May 28, 2019

Tuesday May 28, 2019 Craig Stowe

Theme: NORTHERN LIGHTS (14D. Arctic spectacle ... and what the answers to starred clues have?) -The north part of each theme entry can follow "light".

 3D. *The next one starts in 2026: YEAR OF THE HORSE. Light-year.

10D. *Iffy: TOUCH AND GO. Light touch.

21D. *Rare medical service these days: HOUSE CALL. Lighthouse.

29D. *Exhibiting: SHOWCASING. Light show.

Boomer here again.  

Happy to be back, and I hope you all had a happy but meaningful holiday, maybe remembering a loved one who has left us.  My heart goes out to the folks in Oklahoma who were hit by Tornadoes similar to those recently in Missouri.


1. Long sails: VOYAGES.  Sinbad was famous for these.

8. Interrupt, with "in": BUTT.  I hate to admit it, but I used cigarettes and sometimes tossed the butt.  (Quit in 2001)

12. Unsightly sight: EYESORE.  Every city has them.  In Minneapolis it was the Metrodome.  Now it's the Timberwolves.

13. Christens with oil: ANOINTS.  We have this monthly at church.

17. Frigid: GLACIAL.  History tells us that Minnesota was glacial.  The glaciers turned into 10,000 lakes.  (more or less)

18. Game that's pointless for one team?: SHUTOUT.  Twins pitchers are doing this frequently to opponents.

19. Director Howard: RON.  One of constructors' favorites is OPIE.  Played by ___.

20. Sighs of pleasure: AHS.  Preceded by Ooohs

22. Like dad jokes: CORNY.  Corny as Kellogg's Corn Flakes.

23. Aberdeen resident: SCOT.  I suppose there is a guy named Scot in Aberdeen South Dakota ??

25. Symbol on Nike stores: SWOOSH.  They changed their pro golf hats to perpendicular letters.  Also I noticed Tiger stumping for Bridgestone golf balls.  Maybe Nike got out of the golf ball market.  Phil M. once called Nike clubs and golf balls that Tiger was using as "inferior equipment."

27. Put a strain on: TAX.  IRS can be stressful, especially this year.  I am convinced it was due to the government shutdown earlier this year.

28. 1980s sitcom ET: ALF.  What's it all about Alfie ??

29. Junior in the Pro Football Hall of Fame: SEAU.

30. "Love __ reason, reason none": Shak.: HATH.

32. Volleyball court divider: NET.  Or the income you report on your 1040.

33. Half a matched set: HERS.

34. Disturbed state: UNREST.

37. Google alternative: YAHOO.  Cheer for the (insert your team here) today ! 

39. MBA or Ph.D.: DEG.

41. Villainous Vader: DARTH.

42. Combo in the ring: ONE TWO.  Buckle my shoe.

44. Jagged rock: CRAG.

46. Neither companion: NOR.

47. Pawn: HOCK.  I quit watching "Pawn Stars" of Las Vegas.  Rick never pays what it's worth.

48. Aviation prefix: AERO.

49. It's not true: LIE.  No political comments allowed.

50. "Now I get it!": OHO.  Add an "I" and you get a Buckeye state.

52. Leaves confused: ADDLES. Leave off the "S" and you get a brain.

54. Sushi ingredient: RICE.

55. Tangle behind many a desktop: WIRES.  That's for sure - Computer, phone, electric fan.

57. Type: ILK.

58. Circle div.: SEG.

59. Teach bit by bit: INSTILL. Years ago, we took photos in stills at Theodore Roosevelt National Park in North Dakota.  It's a big country, especially to drive from Minneapolis to Billings just to bowl.
C.C.& Boomer, 2002
61. "Here's the best part": GET THIS. "You've got a head start, if you are among the very young at heart.

65. Lasting forever: ETERNAL.  I believe there is still an eternal flame at the grave site of JFK in the Arlington National Cemetery.   

