Sep 13, 2019

Friday, September 13, 2019 Steve Faiella

"Non-rhotic Dancing"

15. Time for an Oktoberfest tradition?: POLKA NIGHT.   Poker night.

23. Movie about a Jewish wedding staple?: HORA FILM.   Horror film.

33. Festive Brazilian gathering?: SAMBA OCCASION.   Somber occasion.

48. One in a line of frolicking sea creatures?: CONGA EEL.   Conger eel.

56. Wedding reception highlight ... and a feature of four puzzle answers: FIRST DANCE.

Common phrases change meanings to well known dances by replacing the "r" sound of the last syllable of the first word to a short "a" sound.   Reminds me of talking with some folks from New England.   I can hear Wilba dropping the R sounds as I read his words.

This is Steve's debut on the grand stage of the LA Times crossword.  Great job, Steve !


1. Pretend to be: ACT.  Or,  do something.  Don't just sit there.  Get moving.  It's good for your metabolism and general health.

4. Center: MIDST.

9. Foot, in zoology: PES.   Latin.

12. "Isn't __ Lovely": Stevie Wonder hit: SHE.  Great musician, songwriter and singer. 

13. Toyota until 2006: CELICA.  In 1979, Toyota introduced the Celica Supra.
Here's the 2020 Supra, minus the Celica:

14. Posted: SENT.

17. Erase: UNDO.   The electronic version, as compared to using that little piece of rubber on the top end of your #2 Ticonderoga.

18. Deplorable sort: LOUSE.  A parasitic insect too !

19. Where to find letters on tracks: MAIL CAR

21. Medical events in a 1977 Robin Cook thriller: COMAS.  "...Susan researches what happened to her date and discovers Boston Memorial’s dirty secret: their rates for patients lapsing into coma during surgery are above the norm."  Forgotten Bestsellers - Review at

24. Celebrity chef Garten: INA.  The self-taught chef of "The Barefoot Contessa" fame.

25. Set of values: ETHOS.  Beliefs.

28. Thinks intently (over): MULLS.  Ponders.

29. Impedes, with "up": GUMS.  Gear driven machinery needs oil and lubricants to run smoothly.  Dust, dirt and debris can turn the lubricant into a heavy viscous sludge that prevents smooth operation.  It was from the industrial age that we got the expression, "Gums up the works".

31. Paramedic letters: EMT. Emergency Medical Technician.    Lifesaver.

32. Old brew revived in the 2000s: PBR.   Pabst Blue Ribbon.   Husker Gary had "Pabst dispenser" on Saturday.

38. Rapper will.__: i am. is the singer / songwriter / frontman and more for the Hip Hop group Black Eyed Peas.   If you are not otherwise familiar with them,  you may have heard part of the lyrics from their song "Let's Get it Started" in the Walmart back to school commercials.

39. Stick in a lock: OAR.  Interestingly enough, the u or o shaped devices attached to the gunwales* of a rowing boat that secure the oars are called oarlocks.  Sometimes this language makes complete sense.

* sides, for you other landlubbers.

40. Jazz vocalist Laine: CLEO.  Didn't know, but perpable:

42. See 14-Down: ACIDS.

45. Charged: RAN AT.   Possibly ran up, if you charged too much on your credit card.

47. Reservoir creator: DAM.

50. Increases, with "up": RAMPS.  Drop the R and you get the same effect.

52. Creator of a sci-fi "Traveller": HG WELLS.  HG Wells is credited with creating the sci-fi concept of time travel.  The character in The Time Machine is known only as the Time Traveller.  He meets Eloi and Morlocks in the future.  

53. Schroeder's toy: PIANO.   Good grief !   A love triangle.   Lucy is in love with Schroeder, but the prodigy's true love is the classical compositions of Ludwig van Beethoven.  Name that toon.

55. Getting __ years: ON IN

60. Rolled __: OATS.

61. Conceptualize: IDEATE.  In a sense, incubate.

62. One may be bruised: EGO.   One may be interlocked: Lego.

63. MIT, for one: SCH.

64. "Cool!": NEATO.  Rad.  Phat.  Awesome.  More ?

