Mar 29, 2017

Wednesday, March 29, 2017, Jeff Stillman


Husker Gary here, taking you on a tour of Jeff's pleasant Humpday offering. He takes the word WIDE and spreads it out in two different arrangements (2/2 and 1/3) and then provides fill in the divide to literally cause WIDE to be SPREAD out as you can see in the grid below:

The clincher is his reveal

64. Far-reaching ... and a literal feature of the answers to starred clues : WIDESPREAD - The insatiable Emerald Ash Borer that arrived here in crates on the coast from Asia is WIDESPREAD and still expanding


17. *Rain-X auto product : WIPER BLADE - This is not a Rain-X product but ya gotta love it!

21. *Manhattan theater district locale : WESTSIDE - So, you want to see Hamilton at The Richard Rogers Theater on Manhattan's WESTSIDE tonight? No problem, StubHub can get you in the very back starting at $965 per seat

40. *Electrician's basic knowledge : WIRING COLOR CODE - The only one I know is black to black, white to white and ground to ground. BTW, I always turn off the breaker!

54. *Many a military spouse : WAR BRIDE - Although told not to, Japanese women did fraternize with "the enemy" and tens of thousands of them became WAR BRIDES

Now let's see how Jeff filled in those WIDESPREAD spaces in the rest of the puzzles


1. Anemic : WEAK

5. Dukes not among royalty : FISTS - Our cwd friend Burt Lahr dared anyone to put up their Dukes! I resisted putting in DAISY Dukes.

10. Huge production : EPIC - Ben Hur always leaps to my mind

14. Rod in a hot rod : AXLE

15. Kate's sitcom pal : ALLIE

16. Pilaf base : RICE

19. Like port, usually : AGED - If you can spring for those Hamilton tix, maybe this 70-year-old Port in a handblown bottle for $965 would also interest you

20. Lacking a key : ATONAL

23. Proofer's mark : STET

25. Feathery layer : HEN

26. Oomph : PEP

29. Set apart from the group : ISOLATE - The Amish practice of shunning even your own children seems particularly cruel to me

33. Org. with the staff of Aesculapius in its logo : AMA - This doctor's group might also call this the staff of Caduseus 

36. Big name in gas : AMOCO

38. Slam-dance : MOSH - Ya gotta know going in what could happen!

43. See 22-Down : ELKS and 22. With 43-Across, fraternal order : THE

44. Mane area : NAPE

45. Like some buckets : OAKEN

46. Cotillion girl : DEB - An anachronism? 

47. Move more product than : OUTSELL - Here's the rankings

49. Absorb, as a cost : EAT

50. Nonpro sports gp. : AAU - Kobe Bryant hates the Amateur Athletic Union BB program because it makes kids play all year long

52. Trapper's trophy : PELT - Something I could never do

59. Subtle difference : NUANCE - The NUANCED looks of Meryl

63. Continental coin : EURO

66. Brought up : BRED

67. Like nocturnally counted critters : OVINE - One sheep, two sheep...

68. Unrestrained party : ORGY

69. Cotton bundle : BALE - Tote that barge and lift this

70. Archibald and Thurmond of the NBA : NATES - "Tiny" NATE Archibald played here  before they moved to Sacramento

71. Water testers : TOES - I have put my "TOES in many waters" with varying results.


1. Bedtime drink, in totspeak : WAWA - Don't we all remember Gildna Radner when we hear this?

2. Freeway sign : EXIT

3. Chop House dog food brand : ALPO

4. Laments loudly : KEENS - An old Irish or Scottish term for screams of women heralding a death OR a card in a Duel Decks Game

5. Sources of morals : FABLES

6. Not in the pink : ILL

7. Cabbage dish : SLAW - KFC has some great SLAW

8. Laundry room brand : TIDE

9. Views : SEES

10. Dry-__ board : ERASE

11. Risky purchase, metaphorically : PIG IN A POKE - Have you ever used Craig's List?

12. Tea preference : ICED

13. Relinquish : CEDE - Land CEDED in my state

18. Be frugal with : RATION

24. Alley scavenger : TOMCAT 

26. Handled clumsily : PAWED - "Honest, I was just reaching for the popcorn!"

27. Writer Zola : EMILE

28. Special-interest government spending : PORK BARREL - Some say he got as much as anybody

30. Aerial maneuvers : LOOPS

31. Not paying attention : 

32. Howe'er : THO

34. Greek sorceress : MEDEA - The tale of her and Jason would make for a great soaper - Ημέρες των ζωών μας (Days Of Our Lives)

35. Cut taker : AGENT

37. Sue Grafton's "__ for Corpse" : C IS - In my last writeup, I posited Sue could have used C AS IN Corpse

39. 1988 Motown acquirer : MCA - ...and then there was a suit and then...