66. In plain sight: OVERTLY.

67. Like hollandaise sauce: EGGY.  I made holiday potato salad yesterday, a little eggy I suppose. 

68. Removed from power: DEPOSED.


1. Chill (out): VEG.

2. Olive or Castor of toondom: OYL. Popeye's sweetheart's surname.

4. Natty neckwear: ASCOT.  We don't see them anymore.  But we still may see bagpipes.

5. Cross the threshold: GO IN.

6. Stat for Jacob deGrom: ERA.  We have a bunch of Twins with less than 3.00.

7. Actress who won a Golden Globe and an Emmy for "Once and Again": SELA WARD.

8. Low opera voice: BASSO.  Okay it's a stretch.  I was a 2nd Bass in the high school glee club which is as low as you go.

9. Granite State sch.: UNH. University of New Hampshire. UnHuh

11. Jackson 5 brother: TITO.  Sorry, I never liked their music, especially that little guy, Michael.  

15. Sushi ingredient: TUNA.  I don't know about sushi.  We always buy it in a can for sandwiches.

16. "Come Sail Away" rock band: STYX.

23. Japanese electronics giant: SANYO.

24. Concealing no weapons: CLEAN.  I keep my clubs clean, my putter is the weapon. 

25. Drop in on: SEE. He joined the Navy to see the world, but what did he see, he saw the sea.

26. Moo __ pork: SHU. You would think "MOO" would indicate cow.

31. Song syllable: TRA. Oh the flowers that bloom in the Spring Tra La ….

35. Hard to read, facially: STOIC.

36. Number of Chicago Cubs' World Series wins: THREE.  Twins have two, and they have not been around for 120 years.  Maybe if Cubs replaced Wrigley ???  I was there once before the lights.  Paid ten bucks to park on a guy's front yard, and got a seat with a whole lot of ABC (already been chewed) Wrigley gum under it.  I think TTP had a similar experience a while ago.

38. Platte River native: OTO.

40. Zeus or Ares: GREEK GOD.

43. Authorized, briefly: OK'D.

45. Horace's "__ Poetica": ARS.  Sounds more like a Horse's Ars.

50. Boo-boo: OWIE.  I haven't heard this since my sisters were 5 years old.

51. Help for a stumped solver: HINT.

53. Lulu: DILLY.  Reminds me of Howdy Doody's buddy, Dilly Dally.

54. Back in style: RETRO.

56. Raison d'__: ETRE.

58. Escalator part: STEP.  If you take it, ride it.  I do not like people who have to climb the moving steps.  It's okay if you need to go to the bathroom.
60. Internet connectivity annoyance: LAG.  I believe this might be a golf shot where you need to stay short of trouble.  Some may call it a lay up, but then basketball fans won't get it. 

62. "Killing __": TV thriller starring Sandra Oh: EVE.

63. Land in l'eau: ILE.

64. Australian airport code: SYD.



Bill G said...

Hi everybody. I worked on this late last night and really enjoyed it. I didn't need any red-letter help. I came across several clues that were tricky, at least for me, but I would make a considered guess and it almost always turned out to be correct. I just seemed to be in touch Craig's cluing. My brain seemed to be in sync with his. Very satisfying... Thanks Craig and Boomer.

D4E4H said...

FIR in 43:01 min.

Good morning Cornies.

Thank you Craig Stowe for this crunchy Tuesday CW.

Thank you Boomer for your excellent review.


desper-otto said...

Good morning!

I must be getting old. Finished quickly, but found this one to be very crunchy for a Tuesday. I expected something lighter :). IMO "Now I get it" is more of an AHA moment; OHO would be "Looky here!" Needed the reveal to get the theme, but at least I got it for a change. Thanx, Craig and for the yeoman service, Boomer.

"Dilly Dally" -- I don't remember that Howdy Doody character. I do remember Phineas T. Bluster and Clarabell the clown.

Lemonade714 said...

It will take some patience Bill G., but here is a reminder of who DILLY DALLY was on the HOWDY DOODY SHOW. You need to watch the whole video and then remember those sweet-faced kids are my age now.

Jinx in Norfolk said...

FIR, but erased cords for WIRES, uri for UNH and oil for OYL (I quit reading the clue after "Olive or Castor").

