May 10, 2019

Friday, May 10, 2019, Rich Proulx

Title: Do you see the pattern?

We have our second puzzle from Rich P., who had the misfortune of being published on the day Argyle became ill. He also had two NYT published in 2017 which should have prepared us for today. This was a very difficult puzzle. First, the theme was not a theme but a picture and while there are 21 "T"s in the puzzle, there is really only one theme clue. 58A. Classic car ... and a hint to the hidden image you can draw using 21 identical squares in this grid: T-BIRD. If you have been reading my Friday ramblings for a while you know I love visual aspects to themes. However, today's grid is a themeless puzzle with a picture. And my drawing skills are limited. So hopefully I will figure out a way to make his point in the grid. Because it is basically themeless, there are oodles of 7,8, and 9 letters fill all over the puzzle. I found BRA PADS, CULTIST, DEBONES, PRESTON, ALBACORE,  BAD DEBTS,  COMANECI,  COMIC-CON, FORETELL, IN TERROR.  TRIMOTOR, YELLOWED, DECORATOR, and DUBITABLE

1. Confidentially informs: BCCS. Blind copies.

5. Skewer: SPIT.

9. __ top: TUBE. Memories from my youth.

13. Solar panel site: ROOF.

14. Chili partner: CARNE. Meat.

15. Words that can precede and follow "what": IT IS. It is what it is.

16. BB, e.g.: AMMO. It is back this week to haunt us.

17. "Waiting for Lefty" playwright: ODETS. Clifford Odets was born in Philadelphia in 1906. Odets' fame as a playwright was made when he wrote and acted in Waiting for Lefty, produced by the Group Theatre in 1934. Its production in New York was simultaneous with the city's famous taxicab strike. It was his first play. Various.

18. Native of Riga: LETT. This term for the natives of LATVIA may be losing its place, but the place is interesting.

19. FCC chairman Ajit __: PAI. Ajit Varadaraj Pai is an American lawyer who serves as the Chairman of the United States Federal Communications Commission. He is the first Indian American to hold the office. I had no idea.

20. Bichon __: dogs with fluffy coats: FRISES.

21. Early smartphone: TREO. I had a friend who had one in the early 2000s, very impressive at the time. Not to be confused with 57A. Beethoven's Opus 11, e.g.: TRIO.

22. Mole sauce chili: ANCHO. A dried Poblano chile. The RECIPE.

24. Classic guitar, briefly: STRAT. The Fender  STRATOCASTER was part of the early rock and roll revolution.

26. One verifying safe arrivals?: UMP. Cute baseball reference. Along with 31A. Ball game official: SCORER and 32A. Like a rare baseball game: NO HIT.

27. New homeowner's hire: DECORATOR. Not in my lifetime.

29. Heads up: RISES. Nope, do not get it.

34. How some nursery-rhyme men traveled: IN A TUB. Rub-a-dub-dub.

36. Outspoken chef Gordon: RAMSAY. His RESTAURANTS.

39. Wyatt of "People of Earth": CENAC. Oh, oh. I am getting bogged down and no theme in sight to help. Wyatt Cenac is a writer and actor, known for The Daily Show (1996), People of Earth (2016) and aka Wyatt Cenac (2017), another complete unknown.

41. Cheeky?: JOWLED. I think Nixon's were famous.

43. Monopoly piece: HOTEL.

46. Open to question: DUBITABLE. As opposed to indubitable.  It just means doubtful.

49. Ursa Minor shape: LADLE. Ursa Minor is colloquially known in the US as the Little Dipper because its seven brightest stars seem to form the shape of a dipper (ladle or scoop). wiki.

51. Floss brand: ORAL-B.

52. "brb" or "ttyl": TEXT. Be right back; talk to you later.

