Dec 14, 2020

Monday, December 14, 2020 Bruce Haight

Theme: Going Postal - Each even-letter-numbered theme entry is consisted of all two-letter state abbreviation.

18. Florida swim-with-the-dolphins park: MARINELAND. MA/RI/NE/LA/ND.

23. Energy source with tunnels: COAL MINE. CO/AL/MI/NE.

53. Huge corporate agreement: MEGA DEAL. ME/GA/DE/AL.

63. One requiring a token payment?: ARCADE GAME. AR/CA/DE/GA/ME.


39. With 43-Across, America ... or what 18-, 23-, 53- and 63-Across contain, briefly: UNITED.

43. See 39-Across: STATES.

Boomer here. This grid is a special 16x14. 

When I was a kid, I remember having a boxed "Game of the States" but like many of my 1950s baseball cards it is now history.  I noticed that Minnesota's postal abbreviation did not make it into the puzzle. I suppose it's because it does not have a vowel.  But North Dakota made it!  DaMN.


1. Food nutrients that might be saturated: FATS.  Speaking of Minnesota, I'm sure you've all heard of Mr. FATS.

5. Trooper automaker: ISUZU.  Some autos have strange names. Who ever heard of Hyundai?

10. Docks: PIERS.  Also, when I was a kid, we had a dock at our cabin at North Star Lake.  I think it has to be a lot bigger to get PIER status. 

15. Father of Leif: ERIK.  Yes he was and Leif took the surname Erikson.  I guess Thorvaldsson was too hard to spell.

16. Curry spice: CUMIN.

17. Away from the dock, maybe: AT SEA.  "We sail the ocean blue, in our saucy ships of beauty."  Gilbert and Sullivan - HMS Pinafore.

20. Lightning-fast Bolt: USAIN.  I think he owns eight Olympic golds from three Olympics.  I think his Mom should have named him Lighting.

21. 1860s prez: ABE.  Honestly?

22. Energy source: OIL.

25. Slangy "Now it's clear": I GOT YA.

28. Miler Sebastian: COE.  Another owner of Olympic medals. Not so many as "Lightning."

29. Tree pod used as ersatz chocolate: CAROB.

31. Muslim mystic: SUFI. Whirling Dervish.

34. Bellicose god: ARES.  Greek god of war.  Said to be an Olympian of Greek history.

38. Symphony wind: OBOE.

41. Black-clad subculturist: GOTH.

42. Boy Scout groups: DENS.  I'm pretty sure that Boy scout groups were called Troops. Cub scouts met in DENS.

44. "Back forty" unit: ACRE.

45. "What's more ... ": ALSO.  I see Alabama

46. Words of woe: AH ME.  Now it looks like Maine.

47. Favored on Facebook: LIKED.  I use Facebook now and then.  Now they are getting sued.  Mr. Zuckerberg got too big too fast I guess.

48. Pester: NAG.

50. Amber and epoxy: RESINS.

58. Zodiac butter: RAM.  LA football player or a Dodge truck.

59. Smartphone no.: TEL.  I only use a dumb phone.

62. Rossini work: OPERA.

66. Sexy poster: PIN-UP.

67. Big blood vessel: AORTA.

68. Grand __: auto race: PRIX.

69. Bloodhound's clue: SCENT.  Did someone say South Carolina ??

70. Haughty one: SNOOT.

71. __ Spumante wine: ASTI.


1. Hurricane response org.: FEMA.  They had a lot to do on our Gulf Coast last summer.

2. Many a Syrian: ARAB.

3. Flat-fixing tools: TIRE IRONS.

4. Slider on a slope: SKI.  Popular in Minnesota.  We have a golf course south of Minneapolis that becomes a ski area in the winter.  Right now it has no use.  We did get a bit of snow in October and early November but it is long gone.  It was 47 degrees last week but getting colder now.

