May 29, 2019

Wednesday May 29, 2019 Roland Huget

Theme: ROUGHHOUSE (61. Rowdy play, and what's hidden in each answer to a starred clue) - Four different simple shelters are hidden in each theme entry.

17A. *Cocktail ingredient often made with a mallet: CRUSHED ICE.

40A. *Sleep: SHUT EYE.
11D. *Quarterback's underhand move: SHOVEL PASS.

29D *Restraint on a prisoner: LEG SHACKLE. Thought they're called "leg irons".

C.C. here, filling in another blogging gap.

Classic 5-themer grid with a 7 in the middle. You won't get sparkly 8 or 9 non-theme fill in this grid design, but the fill will be clean.  

I like the re-phrase of the reveal entry.  Nice wordplay. The shelter is consistently contained in one word.  

1. Was short: OWED.

5. Cut short, NASA-style: ABORT.

10. "Got it": I SEE.

14. "The Great" detective of kid-lit: NATE.

15. "Green Acres" co-star: GABOR. Eva. Youngest of the three Gabors.

16. Tobacco plug: CHAW.

19. Come up short: LOSE.

20. Hand-held allergy treatment: EPIPEN. D-Otto has one in his fridge.

21. Invite to one's home: ASK OVER.

23. Not from a bottle: ON TAP. 35. They may be 23-Across: ALES.

26. Swivel around: SLUE.

27. Seasoned sailors: SALTS. This is OK, but you guys don't like TARS, right?

30. Automated blog participant, for short: BOT.

32. Runs in neutral: IDLES.

36. Anne of Green Gables or Annie: ORPHAN.

38. Orchestra __: PIT.

39. Skit bit: GAG.

41. Ottoman bigwig: AGA. Or AGHA.

42. 911 response letters: EMS.

43. Stick a stake in, as a vampire: IMPALE.

44. Pale: ASHY.

45. Totally sexy: SO HOT. And 48. Strongly craves, with "after": LUSTS.

47. La-la lead-in: TRA.

49. "Sorry to say ... ": ALAS.

51. Blazer material: TWEED.

53. Performer's "Nailed it!" gesture: MIC DROP. Even Obama did it.

56. Followed: TAILED.

60. Rubs the wrong way: IRKS.

64. Cuba libre mixer: COLA. China has Future Cola.

65. First name in cosmetics: ESTEE.

66. Persia, now: IRAN. Hi there Abejo. Also, WikWak, hope you read all these birthday greetings from our blog regulars back in April.

67. From the top: ANEW.

68. Direct: STEER.

69. Brooding place: NEST.


1. Some time ago: ONCE.

2. What wet boards may do: WARP.

3. Special case: ETUI.

4. Cruel rulers: DESPOTS.

5. Contract negotiator: AGENT. Who's the most powerful sports agent right now? I only know Mark Steinberg. Oh also Jerry Maguire.

6. Naughty: BAD.

7. Kimono accessory: OBI.

8. Almond __: crunchy candy: ROCA.

9. Hair piece: TRESS.

10. Apple backup service: ICLOUD. We have Google Cloud.

12. Maneuver carefully: EASE.

13. Still-life subject: EWER.

18. Coop group: HENS.

22. Ryan's "French Kiss" co-star: KLINE.

24. Sudden: ABRUPT.

25. Toaster pastry: POP TART. I bet many of you have never had egg tarts. So good.

27. Learned advisors: SAGES.

28. Enterprise competitor: ALAMO.

31. Long-armed institution: THE LAW.

33. "Magic" ball digit: EIGHT.

34. Collar inserts: STAYS.

36. Unit of resistance: OHM.

37. Cry from a pro: AYE. One who's for.

40. Raga instrument: SITAR.

44. Port on some stereos: AUDIO IN.

46. Familiar saying: OLD SAW.

48. Sister of Rachel: LEAH. Here is the Leah on our blog. Chickie.

Left to Right: Chickie, JD, Garlic Gal and Lucina.
June 3, 2015

50. Aloe targets: SORES.

52. Former anesthetic: ETHER.

53. Layered rock: MICA.

54. Common club choice on a par-three hole: IRON. Short par-three.

55. Publish in an online forum: POST.

57. Tackle box item: LURE.

58. Those, in Tijuana: ESAS.

59. Minor progress: DENT.

62. 4 x 4, briefly: UTE.

