Feb 12, 2019

Tuesday, February 12, 2019 Roland Huget

Standard Operating Procedure

20. 100-mile-an-hour fastball, often: STRIKE OUT PITCH.

25. Classy neckwear: STRING OF PEARLS.

42. Bike storage bags, e.g.: STRAP ON POUCHES.

47. What a plus sign indicates on a golf match scoreboard: STROKES OVER PAR.

 A reveal hidden in plain sight.  See the answer to 1 Down.   Clever.

I first noticed the STR starts to the answers.  Then saw the O P and thought STROP ? As in a sharpening strop ?   Bzzt. 


1. Enjoys Breckenridge, say: SKIS.  Breckenridge, Colorado in the Rocky Mountains.  Never been there, but I have skied at Seven Springs in the Laurel Highlands of the Allegheny Mountains.  

5. Cries out loud: SOBS.

9. "If I Had a Hammer" singer Lopez: TRINI.  This Pete Seeger song and covers of it by Peter Paul and Mary, Trini Lopez and others got old after the 3 gazillionth play on the radio.  It was inescapable.

"Why didn't he just go to the hardware store and buy a hammer ?"

14. In the past: ONCE.

15. Geometry calculation: AREA.   A surveyor needs to understand geometry.   Calculating Surface Areas Of Irregular Shaped Fields

16. Pay by mail: REMIT.   We probably average a roll a year now, and most of those are at Christmas.

17. Metered work, usually: POEM.

18. Duck that lends its name to a color: TEAL.

19. Word from the wise: ADAGE.   'If you can't take it, don't dish it out."   "People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones."   OKAY, OKAY, alright already.  I take it back.  If I Had a Hammer is a fine song.

23. Vent opening?: PRE.

24. Stein filler: ALE.

33. Total confusion: CHAOS

34. Made public: AIRED.

35. Summer Games org.: IOC.  International Olympic Committee

36. Admission of fault: OOPS.   Mea culpa. 

37. Less clumsy: ABLER.

38. Back up a step, as in an app: UNDO

39. "__ is me!": WOE.

40. For all to hear: ALOUD.  

41. Good feature: ASSET.

45. Partner of to: FRO.

46. 22.5 deg.: NNE.

55. Pick up gradually: GLEAN.   Over time I gleaned that arguing with a woman is like reading a software license agreement.   In the end you just click "I Agree"

56. Crafted, as a tale: WOVE.

57. Keep for later: SAVE

58. Wonderland cake message: EAT MEAlice's Adventures in Wonderland

59. Morales of "NYPD Blue": ESAI.

60. Express line unit: ITEM.   Grammarians note when the sign reads, "10 items or less"  but it doesn't peeve me.    A full shopping cart in that line might.  

61. Jacket material: TWEED.

62. Bakery product: ROLL.

63. Fiddling emperor: NERO.   An awful man on all accounts.    As despicable as he was, he couldn't have played a fiddle because it wasn't invented yet.  Perhaps a lute ?


1. Soaks (up): SOPS.    

2. Wood imperfection: KNOT.

3. Cake finisher: ICER

4. Part-time players: SEMIPROS.

5. Glossy fabric: SATEEN.

6. Layered Nabisco treat: OREO.

7. Belle's counterpart: BEAU

8. Basic food preservative: SALT.

9. Was behind in the match: TRAILED.  Golf, tennis, chess

10. Herbal brew: RED TEA.

11. Apple since 1998: IMAC.   IMAC is also an IT term for Installs, Moves, Adds and Changes.

12. Soon to happen: NIGH.   As quaint as anon. 

13. Suffix with urban: ITE.

21. Songwriter Kristofferson: KRIS.   He's in the Songwriters Hall of Fame and the Nashville Songwriters Hall of fame.     The opening lyrics from one of his most famous songs:

Busted flat in Baton Rouge, waiting for a train
When I was feeling nearly faded as my jeans
Bobby thumbed a diesel down, just before it rained
And rode us all the way to New Orleans

22. School research assignment: PAPER.

25. Slap the puck toward the goal: SHOOT.    Patrick Sharp demonstrates.

26. Get to the point?: TAPER.

27. Cameroon neighbor: GABON.  Two of the thirty-seven errors I made on Husker Gary's countries of Africa geography quiz last week. 