5. Seal the deal: ICE IT.  Cannot do that with temperatures like above.

6. Pilot played by Hanks: SULLY.  Quite a feat, he landed his plane on the Hudson River.  Saved a lot of lives.

7. Actress Thurman: UMA.

8. Brass component: ZINC.

9. Loosen, as a knot: UNDO.

10. São __, Brazil: PAULO.

11. "I'm baaaack": IT'S ME AGAIN.

12. Morales of "Criminal Minds": ESAI.  I remember him on NYPD Blue.

13. Equestrian's control: REIN.

14. All there: SANE.  I see Nebraska.  

19. Gaming novice: NOOB.

24. Stomach __: digestive aids: ACIDS.

26. Starts one's daily jog: GOES ON A RUN.  We used to go on a daily WALK.  I am too old to run.

27. "Take me __": "This is me": AS I AM.

29. Musical finale: CODA.

30. Biblical shepherd: ABEL.  Cain's BRO.

32. Unmitigated: UTTER.

33. Greens __: golfer's payment: FEE.  I have made plenty of these.  Thankfully the course does not charge by the stroke.

35. Rolling Stone interviewees: ROCK STARS.  We keep a few rocks in the garden area.  The stars are overhead and you can only see them at night.

36. To be, in Toulon: ETRE.

37. Mower storage spot: SHED.  Our Association hires a lawn service.  Thankfully because I don't think we would have room for a mower in the garage.

39. Grammar lesson subject: USAGE.

40. Utmost degree: NTH.

47. Corona wedge: LIME.  Bartender's favorite garnish.

49. Modify to fit: ADAPT.

51. Muse with a lyre: ERATO.

52. Anwar of Egypt: SADAT.  No one ever said what he was SAD AT.

53. Deck-swabbing tools: MOPS.  I was not on a ship, but we used MOPS in the barracks also.

54. Large-scale tale: EPIC.

55. Heredity carrier: GENE.

56. Small batteries: AAAS.

57. Scientologist Hubbard: L RON.

60. Radiate, as light: EMIT.

61. Thompson of the LPGA: LEXI.  This young lady is now 25 and well established on the LPGA tour.  Can you believe that she qualified for the women's LPGA U.S. Open at age 12?

64. __-Magnon: CRO.  I am not as old as this guy but some days I feel .... Oh never mind.

65. College transcript no.: GPA.


Notes from C.C.:

 1) Amazing puzzle, Bruce!!

2) Here is Kathy (Yellowrocks) entering her new home on Thursday (Dec 10, 2020). So glad you settled in and are back to our Corner family quickly.


Crockett1947 said...

Can't sleep so I thought I'd stop by. FIR after having to change alter to adapt. Yes, Boomer, Cub Scouts meet in dens. Boy Scout groups are Troops. Energy source=sum. Nope, try that slick stuff. Noob? All right, if you say so! The reveal didn't help me split out that state abbrs.

Happy Holidays and stay safe, everyone!

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

Over the years I've lived in five different states. Only one of 'em, CA, made the cut. No sign of WI, IA, IL, or TX. Got the theme and didn't Haight this puzzle, in fact d-o liked it. Thanx for the outing, Bruce, and for the expo, Boomer.

SHED: Everybody in our little town has a shed; well, almost everybody. Some even have a shed for their shed. Our "shed" is half of our two-stall garage. No mower -- we also use a lawn service.

FACEBOOK (Faceplant!): Nope. Have not, will not. My sister (who lives in MN) and her family are active on it. My niece follows them, and forwards me photos now and again.

BobB said...

Small quibble, 42A Den is a Cub Scout group. Yes I know Cubs are part of the boy scout organization.

Anonymous said...

Today's took me 5:32. Didn't see the theme.

Boomer, assuming it's not cloudy, I can think of one star you can see during the day (the Sun).

Madame Defarge said...

Good Morning.

Thanks, Bruce for a successful Monday. I thought this had a bit of crunch because I needed several passes in the center to be sure I was on the right track.

