May 20, 2019

Monday May 20, 2019 Robert E. Lee Morris

Theme: OBIE (56. Theater award ... and a phonetic hint to the answers to starred clues) - Each theme entry is in the patter of O* B*.
17A. *Bread with a schmear: ONION BAGEL.

61A. *Annual Florida football game: ORANGE BOWL.
11D. *Coastal North Carolina resort area: OUTER BANKS.

24D. *Source of free drinks: OPEN BAR.

29D. *Séance prop: OUIJA BOARD.

Boomer here.

Bad weather here again.  I had to go Out Back to make sure rain had not damaged our garden.  Also on Thursday I went Out Bowling to defend my title in the Minneapolis 700 club 4 game tournament.  I started with 193-197-215 -- 605.  It was my first 600 set since the Big C damaged my back.  However my 4th game was only 157 and I placed 7th out of about 30 entries.


1. Like some private communities: GATED.  We have one of these in the metro area out by the famous Hazeltine Golf Club.  I am pretty sure that everyone living there is a multi-millionaire so we are not planning to move there. 

6. Really dull: DRAB.  I think that was the color of a '53 Dodge I once owned.

10. Second-year student: SOPH.  Since this is an abbreviation, shouldn't there be an abbreviated clue??

14. Ex-Yankee manager Joe: TORRE. Lots of career catchers seem to make the best managers.  I think it's because they can tell when a pitching change is necessary.

15. Goldberg who drew complex "machines": RUBE.

16. Make healthy: CURE.  Hormel Company of Austin Minnesota makes a Cure 81 Ham.  It is pretty good.  Much better than another Hormel product Spam.  Yuk.

19. __ Ant: tiny toon superhero: ATOM.  a cartoon by Hanna Barbera a long time ago.  Never gained the fame of Fred and Wilma. 

20. Therapy visit: SESSION. Add another "S" and you have a former Attorney General.

21. "Honor Thy Father" author Gay: TALESE.

23. Parody: SPOOF.

26. Fire engine signal: SIREN. A famous city in Western Wisconsin. My dad was born there, and my great uncle lived on a road, which is now named Burnikel Road.

27. "Bad, Bad Leroy Brown" singer Jim: CROCE.  Lot's of hits.  He had to say "I love you" in a song.

31. Can opener: POP TAB.  Wow. I am sooo old I remember when they first came out.  The tab came totally separated from the can.  Fishermen would open their beer and toss the tab into the lake where fish would eat them and die.  Finally a government agency in charge of fish killing litter told soda and beer makers to clean up their act.

33. Chief Greek god: ZEUS.

34. Mono successor: STEREO.  Yeah, I am old enough to remember the early ones.

36. __ Lingus: AER.

39. Somewhat: A BIT.

40. Hint of color: TINGE.

41. Escape key function: UNDO.  Also a function of a pull top on a can.

42. Friend of TV's Sheldon and Leonard: RAJ.

43. "For my next __ ... ": singer's intro: NUMBER.  And now, we have a group whose biting satire has gained popularity …. (Chad Mitchell at the Bitter End).

44. Pass over: SKIP. to my Lou

45. "Lawrence of __": ARABIA. A star studded cast including Peter O'Toole, Omar Sharif, Alec Guiness, and Anthony Quinn.  The movie lasted almost 4 HOURS !!  Yup I am old enough to remember that one too.

47. "Beau __": GESTE.

48. Scheming group: CABAL.

50. Serious play: DRAMA.

53. Roberto or Sandy of baseball: ALOMAR.  They were brothers. Sandy Jr. was a catcher for a number of teams, (Not all at the same time.)  Robbie played second base mostly in Toronto and was voted into the Hall of Fame in Cooperstown.

Roberto Alomar and Sandy Alomar Jr.

55. Deep regret: REMORSE.  I had a bit of deep regret that I decided to play golf last week.

60. Line through the middle of a circle: Abbr.: DIAM.

64. To be, to Balzac: ETRE.

65. Mexican's zilch: NADA.  Okay but I have heard many Americans use this word also.

66. Primary foe: RIVAL.  I watched Brooks make his rival Tiger look pretty bad last week.

67. Lincoln in-law: TODD.

68. From __: all-inclusive: A TO Z.

69. Take care of: SEE TO.


1. Classic Pontiac muscle cars: GTOS.  I never had one, but they made my Mustang look silly.  Sorry, no more Pontiacs from GM.

