May 26, 2019

Sunday May 26, 2019 Kevin Salat

Theme: "Abracadabra!"- IT is added then removed from each consecutive theme entry.

23A. For-display-only Greek deli items?: FAUX PITAS. Faux pas.

25A. Twenty minutes of juggling and acrobatics?: SHORT CIRCUS. Short circuit.

46A. Alien with high heat tolerance?: SUN VISITOR. Sun visor.

48A. Einstein's asset?: GREAT BRAIN. Great Britain.

87A. Play part for a giant god?: TITAN LINES. Tan lines.

89A. Bachelor pad?: SINGLE DIGS. Single digits.

111A. Musician evoking compassion?: PITIED PIPER. Pied Piper.

113A. Resist extra calories at Thanksgiving?: DEFY GRAVY. Defy gravity.


68. Magic words ... and a hint to four side-by-side pairs of puzzle answers: NOW YOU SEE IT NOW YOU DON'T.

We've seen dropping IT and adding IT theme before, but never in the same puzzle.

Keven also elevated this puzzle by putting theme entries consecutively. Such an elegant way to display the theme. As a result, we have one grid spanner and four 20-worders. 


1. Mosque leader: IMAM.

5. Language from which "cummerbund" is derived: URDU.

9. Banjo sound: TWANG. Wish I had never seen "Deliverance".

14. Social division: CASTE.

19. Nixed, at NASA: NO GO.

20. Sisters: NUNS.

21. Oklahoma Air Force base: VANCE.

22. Lift up: HOIST.

27. Live: ON AIR.

28. Stumble over: TRIP ON.

30. Capital south of Oklahoma City: AUSTIN.

31. Like things that go bump in the night: EERIE.

34. Pasture sound: MOO.

35. Cubs' org.: MLB.

36. Actor Alda who wrote the best-seller "If I Understood You, Would I Have This Look on My Face?": ALAN. Such a long title.

38. Game winner: OOO.

41. Dietary claim: LESS FAT.

43. Salsa singer Cruz: CELIA.

45. "If u ask me ... ": IMO

50. Backup group: B TEAM.

51. Starts after a crash: REBOOTS.

53. Get a feeling: SENSE.

54. Racetrack ratios: ODDS.

55. "SpongeBob SquarePants" setting: SEA.

58. Maryland coll. team: TERPS.

59. Season trio: Abbr.: MOS. Months.

60. Milne hopper: ROO.

61. Herculean acts: FEATS.

63. It may be matched: SET.

64. Hogwarts' first High Inquisitor __ Umbridge: DOLORES. We just had this name yesterday. Related to dolor.

72. Hosp. triage expert: ER NURSE.

73. Ear piece?: COB.

74. Rush's Neil known for his 360-degree drum set: PEART. Learning moment for me.

75. Foxlike: SLY.

76. Shares an email with: CCS. And 79. Driller's deg.: DDS.

77. It's fed on streets: METER.

80. Recover: HEAL.

81. Old calculators: ABACI. I'm probably the only one on the blog who used the abacus at school.

84. Tranquilized: SEDATED.

86. New Zealand native: MAORI.

93. NBA's Magic: ORL.

94. Cats in Cádiz: GATOS.

95. Simon & Garfunkel genre: POP FOLK.  I thought it's "Folk rock".

96. Rent: LET.

97. Palindromic bread: NAAN.

99. "Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown" channel: CNN. Anyone tried his classic spaghetti with garlic, anchovies, and parsley?

100. Toon collectible: CEL.

101. Après-ski drink: COCOA.

103. Bills featuring Ben: C NOTES.

105. Five o'clock phenomenon?: SHADOW. Five-o'clock shadow.

107. Microwaved: NUKED.

116. Poker strategy: RAISE.

117. Ten out of ten: IDEAL.

118. Standard Oil brand: ESSO.

119. On the calm side: ALEE.

120. Daily Planet name: OLSEN. Jimmy Olsen.

121. Pond critters: NEWTS.

122. Flabbergast: STUN.

123. Camera component: LENS.


1. Facts and figures: INFO. And 40. Info in this puzzle?: ONE DOWN.

2. Lamentation: MOAN.

3. Lo que un desierto no tiene: AGUA.

4. Spunk: MOXIE.

5. Aussie college: UNI. British college too.

6. Boring routine: RUT.

7. MyHeritage service: DNA TEST. No need for me. Just Han Chinese in my blood. Did you know China is shaped like a rooster?