28. Prepare for a bodybuilding competition: OIL UP.

29. Middle Corleone brother: FREDO.   Fredo is the younger brother of Sonny, and the older brother of Michael in Mario Puzo's The Godfather, portrayed by John Cazale in the movie.

30. Salon procedure: RINSE.

31. Rich ore deposits: LODES.

32. Many a clan member: SCOT.

33. Farm moms: COWS.  They are heifers until they become moms.

37. "Take __ at this!": A LOOK.  Take a look at this school mural.  That's a real fire extinguisher.

38. Signals the arrival of, as a new era: USHERS IN.

40. Dressed like a chef: APRONED.

41. Embarrassing spots: ACNE.

43. Typical chalet: A-FRAME.

44. Launch, as a new product: UNVEIL.

47. Side with a sandwich: SLAW.

48. Head of Haiti: TETE.    Président Jovenel Moïse since the Nov 2016 elections.    Protestors stoned his house and called for his resignation Saturday.  

49. Vessel with a spout: EWER.

50. Ho-hum: SO SO.

51. Avocado shape: OVAL

52. Canapé spread: PATE.

53. Say with certainty: AVER.

54. San __, Italy: REMO. Zoom in, Zoom out

55. "__ it?": "Comprende?": GET.

Note from C.C.:

Happy Birthday to our sweet LaLaLinda. Linda does not post these days, but she still reads our posts and comments every day.   We miss your presence, Linda!


OwenKL said...

A surgeon scrubs his clean hands cleaner,
Dons a mask that covers his features,
Wears latex gloves,
All this because
It's Standard Operating Procedure!

His handkerchief SOPS up the SOBS
After a SO-SO performance robs
The ABLER skater
From being top rater --
I.O.C. judges, just doing their jobs.!

When KRIS SKIS, it's his advantage
To see the AREA from a high vantage.
It's good to know
The slopes and snow.
"Ski prepared" is his Boy-Scout ADAGE

Why would anyone want to steal
From a duck as lovely as a TEAL?
Its feathers blue
Are a pleasing hue,
When it spreads its wings to UNVEIL!

Should I bother to write a POEM
Rather than to simply show 'em
The CHAOS of mind
That always is mine
When I REMIT to words what I owe 'em

{A-, B, B, B-, B+.}

fermatprime said...


Thanks to Roland and TTP!

Two answers not immediate. Did not know about Brekenridge and Gabon was not super fast.

Happy birthday to Linda!

No rain today. Lots of sunshine!

Have a great day!

Jim B. said...

Swift Solve, but I didn't see the hidden reveal until TTP pointed it out. Cute.
Under 'Just Saying': How does "A plus sign" = "strokeS"?
Am I missing something?
Thanks Roland and TTP!

Lemonade714 said...

A happy and healthy year for our birthday girl, La La Linda. We are slowly having our New England regulars retire- marti, Hondo and Manac to name a few.

James B., I think there was a fair amount of creative glue in this puzzle, but in golf one always says how many strokes over (or under for the pros) par. RED TEA and APRONED do not feel like anything I have used in speech or writing.

If 1 down is a hidden reveal, why hide it?

I did enjoy the creativity of using 4 different "O" words as the links in the theme.

Skiing in Colorado is different than anything the east coast has to offer, Tom. Try it, you'll like it. You go to Denver and try my sons new cocktail and stay for the night of free tastings when they reveal the winner.

I loved the CHAOS link, as it reminded me of Thailand, and they do not run into each other; amazing.

Lemonade714 said...

Montana, I am sorry for the delayed response, as I was trying to locate the pictures I took when we met in Denver and I carried that tiny baby around. She has blossomed, and it is hard to believe that much time has passed, or that she has THREE younger siblings. Winters out there are cold. They are beautiful, thank you for sharing. If you click on the word cocktail in my first comment above you can see Devin as is he is now.

Jinx in Norfolk said...

FIR, but I had to change my denim jacket for a TWEED.

Online bill pay has made the "by mail" method as quaint as anon and NIGH.

EAT ME was also the message on the parade float that was a car decorated like a cake in the closing scene of Animal House.

I first thought of "Virginia Politician" for "many a clan member". Oh yeah, that one is spelled with a "K".

I think I said this before, but KRIS Kristofferson was once married to the beautiful and talented Rita Coolidge.

