Dec 1, 2020

Tuesday, December 1, 2020 Bruce Haight

Say Cheese!  Each three word phrase FINISHes with a word that can mean a PHOTOgraph.  In English, one is encouraged to say "Cheese", because that word is hard to pronounce without the mouth forming into a smile.  Other languages use different words and phrases to elicit a smile.

17-Across. Drain a basketball three-pointer, say: MAKE THE SHOT.

Robert Parish makes the Shot!

26-Across. "Understand?": GET THE PICTURE.  This phrase is usually said somewhat sarcastically.

41-Across. Mess up a football hike: FUMBLE THE SNAP.

And the unifier:

54-Across. Very close race, and what 17-, 26- and 41-Across have in common: PHOTO FINISH.

1. Fountain orders: COLAs.  I tried Sodas, then Cokes, before settling on Colas.

6. Embarrass: ABASH.

11. Zig counterpart: ZAG.

14. Full of energy: ALIVE.

15. Ultra-masculine: MACHO.  Sorry!

16. Rage: IRE.  This has become a crossword staple.

19. Peter of Neverland: PAN.

20. Like a medium steak that was ordered rare: OVER DONE.

21. "We'll see": MAYBE.

23. __ Paulo: SÃO.   São Paulo, Brazil is one of the largest cities in the world.

24. Richard's running mate: SPIRO.  Spiro Theodore Agnew (Nov. 9, 1918 ~ Sept. 17, 1996) was Richard M. Nixon's running mate and became the 39th Vice President of the United States.  He was the 2nd Vice President to resign the position, but the 1st to resign due to a scandal.

31. Beauty at a ball: BELLE.

33. Back forty's forty: ACRES.

34. Road furrow: RUT.

35. Brit's "Goodness!": I SAY.

36. Way up or down: STAIR.

37. Flutter by like a butterfly: FLIT.

38. Sibs, uncs, etc.: FAM.  Siblings and uncles are members of a family.

39. Treasure holder: CHEST.

40. One of Chekhov's "Three Sisters": IRINA.  Russian playwright Anton Chekhov (Jan. 29, 1860 ~ July 15, 1904) wrote Three Sisters in 1900.  It was first performed in 1901.  As the title suggests, it focus upon the 3 Prozorov sisters: Olga, Maria and Irina.  There is also Andrei, the brother in the family, but the play isn't entitled Three Sisters and a Brother.

44. __-Turkish War, 1911-12: ITALO.  Everything you ever wanted to know about the Italo-Turkish War, but were afraid to ask.

45. Prefix with center or dermal: EPI.  As in Epicenter or Epidermal.

46. "Don't wimp out, bro!": MAN UP.

48. Start of a partial concession: I'LL ADMIT.  Okay, I'll admit that I have fun creating this commentary.

53. Bearskin floor covering, e.g.: RUG.

57. Dot follower, on campuses: EDU.  Check out LSU.

58. British noblemen: EARLS.  More than you ever wanted to know about British Titles.

59. Juliet's love: ROMEO.

60. Super Bowl party bowlful: DIP.  Yummers.  I'll take the dip, but pass on the Super Bowl.

61. Harped (on): DWELT.

62. Rodeo ride: STEER.

1. Hunting outfit, for short: CAMO.

2. Norse king: OLAV.  There have been several Norse kings named Olav (sometimes spelled as Olaf).  The first was Olav I, who reigned from 995 to 1000.  The most recent was Olav V (July 2, 1903 ~ Jan. 17, 1991), who reigned from 1957 until his death 33 years later.

3. Facebook response: LIKE.

4. In opposition: AVERSELY.

5. Fixed appointment: SET DATE.  Once couples SET a DATE for their wedding, they often send out Save the Date cards to friends and family before sending the official wedding invitation.

6. "You said it!": AMEN.

7. Loyal political group: BASE.

8. German gripe: ACH!

9. HBO rival, briefly: SHO.  Home Box Office vs Showtime.

10. They might capture embarrassing comments: HOT MICS.  Often these are political comments, so we'll skip the videos.

11. "Shh!": ZIP YOUR LIP.