54. Injure again, as one's ACL: RE-TEAR.

56. Bit of baby talk: COO.

59. Cut down: MOWN.

60. Mid-month day: IDES. Not very popular anymore, especially to Julius.

61. Identification assuming familiarity: IT'S ME.

62. Loose: FREE. Like the doggies in your backyard.

63. Whale groups: PODS.

64. Ferrara family name: ESTE. Hard fill. I did not know THIS history.

65. Cabs are among them: REDS. Cabernet wine.


1. Some cup liners: BRA PADS. So much I do not know.

2. First Olympic gymnast to receive a 10: COMANECI. Nadia will always be the first.

3. Where Vulcans congregate?: COMIC-CON.

4. BART stop: SFO. San Francisco airport.

5. Exemplar of cruelty: SADIST.

6. "The Good Wife" Emmy winner Carrie: PRESTON. She played the quirky powerhouse attorney Elsbeth Tascioni. Apparently, she is playing the part still in some spin-off.

7. Really scared: IN TERROR. This just does not seem right, but it was easy to fill.

8. Championship ice dancer __ Virtue: TESSA. She is a shining light for all of Canada and more than just a SKATER. CSO to our Canadian readers and dear departed ClearAyes.

9. Arcade goof: TILT.

10. Embryo's home: UTERUS. Literal.

11. Sassy retort: BITE ME.

12. Bars in court: ESTOPS. It is used more than just in court as you need to get estoppel letters.

14. __ anglais: English horn: COR. I had this WOODWIND before.

20. Augur: FORETELL. Latin that has become part of English.

23. Public school advocate Mann: HORACE. A very important PERSON in the history of public education in the US.

25. Three-engine plane: TRIMOTOR. Literal.

28. Gave __ for one's money: A RUN.

30. Fighting words: IT'S WAR.

33. Muslim pilgrim: HAJI. Also sometimes spelled Hadji, Alhaji, Al hage, Al hag or El-Hajj

35. They may be written off: BAD DEBTS. You can offset your business income with your uncollectable debts. I will let those who know tax stuff say more about this.

37. Much canned tuna: ALBACORE. The albacore, known also as the longfin tuna, is a species of tuna of the order Perciformes. It is what is labeled as white meat tuna and is so popular, the population is decreasing.

38. Like old manuscripts: YELLOWED. Paper is made from wood, which is made up mainly of white cellulose. Wood also has a lot of a dark substance in it called lignin, which ends up in the paper, too, along with the cellulose. The exposure of lignin to air and sunlight is what turns paper yellow.

40. Certain worshipper: CULTIST.

42. Fillets: DEBONES. Literal.

43. Polite greeting gesture: HAT TIP. Tip of the hat sounds better, but I guess it is the same thing.

44. Go too far: OVERDO.

45. Approached the gate: TAXIED.

47. "I'll take a brewski": BEER ME. This PHRASE has escaped me but with One billion hits I guess it is known.

50. Bandleader Shaw: ARTIE. He also was briefly married to both LANA TURNER and 48A. Actress Gardner: AVA.

53. Cornhole turn: TOSS. Yes, there are RULES and it must be underhand.

55. Lemon finish: ADE. I do not even know Rich but I get a nice ending CSO!

59. Plant owner: Abbr.: MFR. Manufacturer.

Well now to play with the grid on Paint and see if I can get somewhere. Hope you had fun. Welcome back, Rich. Happy Mother's Day to all of you mothers/Lemonade out.

You think it looks like this?


OwenKL said...

FIWrong. Two words plus two perps each. TEezA + ODETe +FRISEz in the N, and in the SE gEDd + MFg + DEBONEd.

Should she wear a TUBE TOP if her top is just a tube?
To ask her what she thinks of that would be very rude.
Some added BRA-PADS
Would not be so BAD,
And it's not like we're seeing her nude!


OwenKL said...

