Dec 20, 2020

Sunday December 20, 2020 Ross Trudeau


Theme: "Pop Quiz" - Pop songs start with the Five W's and How.

23. Question 1 (Baha Men, 2000): WHO LET THE DOGS OUT. "Who, who, who, who, who?
Who let the dogs out...". We see BAHA at grid from time to time.

38. Question 2 (Third Eye Blind, 1997): HOW'S IT GONNA BE. Not familiar with the song or the band. Wiki gives the title "How's It Going to Be".

48. With 79-Across, Question 3 (War, 1975): WHY CAN'T WE. And 79. See 48-Across: BEFRIENDS.

61. Question 4 (Jagged Edge featuring Nelly, 2001): WHERE THE PARTY AT.

85. Question 5 (Justin Bieber, 2015): WHAT DO YOU MEAN. Ah, we all know this song. 

102. Question 6 (Linda Ronstadt, 1975): WHEN WILL I BE LOVED. Argyle liked Linda Ronstadt.

What a great title! So apt. Ross always finds ways to tighten up a theme. This is a perfect example.

This puzzle only has 138 words. Our standard is 144. Ross is a real pro in grid-designing and filling.

Ross Trudeau


1. Broody genre: EMO.

4. Bothersome sort: PEST.

8. Writ word: HABEAS. Habeas corpus.

14. "Yeah, right!": I BET.

18. Traveler's app that can use crowdsourced data: WAZE. GPS navigation app. Found in Israel. Owned by Google now.

20. Creep (along): INCH.

21. "Little Miss Dynamite" Lee: BRENDA.

22. Gold rush animal: MULE.

26. Gainsborough's "The Blue Boy" et al.: OILS.

27. Flustered: IN A STEW.

28. Book of Mormon prophet: ENOS. And 11. Musician Brian: ENO.

29. iPod and iPad: APPLES. My iPod (Classic) finally died. The battery quit.

31. Ability of Marvel's Professor X: ESP.

32. Use sparingly: RATION. I used my iPod every day for over 12 years. It did not have WiFi.  So outdated, but it fit my needs perfectly. 

34. Did an aria, say: SOLOED.

36. Like some river bottoms: SILTY.

42. Smoothie berry: ACAI. Vowel-rich, hence its frequent appearance.

43. Like Cheerios: OATEN.

46. Shouldered: BORNE.

47. Crafty sort: FOX.

50. Hall of Famer Reese: PEEWEE. And another Hall of Famer 57. Bobby on ice: ORR.

52. Get behind something, maybe: HIDE.

53. Golf club part: TOE.

54. Goldberg who drew complex "machines": RUBE.

55. Petrol measures: LITRES.

56. Buenos __: AIRES. This sounds very pretty in Chinese. Minneapolis and Annapolis also sound pretty. I think I mentioned before, in Chinese, America is "beautiful country".

58. Romanov title: TSAR.

59. End of a ball game?: ALAI. Jai alai.

60. "Despicable Me" orphan: AGNES. New to me. Shout out to the Notorious Agnes on our blog.

65. Thunders: ROARS.

67. Assistant: AIDE.

68. Electrical units: OHMS.

69. __ es Salaam: DAR.

72. Housing choice: CONDO.

73. Sign of spring: TAURUS.

75. Pod contents: PEAS. My iPod is full of great podcasts. Many classic Maron episodes.

76. Legal org.: ABA.

77. Activity centers: HUBS.

78. Temptation for a gambler: HOT TIP.

81. In the past: AGO.

82. "Pearly Shells" singer: DON HO.

83. Ish: SORTA.

84. Victoria's Secret spec: C CUP.

89. Contests that take seconds?: DUELS. Great clue.

90. Lassos: RIATAS.

91. "The Communist Manifesto" co-author: ENGELS. This poster of Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin & Mao was in our classrooms for many years.

94. "O, __ fortune's fool!": Romeo: I AM.

95. Beatnik address: DADDY-O.

97. Little bit: IOTA.

98. Noble realm: EARLDOM.

101. Et __: ALII.

107. Philosopher Descartes: RENE. "Cogito ergo sum" guy.

108. Chief: LEADER.

109. Zipped through: ACED.

110. "Biggest Little City in the World": RENO. Boomer loves the food at Peppermill Reno & Vegas.

