criteria was, and probably wouldn't have seen it without the reveal.

Had bow down / scarf down before TIE A.

Tunes of BACH ASSAIL the ear
I'D'VE preferred not to hear.
Oh, his music is fine
It's that silly line
"I'll be Bach" from Schwarzenegger!

A pillow upon to rest my head.
I'd lie in SLEEP
Except the beep
Of my brain wanting to do the crossword instead!

{A-, A.}

TTP said...

Good morning. Thank you Pam and C.C.

I guess I wasn't firing on all cylinders. Took a long time and I had multiple errors.

Had SIT IDLE instead of LIE IDLE. Spelled TROPEZ with an A. Fixed those.

My answer for "One time flier" was SST. Unfortunately for me, the word in the clue was filler. But that second S dovetailed in nicely with AT EASE for "Composed". And with the T from AT staring at me, "Lays into" became ATTACKS.

Got the theme when I read the reveal, but had never heard the term CAMP bed. I see that it's another word for a cot. Oh.

CSO to Madame Defarge at KNIT. I believe she said she was knitting a sweater the last time she checked in.

C.C. yes. Mountain Dew is a colloquialism for moonshine, made with a still. A still is another name for a distillery. A still when used in this sense connotes more of a homemade setup, as typically used by moonshiners.

I can't swim either. I proved it by drowning once. I was pulled from the pool and resuscitated.

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

This was no softball. FIR, but only after several stumbles. Noticed the downturns in the theme answers, but failed to notice that they were all beds. D'oh! When the reveal showed up, I figured Pam was calling the grid the puzzle bed. Double-D'oh! Wanted TOOL bar before TIKI BARged in. I'm not familiar with a pool NOODLE; haven't been in a pool in years and years. Recognize ESCARPment, but not without the suffix. My dictionary doesn't like ESCARP, either. Thanx for the challenge, Pam, and for the expo, C.C. (Does China recognize only seven holidays? I've always thought the US holidays were very poorly spread with five of the ten in the six-week period from Thanksgiving to New Year's Day.)

Lemonade714 said...

Your story of drowning makes me ask for more details TTP. How old were you? Did you see a white light?

C.C. I taught Oo to swim but she does not like it very much. It is mostly getting over the uncertainty of it all. It is more mandatory here in Florida than in Minnesota.

Big Easy said...

The ....s threw me until IDETTICAL TWINS (identical which was unknowns to me) emerged but finishing the puzzle came down to a guess. AMTRAK as a name was already taken and with ORDITE in place, it had to be 'C' for AMTRAC & CORDITE- both unknowns. NAE was filled after I got ALPE out of my mind and remembered MONT; changed SIT IDLE to LIE IDLE.

OP ED- I refer to those columns as 'The Comic Section' because you have to laugh at some of their idiotic thoughts.

DANIEL- Rectify & Aden Young total unknowns-perped.
EEC- the PIGS (Portugal, Italy, Greece, & Spain) will eventually cause the EU & EEC to crash. Northern EU members are tired of subsidizing their lifestyles.

SMU-one of my best friends was a football coach at SMU when the program crashed because oil multi-millionaires were paying the players.

Gorsuch predecessor? SCALIA. Every previous judge who ever sat on SCOTUS is a predecessor. There is no set number of justices.

CartBoy said...

Had one letter wrong. AMTRAN, not AMTRAC. Really didn't care for the puzzle. Felt forced and contrived. Plural APRILS and ENDIVES? I've been doing taxes for many Aprils now...My salad has many endives...not usage to which I am accustomed. 🌧🌵

maripro said...

Thanks C.C. and Pam. The puzzle was very clever; I didn't understand the down turns until the reveal and that helped me to finally fill in "single." I love aha moments.

Abejo said...

Good morning, folks. Thank you, Pam Amick Klawitter, for a fine puzzle. thank you, C.C., for a fine review.