BTW, I loved the dot-to-dot picture! I hope the idea catches on and we see more of these in the future! Took a screen shot of the grid, loaded in a simple drawing program, first went thu marking all T's as pale yellow, (I tried O's first, but there were only 18 of them Thanks for undo button to start over!) then draw connecting lines. I used a turquoise line, so I ended up with a bluebird of happiness! I was expecting a symmetrical T-BIRD, but maybe it's a Thrush or a Tit peeking thru the TUBE-TOP or BRA-PAD. My drawing had slight differences at the beak and leg, but was otherwise identical with Lemon's.

Larry Legend said...

Today Rich and Rich team up to give us the bird. Well, luckily, it was a "T" bird and not the hand gesture. I really liked this puzzle. Very challenging for those in search of a theme although I wouldn't necessarily say it lacked one. Sort of in a gray area for our grey matter. Not quite a themed Friday but it contains a theme not seen in a Saturday puzzle.

Kudos to the Riches for going out on a limb to supply us with a bird brained concept sure to leaf many solvers up in the air with their opinions on this one.

Lemonade714 said...

Larry Legend; do you do a crossword blog? Very entertaining review.

Anonymous said...

Very clever!

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

That final C in CENAC was my final WAG...and it was right. Whew! The happiness soon evaporated. I had RAMSEY/ELBACORE. (I knew better.) But my DOUBTABLE had morphed into DEBATABLE...and stopped morphing. Bzzzzzt! Triple-DNF with three incorrect squares. Rich, I am humbled. Lemonade, I tried to read that article about ESTE, but within the first paragraph my eyeballs rolled back into my head.

CORNHOLE: The meaning seems to have changed since my ute.

BEER ME: I've previously mentioned there was somewhat of a brouhaha in our little town when one family wrote BEER ME in Christmas lights on their roof. They did not get the award for best decoration.

PAI: He's the guy who decided Net Neutrality should end.

TTP said...

Good morning. Thank you Rich Prolux and and thank you Lemonade.

Well, that was interesting. There were a lot of answers that needed to be worked out. Couldn't find any starred clues and didn't see any circles in any answers. Then didn't see anything that looked like a theme, but now I get it. Neat. It kinda looks like a robin to me.

Didn't know Preston but knew it was COMANECI and was pretty confident that I could spell her name correctly. On the other hand, I was certain I could pronounce FRISES but had to work out the spelling. I thought there was another E in there.


I bought a house but did not hire a decorator. A year and a half later, I got married, and one of the first decorating items was window treatments. Sheers, blinds, curtains, drapes. My wife said she did not like living in a fishbowl.

Great job Lemonade. One small nit. If you want to get the number of hits of a multi word answer like BEER ME, put quotes around them in your google search. Yes you get an estimated billion hits without quotes, but it's more like a million hits with quotes. The difference is "All of these words" (no quotes) versus "This exact word or phrase" (quotes).

Lemonade714 said...

I know better Tom, but I was being lazy. I also like the billion number. First Tom, yes I have trouble talking about the game from what I learned in my youth.

Yellowrocks said...

I enjoyed this puzzle with about the normal time and difficulty for a Friday. Unknowns solved with perps and wags were CENAC, RAMSAY and PAI. My one bad cell was E instead of A for STRAT and TESSA. I have seen STRAT before, but could not recall the spelling. STRAT does look more likely. Hindsight is always 20/20.
I have not seen any hat tipping in ages. The only hats I see now are caps, which are not tipped and often not even removed at the table or in church.
DEBATABLE before DUBITABLE caused some hesitation.
I assumed that a bird could be drawn, but did not attempt to connect the T's.
CSO to Agnes with bichon frises. They are so cute.
Thanks for the great expo, Lemonade.
Time to begin all day cooking and baking for our May family celebration tomorrow for Alan and Kenny's birthdays and Mother's day for DIL and me.

Big Easy said...

Difficult was an understatement. Thanks for the drawing because after almost completing it I looked for but never found the T-BIRD. I looked at all my T fills hoping they spelled a bird.

