Feb 21, 2019

Thursday, February 21st 2019 Peter A. Collins

Theme: Drink Up - the four theme entries conceal a juice read from bottom to top - as Peter more succinctly puts it in the reveal:

25D. Supercharge, and a hint to what's literally hiding in the four longest Down answers: JUICE UP

3D. Grand Prix, for one: MOTOR RACE. Carrot. Interestingly, Formula One racing cars don't use superchargers, you'd think they would. They use electrically-assisted turbochargers. Here's the famous Monaco Grand Prix in 2018

5D. Edible elephant, say: ANIMAL CRACKER. Clam. I think the sheep is something of an outlier in the Animal Cracker "family".

19D. Skillet dish with ham and peppers: WESTERN OMELET. Lemon. And Food! Officially, it shouldn't have cheese in it, but who makes the rules?

36D. FAQ spots: HELP PAGES. Apple. FAQ is one of those words that used to be written as an abbreviation, now it's a thing of itself. Frequently Asked Questions was the origin.


1. '90s-'00s Olympic soccer notable: HAMM. The great Mia on the US Women's National Team.

5. Literary captain: AHAB. I bet Starbuck wished he'd thought of opening a coffee shop rather than risk life and limb on a whaling ship.

9. Leaks slowly: SEEPS

14. Burn soother: ALOE

15. Zippo: NADA. If the downtrend in smoking continues, Zippo will eventually sell zippo.

16. Computer text code: ASCII. The American Standard Code for Information Interchange, which is something of a mouthful.

17. They're not loyal: RATS

18. Unyielding: IRON WILLED

20. Golfing group: TWOSOME. There's a course near me that sends out fivesomes at the weekend. I hated playing there, it was grindingly slow.

22. Base for money: TEN. I was tempted by "tin" as the base for a coin. No, the decimal number system. When I was growing up in the UK, the currency system was crazy - one pound was made up of 20 shillings, and there were 12 pennies in a shilling. The smallest coin was a farthing, which was a quarter of a penny. Learning money mathematics was a slog. The UK converted to decimal in 1971, incredibly recently if you think about it.

23. Swallowed: ATE

24. "Harry Potter" reporter __ Skeeter: RITA. Compete guess, but this worked out for me.

25. Not much: JUST A TAD. Or a farthing!

27. Anthem contraction: O'ER

29. Blue, on the Danube: BLAU. Strauss' The Blue Danube used in the soundtrack of 2001: A Space Odyssey. Ends a little abruptly here!

31. Noir hero: 'TEC

32. Lose oomph: FLAG

34. Movie SFX: CGI

35. Purim heroine: ESTHER

39. Centers of attention: FOCI

40. What unfixed malfunctions usually do: RECUR

42. Flight-related prefix: AERO-

43. "Burnt" color: SIENNA. Could be "umber", except for here. Not enough letters!

45. Coastal bird: ERN

46. Sound of an angry exit: SLAM

47. LSU conference: SEC

48. Chicago-style pizza chain, informally: UNO'S. Uno Pizzeria and Grill. Creator of the Chicago-style deep dish pizza in 1943, causing arguments with New Yorkers ever since.

50. Education org.: P.T.A.

51. Started, as a conversation: STRUCK UP. You can strike up a conversation or a band.

55. Car dealer's abbr.: M.S.R.P.

57. Acct. that may be rolled over: I..R.A.

58. Half a numbers game: KEN. KenKen. I just tried it for the first time. Fun!

59. Seattle pro: SEAHAWK. NFL player.

62. Going back, in a way: TIME TRAVEL

65. Arch type: OGEE

66. Often harmful bacteria: E.COLI

67. Basmati, for one: RICE. Food! I love basmati, I get it in 10lb sacks from the local Indian market, way cheaper than the supermarket brands. I cooked some just last night to go with tandoori-style chicken and garlic lentils.

68. "What, will these hands __ be clean?": Lady Macbeth: NE'ER. Lady M. bemoaning the fact she can't seem to get Duncan's blood off her hands.