111. Brewery units: KEGS.

112. Walked proudly: STRODE.

113. What many players shoot for: PARS. On a golf course.

114. Common doo-wop solo instrument: SAX.


1. "Ick": EWW.

2. Half a menu fish: MAHI.

3. Stratospheric shield: OZONE LAYER.

4. Brad of "12 Monkeys": PITT.

5. Formal "Door's open": ENTER.

6. Unstressed vowel sound: SCHWA.

7. Not just any: THE.

8. Netflix competitor: HBO NOW.

9. Gases in some bulbs: ARGONS. Plurable?

10. Porgy's beloved: BESS.

12. Ghanian-born soccer great: ADU. Freddy. So highly touted.

13. Got stood up at the café, say: SAT ALONE.

14. Words while checking one's calendar: I'M OPEN.

15. Jack London classic, with "To": BUILD A FIRE.

16. Fashion monthly: ELLE.

17. Hardy heroine: TESS.

19. Springy: ELASTIC.

24. Spot: ESPY.

25. Two-sport Sanders: DEION. NFL/MLB.

30. Bread in a skillet: PONE.

33. You, biblically: THEE.

34. Vermont ski resort: STOWE.

35. Scary beasts: OGRES.

36. Handled: SAW TO.

37. Blood of the Greek gods: ICHOR.What color is it?

39. Madrid's peninsula: IBERIA.

40. Portends: BODES.

41. Subjects of split decisions?: EXES. Another great clue.

43. Disagreeable necessities: ONUSES.

44. Being litigated: AT BAR.

45. Poetic contraction: 'TWERE.

49. Prefix with pod or scope: ARTHRO. "Joint".

50. Accumulated: PILED UP.

51. Military camps: ETAPES.

52. Crossword title, often: HINT.

55. "Interpreter of Maladies" Pulitzer author Jhumpa __: LAHIRI. Indian-American.

56. Tennis legend Andre: AGASSI.

60. Language or people of the central Andes: AYMARA. Learning moment for me.

61. Rolls of money: WADS.

62. "Amélie" star Audrey: TAUTOU.  Such a whimsical film.

63. Rodeo competitor: ROPER.

64. Lifting, maybe: THEFT.

65. Golfer's "tall stuff": ROUGH.

66. Orientation procedure: ON BOARDING.

69. Steps on the floor?: DANCE MOVES. Lovely fill and clue.

70. Singer Paula: ABDUL.

71. Talks hoarsely: RASPS.

72. Wad of tobacco: CHAW.

73. Skater Harding: TONYA.

74. Dumas' Count de la Fère: ATHOS.

78. Nocturnal hunters: HOOT OWLS.

79. Radius, for one: BONE.

80. Galápagos Islands' country: ECUADOR.

82. Time for action: D DAY.

83. Katey of "Sons of Anarchy": SAGAL.

86. Spruces (up): TIDIES.

87. Asked for a tuna treat, maybe: MEOWED. We just had MEWL yesterday.

88. Whole: ENTIRE.

89. Pickle flavoring: DILL.

92. High-end camera: LEICA.

93. Cavalry blade: SABER.

95. Like grim humor: DARK.

96. Sheltered, at sea: ALEE.

97. Chinese leader?: INDO. Indo-Chinese.

99. Chianti and Bordeaux: REDS.

100. Actress Suvari: MENA."American Beauty"/"American Pie"

103. Worked (up): HET.

104. Canal site: EAR.

105. Cozy cat seat: LAP.

106. Publish identifying material about on the Web: DOX. Read more here. Doxing can be toxic.


Linkster said...

A satisfying Sunday excursion through the lyrical questions of youth. I knew them all except WHERE THE PARTY AT. I had to use perps for that one.

Great puzzle Ross and a fine history lesson from CC.

I have to admit I had a few sticking points but the long answers being familiar helped the fills march along.

Linda Ronstadt singing WHEN WILL I BE LOVED is puzzling because we all loved her.

I heard WHO LET THE DOGS OUT on a Cruise for the first time. The band belted out the amplified WHOs across the Lido Deck all week. It brings me back when I think of the song.

This morning I found fine entertainment, gave up sleep - tossing and turning -
in the early morning and found a diversion in the questions of our lives.