2. Top-notch: A-ONE.  I have never had A One on my golf scorecard.  (Except when it precedes two other numbers in the total column.)

3. "Divergent" films heroine: TRIS.  Also Hall of Famer Mr. Speaker. NO I am not old enough to remember him.  I have only heard about him.

4. Greek god of love: EROS.

5. Actress Richards: DENISE.

6. Clog-busting brand: DRANO. I have heard it contains dangerous lye.  We use Liquid-Plumr.

7. "Area" floor covering: RUG.  We have several throw rugs in our home.  I think the big ones are called carpet.

8. Prez on a fiver: ABE. No I am not old enough to remember Abe, and neither are you.  But I have a lot of respect for his contribution to our country.  (Even though Mary Todd is known to throw potatoes at him).  Abe also replaced a Native American on the copper penny designed by Victor D. Brenner in 1909.

9. Pants holder-upper: BELT.  I took off a few pounds this past year so I might need a new one or two.  Sizes are confusing.  I ordered a couple from Dr. Leonard's and they were NOT the size that the catalog said.  I am not ordering blind through the mail any more, (except maybe baseball cards.)

10. Justice replaced by Gorsuch: SCALIA.  With all due respect to Neil, I think it should have been Judge Merrick Garland.

12. It's not poetry: PROSE.

13. Macho guys: HE MEN.

18. Jazz genre: BOP.  Reminds me of the restaurant in "Happy Days".

22. Regarding: AS TO. Two short words.

25. Valley __, Pa.: FORGE.  History was never my best subject, but this city is in the historical hall of fame.  A year or so after the Declaration of Independence, and after George III had time to digest it, George Washington led a large unit of brave men at Valley Forge and defeated a large number of men of the British Army. Now - the city is loaded with historical memories and a national park.   (NO I am not old enough to have been there.  I think I read about it in National Geographic.) 

27. Business magnate: CZAR.

28. Country star McEntire: REBA.  Mostly country music, I believe she has appeared at the Minnesota State Fair more than once.

30. Ill. winter hours: CST.  Minnesota is also on Central time.  I hate when the Twins are on the West Coast and games start around 9:00 PM - CST.

32. Equal: PEER.  If you PEER into the past you may see a Norwegian, PEER Gynt.

34. Ticket remnant: STUB.  Some stubs may fetch a few bucks.  I have 5 of the 1987 World Series stubs of the games I attended.  (Four at the Metrodome and one at Busch Stadium, St. Louis).

Boomer's World Series Stubs

35. Shy: TIMID.

37. Polish a manuscript: EDIT.

38. Dogie catcher: ROPE.

41. Take advantage of: USE.

43. Simba's mate: NALA.  "The Lion King's lady"

46. Smashed into: RAMMED.  I wonder why Dodge Trucks are called "RAM",  Have they been smashed into, or did they do the smashing.  Or maybe it is what happened to the Vikings last year when they visited Los Angeles.

47. Online players: GAMERS.  About the only thing I game on line is FreeCell Solitaire.

48. Military academy student: CADET.

49. Samuel of the Supreme Court: ALITO.  I respect our Supreme Court, but why does it take so long for them to make up their mind and why are decisions seldom unanimous?

51. Desi of "I Love Lucy": ARNAZ.  Yes, "I Love Lucy" was a great sitcom in the 50's and I am old enough to remember watching it on our 19 inch black and white console TV.  But then in the sixties, Desi did not love Lucy any more.

52. Bit of computer RAM: MEG.  No Dodge Truck there also.

54. Gossip columnist Barrett: RONA.  I am just not interested in Gossip.

57. Roam: ROVE.

58. Smack, as a fly: SWAT.  Special Weapons and Tactics.  I use them when I bowl.

59. Cockney greeting: ELLO.  Where the "H" is the "H"??

62. Stool pigeon: RAT.  James Cagney's favorite word.

63. Big fuss: ADO.  Adieu, Adieu my friends Adieu, yes Adieu.  I can no longer stay with you, Stay with you.  I'll hang my harp on the weeping willow tree, and may the world go well with thee.