My downfall was the unknown DUBITABLE and the variant spelling of HAJI. CENAC was a total unknown but I got it. I wanted CULTIST but filled DEBATABLE thinking that HAJA might be an alternate spelling of HAJJ. Could the CELTS be called CELTISTS (not in BOSTON)? DNF today.

Other unknowns by perps- PAI, PRESTON, TRIO, COR Anglais, TESSA Virtue.
BITE ME and 'falsies' in the same puzzle. How things have changed.

Larry Legend- Not only did he give us 'the bird' but he also said BITE ME.

d-otto- definitely a different meaning. There was a Cornhole tournament on television Tuesday night. I've seen it called "Corn in the Hole".

Jinx in Norfolk said...

DNF. Not even close. Did not enjoy. Not even close. Looked up CENAC, PRESTON, and FRISES (knew how to say but not spell it). Erased HAJI to accommodate DeBaTABLE. Knew HAJI because the sovereign Commonwealth of Virginia recalled the vanity license plate of a former USN Seal that read "ICU HAJI". I reluctantly agree that it should have been recalled.

Didn't like all the obscure names, and thought the visual was iffy at best. Would rather it had been OKL's vision. DW will look at the clouds and say "see that one that looks like a calico cat running a spinning wheel?" No, I just see something I wouldn't want to fly into.

I hope we get a CC or JeffWech tomorrow. I'll get my butt kicked even worse, but at least I'll probably enjoy the process.

FLN: I actually feel relief that Alan is doing so well in his new environment. YR, it is about time things start looking up for you, dear. -T, nice job on recursion in the key of C. I "learned" it in Pascal class about 30 years ago. Never used it IRL.

Jerome said...

Lemony, my pal-
Heads up- Rises
Goes up- Rises

After I retired from being a carpenter I worked a day a week as a bartender for three years. Still hangin' in saloons now and then. Never ever, 'een once heard the phrase "Beer me"

jfromvt said...

Well this one was different. The completed drawing does look like a bird, so very creative. I wasn’t able to connect the T’s, plus a handful of answers I didn’t get. But I liked it, very original puzzle. Just don’t let it become a norm, like the dreaded circles in the

Husker Gary said...

-What a delightful chore. I didn’t look for the reveal but a bird made of “T’s” was oh so clever
-Hearing CORN HOLE in polite company was a jolt to me as well
-IT IS what IT IS in golf parlance is “Ya gotta play it where it lies”
-STRAT/STRAD – Of the few he made, this is the one Stradivarius guitar that is still playable
-Some SCORERS have changed (been pressured?) a hit to an error to save a NO HIT game
-Did rude Simon Cowell pave the way for other angry “real TV” guys like RAMSAY? Not my cuppa!
-This “sort of” HAT TIP is still around

Java Mama said...

Good morning everyone! Big ole FIW for me today, even with look-ups for Carrie PRESTON and Wyatt CENAC. Failed to change DEBATABLE to DUBITABLE. And that whooshing noise you hear is the theme sailing right over my head – thanks for the illuminating illustration, Lemon. The BRA PAD demo gave me the giggles – it sounded like a dog’s squeaky toy when being inflated :-0

Even with the hiccups, I still enjoyed Rich Proulx’s Friday challenge. Favorite c/a was Cheeky? / JOWLED. COMIC-CON as a gathering place for Vulcans brought a smile. Needed help from perps to spell COMANECI and Bichon FRISES correctly.

Have a lovely Mothers’ Day weekend!

AnonDon said...


Awhile back I was alone on an elevator when two woman walked on. I removed my cap. They were amazed. I remove my cap while eating and in church. I usually touch my cap when making eye contact with a woman. I guess I should explain that I am 83.

Anonymous said...

We just recently had the "BEER ME" discussion. It is definitely a common phrase heard at parties, taprooms and college campuses.

It may be from a younger crowd but if I have to know who Artie Shaw was, you older folks can learn BEER ME.

