Sep 16, 2019

Monday September 16, 2019 Paul Coulter

Theme: START OF PLAY (63. Opening kickoff, say, and what both parts of 17-, 30- and 47-Across can be) - Both words in each theme entry can precede PLAY.

17. Football non-passing offense: RUNNING GAME. Running play. Game play.

30. Get one more card for twice the bet, in blackjack: DOUBLE DOWN. Double play. Downplay.

47. Car engine measure: HORSE POWER. Horse play. Power play.

Boomer here.  Hello from the Land of 10,000 lakes. We had a deluge of rain last week but the good news is a return to summer today and all week. I will be hitting the golf links tomorrow but I am pretty busy bowling which ignores the weather. 170-191-214-575 last Thursday.  Maybe it's coming back.


1. Really big hit: SMASH.  "The game of life is hard to play".  It'S M*A*S*H

6. Numero uno, with "the": BEST. We have a "Best Buy" near our home. Not sure if it is a really Best Buy.  C.C. and I stopped in last week. I saw refrigerators priced at over $3500.00!

10. One always ready with quick comebacks: WIT.  So's your old man !

13. W.C. Fields persona: SOUSE. Sorry, I've heard of W.C. But I am not old enough to remember his antics.

14. Strand during a sleet storm, say: ICE IN.  Sleet is a bit of a mixture of rain and snow.  We don't see that much in MN.  We get only lots of snow.

16. Green prefix: ECO.

19. Fish eggs: ROE.  Does not appeal to me. I have heard that you can turn some of it into caviar with a little curing and salt. You can have it.  Earlier some kids in Edina MN pulled a 70 year old sturgeon (and about 7 feet long) out of a creek that was about 3 feet deep.  Not sure if it had ROE.

20. __ the table: arrange silverware and such: SET.  6 wins in a tennis match.

21. MBA or MFA: Abbr.: DEG.

22. Behind, or hit from behind: REAR END. My Van got whacked two years ago in St. Paul.  Amazing Abra found a perfect rear bumper assembly on their network and had it fixed in one day.

24. Farm song refrain: EIEIO.  "Old McDonald had a farm"  "And on this farm he had a hamburger, French fries, and a chocolate shake."

26. Hasenpfeffer, e.g.: STEW.

27. Open-and-__ case: SHUT.

34. 36-Across skunk Pepé: LE PEW.  Mel Blanc took leave of Bugs Bunny to be Pepé's voice.

36. Warner Bros. creation: TOON. Yes he is in Warner Brothers CARTOONS. Th Th That's All Folks!

37. Author Tolstoy: LEO.  Astrological sign. We left behind on August 23 I think.

38. European peak: ALP.  It's a big mountain but also an Electric Utility in Alexandria MN.

39. "Gosh, look at the time": IT'S LATE. "You better get on home"  (Ricky Nelson)

42. Sundial seven: VII.  How do they tell time with these things above the Arctic Circle??

43. You, to Goethe: SIE.

44. "Peter Pan" dog: NANA.

45. Sediment: DREGS.

51. Arthur of tennis: ASHE.  I was never much of a tennis fan, but this man was the Tiger Woods of tennis.  The first and only African-American to win a bunch of titles and awards in his chosen sport.  Sadly passed away at age 49,  RIP Mr. Ashe.

52. "Unforgettable" singer: COLE.  His real name was Nat Adams Coles.  But to me he was a King!

53. Peter, Paul or Mary: SAINT.  I get it but I do like their music.  Especially "Right Field".

55. Philosophy school with no classes?: MARXISM.

58. Biol. or geol.: SCI.

59. "Bingo!": AHA.

62. Australian bird: EMU.  Electrical and Mechanics Union.

66. Sailor's "Help!": SOS. Dot Dot Dot  Dash Dash Dash Dot Dot Dot.  Thank you Mr. Morse.

67. Woodsy path: TRAIL.  "Happy Trails to You."  Roy Rogers.

68. Deed: TITLE.  I remember that "Title Deed" was printed on all of the Monopoly property cards.  Thank you Parker Brothers.