63. "Hmm": GEE.



D4E4H said...

FIR in 35:19 min.

Good morning mates.

Thank you Roland Huget for this enjoyable Wednesday CW.

Thank you C.C. for filling in to make your excellent review. the egg pies look delicious.


PK said...

Hi Y'all! Fun & fast puzzle, Roland! Thanks so much, C.C., for keeping the Corner alive and well.

Enjoyed filling the puzzle, but did not grasp the theme as actual shelters until C.C. explained. I got stuck trying to find the physical roughness of rowdy boys and that didn't work out too well. Very annoyed with my sluggish brain these days. All the bad weather reports have blown my mind, I think.

C.C.: Egg tarts look good. Are they sweet? They look like a sweet egg custard pie my grandma and I used to make. Haven't had one in many years. She sprinkled nutmeg on hers. My kids didn't like nutmeg so mine were plain. They liked lemon pie better with meringue better but I didn't make them often after my MIL stopped raising chickens and sending over eggs.

Lemonade714 said...

4 straight days of Burnikel guidance through the puzzle minefields, wow. With no long fill and a minimum of obscurity, this was a very fast Wednesday. I thought the theme was well done and the reveal was very clever.

I have two EpiPens and wonder if it is time to get new ones. SALTS TARS both are ok to me. I like seeing vampire and pale next to each other.

Egg tarts are also very popular in Thailand where deserts are not usually sweet. Do you go with the THEORY that it was first created in GUANGZHOU?

Thank you, Roland and C.C.

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

Up early this morning due to jetlag -- DW's jetlag, not mine. No problems with the puz, and d-o managed to get the theme once he got the reveal. Thanx, Roland and C.C.

AUDIO IN -- Don't think I've ever seen such a port on a stereo. They're always labeled something like Phono, Tape, CD, Aux, etc. Tape Monitor is usually an In/Out pair but since nobody uses tape anymore, it's more often used to connect an equalizer into the audio chain.

EPIPEN -- I know for certain that mine is expired. But, so long as I don't use it, it's doing its job. It provides a comforting, false sense of security.

Jinx in Norfolk said...

FIR, but erased scrub for ABORT, ooh-la-la for TRA-la-la, and ensued for TAILED. I liked ooh-la-la better. We would have had SO HOT, ooh-la-la and LUSTS across the tenth row.

When someone serves Tin a drink on the rocks, he is CRUSHED.

The police say that Bob Kraft's masseuse rubs the wrong way.

Thanks to Rowland for the fun puzzle. I had a lot of favorites, but narrowed it down to "special case" for ETUI and 'long-armed institution" for THE LAW.

Thanks also to CC for covering. I was thinking of Prez Obama's MIC DROP as soon as I filled it in. Oopsie!

Mme Dfrg said...

God Morning.

Thank you, Roland. I was stuck on CRUSHED ICE for the longest time as I was unable to parse it. I certainly couldn't think of any dice for a cocktail. Carrots? Peppers? Nah! I needed aloe for little wrist burns--not SORES--on Monday. Still not SORES because I used Arnica cream right away. Someday I'll learn to be careful of the oven racks!!!

I, too, thought of Obama with the MIC DROP, also Prince Harry and the Queen. I think that's when I first learned or understood its prevalence and meaning.

Thanks, C.C., for covering today. Nicely done.

Rain is still on the agenda. Have a sunny day regardless.

Oas said...

Great morning all.
Quick and fun puzzle this morning thanks Roland Huget and thank you CC for the review.
Cuba libre brought back memories of a wedding party reservation mixup that had the manager set up a round of Cuba Libres to pass the time while we waited for the table space.
Dw and I just returned from a motor car trip that took us through the beatiful North West States .
Washington, Idaho , Montana and a littl side trip to Wyoming , hoping to see some bands of wild horses. We realised to get the most of Bighorn and Pryor mountains we would need more time and hope to plan that for a future destination. Couer d’Alene and Winthrop were lovely places to visit even in low season. Great places to start the day with a morning Nature Walk . Breakfast then Voltaren for the knees and we’re set . Uphill is okay , it’s downhill that’s the killer.
Lovely day to all

inanehiker said...