We still have about ten railroad locomotives from Cameroon rusting away at Norfolk's Sewell's Point port. Where's Paul Harvey when we need to know the REST of the story.

OKL, you grade like a Russian IOC judge.

Thanks to Roland for the fun puzzle. And thanks to TTP for the fun review. Humor has become SOP for you.

FLN: OC4, no slight to engineers was intended. We need both scientists and engineers. I have no problem calling Nye a "science guy" but he just isn't a scientist. The Corner is blessed to have doctors, lawyers and nuns. But don't ask a lawyer to save your soul, a nun to save your leg, or a doctor to save your butt, even though they all speak Latin.

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

Shot myself in the foot. My N in TRINI looked like a V, and the R in PEARLS looked like an N. That made the perps difficult to see. But veni, vidi, vici. Hooray. Thanx, Roland and TTP.

KRIS Kristofferson had the knack for creating vivid images with simple words Like the opening stanza of Sunday Morning Coming Down:
"Well I woke up Sunday morning
With no way to hold my head, that didn't hurt
And the beer I had for breakfast wasn't bad
So I had one more for dessert
Then I fumbled in my closet through my clothes
And found my cleanest dirty shirt
Then I washed my face and combed my hair
And stumbled down the stairs to meet the day"

Taxing day...gotta run.

TTP said...


In match play golf, each hole is an individual contest between the two players. In other words each hole is won, lost or tied. The player with the lowest strokes on the hole wins the hole and is awarded a point. The player with the most points at the end of the match is awarded the win. To compensate for the relative skills of the players, the handicap system is used.

Suppose that Husker Gary has a handicap of 7 and is playing TTP Tom with a handicap of 11. The difference is of course 4. TTP will get a single stroke advantage on the four toughest holes. This is indicated by a plus (+) sign on the scorecard. This scorecard shows the four toughest holes that Tom is receiving a stroke on. Match Play Scorecard: Husker Gary vs TTP

Lemonade from yesterday, I'm confident that Boomer knew those players were the Purple People Eaters, and knew the Fearsome Foursome was the nickname of the LA Rams. He was saying the Purple People Eaters were the Fearsome Foursome of the Minnesota Vikings, just as he might have said they were the Steel Curtain of the Vikings had steel or curtain been in the clue.

John E said...

Is that a particular intersection in Bangkok?

John E said...

Remind me a bit of Hanoi but not as many motorcycles.

Yellowrocks said...

Fun puzzle. I didn't look for the theme, but I noticed the STRs instead. Very clever that 1D was SOPS. I like your humor TTP.
I have Kris's Sunday Morning Comin Down on my car player.
IM, today's newspaper had a lovely picture of two very cute bichons frises at the Westminster Dog Show. I thought of you.
We have a nearby square dance club called Belles and Beaux. Their logo is a picture of bells and bows.
Less vs fewer is more complicated than we might think. As I get older I care less and less about this kind of thing.
Grammar Girl
That chaotic traffic picture is scary, indeed. I would be too intimidated to drive there.
Happy birthday, La La Linda. Miss you.

Spitzboov said...

Good morning everyone.

Happy Birthday to LalaLinda. Hope your day is special.

Good intro, TTP. I got the theme (I thought) but you pointed out some nuances I had missed.
FIR. No lookups nor strikethroughs were needed today. Fresh fill made it brighter.
RED Rooibos TEA - - Is South African. Has anyone drunk some? It seems to be highly touted.
I wondered about the NERO fiddle story, too.

NB: CC had a puzzle in yesterday's WSJ which I did after coming home from bridge last night. Had a small glass of Sandeman Port while unravelling it.

CanadianEh! said...

Terrific Tuesday. Thanks for the fun, Roland and TTP.
Thanks also to OwenKL for the poetry to USHER IN the day.

This CW filled in quickly with only a couple of inkblots. Like YR, I saw the STRs (and was disappointed that the following vowels were not consecutive). I missed the theme (but SOPS was a clever hidden reveal!). (Or was the theme really STRIP (twice), STRAP, STROP? LOL, only Roland knows for sure.)

