Sep 1, 2019

Sunday September 1, 2019 Gail Grabowski

Theme: "Wide-Screen Display" - Each theme entry is in the pattern of H* D*:

27A. Aircraft carrier storage area: HANGAR DECK.

29A. Performer using hand motions: HULA DANCER.

49A. Just okay: HALFWAY DECENT.

67A. Interior designer's concern: HOME DECOR.

85A. "ER," for one: HOSPITAL DRAMA.
104A. Pointer, e.g.: HUNTING DOG.

109A. Certain downpour downside: HAIL DAMAGE.
37D. Real go-getter: HUMAN DYNAMO.

41D. Nutritionist's recommendation: HEALTHY DIET.

126A. How most TV shows air, and a hint to nine puzzle answers: IN HD.

This complements the IN HD puzzle we had a few years ago. Fun to read Santa again.

Again, Gail started her first two theme entries in Row 4 rather than the traditional Row 3. This way, the two Down 11's could be placed where they are right now. As she had theme material in both Across and Down, she made sure the longest non-theme entries ares 8-letter long. 

1. Moussaka ingredient: LAMB. I think that's eggplant under the ground lamb.

5. Angular pipe fitting: ELBOW.

10. Motion carriers: AYES.

14. Distorts: SKEWS.

19. Hesse-based automaker: OPEL.

20. Portmanteau breakfast brand: MAYPO. Never saw this in our local grocery store.

21. Pic, in ads: FOTO.

22. Like a fog-enshrouded cemetery: EERIE.

23. Trendy farewell: CIAO.

24. Join the contest: ENTER.

25. Aussie greeting: G'DAY.

26. Slender-billed marsh bird: SNIPE.

31. Jobs in clubs: GIGS. Here's a Chinese Idol performing Chinese version of "Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!". The singer is well-known in Beijing's club scene.

32. Ever so slightly: A TAD.

34. Somme soul: AME.

35. Arrival announcement: I'M HERE.

38. Holy sanctuary: SHRINE.

40. Singer at Barack's 2009 inauguration ceremony: ARETHA.

43. Dispense drinks: POUR.

44. Murmured romantically: COOED.

45. Crimp-haired critter: EWE.

46. Towel designation: HERS.

48. All-hrs. convenience: ATM.

54. Electrical unit: AMP.

55. Opioids watchdog org.: DEA.

56. Ready to blow: IRATE.

57. Kitchenware brand: OXO. D-Otto likes this brand.

58. How many rumors spread: ORALLY.

60. Almost reaches: NEARS.

62. Gross portion: DOZEN.

64. More sharp: TARTER.

65. Navy Cross, e.g.: MEDAL.

71. Emmy winner Christine: LAHTI.

72. Macron's palace: ELYSEE.

74. Shirt tags may irritate them: NAPES.

75. Birthplace of the violin: ITALY. Piano too. We have 93. Piano piece?: PEDAL.

77. Karaoke singer's liability: TIN EAR. Been loving "Lost Without You" lately. So moving.

78. "Evil Woman" gp.: ELO.

79. Pain-relief brand: ADVIL.

81. Grumpy companion?: DOC. Disney dwarf.

84. Picasso's here: ACA.

89. "Rosemary's Baby" novelist Levin: IRA.

90. Capital south of Quito: LIMA. And 103. Pacific Coast country with a 22,000-foot peak: PERU.

92. __ Adams: SAM.

94. Come off as: SEEM.

95. Throat tissue: TONSIL.

97. Chicken serving: BREAST. Boomer uses Fryin' Magic to coat the chicken pieces. Amazing.

99. Style popularized by the Beatles: MOP TOP.

101. Bout ender, briefly: TKO.

102. Sommelier's suggestions: REDS.

115. Vast, in verse: ENORM.

116. Hibernation spot: LAIR.

117. Attracted: LURED.

118. "I heard you the first time": OK OK.