65. Yang's opposite: YIN.


1. Nile danger: ASP.

2. John of "Star Trek" (2009): CHO.   Also of "Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle" fame.

3. 1967 Etta James hit: TELL MAMA. I don't remember this song:

4. Target section: MENS.

5. Nastase on the court: ILIE.

6. Archaeological site: DIG.

7. Jerks: SCHMOS.

8. Member of Genghis Khan's horde: TATAR

9. Write (in) tentatively: PENCIL.  Perhaps with a #2 Ticonderoga. 

10. Ultimate objective: END-ALL.

11. Weather headliners: STORMS.   Dorian dominated the news for a couple of weeks.  Terrible tragedy in the Bahamas.

13. Reason: CAUSE

14. With 42-Across, corrosive substances: SULFURIC.

16. Camping letters: KOA.  The world's largest system of privately held campgrounds. New 2019 Campgrounds     Jinx can tell us more, perhaps about best and worst experiences.

20. Shakespeare's plays are full of them: IAMBS.
 Well la di da !

21. Slangy smoke: CIG.arette.

22. Heavy weight: ONUS.

23. Glowing barbecue bit: HOT COAL.  Do you start your grilling with Kingsford, Royal Oak or chunks of hardwoods, known as lump charcoal ?

26. Orioles, e.g.: TEAM.  MLB AL East cellar dwellers of late for this once perennial powerhouse.

27. Medical care gp.: HMO.

30. Bits: SMIDGENS.

32. Prefix with sail: PARA

34. __ metabolism: BASAL.  Just read base metabolism.  The minimum body processes needed to keep you alive without using artificial means. 

35. Recyclable item: CAN.

36. Source of status: OLD MONEY.  Old money as with the Vanderbilts.   As compared to new money like the Gates.

37. Tide table term: NEAP.   Spitzboov nailed this with the N.

41. Sounds heard at an ashram: OMs.  A monastery in Indian religions.

42. Blessing evokers: ACHOOs.  Bless you.

43. Colombard grapes product: COGNAC.  Had a cognac exactly once in my lifetime.  Not my cuppa, but it was at once the best and worst cognac I've ever had.

44. Part of, as a gang: IN WITH.   I'm in with the in crowd.   I go where the in crowd goes.

45. Live: RESIDE.  Got the answer quickly after changing the vowel in the clue from a long i to a short i.

46. Sports news: TRADE.

49. Like the Hollow Tree Factory bakers: ELFIN.  You can get Uncommonly Good cookies made by elves using magic ovens from the Hollow Tree Bakery.

51. Santa __: ANA.  He ordered the attack on the Alamo, and then later ceded Texas.  Wait, no, that was two n Anna. 

53. Exam for jrs.: PSAT.   Juniors / Preliminary SAT.   Rick Singer and Mark Riddell can get your scholastically challenged girls into USC with a high SAT or ACT score and an athletic scholarship to the water polo or crew teams.

54. "Leave __ me": IT TO.  I'm leaving it all up to you.  You decide what you're gonna do.  Or are we through ?

57. Stephen of "The Crying Game": REA.  He was nominated for an Academy Award in this movie. This three letter answer should be a gimme for any LA Times solver, as it seems to be Rich's go to clue for this answer.

58. Movie SFX: CGI.  Special effects / computer generated imagery

59. DMV wait time, seemingly: EON.   Hyperbole for the time spent at the Department of Motor Vehicles.   Illinois residents know that they will have to get a Real ID if they want to take a domestic flight or enter any federal facilities starting Oct 1, 2020.   The current drivers license does not meet federally mandated requirements.  I've read some of the stories and talked to some people who have waited for hours at the DMV only to be rejected because they didn't have the required documentation.  Here's a link to what is required:  Real ID Documentation Checklist

Check your answers here:


OwenKL said...

How do we ACT in the MIDST of trouble?
Some are like a fragile soap bubble.
The ACID fact --
You'll find them in the rubble.

MAIL CARS were once used on trains
The cars lasted a long time frame.
In eighteen sixty two they began
To ninteen seventy seven they ran
'Twas train robbery FILMS gave them much fame!

1862-1977 = 115 years

D4E4H said...


Good morning Cornerites.

Thank you Steve Faiella for your challenging Friday CW.

Thank you TTP for your excellent review. So many videos, so little time.


Lemonade714 said...

Welcome Steve F.

I had ETTA JAMES in last week's Friday offering. I have read COMA and a few other of Dr. Cook's novels but as TTP points out they seem a bit repetitive. It is ironic that Michael Chrichton directed the movie version as he too wrote thrillers.