OwenKL said...

LAWRENCE OF ARABIA set out on a quest
To find the foreign legionnaire, BEAU GESTE.
He searched the DRAB hued desert,
That ecru RUG of sand-TINGED dirt,
And all the while Beau was at an inn in Budapest!

RAJ was causing all the trouble he was able
Once he fed the C.D. drive an ONION BAGEL.
The STEREO got indigestion
From the flaky SESSION,
And the V.C.R. got switched to playing cable!

{B+, B-.}

Lemonade714 said...

Nice start to a Monday with a classic style theme fro, RELM, the now familiar free-wheeling Boomer write-up and some fun poetry from OKL.

Boomer, I am impressed that you were able to bowl a 600 series after what you have had to face. As for being old, I remember when SANDY ALOMAR Sr. father of Jr. and Roberto, was playing.

Enjoy spring all, and be safe from all the storms.

D4E4H said...

FIR in 24:21 min.

Mahvelous Monday mates!

Thank you Robert E. Lee Morris for this enjoyable CW.

Thank you Boomer for your excellent review.

38 D -- Dogie catcher: ROPE. Git along little dogie. Git a daxhun.. Spit!

OK so it's a Dachshund. Thank you for showing me the door.


Jinx in Norfolk said...

FIR, but had to fix ARNeZ when I figured out that I know NADA.

Azusa, CA's official motto is "The Canyon City." When I lived in LA the unofficial motto was "Everything from A TO Z in the USA."

RELM covered the entire alphabet with that fill, and half of it with A TO M.

Off to the vet for Zoe's checkup, then camping for a few days.

Thanks to RELM for the fun, easy puzzle and to Boomer for your usual grin-provoking cover.

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

Guess who didn't read the full reveal clue...again. Yup. Looking back over the grid, I sussed the theme anyway. No Wite-Out required today during the rush to the bottom. Thanx, RELM, and Boomer for the expo. (RAM is no longer a "Dodge." It's its own brand, so Chrysler dealers can sell 'em too.)

Valley FORGE: Home to Vanguard where almost all of our investments reside. Vanguard taught me early on that costs do matter. They're low-cost champs.

Siren, WI: It's not the end of the world, but you can see it from there. In my ute we would visit a lake cottage not too far away in Chetek.

Hahtoolah said...

Good Morning, Boomer and friends. Fun and easy start to the"work" week. I caught the theme with the first starred entry.

I am not familiar with the Divergent films, but TRIS was filled in by the perps.

How cool to have a street named in honor of your family, Boomer!

QOD: Laws are spider webs through which the big flies pass and the little ones get caught. ~ Honore de Balzac (May 20, 1799 ~ Aug. 18, 1850)

John E said...

Boomer, I love your stubs. Am I allowed to say that? I wish I had the stub for the 1956 Yankees game I attended, which was one game before Don Larsen pitched his perfect game.

Boomer said...

desper-otto and others. Enjoyed your comment about Siren, WI. It is very true, however my Dad's brother, Uncle Pete had a cabin on Crooked Lake and we enjoyed fishing there in the summer. But one year (50's or early 60s) the relatively shallow lake froze out and what a mess in the Spring when hundreds of dead fish came floating to the shore. One thing that I think is remarkable about Western Wisconsin...All of those towns, Hudson, St. Croix Falls, Luck, Frederick, Siren, Danbury -- etc. are 20 to 50 miles east of Minneapolis and maybe 150 miles Southwest of Green Bay yet every living soul in those communities are Packer Fans!! The St. Croix River is truly the dividing line. In fact, I heard that the Vikings were going to build a wall along the St. Croix river and make the Packers pay for it.

Anonymous said...

That sounds like a good plan Boomer. Those darn Cheeseheads would come to our games and take up all the parking spots, buy scalped tickets and then expect free hot dogs during halftime.

Husker Gary said...

-My superintendent friend refused to go to grad parties where there was an OPEN BAR and under-aged kids
-“One and done” college basketball players never see a SOPH year or many classrooms
-POP TOP from Margaretville lyric should have followed Jim CROCE
-Is RAJ becoming a cwd regular with ONO?
-Brooks and Tiger at the PGA tourney last week
-Our city’s university has a program and scholarships for GAMERS
-Desi may have still loved Lucy but he “loved” many others as well
-Always a hoot, Boomer!