Thank you, Boomer, for guiding us along. Nicely done. I do remember Game of the States! MN is probably out with Covid.

From Saturday (?): Anon-T: The lasagne is is the freezer now waiting for our Christmas Eve--just the two of us.

Ray-O-Sunshine: You are on spot about lasagna vs. lasagne. I do enjoy your Italian lessons! Best wishes for your DW's rapid recovery.

YR: Congrats on your new place. Enjoy!

Bill G: Lots of prayers for you and Joanne. You are doing good work.

Be well, everyone. Maybe this is a light at the end of the tunnel--that isn't an oncoming train!!! MY M-I-L was told she may have it by the end of the month after the healthcare providers and other first line workers.

Linkster said...

Good Morning All.

I disagree with "Stomach ______: Digestive Aids". ACID is the problem and not a curative. I know this from experience. Some aids are Alkaloids (as in Alka Seltzer) or Bromides (not to be confused with trite soothing statements).

And, yes, I was in a Den when I was a Cub Scout, then transitioned through Webelos to Boy Scouts. While these groups are part of the same organization they are vastly different in practice.

All in all a fun puzzle and I did not get the theme until I read the blog.

Stay Safe!

inanehiker said...

Masterful puzzle construction today - I stopped at finding 2 state abbreviations in each theme - it wasn't until the blog that Boomer showed me a whole string of states in each one!

Generally smooth sailing, but I had to shift ALTER to ADAPT for the 49D Modify to fit clue. I also had to change the ROCK BANDS to STARS for the 35D Rolling Stones interviewees clue.

Thanks Boomer and Bruce for the Monday morning jumpstart to my brain!
YR hope you settle in well - looks like so far it is going well!

desper-otto said...

Tribune Content Agency is at it again. They're crediting today's offering to Ed Sessa.

Anonymous said...

Yer right; DENS are CUB Scout groups, not BOY Scout groups.

And NOOB is a misspelling of NEWB.

Wilbur Charles said...

I had GotS (States) too. My son had a smart friend. So, on a trip upstate in NH I played a quiz. What's the Capital of Idaho? My son said "Boise!". The others were amazed until I walked a little further and showed them Boise Rock. The Old Man in the Mountain had just lost his nose about that time.

My son had a friend who went GOTH, went Gay, went Army and now is a happily married mother.

Ah, a LIME wedge in a Corona(beer ad?)

ERATO. A CSO to our Owen who's made a recovery and beginning to lay down a few lines. I expect an O-lick any day now

Along with LEXI, Michelle (Wei) made a bid to qualify in the MEN'S Open at age 16. Putting was her downfall after an opening 68. Drive for show…

Congrats to YR for surviving the period of double closings. Stress, ugh. And how is Tim? I pray for that poor soul.

Omg, D-O got the theme. I should have tried harder. I actually timed my self. Started at 8:18 and my alarm at 830 went off while I had a few squares left. Solved counter clockwise as perps led me. Crunchy for a Monday although I knew COE, USAIN and SULLY. And (Sao)PAULO*.

Up in Dunellon (mid Florida) I actually can see stars and that gorgeous moon of last week.

I had NewB too. N'importe de quoi.


Thanks Boomer.

* In 6th grade we'd played a game "Search the Globe" where I discovered Sao Paulo. And Perth, a winner. Lots of rivers like Dnieper which appeared awhile back(and I misspelled causing an FIW which still rankles)

Lucina said...


Yes, I have Ed Sessa, too, as the constructor. I don't understand what is going on with that continued error. But thank you to the real constructor and to Boomer.

And thank you for explaining the theme. It did not occur to me that the states would be abbreviated within each answer but it's too early in the morning for me and so clever.

The L in LEXI was a pure guess since I already had the -EXI.

Tom Hanks is an amazing actor. He can become whoever he is portraying the same as Meryl Streep.

NOOB looks strange to me but certainly fits the clue.