Today is my grandson's 2nd birthday so happy day my OWEN and happy day to all of you.

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

Zipped right through this one. Must've been on Steve's wavelength. Cute theme, nicely executed. Enjoyed the expo, Lemonade. It was the bee's knees.

OLD MONEY: Not chez d-o. It doesn't hang around long enough to get old.

CELICA: I had one back in the '80s. Looked faster than it actually was.

PBR: "What'll you have?"

PSAT: In my ute, kids took the ACT.

ON IN: On in years is an afflication of many who contribute to this blog.

EON: Checked my license the other day. The Texas driver's license is compliant with the new requirements, but only recently so. My license isn't compliant, and the new law goes into effect before my license expires. I could renew early, but think I'll just use my passport for any air travel.

Harvard Yard said...

What a great idea Steve Faiella! And well executed. I wonder if his name rhymes with paella(our Steve mentioned this yesterday).

And speaking of theme how 'bout this for today's puzzle?

R loss is our gain.

Thanks for the puzzling morning, Steve.

Jinx in Norfolk said...

FIR, but erased rAIL CAR, ETHic, ____sEaL for CONGA EEL, aler for TEAM, and ELves for ELFIN.

My uncle was station master at the C&O station in Hitchins Kentucky. If he had a passenger who wanted to board, he would operate the semaphore to get the engineer to stop the train. If the train had a passenger to discharge, the engineer would blow the whistle so that my uncle would know he was stopping and would meet the passenger. Otherwise my uncle would put the outgoing mail on a hook, and a device on the MAIL CAR would grab it on the way by. Someone in the MAIL CAR would toss out the incoming mail pouch onto the platform.

GOP was too short and Republican was too long for "deplorable sort".

One of the two biggest successes (IMO) of the EPA was the incredible reduction of sulfur dioxide in the atmosphere, which vastly reduced acid rain. (The other is the tremendous reduction of lead in the environment.)

We never bought charcoal when I was growing up. There was a charcoal plant about 10 miles away, and whenever we ran low we would go there after hours and pick up chunks that had fallen off the trucks. (Never bought Christmas trees either, just went into the woods out back and cut one down.)

An old saying in MLB is that the best teams lose 1/3 of their games, the worst teams win 1/3 of their games, and champions are determined by the other 1/3. Baltimore (and Detroit) are proving that it ain't necessarily so.

Worst KOA: Clearwater, FL. Trying to identify the best is like trying to pick a favorite child. Maybe Savannah South because of its swan lake, or Kingsland, GA because of their BBQ dinner delivery and Belgium waffles with bacon for breakfast.

Thanks to Steve for the fun, tough puzzle. And thanks to TTP for the review, but your example of English makes sense includes the word "gunwales", which is pronounced "gunnals".

Oas said...

Good morning all.

The second dreary drizzle day and Friday the 13th to boot.
Whew !! What a slugfest this puzzle turned out to be.
Desper-otto My hat off to you for whizzing through this one.
My Mcd’s coffee is cold . Need a refill.
It took too long , but I stuck with it and managed to fill it all in.
Good workout STEVE F and fine review TTP thanks.
Loved the dance theme . DW and I are still avid dancers . Old time , ballroom , latin you name it . Lots of Latin to choose from- SAMBA, mamba, Salsa, Regea, Chabatta Tango, Rumba, Cha Cha et al.
Good to see Owenkl back in form.

Spitzboov said...

Good morning everyone.

Belated Happy Birthday to Steve on his 60th. I always look forward to his Thursday expos.

Somehow, mucked my way through the early phase of the solve. When I saw FIRST DANCE and the placement of the a's, I started cruising. Ultimately FIR. No searches or erasures were needed.
TTP is probably right about NEAP, although there are other terms on tide tables. NEAP seems to be a cw favorite.
MULL - Is an island in the inner Hebrides.

Have a great day.

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

I had a few hiccups here and there, but, overall, I finished in decent time. My hang ups were: Cho, Tell Mama, HG Wells, Cognac, and Elfin. I had Pod before Pes and Abby before Cleo. Where Abby came from is a mystery. Was there an Abby Laine or was I subconsciously thinking of Abbey Road? Smidgens made me chuckle because my ex-sister-in-law pronounced it Smidgets. Achoos had the same effect as my sister, Eileen, "Achums" so loudly she draws startled stares. (Why her achoos are achums is another mystery). After I finally realized the tightness of the theme, I was even more impressed with the cleverness.