Alice said...

Too easy today, even for Monday.

Spitzboov said...

Good morning everyone.

Boomer seems in fine form this forenoon. Thanks for sharing the family road sign. A hoot!

Easy solve today. Here and there a spelling question ( E or I in TALESE?). But perps were ample. Got the O B theme near the end
Lawrence of ARABIA - Great movie. My favorite scene is when he meets with Gen. Allenby after having taken Aqaba and crossing the Sinai desert. As they arrive at the Officer's Club, the film plays Alford's Voice of the Guns.

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

This was an easy, breezy Monday with no w/os and only one unknown with Tris, as clued. I would have known the baseball Tris, who Boomer mentioned. I caught the theme right away but the solve was still fun. Fun seeing Raj again so soon. I wonder where the cast of TBBT will end up; they all made big bucks for so many years. Interesting to have Scalia and Alito in the same puzzle; if this happened in the other paper's puzzle, RP would be apoplectic.

Thanks, REL, for a fun start to the week and thanks, Boomer, for bringing some much-needed sunshine into our saturated area. Congrats on your bowling scores; you did fine, considering. Got lots of chuckles from your write-up. (We have a Crooked Lake, also.)

Haircut later, then a grocery run for some necessities for a luncheon tomorrow for friends and my sister, Eileen. Most importantly, a stop at the liquor store for Vodka for my favorite daytime cocktail! 🍹🍹🍹

Have a great day.

Madame Defarge said...

Good Morning.

Had two of my grand kids here while Mom and Dad went to their 15th college reunion. Yikes! He's my "baby." We did a lot of puzzles. Every time we headed out, it began to pour again. So we stayed here and had an indoor weekend. Not so much fun in May, but we made a good time of it.

Boomer, I take it our weather in much the same as yours. Thanks for all the elaboration today. I enjoyed the family street/road sign.

Thanks, Robert, for the Monday fun. I liked finding the theme, which is not m forte, but I am doing better since I'm working on paper. Fave today was OUTER BANKS. That's where the aforementioned reunion couple were married.

Have a sunny day. Well, try anyway if your weather is the same as we have here.

TTP said...

Thank you, Robert E. Lee Morris, and thank you, Boomer.

Like Irish Miss, the only unknown answer, as clued, was TRIS.

Good bowling, Boomer, and a nice display of the World Series mementos.

Jerome said...

Boomer- Constructors and editors more and more have quit using the dreaded Abbr. in clues. It's boring and not very elegant and often not necessary. Proof is in the pudding. I doubt very few solvers had a problem figuring out SOPH as the answer to "Second-year student"

Yuman said...

I remember at intermission there was a stampede to the drinking fountains and the snack bar after seeing Lawrence of Arabia, trudging across the hot desert. Also,a 4 hour movie made for long, long lines at the bathrooms. Speaking of the desert, here in AZ we are having unusual cool weather for May. Enjoying every minute of it as the extreme heat is just around the corner.

Misty said...

Well, it's unusual to have a Monday puzzle be a little tough, but the sports clues gave me a little trouble this morning, although perps helped me get ALOMAR without any problem. I too had ARNEZ before the NADA fixed it to be ARNAZ. After seeing tons of TSARs in puzzles it was interesting to get CZAR for a change--thanks to ZEUS. And, like Irish Miss, I too enjoyed seeing both SCALIA and ALITO in the puzzle. And it was also fun to get the OBIE clue at the end, and find all the O-B s in the long answers. Many thanks, Robert, and Boomer, your Monday write-ups are a delight.

Funny poems, Owen.

Dave, I loved that sweet wiener dog picture, and so did Dusty.

Have a good week, everybody.

AnonymousPVX said...

This was a pleasant Monday puzzle to start the week.

No issues and no markovers today.

Enjoy the day, see you tomorrow.

Lucina said...


What a nice Monday march to easy solving! Thank you, REL Morris and thank you, Boomer for adding to the fun. How special to have a road named for your family!