119. Backpack feature: STRAP.

120. Glamour shelfmate: ELLE.

121. Type similar to Helvetica: ARIAL. Our blog uses Georgia.

122. Late hours, in ads: NITE. And 68. Hr. when the sun is strong: ONE PM.

123. All lathered up: SOAPY.

124. Source of many tweets: NEST.

125. Basket contents, perhaps: WASTE.


1. Nessie's hangout: LOCH.

2. Samoan capital: APIA.

3. Have in mind: MEAN.

4. Writer with a website: BLOGGER. I'm one, but Google owns the site. We can't even block those mean-spirited anonymous attackers.

5. Come to light: EMERGE.

6. Reels in: LANDS.

7. Part of MB: BYTE.

8. Gp. with pipelines: OPEC.

9. Place to do a job: WORK AREA.

10. Throw on the couch?: AFGHAN. Nice clue.

11. "Hey, bro": YO DUDE.

12. What makes lists briefer, briefly: ET AL.

13. Tofu source: SOYA. To the British.

14. Bagel choice: SESAME.

15. Fashion house founder Cole: KENNETH.

16. __ Burdon, the Animals' frontman: ERIC. Unknown to me.  Is he very famous?

17. Moist towelette: WIPE.

18. Visionary: SEER.

28. Natural drier: AIR.

30. Be loath to: DARE NOT.

33. Spruce (up): TIDY.

35. 2010 Apple debut: IPAD. Seems like ages ago.

36. Floater in a sunbeam: MOTE.

38. Like either "g" in "George": SOFT.

39. British general at Bunker Hill: HOWE. Googled afterwards. William Howe.

40. Leave wide-eyed: AWE.

42. Biceps band: ARMLET.

44. Don't play well together: CLASH.

45. Thrifty, in brand names: ECONO.

47. Johanna who created Heidi: SPYRI. This Swiss lady.

49. Historic Florida racetrack: HIALEAH.

50. Part of ETA: Abbr.: ARR.

51. Drifts off: DOZES.

52. Boardroom VIP: EXEC.

53. Cheerful refrain: TRA LA LA.

59. Word near Kazakhstan on Asia maps: ARAL.

61. Minimal effort: EASE.

62. Stop on a line: DEPOT. And 63. Commemorative lines: ODE.

65. Black Sabbath's genre: METAL.

66. Bring forth: ELICIT.

69. Niger neighbor: MALI.

70. Romantic triangle figure: RIVAL.

73. It formed some features of Arches National Park: EROSION.

76. Director Burton: TIM. Directed Johnny Depp in a few movies:  "Edward Scissorhands"; "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory"; "Alice in Wonderland", etc.

79. Mixes in: ADDS.

80. "Phooey!": DRAT.

82. McFlurry flavor: OREO.

83. Sleep out, say: CAMP.

86. Abe's role in "The Godfather": SAL.

87. Did a takeoff on: APED.

88. Regulation affecting boxers?: LEASH LAW. Another great clue.

91. Raid product: ANT TRAP.

94. Layered Italian dessert: SPUMONI.

96. Like Speedos: SKIMPY.

97. Suffers from the heat: BROILS.

98. Feel sorry about: REGRET.

99. Stick one's nose where it doesn't belong: MEDDLE.

100. Man-mouse link: OR A.

103. Kilt feature: PLEAT. Looking good.

104. Pianist Dame Myra __: HESS.

105. "Do __ others ... ": UNTO.

106. Romance novelist Roberts: NORA.

107. Secluded spot: GLEN. And 108. Secluded spot: DALE.

110. Surrounding atmosphere: AURA.

111. Camera lens feature: IRIS.

112. Comparable (to): AKIN.

113. Many a black-clad teen: GOTH. There's a goth lady in our local flea market. She wore black from head to toe. Same outfit for about 12 years.

114. Scratched (out): EKED.



D4E4H said...

This is for - T: coniglia, coniglio ! See 75 A for the language

For others, Rabbit, Rabbit !

FIR in much time.

Good morning Cornerites.

Thank you Gail Grabowski for this enjoyable Sunday CW.

Thank you C.C. for your excellent review.

31 A -- Jobs in clubs: GIGS. Youtube presented Andrea Bocelli after your link.

(T !)<--- There was something important there, but the computer ate it, and I can't remember what it was.


desper-otto said...

Good morning!

Just realized that this is a holiday weekend. Guess I must be "really" retired.