Our storage SHEDs were all replaced a few years ago since the original ones were falling apart and could not be used for any valuables. Now all the Christmas boxes fit and are protected not only from the elements but from thieves.

CUMIN is a spice I have never liked. It's too sharp.

What a nice photo of you in front of your new home. I'm so happy for you.

Yesterday I had two birthday celebrations so I believe they are now all finished. It was fun meeting with some of my friends and then my family and yielded some wonderful gifts. They are all so generous.

Enjoy a pleasant day, everyone!

Madame Defarge said...

Bill G:

Sincerely sorry for my error. . . .

I send prayers to you and Barbara.


Lemonade714 said...

Bruce this was an exceptional exercise that sadly was lost on most of your Monday audience. I assume the Cub Scout error was made by the editors
Thanks for a great start to the weeko

Lemonade714 said...

Looks good Kathy - enjoy in good health

Hungry Mother said...

FIR, slowed a bit by the names and wagged TEL. Happy to see COE in the grid; fabulous runner. I’ve a nephew who plays the OBOE and get to think of him often as I solve puzzles.

ATLGranny said...

Back to FIR after yesterday's embarrassment. My only WO was NewB which perps quickly corrected to NOOB. I should remember that next time. The theme took a minute since I first looked for spelled out states, but saw Maine in the first two and thought it must be some other trick that didn't duplicate. Then I got it and proudly noticed GA made it in the line up. Fun puzzle, Bruce. Thanks, Boomer, for the Monday humor in your review.

Loved the picture, Yellowrocks. You look merry for Christmas. Hope everyone has a good week!

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

It took me a few moments to grasp the string of abbreviations in each answer; what an achievement! I always enjoy Bruce’s work, particularly his tricky wordplay puzzles and clever themes. I, too, had Alter before Adapt and Noob is familiar from other puzzles; in fact, it’s more common than Newbie or NewB, IMO. Easy, breezy Monday solve.

Thanks, Bruce, for a nice start to the week and thanks, Boomer, for the chuckles and commentary.

Kathy, best of luck in settling in and enjoying your new lifestyle. Nice photo of you and your new home.


Thanks Misty, Ray O, and Anon T for your kind words. (Hope I didn’t leave anyone out, as I’m just going by my memory from yesterday.)

Have a great day.

Sherry said...

My puzzle, here in Houston lists Ed
Sessa as the constructor.
Same issue last week, what's going on?

Ray - O - Sunshine said...

The clue "Now it's clear" sounded to me like present tense thus at first I put GETit/yah. Should remember by now Portuguese PAULO not Paolo. Recalled USAIN "bolt" from a few month's back puzzle; safely cerebrally tucked away. So I FIR with perpwalked corrections.

Plus Bruce, I Haight to say it but there was no way my feeble mind would have figured out your ingenious theme.

A RAM is a butter. Clever. For the spread on bread most Americans say "budər" whilst the Brits range from "buttuh" with 2 hard T's to "bu-uh" with no consonants at all.

Waited on perps but was tempted to write in Mars ("Bellicose" is a Latin derivative meaning warlike). ARES is a Greek god. Almost overthunk it. Miller Sebastian? COE? Wait Miler...still no clue

Frequent vistors UMA, ESAI. Never want to find youself confused aboard ship: ATSEA ATSEA.

Records now show that Columbus mooned Leif ERIK's son as he outpaced his Viking ship on the way to India

YR great picture. Enjoy your new digs.

Cain's anger led him to dis ____ ABEL
Camp Lejeune.......MARINELAND
Return of Hook's first mate....ITSMEEAGAIN.
Attorney retainer.....SUFI
2 scoops of _____ in every box of Kellogg's Amber Bran.... RESINS
Thailand was once known _____ ASIAM

Anonymous said...