Anyone read the "killing" series by former FNC gasbag Bill O'Reilly? No politics at all, just back to his history teacher roots. I especially liked "Killing Kennedy", "Killing Jesus", and "Killing the Rising Sun". Martin Dugard did most of the research and deserves most of the credit, but O'Reilly organized the information in a spellbinding way.

Thanks for the fun, easy Tuesday, Craig. And it was a special treat to see Boomer's byline again. It may be regional, but the duffers I golf with use "LAG" to describe a long putt where the objective is to get it within four feet of the hole, and if it goes in it is a happy accident. Of course when one of our foursome leaves a three-footer a couple of inches short, we extol his "nice LAG" (unless we ask him if his husband plays golf too). My sister used to say that we should go trick-or-treating in a horse costume. She said she would be the horse's head and I can just be the way I am by nature.

Abejo said...

Good morning, folks. Thank you, Craig Stowe, for a fine puzzle. Thank you, Boomer,for a fine review.

Well, I worked this last night, as well. Cruciverb worked. It was a little tougher than most Tuesdays, but, that is OK.

I could not figure out the theme. Came here and it was quite obvious. maybe I was tired last night.

55A WIRES. Somebody must have seen my desk, front and back.

I never knew hollandaise sauce was EGGY, until I read the clue. I like it on Eggs Benedict.

SANYO took me a while to get.

Did not know SHU for Moo Shu Pork. Perps.

Did not know SELA WARD until I had seven of the eight letters. I am not a big movie person. Love to read books, though.

Anyhow, I have to go guard the crossing shortly. Two days to go. Today and tomorrow.

See you tomorrow.


( )

Boomer said...

Thank you Jinx. Yes I have also heard and used the term lag on those monster putts. And of course I never miss a three footer but I play with guys who do, and I thank you for the response. I will be using it.

inanehiker said...

Enjoyed the vertical theme answers - good way to crank up the brain to get back to work mode after the holiday weekend!

Thanks Boomer ( a double header this week!) and Craig !

FYI to Lemonade and any others followers of Judaism: Jefferson City's Temple Beth El
was just a few blocks from the tornado path- but it is fine! It was built in 1883 and is the oldest synagogue west of the Mississippi in continuous use. So happy that it was spared.

Spitzboov said...

Good morning everyone.

Thanks Boomer for doing yeoman duty.

A little knotty for a Tuesday, but maybe Rich is raising the bar a bit. Solved it w/o help, but needed 2 squares of white-out to properly suss HOUSE CALLS. Glad to see ILK is back; a frequent visitor in the past. Was thinking of our Nebraska contingent while filling in OTO.
Got the theme but it didn't affect the solve.
SWOOSH is the sound my Apple e-mail program makes when I tap the 'send' command.

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

I must have been on Craig's wavelength because I breezed through this with no w/os and no unknowns. I needed the reveal to see the theme, which took a little while because of the themers being down vs across, always a little tricky to figure out. I liked the Oto ~ Oho duo and seeing Sela Ward, one of my favorite actors.

Thanks, Craig, for a smooth and enjoyable solve and thanks, Boomer, for doing double-duty. Your humor was most welcome this morning as our weather has reverted to rain (again, yet, still) and temps in the 50's. One day, I have the A/C on, the next, the heat. Mother Nature has been most un-Motherly this Spring. (Boomer, I really enjoy your snippets of long-forgotten song lyrics and blasts from the past, such as Dilly Dally and Clarabell! I had a Howdy Doody ring that lit up. I showed it to a nun and she took it away from me because it startled her.)

Lucina, I had a call yesterday from an old friend who lives in Tuscon and he was thrilled with the unusually cool weather you're enjoying. Enjoy it while it lasts!

Have a great day.

PK said...

Hi Y'all! Great puzzle, Craig! Great expo, Boomer, thanks for doubling up this week.

So glad Mensa was up and running after taking a holiday. Had to have Boomer shed a little LIGHT on the theme for me. I don't know why I'm having so much trouble grasping the theme lately. Ol' Timers' disease is setting in. Or already sat.