12. Spirited horse: ARAB.  The history of the Arabian Horse.

13. Chromosome carrier: GENE.

18. Partner of holler: HOOT.  Who know that there were so many different owl hoots?

22. Museum collection: ART.

24. Lemon-lime drink since 1961: SPRITE.

25. Place to tie up: PIER.

26. Making more alluring: GLAMMING UP.  David Bowie, Glamming it up.

27. Really would rather not: HATE TO.

28. PayPal payment, e.g.: E-CASH.

29. Spoil: RUIN.

Ruins of Ancient Rome.

30. James of blues: ETTA.  Etta James (née Jamesetta Hawkins; b. Jan. 25, 1938 ~ Jan. 20, 2012), makes frequent appearances in the crossword puzzles.  Here is a taste of her music.

31. "Back to the Future" bully: BIFF.  Biff was played by Thomas Wilson (b. Apr. 15, 1959). 

Biff, then and now.

32. Isaac's eldest son: ESAU.  In the Biblical book of Genesis, Jacob and Esau were the fraternal twins of Isaac and Rebekah.  Although Esau was older, he sold his birthright to Jacob for a bowl of lentils.

36. Author Silverstein: SHEL.  Sheldon Allan Silverstein (Sept. 25, 1930 ~ May 10, 1999) was known for his cartoons and children's stories.  Some of his best known books are The Giving Tree and A Light in the Attic.

37. "Sorry, no can do": 'FRAID NOT.

39. Turned (on) remotely, as the lights: CLAPPED.  Order Now!

40. How ark creatures boarded: IN PAIRS.  Did you know that there are actually two narratives in Genesis telling of Noah getting the animals on the ark?  In the first narrative, Noah is commanded to bring two of every kind of animal, male and female, onto the ark.  A few verses later, Noah is told to bring seven pairs of clean animals and one pair of animals that are not clean onto the ark.

42. Utility bill meas.: BTU.  Short for British Thermal Unit.

43. __-esteem: SELF.

46. TV horse who "will never speak unless he has something to say": MR. ED.  A horse is a horse, of course, of course ...

47. BMW rival: AUDI.

48. "__ cost you!": IT'LL.

49. Driving around in circles, maybe: LOST.

50. Silent performer: MIME.

51. "Gotcha": I SEE.

52. Superhero with a hammer: THOR.

55. Hem partner: HAW.

56. Iron __: ORE.

Here's the Grid:

Yesterday marked the end of the 2020 Hurricane season.  It has been quite a season.  There were 30 named storms in the Atlantic Ocean, the most ever recorded.  Twelve of those storms hit the continental United States.  Five of those 12 named storms hit Louisiana.  Thirteen of the 30 named storms reached hurricane categories.  After running through the 21 Atlantic list of names, we had to go to the Greek alphabet, where 9 of those letters became named storms.


desper-otto said...

Good morning!

Can't believe I struggled mightily on a Tuesday. Still, I got 'er done in under 10, so I shouldn't complain Hahtoolah must've been looking over my shoulder for that SodaS/COkeS/COLAS fiasco. Needed my Wite-Out to change AGE to ORE and KWH to BTU. For a while it looked as if that British noble was going to be an EAGLE. D'oh. Thanx, Bruce and Hahtoolah.

CAMO: Sounds like a very stupid thing for heavily armed men to wear into the woods.

ART: MFAH just opened the new $450-million Kinder Building, and great was the tumult thereof, or should I say ECLAT.

D4E4H said...

Good morning Cornerites.

Now that it is December I present for the pleasure of your ears and eyes - Hauser.


Lemonade714 said...

By the time I finish reading your write-up and following the intriguing links, I have forgotten the puzzle. Today, it was the royal lineage in Great Britain. Watching VICTORIA , The CROWN , and DOWNTON ABBEY just to name a few, has piqued my curiosity. This is hardly fair to another fine puzzle from Bruce, but hey...

