Sep 8, 2019

Sunday September 8, 2019 Pancho Harrison

Theme: "Oh, It's You Again" - O is replace by U in each theme entry.

23. Kiss during a nature walk?: TRAIL BUSS. Trail boss.

35. Window installer's course of instruction?: PUTTY TRAINING. Potty training.

38. Jam component?: STUCK CAR. Stock car.

54. Charles Goodyear, notably?: RUBBER BARON. Robber baron.
70. Eccentric who has status in the community?: NUT WITHSTANDING. Notwithstanding.

88. Big galoot serving as first mate?: CAPTAIN'S LUG. Captain's log.
104. Dent in the hockey arena's protective shield?: PUCK MARK. Pockmark.

106. Cesar Millan specialty?: PUP PSYCHOLOGY. Pop psychology.
124. Measure of complacency?: SMUG INDEX. Smog index.

Total 9 entries, 7 with first word conversions. 2 with last word changes. So no-odd man out.

I must have caught something at the VA clinic or the big VA hospital on Thursday/Friday. Been sleeping a lot, still feeling lousy. Short write-up today.


1. "Righteous!" in the '90s: PHAT.

5. Capital of Turkey: LIRA. Sunday clue. Currency.

9. Speed deterrents: BUMPS.

14. Like cried-over milk: SPILT.

19. Apiece: EACH.

20. Fever with chills: AGUE. Poor Boomer is having the awful side effects of the Zometa infusion again. Chills being one of them.

21. Caver's cry?: UNCLE. One who caves.

22. Vaughan of jazz: SARAH. One of the favorite vocalists of Wendy's husband.

25. Showy parrot: MACAW.

26. Muse for Shelley: ERATO.

27. Protein-building acid: AMINO.

28. Matter basics: ATOMS.

30. First-year law student: ONE L. I read this book years ago. Exhausting read.

32. Has __: knows someone: AN IN.

33. Optimist's words: I CAN.

42. Creator of Horton the Elephant: SEUSS.

43. __ Paulo: SAO.

44. Life's work: CAREER.

45. Largish chamber group: OCTET.

47. Part-time player: SEMI-PRO.

51. __ standstill: AT A.