As i said just weeks ago, the character Andrew Bernard(Ed Helms) from hit TV show "The Office" was known for using the phrase. The joke, though, was he used it incorrectly as "please give me a". He would say, "Beer me a margherita". Lol

I use it on the lake while floating nearby an anchored boat. I'll yell to someone in the boat, "yo!, beer me!" and that person will reach into the cooler and put a beer in a koozy* and send it my way. After a slight foam bath, I enjoy the beverage.

* I can hear the uproar now when thos word appears in a puzzle un any of its various forms.

Abejo said...

Good morning, folks. Thank you, Rich Proulx, for a fine puzzle. Thank you, Lemonade for a fine review.

Well, this puzzle was something. Very creative. I looked for the theme after I was finished. I looked at some T's. But, did not attempt connecting them. My mind was looking for something else. Anyhow, very clever and well done!

The puzzle itself was pretty difficult. Got through it.

Some tough ones: BRA PADS, PRESTON, TESSA, ALBACORE, FRISES, PAI, ANCHO, RAMSAY, CENAC, DUBITABLE, REDS. Thank goodness for the perps and a couple wags.

Tried SHOT before AMMO worked.

I got started in the SW first and then spread from there. Whatever works.

Selling onions again today. Sunny, but cool outside.

See you tomorrow.


( )

Spitzboov said...

Good morning everyone.

Nice CSO tp Lemon at 55d. Thanks for a good intro.

Very tough cluing today, and some very obscure fill. Got most of it OK, but needed help with ESTE, CORE and the spelling of FRISES. Other unknowns were gotten from perps.
MOWN (inf. to mow) - German mähen, L. German meihen, Dutch maaien.

HORACE said: Parturient montes, nascetur ridiculus mus.

Lemonade714 said...

Very interesting quote from Spitz and Horace. For those without 7 years of Latin...

Parturiunt- parturire Verb = be in labor, bring forth, produce, be pregnant...
montes, mons Noun = mountain
nascetur nasci Verb = be born; spring forth, arise
ridiculus Noun = jester, buffoon
ridiculus Adjective = laughable, ridiculous
mus Noun = mouse, rat

Misty said...

Well, I only got four hours of sleep last night, and only five hours on each of the nights before that. So I was a wreck this morning, sadly, since this turned out to be such a clever and novel and interesting puzzle. I did get the northeast corner for a start (seems to be my regular starting place these days) and then got other areas here and there before I had to start cheating. But still found this fun, even in my groggy state. So, many thanks, Rich, and nice pictures, Lemonade.

Hope I can get a long nap this afternoon. Have a good day, everybody.

Irish Miss said...

Hi Everyone:

This was a DNF due to the Cenac/Dubitable/Cultist crossings. The many additional unknowns include: Comic Con, Tessa, Pai, Cor, and, as clued, Ladle. I initially spelled Ramsay with an EY. Even though I saw every episode of "The Good Wife", I never knew Carrie Preston's name. I filled in Preston right off the bat because I thought of Kelly Preston, John Travolta's wife, who I believe did appear on the show. Cute CSO to Lemony at Ade, and on his blogging day, to boot. The highlight of the solve was filling in (Bichon) Frises, my very favorite Top Dog!

Thanks, Rich, even though I struck out and thanks, Lemony, for the entertaining and informative review and for the photo of the adorable Bichon pups.


YR, I am so happy for you and Alan. Enjoy your celebrations tomorrow.

Have a great day.

AnonymousPVX said...

Well.....I haven’t had a bad 2 cell puzzle in forever until this Friday challenge.

Okay....I had CELTIST as I figured Celts, and HAJA as I thought it was some permutation of HAJI which I had put in.

Looks like Big Easy and I agreed on that, haha.

Never questioned DEBATABLE.

Is there such a thing as a double NATICK? markovers but 2 bad cells.

From yesterday....Jinx, I had the same issue pulling up at a Shell gas polarized lenses caused me grief until I removed them.

So glad to hear that Alan is doing well.

See you tomorrow.

Jayce said...

