May 14, 2019

Tuesday May 14, 2019 Craig Stowe

Theme: AFTER PARTY (56. Oscar night celebration ... and where to find the ends of the answers to starred clues)

 17. *Ingratiate oneself (with): CURRY FAVOR. Party favor.

 24. *Hardly cutting-edge: OLD SCHOOL. Party school.

 36. *Last stage of a chess match: END GAME. Party game.

 46. *Joke payoff: PUNCH LINE. Party line.

This compliments the "PARTY ON" a few years ago where both words can precede "party". 

C.C. here. After more than a year of dedicated weekly blogging, TTP wants to cut back a bit and blogs every other week. He'll be back next Tuesday. 

As I mentioned before, it's fun to blog once or twice. Doing it week after week can be exhausting. It's no coincidence that TTP always has the perfect images and apt shout-outs on his write-ups. It's hours of hard work. Finding the right words to describe the theme clearly. Finding the suitable images and video clips to go with some entries. Formatting. Googling various crossword websites and our own blog for past references, etc. This all takes time, often 3 or more hours. I feel so lucky to have such a dedicated team! 

1. Car cam spot: DASH.

5. Sacred Judaic scroll: TORAH.  Hebrew for "law".

10. Wild guess: STAB.

14. Reverberate: ECHO.

15. Of __: helpful for: USE TO.

16. Pop in a bottle: COLA. Pepsi in our house.

19. Similar: AKIN.

20. Childish comeback: ARE NOT.

21. Needing cleaning, as tabletops: DUSTY. Also the name of Misty's sorely-missed dog.

23. Doctored in a bad way: FAKED.

28. Latin American dances: TANGOS.

30. Spooky: EERIE.

31. Surprised sounds: OHS.

33. "__ light is not daylight": Juliet: YON.

34. Shoe pad: INSOLE. Found your perfect shoes last week, Agnes?

35. Good name for a cook: STU.

38. Sun. speech: SER.

39. That is: NAMELY.

41. Early TV maker: RCA.

42. Pricing word: PER.

43. Armenian's neighbor: IRANI. Often Iranian.

44. Coo: MURMUR.

48. Type of pie popular in Southern cuisine: PECAN.

52. Lecherous sorts: ROUES.

53. Concerns of teachers and ophthalmologists: PUPILS. Cute clue.

54. Drop of sweat: BEAD.

59. Turn toward: FACE.

60. Brahms played it: PIANO.

61. Element with the symbol "Fe": IRON. I know iron deficiency, but can you get too much iron in your body?

62. Mister Rogers: FRED.

63. Deign (to): STOOP.

64. Part of DVD: DISC.


1. Brew for an early night: DECAF.

2. High-end Honda: ACURA.

3. Princess Fiona's love: SHREK.

4. Charlotte NBA team: HORNETS. Owned by Michael Jordan.

5. Hair clump: TUFT.

6. Mama bear, in Madrid: OSA.

7. Gun, as an engine: REV.

8. In conflict: AT ODDS.

9. Falcon-headed son of Osiris: HORUS.

10. Verbally tears apart: SCATHES. I've only used "scathing".

11. Name in Japanese WWII propaganda: TOKYO ROSE. And 32. Group often threatened in dystopian fiction: HUMAN RACE. Nice pair of 10's.

12. Boxer Laila: ALI.

13. Outlaw: BAN.

18. "Size matters not" Jedi master: YODA.

22. Play part: SCENE.

24. Prayer opener: O GOD.

25. Extended period of time: LONG RUN. Great 7 also.

26. Refueling ship: OILER.

27. Rude look: LEER.

29. Part of a Park Ave. address: NY NY.

31. Japanese seaport: OTARU. Northern Japan. Kazie just visited Japan last month.

34. Quran reader: IMAM.

35. Salon sound: SNIP.

36. Peace Nobelist Root: ELIHU.

37. 43,560 square feet: ACRE.