52. Rich kid in "Nancy" comics: ROLLO. The other "Nancy" character we see occasionally is SLUGGO.

57. Breather: LUNG.

59. Hurled weapons: BOLAS.

61. Breaks down: ROTS.

62. LiMu ___: bird in Liberty Mutual TV ads: EMU.

63. Tiny dividers: AMOEBAE.

65. Strikes lightly: TAPS ON. Like your apps.

68. Soothes: EASES.

74. Quaker in the woods: ASPEN.

77. Like most pretzels: SALTED.

78. Porcupines and prairie dogs: RODENTS.

82. Arthur of "The Golden Girls": BEA.

83. Thriller writer Hoag: TAMI.

85. Four-door, usually: SEDAN.

87. Court filing: SUIT.

93. Site of Hercules' first labor: NEMEA. He slew the lion there.

95. Self-esteem: EGO.

96. Promising young actress: STARLET.

97. Café container: TASSE.

99. Narrow shard: SLIVER.

101. Its Jun. 2019 additions include "bae" and "yeesh": OED. We see BAE from time to time. Baby.

102. Cook-off dish: CHILI.

111. Linguist Chomsky: NOAM.

112. Deposed Iranian despot: SHAH. We also have 16. Tabriz native: IRANI.

113. Quod __ demonstrandum: ERAT.

114. Daggers of old: SNEES.

116. Shore thing for a sailor?: LEAVE.

120. Hanna-Barbera's __ Doggie and Doggie Daddy: AUGIE.

122. Cybercurrency: E CASH.

126. Cornered, in a way: TREED.

127. British county: SHIRE.

128. Domus Aurea builder of 64-68 AD: NERO.

129. Not mad: SANE.

130. Flippant: SASSY.

131. Calcutta wraps: SARIS.

132. Good name for a tuxedo cat: OREO.

133. Defib specialists: EMTS. Hence the clue for 115. Retired, as a prof.: EMER.


1. Animal rights gp.: PETA.

2. Damage: HARM.

3. Three-syllable berry: ACAI. Listen to this clip: ah-sah-ee.

4. Skating no-no: THIN ICE.

5. Black __: LAB.

6. Spiny lizard: IGUANA.

7. Auto body concern: RUST.

8. Greek fabulist: AESOP.

9. Misleading lead: BUM STEER. Sparkling fill.

10. Article in Spain's El Mundo: UNA.

11. Feud group: MCCOYS.

12. Infiltrators: PLANTS.

13. Betsy Ross, notably: SEWER.

14. Lincoln-to-Topeka dir.: SSE.

15. What "strikes deep," in Stephen Stills' "For What It's Worth": PARANOIA. Another great fill.

17. Language for the Masses?: LATIN.

18. Barely-there beachwear: THONG.

24. Gym storage: LOCKER.

29. Is required to: MUST.

31. Some beams: LASERS.

34. Circus swinger: ACROBAT.

36. "Swan Lake" skirt: TUTU.

37. Two-syllable foot: IAMB.

38. Milan's La __: SCALA.

39. Stride pianist Art: TATUM. Unfamiliar with "Stride" style.

40. Seventh planeta: URANO. Spanish or Italian?

41. Wad in a pocket: ROLL.

46. Formal jacket feature: COATTAIL.

47. Ready to proceed: SET.

48. JFK but not SFO: PRES.

49. "La Dolce Vita" setting: ROME.

50. Responsibility: ONUS.

53. MGM co-founder: LOEW.

55. Expands: BROADENS.

56. City on the Rhine: BONN.

58. Code carrier: GENE.

60. Satirist Mort: SAHL.

64. Carl's Jr. bread: BUN.

66. L.A. setting: PST.

67. Notre Dame figs.: STES.

68. Terminate: END.

69. A month of Sundays: AGES.

71. Schools of thought: ISMS.

72. Apothecary's weight: DRAM.

73. "Rhinoceros" playwright: IONESCO. Unknown to me.

74. Basics: ABCS.

75. Politician's pursuit: SEAT.

76. Bearded Smurf: PAPA.

79. New, in Nicaragua: NUEVA.

80. Clemson athlete: TIGER.

81. Baby carrier?: STORK.

83. Colorful tee: TIE-DYE.

84. Tiny farm worker: ANT.

86. Thought-provoking: DEEP.

89. Prizes on the mantel: TROPHIES.

90. Brewpub orders: ALES.

91. Gas or elec.: UTIL.

92. Rainy day wear: GALOSHES.

94. Acid neutralizer: ALKALI.

98. Symptom: SIGN.

100. Colossal: IMMENSE.

102. Cuban dance: CHA CHA.

103. Gasbag's bagful?: HOT AIR.

105. On the fence: UNSURE.

106. H.S. exams: PSATS.

107. "Star Trek" officer who famously kissed Kirk in 1968: UHURA.

108. Novelist's output: PAGES.

109. Pungent salad green: CRESS.

110. __ question: YES NO.

117. Rock's Queen + __ Lambert: ADAM. "America Idol" runner-up years ago.

118. Let off steam: VENT.

119. Former flames: EXES.

121. Big name in ice cream: EDY.

123. Indian title: SRI.

125. Half a musical doll?: GOO. The Goo Goo Dolls.


41 comments: said...


Thanks to Pancho and C.C!

First at the word puzzle secondly reasonably early. So decided to attempt crossword. Was so successful (a major miracle), decided to stay up and blog. Will pay for this dearly Monday. Care giver won't be here very long after wakening me.

No problems with puzzle except NERO, SSE, URANO and GOO.

Have a great day!

D4E4H said...

FIR in too many min.

Good morning Cornerites.

Thank you Pancho Harrison for this challenging Sunday CW.

Thank you C.C. for your review. I pray that you recover quickly.

Thank you fermatprime for your post. I pray that you do not pay for this dearly on Monday.


Dick Clark said...

"15. What "strikes deep," in Stephen Stills' "For What It's Worth": PARANOIA."

What a great clue! And a good song worthy of a link.

Buffalo Springfield

Of course if Pancho(or Rich) were a Kinks fan, then "What will destroy ya?" would be a great clue also.


Ans speaking of crazy rock and rollers with massive egos*...


*Although from what I've read and seen in documentaries, drugs and PARANOIA had as much to do with these artists' problems as did their egos. But, that being said, I understand that Stephen Stills was by far the most troubled and the most difficult to work with.

Lemonade714 said...