69. Thick: DENSE

70. "Futurama" creator Groening: MATT

71. "Baseball Tonight" channel: ESPN. ESPN started so that some people on the East Coast could watch Hartford Whalers hockey games via satellite. Look how far it's come.


1. Roxie __, "Chicago" role: HART

2. "There oughta be __": A LAW

4. Soccer superstar Lionel: MESSI. Subject of furious debates among fans - who is better, Messi, Ronaldo or Neymar?

6. Fabled also-ran: HARE

7. Hubbub: ADO

8. Xhosa's language group: BANTU

9. French holy women: SAINTES

10. Bilingual subj.: E.S.L.

11. Grand display: ÉCLAT

12. Mary-in-mourning sculpture: PIETÀ. Here's Michelangelo's original in St. Peter's in Rome:

13. Agreed (with): SIDED

21. Wagering shorthand: OTB. Off-Track Betting. There's at least one bookies on every English high street.

26. Take the role of: ACT AS

27. Does in: OFFS

28. Morlock victims: ELOI. The two races in H.G.Wells' novel "The Time Machine". Ties in nicely with 62A.

30. Memorable time: AGE

33. Infomercial brand: GINSU. Knives you can cut soup cans with. Quite why you'd want to subject your knives to that treatment I have no idea.

37. Q.E.D. word: ERAT

38. Type of tomato: ROMA. I chop a couple of 'em into my garlic lentils.

41. Spigoted server: URN. Time for tea.

44. Suit go-with: NECKTIE. Less and less nowadays. I have quite a collection of ties but rarely seem to wear one any more.

49. Fed. benefits agency: S.S.A.

51. Located: SITED

52. Jiffy: TRICE

53. Hispanic penguin in "Happy Feet": RAMON. I only know this from crosswords, but it's ingrained now.

54. Render harmless: UNARM. I prefer "disarm", but I think we've had this conversation before.

56. Lake Geneva river: RHONE. Second European river today. The Rhone valley is a beautiful part of France, and home to some great wineries.

59. Religious offshoot: SECT

60. Bawl: WEEP

61. "Ol' Man River" composer: KERN. "There's an old man called the Mississippi ..." 

63. Raised trains: ELS. I particularly associate the El with Chicago.

64. Through: VIA

Which brings us to ... the grid. See you all next time!


Notes from C.C.:
1) Dave 2 is finally back to his assisted living place today. Hopefully he'll be on the blog soon.

2) Last night I got an email from Malcolm, longtime friend of  Fermet Prime (Lorraine Foster). He told me Lorraine "fell in the night a couple of hours ago in her bathroom, it took her 3 hours before she was able to reach her phone and get the paramedics to come. She’s in a local hospital and is going to have an operation for her broken hip this evening at 9:30 (I’m writing his at 5:10 PM on Wednesday February 20, 2019)."

Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers. I've asked Malcolm for an address to send Lorraine cards. Will let you know.


OwenKL said...

A pretty little girl was ESTHER.
Little dogs would bother and pester.
So she got JUICED UP
And scared every pup,
And NE'ER would the curs RECUR to her!

A WESTERN OMELET could be varied
In extra ingredients carried.
Instead of ham packers
To satisfy a vegetarian egg greed!

{B+, B-.}

Lemonade714 said...

Peter A. Collins has over 100 publications in the NYT since debuting in 2006, here 27. This seemed pretty easy for a Thursday, with my only unknowns RITA SKEETER the reporter for the Daily Prophet who is known for her rubbishy exposés of well-known wizards. She uses a Quick-Quotes Quill to write in flowery prose filled with innuendos and veiled accusations in the world of HARRY POTTER played by MIRANDA RICHARDSON and RAMON from HAPPY FEET . I saw the former and not the latter.

UNO'S failed here, it was replaced by an OUTBACK still going strong.

Thank you, Steve and Peter.

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

Changed BLAU to BLEU so that ERA would fit. Oops, ERA should'a been AGE. D'oh! And that's why we have Wite-Out. Guess who failed to read the complete reveal clue? Yep, same guy who failed to get the theme. Thanx, Peter and for the world tour, Steve.