41. Safari grazer : GNU - There's a bottomless pit of these 

42. Arrive by auto : ROLL UP

47. Sharer's word : OUR

48. You can see right through them : LENSES

51. Dwelling : ABODE

53. Deck that's worth a fortune? : TAROT

54. "Dragnet" star Jack : WEBB

55. Subtle glow : AURA

56. Triumphant shout : I WON - Said by 1 of every 76,000,000 lottery players

57. One who insists on the spotlight : DIVA

58. Ready for print : EDIT - Even Tom had to EDIT

60. Fictional sleuth Wolfe : NERO - Not the piano player or the Roman emperor 

61. "La __ aux Folles" : CAGE

62. "Grand" ice cream brand : EDY'S

65. Denver-to-Des Moines dir. : ENE

Now, how 'bout some WIDESPREAD and far ranging comments:

A few pix from our trip last week to D.C.

This is Joann and I at the WWII monument with the Lincoln Memorial in the background. If you go to D.C. take the night tour as it is an entirely different world.

This is Joann and I with U.S. Senator Ben Sasse at the Nebraska Congressional Breakfast. We have known Ben since he was nine and I started calling him Senator Sasse when he was in grade school!

Here we are with our Congressman Jeff Fortenberry. Our daughter has had three of Jeff’s girls in fourth grade at St. Joe’s in Lincoln. 

Mar 28, 2017

Tuesday, March 28, 2017 C.C. Burnikel

Theme: Epistles - Two across, two down, and one reveal.

17A. *Seeks shelter: TAKES COVER. Cover letter.

38A. *Bob Marley togetherness classic: ONE LOVE. Love letter.

11D. *System that gets goods to customers: SUPPLY CHAIN. Chain letter.

25D. *Major golf tournament won five times by Tom Watson: BRITISH OPEN. Open letter.

61A. Stationery that may include a company logo ... or what the ends of answers to the starred clues can be?: LETTERHEAD

Argyle here. C.C. puts us back on the path to crossword normalcy.


1. Like some benefit golf tournaments: PRO-AM

6. Baby bed: CRIB

10. Deadly snakes in hieroglyphics: ASPs

14. "It matters to me": "I CARE"

15. Italian money until 2002: LIRA

16. Tackle box item: LURE

19. Samoa's capital: APIA

20. "__ side are you on?": WHOSE

21. Not up to snuff: SUBPAR. But subpar might be good in the British Open.

23. Pierced ear part: LOBE

26. Actor Jared: LETO. Busy man. IMDb

28. Conceals in one's hand: PALMS

29. Tactical advancements: INROADS. Did You Know? Inroad is a combination of in and road, both of which are pretty mundane, as far as words go. But the first-and oldest-meaning of inroad hints at a meaning of road other than the "way for traveling" one. Beginning back in the days of Old English, road referred to an armed hostile incursion made on horseback. (Raid comes from this use of road and also formerly specified incursions on horseback.) Road has lost all of its former violent connotations, and inroad is shedding its as well. While inroads are often made at the expense of someone or something, they are at times simply advances, as when an artist is said to be making inroads into a community. ~ Merriam-Webster

31. Like slugs: SLIMY

33. Jellyfish bites: STINGS

34. Thrilla in Manila boxer: ALI

35. Stop stalling: ACT

37. Wee one: TOT

41. Mag mogul often seen in pj's: HEF. Hugh Hefner.

43. Letters in geometry: PIs. Pi for breakfast?

45. Duracell size: AAA

46. Ritzy spread: ESTATE. Oater for ranch.

48. Ivory and Coast, for two: SOAPS. Get it? Ivory Coast.

50. Tom Brady, notably: PATRIOT. Quarterback for the New England Patriots.

51. Garden bug: APHID

53. Airline to Tel Aviv: EL AL

55. "The Piano" actress Paquin: ANNA. (11 years old in the Piano, 1994)

56. "Just my luck!": "POOR ME!". Alas and alack.