Got up at 8:00, made some tea (Earl Grey), started on the puzzle, and finished at 9:15. That has to be a record for me for a Sunday.
I just zipped right through it.

Caught the theme after 118A. Then all the blank words started to make sense.

My last entry was CD RATE and CLASS A. Then got the tada, since cruciverb is working again.

C.C.: Liked all the Chinese Holidays and their descriptions in English.

Happy Birthday, Bill, and many more. What's a day or two.

43 degrees here this morning. A few days ago is was 24 below zero. Got word that our church has two water line leaks when everything thawed out. I'll check that out this morning.

See you tomorrow.


( )

Jinx not blue said...

FIW, filling ESCARPe x eTE. I know it is a V8 attack in waiting, but why would someone put STE on a business card? "Suite"?

My father used to sing the "mountain dew" song to us. Here's Grandpa Jones singing it.

Our Governor Ralph "KKK" Northam refuses to RESIGN.

Back on line after experiencing a hard drive crash Monday evening. Got it back Friday and have been doing recovery work since, such as setting up email addresses. I use Carbonite at home but not on my laptop.

Thanks to Pam for the fun puzzle. Liked "opposite of fast" and "union setting" best. And thanks to CC for the usual fun and folksy review.

Husker Gary said...

-The Omaha Weird Herald had ---
-I expected the reveal to have the gimmick but was not disappointed. Fun puzzle.
-I knew very few songs in this list of top 100 DEBUT HITS until I scrolled down to #14 - Love Me Do
-Doing my taxes ranks right up there with getting a root canal
-Roundabouts have greatly helped the manufacture of YIELD signs
-As I blogged yesterday Balto LED the dogsled into Nome in 1925
-HBD, Bill!
-Gotta run

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

I, like others, saw the downturn gimmick but failed to notice they were all beds, so the reveal was a pleasant Aha moment. I needed perps for Amtrac, St. Paul's, and Nae. I wasn't keen on Open Eye, Escarps, or Bate but I liked Trig crossing GPA, the Asti ~ Claret duo, Sinbad and Ali Baba so near each other, and the Across run of Sip, Saw, Sam, and Sap! I also noticed an Easter Egg at 132A, Sheets, although it was clued relating to rain, not beds! "Rectify" was one of the best TV series that I have ever watched. The story line was gripping, the ensemble cast was outstanding, and the acting was superb, especially Aden Young's understated portrayal of the main character, Daniel. I highly recommend it. Madame Defarge's and tiptoethrough's knit(ting) shows up again.

Thanks, Pam, for an enjoyable Sunday solve and thanks, CC, for the gracious tour and for sharing the beauty (IMO) of my new centerpiece. (Thanks, Lemony.) Your mention of Argyle's visits brought back memories, one being the muffler (or lack thereof) on his car that announced his arrival long before he hit the driveway, and the second being his love of sweets. I always made sure I had some cookies or donuts or some sort of pastry to go along with his coffee. A couple of times his visit ended with a trip to the nearby Cookie Factory bakery where he would stock up on his favorite goodies.

I saw previews of two of the Super Bowl commercials. Neither did anything to change my negative opinion on commercials, in general. Bring back the Clydesdales! As far as the game goes, I'm not a Patriots fan but I'm not into the Rams, either, so I guess I really don't care who wins. I do hope, for the fans sake, that it's an exciting, close game, without any major controversy.

Nice to hear from Garlic Gal and Average Joe. Don't be strangers, you two!

A very belated Happy Birthday to our dear Bill G. I hope you had a lucious lunch and that you'll tell us all about it! 🎂🎁🎈🎉🍾

Lucina said...

Happy birthday, Bill G!! And many, many more.

Starting a puzzle with BACH is always a treat for me! I love all of it especially the Brandenburg concertos.

I caught on to the blank cells at KING but didn't look for the types of beds. HI, d-o!

This was fun and I had exactly the same experience as Abejo with regard to time but I had coffee instead of tea and a telephone conversation in between.