Hope Fermat's doing OK. A broken hip is serious at any age, but moreso for oldsters.

D4, you back online? Good to hear that you're back in your familiar "digs."

Spitzboov said...

Good morning everyone.

FIW. Got the gimmick ok but bolluxed up the center with era vs AGE, Thought of BLAU but wasn't persuaded because much of the Danube's flow is through the Balkans or non-German speaking regions. Had 'fade' before FLAG, and JUST A bit before JUST A TAD. Perps straightened that out. Also had 'cats' before RATS. Sorry, CED.
Crunchy for me but I did enjoy the solving.

Sorry to hear about Fermat's difficulties. I hope she will receive good treatment and will be rooting for her.

TTP said...

Good morning.

Thank you Peter Collins and thank you Steve.

I pulled a real Desper-Otto this morning. Solved the puzzle and forgot to look for the theme.

Didn't see a few clues until the write up. I don't like it when that happens.

Pretty sure it was going to be WESTERN OMELET, but I also remembered them being called Denver omelets on some menus. Didn't bother to count the letters. I just waited for a few perps.

Didn't know Purim heroine. Didn't know RITA Skeeter. They perped in.

Solving hint: When you come across a clue that has some language reference you've never heard of, and the answer is five letters, see if BANTU fits. It did today.

UNO's pizza is ok, but not my cuppa. The first time I had deep dish pizza was in Houston at a place that I think was called Chicago Style Pizza. I was expecting a thick crust pizza with fresh toppings and real cheese. Another time I ate a place that was advertising "All You Can Eat Crab" and was expecting crab legs.

FAQs are a hit or miss proposition. Sometimes they are legitimate and helpful, but too often it is just a case of reading the carefully worded questions and answers the company wants you to read.

D4E4H, good news !

Saddened to read that Fermatprime fell and broke her hip.

Big Easy said...

Sorry to hear about Lorraine's accident and let's hope she heals well. A broken hip takes a long time to recover.

The JUICE UPs were not noticed but I guessed there would be some gimmick, with the theme fills being vertical. The solves were easy but CLAM juice is something I've never heard of.
My toughest part was the NW, not being a soccer or movie fan. I'd heard of HAMM bur HART, RITA Skeeter & MESSI were a TWOSOME plus one unknown by me. You can add Ronaldo & Neymar to that list. I guess they are great, but watching soccer is like watching paint dry. Boring.

UNO'S & RAMON- perps today. Had to change IRON FISTED to WILLED. UNO?- formerly LSU-NO, as in LSU-New Orleans. Now it's the University of New Orleans, no part of the LSU system.

Hahtoolah said...

Good Morning, Steve and friends. I liked this JUICED UP puzzle. After getting the reveal, I searched for, and found all the Juices. CLAM juice is the odd man out, however. It is common in New England with steamed clams. One can also buy Clamato Juice, which is tomato juice with clam broth.

Purim is a relatively minor Jewish holiday. It is pretty low-key in the United States, but it quite a celebration in Israel. I was in Israel last year during Purim ~ the celebration lasted a week, and people were in costume at work and just walking around in the streets. In the Hebrew Calendar, the holiday begins on the 14th day of the month of Adar. This year, it will begin on March 20.

Glad Dave is back and about. Too bad about Fermaprime.

QOD: If you are immune to boredom, there is nothing you cannot accomplish. ~ David Foster Wallace (Feb. 21, 1962 ~ Sept. 12, 2008)

Madame Defarge said...

Good Morning.

Thanks, Peter for the puzzle. I was initially intimidated by the long north-south entries, but after acrosses, I did fine. I thought this was a pretty doable Thursday. Thank you.

Thanks for taking us around the course, Steve. I look forward to your Thursday explications.

Well, well, D-O and TTP: Madame did find the JUICED UP entires! It was fun. Not usually on my radar.

Good News, Dave. Looking forward to having you back here.

C.C., thanks for letting us know about Fermatprime. That's a tough one. :(

Have a sunny day everyone. It's a bright one here. Yay!!