SKIS brought a smile after yesterday's poor cluing. (I had to wait for perps because I did not know BRECKENRIDGE. Perhaps use Whistler for Canadians.)
I confidently enter VEE for 23A "Vent opening". Oh, it is not a cute clue; we are actually looking for a PREfix.
My dates were wrong when I entered IPOD (it debuted in 2001). Perps gave me IMAC.
I also had to wait for perps for that lesser known (to me) Corleone brother, FREDO.
The R in NERO decided AVER over Avow (classic CW dilemma).
IM, I also thought of you when I saw clips from the Westminster Dog Show on TV last night.

Happy Birthday LaLaLinda.
Wishing you all a great day. We are shut down again with snow and ice.

billocohoes said...

Kris Kristofferson played the fading idol in the third Hollywood version of A Star is Born, as a rock star after Frederic March and James Mason's actors, to Barbra Streisand's rising protege, after Janet Gaynor and Judy Garland. Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga (Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanottain) are in the current version.

Madame Defarge said...

Good Morning!

Ridiculous! I haven't done a puzzle since last Tuesday. Whoa. Busy here with family birthdays, and doing some errands and doctor visit driving for elderly neighbors. Should I say elder-lier (sic) as I am certainly in the elderly category myself. I also think the cold has worn me down. Well, let's get right back at it. I'll do a week's worth of puzzles and read the blog at my leisure. I hope you are all well.

Today was fun. I tried STRIKE on the first long entry and didn't finish it until later. My first long fill was STROKES OVER PAR. Thanks, Roland, for some fun this Tuesday.

TTP: I loved the write up today. Thank you. I especially liked the link about measuring irregular areas. Geometry is the only math I loved--still do. Grammarians like rules and that includes angles and sides in geometry. It's also the only math I can see easily and use pragmatically. Knitting design and clothing construction, as well as buying paint require geometry. The traffic intersection link is amazing. If ever there was a need for a rotary (roundabout? traffic circle?), that was it. My husband agrees with you in your understanding of women and software licensing agreement. :) Thanks, TTP.

Off to do the laundry. Once of the areas left unattended in my life this week. I always feel with just two of us, I can do the laundry tomorrow. Looks like tomorrow is finally here.

Do have a wonderful day.

Hahtoolah said...

Good Morning, TTP and friends. Fun puzzle. I quickly saw the S O P, but entirely missed that 1-Down SOPS was theme-related.

SKIing must be the theme of the week. The word created considerable discussion in yesterday's puzzle.

I learned that a Bakery Item is not Cake, but a ROLL.

My favorite clues were Metered Work = POEM, and Get to the Point = TAPER.

ESAI Morales makes frequent guest appearances in the puzzles.

I had a spell of drinking RED Rooibos Tea. It is actually very good.

Stay warm and safe everyone.

Happy Birthday LaLaLinda!

QOD: I do not think much of a man who is not wiser today than he was yesterday. ~ Abraham Lincoln (Feb. 12, 1809 ~ Apr. 15, 1865)

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

This was a pretty straightforward Tuesday solve with no w/os or unknowns. Coincidentally, I lived in a community called Breckenridge that had all Colorado-related street names, per the influence of one of the developers who was from Colorado. The irony was that the community was in Southwest Florida. At first, I thought the theme was the STR O P sequence but I now think TTP is correct with the SOPS at 1D. I hope the constructor enlightens us. John Cazale (Fredo) was Meryl Streep's partner when that movie was made and he died from cancer shortly thereafter.

Thanks, Roland, for a Tuesday treat and thanks, TTP, for the grand tour.

Jinx @ 6:50 ~ I loved your closing sentence!

YR and CanadianEh, how nice of you to think of me, seeing the Bichons. I haven't seen last night's broadcast yet; I'm saving it for when I hunker down for this afternoon's snow storm.

Happy Birthday, Linda, hope it's a special day. 🎂🍾🎁🎉🎈 You are missed but I'm happy to hear you're with us in spirit!

My iPad is showing only a 20% charge. As it's always plugged in, does this mean that the battery is dying or could there be another reason? The iPad is about 5 years old and gets a tremendous amount of use. Just dropped to 19%.

Have a great day and stay safe.

Spitzboov said...

IM - Check the pigtail or charging cord for wear. I've had to get 2 for BH over the last few years. There's always the Geek desk at Best Buy.

Yellowrocks said...