Inanehiker: thanks for the report on the temple. Glad it was spared.

Jerome said...

Boomer- when you played 2nd bass was Who on 1st bass?

Husker Gary said...

-RON’S dad and brother were also on The Andy Griffith Show
-SCOT in Aberdeen? My favorite Walgreens clerk is Madison who is from Wisconsin.
-Matched set? HERS and OURS :-)
-I graduated from and only sub at AHS
-Does the Mideast know any other state than UNREST? How sad.
-GET THIS, a guy with a 1941 Gibson SJ-200 Guitar thinks he can get the most money for it at a Las Vegas PAWN Shop
-The sound of the can opener for TUNA summons our kitty who knows she’ll get some
-Michael was CLEAN in the car but got a planted gun in the bathroom and killed Sollozzo and McCluskey in the restaurant
-These shoes of my yute are now RETRO and mostly worn by girls
-My Sporting Goods store require their employees to use the stairs between the escalators at all times
-Mostly Pawnee occupied our part of the Platte

SwampCat said...

Thanks Craig got this crunchy (for me) Tuesday fun. There are still bits I don’t understand like ONE TWO , in spite of Boomers enjoyable expo. But the perps were friendly.

I’m so sorry for all of you suffering from weather related woes. The rains have swollen the Mississippi River so much there is fear of uncontrolled flooding. Both of our Spillways are being opened to relieve the pressure on the levees, but that creates additional problems. It’s still flooding even if it’s controlled! And the people who feel the impact will be hurt.

So much grief around. Stay safe everyone!

Carlson Wagon-Lits said...

I once worked for a company named World Travel Partners. A very large travel agency with over 100 locations with thousands of employees.

They came out with a new logo and rebranded the locations and we all received new business cards and all related stationery, ticket jackets, itineraries and such. Giveaways too. Golf shirts, baseball hats, travel bags and all other kinds of fun stuff for us employees and clients.

Anywho, the logo had a SWOOSH similar to Nike's. I saw the similarity but it was upside down and shaped slightly different. Didn't matter. Nike and their lawyers came after them with a vengeance and everything had to be changed. I imagine it was somewhat costly and I wonder what happened to the ad agency that came up with that logo. I left before the dust settled so I dont know the details of the outcome.

I tried Google for an old image to show y'all but it seems it was wiped clean also. Dont mess with deep pockets.

CrossEyedDave said...

Just read last nite,
(saving the Blog for something to read during Lunch...)



If you are Chopped Liver, I must be White Wine,
(because we go together...)

But, actually, I prefer red Wine,
(Couldn't you be Surf & Turf?)

desper-otto said...

Swampcat, it's a setup punch followed by a haymaker -- the old one-two.

CWT said...

Great pic of Boomer and C.C.. I've been to Theodore Roosevelt National Park also. Great place to get up close and personal with bison without the crowds of Yellowstone. Beautiful place. Went on a hike to see some remnants of a petrified forest. Loved that experience.

I apologize if this is common knowledge around here but can you tell me when C.C. came to the U.S.?

SwampCat said...

Thanks D-O! That makes sense.

Lucina said...


Thank you, Craig Stowe and Boomer! I was on Craig's wave length and finished it quickly. It's great to see you again, Boomer.

I zipped through this even with a few too many sports related clues to suit me. Junior SEAU is such an odd name that it's etched in my memory bank.

Boxing was my late DH's favorite sport so ONETWO punch was an often heard term.

I wish I could get rid of all the WIRES and cables behind my TV set.

SELA WARD is one of my favorite actresses, too.

Boomer, I can't believe you don't like the Jackson Five! They created some good music and though I didn't care for Michael's last type of music, it was very popular among the younger set.

Irish Miss:
You can well imagine that we are all enjoying this blessing of unseasonably cool weather! It will last until Saturday and then whammo! The temps will shoot up to the high 90s and beyond. My granddaughter's baby shower is that day and so swimming will be a good option.

Toodle-do. My friend, Kathy, is coming over for our monthly breakfast.

Have a sensational day, everyone!

CanadianEh! said...