Hungry Mother said...

FIR with two write-overs: AVERSELY 4 AVERSEto and FUMBLETHESNAP 4 FUMBLETHEhike. Easy outing, not too much trivia.

ATLGranny said...

I'LL ADMIT I got lucky again today. FIR. Like DO I started thinking agE/ORE leading to EAgLe. Also put AVERSEto before BELLE showed the way. I checked perps before writing in COLAS, though I live in the land of Coke, so avoided that trap. Got the theme and enjoyed the puzzle, Bruce. Thanks! And thanks, Hahtoolah, for enriching our day. We appreciate all the time you spend on your reviews.

Feels like December 1st here, cold! Onward into another month. Rabbit, rabbit!

Bruce Haight said...

Thanks Hahtoolah- awesome write-up! I especially like the owl hoots/screeches! It's funny how if you dupe a word like "the" more than twice it's generally a no-no, but if all your theme entries are "blank the blank" it's suddenly an asset....

inanehiker said...

This was a quick romp through the puzzle - easy to get the theme before the reveal for once!
Around here (probably everywhere) the hunters wear CAMO - but over it bright orange (or pink for some ladies) vests or jackets that the deer can't see but other hunters can, so they don't shoot each other!

Thanks Susan for an always entertaining blog and to Bruce for the puzzle!

Just an FYI - friend's son and DIL are both actual rocket scientists for NASA and they will be on a Discovery Channel limited series show where different teams compete on who can make the best Christmas rocket - it starts Thursday:
The show is called "Rocket around the Xmas Tree"

Ray - O - Sunshine said...

Cornerite buds

It has been a bumpy ride

Last week first our special needs daughter Catherine who lives with us and then DW got quite ill. Both tested Covid positive and spent the weekend in bed. I'm fine, my test came back negative. I suspect I had a prior subclinical case. Unable to confirm with an antibody test as we are quarantined.

County health department told me to eat sleep and use separate bathroom facilities and wear masks if in the same room. An entire Thanksgiving feast sat uneaten Thursday but has supplied us since plus the generosity of friends leaving meals at the door

Reading/working on a home work station.

Today family is better...up and about more.Turned the corner. Heard Catherine singing in the bathtub.

Miss my favorite pastime. Struggling through the CW, reading your comments and contributing my lunacy.

Anonymous said...

It's a BULL, not a STEER, you try to ride in a rodeo.

waseeley said...

D-O, isn't that Cami? A camo colored cami might be interesting.

waseeley said...

Very sorry to hear this Ray. COVID19 is a pernicious disease. Sounds like you've got the right attitude and are doing the right things. I pray that you and your family will get well soon.

Lemonade714 said...

Bruce, thank you for stopping by and expressing a question I have often asked. The dupe standard seems silly. Hope you and your family are all well.

Since STEERS are castrated before they reach maturity they would not be a challenging ride in the rodeo.

Lemonade714 said...

Best health wishes to your family ROS, my children are afraid to visit me and terrified that my wife works 4 days a week

Wilbur Charles said...

This was perfect for teaching ESL folk Americanisms via xwords. And…
We had another Tony CSO with ROMEO albeit with different pronounciation.
I had a wo on HOT MIke/MICS. And AVERSE to/LY.

Re. The newbie ESLer. One can fill in xwordese like IRE and favs like ETTA and OLAV/f. The long slang fills also yield perps. I'm trying to get my peeps interested in xwords.

I didn't know Italy and Turkey had a war before the big war. Methinks the weapons pushers like Basil Zaharoff had a hand in it. PBS had a series on him but I can't find it.

Re. You get the picture. Is that Bob Hope on the bike?

I'll take a CSO on Good morning Wilbur

Anon@814, yes the clue said "Ride" not "Rope".

Hahtoolah, love your entertaining write-ups


Ps, thanks DW for Hauser. It played neatly in the background

Tinbeni said...

Hahtoolah: Excellent write-up & links. Very informative.

Yeah! Hurricane Season is OVER!