Canadian Eh! At first I was looking for strike, strake, stroke, but the string of pearls choked that off. However, strake is too esoteric for a Tuesday. I remember it from my Royal Navy yarns. The dictionary says, Strake: a single line of planking or metal plating extending along the hull of a ship or boat from stem to stern. "The schooner dipped and dipped, lower and lower; strake after strake disappeared, until the planks seemed to become lost, and the vessel to be settling beam under." By Henry Frith.
The snow here is so fine it is not piling up. I hope it doesn't turn to sleet. When I read about he many feet of snow and below zero cold stretching all across the country from the Pacific reaching to New England later on today, I feel spared. I hope all of you are safe and will have no power outages.

oc4beach said...

Roland and TTP provided a nice Wake Up puzzle and tour through the grid today.

I didn't get the theme until I read TTP's explanation. However, I wasn't really looking for it.

Only a few hitches today. I had OWNS before OOPS became apparent. I didn't know
RED TEA and I forgot that the language spoken in Haiti was French and I tried to put in the Spanish word for bathroom, BANO. I needed a lot of perps for all of the theme answers before I got enough of a toehold to Wag the rest of the answers.

Jinx @ 6:50AM: I didn't think you were slashing engineers, but I had to say something. I live in a college town and deal with a lot of scientists (PHD's) who seem to have a superior attitude toward engineers. The Astronomers are usually the worst because of their "Cosmic" discoveries. (I hope I don't offend any Astronomers because some of my best friends are Astronomers.)

So far in Central PA we have about 6 inches of snow from this storm and we are now into the Sleet part of our Snow, Sleet and Freezing Rain forecast. This is supposed to go into tonight before it quits. Not looking forward to the Freezing Rain. DW had a doctor's appointment scheduled, but the office staff called and said the Doc wasn't coming in so she has been rescheduled for some time in April.

Stay warm and dry everyone.

Lucina said...

Happy birthday, La La Linda! I hope it's fabulous!

Thank you, Roland Huget, for this quick and easy puzzle. The STR- pattern filled quickly ONCE I realized its prevalence. Then I just had to GLEAN the remainder of the phrase which wasn't difficult.

However, I didn't connect it with SOPS so thank you, TTP, for that. BTW, you have proven yourself to be a wise man by the admission you made.

Like Hahtoolah I also liked the clues for POEM and TAPER.

APRONED? I can't say I've ever seen it that way.

Have a fantastic day, everyone!

CrossEyedDave said...

Hmm,never saw the 1d reveal...

Also, tried to fit "inclination of the Earth" in that 46a 3 letter spot for 22.5 degrees.
it is actually 23.5 degrees, but you can't blame CED for being a little off.
(or slanted...)

Happy birthday LaLaLinda! if you come visit us I will post another cake with the rest of your name....
(trying to find both of them together is really tough!)

lUCKILY, OUR sTANDARD oPERATIONG pROCEDURE also works as a burglar alarm...

I.M., Your Ipad should not be always plugged in.
plus batteries do not last forever.
However, if you let it die, and reboot, you might get more life out of it...
Ipad tips for battery life...

Gotta go walk the dog, in freezing rain...
(why O why didn't my neighbor get a Cat?...)

Irish Miss said...

Spitz @ 10:16 ~ That was my first thought because I had to replace that cord on my first iPad. However, I just solved the mystery; my cleaning lady was here yesterday and apparently loosened the plug from the wall socket. She's a terrific worker but she uses the vacuum cleaner as a WMD. All is well and I'm now recharging.

It's snowing quite heavily. I had to go out into it to retrieve my trash/recycle bin and cautiously make my way to the community mailboxes so I could mail a birthday card on time. I don't envy those who are facing the commute home.

Misty said...

Clever Tuesday puzzle--many thanks, Roland! I was daunted by this at first because I got few answers until I reached the bottom where the southeast filled in and then the rest slowly filled in going upward. I'm not a golfer but surprisingly got STROKES OVER PAR early on, and once I had STRAP ON POUCHES, I figured out the theme answers were going to start with STR, which helped with the top. When I was done I too thought I had gotten a STROP theme, which strikes me as more fun than the SOPS. Hey, we enjoy what we enjoy.

Happy birthday, LaLa Linda!

Like Hahtoolah, my favorite clue was the metered work for POEM. (Hey, I'm a literary critic). Speaking of which, can't believe all the delightful poems you gave us this morning, Owen.