Drat! I can never recall ATRI. For some reason I want atra instead and so SINGLE was botched. Of course, it's a baseball term.

I also didn't get MONT though I should have known it. NAE tripped me as I have not heard of it.

But I enjoyed the solve; thank you, PAK, and thank you, C.C. for the fine commentary. I have to compliment you again for the WSJ puzzle, FOR-. It was fun.

Have a very special day, everyone!

Spitzboov said...

Good morning everyone.

Happy Birthday Bill G.

Did the puzzle on line. Had a little help but enjoyed it. The experience of dealing with "bending' fill was worthwhile.
I'D'VE - Y'c'ld've fooled me.
DAIRIES - - Kind of a CSO to Argyle. I think he worked many years for a DAIRY processor.
ESCARP - The feature that is the Niagara ESCARPment can be traced from Rochester, NY , around Hamilton, Ont, along the peninsulas separating Georgian Bay from L. Huron, and past the Straits of Mackinac, into NE Wisconsin past the Door Peninsula, the east side of L. Winnebago, and then terminates in northern Illinois. Think of that resistant rock horizon as a large saucer to the south of that line.

TTP said...

Happy Birthday Bill G !

Nice centerpiece, Irish Miss.

Misty said...

Delightful puzzle, Pam--many thanks. I got quite a few chunks everywhere before I had to start cheating, but would not have gotten the downward moves of the long clues before C.C.'s very helpful and interesting commentary--so many thanks for that, C.C. Nice to see TERI Garr and AUDIE MURPHY in the puzzle. Nice to get BACH as the first answer on top, and yes, APRIL will probably be a busy month for CPAs as well as tax payers.

Still tired from my stressful day yesterday, with a massive storm with powerful rain making my drive to campus to give my keynote talk pretty scary. Thank goodness the storm had abated on the ride home in the dark--otherwise I would have worried that I wouldn't make it. Unfortunately, the four power outages messed up my TV and although I can watch recorded programs, I still can't get any channels. Will have to call Cox for help.

Loved your beautiful bouquet, Irish Miss!

Enjoyed your poems, Owen.

Have a good Sunday, everybody.

Misty said...

And have a wonderful birthday, Bill G.!

Bill G said...

Hi everybody! Thanks for the kind birthday good wishes. It's nice to feel like a valued part of such a smart and thoughtful group.

Barbara suggested going out for lunch yesterday but we haven't made it yet. I'll let you know...

I've been enjoying the rain. It's abated for today so far. I'm not tired of it yet.

I enjoyed the puzzle and the writeup. Thanks Pam and CC. I got the downturns OK but I didn't figure out their significance until the reveal.

Go Rams!

PK said...

Hi Y'all! Great puzzle, Pam! Great bog, C.C.!

I got the TURNed DOWN theme with IDENTICAL TWIN then went back & filled in KING. This also helped with the other theme entries. However, I didn't see the types of beds until C.C. 'splained. Guess I was in good company with some of y'all. I did notice some bed-related words underneath the TURN DOWN like LIE IDLE, SETTLED, & SHEETS.

TURN DOWN THE BED reminds me of a Bonnie Raitt song, "I Can't Make You Love me" (if you don't). Truer words are unknown.

ENDIVE: never eaten any that I know of.

ESCARPS: chewed on this one a long time. Knew only ESCARPment.

Forgot who Gorsuch was until Scalia filled. I was thinking a Russian power pol before Putin. DUH! The Gorsuch debacle wasn't that long ago.

DNK: Daniel. Last to fill: NET WT.

Happy Belated Birthday, Bill G.! We all deserve 10 lashes with a POOL NOODLE for not celebrating you as you deserve.

CanadianEh! said...

Super (Bowl) Sunday. Thanks for the fun, Pam and C. C.
I was working on Across Lite and had the dashes for blanks. I also had red letters which showed a few times.
P&P got the solve and I got the turns, but like others, missed the beds!