Terrific Tuesday. Thanks for the fun, Craig and Boomer.
I found this CW a little crunchy this morning but FIRed eventually with just a few inkblots.

Is that Chinese dish Moo Goo pork (no it's moo goo guy pan!), Moo Shoo or SHU? Plus we had sushi with RICE and TUNA.
My "hard to read" face was Stony before STOIC, and my circle had an Arc before a SEG.

Unknowns like Jacob deGrom and SEAU filled with perps.
This Canadian has not memorized the state nicknames and had to wait for SHUTOUT for the H in UNH. Learning moment that granite is the official state rock of New Hampshire and there are many granite quarries. I have been to the top of Mt. Washington.

I thought of OMK with ASCOT, and LOLed at ARS Poetica (how can we ever forget ARS after our discussion of May 13/19 when we had "letters after ars: ESSES").

Killing EVE was timely with the 2nd season finale just the other night. Canadian-born Sandra Oh talks about her experience as Golden Globes 2019 co-host and background in this link.

Favourite today was "Half a matched set=HERS".

Wishing you all a great day. Stay safe those in areas of floods and tornados.

Misty said...

Well, I'm glad I'm not the only one who found this a bit crunchy for a Tuesday. But although I had to work my way up slowly from the bottom, it was still a lot of fun, and in the end I got the whole thing perfectly. Many thanks, Craig. Nice to see familiar puzzle names crop up, like DARTH, ALF, OYL, and RON. I always think of Opie, when RON Howard comes up in puzzles, but I'm glad he's nowadays credited with his work as a great director. Sweet Opie picture, Boomer, and thanks for taking care of us again today.

Have a great day, everybody!

Jerome said...

Junior Seau was one of the greatest football players of all time. Hall of Famer. Died by suicide. Had CTE from multiple head trauma from the sport. CTE causes rage, depression and dementia. Just think frequent concussions. Sorry for the downer bit of news. God speed, Junior.

Wilbur Charles said...

I spelled it HAWK. That didn't work.

Some PC problems can indeed be helped by pointing a fan at the air intake area

Boomer did you have a crush on Princess Summerfallwinterspring?

Do you active golfers refer to the patron saint of the 2'11" 3' putt, ALICE?


Anonymous said...

Not only did Junior SEAU commit suicide with a gun, he did it in a way to preserve his brain so it could be studied by scientists for the research of CTE, since it currently be only be examined post mortem. No need for any more details. If you want further information please Google.

OwenKL said...

FIRight, but it was close to Friday level IMHO. Didn't even think to look for a theme even after the reveal. Guess I was still a bit groggy from way oversleeping too late! Wanted DEG > SEG, but it was already in use. AHA > OHO held me up the longest time, so I thought the SW was going to force a DNF on me!

Shakespeare has the sobriquet of being the greatest writer in English, and I always thought it was based on his plays and sonnets exclusively. Never wrote a book or even a short story or limerick. So I was surprised when I looked up the source for that HATH clue that it was something very different! It's too late for any l'icks today, so took the time to write a full treatment of "love HATH reason, reason none", from "The Phoenix and the Turtle[dove]".

OwenKL said...

The Phoenix and the Turtledove
May seem the epitome of love.
For one adored with passion,
The other loved the adoration.

This is true love, that in each breast
Each love was what was loved best.
Two hearts, two bodies, but one goal
To be together, an eternal soul.

Too different nor like can mate,
They have no means to procreate.
Do not the sterile pairs deny,
That are unshattered by baby cry.

Love hath reason, reason none,
For those in love believe as one;
But life is messy when it's real,
Identical they'll never feel.

To be in love is to be deluded
Thinking all reason is included.
But reason knows it can't be part
Of every chamber of another's heart.

Like the Phoenix and Turtledove,
There always is a death to love.
The Phoenix burns and turns to ashes,
And on the pyre the Turtle crashes.

Reduced to cinders, without form.
One will rebound, from death reborn.
The Phoenix rose from fire to flight.
The Turtle vanished, as love's light.

Hope is not on true love founded.
With time such has always floundered.
But unreasoned, on friendship formed,
Has oft survived when life stormed.