Got through this one quickly. No Wite-Out required. No H-Ds noticed until the reveal. D'oh! I liked the MEDAL/METAL cross. Also the GLEN DALE echo. Glendale must be a really secluded place. Thanx for the outing, G.G., and for the expo, C.C.

MAYPO -- Vaguely remember this brand from my ute. Haven't heard of it in years. It was always Malt-O-Meal at our house.

ERIC -- Interesting to see Burdon and Burton in the same cw. Burdon was probably best known for The House Of The Rising Sun back in '64. He was part of the "British Invasion."

Ever heard of a Drop Stop? I bought one this past week after spending an hour looking for the car-clicker. Clever invention. Sure, it's over-priced, but effective.

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

I'm always pleased to see Gail's byline, whether it be solo or with Bruce, as her puzzles are always fun to solve and usually have a clever theme with smart cluing and fill. I saw the HD repetition early on and, with the title, had a pretty good idea what the reveal would contain. I liked Dozen crossing Dozes, and the Pedal/Medal/Meddle medley, and, thanks to DO, I can add Metal, which I overlooked. Also, Lima and Peru standout. My favorite C/A was Throw on the couch=Afghan, which I filled in without a moment's hesitation. Gotcha, Gail! My only w/os were Audi/Opel and Okay/Ok Ok and my only unknowns were Eric and Aca. The unusually low count of proper names was a welcome relief, especially after yesterday's bombardment.

Thanks, Gail, for another enjoyable and challenging solve and thanks, CC, for the usual insider's comments and viewpoint.

Thanks to all those who shared their opinions on Mike's pillows. I'm going to place an order today.

Dorian was just designated a Category 5 hurricane. Thoughts and prayers go out to all those in his path, right now, those in The Bahamas.

Get well soon, Owen.

No one mentioned any news about Ferm's absence; I hope she is okay.

Have a great day.

Big Easy said...

A more than HALFWAY DECENT puzzle from Gail that took a couple of WAGs to complete. My first thought on "Part of MB" was Mercedes BENZ. Never heard of MAYPO cereal, but figured it was MegaBYTE. I see from the box that there is NO Y in either MAPLE or OATMEAL. How'd they come up with that name?

And then was Christine LAHTI AND Johanna SPYRI, which called for a coin flip between E&I; I won. ACA as Spanish was an unknown. So Was Tim Burton, ACA as Obamacare I know.

ADVIL-Pain relief has gone down from yesterday's DEMEROL

ERIC Burdon- "There is a house in New Orleans, they call the Rising Sun, and it's been the ruin of many a poor boy...."

I'll be out of touch for three weeks on a vacation. CIAO.

Green Machine said...

I read this article just a day or two ago and today I see ATM. Isn't that crazy? Not really as ATM probably shows up about once a week!

Happy Birthday ATM

Snow White said...

Noticed many crossword staples in the mirror this morning.

Ole, Koko, Ria, Lara, Deke, Siri, Parts, Aron, Tard, Edo, Rial, Mas, Cod, MTA and of course Elle, Aca, Oxo and Ewe.

I couldn't make up Toner Ad or Pot Pom.

JJM said...

After reading Owen's post @ 7:26 on WED AUG 28, I was hopeful that Mensa would carry the Sunday LA Times Crossword as well. Unfortunately, they don't seem to have done that. Guess I'll have to find another place to do it online.

Jinx in Norfolk said...

FIW, counter-guessing Big Easy at the Natick of SPYBe x LAHTe. Also didn't fix MOTh, because I didn't catch DhA.

Beto wouldn't fit "performer using hand motions". Melissa nor Bee would fit "part of MB", so like BE I filled, then erased, Benz.

If I live to be 100 I will never understand why Gail didn't clue the ELO fill with "'Don't bring me down, BRUCE' performers".

I like the NORA Roberts' novels she pens under JD Robb. Eve Dallas kicks booty.

Thanks for another fun Sunday offering, Gail. I really liked HUNTING DOG and LEASH LAW because I like all things canid. My favorite was BREAST because, well just because. And thanks to CC for another informative review.

Big Easy, have a great time on vacation.

Husker Gary said...