8. KGB country: USSR.

9. Expensive Super Bowl purchase: TV SPOT.

10. "Yippee!": WAHOO.

11. Auth. unknown: ANON.

12. ATM maker: NCR.

13. Earn a perfect report card: GET ALL A'S.

14. Phi followers: CHIS.

15. Ventricular outlet: AORTA.

16. Archimedes, by birth: SICILIAN.

17. Dangerous waves: TSUNAMIS. Literally "harbor wave" in Japanese.

18. Sci-fi staples: ETS.

24. Qualifying match, briefly: PRELIM.

26. Ark unit: CUBIT.

29. Turkish hospice: IMARET. Our old regular.

32. High-__ monitor: RES.

33. Grammar best-seller "Woe __": IS I.

35. Crosses paths: MEETS. This is indeed our Hahtoolah (Susan) with llama. So nice to finally see her. She's always the mysterious Corn Poppy. 


37. Zilch: NONE.

38. "One of Us" singer Joan: OSBORNE. We had her before.

39. Like some pet cats: OUTDOOR.

42. Backing: FOR.

43. Midriff-exposing shirt: CROP TOP.

44. Ruby Red vodka brand: ABSOLUT.

47. Biological duct: VAS. Also stranger to me.

48. Eames' "Law & Order: CI" partner Bobby: GOREN. I've only watched the original "Law & Order".

49. Fix a lawn: RESOD.

52. Wisest choice: BEST BET.

55. Gertrude McFuzz creator: SEUSS.

56. Effortlessness: EASE.

57. "No thanks, I already __": ATE. Common Chinese greeting: "Have you eaten yet?"

59. Keeps from drifting: MOORS.

61. Compelling: FORCING.

62. Formally withdraws: SECEDES.

64. Group of two: DYAD.

65. Perfume ingredient: ROSE OIL.

66. Make bigger: ENLARGE.

67. Job that requires cutting class?: STYLIST. Ha.

69. Joshua tree genus: YUCCA.

70. Minuscule bits: IOTAS.

71. Marry: WED.

77. Runners occupying bases: MEN ON.

78. Like many used cars: RESOLD.

80. "You __ to be there": HAD.

81. Heaps: A TON.

82. Like some children of mixed marriages: BIRACIAL.

83. Athens attacker, in Plato: ATLANTIS.

84. Dizzying Playskool toy, at times: SIT N SPIN.

85. Word with party or skinny: DIP.

86. Vietnam's __ Delta: MEKONG. Look at what she found! Dragon fruit. Quite pricey here in the US.

88. Tied, as skates: LACED.

90. Rams' football gp.: NFC WEST.

91. Sticky stuff: GOO.

92. Partners' abbr.: LLC.

95. Diver's quest: PEARLS.

98. Racket: NOISE.

100. Copier, maybe: CHEAT. One who copies.

102. Hearing-related: AURAL.

104. Many a gamer: TEEN.

105. Eject: SPEW.

106. Poems of praise: ODES.

108. Healthy salad green: KALE.

109. "Why __ bother?": EVEN.

110. Indigo and henna: DYES.

111. Backing: PRO.

112. Suffix with chlor-: IDE.

114. Seminoles' sch.: FSU.

115. "... the dew of __ high eastward hill": "Hamlet": YON.


Inanehiker (Nina) just wrote me yesterday with below message. She also sent me two Before and After pictures.

"We have had a wild ride here in Jefferson City since the tornado went through on Wednesday night.
Lots of destruction -but only a few injuries and no loss of life. One of our congregation had the roof taken off her apartment building - but her ceiling and apartment was amazingly intact!

We had been rehabbing a 100 year old house in a low income neighborhood - to move into when it was done probably December to minister to the neighborhood. But is now pile of rubble. Good thing for insurance which will help some- we are planning at this point to just clear it out and start a new build, but we will see. 

We were in our current house and fine.  We have been out helping clear trees brush and rubble from the area. Our church building is fine- but another friends church is rubble as well.  School finished for the year that day before- so no scramble to figure that out.

Just wanted to give you a quick update - not a lot of time to be on the blog :)"


Here is video that shows not all but a portion of the damage. 
At the end of this this article, there is a link to their denomination's crisis relief. Here is the address again:

901 East 78th Street
Minneapolis, MN 55420-1300
Designate the check with the memo: Tornado Response 3890

Or you can donate to the American Red Cross - with direction to Jefferson City Tornado Relief.