69. Gallery hangings: ART.  Paul's pal, Mr. Garfunkel.

70. Bldg. with a pool: YMCA.

71. "I Am of Ireland" poet: YEATS.


1. Lat. and Est., once: SSRS.  Super Seniors.  You have to be over 70 to bowl in the "Super Senior classification" in the Midwest Senior Classic tournaments. Now that I made the age, my bowling went over the hill. 

2. Grimace: MOUE.

3. Em, to Dorothy: AUNT.  "We're off to see the Wizard, the wonderful Wizard of Oz".

4. Nine-digit ID: SSN.  I have had the same number for 60 years. Plus I think my card is 40 years old.

5. Alpine heroine: HEIDI.

6. Astros Hall of Famer Craig __: BIGGIO.  Played 19 years for the Astros. Inducted into Cooperstown in 2015.

7. Cardio readout: ECG.  I am going to assume that my heart is okay.  They check my BP and pulse when I go in but I don't remember getting a stethoscope treatment at all.

8. Blacken: SEAR. Add an "S" and a Roebuck and you have a failed retailer.

9. Schedule opening: TIME SLOT.

10. Human/canine shape-shifters: WEREWOLVES.  Minnesota Basketball team We are.

11. Screen symbol to click on: ICON.

12. Open-__ shoes: TOED.  I have a pair of Under Armors but I rarely wear them.  What if I dropped a bowling ball on my foot??

15. Tidied, as a room: NEATENED.

18. Require: NEED. "Do you NEED anybody"? (Beatles Sgt. Pepper's) They got by with a little help from their friends.

23. Cabernet color: RED.  Cincinnati baseball player.

24. Summer in Lyon: ETE.

25. Western bad guys: OUTLAWS. I kind of miss the old Spaghetti Westerns.

27. Cut drastically, as prices: SLASH.  "Black Friday" is less than two months away, BUT the best deals usually come around December 23.

28. Prefix for "sun": HELIO.

29. Elite group: UPPER CRUST.  My favorite is "No Upper Crust"  Pumpkin Pie.  On the day before Black Friday.

31. Fancy neckwear: BOA.  A big snake.

32. Mull over: WEIGH.  Oh, that's the first think the clinic does before the BP and pulse.  I am at 184 but my old 38" waist pants are too big, but I have trouble fitting into 36.  Why don't the pants guys make a 37" waist.  Or is that just in the upscale Men's wear that charges $5.00 per inch??

33. Bam, bang or boom: NOISE.

35. Sommelier's menu: WINE LIST.

40. Complex woven textile: TAPESTRY.  "Season's change with the scenery, weaving time in a TAPESTRY, won't you stop and remember me?"  (Simon and Garfunkel)

41. __-Caps: candy: SNO.  Last week it was mountains.

46. Backstabber: RAT.

48. Fenway team, familiarly: SOX. Also a team at Guaranteed Rate Field. South side of the Windy City.

49. SoCal Latinx neighborhood: EAST LA.

50. Puerto __: RICO. I'm sure we all are relieved that Dorian missed that poor island.

54. Really cool: NIFTY.

55. Big butte: MESA.  Butte is a city in Montana.  Mesa is in Arizona.

56. Love, in Lima: AMOR.

57. Hat-tipper's word of address: MAAM.

59. Opposite of baja: ALTA.

60. "Stop right there!": HALT.  Gimme your Dough.

61. Shipboard yeses: AYES.  I still maintain these are "AYE AYES".

64. Rocker Ocasek: RIC.

65. Dessert pastry: PIE. I used to work at a restaurant named after Matt Perkins.  They served decent food and excellent desserts.  Many of them are closing around here. Do you have one where you live?  They still advertise on TV.



OwenKL said...

FIRight, but needed the reveal to get the theme. I had three strikes right off the bat -- I didn't know RUNNING PLAY, and I assumed UPPER CRUST and WERE-WOLVES were also part of the theme.

Today's l'icks were composed before I did today's Jumble poem!

Anna was the baby of the fam.
Her AUNT called her a little lamb.
Both her grandmothers
She called NANA for druthers,
Because the were both Anna grams!