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

Fairly easy for a Thursday but a clever, well-hidden theme added lots of zing, for me, anyway. I've seen ASCII many times but I needed perps to complete it. Rita and Ramon were definitely unknowns. Hand up for Iron Fisted (Willed), my only w/o. I like the crossing of the two soccer greats, Hamm and Messi and the symmetrical placement of Sited and Sided. Also noticed ESL and Els, with that ESL CSO to Lucina. Clam juice is not something you'd drink (maybe someone would) but bottled clam juice is called for in some seafood recipes. Clamato was favored by a lot of Canadians I knew in lieu of plain tomato juice for making Bloody Mary's. I favor V8, myself.

Thanks, Peter, for a Thursday treat and thanks, Steve, for a fun tour and for sharing your culinary capers.

Dave, hope to hear from you soon.

So sorry to hear of Lorraine's fall and send best wishes for a speedy recovery.

CED, hope DH is feeling better.

My SIL's wake and Mass is tomorrow morning but I can't attend due to a doctor's appointment. On Monday, out of the blue, my right foot became painful, especially while standing or walking and has gotten worse each day, to the point where I can hardly walk. Hope I get some answers and, more importantly, some relief.

Have a great day.

CanadianEh! said...

Terrific Thursday. Thanks for the fun, Peter and Steve.
I was filling in the spaces merrily and thinking that this CW was a breeze for a Thursday. I saw the JUICE UP (is it kosher to cross that with the repeated UP in STRUCK UP?) and searched mightily and found the juices. Then I arrived here to discover I FIW - and not once but a TWOSOME! Am I DENSE?

Hand up for Bleu not BLAU. I started with Era but RECUR gave me Ere(?); Movie SFX seemed OK as CVI so my "memorable time" became an EVE. (OK, I LUIed and SFX stands for Special Effects and CGI for Special Generated Imagery! We have had both here before I think, but I must add to my memory bank.)
But then I find out that the Chicago pizza chain is UNO's not UNON (the N was a WAG because SSA, Social Security Administration, was also forgotten by this Canadian, and we have had NSA (National Security Agency) several times recently. Now that I have LIUed and added them to my memory bank (along with all the US presidents & their numbers, wives, Veeps, etc.), I will be prepared for anything. LOL! I'll chalk it up to Canadian disadvantage (and we didn't even have a token Canadian clue today).
And I had to spell Omelette as OMELET . . sigh!

I had HELP Desks before perps forced me to PAGES (and Ever changed to NE'ER).
I waited for perps to decide between Loci or FOCI.

We saw the BLAU Danube, the Rhine, the RHONE rivers, and Lake Geneva on our Switzerland/Austria tour. Beautiful!

Yes, IM, this Canadian prefers a Bloody Caesar (made with Clamato juice) to a Bloody Mary.
Sorry to hear about your foot, and having to miss SIL's wake.

Thoughts and prayers for Fermatprime's surgery and recovery.
Dave, glad to hear that you are back in Assisted Living and hope to see you back here soon.

Wishing you all a good day.

Husker Gary said...

-Lots of fun grist for my mills but CLAM and CARROT juice ain’t makin’ it here
-Getting LEMON precludes OMELET’s alternate spelling
-Not Mia HAMM!!
-Submerging a tire in a water tank can find where air is SEEPING out
-Are “IRON WILLED” and “Headstrong” synonymous?
-That makes it 960 farthings in a pound. What could a farthing buy?
-Husker and Creighton basketball are foundering and so this UNO team’s success is garnering a lot more ink than usual
-Hercule Poirot was sometimes referred to as a (de)TEC(tive)
-Kids loved it when I did this at the FOCI of parabolic mirrors
-A teacher with a NECKTIE would stand out like a brick in a punchbowl today
-I appreciate the news about Dave and Lorraine and wish them well!

Glutton said...

CLAM juice adds a certain UMAMI to an otherwise SWEET tomato juice. It is understandable that it can enhance the overall flavor of a Bloody Mary.

Years ago my favorite bartender served me a bloody mary and I commented that his were better than the rest of the staff's offerings. He finally confided to me that he had a secret ingredient. What was it? A1 Sauce! Another source of UMAMI.