Thanks, Steve, for a fun Friday and congrats on your debut and thanks, TTP, for your sparkling and fact-filled review.

Have a great day.

Anonymous said...

Charcoal briquettes......who knew? Just another one of those things I’ve never thought about. Interesting!!

CanadianEh! said...

Fabulous Friday. Thanks for the fun, Steve (congrats on your debut) and TTP.
I was sailing along quickly, jumping all over the CW, but got held up in the NW corner.
I did get the theme DANCEs but this Canadian only heard the accent with HORA FILM and missed the others, LOL. Plus I arrived here to discover I FIWed - Rail CAR instead of MAIL, which gave me the odd Schros instead of SCHMOS.

I wanted Loser before LOUSE. (Is that 18A clue political? I see Jinx thought so.)
Paw changed to PES.
I Rolled Over before OATS filled the spot.
MULLS made me think of cider . . and right above PBR.

Enjoy the day.

OwenKL said...

I didn't notice the specific sound change, but wasn't too happy with the consistency of the clues. I used to dance a lot -- square, ballroom, contra -- and the only polka dance I ever attended was at an Oktoberfest, so unlike the others, that was a clue to a real thing. And the clue of festive was a striking antonym to somber, while the rest were simple puns.

Yellowrocks said...

Fun and fast for a Friday. One "duh" cell. O in OM and CLEO. So obvious. Obviously, I didn't check my work. Great theme, Steve. Thanks for the review and links, TTP. Friday's theme is often add a letter, drop a letter, or change a sound. Knowing this helps a heap.
ACT in the "pretend to be" sense is captured in this warning. "Act as though you are not afraid."
PBR was all perps, I have never seen the PBR initials used for Pabst Blue Ribbon.
"Tell Mama" was new to me, perps and wags.

Jinx in Norfolk said...

RIP, Eddie Money. One last ticket to Paradise. I always liked your ACT.

Husker Gary said...

-HORA FILM gave me the gimmick and SAMBA OCCASION made me laugh out loud.
-I’m careful before I hit SEND on an Apple Message because I can’t UNDO that
-My letters on tracks were first a RAIL CAR due to signage and graffiti (Why is it usually unreadable?
-My target had a RING section before I realized what Target was being referenced
-My friend told the school secretary (is that an un-pc word now?) to PENCIL me IN as a sub for September 30
-SULFURIC ACID from batteries made small holes in dad’s shirts before batteries became sealed
-My golfing partner pitched for the Orioles in their glory days
-Over a thousand more people in the next ten years will RESIDE across the street south from me
-The DMV in our town is the County Treasurers office and a wait over five minutes is unusual

TTP said...

But Desper-otto, how are you going to be able to fulfill your civic duty if you get called for a federal grand jury or trial ?

DW had to renew her license, so we spent an hour or so gathering paperwork and she drove the hour round trip to the full service DMV get her Real ID. She had to wait about an hour. She had everything she needed except she took a copy of a utility bill that had our address but didn't have her name on it. She didn't want to take a copy of her charger card bill with her name and address. She got rejected even though other paperwork had both of our names and address. She ended up renewing at a closer DMV that only does minimal services and does not issue Real IDs.

Husker Gary, and Steve, belated Happy Birthday wishes to both of you.

Yellowrocks said...

TTP I have used bills for proof of address by blacking out sensitive info, a major part of the bill, with Magic Marker. Too bad your wife made the long trip without getting a Real ID. I have often done this with bank statements to ascertain my income. I black out all but my name, address, and appropriate income line(s). I understand we can use a passport in place of a REAL ID.

TTP said...

Yellowrocks, yes, I told her that. She's hardheaded. LOL.

Yes, the link says that a valid US passport is acceptable.

desper-otto said...

Dang, I did it again. Today is Friday, so it must be Lemonade. Sorry, TTP.

Misty said...

Welcome, Steve, and I really enjoyed your Friday puzzle. These are usually toughies for me, but I was delighted to get quite a lot of it without any problem. Was surprised to get CELICA since I don't know much about cars, but this must have stuck with me from the past. My German background helped me get POLKA NIGHT. Had to laugh when the Blessing evokers turned out to be ACHOOS. No problem getting ILIE and H.G. WELLS. Only silly problem was getting OAR--even after I got it I still couldn't quite picture it until TTP's helpful explanation. Anyway, a lot of fun, and many thanks, Steve and TTP.