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

This one had plenty of names that I didn't know...even after I got 'em: DEION, TAUTOU, LAHIRI, I'm lookin' at you. ICHOR sounds SORTA EWW. I did notice the SO to AGNES of watermelon wrestling fame. But the only songs I recognized were the first and last listed. As a result, I concocted a DNF with WHERE THE PARTs AT/AsMARA -- I'm lookin' at you, too, AYMARA. This cw proved once again that d-o is totally unhip. [Sigh] You were too smart for me, Ross. Thanx for 'splainin' my mess, C.C.

Lemonade714 said...

Ross has become one of the new group of prolific and skilled constructors who entertain us regularly. It amuses me to realize that C.C. is now one of the seasoned professionals who led this charge.

The puzzle reminded me of this MUSICAL DITTY . I learned the 5 W's but HOW certainly belongs.

I am not sure if the question was rhetorical, but the ILLIAD tells us that ICHOR is Golden. But wait, there's more. This Comprehensive DICUSSION OF ICHOR has many other theories some of which are brought forth to modern times.

LAHIRI and AYMARA were unknowns but the perps filled them in.

Thank you RT and ZB

Malodorous Manatee said...

A nice way to start the day (yesterday). As for the song titles and the other proper nouns, it was a mixed bag with roughly half of them known and the others perpable (is that a word?). A Natick with WHERE THE PARTY AT and AYMARA but the wag must have been correct because the app told me the puzzle had been successfully completed. The ENGELS reference reminded me of the Firesign Theater riff: All Hail (Groucho) Marx and (John) Lenon !

Fred Piscop tomorrow (if the LAT gets the attribution right Monday morning and/or the app got it correct this morning).

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

I didn’t realize these were all song titles as I never heard of most of the artists. I thought the Why Can’t We Be Friends was a play on the “War” of the Rodney King riots and his plea, “Why Can’t We Just Get Along?” There were the usual, unknown proper names including: Adu, Aymara, Athos, Lahiri, and the icky Ichor. I didn’t care for some of the cluing and fill, e.g., At Bar, On Boarding, but, as CC noted, there were several great clues and fun fill. I was very surprised but pleased to see a modern cartoon character named Agnes.

Thanks, Ross, for a pleasant Sunday solve and thanks, CC, for the expo and analysis of the theme basis that sailed right over my head.

DO @ 6:56 ~ Coincidentally, yesterday marked the six month anniversary of the watermelon fiasco.

Have a great day.

jfromvt said...

I slogged through this one. Too many Naticks and forced crosswordy answers for my liking. EWW right off the bat at 1 down set up this puzzle. ADU, ATBAR, TWERE, TAUTOU, AYMARA, DOX....who knows these people or words?

Shankers said...

Slow and steady this morning, Too much white at the top to begin. The bottom two-thirds filled gradually with many perps to get Lahiri, Tautou and Aymara. Never heard of wherethepartyat, but everything surrounding it I knew was correct. Back up to the top where I had inasnit at 27A, atealone at 13D and all at 7D. One by one each was sussed for an average Sunday FIR time. Too many obscure clues for my taste though.

Spitzboov said...

Good morning everyone.

Knew DAR and DILL. Eventually got it all except I had uDU for ADU. Sigh. Pop themes were quite perpable and surprised myself by getting them all. Had 'crocus' before TAURUS, and 'tore' before ACED. Had my favorite SCHWA there; couldn't miss on the clue.
CSO to our AGNES. Agneta was my mother's given name. When people asked, she said it translated to AGNES in English. (I think one of the ABBA is named Agnetha.)
RATION - Gasoline was RATIONed during WWII. Since a farm was essential business, my Dad got all he needed to run his McCormick-Deering 10-20 tractor with steel wheels and steel lugs. (They could run on kerosene once started with gas.)
ROUGH - - Akin to German Rau or Rauh; L. German Ruug.

Anonymous said...

I got the them soon, but I knew only one song, Who Let the Dogs Out. WHERE THE PARTY sounds wrong. It crossed the, for me, unknowns, LAHIRI, TAUTOU and AYMARA. I guessed them. FIR. This took long because of all the unknowns.
AT BAR, ONBOARDING and DOX were not new to me. DOX is often in the news. IMO this fill is not gluey, just outside some people's experience. I often wonder why things outside our wheelhouse are sometimes considered gluey.

Onboarding; also known as organizational socialization, is management jargon first created in the 1970s that refers to the mechanism through which new employees acquire the necessary knowledge, skills, and behaviors in order to become effective organizational members and insiders.