Quick for a Wednesday solve. Definitely didn't get the theme until the reveal clue. The reveal was great because only "ROUGH" houses were included - no rancher or mansion!

For those with epi-pens- if it doesn't have the expiration date still on it- best way to figure it out is to call the pharmacy that you got it from. They will have their computer when you got it and can look up its expiration date!

Thanks CC for filling in and Roland for the puzzle!

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

This was a fun solve because the theme was so well hidden and clever, to boot. No real stumbles (Coke/Cola) and the only new phrase to me was Shovel Pass; I never heard that term but Wiki gives a clear explanation of it. I liked the Mica/Mic Drop crossing and it was nice to see Aloe as a clue rather than as ubiquitous fill.

Thanks, Roland, for a Tuesday treat, and thanks, CC, for pinch hitting again. You and Boomer make a great tandem team!

I watched two oldies last night: "Tootsie" and "The Goodbye Girl." Both were enjoyable and, in their own way, still timely, especially "Tootsie."

We have another dreary day, with way below average temps, and more rain coming later in the day. Yesterday, the cats and dogs were coming down in buckets!

Off to the ophthalmologist. Have a great day.

desper-otto said...

InaneHiker, the pharmacy where I got that EpiPen went out of business about 7 years ago. I'm pretty sure it's expired. ;7

Big Easy said...

Good morning cornerites. I never noticed the "rough" houses but filled it rapidly today with few perps- NATE, ESAS, ROCA, AYE, & ESAS.

I had a V8 moment on AYE after it was filled.
SHUTEYE- never can get enough.
I was thinking LEG IRONS but it wasn't long enough but IRON shower up along side SHACKLE.

ICLOUD- I've been using Google Drive, formerly Google Documents, since it was introduced many years ago. I wasn't about to buy a new Microsoft Office. My Office 2000 still works and Google Drive is FREE.

Husker Gary said...

-Me too on Lemon’s first paragraph
-Gogi Grant sang of a wanderer who was born “in a one-room SHACK by a railroad track”
-He picked up the tab because, “RomeOWED what Juliet”
-One of my fav GAGS – Tim Conway numbing his hand in a dentist skit
-“ALAS poor Yorick…”
-Ask this online EIGHT Ball anything
-We used to go every week when movies like Tootsie and Goodbye Girl were in theaters.

Spitzboov said...

Good morning everyone.

Easy enough for a Wednesday. FIR; no searches were needed. Got the theme after the reveal: ROUGH HOUSE. Considered "nude" before EWER.
ROUGH - German rauh, L. German ruug, Dutch ruw

QOD. - - “You can never cross the ocean until you have the courage to lose sight of the shore.” C. C. (Christopher Columbus [1451-1506])

Lucina said...


Thank you, Roland Huget and C.C.! Your overtime efforts are greatly appreciated, C.C.

I never saw the ROUGHHOUSES! Like PK I was looking for horse play.

This was an easy solve with no unknown names or terms. Only the SW corner gave me a problem as I couldn't wrap my brain around SHACKLE. I misspelled it, finally erased it all and started ANEW then it came together.

I'm off for my quarterly blood specimen draw. Hi, OMK!

Have a splendid day, everyone!

Mme Dfrg said...


Limerick Larry said...

My acrostic limerick. For those unaware, an acrostic limerick forms a five letter word, spelled out by the first letter of each line of the poem, that is “common” to the word’s meaning. Today’s choice is the answer to 68 across:

So I’m told, that this farmer’s on full
Track. Last Sunday, his tractor did pull
Every inch of the course.
Evaded runaway horse!
Really happened. And that, sir’s, no bull

Limerick Larry said...

@Jinx in Norfolk - 6:57 am

An acrostic limerick for you, referencing your police “report”:

Kinky football team owner named Bob,
Really likes it when things start to throb.
As he sought some response
For his now-aching schwantz
Turned to spa, where they polished his knob.

Misty said...