Thanks for your help!



OwenKL said...

FIRight, and got the gimmick before I read the title or got to the reveal!

The VAS deferens is a male DUCT,
Unlike a drake, a male duck.
A vast difference will be
To one's fertility
When a vasectomy is nipped and tucked.

NEIL PEART is a drummer for Rush.
(Not Limbaugh, that would be too much.)
From bass to tympani
His twirling's uncanny,
He whirls like a PEARL in the rough!

{A-, B.}

TTP said...

Good morning. Thank you, Kevin and thank you, C.C.

This was my longest Sunday solve in a long time. I don't solve these types fast. Plus, there were a few unknowns like CELIA, OSBORNE, GOREN and DOLORES.

Kevin borrowed IT from the right pair and loaned IT to the left pair. The answers to the clues made me chuckle.

Rush's Neil ? No brainer for Dash T and me. Geddy Lee, Neil Peart and Alex Lifeson.
It's fed on streets ? sewer before METER
Daily Planet name ? Clark before Olsen
Diver's quest ? seabed before PEARLS
dyad before DYAD
Didn't see UNI until reading the write up.

Thankfully no lives were lost as a result of the tornado that hit Jeff City.

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

Zipped right through this one. Even figured out the grid-spanning reveal with just a few letters. DOLORES two days in a row -- qwinky dink. C.C. got her own SO at 76a. Stumbled with NEC before NCR, but otherwise my grid is clean. Thanx, Kevin and for the tour, C.C.

"Dragon Fruit" -- Is that similar to Rocky Mountain oysters?

POP FOLK -- AFRS radio stations only played records pressed by Uncle. That allowed the gov't to censor what the grunts and swabbies were allowed to hear. S&G's Mrs. Robinson was determined to be unfit. But, in one of the supplied transcribed programs L.A. DJ Gene Weed played it. Yes, we ripped it to a tape cart.

If those before/after photos were the house that InaneHiker is rehabbing, I think starting over is not only the best's the only choice. Best wishes to her and her family.

Big chores today. Gotta run.

PK said...

Hi Ya'll! Challenging but doable puzzle, thanks, Kevin. Theme? Took more magic than I have to get IT. Had to come to the blog for C.C.'s magic wand to cast a spell on that. Read her explanations three times before I understood it then. Oh well, the rest of the puzzle fell in place for me. Didn't need IT.

C.C.: Also liked your picture of China as a rooster.

Couldn't think of VANCE despite my son taking pilot's training there 20 yrs. ago.

DNK: PEART, DOLORES (but knew how to spell it), IMARET, OSBORNE, GOREN.

Ark units: pairs before CUBIT. Cat: persian before OUTDOOR. PEARl before PEART, but then also found PEARLS.

Not pair, Duet but DYAD. Well, it's Saturday.

PK said...

NINA: so happy you and your main house were not injured in the tornado. Amazing how shattered that old house was. Usually those old ones are better built and stand better. Helping to clean up after a storm like that is very stressful, I know from experience. Best wishes for Jefferson City and for you.

Jinx in Norfolk said...

FIR, but erased nL_ for MLB, bluff for RAISE, total for IDEAL, ticket for TV SPOT and spit for SPEW.

CCS also stands for "hundred call-seconds", the unit that telco engineers use to determine the amount of equipment and CIRCU(it)S needed.

I used to frequently fly from Burbank to San Jose then drive to meetings in Los GATOS, a very beautiful city. (The San Jose Sharks are going to the Stanley Cup finals starting tomorrow - if they bought a ticket.)

DO, on my first trip to Lake Texoma, I asked a very young waitress what lamb fries were like. She turned as red-faced as I have ever seen a person, and replied "they are like Rocky Mountain oysters, but from lambs".

Thanks to Kevin for the fine, fun puzzle. And thanks to CC for the tour. BTW, I had not heard of Rick Stein, but at least facially we could be twins.

Jerome said...

We have all heard the saying, "They don't build them like they used to." In reality, that is a good thing. Having spent most of my working life as a carpenter and contractor I can say without a doubt that old structures that have not been retrofitted and brought up to modern building codes can pose a real danger. Are there exceptions. Of course... but that's just simply being lucky.

Lemonade714 said...

Nina, the devastations wrought by nature are a reminder of our real position in the world. My prayers for you and all those impacted by the tornadoes.