The SOUSE would go out and get SMASHED.
At home, he had more liquor stashed.
His wife became Mormon
And tried to reform him --
His alcohol intake got SLASHED!

{A-, B+.}

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

Got half the theme, didn't notice the second half match. Oh well... Had to change NEATO to NIFTY, but otherwise this was a smooth slide to the bottom. Thanx, Paul and Boomer.

SSN: You can get a new card...but not a new number. Even the number of cards you can get is limited. I'm glad that Medicare has stopped using the SSN as their ID, but that horse had already left the barn.

BIGGIO: I probably should've recognized this name. Nope.

Anonymous said...

Yeah Desper, Biggio seems tough if you're not a sports fan.

Did they have a puzzle containing Ric Ocasek ready for when he passed away? Wow. This was just what I needed. R.I.P., Ric.

Jinx in Norfolk said...

FIR, but NEATEN up gave way to NEATENED, and had to STEW when I found out that a hasenpfeffer wasn't an ALPe.

One HORSEPOWER is about 750 Watts. Not to be confused with torque.

WEREWOLVES Of London still gets a lot of play on the oldies station here.

Cheech and Chong had a hit with Born in EAST LA. I understand that Bruce Springsteen had a similar-sounding song.

Thought of -Ts recent gambling junket (with a little cyber-business thrown in for tax purposes) at DOUBLE DOWN. -T, do you use one of the plus-minus counting methods when you play blackjack? Keep separate count of the aces? FLN, you and my daughter both get the "welcome to AARP" letter next year, so yes I'm probably closer to Pop's age than yours. It's just a number.

Thanks to Paul for the fun puzzle. I can't remember why I didn't like your puzzles when I was first exposed to them, but I take it all back. I liked LEPEW ---> TOON and SMASH ---> SLASH, but my favorite was REAR END (some people are leg men; me not so much). And thanks to Boomer for another chucklefest. Hope you bowl and golf well this week.

Abejo said...

Good morning, folks. Thank you, Paul Coulter, for a fine puzzle. Thank you, Boomer, for a fine review.

Got through the puzzle pretty easily. Couple snags, that's it.

Hasenpfeffer is made from rabbit.

Took me some thinking to get DREGS and WEIGH, but I got it.

I just saw where RIC Ocasek died. I did not know who he was. Oh well.

Tried EKG before ECG worked much better.

In a couple minutes I have to guard the crossing. We got home from Johnsonburg, PA, last night about 9:00. Took us 12 hours. Stopped a lot to walk around, etc. Had a great weekend. My wife's 50th HS Reunion. She talked continually with her old classmates. I took pictures.

See you tomorrow.


( )

Paul C. said...

Thanks, Boomer. And thanks to Owen for the limericks. They both were fun - I've missed them on my last few LAT puzzles and I'm glad you're feeling up to it again. Anna-grams gave me a chuckle. There must be someone out there with two grandmothers named Anna. Or if both women liked to eat a certain yellow fruit, they could be banana-Anna-nannas.

Rich likes this sort of theme. But I wonder how solvers feel. Maybe the novelty is wearing thin? Please let me know.

In grandkid news, 6 month old Ava is sitting up and very interested in her funny looking grampa's white hair. Three year old Addie enjoys bossing me around. For some infringement while we were coloring - I'm still not sure exactly what I did wrong, since I tried very hard to stay between the lines -- she gave me a time out. But Addie's really a sweetheart, considerate of other people's feelings, so she allowed me a book in the time-out chair. Which I read aloud, of course, and she kept looking over from her little desk to see the pictures every time I turned the page. Then Addie decided her Barbies needed a story before their nap, so she let me out of time-out and we chose another book.

Lucina said...


Paul, your granddaughters sound adorable and you are such a nice grandpa. They will have such fond memories of you when they are older. Thank you for the puzzle. I have no strong opinion on most types of puzzle. I just solve.

This one was a SMASH! I had serious doubts about BIGGIO but it solidly filled.

Est. and Lat. took me a long time to realize it was Estonia and Latvia. Oh!