Have a good day everybody!

desper-otto said...

TTP, not sure about federal court, but in my county once you turn 70 you can take your name out of the jury pool. I listened when my weak bladder urged me to do that.

Jerome Gunderson said...

Fun puzzle... Just enough zaniness to make me smile.

Not so fun...

Cause of laughter at a barn dace? Reel funny.

Lucina said...


Whee! This is what 8 hours of sleep will do for me: I'm more alert than usual so Steve's grid sped by for me, too. Congratulations on your debut, Steve!

I also got the -ER change in each themer. Yea! I, too, laughed at SAMBAOCCASION (SOMBER).

All was rolling along smoothly until I hit the eastern corner where PEDS held me hostage. Once I erased it the rest flowed in quickly and my PENCIL did double time.

COGNAC is a drink I've only had once as well but it recalls lovely memories. It was on a dinner cruise on the Thames on a beautiful afternoon.

ASHRAM is familiar only because of Elizabeth Gilbert in her book, Eat, Pray, Love.

I read Robin Cook's COMA(S) so long ago I don't recall any details except that I couldn't put it down at the time. Haven't read any others.

IAMBS and Shakespeare always get kudos from me.

Great job, TTP, thank you.

Have a fabulous Friday, everyone!

AnonymousPVX said...

This Friday puzzle was a bit tricky but well put together.

No markovers today.

You can opt out of the County/State/Federal Jury pool in SC at age 65.

I don’t have a REALID yet, but I do have a passport, so no issues. Getting the REALID next year.

And on to Saturday.

Anonymous said...

What is a CONGA EEL? I have danced on POLKA NIGHT (but in Milwaukee, not at a German Oktoberfest); I have seen a HORA FILM (The Wedding Plan), and I can imagine a SAMBA OCCASION (in Havana); but I have no concept of dancing eels, let alone CONGA-ing eels.

Ol' Man Keith said...

I smile at the ingrained belief that we must wait an EON at the DMV. That hasn't been my experience. Maybe once, decades ago, I had to wait longer than I wanted to. But local complaints were answered.
Now we make reservations, and our DMV honors them.

I got a kick out of the "non-rhotic" dance theme. So often we are asked to react to various erotic dances, so why not this homonym for the opposite?

desper-o ~ Same here. We can opt out of the jury pool at age 70. I guess they really don't want to deal with us old-timers and our various idiosyncrasies, health issues, etc. (Well, that's OK; we return the love.)
We have a single diagonal on the near side. The anagram refers to an incompetent cowpoke who's wandered off the track, a...
- OR -
By juggling different letters, this could also stand for a displaced figure who would not be missed by a condemned man. I mean a...

Jinx in Norfolk said...

Conger is a type of eel. It will bite you. You can eat it. Fair trade.

PK said...

Hi Y'all! Fun but tough, Steve! Easier for me by 5 minutes than Thursday's puzzle. Great expo, TTP!

Loved the dance theme. When I was 16, I danced the polka for hours with a cowboy in leather shirt & hat in a little bar in Crested Butte, Colorado. Got blisters on my feet so bad, I kicked off my shoes and kept dancing barefoot. Then I couldn't wear shoes for a week until the blisters healed. Never saw the cowboy again or even knew his name. So fun!

Paw, Pod, PEd, PES? Really?

DNK: PBR & COGNAC. Ironic that not drinking alcohol often hinders me doing CWs when if I drank, I wouldn't be able to see the squares at all probably.

During WWII my dad sorted mail in the railway mail terminal in Union Station, KCMO. My uncle rode the train mail car. Both were over 40 and too old for military service.

Jinx in Norfolk said...

Potential jurors are mistreated here. You have to call in every evening for a month to find out if you have to show up the next day. Even if you are a juror in one trial, you still have to call in after that case ends until your month is over. I have no idea how independent business people and consultants cope with it.

Typically, I get my notice to show up for the month of February. I reply that I will be in Florida then, but that I would be available in May, July, September or November. They reply that I'm excused until June. I reply that I will be out of town working part of June (and August, October and December), but am available in May, July, September or November. They reply that I am excused for June, and they will let me know when I'm needed. Never hear from them until the next year.