It is always a highlight to wake up to a puzzle by PANCHO who was the very first constructor we were faced with when this blog switched to the LA Times puzzles.

We recently discussed Jazz Pianist ART TATUM and his playing style. For some reason, I knew IONESCO but the only time it appeared in the LAT was 2009 on a Sunday and I don't believe I really remembered it from a recent WSJ puzzle.

Good to see you first Fermat.

Thanks, C.C. Feel better. Good to see you again Pancho

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

Got the theme at TRAIL BUSS, and I was off and running. Turned into a quick dive to the bottom. No Wite-Out required. Thanx for the diversion, Pancho, and for the expo, C.C. (Hope you're feeling better. Sorry to hear that those infusion side-effects continue to plague Boomer.)

NOAM: My nephew-by-marriage in Germany is a Noam.

GALOSHES: Sounds old-timey. Does anybody say that anymore?

Fermat, good to see you back at the corner.

Anonymous said...

Hello all. It's Hoindo. Ever since the changes to the daily puzzles were made a few weeks ago, I am AT SEA. Can't find the puzzle you guys are working... today (Sunday)n my first clue was PLOT TRAJECTORY and the fill was ARC. Puzzle was equivalent to a Monday offering. And I've lost my ability to post comments. I feel like I've been tossed. And anyone if who wishes to try to get me back to normal.....I'd appreciate your help.

No hurry for replies.....having surgery tomorrow...Hernia, I've been led to believe it's no big deal, but I don't buy it. If I'm being invaded, it is a big deal and a pain in the you know what.

I hope this plea for help gets posted.

Yellowrocks said...

Fast for a Sunday. I was on Pancho's wavelength. Interesting fill. Thanks, Pancho. The theme made it easy. CC, thanks for the fine expo, even though you are ill. Feel better soon.
Ferm, so good to hear from you. Boomer, my thoughts are with you as you endure those bad side effects. Hondo, good luck with your surgery.
I have heard of IONESCO, although I don't know much about him, so a few perps sufficed.
I like stride piano. We had that fill recently.
Adam and TAMI needed all peprs.
Favorite was caver's cry = uncle.
I think I have not thought of Augie Doggie and Doggie Daddy since my boys were little.

Jinx in Norfolk said...

DNF, looking up IONECO to fill the Naticks with NEM_A and N_AM. NO AM could be the number of non-pros in the PGA Championship.

My chamber group "nonet" was too big before I changed it to OCTET. I hurled my BOLo before I slung my BOLA. My tiny dividers were AMOEBAs before LOEs elbowed his way in, then changed his name to LOEW. Then I went to court and entered a plea before I filed a SUIT (against my local Caterpillar dealer, maybe). I thought someone in black ops put a dent in my car body before I figured out that my black LAB peed on it, causing it to RUST. NUEVo became NUEVA, and the L.A. setting became PST after cal.

Pancho, you pre-woke ogre. We don't say "actress" anymore.
Pancho, you pre-woke ogre. We don't say "starlet" anymore.
Pancho, you pre-woke ogre. We don't say "bum" anymore. (They are 'urban outdoorsmen'.)
Pancho, you pre-woke ogre. We don't mention that racist Betsy Ross anymore.

My chili used to win cookoffs, but now that I run with the wizened crowd it is too spicy to contend.

We went for months without YES/NO, then two days in a row.

I really, really resisted EMER. I know emeritus (my chemistry ex-prof sister is one), but to me EMER is EMERgency. Wouldn't want to confuse the two. "Hey sis, what's your new phone number, 9-1-1?"

Thanks to Pancho for the fun Sunday challenge. My favorite was THONG. Sandals, dontcha know. And thanks to CC for playing hurt.

Jinx in Norfolk said...

FLN: What do you call a pay toilet in San Francisco? A parking meter.

OwenKL said...

FIWrong. torT > SUIT, didn't suss any of the crosses.

FLN: Mark S -- Sorry I didn't see your query until this morning about the Jumble, and surprised no one else jumped in to answer. Anyway, the Jumble can be worked many places online, and nearly all have a print option. But if you only want to print, and without the animation or sound effects, try It also has the distinction SFAIK of being the only place on the entire Internet to feature BOTH Sunday Jumbles!

BTW, you might want to fix your profile, which lists your interest as the Daily Jumbo. ;-)

OwenKL said...