Hand up for not knowing TRIS but all else was familiar. I even filled ORANGEBOWL as soon as I read the clue. O*B was obvious soon enough. This was a Q short of a pangram, though.

Yesterday I was so busy my computer was never opened though I almost finished the puzzle. My friend, Kathy, and I went to the book store then I started cooking and my family came for dinner. Whew! It was a tiring day.

I hope you are all enjoying your day! As Yuman said, it's unseasonably cool here and we are pleased about it.

Ol' Man Keith said...

My mitt's up, Lucina. TRIS was the one name I wasn't sure of. I wonder if it's short for Patricia, shorter even than Trish?

I wonder how I knew TORRE and RAJ. I'm not a Yankees fan, and never followed the Big Bang whatsit.
Weird and strangely reassuring how the brain picks up all this excess data.

Slightly tough today, but not enough to slow the solving.
Good to see OBIE getting a workout.
One diagonal today, mirror side.
Phoo. It's a disappointment. Only one vowel, so nothing much to work with. I can't sustain a decent anagram.
I can locate my younger son's nickname ("MATT"), but that's about it.

Sandyanon said...

Tris is short for Beatrice (Prior). I guess Divergent isn't a very popular film here.

Anonymous said...

Apparently "Divergent" is yet another dystopian science fiction series. Can we please have a new science fiction series with a positive view of the future? Has there been one since Star Trek? Are there no creative science fiction writers anymore?

Montana said...

Good afternoon old friends,
I have been solving our puzzles again for a couple weeks, but keeping too busy to post. I still prefer Cruciverb, so when it’s not working I skip that day.
This was a typical Monday. I ended with most vertical answers already filled in. I forgot to look back for a theme.
I enjoy Boomer's comments. My family had a reunion near St. Croix Falls a number of years ago. We rented all the cabins in a campground for a week.

Have a good week. Still pretty chilly in Montana. Snow appeared over the weekend.


Jayce said...

A nice Monday puzzle. Thank you, Mr. Morris. And thank you, Mr. Burnikel, for your enjoyable exposition. When I solved ONION BAGEL I couldn't help but think, "Sheesh, more bagels!"

Remember the British TV show Inspector Morse? He was one of a kind. Impossible to make a REMORSE sequel. They did make a good Endeavour, though.

When I was a kid we pronounced OUIJA BOARD as "Weejee" board.

Very interesting about SIREN Wisconsin.

I just read an article in The New Yorker in which the writer tries to make the case that Shakespeare's plays were written by a woman because no man could possibly have and express such a deep understanding of women. Sheesh.

Good wishes to you all.

Anonymous T said...

Hi All!

Thanks RELM for the easy Monday puzzle that I could bang-out in front of Pop and put him in awe :-)

As always, fun Expo Boomer. I recall your street-sign from an expo a while back... I remember when I first saw it thinking, "Why does a Chinese-born crossword-constructor have a street named after - Oh, duh!"

Fav: Who doesn't love and OPEN BAR? Right TIN?

{B+, A-}

Jayce - that's how I knew how to pronounce OUIJA too; Imagine my shock when I first saw it spelled-out.

D-O: yep, Vanguard 500 -- the best in couch-potato investing.

Nice to see you Montana - sorry it's still so cold for you; I just got my first bit of tomatoes from the garden. You'll get your Spring soon and my tomatoes will stop flowering by June 15 (or our fist >85F night).

Yuman - now-a-day's there's an App for that. I heard, since Avengers is a 3hr movie, someone created an App that you start right as the movie does. It will 'bing' at the slow parts of the show to indicate when it's safe to take a bathroom-break (and not miss the action).

Have a wonderful Monday afternoon!

Cheers, -T

D4E4H said...

Husker Gary at 8:42 AM, Please forgive me for having the gall: brazen boldness coupled with impudent assurance and insolence, to request that you make a change to the way you type your "Musings". I am very nervous, and am making many typos, and yet I proceed.

I write because I almost missed two links today because they were not bold. I feel that they show up so much better when they are bold, that I respectfully request that you make your links bold.

I'll creep myself out now.


CC: CrossEyedDave

Ol' Man Keith said...