How ironic that we just recently had a discussion of the difference between butte and MESA and there they both are though I dispute that they are synonymous. I suppose it can be said that mesas are buttes but buttes are not mesas which are high and flat.

I'll take a CSO at NANA.

Thank you, Boomer, and I'm glad to see that your WIT is still intact. Good luck with your bowling.

Have a dazzling day, everyone!

inanehiker said...

Fun run this morning with a little crunch for a Monday with words like MOUE!

Paul I enjoy these kind of themes - wondering how long it takes to come up with words that both parts are connected to the theme!

BIGGIO came easily because I had just done a Sporcle quiz about Hall of Fame players - I always mix up Astros' BIGGIO with Jeff Bagwell though.

We have a Perkins in our town, used to have a Country Kitchen right next to it , which has closed. Always surprises me when two very similar restaurants are so close together - but it is in a part of town with a lot of motels- so they probably had a lot of business until the hotels started serving free breakfast buffets with your room!

Thanks Boomer!

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

I thought there was some non-Monday level cluing and fill, especially for a newbie solver: (Hasenpffer) Stew, Sie, Nana, Biggio, Alta, East LA, and Ric. Rich may be experimenting with early week levels of difficulty and this is fine with me, as long as the perps are fair, which today's were. That said, the theme was well hidden, for me, anyway, and that is always a plus, in my book. My Upper Class was soon corrected to Crust when Marxism showed up. All in all, a quick and pleasant solve.

Thanks, Paul, for your frequent and fun offerings and for stopping by, (Sweet little Addie certainly has Grandpa wrapped around her little finger, me thinks!) and thanks, Boomer, for starting our week off with a Smash of a summary. Glad to hear you're hitting the lanes and the links; good scoring (and enjoyment) wishes on both!

Lucina and Bill G (any other CBS Sunday Morning fans) ~ Why was there a repeat segment on yesterday's program? Has the new season not started yet? I get annoyed when this happens and 60 Minutes is also guilty of this confusing practice.

Anonymous T, hang in there with staying tobacco free. I would never minimize the difficulty in quitting smoking, but I'll definitely sing the praises and benefits, loud and clear, of being a non-smoker. Good luck.

Have a great day.

SwampCat said...

Paul, great Gramp stories. Your little ones sound adorable!

Great puzzle for me today! The theme was fine by me. I got a double dose of football! A little bit of solace after yesterday’s misery for the Saints. It’s easy to say the officials robbed us again, and after three wrong calls, it’s tempting, but with our wounded QB out the Rams just outplayed our B- team.

Boomer, thanks for the giggles. I see we had the MESA/butte question again.

Owen, Anna’s gram was worth an A+ !!

SwampCat said...

Lucina, we seem to be on the same page. We must have been typing at the same time. I promise I did not copy off your paper!

Yellowrocks said...

Paul, I like this kind of theme. BIGGIO was all perps.
Boomer, there are still 10 Perkins Restaurants in NJ, but none near here. Our last nearby one closed a few years ago.
WC FIELDS lives on in reruns and Netflix. I have enjoyed many of his films several times.
In German the hasen in Hasenpfeffer means rabbit or hare. The pfeffer means pepper or, more broadly spice. I have eaten rabbit only once or twice in my life. It was okay, but is not readily available. I prefer chicken.
Pfeffernüsse are small spice cookies, literally pepper nuts, but they contain neither pepper nor nuts. They may be roughly nut shaped and they contain spices, like cinnamon and cardamon, not pepper.
National Geographic says buttes were once part of mesas, and were caused by erosion of the mesas.
Butte or mesa

desper-otto said...

YR, my mother used to bake Pfeffernüsse at Christmastime. I agree with your description -- spicy, not peppery. I never knew how it was spelled. Thanx for that.

Spitzboov said...

Good morning everyone.

Easy Monday - no issues. Easy enough to suss the theme.
AYES - Can be two or one. "AYE AYE Sir" or "Make revolutions for 20 knots; AYE" for example.
HORSEPOWER - Our DD had 60,000 HP on 2 shafts and 4 boilers. 600 psi steam system and 850º superheat. Capable of 36 knots.