Tom Mix, in a tuxedo, wails,
"With my CAREER, this look fails!
I would not tote
A formal COAT,
But shooting STARS must have TAILS!"

The Hatfields and McCOYS
Were feudin' mountain boys
Until the THONGS
Their girls put on
Gave them some better toys!

maripro said...

So sorry that you're not feeling well, C.C.
And Boomer, I hope this round of treatment will be finished soon.

I messed up in the bottom left - had "put psychology" and tales rather than sagas.
Don't know what I was thinking.
Thanks, Pancho. In spite of my goofs, I thoroughly enjoyed your puzzle. My favorite clue was nut withstanding.

Prayers for all those affected by Dorian.

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

Filling in the second themer, plus "getting" the title right away, I immediately saw the theme and, from there on, breezed through to the finish with only a few stumbles: SPCA /PETA, Bolos/Bolas, and Urana/Urano. Unlike most Sunday grids, there were only a few unknown proper names: Nemea, Ionesco, Augie, and the Smurf, Papa. I liked the Roll ~ Rollo crossing but could have done without seeing that annoying LiMu Emu! Emer was okay with me as it was a CSO to Misty, Keith, and Ferm, otherwise known as the California Contingent! My qualms about ECash were assuaged by Mr. G's verification. Sometimes, crosswords do offer learning moments.

Thanks, Pancho, for a pleasant Sunday solve and thanks, CC, for a succinct overview. Sorry to hear that you're under the weather and that Boomer is once again experiencing those terrible side effects from the infusion. Best wishes to you both for a speedy return to good health.

Ferm, so nice to hear from you. I hope you're able to join us every now and then.

CEh, congratulations to your tennis champion. (I'm not a follower of the game, except for the headlines about the winners.)

I'm not a Patriot's fan, either, so I'm not sure whether I wish them luck or not with their newest acquisition, Antonio Brown. Somehow, I can't picture Bill Belichick (sp?) putting up with any of Brown's well-known antics. We shall see, I guess.


Thanks, DO and Inanehiker, for the Netflix recommendations. I think I'll give "The Crown" a try. I just read that Gillian Anderson is joining the cast for Season 4, portraying Margaret Thatcher. I just watched a series with Gillian as a police superintendent investigating a serial killer. It was hard to watch because of the violence and subject matter, but her performance was mesmerizing, almost hypnotic. After that experience, watching "The Crown" should be soothing and therapeutic.

Have a great day.

OwenKL said...

A new puzzle is up at Jigidi featuring one of my poems. Enjoy, and please leave a comment there!

Bill V. said...

I do not appreciate Jinx's comments which are political in nature and do not belong on the blog. I find them offensive.

Alice said...

Except for IONESCO a very breezy puzzle.

Yellowrocks said...

BOLA(especially in South America) a weapon consisting of a number of balls connected by strong cord, which when thrown entangles the limbs of the quarry.

BOLO,a cord, worn as a necktie, with an ornamented fastening for adjusting the neck loop. Back in the day when square dance dress was more regulated, many men wore bolos.

Owen, good ones. I am glad you are keeping your spirits up with poetry. I am sure your positive outlook will speed your recovery.

FLN, we have many places around here where tips for restroom attendants are expected.

Because Alan had a five day vacation with us down the shore this past week, I did not pick him up this weekend. He is a little bummed, but doing okay. I am enjoying a weekend by myself.

Lucina said...


Nice one, Pancho Harrison! Thank you. And many thanks, C.C., for soldiering on even as you are unwell. I hope you soon feel better.

What a breeze for a Sunday! The theme was helpful and clever. NUTWITHSTANDING was my favorite.

If memory serves me correctly, IONESCO was one of the absurdist playwrights along with Clifford Odets and others. OMK or Misty might remember.

Surprisingly I had very few write overs and sailed along to the finish. URANO is Spanish but I imagine it could also be Italian. Maybe Tony knows.

C.C., please give Boomer my best wishes for his quick recovery. I'm sorry to hear he is still suffering from side effects.

Have a fantastic day, everyone!

Misty said...

Fun Sunday puzzle, many thanks, Pancho! And C.C., thanks for being so heroic and giving us your commentary when you're not feeling well. Take care of yourself--I always love seeing you and Boomer blog on Sunday and Monday.