I had to work pretty hard on this Wednesday puzzle but in the end had trouble only in the northwest corner and cheated just a little by looking up one word. But lots of fun, many thanks, Roland. I got the solution on the bottom pretty early so spotted all those SHED, SHACK, HUT structures easily and only HOVEL was tough. Never heard of MIC DROP and never saw Obama do one. "Green Acres" was one of my favorite TV programs for years, and I loved seeing the photo, C.C.--thanks so much for posting it. Also loved the picture of our blog sisters. And C.C., you and Boomer really are our heroes this week for filling in when needed.

Like others, I have a doctor's appointment in a few hours--actually, an annual check-up with a nurse practitioner.

Have a great day, everybody!

waseeley said...

Only one nit - Mica is not a rock, it's a mineral. Actually it's part of a family of minerals (e.g. Muscovite, Biotite, and Lepidolite). Rocks are made up of minerals, e.g. Muscovite is a common component of the rock Granite (along with minerals from the Feldspar and Quartz families). Micas are the sparkly specs you see in Granite. Feldspars are the tan specs, and Quartzes are the glassy specs. If you see Granite rock with black specs then it contains Biotite Mica.

Another way to think of this is that
minerals have well-defined chemical compositions, whereas rocks are generally mixtures with variable compositions.

Abejo said...

Good morning, folks. Thank you, Roland Huget, for a fine puzzle. Thank you, C.C., for a fine review.

Got through the puzzle fairly easily. Caught the theme after i finished. I looked and looked and looked. Finally I quit looking for Rough Housing and fighting, etc. I then saw the "Rough Houses" SHED, etc. Very clever on Roland's part.

Tried CHEW before CHAW became it.

Easily got IRAN for 66A. I believe that AFGHANISTAN was also part of ancient Persia. The two countries speak the same language. The last monarchs of both countries had the same title: SHAH.

Had my pre-Op physical this morning. EKG was part of it. The Doctor said mine was excellent. I felt pretty good about that. My surgery is June 12th. Prostate removal. I guess all part of getting old.

Today is my last day of guarding the crossing. I have to do it this afternoon, as well. This morning crossed 68 kids in 1/2 hour.

See you tomorrow.


( )

triple crown said...

Re: Egg Tarts
First time I had egg tarts was in Chinatown, Los Angeles. A Chinese friend took us for
dim sum. First time for dim sum for the Occidentals. Yum! She had chicken feet as well as the more Western-friendly items. We polished off the meal with egg tarts. I went straight back to the take-out bakery and bought some so my husband could have a taste of the best dessert ever!

desper-otto said...

Rock on, Waseeley

AnonymousPVX said...

This Wednesday puzzle went quickly, much more so than yesterday.

No markovers today.

My weather....Sunday 100°, record high, Monday 100° record high, Tuesday 101° record high....another very hot one today.

Which brings up a question from yesterday for Lemony....I don’t understand your comment yesterday that “PVX and people think it is hot in Florida”.....

I didn’t mention Florida and I don’t live there, please explain.

D4E4H said...

Here is the latest on Alex Trebek.


CanadianEh! said...

Wonderful Wednesday. Thanks for the fun, Roland and C.C. (and for doing double-duty this week).
I FIRed with no inkblots and found all the ROUGH HOUSEs.

I wanted my Cuba libre to be a Rum and Coke like IM, but we get generic COLA.
Hand up for wanting LEG Irons, but I needed IRON for golfing at 54D.
It took a minute for 59A "Minor progress=DENT" to make a DENT in by brain.
This Canadian did not know Almond ROCA.

Anne of Green Gables and Annie are both Musicals, but ORPHANS fit the spot. "The Charlottetown Festival’s crown jewel musical returns for its 55th consecutive summer". You can book your tickets here. Don't forget to mention my name so I get my commission, LOL!

Wishing you all a great day.

Re Epipens: No refrigeration is required d'o??? (in fact, not recommended); just keep at room temperature and handy in case of emergency. (But extreme temperatures, like car on hot day, should be avoided.)
Lemonade EpiPen has an expiration date on side of the auto-injector (read it as the last day of the listed month and year). (OK, I see by inanehiker's post that perhaps your American Epipens are not always dated!?)
There were some previous supply problems, so do not dispose of an expired EpiPen until you have a new one on hand; an expired pen is better than none and may still provide adequate response in an emergency (but d'o, please get a new one!). Of course, seek immediate emergency medical help.