Yesterday, BH and I went to a local ice cream emporium, with me wearing a navy baseball cap with ship's name on it. At the next window an older gentleman also had on a similar cap with his ship USS Colorado BB-45. I went over to thank him for his service and remarked on his age since his ship was older than our Iowa class and was struck after WWII. He said he was 92 - still bright and sharp as a shiny penny. (The keel on his ship was laid in 1919, 100 years ago.)

September 16 today. The day when the time of change of Tourist flow of 100,000cfs over Niagara Falls to non-tourist flow of 50,000 cfs changes from 10pm to 8pm. (The morning increase remains at 8am.). (Tourist hours are in effect from April 1 - October 31.).

jfromvt said...

Typical fun, easy Monday. As others noted, it’s ironic that RIC Ocasek is in the puzzle the day after his death. The Cars were a mega-group in the 70’s and 80’s.

Lucina said...

I completely agree with you on the annoying repetitions on both Sunday Morning and 60 Minutes and don't know if it's because the new season hasn't started.

Swamp Cat:
Please don't worry about it! We each have different points of view and they all deserve to be aired.

Paul C. said...

Glad to hear that people like this sort of theme. Guess I'll make some more. And yes, I'm a typical grandparent. To me, my granddaughters are the cutest little girls in the whole world. I get such joy to be around them.

I also noted Ric Ocasek's sad passing. Before they became famous, The Cars once played a party gig at our fraternity house in Cambridge, Mass. When our social chairman auditioned them, I happened to be working in the kitchen on one of my days as dinner cook. I looked out into the adjoining dining room when I heard them playing, and I remember thinking, hey, these guys are pretty good.

Yellowrocks said...

I once thought that TV fall season premiere dates all occurred the same week. Now I realize that they are spread out over the whole month of September. 60 Minutes 52nd premiere date is Sept. 29.

Madame Defarge said...

Good Morning.

Thanks, Paul. This was fun once I left the crunchy clues and moved on. I agree with IM--some of this was tougher than Monday but the long fills were easy for me today so I was breezing along after those fell into place.

Thanks, Boomer. Nicely done. I never did very well at bowling, but I understand your concern about your scores falling off. I hope you didn't buy the refrigerator!!! I'm sure it let's you know the weather, keeps a grocery list and cooks the dinners. BUT stil. . . .

Owen, I hope you are healing as well as your WIT is!! Nicely done, as always. Thank you.

Have a sunny day.

Misty said...

Lovely Monday puzzle, and thank you for checking in with us, Paul. And how nice to hear about your sweet grandchildren. I found this a little crunchier than other Mondays at first, but in the end it all fell into place. One silly moment--I immediately assumed MBA and MFA were some sort of sports initials and was surprised to see they turned out to be academic DEGrees. My favorite clue was Philosophy school with no classes, which turned out to be MARXISM. Was also tickled to find out that the building with a pool turned out to be the YMCA. And, of course, it's always nice to see W.B. YEATS in a crossword puzzle. So, thanks again, Paul. And Boomer so glad you're in good shape and ready for golf and bowling again.

Loved your poems, Owen

Have a great week, everybody.

Wendybird said...

For me, this puzzle was a little more crunchy than the usual Monday, which made it more fun and interesting.
My only do-over was CHAR for SEAR, until ICE IN corrected me.

Spitzboov said...

Re: Pfeffernüsse. Translated as gingerbread cookies or biscuits. No pepper as YR said. Low German: Pepernööt. My Mom made them often.

Tinbeni said...

Boomer: Nice write-up.

Yup, an easy-peasy Monday puzzle.

Hope everyone has a GREAT week.


AnonymousPVX said...

This Monday grid has some unexpected crunch.

Got the solve anyway.

I love how 60 Minutes is “new” all’s a rerun with a 30 second update. I DVR it, then see the update and erase.

See you tomorrow.

Anonymous T said...

Hi All!

Thanks Paul for the PLAYful puzzle and thanks Boomer for kicking-off the after-party.

Fav: BIGGIO! It was he and Bagwell that made me fall in love the 'Stros.