Well it is "Officially" Florida Freezing" ... Yup, it is 51 degrees.
Though it is a beautiful, sunny day.

Ray, Hope everyone "Get's Well Soon."


Malodorous Manatee said...

Ray-O, very sorry to learn of your situation. I hope that you continue to avoid the infection and that your family members continue to recover quickly. The singing is a good sign.

I enjoyed the puzzle and the write-up. As for the puzzle, FIR but it took about 150% of a normal, for me, Tuesday time. The OWLs were nice to see in the write-up. I had two real ones hooting behind my home much of last night. The Elevator Master cartoon evoked memories of hours upon hours spent a Stair Master workout machines. That might be why my knees are now not in such good shape.

desper-otto said...

Ray-O, best wishes to you and your family.

Waseeley, I was referring to the camouflage color. Seems like a perfect invitation for other hunters to shoot at you.

Brrrrrrrr. Have I mentioned lately that I hate winter? With temps near freezing, I declared it too cold for the morning march through the 'hood. I don't know how I put up with those Wisconsin winters of my ute.

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

My habit of filling in the first word that comes to mind got me in trouble this morning: Abase/Abash (this happens frequently), Averse To/Aversely, ECard/ECash, and He Man/Macho. The theme was obvious after entering Shot and Picture but, surprisingly, I struggled over coming up with Snap; I knew the expression but had a brain freeze moment. CSO to all of our educators at Edu and to Picard for the entire theme.

Thanks, Bruce, for a Tuesday treat (I miss your wordplay puzzles) and thanks, Hahtoolah, for the delightful, detailed review and the sparkling visuals. I’m glad you enjoy the blogging because you certainly devote a lot of time and effort for our enjoyment! 🤗

Ray O, hope everyone feels better soon.


For some inexplicable reason, I failed to quote the complete mother’s mantra. (I’m beginning to wonder if current circumstances are affecting my normalcy in more ways than I realize.) Anyway, here is what I meant to convey:

If a task has once begun,
Never leave it ‘til it’s done,
Be it great or be it small,
Do it well or not at all.

Have a great day.

Hahtoolah said...

White Rabbit, my Crossword friends. It was quite nippy here this morning. The first frost of the year, telling us that we have entered a new month.

ROS: Sorry to hear that Covid-19 crept into your house. Hoping all make a quick recovery. Very scary disease. We all need to be diligent and wear those masks.

Thanks for stopping by, Bruce.

QOD: Through books and photographs, I saw a world that was not my own, and I realized that there was another world. That’s why I’m concerned about education, because it helps our children see other worlds. ~ Bette Midler (b. Dec. 1, 1945), American singer-songwriter

Wilbur Charles said...

Tin, I was up in Dunellon. Brrr. 30s last night.

The owls didn't pop up on my Android.

-T, too bad it's too political but I'd love to see your take on those Dominion machines. Perhaps the IT Security community has published something


Madame Defarge said...

Good Morning.

I did both yesterday's and today's puzzles this morning. Thanks, Kurt and Bruce for some pretty good success. Most of my errors involved the wrong tense. AND believe it or not, I had yesterday's theme at the 5 GUYS. Tee Hee.

Boomer and Hahtoolah, thank you for such fine tours. I am grateful for all the work of our explicators.

I'm off to tackle my Italian homework, which I haven't looked at for a week. Teachers often make bad students. ;-)

Have a sunny day. We are promised a break in the clouds today. We'll see. . . .

Spitzboov said...

Good morning everyone.

No problems with the solve. FIR. Got GLAMMING…… from the perps.
I questioned CAMO, too. I think CAMO is preferred. I have seen the plural, 'cammies', in informal military writing but have not seen cammy or cami in this context.

Ray-O - - Miss your lunacy. Hope your family recovers quickly.

Lucina said...


Thank you, Bruce Haight, for the diversion this morning! Good puzzle through which I sashayed very quickly. Those long fills make fast work of it. And thank you, Hahtoolah, I also love your commentaries.