Anonymous T said...

Hi All!

WEES - what a Tuesday Cruncher! Thanks Craig for the fun puzzle to suss while plumbers re-work some pipes and replace a water-heater.

What a surprise to see Boomer two days in a row. I guess TTP is extending his Memorial day break (as am I). Thanks for the fun expo (and pics!) Boomer.

WOs: HoWK (hi WC!), SHOWing @29d, HOme--- b/f HOUSE, dEG b/f SEG.
Fav: GET THIS [that's it :-)]

To all in the paths of impending flood... My thoughts are with you. This is not normal.

CED - Chopped-liver is the standard of Jewish-Jokesters. Since I'm Catholic-ish, I guess I can be chopped-shellfish :-)

Jerome & @11:40 - OK, now I know who we're talking about re: SEAU... I heard about him on NPR. In a way, I think it heroic he did that so the collective-we can learn from his brain.

Gotta run. Play later. Cheers, -T

Lemonade714 said...

My short term memory is so bad I referenced my DILLY DALLY clip to BillG., and not to D-O who made the comment...sad.

Nina, thank you for this TEMPLE SAFE.

I always admired Ron and Rance Howard and felt sorry for CLINT HOWARD but he has a successful career.

Owen, it is obvious that your serious poetry is your real strength. Well done.

CWT, thank you for reminding me that I had neglected to thank Boomer for the wonderful pic of C.C and him. I am sure it was on or before 2002. Also, when in Gainesville I was hired to represent a small daycare company that had the temerity to paint Mickey and Minnie on their outside wall. DISNEY immediately threatened suit and followed through claiming infringement. Since Mickey and Minnie were not in the daycare business, I argued there could be no damage to them, but they spent enough money and in the end, the client agreed to settle and to remove the images.

I liked some of the work done by SELA WARD but have no knowledge of that show.

Junior Seau was a HOF player and person to do what he did.

Jayce said...

I liked this puzzle. Made a typo that prevented the tada and had to turn on red letters to find it. I had hit the X instead of S for SEAU.

Got tripped up by DEG and SEG.

NOR is RON looking in the mirror.

Good one, Gary: "HERS and OURS." It's like that at our house, too.

So, if you pawn smoked pork, is that a HAM HOCK?

I probably shouldn't even attempt to make a joke about Anne HATHaway.


Jinx in Norfolk said...

Lemony, I think that every attorney has a story about a Goofy case.

AnonymousPVX said...

This Tuesday puzzle went quickly but not without effort.

And a markover as well...CORDS/ confident about cords, should have waited.

It’s still super hot here, another 100° day, another tomorrow. I watched the folks next door water their garden this morning, the soil was soaked. Now it’s dry, you could watch it dry out.

See you tomorrow.

SwampCat said...

Owen, Bravo!!

Lemonade714 said...

PVX and people think it is hot in Florida.

SwampCat said...

My latest brief comment shows I’m still having trouble posting. First it disappeared. Then it posted twice! Huh??

I’ve noticed other posts appearing more than once and I now suspect those posters are having the same problem. What’s happening??

CrossEyedDave said...


Actually, I like Tequila.
You got a go with for that?
(other than lemon and salt...)

Re: puzzle,
not too tough, breezed thru, with exceptions...
My 1st instill was Install, & my Swoosh was a Whoosh...

Re: Write-Up
Hey Boomer! Good to see you again!
(Luv the Witticisms...)
Got hung up on the Field Dressing of Cigarettes tho.
Tried to find a how to video on YouTube,
& Dang it if this Generation doesn't know Diddly...
They all said, roll it, shake it, & put the filter in your pocket?
I used to strip the filter down to individual strands
to where nature would not even recognize it...
(this younger generation is just plain lazy...)

Anywho, On to silly Theme links!

Craig Stowe,
This puzzle may be your crowning achievement...

(Although, I think it was Photoshopped...)

Ol' Man Keith said...