I love this terrific theme.
I tried doing the puzzles on my Kindle. I do not have the dexterity to navigate them on the touch screen of the Kindle or the phone, although typing this is not difficult.
The Oaks accidentally installed WiFi before I moved in. It was supposed to be in a few weeks. Shh! However, we did not hook up my old computer because I plan to buy a laptop very soon. When I am "sprung" from isolation, I can use the house computer for puzzling.
Thanks for all the congratulations on my new home. I love the apartment. Soon I will be able to take part in the community.
Lucina, when is your actual birthday? I am sorry I missed it. Happy belated birthday.
WC, thanks for asking. Unfortunately Tim is still in a coma and doesn't move or speak. So sad.
We are expecting a big winter storm midweek.

Ray - O - Sunshine said...

FLN ...Add to the three cardinal Cornerite taboos Identity theft...Ray-O-Sunshine Doppelganger @ 7:58 pm. my FBI colleagues (Full Blooded Italians) are on your trail as we speak (er...type). Worst of all your comments were funnier than mine. Unforgiveable. 😡

waseeley said...

Thanx for the daily groan Ray. Love it.

Malodorous Manatee said...

FIR but (A) I never did see the theme and (b) I thought that some of the longer fill answers (e.g. ITS ME AGAIN, GOES ON A RUN) were a bit out of "sync" for a Monday puzzle. Still, I will probably be looking for state abbreviations in everything that I read the rest of this day.

Currently, it is ten degrees F here.

Spitzboov said...

Good morning everyone.

Got UNITED STATES easily but didn't bother to look for the state abbreviations. Seemed a bit crunchy for a Monday but finished it without erasures. FIR.
I think gastric acid is a digestive aid. Gastric acid plays a key role in digestion of proteins by activating digestive enzymes, which together break down the long chains of amino acids of proteins." I defer to the doctors here.

Our paper attributes the puzzle to Bruce Haight. Nice job BTW.

Shankers said...

Theme? What theme? I must be the densest person here. Someone has to draw me a picture. Oh yeah, now I see it. Despite my crossword blindness, it was a FIR in just a minute or two longer than the normal Monday time. Are there special CW glasses one can buy to see themes?

Lucina said...

Thank you for asking. My birthday is on December 6th, the feast of St. Nicholas. Nicolasa (Spanish version) is my confirmation name.

CanadianEh! said...

Marvellous Monday. Thanks for the fun, Bruce and Boomer.
I agree with WC that this CW had a little more crunch than the usual Monday.
I FIRed but could not see the theme. I can chalk it up to my Canadian disadvantage, but the rest of you should have recognized all those UNITED STATES abbreviations!😁😁

Inkblots where I changed Amos to ABEL (both were shepherds), and Safi to SUFI.

Linkster@7:32- Stomach ACID (really should be singular) is a very necessary digestive aid. The problem you describe is caused by an excess of ACID and can require other aids as you describe (although I would not be recommending Alka Seltzer or bromides any more) or the overused PPIs.
“Gastric acid, gastric juice, or stomach acid, is a digestive fluid formed within the stomach lining. Composed of hydrochloric acid, potassium chloride, and sodium chloride, gastric acid plays a key role in digestion of proteins by activating digestive enzymes, which together break down the long chains of amino acids of proteins.“ (Wiki)

Yr- great photo. Glad that you are settling in well (and have Wifi- I assume that you are the anon@9:04😊).
Wishing you all a great day.

Vidwan827 said...

Very clever puzzle, Bruce, your inventiveness is amazing. I never even thought of the state gimmick. OH my, and you never thought of my home state.
I was too busy trying to finish it, in what I thought would be my personal record time. Didn't make that, unfortunately. Some crunchy answers got in the way. But Thank you very much, for an easier Monday puzzle.

I know it must rankle you. for the puzzle to be credited to/ or confused with - Ed Sessa, but he is also a great constructor. So, I guess it could also be an honor, of sorts.. ;-o)

But, of course, Credit should go where Credit is due !!