Jayce ~
I still pronounce it "weejee" board. How else?
I mean it's a weird little amalgam of French/German, and I don't believe there's an international requirement for sticking to their original pronunciations.
How else would our friends know what we're talking about?
Would they understand "wee-yah" or, since Europeans often blur their own words of assent, "wih-yoh"?

My eeriest experience with the OUIJA was back in the late '60s when we found an old board in a beach house we were renting on the Florida Gulf coast.
There were three or four of us taking turns on the platen that night, and I was probably the least gullible. Yet I had gooseflesh and shivers up & down my spine as we each took turns making contact with a long dead pirate skipper whose schooner had foundered on rocks just over the horizon from our house.
He was going to lead us to his hidden booty--if only we agreed to give him one of our souls.

I know it's not what it seems to be, but it is very convincing. I think it is sufficiently marvelous that it is able to ferret out information and tales that we, the moving hands, don't even know we have within us.

CanadianEh! said...

Marvelous Monday. Thanks for the fun, Robert and Boomer.
Straight-forward solve today. No newspaper, because it is our Victoria Day holiday, and Cruciverb is down, so I had to wait until back from a visit with daughter and son-in-law to get Mensa site on my laptop.

Hand up for NADA correcting Arnez to ARNAZ.
Deep regret was the noun REMORSE, not the verb Rue (that would be deeply regret!).
We had an abundance of ladies' names today - TRIS, REBA, NALA, DENISE, RONA, and even MEG! For the HEMEN, we had RUBE, RAJ, TODD, ABE.

Yes, Jayce, I saw that BAGEL again too. ONION today rather than Everything.
And I still pronounce "OUIJA BOARD as "Weejee" board". Is there another pronunciation?? (I see dictionary gives wee-juh!)

This Canadian knew Roberto ALOMAR from his Toronto Blue Jays' days. He was part of the Blue Jays back-to-back World Series wins in 1992-93. (Toronto is cheering for basketball today as Raptors "eked" a victory over those Bucks last night to stay in contention for another day.)

Pat me on the back today - I knew ABE on your American fiver (and in-law TODD), and Judges ALITO and SCALIA. Someday I should construct a CW with Canadian clues/answers and stump you all. (But you would all get Toque and add all the U's, wouldn't you!)

Good to hear from you Montana.
AnonT - you have tomatoes from your garden!!! I am waiting to be sure there will be no frosty nights before I plant the tomatoes I am coddling in my garage window! I am envying you the BLTs; somehow the hothouse tomatoes are not quite the same . . . and the ones we import do not even merit inclusion in my BLTs. So I will wait, perhaps not so patiently!
D4 this bolding is for you LOL.

We are cooler and windy today (perhaps too windy for fireworks tonight).
Wishing you all a great day.

Jayce said...

Ooo, Keith! What an eldritch experience you had! Fun stuff!

I now pronounce it sorta half way between "weejee" and "weeja" (hard j, as in juice). I am reminded of a CBS news reporter named Weijia Jiang whose first name everybody, including herself, pronounces as "Weeja."

Apparently the letters OUI are used extensively in spelling Arabic names, such as Hamaoui, which is pronounced like, and sometimes spelled as, Hamawi.

Sorry if TMI. I love phonetics.

Anonymous T said...

C, Eh! - They're just cherry tomatoes. I also got two banana peppers and a fat green tomatoe that fell off the vine as we were caging / tying-up the plant.

Cheers, -T

Wilbur Charles said...

RP, whom IM refers to is Rex Parker, NYT xword grouchy critic. I'm stuck with the Evan Birnbaum Post xword now but I'm getting used to it. Monday and Tuesday morning solve.

He of the TOETAG answer to Late ID?

RPN. I've learned something new today. Btw, my grandmother had a street in Derry NH named for the family farm.
C-eh, congratulations on your Raptors hanging in there. Two missed FTs prolonged it. Then the Greek fouled out and we could all relax.

Re. The xword. Speed run where I learned the across 3 and 4s from Boomer's entertaining write-up.


I patterned my CF game from TRIS Speaker. Shallow.

Abejo said...

Good afternoon, folks. Thank you, Robert E. Lee Morris, for a fine puzzle. Thank you, Boomer, for a fine review.

Puzzle was easily zipped through. Monday, of course, not my brain.