{A, B+}

@7:12a - I had the same thought re: Ric but it has to be a coincidence; puzzles are set weeks in advance. I did like your touch - using a Cars' song title.
Paul - interesting story about The Cars; um, which Cambridge (our fair city)*, MA school was that?

Jinx beat me to Born in EAST LA.
Yes, I count Aces separately up to the third beer ;-) //the only reason to PLAY is to NOT spend $10/beer at the bar #LifeHack

Lunica - I too thought of our discussion with MESA clued as butte.

IM - I liked that MARXISM 'nearly' crossed CLASS and was clued as such. And how can you call Hasenpfeffer a Monday word when 6 yros learn it from TOONs ;-)

Have a wonderful afternoon!

Cheers, -T
*Gotta say it like Car Talk's Tom & Ray

Paul C. said...

Inanehiker - Once I think of a theme, it usually takes hours to find good examples for the theme answers. For me, this is the most enjoyable part of crossword construction.

Anonymous T - I was an undergrad at MIT.

CanadianEh! said...

Marvelous Monday. Thanks for the fun, Paul (fun story about the granddaughters) and Boomer.
I found this to be a little crunchy for a Monday but I FIRed and saw all the PLAYs.
This type of CW is still enjoyable to me.

I smiled at HEIDI and ALP.
Hand up for Neato before NIFTY.
Fortunately SIE and RIC filled with perps and I did not even see them.
BIGGIO was unknown also.
I did not know Hasenpfeffer, but STEW replaced Brew.

Yes, Lucina explained the difference between Butte and MESA to me last week. If I remember rightly, a butte is craggier than a MESA.
AnonT now knows another meaning for Mull.
Thanks Spitzboov for the Niagara Falls info. I did not realize that it happened today (but makes sense as tourists are not so likely to be standing looking at the falls at night in the cooler weather!).
We learn so much here at the Corner!

IT'S LATE. I must run and do some chores.
Wishing you all a great day.

oc4beach said...

Good puzzle Paul. I agree with IM that there was some crunch for a Monday, but the down clues were more than forgiving. However, I didn't get the theme (which isn't unusual) until Boomer explained it.

Paul: (and all Grandparents) Grandchildren are your reward for putting up with all the crap that your kids (their parents) put you through when they were growing up. From the messy newborn diapers, sleepless nights, through the terrible twos, through the WHY years, the teenage angst years and finally when they turned into early adults who knew all of the answers. Remember, you can spoil the daylights out of your grandchildren and then send them home to their parents. Suweeeeet!!!

Have a great day everyone.

Ol' Man Keith said...

I understand Boomer's aversion to fish ROE. I am not a fan of fish or fishy tastes in general.
And yet, strangely, on certain occasions I can appreciate a fine anchovy, and on New Year's eve I can spend an hour or two snacking on ROE in the form of caviar, washing it down with chilled vodka.
I also enjoy the occasional tuna sandwich.
Aren't we?

I agree with Misty that it's nice to see YEATS in Xwds.
Happy, too, that I didn't do him wrong with my usual misspelling as YATES. (There's something about these "Y"-words; just last week I misspelled YOLK as YOKE.)

Lucina ~ Thanks for reviewing and thus helping me to understand the difference between a butte and a MESA. I thought they were totally separate upstanding desert citizens, but now see that a MESA is a form of a butte.
One diagonal on the mirror side.
Anagram = A scheme to replace the leading politicians in Sacramento with members of the California Raisins “Grapevine” singers; i.e. the nefarious…

Jayce said...

I liked this puzzle very much. Excellent clues for REAREND and MARXISM.

One of my favorite places while I was growing up in Sturgis, SD, was Bear Butte. We kids had hiked to the top many times, swam in the lake in summer and ice skated on it in winter. My favorite playground.

Jinx in Norfolk said...

oc4: Send them home. With an espresso. And a kitten.

PK said...

Hi Y'all! Great puzzle & theme, Paul! Great expo, Boomer!

DNK: BIGGIO, RIC Ocasek, altho now that everyone says he just died, I vaguely remember scanning over that announcement.