-Gail’s lovely puzzle was my fastest Sunday solve ever
-Huskers did SEEM to be only HALFWAY DECENT yesterday
-Even Mickey Mantle chanted this line of my yute
-I loved the Chinese singer!
-A superintendent once told me, “I heard you the fourth time!” Hmmm… Maybe a sign to move on?
-Do you also have a magic WASTE basket that always seems to be full?
-Listen to what I MEAN, not what I say
-Did the minutemen ever see the whites of HOWE’s eyes?
-SAL didn’t make it out alive
-I wonder if any of those men in kilts would wear a Speedo
-GLEN, DALE, LAIR, NEST lent a nice feel to that area of the puzzle
-A boy at school dressed as a GOTH the day after Columbine and then complained that kids were picking on him
-Golf with grandson today. Life is good!

Jinx in Norfolk said...

Snow White very, very clever. But maybe you should get out more. Thanks for the grins.

Snow White said...

Lol! Jinx.

I was thinking the same thing as I was making notes of all that qualified. The neat thing is that many here on the corner will appreciate my observation, unlike my SO or anyone else I'll see today. Thanks peeps.

By the way, the seed to my obsession this morning was noticing the PARTS of a backpack featured on the reverse side were the STRAPS.

Shaw Blades performance

SwampCat said...

I really liked this clever puzzle ! Thanks Gail
for all the fun. LEASH LAW for boxers, throw on the couch for AFGHANS. Piano piece wasn’t student but part of the piano PEDAL! Such fun. Thanks Gail.

C.C. it’s always a treat to follow your lead
on Sunday.

If anyone hears from Owen, please let us know how he is doing. Sending healing thoughts!

Bashful said...

Also, it is no mix up that I didn't comment on SNIPE. Or LIMA and MALI.

SwampCat said...

Dumb autocorrect. That student was supposed to be etude but autocorrect doesn’t like music apparently. ...sigh.

Misty said...

I loved, loved, loved this Sunday puzzle--thank you so much, Gail, for giving me a great morning. The words filled in slowly, but they kept filling and filling. And some were so much fun. I cracked up when I realized that those boxers were dogs and not fighters, and cool that the LEASH LAW popped up next to the HUNTING DOG (am guessing it doesn't apply to them). Had to give my dog Dusty, sleeping next to me, a couple of extra pats. Of course, I figured the source of tweets would have to do with computer, and laughed when it turned out to be NEST. And I noticed the HD configuration early and that also helped with the solves. A real delight, Gail, thanks again. And I always look forward to your great Sunday commentary, C.C.

Have a great day, and a good month coming up, everybody.

Wilbur Charles said...

I had TAUTER. I should have grok'ed ARAL*. Then it would have been I or E on that Natick.

I still haven't done Saturday. Running around all day.

Ubiquitous is what those MAYPO ads were in the day


Speaking of xword staples

Abejo said...

Good afternoon, folks. Thank you, Gail Grabowski, for a fine puzzle. Thank you, C.C., for a fine review.

I started this in the NW corner and just moved toward the SE. Most of it went smoothly. I caught theme and it did help with some answers. HD

Remember MAYPO well as a youth. I have no idea if it is still around.

I finally remembered OXO.

Liked Gross portion, DOZEN. I did remember that a DOZEN DOZEN is a GROSS.

We had a POINTER for about 15 years. The best dog we ever had. She would fetch all day. Her name was Jenni.

General HOWE at Bunker Hill reminds me that my niece just moved there to live. Charlestown, MA.

LAHTI was unknown. Perps.

Lots to do today. See you tomorrow.


( )

Picard said...

FIW with incorrect WAG of LAHTa/SPYRa. I really don't like when proper names cross. Otherwise enjoyed the puzzle.

But HD has nothing to do with WIDE SCREEN. Not sure who chose that title. HD is about resolution, regardless of the aspect ratio.

CC ERIC Burdon and the Animals are fairly well known to those of us who were children in the 60s and 70s. The last I heard they are still on tour. Burdon is 78.

And MAYPO was also well known to our generation. Never tried it. But the ads were non-stop when I was a child. They featured famous athletes crying "I want my MAYPO". Does anyone else remember these ads?

Here is one 30-second TV ad for MAYPO that packed in several top athletes of the era.