I'll take a CSO at .EDU and extend it to the other educators here.

I like ART/PICTURE crossing each other. I see, too, that UP was repeated to finish a phrase.

Hand up for changing AVERSE TO, to AVERSELY

ACH a CSO to Spitz.

One of my grand-nieces had SET THE DATE for her wedding but of course was forced to cancel it and I don't know now when she will be married.

It's always nice to see all the literary references in a puzzle. Today we have ROMEO, IRINA and PAN. I'll skip the sports, thank you very much.

I learned "If it's worth doing, do it well."

Have a sensational day, everyone!

Lucina said...

Ray-O, I'm so sorry to hear of your family's infirmity and hope they heal quickly. They are lucky to have you caring for them.

Yellowrocks said...

Cute theme, easily sussed early on. Susan, wonderful illustrations.
RAY-O, sorry to hear of your family's illness. Here's to a speedy recovery and hoping that you have dodged the bullet.
IM, we used to say, Be the labor great or small, do it well or not at all.
CAMI spelled this way, in my mind, refers to camisole lingerie. Camo would be CAMMIE. Here is your camo cami.
Wiki says, "Steer riding is a rodeo youth event that is an introductory form of bull riding for younger riders, usually between the ages of seven and fourteen. Instead of bucking bulls, the children ride steers that buck. Steers are used because they are known to have a less volatile temperament than bulls and many breeds weigh less than bulls, which makes them a perfect stepping stone to junior bulls. The steers usually weigh between 500 to 1,000 pounds "
I wanted averse to, also. Aversely is not that common.
In real estate there is no such thing as a set date. Still working on a work around.

CanadianEh! said...

Terrific Tuesday. Thanks for the fun, Bruce and Hahtoolah.
I FIRed with a few detours and inkblots.

Shakes was too long and I filled in Sodas. Held on to it for far too long - COLAS!
I merrily entered Gild the Lily at 26D but ran out of room. GLAMMING UP finally replaced it.
Hand up for ADVERSE to before LY. Another hand up for Ecard before ECash.

MadameD- I had trouble with the tense on 27D; HATEs TO still seems a better answer. Maybe some of our teachers will set me straight about the tense. I haven't LIUed yet.
I had Dwell before DWELT but I saw my error there.

We had THOR and OLAV (I entered ODIN for a moment to match.)
Lots of partnering today with Zig-ZAG, Hem & HAW, HOOT & Holler.

Dave4- thanks for the Hauser; wonderful background music while I read the blog. I let it run to the next music also.
Ray'o- sorry to hear that Covid reached your household. Hope recovery is quick.

We have our first snow of the season.
Wishing you all a great day.

Husker Gary said...

-Me too, Susan, after a SODA/COKE/COLA shaky start I enjoyed the puzzle and your write-up
-The three-pointer has greatly lessened my enjoyment of basketball
-Pre-WWI many of those European noblemen were just part of the FAM. King George V had to tell his favorite cousin Tsar Nicholas II that he could not come to England after he was deposed. We all know what ENSUED.
-Two of my favorite tourist traps were at Pier 39 and Pisa, Italy
-Can home state boy Scott Frost instantly save Husker FB? FRAID NOT!
-CAMO - Our huge new sports store in town features endless electronic and analog devices for tracking and luring animals while disguising the hunter
-Ray, you seemed to have made all the right decisions in a very tough situation

Husker Gary said...

Musings 2
-The hometown newspaper I read last night carried a story about my friend who coached the H.S. Softball team but didn’t this season and his daughter and a former player helped out. Since I know the coach and his family well I found that interesting. Then in the second part of the story the young man writing the story revealed the reason why: The coach had been hit with a very severe attack of Krohn’s Disease last summer and had nearly died. I was stunned and wrote and told him so and he replied that, “That may not have been some of my best work.” Ya think?
-December 7, 1941 – The Honolulu orchid show has been postponed for today. It seems hundreds of Japanese airplanes have attacked Pearl Harbor and much of that facility has been destroyed, is still on fire and thousands are dead.