Have a great day, everybody!

Irish Miss said...

CED @ 11:45 ~ Everything I've read recently indicates that there is no reason not to leave the iPad plugged in. I've been doing this for five years and have never had any ill effects. It is always 100% charged. (Except when someone accidentally loosens the plug.)

Your neighbor got a dog instead of a cat because he knew his nice neighbor would be kind enough to walk his dog, even in snowstorms. 😇

AnonymousPVX said...

This Tuesday puzzle had some tricky clueing, IMHO...but no worries, still got the solve.

And also no markovers today.

Didn’t even see the theme until I got here, but no giveaways either, nice.

It’s 76° in SC....warm for the time of year but no complaints.

Becky said...

I believe Nero was playing a lyre.


Wilbur Charles said...

DW(Betsy) casually said ONCE: "I knew Bobby McGee". I couldn't get details, she couldn't see it as a big deal*
All W's today, Owen

Lemony, they haven't been doing that lately
6 months ago 1d would have been referenced
Way back, knowing how to do a back azimuth was handy at OCS


*Later, she said she knew Anna van Danna???(SNL). Allegedly a real person that the character was based on

CrossEyedDave said...

When I first saw STRI in the 1st two theme answers,
I thought each theme answer would have the word Strike in it.

Perps to the rescue, but did not SOP up the reveal...

It is raining solid ice here (sleet?)
but it was no problem walking the Dog with my
Kangaroo leather hat that I use for rain, snow blowing, a pillow when camping...
(I have a new one for formal occasions...)

Unfortunately I found leather shrinks when wet,
so if my posts get a little convoluted, it may not be Alzheimers...

Speaking of which, The Start Ledger dropped one of my favorite comics last week,
Pickles. & after much Ado, the brought it back!
(However the thought of what they are going to drop to make space for it
is giving me agida.)


(sorry, my new wireless keyboard does not tell me when caps lock is on...)

Non Sequitur, my absolute favorite now that the Far Side and Calvin & Hobbes are gone,
has committed political suicide!
All politics aside, He accidentally dropped an F-Bomb in the Sunday comic.
See if you can read it...
(lower left corner,)

Jayce said...

Interesting puzzle. I enjoyed it. I saw the three-word SOP pattern and only later noticed the first words all started with STR which I took to mean the theme could maybe be STROP. Either way, cool. As Misty said, "Hey, we enjoy what we enjoy."

I have also learned it is always best to simply say "I agree" or simply "Yep."

Happy birthday LaLaLinda, and good wishes to you all.

Jayce said...

Sheesh, people are getting to be WAY too easily offended these days.

Roy said...

Thought of MYRA BRECKINRIDGE. Don't know the ski area.

Husker Gary said...

-Gimmick stood out like an honest politician.
-Those STRIKE OUT PITCHES get relievers a lot of SAVES!
-OOPS – I broke the mirror on my 2005 Dakota and the Dodge dealer wanted $330 to fix it. My GM dealer is doing it right now for $130 as I am sitting in their waiting room
-AMEN, on “I agree!”
-Gotta run. 3 things just came up bing, bing, bing.

xtulmkr said...

No problem with the puzzle, but I do have a nit-pick with the geometry link.

The solution to the second example in calculating areas of irregularly shaped fields is wrong. The height BB* is not the height of triangle ABD but rather the height of triangle BB*D. The error is similarly applied to the calculation of triangle BCD. If the surveyor uses this method of calculation then the landowner is going to have a larger tax-base than he should.

Husker Gary said...

p.s. TTP, love that scorecard!

Abejo said...

Good afternoon, folks. Thank you, Roland Huget, for a fine puzzle. Thank you, TTP, for a fine review.

Got through this easily. Saw the theme, but missed the 1D connection. Oh well.

Got 51D easily because my wife had some avocados in the kitchen this week. She ate them all. I like the guacamole that is made from them.

OREO again. That is a very common word in crosswords.

I am sure I have heard TRINI Lopez sing If I Has a Hammer, at some point. However, I really remember Peter, Paul, and Mary singing it. I think they do a better job. Either way, good song.

I guess REMIT has multiple meanings. In my fraternity when we REMIT someone's Dues, that means we forgive it. He does not have to pay. It is usually because of a financial hardship.