This was a toughie, all right. That DEBATABLE entry scuppered me but good. CELTIST seemed okay but HAJA bothered me. It bothered me so much I changed it to HAJI and worked backward from there, forcing me to put in DUBITABLE. Still didn't get the Tada but couldn't find where the error was, so turned on red letters to discover I had put in ODETT instead of ODETS. Not knowing TESSA Virtue, TESTA seemed okay. *shrug*

I also didn't bother to try to find 21 "identical" squares.

At least I knew the name Ajit PAI, as I have been keeping abreast of the senseless, illogical, clearly biased opinions and decisions being made by the FCC.

I liked the clue and answer COMICCON.

Sorry, I don't think I'll ever get used to BEER ME. I flat out don't like it.

The workers are installing our new garage door today. As she is wont to do, my wife is flitting about like a butterfly.

Good wishes and a tip of the hat to you all.

PK said...

Hi Y'all! Well, Rich P. gave us the BIRD in more ways than one. Thanks, I guess. I looked at Lemony's fine drawing and thought that didn't look at all like a Ford sports car to me. Duh! (Think feathered BiRD, PK!) Thanks, Lemony, for making some sense out of what tried my patience.

Hand up for WEES! DUBITABLE puzzle, says I.

TESSA Virtue & Moir have been very enjoyable to watch on ice, but could not remember her first name. ESP.

NO HIT: my grandson who is graduating HS pitched a NO HIT game the other night for his HS baseball team which won 9-0. It was their first game of the season.

Rain here 10 of the last 11 days have contributed to a gray mood. AnonT: I saw on national TV news that Sugarland, Texas is flooded again. Are you okay!

YR: Yay you for your perseverance on Alan's behalf. Yay, Alan, for adjusting to his new place so nicely! Happy birthday to him!

Bill G said...

Hi everybody.

I really liked the puzzle though it was hard for me. Thanks Rich and Gary.

I love Artie Shaw's arrangement of Cole Porter's Begin the Beguine. Those two could create some beautiful music.

Listening to Gary's link of the guitar solo, confirmed two opinions. One, I don't care for that particular piece of music and two, the Stradivari family was wise to put most of their effort into making violins. That guitar sounds harsh and tinny to my ear. IMO, nothing like the beautiful tone of a modern classical guitar such as those made by many of the Spanish luthiers.

Anonymous said...

Too many obscure names and/or words you can pronounce but not know how to spell. Took away the fun from an otherwise good puzzle.

CrossEyedDave said...

Well, Larry Legend said it all...
(but, because I can't keep my trap shut..:)

Friday is my busy day, but this puzzle took me away from my chores.
(Thank you Rich Proulx.)

Thought I Aced it!
Even tho I had to Google the spelling of Frises. (no "Z"?)
Which led to Googling each and every name in the puzzle...
(Ok, so I cheated...)
Doesn't matter anyway because of WD-Os
(What Desper-Otto Said...)

"FIW" doubtable/debatable/Celtist/Haja (Rats!)

(Actually, I agree with Jayce, Celtist sounds legit...)

Anywho, I circled all the T's
(couldn't dot the "I"s because they were Caps...)
& managed to run a pen thru them in the right way to create "a bird!"

Learning moments, Stradavarius made guitars (Tx HG.)
& if I accidentally bump into a lady & she squeeks like a Dog Toy,
I will know what is going on...

On a more dubious, debatable, dubitable note,
(Spellchecker does not like Dubitable)
When I Google Ice Skater Tessa, This came up?


CrossEyedDave said...

I must protest this nonsensical phrase "Beer Me!"
To me it sounds like something Football players do
with Gaterade after winning a game...

Beer should be more appreciated...

Another Learning moment: Cornhole
Kinda reminds me of SkiBall at the Arcades...
Here is How to play,
plus funny Team names, and don't forget to scroll down for the
Cornhole song! (It is kinda catchy...)

ANywho, that's my thoughts on the puzzle...