At bar 2: trial before a judicial or quasi-judicial tribunal and especially before a court of justice : trial by a court and by a jury.

Dox, search for and publish private or identifying information about (a particular individual) on the internet, typically with malicious intent.
"hackers and online vigilantes routinely dox both public and private figures"

DANCE MOVES, CSO to me and Picard. Alas, social distancing has canceled these moves.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous is Yellowrocks. This is not my computer, so I am not registered for Google.

Spitzboov said...

YR - By the cadence and general content, I figured it was you. Always glad to see your posts. Hope you are getting settled in nicely and that it is what you expected.

Big Easy said...

My description of my effort today? CRASH AND BURN. With songs I can honestly say I'd never heard by bands I'm unfamiliar with-HOW'S IT GONNA BE, WHERE THE PARTY AT, WHAT DO YOU MEAN-a book I didn't know- TO BUILD A FIRE, completely unheard of people- Freddy ADU, LAHIRI, AGNES, & TAUTOU, and an unknown language-AYMARA- FIR was an impossiblity for this guy. Too many proper names and A&E. Third Blind Eye and Jagged edge- never heard of them either. DON HO was a WAG. I'd heard of Justin Bieber from his crazy antics years ago but that's all I know of him.

The blanks squares PILED UP today.

I filled DOX, SAGAL, I AM, by perps. Both unknown.

D-O, DEION Sanders and BO JACKSON- they both played MLB and NFL football at the same time.
jfromvt- I don't know those word either.

I don't think there is a plural for an inert gas- ARGONS.
HYDROGENS & OXYGENS- at least there's deuterium, tritium & ozone.

C.C.- get a new I-POD.

Husker Gary said...

-Obscure proper nouns crossing a question that omits the verb? In the words of Sam Cooke, What’s Goin’ On?
-Contests that take seconds? Uh, that would be Linda Ronstadt taking second to Everly Brothers on When Will I Be Loved? IMHO
-Brenda Lee was the EMO queen in my adolescence, e.g. All ALONE Am I
-DANG! I picked the wrong vowel for HABE_S. My second was also wrong. Who ADU?
-TAURUS finally edged out spring signs of CROCUS and TULIPS
-Where did all the SAXES go?
-I’M OPEN – What all receivers yell at QB’s
-I plucked ETAPES out of my cwd mental storage bin
-My course has very little ROUGH so there is less delay
-A new term for me
-Moving from Chicago (lat. = 42N) to Quito, ECUADOR (lat. = 0.2N)

Husker Gary said...

-From yesterday – I just came back in from putting out a new bird feeder. I had to get up on my TIPPY TOES.

NaomiZ said...

Aaarrrgghh! After a week of perfect finishes, Mr. Trudeau dealt me a DNF. Didn't know the Jagged Edge song, and it wasn't exactly WAG-able, given poor grammar and unknown perps TAUTOU, LAHIRI, and AYMARA. Obvs not my favorite puzzle of the week. I should have piped in yesterday when the puzzle tickled me pink!

Congrats to the solvers, with C.C. at the top of that list.

NaomiZ said...

Yellowrocks, you should be able to sign into your Google account on that computer, and sign out when finished. Perhaps one of our technical wizards can help.

Picard said...

Big Easy I am with you. Way too many crossed obscurities. I tried to WAG between WHERES DE PARTY and the actual incorrect English. FIW. I did know WHO LET THE DOGS OUT, WHY CAN'T WE BE FRIENDS and WHEN WILL I BE LOVED. Thought Cheerios were OATEY.

Yellowrocks thank you for the DANCE MOVES shout out. Is your move complete now? I feel for you. As for your wheelhouse comment, I agree up to a point. I am not OK with crosses where it would be a rare person to know both. But to support your point: AYMARA was a gimme for me and not for others.

These lovely AYMARA women kindly posed with me on their "Floating Island" on Lake Titicaca.

The other major indigenous group in Peru are the Quechua. The AYMARA seemed to be happier and friendlier in my limited experience. I am guessing the Quechua have suffered more persecution in more recent times. The AYMARA created their Floating Islands in order to escape persecution in the past. I am in awe of the work that goes into creating and maintaining them.

Malodorous Manatee said...