Happy Birthday, LaLaLinda, and many more.

We had freezing rain last night. Ice covering everything today. The crossing at the school was pure slop.

See you tomorrow.


( )

Jinx in Norfolk said...

CED, IM: CED's neighbor got a dog instead of a cat because he wanted a companion, not a supervisor.

Ol' Man Keith said...

HBD Linda!

Ta ~ DA!
Pretty easy today, with just a couple of write-overs.
I didn't need to know the theme but am surprised it wasn't mentioned in the cluing. The 1D fill (SOPS) would have been the perfect place.
(Maybe a hint was offered in other places than the LA Times?)

When I see SAN REMO, I think of the Festival della canzone italiana di Sanremo, the most popular music competition in Italy. It has been the launching site of many international artists, including Andrea Bocelli.
Four diagonals today! One on the near side and a 3-way in the mirror.
The two anagrams don't seem to be related. On the near end we have a comment favoring some unspecified objects. Could this perhaps be Mr. Huget's self-congratulatory appraisal of his theme fills? Is he identifying them as ...
On the opposite end we find an injunction that may be a somewhat exotic response to 58A. Instead of Lewis Carroll's cake icing, we have an exhortation to consume tropical fowl in ...

Lucina said...

I like Bobby Darin's version of If I had a hammer; had never heard any other or don't recall. I just returned from having my nails done and two men were in the salon getting pedicures.

LOL, Jinx.

Sandyanon said...

The discussion of "If I Had a Hammer" prompted me to find and listen to, a number of versions via YouTube. I've been most familiar with Peter, Paul and Mary singing it and I still like that one perhaps the most. But I couldn't have listened to every version- - there must be dozens.
I did notice that in the early Seeger/Weavers version, the lyrics were about "love between all my brothers", while later versions all seem to have "love between my brothers and sisters" -- a significant improvement, I think, don't you?

CrossEyedDave said...

Thanxalot Jinx!

Your post made me go looking for a rebuttal,

Sadly, this is all I found...

Anonymous T said...

Hi All!

Happy Birthday LaLaLinda! I hope you stop in at the Corner today.

Thanks Roland; Puzzle wasn't an SOB just SOP. Enjoyed your theme (never saw the STR so, that didn't hurt :-)) and, like Lem said, the special-touch of all O-words being different.

Great expo TTP. I love that mural! The intersection reminded me of Cairo (except they usually have roundabouts; British lay'd 'em in, I was told)

WO: I left out the L in PEARLS and dropped ink in those squares.
ESPs: GABON, TRINI (I was waiting on perps to spell Seeger (I was sure it wasn't how Bob Seger spelt it. [Old Time Rock & Roll - 5:33]))
Fav: clue for SCOT considering the medical yearbook in VA...
Runners-up: What Hahtoolah said.

{B+, B, B, A+*}

JamesB, Lem, TTP - I was thinking "plus" more like a leaderboard (but a + if I were playing).

C, Eh! - LOL "AV-- (classic crossword dilemma)."

CED - I must comment on your SOP comic; LOL! //I heard about the Non Sequitur kurfuffle but haven't 'deeply looked' into it yet.

OMK - Your DR alluded to a Dead Parrot [Something Completely Different: Clesse talking about it w/ Seth Meyers].

Cheers, -T
*A+ if you change the last line to 'what, I'm Owe'n'' :-)}

OwenKL said...

Lyre, lyre, pants on fire!

CED: thanks for the link! I'd read about it, and was curious what it looked like. I had thought it was a political cartoon, not a comic strip (which I love)!

Jinx: my supervisor sleeps on my hand while I'm typing :-)

Pointing out 1d would have spoiled the puzzle for those of us who recognize the theme is the REAL puzzle, and the crossword just a means to the end!

OMK: Saw this earlier today, with a request for bar-b-q parrot recipes.

Ol' Man Keith said...

Anon T ~
I have always loved the Dead Parrot sketch. My favorite line from your clip is "Parrots are only good for telling jokes."

Owen ~
Now I'm glad I don't have a parrot. It would pose too many humane issues.

Ol' Man Keith said...

Sandy ~
I agree.
But here's a later version by Seeger, one I think you'll approve. He and Lee Hayes wrote the song, so it's only fair to let him have another say.
This one is a bit raucous, but the energy is undeniable. Give a re-audition to Pete Seeger’s ‘If I Had a Hammer’.