HULA DANCERs show up at a lot of events in our area.

Here is an article I wrote a year ago about the Aloha Festival with lots of HULA DANCERs at the Ventura County Fairgrounds.

A big car show was happening there at the same time.

inanehiker said...

With the H/D theme this was faster than usual!
Thanks HG and Picard for the MAYPO links - I had a vague memory from when I was a kid of those commercials, but couldn't remember the exact wording- sort of that eras "Let go of my Eggo"

Thanks to CC and Gail for a fun Sunday!

PK said...

Can anyone tell me how to deactivate my AD BLOCKER? What would I go to, step one, on my toolbar, etc. I can't get into any of the LA crossword sites without giving info I don't want to give or deactivating the ad blocker. I'm having cw withdrawal syndrom.

Spitzboov said...

Hello everyone.

Did the puzzle before company came for lunch.
Not hard for a Sunday. Got the HD schtick early. Only one small white-out and one search were needed. Gail's puzzle are always fun to work on.
ACÀ - Had ici before deciding Picasso was Spanish. LIU'd and saw it had to be acà.
HANGAR DECK - The plane storage area is called either the HANGAR DECK or HANGAR bay. Hangar deck is more nuanced. It is the 'main' deck on a carrier. The flight deck is 4 decks higher (or O-4) level on a Nimitz class. The bridge is several decks above that.
TIDY - A Navy synonym for 'spruce up' is "titivate". In theory part of the HANGAR DECK could be titivated; especially if it hosted the Quarterdeck (in port).

Jinx in Norfolk said...

PK, if you are using Chrome, try clicking on the three vertical dots in the upper right, then hover your cursor over more tools, then click on Extensions. Hopefully Ad Blocker will be there, and you can turn it off by sliding the on-off bar on the bottom right of its box to the left.

Or just download Firefox and don't install the extension in it.

If you are using Edge, download either Chrome or Firefox and don't install the extension.

Jayce said...

I liked this puzzle a lot. Took me a while to change DAYTONA to HIALEAH and MAISON to ELYSEE, after which all went smoothly. Laughed out loud at LEASH LAW for some reason. Liked the clue for NAPES. Also liked the clue for AFGHAN although I put in PILLOW at first. Plenty to like about this puzzle.

I liked your Glendale observation, desper-otto.

In basic training we had a drill sergeant named Coniglio.

Snow White, very cool.

Yeah, I remember those "I want my MAYPO" ads. Mom never actually bought any of the stuff, though.

Our son and his wife are out at Lowe's looking for a new Bosch dishwasher. I'm sure they'll have no trouble finding one they like.

Happy September, all.

jfromvt said...

East theme and easy puzzle. Nice break! Happy Labor Day weekend everyone. Hard to believe it’s September.

jfromvt said...

Interesting story recently in our local paper about MAYPO. It was invented in Burlington, VT and made for decades here by the Maltex Company. Eventually they were sold to a conglomerate, who came in cold turkey in the late 1960’s, closed the plant, fired everyone and moved the production to PA. Corporate America just as cold hearted back then as they are now.

Lucina said...


Very late to this party which I see is sparsely attended. Most of our members must be out enjoying the long vacanza weekend. Good for them!

I, too, loved Gail's puzzle today and not just because she included my surname, DALE, and the nearby city of GLENDALE.

Unlike the rest of you, though, I am unfamiliar with MAYPO and had trouble filling that area. It never did EMERGE and so I had to rely on C.C.'s BLOG to finish.

The HD gimmick appeared early on and that helped with the long fill.

HULA DANCER mentally took me back to Hawaii and recalled some lovely memories.

I love KENNETH Cole shoes which are pricey but worth it; they are so comfortable and usually attractive.

OXO makes excellent kitchen products.

There is so much clever cluing in this puzzle, like for LEASH LAW and MOTH.

Johanna SPYRI is well known to fourth grade teachers and Heidi a well loved book.

Thank you, Gail and C.C.; you are most certainly a capable BLOGGER!

I hope all are enjoying a restful holiday weekend!

Spitzboov said...

I love maple products, but have never liked Maypo. Dunno why.
I did eat Maltex as a kid and rotated between oatmeal, Maltex, Wheatena and Cream of Wheat. These days it's Old Fashioned Oatmeal with molasses 5 days a week and eggs & toast on the weekend.