I have served on jury duty in California, Texas and Georgia and was proud to do my part to support the judicial system. But I'm opting out here when I qualify to do so when I become 70.

Lucina said...

We also can make appointments at the DMV here. I'm debating on going for my Real ID next year because my passport is good for 5 more years.

In AZ we can opt out of jury duty at age 75 and I have done that.

CONGAEEL is a play on words on congerEEL. Clever!

Spitzboov said...

5 States issue the enhanced driver's licence. The states of Michigan, Minnesota, New York, Vermont and Washington State are currently the only states issuing enhanced drivers licenses.

These are border states with Canada Eh! and allow local border crossing (driving) without carrying your passport.

Yellowrocks said...

At our local DMV we are met at the door and asked our business. If ID is required we are immediately sent to the ID line. The documents are returned upon examination, which is why my black out method feels safe. If documents do not pass you know right away. Then we are sorted into other lines. Once I enter the door it usually takes 20-25 minutes if a photo is required, otherwise a little less. I live 5 minutes away from the facility. When the parking lot is full or the line is out the door I return later. The waiting time has improved. And because of passing there many times a week I can judge the optimum times.The worst feature is the several rude clerks. My photo ID shows an upset YR. Rather than opting for a second shot, I just raced for the the exit.
As a teacher I was exempted from jury duty during the school year and was called several years in the summer. My stints only lasted one day or less.I forget when I aged out of the pool.

CanadianEh! said...

Spitzboov - your info about enhanced licences for crossing the Canadian border is interesting. OTOH Canadians require a passport or Nexus card to cross to USA. I presume we are just talking about crossing in a car. Plane travel requires a passport on both sides I am pretty sure.

desper-otto said...

Jinx, that sounds like cruel and unusual punishment. Here (in Harris or Montgomery counties) it's one day or one trial. If you're not empaneled by the end of that day you're free. In Montgomery county you can check online the night before to see if they have a jury trial scheduled for your day. If not, you're free.

On the other hand, our DMV doesn't give any do-overs on the DL photo. One shot, and that's it.

Michael said...

I'm with Yellowrocks @ 9:36. The answer for 32A was not clued as an abbreviation, and there aren't any 3-letter beers (Brew 102 doesn't count). Perps saved me, but 'PBR' just wouldn't resolve in my Friday-feebled mind.

Roy said...

POD(O), PES, PED(O): Latin or Greek?.

POLKA told me I was looking for dances, but missed the puns.

I'm more used to SCHMOeS.

Peanuts, AKA Charlie Brown, Snoopy

In HS English, I learned that Shakespeare's plays were written in IAMBic pentameter.

In New York, how long you're called for a petit jury depends on the jury pool vs the case load in the individual county. In Saratoga County, it's been a month. You call in the night before to find out if you're needed the next day; if you're not selected you're told when/if to call in again. If you are selected, that's it for the month. Grand jury is for the term of the jury. (I've found grand jury more interesting.)

Spitzboov said...

CanadianEh! - Right; passports are required for international plane travel. The enhanced license is also intended for Mexico or the Caribbean through a land or sea port of entry. Curiously only those 5 northern states have commenced issuance. so far.

CanadianEh! said...

SwampCat -I just started another Louise Penny novel, Kingdom of the Blind. You got me hooked!
Love this paragraph. Any of us who are dealing with relatives, friends, patients with dementia will appreciate it.

"The father of a good friend had developed dementia and died recently. For the last year or so of his life, he no longer recognized family and friends. He was kindly to all, but he beamed at some. They were the ones he loved.
He knew them instinctively and kept them safe, not in his wounded head but in his heart.
The memory of the heart was far stronger than whatever was kept in the mind."

Jayce said...

I loved the sound changes. Every one of them made me smile or chuckle. I did enter PED before being forced by that STORM to change it to PES. I'm still trying to think of a word that contains PES meaning foot but have not yet succeeded.

I had heard the 3-letter term MGD for Miller Genuine Draft but, like Yellowrocks, have never heard of Pabst Blue Ribbon referred to as PBR.

Entering ELVEN instead of ELFIN slowed me down, too.

COGNAC, or any brandy, is also not my cuppa. I'm pretty much a Scotch and Vodka (not at the same time!) guy.