A very well crafted follow-up puzzle by Kevin after his debut last month. While the Title did not help me at all, the placement of the complementary answers was very impressive, especially as they are all 10/10 with the grid-spanning reveal in the middle.

I really enjoyed 67. Job that requires cutting class?: STYLIST

The actress who portrayed DOLORES UMBRIDGE is a fine actress named IMELDA STAUNTON

Interesting to learn about Common Chinese greeting: "Have you eaten yet?" and did not remember the character's name GOREN but it is a nice alternative to bridge master.

Thank you, Kevin and C.C.

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

I caught the theme early on but needed perps in several areas: Celia, Dolores, Peart, (Hey, Tony!), Osborne, Seuss, SitnSpin, and Atlantis. Proper names are the bane of Sunday puzzles, for me. I had Pop Rock before Folk and Ine before Ide. The CCs and DDs gave me a chuckle. I admire Alan Alda as he is the antithesis of most Hollywood stars. I liked Vincent Dinofrio (sp?j who played Bobby Goren but his exaggerated tics and mannerisms were very distracting.

Thanks, Kevin, for a sooth Sunday outing and thanks, CC, for the illuminating review. I, also, liked the China rooster image. Anthony Bourdain's dish looks very appetizing but I'm not a fan of anchovies. (I still ponder his suicide.)


Inanehiker, that destruction and devastation is heartbreaking. Prayers and best wishes to all those impacted by these horrific storms. We are so lucky in the Northeast!

I never saw "Married With Children, "Seinfeld", "Mash", "Friends", "Star Trek", and many other shows that had huge ratings. Why? I had no interest or just never bothered. The same goes for two of the most popular recent series: "Mad Men" and "Breaking Bad". We all have different tastes in everything and that's what makes this Blog so much fun! Cheers! (Now that was a show I watched!)

Have a great day.

Irish Miss said...

Smooth not sooth! Sorry.

Husker Gary said...

-Fabulous! Seeing the IT left out of CIRCUS and BRAIN made me try to put IT in the others but the reveal made me laugh out loud! Did I say fabulous?
-School lunchrooms have a definite CASTE system
-A NASA report of failure can use the odd phrase “NO JOY”
-Are we sure winter has only 3 MOS here on the Great Plains?
-Polysemy is when a word has two disparate meanings.
-I must have been out of town when a 5 o’clock SHADOW became fashionable
-This afternoon we will drive to Lincoln through Yippee, NE. (Wahoo)
-This pitcher is also the team STYLIST
-Failure to perform with MEN ON BASE will get you on the B-TEAM
-As I scan the test room, CHEATERS are usually looking me right in the eye
-What a story, Nina! Glad you’re okay

Jim B. said...

I found this to be one of the most clever puzzles this year. Really enjoyed the "Now you see IT..." theme, and the "cutting class", and other twists! Thanks Kevin.
And C.C.; I agree; that was one film I'd like to be able to UN-see. BTW we learned how to use the abacus and had one test with it, then it was on to 'New-Math', in the early 60's.

maripro said...

Thanks Kevin and C.C.
Hand up for "Pop Rock." Ironic because I have several of their albums.
Prayers for the folks in Jefferson City. It seems that tornadoes are way more frequent these days.

Vince said...

On December 31, 1967 in Green Bay, WI the wind chill temperature was a frigid -48 degrees. The Packers were playing the Dallas Cowboys in the NFC Championship game and were trailing by a score of 17 -14 late in the final quarter. After the Packers advanced the ball to the 1 yard line with 16 seconds to go, the game came to the outcome of just ONE DOWN.

The called play was "31 wedge", a play designed for fullback Chuck Mercein. Unknown to the rest of the team, or anyone in attendance for that matter, the Packer's quarterback, BART STARR, kept the ball for himself and followed a block by guard Jerry Kramer into the end zone. The Packers won that day 21-14 and is considered one of the most iconic plays in NFL history.

RIP Bryan Bartlett "Bart" Starr (January 9, 1934 – May 26, 2019)

PK said...

Jerome: I agree that getting all the utilities up to code in an old house is necessary. In our stone 100+yr. old house, I put in all new electric lines, electric panel heating (because duct work wasn't possible), new water source and lines, new sewage lines and system, and jerked out the leaking gas lines before disaster struck. Cost a pile. But I had the satisfaction of knowing we brought the old girl into the next century before I sold it.