So I leave you with a warm memory. Remember these T-Birds?
(not to mention the Pink Ladies...)

Lemonade714 said...

CED, as a graduate of the Univerity of Florida College of Law and a proud Gator- it is GATORADE!

waseeley said...

Rich slipped us a great big red herring with his theme clue, as his picture looks more like a Titmouse (of order Passeriformes) than a thunderbird (not really a bird (maybe an Eagle of order Falconiformes?)). The unifier then was not really a classic car, but rather a classic animal (millions of years older than the car) of class "Aves" - literally a bird of "T"s. Okay that was a stretch, but this was one tough puzzle. And thanks to Lemonade for all the helpful illustrations, especially for the TT and PB.

Ol' Man Keith said...

Lemonade was too polite to say it, but that fat crow looks nothin' like a T-BIRD!

Being granted such a Rich surname as Proulx means this clever gent is doomed to never create a common Xwd. Today's complexity was fun, frustrating, and finally confounding. A perfect end-o'-the-week contribution to the Corner.
Oh, yeah, and he leaves us with nary a diagonal.

Anonymous T said...

Hi All!

ODETS is right?!?! Whoot! Sadly, DeBATaBLE is wrong... How is rooting for Boston Basketball not CELTism (er, IST)?

FIW but who cares... Thanks Richs for the Friday riches - what a cool puzzle! (...says -T)

LEM - My bird has shorter legs 'cuz I muff'd @ESmE.

Love Wyatt CENAC! He started on The Daily Show [correction: SNL intern] and has a great show on HBO.

WOs / ESPs - pictorial edition above.
Fav: BITE ME. Ever broadcast that to an entire sub-net on a Tuesday @10a? I have.*
Sparkle: COMICCON, BEER ME, HAT TIP, BAD DEBTS, BRA-PADS, HOTEL (not the dog/car/topHAT)... Cornhole! [Folks, don't look that up on Urban Dict.]

BigE & PVX - we had the same "ALT" spelling of HAJa.

{Solid A}

D-O: I don't know why BEER ME [Santa!] was not #1. Seems a no brainer.
And, don't get me started on Net Neutrality and PAI's insincerity. [MA-GSL (Gratuitously Strong Language) 19:32] Too late...

CED - Nope, No Zed(Hi C, Eh!) in FRezES. I know; what is our language coming to?

Anyone else notice that FREE is sitting to the left - below the bird? I feel some Skynyrd [11:48] comin' on. //trust me, it gets good around 6min in :-)

Cheers, -T
*not intentionally...

Robin Leach said...

Very cute post Larry Legend and I appreciate your moniker. For those Larry Legend is the nickname for the hall of fame basketball player also known as Larry BIRD.

OwenKL said...

Calamity! My laptop has died (again)! Last time they had to send it back to Louisville, and I was bereft for a week! For now, I'm using my old netbook, which hasn't been updated since Feb '17! And it looks like a lot of what I had even then has already been lost! So frustrating! I'll have to swipe my LW's laptop while she's at work or sleeping. If you don't hear from me for a few days, you'll know her rolling pin caught me in flagntry delecto with her coMputER

Alice said...

Lemonade, your write-up took most of the sting out of my frustration with this puzzle. Thanks for such honesty.

Anonymous T said...

errata: FREE is to the right [dys-sucks-lia!]

Jinx - don't think I didn't notice that you got the sub-joke of Recursion in Key of C. I was waiting for that and got the LOL I needed. DW, when I read it aloud to her, didn't understand either of us. Mission accomplished!

Cheers, -T

Pat said...

Heads up I think this means like in diving when one heads up you rise. Ambiguous clue. Heading up means rising.

Lucina said...

Buenas tardes!

Again, I'm late to the party! This day was unexpectedly busy with long distance calls from friends, one visit to a friend and one from a friend, then grocery shopping. Finally I returned to the puzzle which I had started this morning.