I loved Coma and read it twice. Liked the movie, too. While Genevieve Bujold is not an actress I particularly like, she did a pretty good job IMO. I always love Richard Widmark.

I suppose many English words are IAMBS, but interestingly the word iamb itself is not. Can you think of any that aren't from the French? Okay, "suppose" is. Hmm, so is "itself." Gosh, I just used 2 of 'em.

I've blathered enough. Good day to you all.

Unknown said...

Good afternoon, folks. Thank you, Steve Faiella, for a fine puzzle. Thank you, TTP, for a fine review.

Did this puzzle in Johnsonburg. Cruciverb worked fine.

Caught the theme easy enough. All the dancing words made sense.

A couple tough ones: CLEO, TELL MAMA.

Liked HOT COAL and the Henry Ford and charcoal story. I had heard that before, but not via youtube. Very interesting. I love to grill with charcoal. I do use Kingsford.

We are attending my wife's 50th High School reunion this weekend. Should be fun.

See you tomorrow.



Yellowrocks said...

Canadian @4:07, that passage calls to my heart. My mom may not have known us in her head, but it was obvious we were special to her and held dearly in her heart.

Lucina said...

After heated debate and contentious discussion (it's AZ, after all) the legislature finally approved the Real ID and it will be issued in the next week or two and will cost $25.00.

Anonymous T said...

Hi All!

Thanks Steve for cuttin'-the-rug at the LAT (and congrats!). It took me a bit, and I nearly got it, but FIW at CONGoEEL. I guess I didn't fully grasp the theme's 'R' drop /Boston accent thing (just the dances).

Fun expo TTP - I'll be back for the briquettes video.
HG - Great minds think alike at Ring and graffiti

WOs: PEd/PES, MAMBA b/f SAMBA, Elven, ON-up in age.
ESPs: INA [aptronym when discussing not having buttermilk on hand? INA pinch...], BASoL [sic], ILIE, CLEO
Fav: SCHMOS. I just enjoy that word. SMIDGENS is cute too (Hi IM!) - Grams used to say it.

{B+, A}
OMK's DR: LOL - #1 made me think of Blazing Saddles in general, and #2, um, more specifically. //look closely at the horse's mane.

C, Eh! - you're going to have to explain MULLS / cider relationship. Canadian brand of potent potables?

YR - for brilliant marketing look no further than the re-branding/building of PBR. [APM's MarketPlace interview with a GM at PBR]

PK - Tin has no problem seeing the grid ;-)

Jinx [post edit - D-O said it] - I'd never juror under rules like that. DW had duty last week. Come in on this day (months in advance), wait to be called, if you're not called, go home. Duty (might be upto a full day) done. //the trial DW _wasn't_ selected for will go on for at least a week. DW's telling of it makes me think she was a PITA** - she'd parse counsel's questions b/f answering. I've always heard English Majors make good lawyers and I suspect that's true b/c I've never won an argument :-)

OMK - our DMV is similar here in Ft. Bend County (and maybe other SMIDGENS of) Texas. We can "get inline" online. Once you arrive at your "rough appointment time," it's only about 2 minutes of sitting about. Of course, once you see someone, you will never have the right paperwork [Youngest had to go back 3x! once because her "enrolled in school" paper was 1 day too old]. Anyone see Zootopia? Flash* at the DMV is my fav.

C, Eh! redux - It's funny that, when I've been to The Great White North, the only thing Customs really cared about is am I getting paid for being there. I went for conferences (CanSecWest) and things were cool but, when I went to visit our office in Calgary, I was told by boss-man, "Say you're only there for meetings. You will not be doing any laboUr. Get it?" The irony, we were on a corp jet and, when Customs stepped on:
"Everyone's got a passport, eh? OK." and that was it.
I did get some tax form from TGWN that, thankfully, hr/legal handled.

Cheers, -T
*last scene explains why he's Flash
**Pain In The donkey

PK said...

Tony: Tin must hold his liquor better than I. One drink was always my limit and it didn't agree with me.

These new ID requirements are a little overboard for me. You need documents to prove any name change. I haven't seen my marriage license for years. All I ever had was a marriage book and I haven't seen it since I moved two houses ago. One person I know was married twice and has no idea where either marriage certificate or her divorce decree are. These happened in more than one state. This is blatant sex discrimination. Men don't have name changes so they can sail on thru. Now that we are wise enough to vote, the privilege may be taken away from women because we can't prove name changes? My passport lapsed years ago & I don't intend to travel, but I do want to vote.