Misty said...

Dave, thank you for posting the good news about Alex Trebek. I've been amazed at how normal he acts and looks every night on "Jeopardy." I'll keep my fingers crossed and pray that he does go into or near to remission.

Jayce said...

I liked this puzzle. Didn't see the rough houses until reading the explanation here. I had EMT for the 911 response letters but quickly realized the T was probably wrong because LEG THACKELS, although funny, didn't seem right. I still don't know what EMS stands for or why it is a 911 response.

Thanks for filling in, C.C.

I love egg tarts. My wife calls them Dan Tat (pronounced approximately as don tot.) When she was a girl in Hong Kong I think that term was a nickname for a certain hair style.

Good wishes to you all.

Jayce said...

That should have been THACKLES.

CrossEyedDave said...

I usually do the Sudoku at the Dog Park but I woke up
very late today. Ended up doing the Puzzle instead while
The Husky tried to eat a smaller Dog through the fence of
the adjoining large dog/small dog park...

Got totally stuck with 4 boxes in the NE corner,
and decided to try again later...

It is amazing to me how you can be totally stuck one minute
& a brief rest opens your eyes.
Got it became I See
Still life became Ewer
& I had to change Chew to Chaw to fix Eese...
(Knew Ease, but Chaw still looks wrong...)

Abejo & WikWak, I did not find my Virtual greetings in CC's link,
& was taken aback that I could be so forgetful. Then remembered
that your cakes were belatedly posted in the following days Blog...

HG, re: 8ball
My bird bath water fountain pump stopped working
so I asked your 8 Ball what was wrong with it,
& it said "most likely..."

Rough House?

& one for Tinbeni...

& in remembrance of Eva Gabor (um, er, Lisa Douglas...)
If you ever need a Head Gasket...

(Sorry, the square egg video was poor quality...)

Bill G said...

Hmm, my knees get sore from time to time. I wonder if it could be LEG THACKLES?

Ol' Man Keith said...

I always worry for the sound engineer when some thoughtless performer does a MIC DROP. Some of those microphones are expensive--and highly sensitive.
I wonder how many of those who "nail it" get handed a bill as they make their exits into the wings...

Misty ~
I hope your (and others') doctor appt. goes well today. Mine was yesterday. Some tests ordered, but all looks good.

Jayce ~
EMS = Emergency Medical Service (where the EMTs hang out).

Anonymous T said...

Hi All!

Got a late start today because I was up all night with a very sour stomach; not much SHUT EYE w/ that...

Thanks Roland for the smooth Wednesday puzzle - not many ROUGH spots and only a few ink-OVERs to IRK myself. I liked the theme; like IM said, well hidden until the end.

Thanks for picking up the helm today, C.C. - wouldn't have The Corner without you. I missed HUT until your expo.

WOs: scrub b/f ABORT (hi Jinx!), same SHACKLE debacKle as Lucina, EMt b/f EMS (Hi Jayce!)
Fav: after yesterday's STYX - Long arm of THE LAW [Renegade - 8:14]

PK - I was glad to read last night that your loved ones are unscathed. Scary stuff.

OAS - that sounds like a wonderful trip!

Fun Green Acres clip CED! CORNY.., but fun.

D-O: My receiver/amp in the garage just says "Line".

OMK - I'd hope the sound engineer realizes what's about to happen before the DROP and removes his/her headphones. As for the price of the MIC - If one can't cover it, one doesn't deserve the effect :-)

Cheers, -T

Jayce said...

Ol' Man Keith, thanks for the EMS explanation.

Bill G, take care of your knees.

Dropping the mic has been imitated to death.

I so much love the clue for THE LAW.

Abejo, I hope your surgery goes smoothly and successfully.

Misty said...

Thank you, Ol'Man Keith. My check up was okay but pretty superficial, I thought. I miss the better care I got at Gottchalk up on campus, but the venues in Laguna are just much quicker and easier to access. But I'm glad all looked good in response to your check-up, and will hope for good results on your future tests.

Anonymous said...

Dropping the mic is for egomaniacs.

Ol' Man Keith said...