Well, I needed a bit of help with some of the theme answers, but I got lots of neat stuff right away, including IONESCO (hey, I'm a literary critic). Speaking of which, I had a moment of puzzlement with EMER because I didn't catch the clue abbreviation. But then got it, as I should have, because as a retired prof. I am indeed an EMERita. Two clues that cracked me up were STORK for baby carrier (kept thinking of some kid basket) and EXES for former flame (kept thinking of some version of embers). Never heard of that musical doll called a GOO. And of course the themes, when I finally got them, were funny delights, thanks again, Pancho.

Anonymous, hope you have a successful and not very troubling surgery.

And Fermatprime, it was nice to see you leading off today, and to have Dave right behind you.

Have a great Sunday, everybody.

Copernicus said...

Planeta? URANO?

I would guess LATIN. I mean we are talking ancient stargazers, are we not?

Plus we were already informed of the language for the masses, right? And URANO is one of the masses in orbit around the solis!

Wendybird said...

I enjoyed the puzzle very much, especially NUTWITHSTANDING. Also liked getting a mention in C.C.’s write-up for the Sarah Vaughn clue.
I ordered a personalized crossword puzzle for Jack’s 80th, and we tried to include a Sarah Vaughn clue. The puzzle was his favorite birthday gift!

I think folks need to keep a sense of humor and not be so critical of other’s posts.

Thank you, Pancho for a lovely Sunday morning interlude. Thanks C.C. for an excellent write-up. Feel better!

Beautiful beach weather today in southern OC. I feel for our friends on the east coast.

PK said...

Hondo, I am with you at being AT SEA. Finally, am using the Washington Post site, but the new-to-me format leaves me feeling discombobulated. Good luck with your hernia surgery. Anytime you have an owie that requires a knife, it's a big deal.

Thanks, C.C., for soldiering on thru illness. I was not on Pancho's wave-length, but got the theme early and liked the puns. Lot of unknowns and "un-gets" due to clever clues that took too long to catch on to.

Haiku Hattie said...

Skater failed all jumps;
CAREER’s on THIN ICE. Must be
Her low-PHAT diet ...

Abejo said...

Good afternoon, folks. Thank you, Pancho Harrison, for a fine puzzle. Thank you, C.C., for a fine review.

First, A Get Well Soon to C.C. and Boomer. Not fun to be ill.

The puzzle was a great one. Got through it easily. The theme was outstanding. Really helped me some of the answers.

Did not care for the clue at 112A. Deposed Iranian Despot. SHAH. To me that word Despot has a negative connotation. The Shah was not tyrannical, etc. He was an absolute ruler, but so what. The real Despots are the ones in power now. My two cents.

IONESCO was a tough word for me. Instead of NOAM I had NIAM. Also had NEMIA for a while. Well a frogged some of the letters around and finally got the tada!

Since it has been raining here this morning, everything is wet. Therefore I will stay inside and read a book. I am reading "I am the Messenger" by Marcus Zusak. See you tomorrow.


( )

Husker Gary said...

-What a fun puzzle. NUT WITH STANDING was my favorite themer.
-ION_SCO/NEM_A was a speed bump
-Busy day!

Brian said...

IMO, now that the Mensa site no longer does the LAT crossword, the best online site I have found is LA Times Crossword. You have to watch a short ad (just a few seconds), but it even includes circles when they are part of the puzzle. The interface is similar to the Mensa site except when you get to the last square in an answer, the cursor moves to another answer rather than staying at the end of the answer you are working on. I've been working it with a Fire Tablet.

Brian said...

Try this link. "" You will have to copy and paste. When I put it in the with HTML tags and try the link I get error 404. The HTML tags puts "" in front of the link I enter and this causes the error.

Lucina said...

I LIU to assure myself and yes, indeed, URANO is the Spanish for Uranus and planeta is planet.

Netflix has a film about the life of Celia Cruz whom we have seen occasionally on CWDs. I love the music! PK, I'm not sure if it's one you would enjoy. It's in Spanish with subtitles.

Brian said...

Try this link. This one works. Brian

CanadianEh! said...

Super Sunday. Thanks for the fun, Pancho and C.C. (Hope you and Bomer feel better soon)
I breezed quickly through this CW and saw the O to U switcheroo. Hand up for smiling at NUT WITHSTANDING.