40. Made cryptic: ENCODED.

42. Like most phone cards: PRE-PAID.

44. Fish out of water: MISFIT.

45. "__ and away!": UP UP.

47. Springs: LEAPS.

49. Wispy clouds: CIRRI.

50. Choir section: ALTOS.

51. "This I Promise You" band: NSYNC.

53. Shore (up): PROP.

54. IM VIP: BFF.

55. Musical talent: EAR.

57. Lao Tzu's "way": TAO. Here is the Tao Vegas billboard. "Always a Happy Ending." I think of Steve every time I see it.

58. Brian of ambient music: ENO.


50 comments: said...


Thanks to Craig and C.C.

Had scrambled eggs for breakfast with eggs with veggies and was
sick. First time in a long time.

D4E4H said...

FIR in 46:43 min.

Good Golly Miss Molly --- it's a wonderful world.

I haven't posted as normal since 5-7. I hope to achieve that today.

Thank you Craig Stowe for this lovely Tuesday CW.

Thank you C.C. for your review, and explanation for TTP's reduction in reviewing.


OwenKL said...

Nice CSO to Irish Miss at 54d!
No problems with the puzzle, except I misread 35a as "Good name for a cRook", and so had ROB > STU. Had to wait for crosses before HUMAN RACE vs. alieN RACE. Was it yesterday we had HORACE Mann, today we have HORUS Falcon.

However, I accidentally read the reveal before I'd figured any links except the unlikely A FAVOR, A-SCHOOL, "A" GAME, A-LINE; or FAVORING, SCHOOLING, GAMING, LINING.

STU had an EERIE hobby with an amputee axolotl
Its regenerative D.N.A. he used as his model.
From his Dad's genome
He grew a mini-clone --
Said, "I don't have COKE, but I've got POP IN A BOTTLE!


Lemonade714 said...

Nice to see you early (late) Fermat. Sorry about the tummy issue.

Tom thanks for all you do for this blog in addition to the blogging.

OTARU was unknown but the rest was very Tuesday doable. I just had HORUS and I think it was HG who gave us a cloud lesson, both of which helped.

Thanks, C.C. and Craig.

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

Any hands up for OSAKA? That city was my first exposure to Japan back in the day. U was the problem vowel this morning, I think there were nine of 'em in this puz. HORIS/HORAS/HORUS (I knew how to pronounce it, just not how to spell it.), MURMER/MURMUR. When I attended, UW was known as a "party school," perhaps because they served beer in the student union. Thanx for throwing the party, Craig, and for pinch-hitting, C.C.

Jinx in Norfolk said...

FIR without erasure. Easier than yesterday, thought I. Little bit of a guess between "ohs" and "ahs" to complete OTARU, but did it right.

Thanks for the fun romp, Craig. My favorite was the cluing for PUPILS. Didn't have a least-favorite today. And thanks to CC for pinch-hitting.

Abejo said...

Good morning, folks. Thank you, Craig Stowe, for a fine puzzle. Thank you, C.C., for a fine review.

Puzzle went along just fine. Never looked for the theme until I was done. Found it easily. Good one.

Did not know OTARU. Perps.

ENCODED for 40D reminded me of the book I just finished, "The Woman Who Smashed Codes" by Jason Fagone. Excellent non-fiction book about William and Elizebeth Friedman who decoded secret messages through WW-I, through the 20's and 30's and then through WW-II. They were the forerunners of the NSA. Part of the NSA building is named after them. I highly recommend this book.

I never drink DECAF. I am not convinced the process is as pure as I would like it to be.

I tried to get Monday's puzzle yesterday, but could not via cruciverb. So be it.

See you tomorrow.


( )

JessP said...