Jinx in Norfolk said...

Lucina, when I lived in Phoenix my mailing address (near 55th ave and Pinnacle peak) was Glendale. I had to convince the CSRs at the water company and TV cable company that I really did live in Phoenix and they actually do service my address. IIRC, I had to talk to a supervisor in both cases.

GarlicGal said...

To JJM - Lat week a cornerite suggested the Washington Post site to get the LAT puzzle. It's working for me!
Good luck.

PK said...

Hi Y'all! Thanks, Gale & Master BLOGGER C.C.!

I was IRATE and fuming around here in crossword withdrawal today. Then realized I have to take the local Sunday paper in order to get on the internet edition every day. They put it on the bench on my porch at 3 a.m. every Sunday morning and I throw it in recycling later in the week. Today I marched out and rescued the CW and calmed my ire. Despite having blurry vision and struggling to read the small, faint print, I finished the puzzle. No EASE here, but satisfaction none-the-less. I haven't done a puzzle this hard with paper and pencil in a long time.

However, LOCH and CIAO were all I had right in the NW corner. I don't know why H-ANG and BLOGG wouldn't pop into my mind. I thought moussaka was wrapped in grape "Leaf" so LAMB never occurred to me.

Tried Daytona before HIALEAH.

DNK: MAYPO. Left the "Y" square blank.

Had a "D" instead of "C" in ACA. Minor goofs. Glad to get most of the fills. HALFWAY blind now, but...

Jinx: thanks for the directions for ad blocker. Will try that tomorrow. Hate to do it, but want to keep my CW skills sharp somehow.

PK said...

I was really missing the blog people as much as the cw. Great people here!

Wilbur Charles said...

I finally got to the Saturday xword. I sorta dread it but enjoy once I get going. The key this week was knowing ALBEE,BALLOU Etc or ETAL.

Re. Chet Arthur. He's the oddball answer to a trivia question: Name the president's who were Brigadier or higher Generals prior to POTUS.

ARTHUR's post as comptroller of the port of NY held an equivalent rank of Brigadier . Another list is president's passed over for a second term.

There's Apple pie and then there's my late mother's apple pie which was non pareil. She followed the custom of the slice of cheese on top. We were a plain Irish family so were content with American cheese.

Btw, she liked Northern Spy the best.


PS. I can't take ADVIL so I asked about a substitute. The recommendation: DEMEROL. I don't think so. I have a bottle of Vicodin left over from getting teeth pulled. 1 ½ gone

Wilbur Charles said...

Btw, I don't have privs or know-how re. Opening a new day on the Jumble. TTP, would you know how to grab the Jumble words and riddle picture and begin as new day?

Either post here or send me email at Or... Post it at the Jumble blog


CanadianEh! said...

Super Sunday. Thanks for the fun, Gail and C.C.
I'm late to the party too and WEES by now.
I did finally see the HD which hastened the solve.

I don't think I have ever eaten MAYPO and thought it was unknown, until (like inane hiker) I was reminded by HuskerG and Picard of those commercials.
Yes, Lucina, I am one of those young Heidi readers, but I can never remember the spelling of SPYRI.
HIALEAH is unknown to this Canadian. I will LIU.
My British- American history did not impress the name of HOWE in my memory.

Enjoy this Labour Day weekend. Stay safe if you are in Dorian's path.

CanadianEh! said...

WC - yes Northern Spy apples are my choice for making apple pies also. My Dad used to say "apple pie without cheese is like a kiss without a squeeze".

Demerol would not be a good substitute for Advil (I wanted another anti- inflammatory Aleve at first) for anybody, and is not recommended at all for seniors. If you can't take anti-inflammatories, acetaminophen (Tylenol) is usually a good, more equivalent choice. (I believe your American Vicodin is like our Percocet, containing acetaminophen and a narcotic oxycodone)

CanadianEh! said...

OKOK, I LIUed (I can't do that while posting on my iPAD or I lose my post).
I have been to Miami, but missed HIALEAH.

Vicodin has hydrocodone (not oxycodone). Close but not a match.