IONESCO, NEMEA were unknown and required perp helps.
I remembered our previous discussion of Stride piano but TATUM was forgotten.
I have an EMER certificate from my profession also.

LOL Copernicus @12:16.
Good to hear from you Fermat.
Best wishes on your surgery Hondo.
Thanks for all the comments (FLN & today) on our Canadian tennis champ, Bianca Andreescu. We are ELATEd (from yesterday's CW)!

Wishing you all a good day.

Lemonade714 said...

Bill V., there is a significant difference between politics and satire. Lighten-up. When I was in college NOAM CHOMSKY was a very important figure. While I offer no political opinion, I will give you a recent lecture from the 90-year-old. HIS SPEECH.

Anonymous said...

Well Lemonade I am up to about 15 minutes into the speech you have linked. It is now obvious of the extreme bias from which this guy speaks. My question to you is, Why did you feel necessary to link this? It is very much political and against any common sense interpretation of C.C.'a rules for this forum.

I'm going to listen to the rest because I find it comical and need a slight respite from the NFL before dinner and the subsequent viewing of today's only interesting game, Steelers v. Patriots.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Lemonade, I lied. I cant listen any longer. After hearing his extreme views on climate change and that awful raspy, dry mouth sounding voice, I could stand it no longer. I tried but I feel like I just wasted 25 minutes on drivel instead of wasting 25 minutes on watching the Cowboys and the Giants. Not alot of difference, I'd agree, but the football isnt like fingernails on a blackboard.

Lemonade714 said...

Anonymous I posted something which I found educational concerning a person mention in the puzzle. I neither endorsed nor attacked the video. It was put out there for anyone who wanted to watch it. Nothing more. My understanding as a 10 year + reader of this blog is that C.C. does not want politics to be a divisive force hear. Is it too political to say the Dolphins this year may be the worst team I have ever seen? They worked very hard to rid themselves of any good football players.

Michael said...

Bill V. @ 11:07--

But of course, posting this notice of offense and high dudgeon offends me, because on this site we are trying to discuss -- or, for that matter, cuss -- the day's LA Times' crossword.

There used to be something called 'politesse,' such that we wouldn't officially or socially notice such trivia.

Anonymous said...

No Lemonade, I don't consider an observation regarding the talent of a football team political in the least. Does anyone?

Jayce said...

I liked this puzzle and the terrific theme. Only write-over was to change ENGENUE to STARLET.

Anonymous said...

Lemonade, I need to apologize to you for something I said earlier. You see, I was wrong. I said that tonight's matchup of the Steelers and the Patriots would be today's only interesting game and was I wrong. Boy, was I wrong.

Anonymous T said...

Sunday Lurk say...

Fermat! So happy to read you, I am. Take care professor.

@5:27a Dick Clark - there's no way anyone gives Black Sabbath an 85 because they could "dance to it." Takes a special kinda character to know all three genres. +1 on you.

{A, B+ //can't tell if the 4th line is incestuous}

God Speed Hondo! on your PITA procedure.

Jinx - LOL you Woke Biatch :-)

But here's why I've decided to post... When I hear folks say NPR is leftist rubbish, I point to Pacifica Radio (and Democracy Now in particular) and say "If you want to hear left, there you are." What's silly about the whole thing is, yes, perhaps it's lefty commie bullshit, if that's your disposition, - but it's still worth digesting.

And, here's the funny (peculiar, not haha) bit, Noam Chomsky, before he was a political voice, was a pure linguist who DW studied on her way to a PhD in English and I studied on my way to a Masters in Computer Science. I was gob smacked when I found out we were both talking about the same dude in our different disciplines.

Play tomorrow!
Cheers, -T

Wilbur Charles said...

Drat , YR's note tells me it's UHURA . FIW. I knew AAGIE looked off

Sorry about the AGUE CC. Rest and fluids.

NOAN Chomsky is a revered intellectual. In this day and age not everyone's cup of tea. Thanks to anonymous, I went and listened. I had a long drive with my son who listens to anti left, anti right politics. But… A Sanders guy.

Of course, if NOAM Chomsky is in the xword it's hardly political to link to him.

We have a Post xword insert in Sunday. I packed it away last week and misplaced it. So I've doubled up on both today.

Owen, I started to link your jigsaw but it'll have to wait until tomorrow
. WC

Anonymous T said...

This is a fun Noam tome on language. C, -T