There is a condition, called hemochromatosis, which is a buildup of too much iron in the blood. There's a story from around nine years ago about a Green Bay Packers fan who had it but didn't know it. It had killed his father at age 43. The fan (Jim Becker) donated blood frequently so he could afford to buy season tickets. Donating blood is one way to control the buildup of iron in the blood. He was able to control the disease without knowing he had it. Untreated, it can shut down the liver, and life expectancy is around 45 if it is untreated.

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

Only a couple of stumbles today: Dirty/Dusty (Hi, Misty), and Omani/Irani. My unknowns were Horus and Otaru, but the perps were kind. BFF was slowing in coming as I read the clue as IBM VIP instead of IM VIP (Hi, Owen). The reveal was a pleasant surprise, as the themers gave no clue, at least to me. My favorite was the clue for Pupils which evoked a big grin. Hand up for being a big Pepsi fan.

Thanks, Craig, for a Tuesday treat and thanks, CC, for giving TTP a well-deserved break. I think most of us understand the time and effort that each blogger puts in and are very appreciative. You have put a fine team together and we thank each and every one for their dedication and hard work.

Have a great day.

Spitzboov said...

Good morning everyone.

I have long thought that it is an incredible amount of work that the intro bloggers do to bring us this daily visit, which is so well outlined by C.C. I appreciate it very much and stand in awe of you all.

Started out with some easy sectors but had to dance (TANGO?) around to find spots where nucleation could take hold and the solve bloom from. Ultimately got it all without searches or writeovers. Liked the PUPILS fill/clue.
OILER - Glad to see it finally referred to as a refueling ship rather than as a tanker in some previous puzzles.
ELIHU Root - I believe he got the Peace Prize for brokering the end to the Russo-Japanese War in 1905. He was also the chief Negotiator for the US on achieving the 1909 Boundary Waters Treaty with Canada; which has stood both Nations in good stead for over 100 years.
He lived in our area near Hamilton College. The garden and woods on his ACREage are known as the Root Glen and are well worth a visit if you ever are in this area.
ACRE - There are 43560 cubic feet in an ACRE-foot. This unit is widely used to describe reservoir volume.

Fermat - Hope you are feeling better.

Big Easy said...

Blogging weekly in the LONG RUN is more that a chore. Meeting a deadline, double checking your work, and then taking SCATHing criticism from "anonymous". It's a thankless job for those who do it.

No problems with the puzzle other than a guess for the cross of OTARU & OHS.
DASH cam and rear facing cam- I wonder if any car mfg will ever install RECORDERS as a feature. Most new cars already have the back facing camera and my Mercedes shows front, back, and both sides but has no recorder. That would be a nice feature to protect yourself from lawsuits.

Charlotte HORNETS move to New Orleans and became the New Orleans HORNETS who changed to the PELICANS and allowed the Charlotte BOBCATS to take the name HORNETS.

Hahtoolah said...

Good Morning, C.C., and friends. I found this to be a bit of a Tuesday challenge. Like so many others, OTARU was a complete unknown. On the other hand, the starred theme answers came easily

As Big Easy noted, the HORNETS were briefly in New Orleans. Pelicans is a much more fearful name, I guess!

ELIHU makes frequent appearances in the puzzles ~ enough so that I remembered his name.

My favorite clue was Concerns of Teachers and Ophthalmologists = PUPILS.

QOD: Life tends to be an accumulation of a lot of mundane decisions, which often gets ignored. ~ David Byrne (b. May 14, 1952)

Princeton Review said...

A friend told me Playboy Magazine used to rank college's top PARTY SCHOOLs each year. She said it was usually just a reshuffling of the same schools with only a few additions and removals each year.

I went searching for the list but couldn't find it. I did find several other publishers of such a list and they seem to contain several consistently ranked such schools. The notorious few? (10 schools in no particular order)

West Virginia University
University of Wisconsin Madison
Syracuse University
University of Delaware
Tulane University
Florida State University
University of Florida
University of Iowa
Penn State
University of Texas

CrossEyedDave said...