TUNA Tale ~
Not a great fan of sushi. I tried it a few times, but found it alternately bland or fishy.
I'm just not a big fan of fish. I make exceptions, of course. Like every American kid, I was raised on tuna sandwiches. But I never really think of tuna as fish. It's in its own category.
When I see slabs of tuna on a sushi platter, I think, "That can't be tuna. Tuna is grey and shredded and comes with mayonnaise."

Lessee. I also make exceptions for the stuff that comes in Fish'n'Chips. That's not regular-fish fish, because I like it.
On special occasions I eat (and enjoy!) anchovies and caviar.
Not together.
I mention them because they are really, really "fishy."
I have no excuse.

Neat puzz, Mr. Stowe! Deceptive. At first I thought it way too crunchy for a Tues run. But the challenge wasn't all that real. The cluing was just vague enough that we needed a few extra stabs before gaining entry.
Xwds are generally solved not by single words but by word groups. We needed footholds in each sector today to be able to start linking fills. I guess it's always this way, but today I found that the sectors generally stood alone & each needed a fresh entry word.
EYESORE was my first foothold, GREEK GOD my second, and so on.

Jayce ~
Enjoyed HAM HOCK. Thanks.
But please tell me where it is you go to pawn your smoked piggies?
And if you've given up smoking, can you vape your pork?

Ol' Man Keith said...

CanadianEh! ~
Yes! I actually sported (affected?) an ASCOT when I was a grad student in England back in the early '60s.
As for ARS, as used in Ars Poetica, today's context reminds me that it was during that first year in the U.K. that I learned it as the Brit equivalent for our own "BUTT, tush, po-po, posterior, &c"

Misty said...

Forgot to say I loved your C.C. and Boomer picture, Boomer!

Ol' Man Keith said...

What do you do when an "ETERNAL flame" goes out?
I always wondered.
Turns out there's an obvious answer. You re-ignite it.
JFK's flame has gone out two times. At least.
It is hard to know how many undocumented flame-outs may have occurred. The JFK flame is rigged with an instant re-ignition sparker, like the lighting device on our stovetop burners, but automatic.
If the flame is smothered, blown out, or rained on, the device keeps sparking until the gas tube picks up a fresh flame.

Irony Dept.: One of the times the JFK flame went out was when some visiting schoolkids doused it with holy water while they meant to bless the grave.

Pat said...

Hello, Corner friends! I've been reading every day, just haven't had anything I felt worthy of posting. Thanks for the fun puzzle, Craig S., and thanks for the expo, Boomer.

47a Pawn: rook/HOCK 58a Circle div: anGle/SEG


Positive thoughts and prayers for those who have been affected by the recent storms.

Jayce said...

Ol' Man Keith, I go to Paolo's Piggie Pawn Shoppe on Pace Street in Philadelphia. I don't think vaped pork works very well; it tastes too much like peppermint. One batch ended up tasting like wintergreen. Even Paolo wouldn't take it. Paolo Prefers Pulled Piggie Pork.

For sushi LW and I like Sakamoto San's Superior Sushi Salon in South San Simeon, but it's a heck of a long drive from here.

CrossEyedDave said...

Did you know

There is such a thing called "Magnetic Midnight"? (#15)

Misty said...

How nice of you to check in, Pat.

Ol' Man Keith said...

Thanks, Jayce. I have writ them down & will pass them on to anyone else who asks.

Anonymous T said...

Jayce - nice catch on the mirroring of RON | NOR.

Nice to see you back at The Corner Pat!

OMK - you're in CA... How have you not had good Sushi? Even in Houston we have a few good joints that fly-in fresh (not fishy) fish daily. If you can find a place with fatty-TUNA, you know it's good. //If you've never had fatty-Tuna, you're missing out. It melts on your tongue and down the gullet.

CED - um, everything goes with Tequila -- unless you're going to eat it first :-)


PK said...

Spent the last three hours on the phone & online making sure all my friends & relatives were okay after multiple tornados went through both Kansas & Oklahoma close enough for my relatives to take pictures. So far they are okay with no damage. I don't know what went on in my town because I slept from 1-8 p.m. while all the weather was happening. Didn't blow away.

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Third try to post. Thanks to Craig and Boomer!