Personally, I got a bit lucky where you got stuck, Naomi, because Amelie is a motion picture with which I am familiar. It is quite charming and I even have it on DVD...somewhere.

Here is a link to the trailer:
Amelie Trailer

On a completely different topic, it would be nice if there was a way for the author of a comment, here, to edit that comment without having to delete the original and then post the modified version. First, it would simplify things and, second, the sequencing would be kept intact.

Alice said...

I needed perps for ADO, DEION, AGNES. I knew TAUTOU but misspelled it twice.

It’s funny how, without consciously knowing, you see the start of something, like TO BUILD, and put it together with Jack London, and the rest just come to you. I didn’t read TO BUILD A FIRE, but have heard it mentioned a few times.

CC, I’m reading “Searching for Sylvie Lee” by Keon. The author never says where the immigrants are living , but refers to the country as Beautiful Country. Now I know why.

I really enjoyed this puzzle, and especially this theme (although I haven’t heard of a few of these song titles). The enjoyment is in the struggle.

Alice said...

Autocorrect didn’t like Kwok, the actual author of “Sylvie Lee”.

Jayce said...

I was going to tell you all a joke about boxing but I forgot the punch line.

Okay, seriously, it is good to be back with you all on the blog after over a week of absence. Thankfully it was not due to Covid, but I was in the hospital for several days. Been resting and recovering for several days after coming home. Been too tired to do any puzzles or participate here, but pretty much all better now. Good to "see" you all again.

Now to do today's puzzle and read all your comments.

Anonymous T said...

Sunday Lurk Say...

Jayce - I wondered where you went. Glad to hear you're better.

Speaking of MIA - PK? I know you had PC issues, but they have to be solved by now(?).

MManatee - I'm pretty sure DW had me watch Amelie (or maybe just talked about it a lot?) but that trailer didn't evoke anything... I may need to see again.

I've never DOX'd someone but I've let them know that I could (give them a little taste) if they don't knock off their nonsense.

HG - I enjoyed the Where did all the SAXES go? article. I do miss the "fat" sound of a few horns supporting the music. //'course today - it's all preprogrammed electronic crap; the music known today as the Blues will only exist in the Classical Record department of your local library.. :-)

I changed out the 15a GFCI outlet in the guest bath (that feeds the outside outlets) this morning and tested ALL! the Christmas lights. I'm a little self-proud that I called this one right --- load holds & Griswold-house wanna-be works :-)

Cheers, -T

Anonymous T said...

BTW, HG - your article mentioned Tom Scott (of the LA Express) - he was playing tenor & alto SAX on Brief Case Full of Blues' recording. [Cite].

Hoping everyone's having a great Sunday afternoon... Mine will be fulfilled in ~2 hours when Eldest gets home from OU [Boomer Sooner!] for 3 weeks. Whoot!

Eldest wanted to know if I had any projects we could do together - I just made the list of stuff we can do [I took M-W off; we'll have fun. And I'll show her how to change a GFI outlet :-)].

Cheers, -T

Malodorous Manatee said...

"load holds & Griswold-house wanna-be works"


ATLGranny said...

FIR today but had to take breaks and come back several times to get it. Finally FOX, HIDE, BODES, and HINT came to me. Had WHERE THE PART wAs way too long, with the unknown AYMARA not helping. Got lucky with spelling in a couple of areas: HABEAS and ADU (hi to Spitz), and loved the movie Amelie but tried at first to spell her name TAtTOU, complicating my sign of spring. All in all a worthy project for the day. Thanks, Ross. And thanks a bunch C.C. for clearing up my questions why an answer worked.

This week will be a a different holiday than usual, but hope you all stay well and enjoy it. We just picked up more Christmas cookies from neighbors so ours will be sweet.

Chairman Moe said...

Puzzling Thoughts:

13-Down was EAT AS ONE/ EAT ALONE/ but never made it SAT ALONE. HABEAS didn’t register

Had to look up: BUILD A FIRE and WHERE THE PARTY AT; 43-Down never felt like a two-word answer; lots of WAGS and PERPS. Despite its stumping me, I liked Ross’s puzzle as well CC’s recap

I had a weird dream last night that one of my solo puzzle submissions was accepted. Sadly, it was a dream; nothing in my in-box ... yet!