IM beat me in reporting the clever SHEETS positioned right in the bottom central of those Turned Beds. Clever.

Belated Happy Birthday BillG.
Misty - that must have been a scary drive. I hate driving in non-ideal conditions.
I'm- lovely centrepiece and kitchen. Thanks also for the memories about Argyle.
Spitzboov- yes I am very familiar with that ESCARPment. I live at one of the high points on it.

I might have time to finish Saturday's CW before heading off to a Super Bowl party.
Wishing you all a good day.

Jayce said...

Took KING for me to see the downturns but I never did see that they were all beds, so I didn't understand the full significance of the reveal. I like how BABES, AYE, EAT, WHERES, and ORATE were clued. I learned that the tabloid material was neither FODDER nor GOSSIP. I also learned the Arabian Nights guy was not ALADDIN. I shall try to forget NAE NAE by this afternoon. Usually one OPEN EYE indicates I am half asleep and not alert at all. I prefer the Belgian endive; in fact for years I didn't know there was any other kind of endive. Yeah, I think STE means Suite. Nice centerpiece, Irish Miss.

Super happy birthday wishes to you, Bill G. Mind how you go.

Becky said...


Anyone else with sleets for hard rain? I completely ignored Neth. And last but not least



Spitzboov said...

CanadianEh! @ 1421 - Between Queenston and St. Catherines maybe? St Davids?

Jinx in Norfolk said...

Guess I'm blue now!

Yellowrocks said...

I loved this puzzle. I soon saw that the answers took a 90 degree turn downward. Clues like 28)--- used to baffle me, but not this time. I filled in TWIN, KING, MURPHY, and CAMP easily, but I did not see the connection until the reveal. Thinking back, their commonality should have been evident. After the reveal I went back and got SINGLE.
A very happy belated birthday, Bill G. We eagerly await news of your menu. Despite the views of some snipers, the rest of us enjoy your food talks.
Misty, I know how scary such a ride can be, especially in the rain in the dark. I am glad you arrived home safely.
NAE, NAE means "No way" in the Scots language. It is new to me as a dance.
I liked seeing SHEETS close to TURN DOWN THE BED.
My washer has been down since MLK Day, almost two weeks. I went to the laundromat, but have more sheets waiting to be washed. That washer repair contract has paid for itself many times over. My old washers lasted me 25 or more years without a hitch.
I like words like escarp that are less used forms of more common words like escarpment. I find them easy to infer.
I love this spring like day, sweatshirt weather, 52 degrees. The zero degree and below weather brings us greater appreciation of weather like this. It also helps to even out the atrocious heating bill for this last two weeks. Enjoy!

late birthday wishes said...

As our old friend Chickie once reminded us, to wish someone a happy birthday after the fact, the proper way to use the word "belated" in the greeting is Belated Happy Birthday. The birthday itself isn't "belated", the wish for the special day is what is belated.

On that note, I wish you a Belated Happy Birthday, Bill. I also hope that Barbara is doing well. I know she had a health scare not too long ago.

Anonymous T said...

Sunday Lurk Say...

Belated Happy birthday Bill G!* You're one of the reasons I became a regular visitor at The Corner (I'd anonymously play your math puzzles) and we both share a love of Joplin, Scott and Janice :-)
Get some lunch; full report due tonight...

C.C. Swimming is easy. Get in and don't panic/drown (sorry TTP; like Lem, I wants to know... What's the story?).
It's kinda funny when you think about it. About everyone I know knew to swim around age 6. When the Girls were younger, I'd ask of the Girls' friends, "everyone can swim, right?" If one said "I can't" I'd keep an extra-eye on that kid [we have a pool, so...].
I guess it's different backgrounds/spaces that folks grow up in; some of my buddies from big cities or abroad can't.
I learned at the DAV at Lake Springfield (IL) [Grandpas were WWII vets/members] when I was 5 or 6 -- I loved jumping off the dock but needed to get back :-)

{A++, A}

Misty - glad for you that conditions were better at night. I know I'm still a "whippersnapper" [OMK said it], but night driving is becoming a thing I need glasses for, so I feel you.