This was hard, thank you very much Rich Proulx! Are you an relation to the author, Annie Proulx? And thank you, Lemonade, for your welcome clarification of the them and drawing which I didn't attempt.

I knew the obvious fill: CARNE, UTERUS, HORACE, ODETS (for me), COMANECI, which I misspelled, DUBITABLE, also misspelled, FRISES. Hello, Irish Miss! I thought of you and your pups.

I also thought of Dudley at TAXIED. Where is he?

The ESTE family figures prominently in the movie, Enchanted April, one of my all time favorites.

It was a tough challenge and like others I had DEBATABLE instead of DUBITABLE. FIW

I enjoyed seeing JOWLED (fun word)and COMICCON (CSO to my daughter and her husband).

What a nice CSO to you, Lemonade!

I hope your day is spectacular, everyone! Tony, any flooding your way?

Anonymous T said...

Buggin' me all day says...

That (in)DUTIABLE(ly)! Something kept itchin' me...I know that! and I found the song [School House Rock 3:23 - stop at 2:51, the final phrase]

Lucina - No flooding since Tuesday [we & our stuff are fine] but we're expecting something real overnight. It's funny how the air was so thick Tues and then rains fell -- now it's starting to thicken again - I feel it in my bones :-)

Cheers, -T

Ol' Man Keith said...

I will always know ODETS whenever he pops up in a Xwd. When I was just a kid actor, an undergrad, in my first serious grownup acting class, I was assigned to play the role of Sid the Cab Driver in a scene from Waiting for Lefty.
The prettiest girl in the class, a darling named Sandy, was assigned to play opposite me as Flo.
Sid and Flo had plans to be wed, but because of the Depression and the economic exploitation of the drivers by the *#@! plutocrat taxicab company management, they could no longer afford to marry. A sad scene.
I got to talk thru my nose and say "dese" and "dose" with my primo Brooklyn accent. I remember one line in particular:
"Jeez, Baby, we got da blues, da nineteen toity-five blues."
And best of all, I got to kiss her.
And man, did she return that kiss! Whooo...
(Thank you, Clifford ODETS.)

Misty said...

Great ODETS story, Ol' Man Keith.

Wilbur Charles said...

FIW. I misspelled COMeNECI and didn't know PAI. Nor BCCS. So, FRAYED it was. I knew a YEE once. My sin Phil will to talk for an hour on Net Neutrality. Could be a knockout issue if that segment would only actually vote.

I got everything else. I originally had CULTISTS but fell into the DEBATEABLE trap. I knew HAJI though.

I worked bottom to top. The most famous BP* user? Annette Funicello during her Disney days. 8th grade mentality, indubitably crass.

Can Saturday be any harder? I did count 21 T's.

The famous Wilbur Little League no-hitter? I pitched five as a 12 and an 11 pitched the sixth. Amidst multiple BEER(Mes) we marched into the library, got the tape and bets were paid.

That's when I noticed a line for the ages: 0-0-9-11. Was it walks/SOs or vv? Either is mind blowing; 9 walks in five innings!!!??? It went 1,2,3 in the 6th.


Wilbur Charles said...

* Falsies as aforementioned

Son Phil, not conceived in sin.

CanadianEh! said...

Friday Folly. Thanks for the fun, Rich and Lemonade.
Plenty of crunch today. The bottom filled before the top, but still plenty of FIW. Plus, I could not find that TBIRD. I'll blame it on Tired Grandma Syndrome again.

Hand up for Debatable, difficulty spelling HAJA, FRISES, COMANECI.
I had Hewn not MOWN (plant owner as Hfr made no sense!); I held onto Umpire for a long time until SCORER was forced on me.
My bit of baby talk was GOO not COO (that's what doves do) which blocked ALBACORE.
This Canadian could not remember PAI but I did know TESSA!

I LOLed at BEER ME; after our previous discussion, all I could think of was YR's Merlot Me.
Off to rest up for another day with my energetic grands.