Paul: Have pity on your Addie's future husband. Stop training her that it's okay to make unreasonable demands on a man and expect him to respond to her every whim. I have a granddaughter, only child with 4 adults who catered to her every wish (not me). She can't keep a boyfriend and wonders why. Otherwise, I'm sure you enjoy that little girl as much as she does you.

D4E4H said...

The lines below were written shortly after OwenKL's initial post. I had previewed, then went to edit to add Kudos to him for excellent daily l'icks. I just scanned 32 posts to find well wishes to him. Thank you Madame Defarge for your post. Owen, I pray that you continue to get better.

FIR in 35:00 min.

Good morning Cornerites.

Thank you Paul Coulter for this enjoyable Monday CW.
Thank you Boomer for your excellent review.


Husker Gary said...

-Finally got to sit down and work this Monday challenge
-I associate LaVerne and Shirley with working with beer and Hasenpeffer in their opening song so…
-Strand was not a thin strip of something
-Huskers built a RUNING GAME into national championships long, long ago
-One of our favorite gardens in Omaha has a sundial with both CST and CDT markings
-My friend/colleague just died who looked like ART Garfunkel’s brother
-My friend got her SSN the same day I did. Hers is identical but ends in 55 and mine in 53
-I WEIGH 24 lbs less than I did two months ago without Marie Osmond’s help or expensive groceries

desper-otto said...

Husker, who does Art Garfunkel's brother look like? Not sure I've ever seen him.

Michael said...

OMK @ 1:54 --

"A scheme to replace the leading politicians in Sacramento with members of the California Raisins “Grapevine” singers; i.e. the nefarious… “CURRANT PLOT”!"

May it happen soon! The currant crew is sure to sing better than the current crew ... and mayhap legislate better too?

Michael said...

IM and Lucinda:

My personal take on the reptitions on TV, is simply that the accountants in the back rooms try to squeeze every penny out of every show, so if they can repeat some segment, they save significantly, and still get ad revenue.

It's not a matter of what season it is, because I have seen Steven Colbert's show, for example, do weeks of reruns any time of year. (If you think about the cost of doing these shows -- and don't forget the Cameraman's Bubblegum Replacement Fund!! -- we are looking at the middle 5's to low 6-digits per show. The P&L statement welcomes any help it can get.)

Ol' Man Keith said...

The CURRANT PLOT anagram was not intended to be political. But Michael @5:14 shows how easily--and humorously--innocence may be diverted.
Alles ist Politik. (Everything is politics.) ~ Thomas Mann

TTP said...

Boomer, not a bad set. You increased 21 pins from your 1st to 2nd game, and 23 pins from your 2nd to 3rd. At that rate, you would have gone up 25 pins from your 3rd to 4th for a 239, and a last three of 644. Next time out, try rolling that first game in your mind and start league play with the 2nd game.

Your Twins are hosting the White Sox for a 3 game series starting this evening. I'll be watching the Browns / Jets. Maybe you'll pick up 3 more wins. Then the Indians come to Chicago next week.

I saw the highlight of Sano hitting the grand slam as the Twins took 3 of 4 from the Indians. Twins should take the pennant. The remaining schedule heavily favors them.

Paul, I always enjoy solving your puzzles and figuring out the theme. Not too many years ago, it felt like a successful solve if I could get all the answers unaided. Now I enjoy solving for the theme, but still need the reveal from time to time. Keep up the great pleasure you bring to the masses.

Husker Gary said...

D-O, If Art had a bother, he would look like my friend Larry Beasing! :-)

Anonymous T said...

Paul C. - MIT was my safety-school :-) //old joke, I know.

MIT was my dream school until I saw the STICKER. Oy! A middle-class kid from the Midwest can't swing that. Not that they'd take me anyway.
[I actually got the application reply back but I don't recall ever opening it - it woulda been disappointing either way]. I've a few friends over the years that went to MIT and, yeah, y'all are smart guys (and gals).

OMK - DR is LOL time-shifted inducing.

Dow FLN - I just saw that and I'll play C.C.'s tomorrow. Thanks.

Cheers, -T