My haiku du jour is specific to folks from Western PA who are/were familiar with a popular “restaurant” called The Original; which of course got shortened to The “O” (among others!). Their wieners were amazing, and a small portion of FF could feed a family of 4. Sadly, it closed this past year ...

Pittsburgh hotspot for
‘Dogs and fries creates great smell:


Spitzboov said...

Anon @ 1520 - - Funny, I found several sites on You Tube that agree with the puzzle. Other sites on the Web, as well.

Misty said...

Woohoo! We finally got the right constructor listed for this Sunday puzzle in the Los Angeles Times! Especially glad since it's a Ross Trudeau puzzle. Many thanks, Ross--a fun puzzle with many neat items. And C.C. thank you always for your great Sunday commentaries.

Nice to see RENE Descartes, followed by RENO. Also liked getting PEEWEE and TESS (once again, she seems to be turning up a lot in puzzles lately). But the one that cracked me up was remembering DADDYO as a Beatnik address. Beatniks--so long ago we hardly remember them any more.

Nice to have you back JAYCE. Take good care of yourself.

Irish Miss, I hope that little cartoon orphan AGNES is nice and sweet and does you justice.

Have a good week coming up, everybody.

Jayce said...

Whoo, this puzzle knocked me for a loop. So many things I didn't know. Unable to solve it without looking stuff up, so at least I learned a few things. I liked some of the clues, such as for DUELS, but I have no idea whom I am complementing by saying that.

Good wishes to you all.

Michael said...

I'm with Husker @ 11:56 ... couldn't fit 'Forsythia' for 73a, no matter how I tried ... then later -- m-u-u-uch later -- the zodiacal sign floated to the top.

BTW, CC, the Vietnamese name for America is "My Quoc", derived from your Chinese "Mei Guo".

CrossEyedDave said...

Once again, The Star ledger today made NO MENTION
of the Constructor, or Editor of the puzzle.
(for a Sunday, this is very unusual...)

Once again,
I must ask for help from the Blog in finding a way
to contact this mysterious "Syndicate" that feeds the
puzzles to the regional newspapers. The papers say they can do nothing,
and this "Syndicate" is incommunicado...

They did however print the Theme, which did not help me at all
because the only song I knew (or thought i knew) was
"when will I be loved."

Now, I don't normally like to point out how dumb I am.
(no snickering, please...)
But I thought this song would be fun to learn how to play on guitar.
One of many how to videos on YouTube.
Note that you can slow down the speed of playback,
(sound goes to crap, but...)
so you can finally see the fingering of the chords.
You still have to use your ears to know that in the above video
he is using power chords containing only the 1st 3 (sometimes 4) strings.

Then, I thought it would be great if I could find sheet music
that specifically lists each of the Harmony singing parts.
While looking, Google kept popping up Everly Bros? so I
researched deeper. Of course The Everly Bros had a song with the
same name, everyone knows that.

What I have never realized, that the Linda Ronstadt version
and the Everly Bros. ARE THE SAME SONG! word for word,
except transposing He for She etc...

I do not think I have ever heard a better Number 1 remake
of a number 1 song...

I just researched my own research,
& while Linda Ronstadt was #1,
The Everly Bros only made it to #8

Anonymous said...

Naomi, I could sign into my google account from this community computer, but I am loath to reveal any passwords on it. David and I will go shopping for a new laptop soon to use privately. Also I miss my WORD and WORD files which I will be apply to transfer.
Jayce, welcome back. I wish you continued good health.
I like Jack London, but am not familiar with To Build a Fire.
Picard, thank you. Finally the actual move-in was easy. I love my apartment and my furniture fits well. I was set up in all the rooms in two days except the study. I will need more selves in the closet to hold all my my papers and stationary. I visited here before the shut-down and it was a hive of activity. Activity is quite restrained now, just like in my former community. We pick up our meals and eat in our rooms. But the potential for fun exists bye and bye.
I miss PK. Her posts were so earthy and down to earth. Does anyone have a way to reach her?

LEO III said...

The only thing that kept me from a FIW was a DNF! While I wish no ill on any of you, it was consoling to see that I had so much company today.

Highlighting the long fills, I understood the song theme when I got down to Linda Ronstadt, which made 102A my first fill. Although I recognized the other “artists’” names, I didn’t actually know any of the other titles. Perps got all of them except WHERETHEPARTYAT.