Thank you Boomer, for your writeup and your age old humor. Or, Old Age, humor. Always enjoyable. So many of us can relate to your old age stories, that its actually gets very personal. We all have the same trials and tribulations. In fact, I would venture to say, that statistics would show that this is definitely a senior citizen's blog, by an overwhelming majority.

I used to do runs, too, - around the neighborhood, .... but then a brisk walk, and now down to a more contemplative one.
I have runs too, but thats a different subject.

Best wishes, and sympathies, for Bill G. and his wife.
Hang in there, have faith and keep strong.
Most of us will all have to go the same route, sooner or later.

Best wishes to Kathy/ YellowRocks.
Hope the change brings much joy and happiness.
For what it's worth, I wish I could do the same thing, but I'm afraid, I could never clean up our house.

If cubs have dens, and boys have troops, when do they start living in lairs, and start becoming Liars ?? ;=x) Lol
Senior citizen boy scouts.

Have a nice day, and a great week, all.

Bruce Haight said...

Thanks Boomer- great write-up. I thought this was a bit tough for a Monday, but glad to see it getting a wide audience! Bruce Haight

Husker Gary said...

-After the reveal I went back and saw MArINEland but to no avail. Bruce’s fun abbreviated theme then jumped off the page!
-Kid/me - “When I dress like a GOTH, kids make fun of me!” “Doctor, doctor it hurts when I do this!”
-Automated voice on sub line called my TEL NO this morning. I’m waiting until at least the first of the year.
-Omeprazole has made me invincible to ACID indigestion. Bring on the pepperoni.
-The Omaha paper has had the right constructor listed but the wrong puzzle. Imagine my surprise that day when I came to the write-up.
-Looks like nice new digs, Cathy. Congratulations!

waseeley said...

Thanx Bruce for a fun puzzle which I FIR'd for a change. The theme was very timely and sorely needed at this moment in history. And thank you Boomer for your commentary (I never learned to golf - couldn't find anyone to borrow left-handed clubs from).

Welcome back Kathy. Great picture. We've missed you!

42A Last word (I hope) on Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts. DENS are small groups of younger boys who usually meet weekly in the home of a Den Mother (Mrs Dickey was mine) or nowadays a Den Father(?). They do mostly craftsy stuff. PATROLS are the equivalent in Scouts, led by a peer Scout called a Patrol Leader. They work on "merit badges" (for demonstrated skill sets) and do a lot of outdoor stuff, e.g. hiking.

Aggregates of DENS are called PACKS and usually meet monthly. Aggregates of PATROLS are called TROOPS that also meet monthly, and for longer periods during the Summer, e g. overnight camping. PACKS and TROOPS are usually associated with a SPONSOR (e.g. a civic club or church) that provides a place for the larger group meetings. Your organization may vary.

Scouting is a really great organization, although it has had some recent problems that I won't go into here.

47A Used to belong to FB, but quit because it was making me unhappy. Years later I found this blog, a far superior form of social media.

52A Rossini was best known for his 34 operas, but retired to Paris a millionaire at age 36. He spent the rest of his life hosting lavish parties and writing a series of smaller scale instrumental and vocal works he called the "Sins of my old age". One of the greats.

59A Boomer, I have a "Smarter than me phone", which I rarely talk to anyone with. I use it principally for my daily sharings of BALDERDASH on this blog (as we speak!).

6D SULLY - great pilot and great flick.

19D NOOB - short for NEWBIE, an old IT term for anyone encountering computers or a new system for the first time. We've all been NOOBS on this blog. NEWB just doesn't PHONE.


NaomiZ said...

Thanks, Bruce! The state abbreviations flew under my radar, but I enjoyed the puzzle and FIR. Sorry the LA Times didn't give you credit! This has been going on for a week or so.

Linkster's comments got my attention, and I'm glad Spitzboov and CanadianEh responded. Without stomach ACIDS, we'd all have to be on clear liquid diets.