Now it is very popular around here, especially on Saturday and Sunday brunch offerings, to have a "bloody mary station". You order a bloody mary specifying which brand of vodka you desire along with how many shots(I ask for 2 shots of Tito's) and they bring you a pint glass with ice and your vodka request. You take the glass to the bloody mary station and complete the drink with the supplied ingredients. Choice of juices include tomato juice, Clamato and different versions of V8. They have bottles of sauce such as Worcestershire, A1, Tabasco and cholula. Condiments include horseradish, celery salt, pepper, Montreal steak seasoning and many others. Celery, carrots, lemon and even shrimp and bacon round out the selections. Yummmmmm!

Who needs an OMELET after all that? Well, ok, I do. Along with a Belgian waffle and some roast beef and some sweets. A well appointed brunch buffet is definitely my favorite dining experience. Well worth the usually pricey charge. My next one is probably Easter Sunday. Looking forward to it!

CrossEyedDave said...

In a rush,
did the puzzle in the car waiting while DW was at the Dentist
& then drove her into the city.

only 3 more words to complete before I can join the party...

But from last nite, Holy Cr*p Anon-T!
I did not see that till just now, it was just a pic, one of many on a Google page,
I had no idea it linked to an Amazon account?!?!
Does this mean people can order crap and send it to me?
Should I delete that link?!?!?!?

When you click on it, does my account, or your account come up?

Gotta go walk the Dog...

Misty said...

Well, I can't believe I almost got this whole Thursday puzzle except for a few letters. Woohoo! Many thanks, Peter. Was a little ticked to see two soccer clues crossing each other right on top. But I have heard of HAMM and should have thought of her. Also had GINZU instead of GINSU, and since I drive a 2004 Subaru, I of course didn't know the car dealer's abbreviation. But I got everything else, including the BLAUe Danube (my German helped here). RATS cracked me up as the answer to "They're not loyal." Lots of fun, thanks again, Peter, and always enjoy your write-up, Steve.

So sorry to hear about Fermatprime's fall and injury--what a scary experience. Hope she'll get good treatment and get better soon.

And sorry to also hear about your very sore foot, Irish Miss. I hope you too get good help with the problem.

How great that Dave is back in his facility and will hopefully be checking in with us soon.

Have a great day, everybody.

Lucina said...

Thank you, Peter A. Collins and Steve!

Not one, but two soccer names at the start! Eventually I got HAMM and just guessed MESSI. RITA as clued is unknown since I've not read any Harry Potter books nor seen the movies. RITA is often clued as girl in a Beatles song or Ms. Coolidge or Ms. Hayworth. There is also RITA Moreno. Please take note Mr. Collins.

Count me in for all those write overs, BLEU/BLAU, IRONFISTED/IRONWILLED.

The downward solves were fun! But guess who also failed to look for the theme. I knew Steve would spell it out. Thank you, again, Steve!

I also love Basmati RICE. Wow! A ten pound sack! I just wouldn't have anywhere to store it.

ECLAT is one of my favorite words. It's fun to say. RECUR is not necessarily a favorite but one of my pet peeves is hearing re-occurred. Ugh!

Irish Miss:
I'm sorry to hear about your aching foot and hope you get some relief soon. It's too bad you will miss the funeral.

Thank you for the news about D4 and about Fermatprime. I hope her surgery goes well.

It rained this morning! We have had an unusually rainy month but our watershed is filling. Yay!

Have a scrumptious day, everyone!

AnonymousPVX said...

Wow, not great news about Fermat...I’m thinking one of those Medical Alert systems might be a good idea for anyone living alone.

I thought this Thursday puzzle had an appropriate amount of crunch.

Markovers....NEMO/AHAB, BLEU/BLAU, TRACE/TRICE, ERA/AGE.....reverting to the norm, no doubt.

And on to Friday.

Abejo said...

Good afternoon, folks. Thank you, Peter A. Collins, for a fine puzzle. Thank you, Steve, for a fine review.

Puzzle was not a cake walk, but I got it done with some studying. My biggest error was entering BLEU. I had EVE for 30D. Once I tried AGE that fixed it.