PK said...

Yay, Toronto Raptors! Amazing show of determination & talent.

Avg Joe said...

Enjoyable puzzle! Caught the theme with the first pair filled by perps, and it was helpful from then on. Thanks Kevin and CC.

Very sorry to hear about Bart Starr. He was a legend indeed.

And sorry to hear about the storms in Jeff City inanehiker. I'd wondered how you fared, and am sorry to learn that your project house was leveled. But I do agree with Jerome and PK. I spent 10 years as a remodeling carpenter, then another 22 years renovating a 1926 Craftsman. It was a wreck when we bought it, and I spent nearly double the purchase price on repairs and approximately 5,000 hours working on it. Nice house once completed. But poor pay, at best. Getting the chance to start from square one could well be a good thing.

Jerome said...

PK- Raptors were awesome this season. Great, wonderful, tough team. But I am sorry for you that they have to face my Warriors.

Misty said...

I loved this Sunday puzzle--many thanks, Kevin. I got big chunks of answers everywhere, and although I had to cheat in the end, I was still delighted by the fun clues and answers along the way, and by the clever NOW YOU SEE "IT", NOW YOU DON'T theme. So nice to see ALAN Alda this morning. Took me a minute to realize the sisters were going to be NUNS rather than SIBS (thought about becoming one when I was in high school because my nun teachers were so kind and smart). Got METER for what's fed on the street right away, even though I have a city parking sticker and never have to pay one. Like Irish Miss, I had POP ROCK before POP FOLK, and like TTP, I had CLARK before OLSEN. Desper-otto, thanks for pointing out the shout-out to our wonderful CC at 76 across.

Thank you for a helpful and neat commentary, C.C., and I too liked the Rooster image of China. But most of all, thank you for giving us Hahtoolah's terrifically sad account of her new home loss, and losses, from the terrible weather. It's one thing to watch the frightening accounts on television, and another to hear their actual effect on those who suffer from them. My heart goes out to her and her neighbors.

Have a good Sunday, everyone.

Jayce said...

Wow, what a fabulous puzzle. It must have been terribly hard to construct. It took me a long time to work through this magnum opus but every minute of the process was a pleasure. There were many things I didn't know, but enough that I did know so that I could get a toehold, then a handhold, then footholds, etc to climb this magnificent mountain. Many thanks to Kevin Salat.

Lucina said...


Thank you to Kevin Salat and C.C. for today's wonderful wizardry! I did not stop to analyze the convoluted theme but did finish it before going to Church. I love that the reveal spanned across the grid! That is so clever.

Yes! I know the late CELIA Cruz and her delightfully upbeat music! And it took a few seconds to realize NUNS were not sibs (Hi, Misty).

I also saw the CSO to CC at 76A. KALE reminds me of seeing this on a T-shirt, "I prefer my KALE with a silent K."

Of course I missed a sports clue, NFC because I had POPROCK instead of POPFOLK.

My STYLIST recently discovered he has pancreatic cancer but is determined to soldier on as he says, "Until my last client dies." He has been styling hair since the early 70s and has clients of about my age. Many have already passed on.

I'm so sorry to hear of the destruction in Jefferson City and admire the valiant efforts like Nina's in the rebuilding process.

Enjoy a pleasant Sunday, everyone!

Big Easy said...

Best wishes Nina. With the hurricanes we have plenty of warning; tornados can pop up anywhere with no warning.

Good morning all I caught the missing IT but without the NOW YOU SEE IT half of the spanner, there would have been no chance of filling OSBORNE, or IMARET, especially because I had filled Hi-DEFinition instead of Hi-RESolution. And that ONE DOWN clue was very tricky.

Season trio- I was thinking salt, pepper, & another seasoning. Perps for MOS, along with unknowns DOLORES, AGUA, YON, SIT N SPIN, CELIA, PEART, GOREN, YUCCA, & ATLANTIS.
NFC WEST's Rams and CHEAT; that got them to the Superbowl with the help of the blind referees.

I never heard of the term POP FOLK and like C.C. I thought of FOLK ROCK but it was too long.

DNA TEST?- don't know and don't care.
GET ALL A'S- I got them five semesters in college when they didn't hand them out like they do now. These days, everybody's above average and on the dean's list. Grade inflation.

Agnes- I never saw any of those tv shows or Law & Order either.

WikWak said...