Anonymous T ~
An appropriate answer within the boundaries of our (not-so) "Free" enterprise system. Limit the *#@! FX to those who can pay!

Plain Anonymous ~
For egomaniacs and free-booting capitalists.

Anonymous T said...

OMK - Hey, I can't afford it but if I ever had something that warranted it... YOLO! :-)

On those lines... Anon@4:29 - com'on... You never wanted to just "and with that... Boom! You LOSE!"?

While I was expecting Mueller to sound like DeNiro [SNL] this morning, he pretty much MIC DROP'd on Congress -- S*** or get off the pot.

Let's pop some corn and watch as this s*-storm unfolds...

Cheers, -T
//Please don't read this as political - I'm agnostic and I find the whole thing disturbingly amusing.

Anonymous said...

AnonT. Nope. My ego isn't that it needs to show up others to make myself feel better. But to each his own.

Alex Trebek's mustache said...

Speaking of Obama...

I really enjoyed the last category in tonight's Double Jeopardy! round. I can't recall its exact title but it kept your mind jumping from one possible answer to another all the way to the end of the clue. What fun! It had me stammering trying to keep up! " governor chick....oooh, yeah her!

I'd like see something like that again.

Big Easy said...

AnonT- an investigation into something that didn't happen and those clowns are trying to fabricate an 'obstruction' case when there was nothing to obstruct. Congress will not "S*** or get off the pot" but they might end up with a lot of it on their faces when the dead end investigation hits the fan.

PK said...

Dave4: Thanks for the latest on Trebek. The man is having a miracle thus far.

Never heard of a mic drop before.

Still no one tells me if EGG TARTS are sweet...

Wilbur Charles said...

I finally got solving over Japanese food at West shore Mall. I was supposed to get teeth pulled but the dentist didn't like the complex Medical record I filled out.
And that was without mentioning prostate cancer. So, another referral to an oral surgeon. Meanwhile I will try to knock off the infection with the amoxicillin.
TMI. Sorry.

Oh the xword. Let me look.

I see I got the tense wrong and had IDLED/S. I never did check. Enterprise reminded me of Picard and Star Trek

Bruins came out to overtime completely sluggish. Just a matter of time. Total reverse of game 1.

Now for NBA tomorrow.

-T, you opened the political floodgates. Mueller and Comey are Cops. They don't have political advisors nor want advice. Putin is an old Hardline KGB guy. He's of a "political persuasion" that's not unlike Lenin and a host of descendants.

eg. He's in no way shape or form a nice guy.


Jayce said...

PK, the nice thing about them is that they are not too sweet.

Wilbur Charles said...

I finally got solving over Japanese food at West shore Mall. I was supposed to get teeth pulled but the dentist didn't like the complex Medical record I filled out.
And that was without mentioning prostate cancer. So, another referral to an oral surgeon. Meanwhile I will try to knock off the infection with the amoxicillin.
TMI. Sorry.

Oh the xword. Let me look.

I see I got the tense wrong and had IDLED/S. I never did check. Enterprise reminded me of Picard and Star Trek

Bruins came out to overtime completely sluggish. Just a matter of time. Total reverse of game 1.*

Now for NBA tomorrow.

-T, you opened the political floodgates. Mueller and Comey are Cops. They don't have political advisors nor want advice. Putin is an old Hardline KGB guy. He's of a "political persuasion" that's not unlike Lenin and a host of descendants.

eg. He's in no way shape or form a nice guy.


** It never was commented on but on the winning goal the Blues were able to pull the goalie with the penalty called and the sixth skater was the key to setting up the winning goal.

Lucina said...

After hearing from Robert Mueller himself, I don't know how anyone cannot smell a rat in the ship of state.

Michael said...


Your words remind me of an ancient joke:

“Are you a member of an organized nation?”

“No, I’m American.”

waseeley said...


waseeley said...

Thanks D-O. I am rockin' on with my 8 yo grand daughter, who has recently shown an interest in R&M. I got her a remaindered copy of Herbert Zim's compact classic Golden Book, "Rocks and Minerals" - beautifully illustrated and chock full of information. All you have to do is keep your eyes on the ground (good advice for old timers when out in the wilds!).