Theme was good. Caught it when I had finished.

TALESE was unknown. Perps. Same for DENISE. TRIS, as well. That's about it.

Liked the street sign, Boomer.

Liked 59D 'ELLO.

Cold and windy here today. Off to a meeting. See you tomorrow.


( )

Spitzboov said...

Best wishes to our Canadian friends on this Victoria Day. I've read that it's the unofficial start to Summer in Canada.

Ol' Man Keith said...

Anonymous T ~
"Registered Psychiatric Nurse MATT"?

Jayce said...

You know what would be a great slasher movie prop? An Eldritch Cleaver! Mwaa haa haa!

Anonymous T said...

OMK are you making a joke or just didn't click the RPN link(?). RPN is Reverse Polish Notation - something many engineers and (a surprise to me to find out) accountants worship HP Calculators for the elegance of calculating our maths.

Cheers, -T

Alex Trebek's mustache said...

In all my various iterations, I am thankful Alex never sported the version worn by contestant Adam on tonight's broadcast.

Btw, I am also thankful the teacher's tournament has termed. Not fond of that one, I am. Welcome back James.

PK said...

Hi Y'all! Great puzzle RELM! Great expo, Boomer!

Did the puzzle at midnight. Fast & fun!

Spent most of the day glued to the TV weather channel. Some of my kids live near OKC where tornado warnings were posted. Schools & Universities were closed and many businesses shut down. Son was working from home. DIL was cleaning out the tornado shelter & restocking supplies with youngest son. Haven't heard from them since the storms started rushing through. Heavy rain here & had the computer unplugged during short thunder & lightning spell. Over two inches in the wildlife water pan.

Ol' Man Keith said...

Anon T ~
No, I clicked on your link.
I've seen RPN elsewhere in the Corner w/o knowing what it stood for, so I was hoping your link would be illuminating.
When I saw the Wiki page for "Reverse Polish Notation," I thought you were pulling my leg. But now that you've 'splained it, I confess to missing the point. I am (sadly) math illiterate. I was cheated by our public school system. I regret that a whole house of knowledge is locked to me.
Even with your explanation, I am not sure if you mean for me to understand something by shifting my alphabetical components about, or just a play on MATT/MATH.

Avg Joe said...

PK, It's dry here for now, but I just checked radar, and there's a long line of rough weather from Lubbock to Des Moines. Hope it calms as the night goes on.

-T, RPN is the only way to go. I'm neither an engineer or an accountant, but I've used an HP-12C for nearly 35 years and I wouldn't use anything else. Yes, it's backwards, but once used to it, it makes perfect sense.

TTP said...

Saw this on the WGN Evening News and thought it was worth sharing.

Bathroom graffiti a source of inspiration thanks to elementary school teachers

Anonymous T said...

OMK - RPN MATT was just my lame attempt at helpin' out with the DR [you've got PRN starting in block 32d]. Yeah, it is a pretty big stretch.

RPN is a method of "stack" calculating where you enter numbers and then the operators*. Eg. 27+2x5 would be: '27 ENTER; 2 ENTER; 5 ENTER; X, +' gives you 37 which is correct based on order of operations (x goes before +).

TTP - that's a nice story from WGN. Thanks for sharing.

Ave Joe - Now I'm curious how you landed with an HP and how many other Cornerites think that's the proper way to calculate?

Cheers, -T
*Can't resist w/ CROCE in the grid Operator.

oc4beach said...

Anon-T: My first non-algebraic calculator was a National Semiconductor Corporation Novus which used RPN. Loved it until the battery wore out. As a non-recovering engineer RPN is what I prefer.

Anonymous T said...

Oc4 - RPN ++1

OMK - there are many types of folks in this world and some bring us the beauty of art. You, Sir, may suck at math but have much to offer to the over-analytical. I love reading your stories of the stage.

Cheers, -T

Lucina said...

Thank you for posting that story! It's beautiful and shows some real creativity from the teachers as well as demonstrating their care for the students by trying to inspire them.

I second AnonT's opinion. I also enjoy your stories and learning about your experiences.

Did you see the story of Fred Astaire on PBS tonight? It was interesting and illuminating.

Terry said...

23 proper names, or close relatives?