I WAG'd & Alpha ran, & WAG'd Smore...
But I could not find that one dang acceptable letter
for a lecherous Elihu...

Oh, and the O in AH was a surprise...

& don't get me started on Yesterdays ARS clue,
I still don't like it, & I have to cover my Ars
from the last trainwreck to a clue I didn't like...

Hahtoolah said...

RIP Tim Conway. His comedy always amused me.

Anonymous said...

Oh/ah - Oturu/Ataru cross. Poor editing i think. Hands up for those knowing Oturo without help? Pure wag.

Anonymous said...

Bad spellers UNTIE. Otaru/Ataru

Misty said...

A good day for us to give thanks to our wonderful array of daily puzzle commentators! Thank you all for your great contribution to our Corner, and have a restful week TTP, and many thanks. And thank you, C.C. for kindly filling in today.

This neat Tuesday puzzle took a bit of work, and I thought I got it all perfectly--but had put ATARU instead of OTARU without thinking much about it. Just a tiny goof, no big deal, and of course it's fun to have a puzzle with a PARTY theme. Like others, my favorite clue answer turned out to be PUPILS--hey, I was a teacher for my whole career. Didn't know Brahms played the PIANO, though it makes perfect sense. And I also enjoy seeing sweet Mr. FRED Rogers in a puzzle. So, many thanks, Craig. And thank you, C.C. for your write-up and your lovely tribute to our wonderful commentators.

And, C.C., your sweet mention of Dusty made me realize that I probably never explained that I took my blog name from my girl dachshund MISTY. I'm sure she felt honored that I borrowed her name, and yes, we lost her to a coyote, sadly, three years ago. But her twin brother DUSTY is alive and well at 16 years of age, and still runs up and down the hall three times a day, chasing bits of kibble I throw for him to give him his exercise. He said to tell you hello.

Have a wonderful day, everybody.

Lemonade714 said...

The topic of HEMOCHROMATOSIS is both timely and painful. My ex-wife who suffered from this condition which wore down her immune system contracted pneumonia and after 12 days in a coma, died last week. I do not mention this for sympathy, but to emphasize the importance of regular check-ups and blood work. As JessP pointed out, while anemia is serious so is this.

PK said...

BigEasy, I agree that the weekly planning and writing of the blog is a big undertaking. However, it can't be considered completely "thankless". Many of us do appreciate the work and thank the blogger each day. Very nice work today, C.C.!

Also thanks to Craig for the only fun PARTY I'm having today. Gots to get me daily crossword fix!

Hand up for OsAka before OTARU. Never heard of it. I appreciate the map showing this little known geographical setting.

Very interesting about the hemochromatosis. I knew there was a condition with over-abundance of iron, but nothing more than that. Lemonade, despite not wanting sympathy, I'm sure you had at least a moment of sadness at the death of your ex.

Lucina said...


Many thanks to Craig Stowe and especially to C.C. for picking up the baton today. I, also, have often thought of how much work goes into the blogging especially when I see the time frame! Thank you to all the daily bloggers!

Mostly this was an easy DASH across the grid. Hand up for my favorite fill, too, PUPIL.

OTARU is unfamiliar to me as well but I guessed OHS instead of ahs as being the most likely surprised sounds. Lucky guess.

Misty, I'm glad you explained that DUSTY is still alive; I felt bad that I hadn't known something happened to him.

I shall take a CSO at OLDSCHOOL. Often I wish things had stayed as they were; I'm not fond of technology or too much progress though I realize I'm in the minority.

I'm sorry about your ailments and hope you eventually get some relief.

Have a peaceful day, everyone!

AnonymousPVX said...

I got the solve for this Tuesday outing, but not without error.

Markovers...ARETOO/ARENOT, OSAKA/OTARU....I already had the O, luckily for me.

And on to Wednesday.

Wilbur Charles said...