Re: 47 Across, I have LIKED Facebook from early days. At first, DH just wanted me to follow our kids from MySpace to FB in order to monitor their online behavior, but it quickly became a great way to keep up with friends and family across the country and around the globe. I share a lot of bird photos and information there, and participate in several photography groups. You just have to avoid the games and quizzes, and stop following the crazy conspiracy minded folks on your friend list.

Thanks, Boomer! You and Bruce are today's ROCK STARS.

unclefred said...

Why do my CWs in the South Florida SunSentinel always have a different constructor listed? Today it says Ed Sessa was the constructor!! Well, whoever did this ZCW, Ed or Bruce, it’s beyond brilliant. Naturally, I did not see the reveal until Boomer ‘splained it. I enjoyed doing it, whoever the constructor was Thanx!! And as usual excellent write-up, thanx, Boomer!!

unclefred said...

Funny enough, ACID leads to both DIGESTION and INDIGESTION.

Yellowrocks said...

My grandson went through all the levels of scouting. His first cub scout den was wild, running through the house, locking each other out, etc. while the den mothers sat in the kitchen and gossiped. My DIL transferred him to another den and from there on he had a fantastic experience. Although he is ADHD challenged he completed all the merit badges and even became an Eagle Scout. He loved the outdoors and camping and was a counsellor at a national scout camp. I am so sorry to hear what horrors went on with other boys nationwide.

Misty said...

Aarrgghh. Once again, wrong constructor for this Monday, with Ed Sessa listed. I love Ed's puzzles, but Bruce deserves credit for this one in all the newspapers, for goodness sake. Is this just going to go on and on all year? At any rate, many thanks, Bruce, for a fun puzzle, and Boomer, your Monday write-ups get our week off to a great start.

Thought it was neat to see MARINE LAND almost across from AT SEA. Then, right below, we had OIL right next to COAL MINE. Enjoyable coincidences or deliberate? Either way, thanks, Bruce. Like others, I too had ALTER before ADAPT, but I knew that Rossini's work had to be an OPERA. I may never be LIKED on Facebook, but I sure like Facebook--a daily pleasure.

Wonderful to see you back, Yellowrocks, looking great and happy at your new home.

Have a great week coming up, everybody.

Alice said...

This was my kind of puzzle - flew through it ,but completely missed the theme (but I knew it had something to do with states). I was thinking of anagrams, so I tried to make Maryland out of Marineland... didn’t work. But still fun.

Bill G, I’m wishing you the best as you care for your wife. Take care of yourself too.

Yellow rock, congratulations on your new home. Thanks for the very nice picture.

Thanks to Bruce for a fun puzzle, and to Boomer who always does a great job for people like me who cannot suss out the theme.

waseeley said...

Anonymous @9:44AM Did you just move recently? This doesn't sound like Anonymous. Did YR just move into the Oaks? Is my "Smarter than me phone" playing tricks in me?

waseeley said...

You mean there can be more than one Anonymous? How do we tell them apart?

Malodorous Manatee said...

"Rossini was best known for his 34 operas, but retired to Paris a millionaire at age 36." I am presently enjoying some of his music. I am watching/listening to a Lone Ranger TV show episode.

Yellowrocks said...

WASEELEY. It's me again @ 9:44.
I just tried today's puzzle on the Kindle with an electronic pencil. It was doable, but a mouse is better. Of course I had seen most of the answers. I will try tomorrow.
Yes, there are many Anons.

waseeley said...

MM @2:16PM Don't know if I heard this first in Boy's Life's "Think and Grin" column but the old definition for an INTELLECTUAL used to be "Someone who can listen to 'The William Tell Overture' without thinking of the Lone Ranger".

I recently watched a few episodes with my Grandkids and couldn't get over how BAD the acting was. My favorite episode was the one where they're completely surrounded by Indians on all sides and the Lone Ranger Ranger turns to Tonto and says "It look's like we're goners Tonto!" and Tonto replies "Whaddya ya' mean WE paleface?" ...

Ray - O - Sunshine said...