Liked the theme. Took me forever to try JUICE UP. I already had the long vertical words. Then I spotted the JUICE words in them. Works for me.

TRICE is a new word for me. Also did not know RAMON, the penguin. Perps.

KENKEN is new to me.

Good luck Fermatprime. We are rooting for you.

Glad to see you are getting better, Dave.

See you tomorrow. Abejo

( )

Anonymous said...

"Bawl" and WEEP are not the same thing.

CrossEyedDave said...

Good to hear about Dave2,
(sorry to hear about Fermat...)
Feel better Irish Miss, very curious about the foot, usually
foot pains are quite sudden in my experience.
I once stood up and snapped the little toe tendon
and my foot turned black and blew up like a balloon.

DNF on the puzzle, I peeked at the answers and there is no way to unlook.
I had Aloe/rats/twosome & motorrace, but if you don't know
Hart, Hamm, & Messi, how on Earth are you supposed to Suss it out?

The other curiosity was I knew the theme answers, and where to look,
but in reading the 4 longest downs I failed to see the juices anywhere...

Oh well, Luckily there is a cure for that...

And now for something completely diff... Nah, it's just the same old thing...

Ol' Man Keith said...

Sorry to read of FermatPrime's fall & the rough aftermath. Sending best wishes for a comfortable & full recovery...

A fine pzl today from Mr. Collins. I enjoyed working my way through to the final Ta ~DA!
I needed perp help often enough to make this a learning experience--of the good kind. Yes, I started wth BLEU, even though I knew better, because I had an "E" in place for ERA instead of AGE. Funny, isn't it, how one error leads to others.
And was I the only one who thought of burnt ORANGE before SIENNA?
I wonder how certain colors earned the appellation "burnt"? And why? One never hears of Burnt Blue (or BLAU).

Steve ~
I learned the pound/shilling system in my first year in England as a grad student. I loved it! My fave denomination was the Guinea.
A character in the TV series Victoria recently said, "The number twelve wants to be divided; TEN does not."
I considered English money to be a marvelous shibboleth, second only to the language's quirky spelling. I was sorry to see it changed to conform to every other countries' decimal base.
I wonder if the change isn't one of the factors behind Brexit...?
We have a three-way on the near side.
Again the paucity of vowels restricts the anagram potential. I managed to eke out a ten letter message. It seems a bit iffy (or edgy) to me, but I'll leave it to your imaginations:

Roy said...

In re Steve's comment about ZIPPO: In today's paper was a full-page ad from Juul supporting raising the smoking age to 21. More time to hook kids on their "nicotine delivery system"?

"Burnt color": SIEN(N)A; umber/umber; orange?

ESTHER is one of the strong, heroic women of the Bible; although only she and Ruth have their own books.

Missed the word DOWN in the reveal; so did not find the JUICES.

Pat said...

Yeah! This was the easiest Thursday puzzle for me. Thank you,Peter Collins. Enjoyed your expo, Steve, thanks.

Hand up for age/era. Also liked the ERN/URN crossing. Forgot to look for the theme. As usual.

Yesterday OwenKL mentioned face blindness. If anyone is interested in more information about this condition, I recommend the book "You Don't Look Like Anyone I Know" by Heather Sellers. She has the condition and tells about living with it, finally getting a diagnosis and some possible reasons for it.

Earlier this month, near Traverse City, Michigan, a Bald Eagle was seen on ice in Grand Traverse Bay, on ice with ice on it's legs and tail and couldn't fly. Ken Scott, my brother, helped with the rescue, rehab and release of this majestic bird. Here are videos of the adventure Rescue, and Release

I'm sorry to hear about Fermat's broken hip. I hope she heals easily.

We have relatively warm temps--mid 40's--and sunshine! It lasts until tomorrow night, then the rain returns.

Have a wonderful rest of your day.

Jayce said...

I liked this puzzle. Fell into the same pitfalls as many of you did.

Jinx in Norfolk said...

FIR, but like others erased BLeU for BLAU, but unlike others I managed to require a fix at RAMOs. Maybe that is software for Dodge trucks - RAM OS.