I’ve made lots of stupid mistakes in my lifetime (and still counting), but one of my dumbest was NOT going to see Linda Ronstadt when she played in Denver way back in 1966. We had enough money to get into the joint, and maybe enough for one beer each, but that was about it. For some stupid reason, we didn’t go, creating one of my few (but probably greatest), “You can always make up a class, but you can never make up a party” gaffes.

There were quite a few unknowns, especially the proper names. Perps got some of them too. Had a few misspellings also. I had figured that 38A was going to end in either BE or GO, but because I messed up the section below it…. I had PUSH, instead of HIDE, misspelled AIRES, so I couldn’t get something as simple as HINT. Oh, well.

Anyway, I had fun working my way through today’s odyssey. Thanks, Ross and C.C.

Malodorous Manatee said...

You have company, Leo III, Buffalo Springfield played my high school gymnasium...and I did not go.

LEO III said...

Mal Man: Ouch!!!

Also, I agree with you about not being able to edit our comments after posting them. Alas, it's probably a function of the program.

Anonymous T said...

This is Blogger's platform (read: Google) - C.C. nor any of the behind the curtain folks can change the comments. Maybe one day Google will so my typos can be fisxted w/o a re-post.

CED - careful what you say of the syndicate... :-)

Leo3 & MManatee For what it's worth... I missed Rick Springfield when I was 14 (stood in line with two college girls early am to get tickets after my paper-route -- my seat was front row with them!) but Boy Scout camp interfered -- Pop refused to drive both ways just for that (but dad?!? Girls!).

Then there was the Ozzy concert that I also paid for (with my paper-route $$) but the biting a head off a bat incident nixed that concert 'cuz mom.

I've the pleasure to attend, among others, 38 Special, Golden Earring, Sammy Hagar, Pink Floyd, and of course RUSH (4x!).

Cheers, -T

Anonymous T said...

One more concert story if anyone cares...

After I moved to Houston, I found out a buddy from HS lived in Katy (a suburb) and we thought it'd be fun to see They Might Be Giants (TMBG) at Numbers (this was '99).
I haven't seen buddy since that show (his wife & mine don't really get along... ++ kids and all)

Fast-forward to last year. A buddy I worked with (who's a They Might Be Giants & Weird Al fan too) was leaving the company and headed to a job closer to his home [Houston's really big - he'd commute 1.5h each way].
He came round to say his goodbyes and boss's boss-man was there too.
I made a crack about TMBG to buddy leaving and boss's boss-man mentioned he saw them at Numbers years back.
Um, so did buddy who's leaving.
Um, so did I.

So, here we are - 3 computer nerds into TMBG that all attended the same show 14 years before any of us knew each other.
Weird, eh?

Cheers, -T

Wilbur Charles said...

The xword in today's TB-Times was last week's(the puns on newspapers-fe. BRONZE STAR).

I completed anyway and still had trouble with those mountains in NJ.

I thought perhaps that an La-Times constructor had cribbed off of Evan Birnholz (Wa-Post). I got to it late, nevertheless).

So, the La-Times demon has now hit Tampa. Except instead of constructor names it's the xword itself.

The good/bad news is I got a very late start. I'm up in Dunellon and we hit a flea market in Ocala then a discount store called Ollie's and Betsy , being exhilarated with air and horses everywhere felt so good that she went on a spending spree.

Fortunately three bags full at Ollie's only cost me $43. I found Stieg Larsen's "Tatoo"I books which y'all have recommended plus a Kahn book on Durocher and a bio of John Wooden,)

On the off chance I'll do that actual xword I'm abstaining from today's discussion, including whether anyone else got the wrong xword insert)

Speaking of I'm dreading that the weeks xword insert is wrong. However they had the correct Jumble which is on the same page


Wilbur Charles said...

Not to speak of Saturday's late posts which saw Picard drop in with that Beatles link and Tony's links re. M&S and the "bite me" story.

DEC Vax had that convenient * too. Plus a precursor to blogs call DEC-Notes.


Wilbur Charles said...

I see Preview is erasing again. On android one can hit and retrieve the post. I just discovered that after losing a bunch.


Also I'll bet it's only Android bloggers that preview does that to

Wilbur Charles said...

Re. Picard, Beatles. Listening to the lyrics I was reminded of the lyrics of "Sleigh Ride which I hear a dozen times a day. Mitchell Parish is the lyricist. Shades of IRA Gerschwin