As I recall Playboy voted the top party colleges and someone wrote "What about Wisconsin?". Playboy responded "We don't include professionals"


Ol' Man Keith said...

desper-otto & PK ~
I'm with you. My hand is high for OSAKA before OTARU.
Heheh. Great minds...?

Misty ~
Happy to know your DUSTY is faring so well at such a good age! And to learn your screen name honors his lost sister.
We have coyotes here too, but they are not our main fear. Sadly (for them), new housing tracts have driven them further away.
And anyway, we don't take the little guys out much. We're fortunate that our lot allows for good running space.
Our concern is mainly for big birds. Anything under 10-lbs needs a roof. When we see hawks high above the trees, we usher the Yorkie and Chihuahua inside.
We reckon the Golden can take care of herself.

Thank you, C.C.!
One diagonal today, NW to SE.
Not many options for an anagram. Again, a scarcity of vowels leaves little choice. We are left with little more than a sophomoric graffito:

Ol' Man Keith said...

My theory is that OHS are the response to unexpected surprises, whereas AHS are more appropriate for surprises that serve to correct a previous mistaken guess.
As if to say, "Ah, yes, I should have known"...

Wilbur Charles said...

I was trying to link today's TBTimes article about Sunday's NYT xword clue "City known for Cuban sandwiches". 5 ltrs.

The Miami people aren't happy that the answer was TAMPA. Btw, OSAKA was in the Sunday insert xword (Birnbaum-Post)

My link problem comes from using the app DOCS. Here is the link


CrossEyedDave said...

Ernest Borgnine, (Mermaid Man)

Now (Barnacle Boy?)

(I sense a disturbance in the SIlliness...)

Not to mention Doris Day, Whom had some silly roles to her credit...

I leave you with some afterparty silliness while I go watch some Tim Conway clips...

Oh, (or Ah...)
I would like to take this opportunity to
appreciate how much work goes into writing a Blog write up,
& thank CC for not asking me to do one...

Lemonade714 said...

PK, I have had many moments of sadness. My point was simply the importance of regular bloodwork as we age. I have an attachment to many here including quite a few older than I am and I wish them well and want them to take care of themselves, as I try to take of me.

As to thankless, I do not find it thankless at all; there is joy in your posts and your interaction with me and others. The sad part comes because so many leave for whatever reason without explanation. And of course, those who leave because they have left this plane of existence. Which is the perfect segue into once more applauding the dedication, stamina and positive attitude of D. Scott "Argyle" Nichols, who not only blogged as long as health would allow but did it two days per week. Amazing.

Jayce said...

Yep, hand up for OSAKA. Hand also up for liking the way PUPILS was clued. My other hand is up in supportive thanks to the bloggers. (If I raise my remaining hand I'll fall down.)

No COLA or any soft drinks in the Jayce household. Too much sugar.

Owen, I liked your (mis)take on good name for a crook. ROB is excellent.

I always liked Tim Conway's comedy. Such a skilled ad-libber.

Good wishes to you all.

Lemonade714 said...


Lemonade714 said...

Doris Day - Tim Conway -who will be the third? Or was Peggy Lipton the first?

Misty said...

Thank you, Lucina, and Ol'Man Keith, how nice to hear that you have three sweet dogs, and that you keep them so safe!

Husker Gary said...

-A fun puzzle after 18 good holes of golf today
-The University of Nebraska at Kearney (UNK) is known as a PARTY SCHOOL. “You can’t spell DRUNK without UNK”
-Some lakeside houses near our course have so much IRON in their water the sprinklers discolor the siding
-Fish out of water? Me at a rave.
-Off to my infusion!

CrossEyedDave said...

In tribute, A Tim Conway Clip I had not seen before...

Amazing dexterity, did his own stunts...

For your approval...

& if you watch till the "end,"
you will see he always covered his ARS...

OwenKL said...

Game of Bones: "Weiners are Coming" (5:30). I've never seen it but I presume this is GoT acted out by weinerdogs.

Ol' Man Keith said...