Misty said...

Delightful Tuesday puzzle, Bruce--and many thanks for stopping by. And Susan, your write-ups and pictures are always spectacular--a total treat!

My favorite clue this morning was "SHH!" What on earth would that long answer be? Oh, "ZIP YOUR LIP"--funny. Bit of slangy sounding language like "FRAID NOT" and "GLAMMING UP"-- but that's what made it fun. And the PHOTO FINISH theme was nicely worked out.

Enjoyed your mantra, Irish Miss.

Ray, so sorry to hear about your family's Covid problem. Hope all will be well soon.

Dave, how's your friend doing?

Have a good December, everybody.

TTP said...

Thank you, Bruce, and thank you, Hahtoolah.


Wait, wha ?

Never mind. Nice review, Hahtoolah !

Ray-O, sorry to read that your family has contracted the virus. Here's to a fast recovery and no lingering effects.

triple crown said...

Apropos of saying "cheese" when having your picture taken: say "sushi", instead, a more natural smile results. Learned this from a group of Japanese tourists in Hawaii when they asked us to take their picture.

waseeley said...

Agreed D-O. I'll take any opportunity for a cheap pun.

waseeley said...

Must have been a pretty racy cami YR. Looks like the "software" filtered it out

AnonymousPVX said...

I saw the cami photos, nothing there to filter, rather tame actually.

Ray-O, sorry to hear of this, hope they continue to get better.

Nice Tuesday grid.

Dan said...

Got it done on a stopover in between programming the next leg and answering the radio :)
Missed one letter at the intersection of two names Irine and Ette instead of Irina and Etta. Doh!

LEO III said...

Once again, I got the reveal first. Love it when that happens! Didn't have any real problems with the puzzle, other than the already mentioned STEER nit.

HG, I quite agree with you about the three-pointer, but then all of the sports (especially baseball) that I used to watch all of the time have managed to lose me, due to all of their stupid rules changes. Don’t get me started….

MadameD and CEh! --- I think the tense here simply depended on the number of squares that were being filled. Notice that the clue made no mention of who is doing the hating: I hate; you hate; they hate; he, she or it hates. Had there been another square to fill, the "s" would have been there.

Ray-O, best wishes for your family and you.

Thanks Bruce and Hahtoolah.

D4E4H said...

Thank you for your prayers.  Carol is  now in a Rehab facility with no COVID -19.


Jayce said...

I liked this puzzle and very much liked Hahtoolah's review. Hand up for SODAS --> COLAS. Also SHAME --> ABASH and AVERSE TO --> AVERSELY.

There sure are a lot of male Shakespearian characters whose names end with "EO" or "IO".

Hercule Poirot's sidekick Hastings said, "I SAY!" a lot. So did Foghorn Leghorn. But not Joe Leaphorn.

I think the current king of Norway is named Harald.

Ray-O, best wishes to you and your family.

Good wishes to you all.

Anonymous T said...

Hi All!

Thanks Bruce for a nice Tuesday with a bit of learning (Italy had a war w/ Turkey in 1911 - that's 2 years after GreatGramps came over). Thanks for swinging by The Corner.

Great expo Hahtoolah! I've still more links to click. Thanks for the comics too!

No one wanted a malt at 1a?

ESPs: IRINA, ITALO was 4/5th perp'd
Fav: HOOT's cluing was cute
Runner-up BIFF (eats manure) [BttF-I 3:21]

Ray-O: I was wondering where you were.
That's a bit scary. Hopefully, they are indeed on the up-swing. Keeping you in my thoughts.

Good news D4. How long will Carol be in rehab?

FLN - LEO3 I LIU re: Gene Tierney. Apparently, her daughter was born very-premature and Howard Hughes paid for the care. WiKi (scroll to Personal life). That they're in the same cemetery...

WC - Voting Village Report from DC27. Please note - physical access was required for all but one of these machines.
This year, my polling place switched from direct-entry voting to ballet marking - that is instead of voting and walking away, you select candidates, machine prints a human-readable ballot, and then you put that into another machine for counting.