BigE - LOL OpED == Comics. Most of them: Read paragraph 1 - if they show their cards (Point of View (POV)) jump to the last paragraph for "call to action" and move on. Some nationally syndicated writers are worth the read even if I disagree with their POV (always good food for thought).

Thanks (now Blue) Jinx for Grampa Jones.

Y'all enjoy the game... I already started getting my fix of Super Bowl commercials last night on YouTube. This one, with Jason Bateman came to mind when HG said "Doing my taxes ranks right up there with getting a root canal."

BTW, does anyone know how "squares" work? I've got $10 riding on something I never really asked about... {office esprit de corps and all that). It's something to do w/ the score at the end of each quarter== $125. When the numbers were posted, I realized I don't know what I'm rooting for. I know I ain't gonna win, but the fun is "Go That!" followed by much disappointment :-)

Cheers, -T
*good thing I refreshed b/f posting and lernt that lesson...

Yellowrocks said...

Anonymous T, me, too. It is a mystery. Someone, please explain.

Lucina said...

Yes, Bill, full report on lunch (or dinner).

Irish Miss:
That is a beautiful arrangement and your house looks pretty, too. Thank you for sharing!

The only time I have ENDIVE is accidentally so neither one is a preference. At home I eat red leaf lettuce or iceberg.

I did not learn to swim as a child; one of my uncles tried to teach us at the river and I nearly drowned so was terrified of water ever after that. When my daughter was born I decided to teach my self some strokes so I would be there for her and she took to water like a fish. I had her out there every day for a few minutes from six months of age. In high school she became a competitive diver. I am still not a strong swimmer. Here it is imperative for anyone with a pool or neighbors with a pool.

Bill G said...

AnonT & YR, as I remember, you are betting on the final score. Say your square is where 7 and 3 intersect. You would win if the score is 7 to 3, or 7 to 13 or 17 to 3 or 17 to 13 or 27 to 33 or ...

I think that's kinda-ish the right idea.

When I had a garden, my favorite kind of lettuce was Bibb. However, different kinds of lettuce for different salads says I.

Barbara is not out of the woods yet. She has another scan coming up (PT scan?). Lymph nodes are an issue. These kinds of serious concerns keep me awake at night.

Again, thank you all for the kind wishes. Jayce, back at ya.

PK said...

BillG: Barbara will be in my prayers of a good report and outcome. Bless you both!

CanadianEh! said...

Spitzboov @2:47- you are within a beautiful drive. Actually, i erred and should have said the highest area in the region- but not right on the escarpment.

Anonymous T said...

Bill G - I thought Barbara was square; I didn't know... God Speed to both of you.

FLN - It was so nice to read you GarlicGal. Please make the time to visit once in a spell.
AveJoe - you know I know where you live ;-) Always good to hear from you too buddy.

Ok, that was a flop of a Super Bowl #Boring. I guess if you were a NE fan it was fun but as far as a Game goes, meh.

Bill G - if what you say on "squares" is right I lost. There were no numbers P=0 R=7 nor P=8 R=5.

Not only was the game lame, the ads weren't all that... Audi's was cute, Hanks' WaPo was heavy but good. And the the Dude (and the Most Interesting Man in the World Abides with the FOAM scraped.

Bateman's "elevator pitch" for Hyundai is hands-down the funniest but I still won't buy one.

Cheers, -T

Anonymous T said...

Linked the wrong link say...

Stella ad w/ The Dude & Dos Equis Most Interesting Man. -T

Misty said...

Thank you for the kind and caring words, CanadianEh, Yellowrocks, and AnonT--I really appreciate them.

Bobbi said...

Three day weekend, picked up Sunday paper and took out Sunday puzzle -recycled the rest. After half an hour, recycled the puzzle. What a silly waste of time! In one word: inane