I support Lemonade's call for increased blood work as we age. I say this even though my veins are often very difficult for the phlebotomist to snare.
As for the piercing pain, it just takes a little getting used to. But there was a time about six years ago when I had to be checked every two weeks, so it's been a piece o' cake since then.
Now, when I go for my quarterly lab tests I only ask that my various doctors get together on their tests, so I don't have to bleed for the same test more than once.
My bane is the urine test. I absolutely detest having to pee on cue. My body won't let me do it. I drink liters of water and still it takes forever to reach the required level in the flask.

I am cursed with having to take painkillers. After so many surgeries & epidurals, there is no other way to control nerve pain.
So, nowadays, with all the panic over opioids, my doc needs me to be pee-tested twice a year (formerly, only once). I have asked him to do the research and see if I can't do a blood test instead.
I mean, what's one more vial of the red stuff?

Yuman said...

Misty, Google “Shark Tank Coyote Vest” and you will see a couple that invented vests that have spikes on them to protect small dogs from coyotes and aggressive dogs. They look silly, but if it saves your dogs life it is well worth the $99.00. Maybe someone could post a link toShark Tank.
My husband’s six month blood test showed he had high potassium level, if left untreated can cause a heart attack. They give him a one time dose Rx powder to mix in water and that brings it down. His doctor has no idea what causes this, as he is in good health and takes no other medications. As they say, “it is what it is”.
As for sleep problems, it take some magnesium at bedtime and do a slow deep belly breathing exercise. If I wake up too early I take some CBD drops that eases pain and any anxiety.
When I get stumped or frustration doing the USA Today or the WSJ crosswords, it makes me appreciate how lucky we are to have such a dedicated, intelligent group of bloggers, thank you all!

Picard said...

From yesterday and today:
Lemonade and Wilbur Charles thanks for asking about me yesterday. As explained by CC and Big Easy today, it can feel like a burden to blog on a regular basis. For a couple of years straight every day I was finding relevant photos and stories to go with each day's puzzle. It is nowhere near the commitment of the official bloggers. Yet it often took an hour or two to prepare each set of photos and explanation.

What made me stop was the criticism that I was too "political" or that I linked to photos that were too sexy. Splynter endlessly endured the latter criticism and he bailed out. I have stayed in touch with him. And with several others at Crossword Corner. I certainly feel a connection to many people who I met here.

The Crossword Corner moves on and I have more time for other things. I still work the puzzles and read Crossword Corner most days.

If anyone else wants to contact me or anyone else on the blog, many of us have our email address in our profiles. You can email me at earthmanrobert at

Thanks again for asking and I may reappear from time to time! Keep on blogging!

Anonymous T said...

Hi All!

FIW - aHS & aTARU (Hi CED! Hi Misty!)

Thanks Craig for the fun puzzle and thank you C.C. for stepping in. Misty's right, today's a good day to "Toast at Sunset" all our daily hosts for serving up the fare at The Corner.

WOs: MURMeR, I have a mess around NAMELY... I was thinking NO I mean and filled the NO, then for some reason had NINE Park Ave.
Fav: MURMUR - I had Radio Free Europe* [REM 3:37] in my head all day.
Liked OLD SCHOOL** as clued and PUPILS' clue was cute.

I'm not sure what to think of the DR OMK :-)

Misty - Whew! Like Lucina, I thought I missed something re: Dusty when I read C.C.'s expo.

Fermat - sorry to hear your breakfast made you feel ill. Glad you're well enough to stop in.

WC - Will Shortz was on NPR this afternoon discussing that corner was a last minute re-work because TIN (IIRC) was repeated in the puzzle. NPR, [2:11] of course, called sandwichiers (is that a word? :-)) in both TAMPA and MIAMI for a little light-hearted debate.

Yuman - Vests for dogs aptly named Spike.

OKL - "Weiners are Coming" shows some people have too much time on their hands... Speaking of which, now to watch CED's Tim Conway clips.