Hey Swamp Cat an others - LSU lost last night, after stealing a victory at Kentucky. I guess the officials from the NFC championship game weren't available this time. (Last week the officials ignored an obvious offensive goal tending with less than a second remaining in the game.)

DW and I like UNOS. But we get the all-you-can-eat soup and salad bar, and we save our pizza purchases for the great local places. Our favorite local is YNOT, so named because one of the owners' name is Tony and they just spelled it backwards.

HG - I loved the parabola trick. Also, I've never heard the expression "stood out like a BRICK in a punch bowl". I was thinking of something that looked more like a Tootsie Roll.

Fermatprime, I hope you are comfortable now. Can't imagine how much pain you must have endured for those long three hours.

CLAM JUICE is an important ingredient for DW's version of linguine and CLAM sauce. In our drinking days we used to prefer our bloody Marys with Clamado, pepper, Tobasco and horse radish.

Jinx in Norfolk said...

Forgot to thank Peter and Steve. Terrific puzzle and tour.

Played in a golf league today. I have completely forgotten how to hit a 50 yard chip. I'm hitting a fat 15 yarder every time. Any hints? Weight transfer? Wrist action?

CrossEyedDave said...

I probably would never have seen that Eagle rescue
without this Blog. Thank you for posting it.
You have restored my faith in Humanity...

TTP said...

Irish Miss, sorry to hear about your foot.

Pat, that was absolutely beautiful ! Thank you for sharing. Kudos to your brother and the rest of that team.

Jinx, keep your head down and hit down on the ball. Let the club do the work.

Wilbur Charles said...

I wrote a post FLN but I don't think I postED it
Sorry about IM and FermaT
I was in a hurry and not only didn't theme* it, I never noticed a lot of perps. Knowing people like MESSI and HAMM helped.
Yep , CLAM juice was common in my Boston 'ute.
Looking forward to D4's posts


* Talk about verbalizations

Sandyanon said...

Thanks for that video, CED. People can be very kind.

TTP said...

Nice followup to Pat's videos, CED ! Thanks !

Lucina said...

Thank you for posting that video! What a kind and generous thing to do; I got emotional seeing that beautiful bird incapacitated by ice and then the gentle way its rescuers freed it from the frozen shackles. To see it fly away accompanied by the chanting and drums was dramatic! It does restore my faith in humanity to see people care so much!

Anonymous said...

Funny but I've never lost my faith in humanity. The videos posted are fabulous and they have confirmed my belief of the generosity of mankind. I see examples of compassion and love every day.

Just an hour ago I was in line at the grocery store and a father carrying his infant in one of those front loaded chest packer thingys leaned forward to check something in his cart and his toddler seated in the cart leaned over and kissed his young sibling on the forehead. He was not prompted and the father didn't even notice what had happened. I felt special knowing I was the only person to witness this event. Just about brought a tear to my eye. I considered waiting for him to check out so I could share what happened but the crowds were too much. I drove home thinking what I just saw with a self satisfied smile on my face.

Mahatma said...

"You must not lose faith in humanity. Humanity is an ocean; if a few drops of the ocean are dirty, the ocean does not become dirty."

Bill T said...

You don't really understand human nature unless you know why a child on a merry-go-round will wave at his parents every time around - and why his parents will always wave back

Abe said...

"If you look for the bad in people expecting to find it, you surely will."

Lucina said...

Sadly Mahatma did not see the day when the oceans became so polluted that eventually even sea life will be diminished. Will many fish disappear altogether? Time will tell.

PK said...

Hi Y'all! Thought the JUICED UP theme was clever, Peter. Thanks. I even got it, but never had CLAM JUICE in my life.

Thanks, Steve, for a great expo. I'm thinking ten pounds would really be a bed of RICE.

NW corner was a real natick. I forgot HAMM & HART. DNI: MESSI, OTB, or RITA. Gran Prix of figure skating also. Tried "car" before MOTOR which got me nowhere fast.


Did know AHAB so WAGd BANTU & felt proud when it stayed black.

Yay, D4! for completing your rehab & getting "sprung".