Anonymous said...

Lucina said:

"After heated debate and contentious discussion (it's AZ, after all)"

Sad to say this in not unique to Arizona! This is true of every state in the union. Well I guess it true in Canada too. Wait, Brexit makes it so in Great Britain. Wait isn't the entire EU always debating stuff. The middle east tends to bicker also. Well totalitarian China is in complete agreement. Well except for Hong Kong and Tibet.

Oh, nevermind.

TTP said...

@7:29, well I didn't think you would show up again, but there you are.

Great points, PK. We searched longest for the docs to prove DW's maiden name.

Jinx, and all these years I thought it was gun wails. So many words that I've read and formed my own pronunciations for, only to find out later that they were wrong. Facade being just one of many examples.

Frank Costanza said...

Hey TTP.

Let's play some shuffleboard buddy.

CanadianEh! said...

YR @4:28 - yes, my Dad was the same.

AnonT - you can MULL cider (lovely for a cool fall day). Here's a link wher INA MULLS cider. (Sorry I can't link properly on my iPad)

Anon@7:29 - yes even in Canada, we sometimes have "heated debate and contentious discussion"! And now we are in federal election mode . . . which means lots of debating😮🇨🇦

Spitzboov said...

Gunwale or rarely gunnel (both /ˈɡʌnəl/)
Upper edge of the hull. The top timber on the rail round the outer edge of the deck.

Gundeck - To mark a maintenance or PMS check as complete without doing the work. Aka 'Pencil-whipping,' especially when intentionally falsifying logs or records, filling in the blanks just before an inspection. Aka 'Radioing in' a report. ‘Radioing’ is also used to refer to work that is logged before it is performed.

TTP said...

PK, et al., I didn't mean to say that we couldn't prove her maiden name. She had her social security card. It was finding the marriage certificate that was the hard part. Then to be rejected because of the lack of her name on the utility bill...

PK said...

TTP: I have not needed my marriage certificate since 1963 when we signed it on our wedding day. This annoys me greatly. Men don't have to show their marriage certificate. My name is already on my utility bill since I live alone. I changed my name on the social security account for the government when I married. You'd think that would be adequate for gov. purposes. My name shows up on tax forms with the ssn. I've paid a healthy amount toward salaries for those gov. employees who now will hassle me when I want the new ID. Guess I'll just stay home where the person living there knows who I am.

Anonymous T said...

C, Eh! here's yourlink but I still didn't get it - does MULL mean add booze(?). So, ILU - Mulling is the spices steeped into a liquid. I'm done for the day; I've learned something (and also about "Go a wassailing"). Thanks C, Eh!

TTP - It's that kinda stupidity that cracks me up...
I mean, obviously, you went through all the trouble to fake the SSID, marriage cert, etc but "Aha! this electric bill doesn't confirm your assertion!" Surly you didn't expect Holmes of the DMV to miss that detail.
Sorry you were foiled by the electric bill. I can forge one for your next visit ;-)

//It's like all the dangerous folk in the Bahamas, those who likely waited years mind you, who by luck of a hurricane can finally sneak into the US.

Heated debate (and I mean real substantive debate - not the playground rhetoric / talking heads yelling over each other we oft hear) is the foundation of democracy. Factless, red-herring, and/or Ad-hominem attack laden arguments seem to be the order of the day. Makes me wonder how soooo many of us got soooo dumb that we can't follow a reasonable argument [I mean if we could, 'they'd' give us one, right?] and, perhaps, come away with an appreciate of the other side of the coin?

On another note, as per Spitz, I need to Radio-in my TPS report. //what the hell did I do last week? I know I worked my ass off but... This is when I go to my SENT-mail :-)

Cheers, -T

Wilbur Charles said...

Well, I just finished reading Friday's comments. So, again, FLN

" I can hear Wilba dropping the R sounds as I read his words.".. Somebody said "Calmer" today as KARMA and I knew we had NE'er. Boston or perhaps down East (ME)

Re. COMAS. Probably IDEATED from a CNA knocking off nursing home patients outside Boston.

Re. Shroeder… Gary: from Thursday's Peanuts and the Algebra question. I'd love to have you pose it to one of your sub classes. It'd occupy them for awhile. I posted the link.