Cheers, -T
*MURMUR was REMs 1983 debut.
**I still use vi on Windows! vi is a text editor written by Bill Joy (of Sun Microsystems fame) in '76.

Anonymous said...

I used to teach UNIX and VI. Most students, at first, said I hate VI. It was tough to learn, but powerful after learned.


Jinx in Norfolk said...

Anthony Wiener was released from the halfway house today. Of course the microphones and cameras awaited. Can't wait to see the newspaper headline tomorrow: "Wiener says it feels good to be out." How appropriate for Carlos Danger.

Mike Sherline said...

Picard - good to see you and to know you're still out there with us. I understand completely about the time and attention it took - I always enjoyed your posts and many interesting and informative links. I do NOT understand about the complaints, though - too SEXY? Aren't we all adults here? I don't remember any of your posts or links being all that sexy. Besides, how is it possible to be TOO sexy? The sexier the better. Anyway, keep enjoying your very interesting life!

CrossEyedDave said...

You'd rather give blood than urine?
(I hope I never get that old...)

Picard, I loved your pictures!
Don't let the Xenophobes win...
Yellowrocks, help me out here,
I cannot find the right word to describe people
so biased they cannot abide anything different from their own agenda.

If you don't like something, don't click on it & take a Thumper!
(It's not like people are trying to change your world, just live in their own...)

The Dude Abides!

(& lighten up! Sheesh!)

Mike Sherline said...

And another thing - how did it become acceptable for anonymous to decide what's "borderline" or "tasteless" for everybody else? I'm more offended by people who use the wrong form of to/too, apostrophe-s for plural, myself as the object of a non-reflexive verb because they're afraid "me" doesn't sound smart, or whom instead of who because they think it sounds smarter (to mention a few).

CanadianEh! said...

Terrific Tuesday. Thanks for the fun, Craig and C.C.
Thanks to TTP and our other bloggers for their work, (and of course to C.C. for all her contribution). You are appreciated.

I enjoyed this CW and worked through it steadily to the end.
Cola changed to soda.
Hand up for Osaka before OTARU and for smiling at PUPILS.
I must have been channeling Margaret Atwood when I entered Handmaids before HUMAN RACE.

I had Did Not before ARE NOT. Usually it is only one child who is sassing back and says Am Not; double trouble today.

LOL d'otto - "U was the problem vowel" - yes, it was missing in FAVOR!

RIP Tim Conway. We have discussed his humour before here. Thanks for the links CED.

Hope you feel better soon, fermat.
Good to hear from you Picard. Thanks for explaining your absence. Drop in soon, even if just to say a few words.

Good evening to you all.

CrossEyedDave said...


it seems Harvey Korman
was prepared for this eventuality

Misty said...

Thank you, Yuman, I'll look into those vests.

Misty said...

And Dusty thanks you too, AnonT.

Anonymous T said...

Mike S. FLN - I forgot to consult my notes earlier, so you do that too with the multiple books / hyper-focus? BTW, I hope I don't annoy too much with my dyslexic/ignorant typos/mangling of English.

Kerry-in_Carefree - vi was easy compared to emacs :-)

Picard, I was just leaving when you came in. Nice to see you at The Corner.

Naughty-Naughty Jinx... //Dare I link Castle Anthrax from The Holy Grail? [Google it folks]

CED said "Yellowrocks, help me out here, I cannot find the right word to describe people so biased they cannot abide anything different from their own agenda." Let me take a STAB... "Asshats"?

Eldest made it in from OU #BoomerSooner! At 7:30-ish and we ordered Chinese (she says it's lousy in Norman and misses it here) and watched some TV. I gave her her belated birthday present... Picks and a practice lock [illegal, er, not OK in OK]. She was so happy.

Cheers, -T

PK said...

CED: "word to describe people so biased they cannot abide anything different from their own agenda" = inlaws?