FIR but needed two alphabet runs to do it, so maybe I’ll call it FIW. :P

My downfall came from two naticks, but now I disremember just where they were. I miss my ‘remembery’.

STYLIST I thought was the best one today, even though I spent an inordinate amount of time trying to force it to be STYLISH.

I liked this puzzle; it was the best I’ve seen in months. Thanks, Kevin & C.C.

Way busy today and this is all I have time for; have a great day, all!

Bill G said...

Inanehiker, I'm glad you're OK. It's a shame to have to live with such extreme weather. Good luck!

Kevin and CC, I enjoyed the puzzle and the writeup. Well done! Thanks for your efforts.

CC, Barbara and I agree completely with your opinion about "Deliverance".

I enjoyed seeing your photo Hahtoolah. Cute llama too!

Nap time.

Rick Astley said...

Apropos of nothing, I'll submit this for your listening pleasure. I came across this today while browsing Reddit and thought y'all might enjoy the choir! I promise you will not be Rickrolled*

In honor of the Raptors and their great city of Toronto:

Never Going To Give Up

I was going to post something in re Neil PEART but I will leave that up to the Sunday Lurk. Perhaps something from YYZ? Get it? Toronto lol. Or my personal fave and PEART showcase, Tom Sawyer.

*Rickrolling, alternatively rick-rolling, is a prank and an internet meme involving an unexpected appearance of the music video for the 1987 Rick Astley song "Never Gonna Give You Up". The meme is a type of bait and switch using a disguised hyperlink that leads to the music video.

P.S. bonus Choir! Choir! Choir! just because I loves me some Colin Hay and it's a beautiful composition.

Bill G said...

I never watched many of those TV shows either. However, I was a big fan of Cheers, WKRP, Frasier, the episode of MASH featuring Mozart's Clarinet Quintet (the last episode?), Hill Street Blues, Boston Legal, The Good Wife, etc. I still watch some of them in reruns on cable TV.

Haiku Harry said...

Stephan Pastis writes
Puns. I like spoonerisms.
Swirls before pine

Wilbur Charles said...

In the early days of Sports Illustrated there was a weekly bridge column authored by Charles GOREN. Old xword fodder you say?

Getting the long theme clue really helped this solver. I did it at a bird show again. Phil was fascinated by OOO for Game winner but he gets a share for spotting DIP.
I was so happy to FIR that I bought a bird(but not the$800.00 Gawkin(sic))

I can't find CC's reference to Deliverance. My only problem with that movie was its length. Ok, contrived Vietnam stuff but what movie other than the Brando one wasn't?

Any theme of all encroaching insanity "gets" the Vietnam experience. My Huey friend Raquel, exhibit A. Ok, I was B.

Lots of fun on this solve I stared at BRAIN trying to find where to put IT but needed CC to point it out.


PS. If I can fork $800.00 for a bird I can send a few bucks to J-City I guess. Oops, the one I bought was "only" $200

Abejo said...

Good evening, folks. Thank you, Kevin Salat, for a fine puzzle. Thank you, C.C., for a fine review.

Did this in Ohio, while at my daughter's house, with her family. My Grand Daughter graduated high school.

Jinx: I worked in Los Gatos several times. I believe it was a #1 EAX when I was there. May have become a GTD-5. Just cannot remember. Los Gatos-----The Cats.

Liked the theme. Took me a while to figure it out. Very clever constructing.

Liked 40D and 1D. Another clever entry.

SIT N SPIN took me a while, and a short conference with my wife.

I bet NCR made a lot more money from ATMs than they ever did from cash registers.

Good luck in St Jo, MO, with the tornado clean up. The damage from those is unbelievable.

We got home today from Ohio at 5:30 PM. About a 6 hour drive. Thank goodness we got by Indianapolis before the 500 let out. That would have been bumper to bumper.

We had our neighbor take care of our dog while we were gone. The dog stayed in our house and the neighbor walked her several times a day, plus fed her and played with her a bit. Worked out fine. We have had bad experiences with kennels in the past and did not want to subject our dog, Shadow, to that.

Tomorrow I am in a parade with the Shrine Brass Band up in Wauconda, IL. Hope it does not rain.

See you tomorrow.


( )

Lucina said...

Charles GOREN's bridge column was also featured in the Arizona Republic newspaper for many years.

PK said...

Jerome: I am a Warriors fan too, but Raptors were inspiring.