D-O: Yes it is cold! I went to bed around 1:30a, flipped on my AM radio, and "freeze warning." That usually applies to folks up your way but I looked at my phone anyway. Crap, it was 32 degrees and only 1:30a; that's ~6 hours at or below freezing. Out of bed, disconnect the hoses, turn on the pool, empty the sprinkler system (well, unscrew the little screw by the bell-cap), and then back to bed.

I don't think all that was necessary - The philodendrons made it, so it couldn't have been that bad. :-)

Cheers, -T

CrossEyedDave said...

Hahtoolah said:

10. They might capture embarrassing comments: HOT MICS. Often these are political comments, so we'll skip the videos.


At the risk of sounding political,
here is my fav hot mic moment:
God Save The Queen!

silly theme link,
I know this has potential,
but I am just not finding it today...
However, what if, they replaced the camera
at the finish with a microphone...

Jayce said...

I read that Voting Village Report from DC27 and was astounded. Thanks for posting the link to it, -T. Wow, V25 chip; jeez, I have written thousands of lines of assembly code for that puppy. It was actually a pretty powerful and versatile processor in its day. And I have manhandled more EPROM chips and UV erasers than I can count. Old technology, but quite capable.

Speaking of assembly code, it seems to me one of the safest and securest software practices in such applications would be to write, from scratch, everything in assembly. Lots of work, but my gosh, the security of the result would be worth all that up-front work, no?

Thanks again.

Ol' Man Keith said...

IRINA, the youngest of the Prozorov sisters, was always my favorite.
She has a frightening moment of panic when she says, "I can't remember the Italian for 'window'."
She is engaged to the Baron Tusenbach, a decent man killed in a nihilistic duel.

Ray ~ I was glad to read of your daughter singing in the bathtub. Moments we live for.

Fun pzl, Mr. Haight. Thank you!
. Two diagonals--one to a side.
The near side anagram tells of the rodent who spends a lot of time sniffing around that suspicious chunk of cheese you laced with a generous dose of Motomco.
You know, it's that...

Picard said...

Irish Miss thank you for the shout out. I assume this was a reference to me being a PHOTOgrapher? I did enjoy the theme.

That use of the word DRAIN for MAKE THE SHOT was new for me. Anyone else?

If anyone is interested here is a link to my new newspaper column.

I am honored to have a paid column that is printed on actual dead trees. What is especially new is that they just started posting their journal online, too.

Anonymous T said...

Jayce - Glad you enjoyed the article (and you caught it way faster than I :-))

Love the DR, OMK.

Picard - fine article. I had (er, have) PalmIIIx w/ keyboard too. As you can see, 2AA and it's back to life. //None of that "iPhone batteries you can't change" there.

Cheers, -T

Malodorous Manatee said...

I have heard the expression "Drain a shot" or "Draining Buckets". The terms are usually used with reference to jump shots. The shot illustrated would not, technically, qualify for the term in its most restrictive sense as it appears to be an attempted lay up.

waseeley said...

Thank you Bruce and Susan

FIR for a change.

Susan I really liked the illustrations, especially the one for 54A Photo Finish. It was really ALIVE. Interesting that the winner’s hooves appeared to be slightly behind the loser’s, but the former's nose was right on the line. Apparently ARABIANs are bred for long heads to give them a slight edge.

The cartoon for 14A reminded me of that classic definition for a cat: “A small furry animal resembling a meatloaf”.

20A reminded of the watchword at Danny’s, an exclusive Baltimore restaurant (ALAS, no longer with us), famous for their filet mignon: “We are not responsible for steaks well done”.

The link for 44A for the history of the Italo-Turkish war was eerily resonant to the 2nd Iraq War , which still smolders to this day.

TTP said...

Bill, it looks that way, doesn't it ? But there are actually 3 horses in that photo finish. The horse in the middle was declared the winner.

Result overturned in bizarre photo finish