Waseeley..Re: the Loan Arranger (Roman Banker)...first and last time I heard the term yesteryear (is yestermonth a thing too?)

Ol' Man Keith said...

10A: PIERS ~ Whenever I see the plural of pier, I think of the medieval tale of Piers Plowman.
Doesn't everybody?
Isn't that where Melania Trump got the idea for "Do Best"?

A little chewier than usual for Monday. But no probs. Thanks, Ed Sessa!

An unusual asymmetry, ergo no diagonals.

Ol' Man Keith said...

I was a Den Chief when I was a Boy Scout. I served to supervise my younger brother's Cub Scout Den when our Mom was Den Mother.
We met at our home and in our backyard.
We began and ended our meetings with the chant: "AKELA, we will do our best--Best--BEST!"

It was fun, and I got to wear a blue and gold aiguillette, or lanyard cord around my shoulder. I got to work up the agenda for each den meeting, which always called for a story from Mom, a lesson from the handbook, that I sometimes read out, and a physical game outside in good weather.

Yes, only the little kids, the Cubs, met in "dens." When I met with my own Scout comrades, as a Boy Scout and as an Explorer, we met in "troops." My San Francisco troop met in the downstairs hall of the Old First Presbyterian Church on Van Ness Avenue.
We met there until a black friend of mine joined our troop. The minister of the church took exception to his presence and threatened to evict us.
We resolved this by marching a couple of blocks west and changing our base to the Unitarian Church on Franklin Street.
We were pretty good kids, and weren't about to let the Presbyterians hold us back.

Anonymous T said...

Hi All!

How did you come up with that theme Bruce? Wow! And I totally missed it. A fine puzzle with a little crunch in my Monday.

Thanks Boomer for kickin' off the Monday afterparty!

WOs: Alter (which lead to OP ART b/f OPERA)->ADAPT , ariA -> CODA, MARINa LAND, oH ME.
Fav: Take me AS I AM made me think of Billy Joel's You may be right [@1:42 of 4:30]

MdF - Drat, I'm busy Christmas eve :-)

YR - Thanks for the pic of your new digs; looks nice (as do you). Sweet that you have WiFi already!

I too was a Scout from Cubs->Webleoes->Life Scout; I went off to Basic before I finished my service project for Eagle.

Vidwan - DW call's Cornerites my "octogenarian friends" :-) I think I was the youngest at The Corner until Jamie joined.

No on Facebook; it's not the product - you are.

Cheers, -T

The Curmudgeon said...

The BSA has changed since most of us were Scouts. The programs are Cub Scouting, Scouts BSA, Venturing, Sea Scouting, and Exploring. Units are Packs, Troops, Crews, Ships, and Posts or Clubs (depending on age). Cubs and Scouts are open to boys and girls (in separate units); Venturers, Sea Scouts, and Explorers are truly co-ed. The changes seem to me to be reasonable adaptations to a changing culture, without compromising standards.

>> Roy

TTP said...

About 30 years ago was when I first met an unassuming older neighbor some 6 or 7 houses away. He was about my father's age. Seemed like a really interesting man. He was preparing to drive to West Virginia or Virginia for the national Boy Scouts Jamboree. He had made Eagle Scout in the late 30's. I learned that he was very active in the Boy Scouts and had gone to and volunteered his time at almost every national Boy Scouts Jamboree since the 1950s. He was happy to serve on the logistics team providing sustenance to the tens of thousands that would be attending. A neighbor later said he was "the man" in charge.

Later, I learned from another neighbor that my neighbor was a member of the special forces Mountain Division in WWII and fought in the Alps in Italy and had also later served in Korea. Then learned that he worked for the FAA at the county airport and among other things, was a member of an investigative team that investigated downed aircraft incidents throughout the midwest. My respect for this man grew over the years, but I never really knew until reading his obit.

jfromvt said...

Very clever puzzle, especially for a Monday, and a bit tougher than the usual Monday. And four long down answers in addition to the great theme. Well done!