Prayers for Lorraine.

IM: hope they figure out what's wrong with your foot and give you relief. There are so many little bones & nerves in a foot to get pinched. I had years of mis-diagnosis on mine. Still walking, but it isn't fun.

Now to take the Eagle pictures to my other browser to see. Thanks, Pat.

Eric Idle said...

Man has never has never been more aware of its love for the environment than the present day. The Cuhyahoga once caught fire yet now is teeming with fish and other wildlife. Whaling has ceased.(well except for the Japanese) overfishing is almost eliminated.(except for the Japanese) many more trees are planted every year than are harvested. Recycling is the norm rather than the exception. Cars are cleaner. Electrical production is cleaner. Manufacturers are cleaner and more accountable. So many positives and more to come. Kids these days volunteer at a higher rate than at any time in the past. The problem is people who watch the negative 24hour news cycle and think that the world is inherently evil. It's not. People genuinely care about one another and show it. We raise money for good causes. We come to the rescue when disaster strikes. Please dont let the bastards get you down.

Always look at the bright side of life...

Bill G said...

Hi everybody.

Congratulations Dave. I look forward to hearing from you regularly again.

Best wishes Fermatprime. Heal fast!

Mia Hamm and her teammates got me interested in women's soccer. I followed that team on TV in its heyday. I've seen her walking on the Strand and shopping in the grocery store.

Count me in as a V-8 fan.

I'm also a fan of thin crust pizza. There are one or two places around here where the crust can be really thin, almost like a potato chip.

~ Mind how you go...

Anonymous T said...

Hi All!

Thanks Peter for a fun doable Thursday. Enjoyed it as I did Steve's expo style.

I couldn't get started until I had the solid crossing of ESL and ASCII. [Go head, ask me any of the 127 Characters and I'll convert in my head - e.g. 'space bar' is 0x20 aka 32d. Go ahead Check me :-) ]

ESPs: How much time you got?
Fav: I got a chuckle when TIME TRAVEL appeared.

19d caused me fits. I thought Denver OMELET but then a) too many squares b) the clue left out onions & cheese. "What other city are Omelets named after?" kept going through my mind. I finally saw it at -ESTcRN!

{A, B+}

Fermat - Get well soon. Broken hips are not a good thing; do what they say and heal.
IM, you too.
D4 - Finally! You.


Hahtoolah - From your QOD, ever read (all of?) Infinite Jest?

CED - No, it's in my "viewed" list, not yours (well, maybe yours...). Folks can only send it to you (as a Gift) from their account.

Always look on the bright side of life... [not the crucifixion scene].

We had an incident today (don't click -- even at the promise of free puppies, damn it!) so back to work. //we caught it early, never got infected, and are just doing the forensics / due diligence.

Cheers, -T

Wilbur Charles said...

Mia HAMM married ex Sox SS Nomar Garciaparra.

As I went to get into the left turn lane the car in back chose to grab the lane and made me struggle to get my own left.

I thought: In what other venue would any adult, sane person be so inconsiderate?

However, the majority are considerate


Lucina said...

I am in fact an optimistic person and regularly expect the best from people and circumstances. However, the state of the oceans is worrisome especially with the unchecked dumping of plastics and other garbage.

It has been raining here for three days; today it was non stop, cats, dogs and maybe some other animals, too. The desert will be blooming soon! It's always a gorgeous sight.

Lady Bird said...

"Almost every person, from childhood, has been touched by the untamed beauty of wildflowers."

Ol' Man Keith said...

The Eagle rescue was glorious!

Lemonade714 said...

Silly auto-correct

Health to all at The Corner, especially Fermat (Lorraine) and IM (Agnes). Today is our Golden Monthiversary...50 months married. To celebrate we went to a Thai restaurant and had someone else cook to give Oo the night off.

It is always good to remember that some people learn to be good.

Glad to hear Dave2 will be back.

See y'all tomorrow

Husker Gary said...

Jinx, You have to make the bottom of your swing in FRONT of the ball. Practice that stroke until your divot is in front of the ball as you come down and it will pop up.