Anon T et al ~
Here's the very thing we was talkin' about--as presented to a live crowd: The Dead Parrot Sketch. (Stay tuned for more follow-up material.)

CrossEyedDave said...


Have you seen the live version of Dead parrot?

I found it under The Search For More Money...

(apologies to Mel Brooks...)

CrossEyedDave said...

Oh Crap!

OMK beat me to it...

Lemonade714 said...

TTP, you are likely correct about Boomer and the Purple People Eaters.

RED Rooibos TEA would be fine fill, but that was not what we had.

WC you said, Lemony, they haven't been doing that lately in reference to what?

Sandyanon said...

You are very correct, OMK, Seeger started singing the other version later on. I was, though, referring to the original version with the Weavers.
Listening to that entire YouTube clip, though, made me wish I had been there; the energy from both Pete and the crowd was infectious even on YouTube.

BTW, I also watched that Dead Parrot sketch, reminding me of how funny Monty Python really was. Michael Palin thought it was pretty funny, too; he kept breaking up.

TTP said...

Happy Birthday LaLaLinda !

Husker Gary, of course you would like that scorecard ! You beat me !

I just realized I answered James Brydon's question with a response that answered the plus (+) sign on a scorecard, rather than on a scoreboard. I better keep my day job.

Wilbur Charles said...

Sorry I'm late, Lemony . I was reading your post re. Not referencing SOPS with SOP. My observation was that Rich and constructers have weaned Xwords away from doing just that.
Six months ago 1d would have referenced the theme. However, looking back it's not so clear how Paul would've done it.

Now I just read the following from Owen:
"Pointing out 1d would have spoiled the puzzle for those of us who recognize the theme is the REAL puzzle, and the crossword just a means to the end!".

This is a very good point and points out a weakness on my part to wit: I tend to not take the time after solving to grok the theme. Perhaps Rich has been listening and doesn't like to give it away.

The trend I'd observed is less circle and asterisks.

Then again we have NYT where Sherlock Holmes would have trouble unravelling the "theme". (11/11?)*


* And it might have been Paul Coulter- nope Eric Berlin
Here's Rex Parker's take

Wilbur Charles said...

It looks like it's just me. I'm watching the red Sox impossible dream season of 1967. A couple of points:
It was the last Pennant Race. And arguably the best. At least in the AL.

August 18, 1967. Tony C is beaned. I've talked about this. JR Crossan, a noted Jesus scholar interrupted a book to discuss it*. Two points:.
A beanball war had been going on between the teams since 1965 as a result of Dick Radatz and his head hunting especially vs the Angels catcher.
2. Said catcher, Bob Rodgers, was behind the plate that day. And...
The rest of the story. My friend Jim was selling soda at Fenway that day and told me that Tony had hit his head going into the stands after a fly ball.

Perhaps Tony had a mild concussion and his reflexes were slow.

One never knows. But MLB Network caught the excitement of that season.



Anonymous T said...

TTP - don't feel too bad - I'm so hard to parse, C.C. never asked me to host :-) That, and I got it backwards on the leaderboard. PROs, even SEMIs, are -PAR; I'm + PAR -- 8 easy :-).

OMK - Python is the greatest comic troupe ever to join forces. It's my "impressionable-years bias" talking, I know... The other thing Python gave us that will live on, calling email we don't like SPAM.

CED - Don't think for a second I missed your "de monet, de monet" allusion at Brooks. (I'd post a clip but none are blog-appropriate; included the CHESS scene, it did (but I'm LMFAO.))

//That reminds me: I'm going to un-follow Mel's buddy, Carl Reiner, if he doesn't stop clogging my Twitter feed; I've hackers to read too! Ricky Gervais might be next. :-)

Cheers, -T

Bill G said...

AnonT, I LOVE that Bob Seger song. W00T W00T!

I'm equally in love with the Dead Parrot routine.

Early on in our relationship, Barbara and I went to see a Weavers concert at Cornell. Very excellent!

PK said...

Very late. Just proud of myself for seeing the 1d SOP & recognizing the SOP theme. Unusual for me to get it.

I lived in Colorado three summers many eons ago so Breckinridge was a gimmee. Never skied there, but my husband & kids did go down a mountain slide one year there.