58. La Scala solos: ARIAs

60. Prime for picking: RIPE

66. "Got it": "I SEE"

67. Dole (out): METE

68. Chill-inducing: EERIE

69. Camera part: LENS

70. Toboggan, e.g.: SLED

71. Second or sixth president: ADAMS. John Adams or John Quincy Adams.


1. Mango discard: PIT

2. Color TV pioneer: RCA

3. Sturdy furniture wood: OAK

4. "Is it a go for tonight?": "ARE WE ON?"

5. Sports jersey material: MESH

6. Wraps up: CLOSES

7. Fastener for Rosie: RIVET

8. Rancor: IRE

9. Pub crawl stops: BARS

10. Montgomery's home: ALABAMA. The state's capital; tricky clue.

12. Trojan War king: PRIAM. Whose side? Troy. (Hi, Agnes)

13. Chars: SEARS

18. Reason for a heating bill spike: COLD SNAP

22. Wire service org.: UPI. (United Press International)

23. Most wanted __: LIST

24. In the lead: ON TOP

27. Nobel Institute city: OSLO

30. Back in the day: AGO

32. Habitually misrepresent one's true self: LIVE A LIE

34. Pie __ mode: À LA

36. Wyoming's Grand __ National Park: TETON

39. Lighten (up): EASE

40. Md. winter hours: EST. Maryland/Eastern Standard Time

42. Spanakopita cheese: FETA

44. Evening affairs: SOIRÉEs

47. Seriously vandalized: TRASHED

49. USN bigwig: ADM. Navy Admiral

50. Took different paths: PARTEDTwo roads diverged in a wood, and I -- I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference. ~ Robert Frost

51. Month with showers: APRIL

52. Composure: POISE

54. Foamy pick-me-up: LATTE

57. Tall shade trees: ELMs

59. Environs: AREA

62. Slender swimmer: EEL

63. Pitcher's stat: ERA. (earned run average)

64. Asset at the archery range: AIM

65. __ Moines: DES


Mar 27, 2017

Monday, March 27, 2017 Morton J. Mendelson

Theme: Borrowed Words - Lexical borrowing is the adoption of individual words or phrases in their native language and used "as is" in our English.

39A. With 42-Across, cars like BMWs and Audis ... or 18-, 24-, 53- and 63-Across: FOREIGN. 42-Across: IMPORTS

18A. Writer's chief work (Latin): MAGNUM OPUS. (great work)

24A. Done deal (French): FAIT ACCOMPLI. (fact accomplished)

53A. English, in many non-English speaking countries (Italian): LINGUA FRANCA. Literally "Frankish tongue". Good definition by Merriam-Webster. LINK Read the "Did You Know?" section.

63A. Young sensation (German): WUNDERKIND. (a wonder child)

Argyle here. Don't shoot the messenger.


1. Ponzi scheme, e.g.: SCAM

5. Impersonated: APED

9. Your __ Highness: ROYAL. 37D. Princess' headpiece: TIARA

14. Drilled bowling ball feature: HOLE

15. Artist Magritte: RENE

16. Shah of Iran, in 1979-'80: EXILE. ??

17. Bahrain big shot: EMIR. Kingdom of Bahrain is a small Arab monarchy.

20. Sphere of influence: AMBIT. The adjective form is ambient.

22. Drinking glass edges: RIMs

23. Ambulance initials: EMS. (emergency medical service)

28. Farm country skyline highlights: SILOS

29. Nissan model: SENTRA

33. "Take me for a walk!": [ARF!]

36. Expel from office: OUST

38. Amazon's business: E-TAIL

44. Rhett's last words: A DAMN

45. Siamese, now: THAI

47. __ dye: food-coloring compound: AZO. Infrequently seen fill.

48. Live (in): RESIDE

50. Lover of Euridice, in a Gluck opera: ORFEOWiki  Previously clued as Monteverdi title character. Not Monday friendly.

58. Word with health or day: SPA

61. Oboist's need: REED

62. Lagoon-enclosing isle: ATOLL

67. Sinister: EVIL

68. Cortés subject: AZTEC. I believe this refers to Cortés personally governing the Aztecs, making them his "subjects".

69. Wrinkle, as a brow: KNIT

70. San __, Italy: REMO

71. Suppose for argument's sake: POSIT

72. Many van Goghs: OILS

73. Killed, as a dragon: SLEW


1. Harvest bundle: SHEAF

2. Grammar class subject: COMMA. Also, in the news.

3. Legal defense mechanism?: ALIBI

4. Advantages: MERITS

5. Shortstop's asset: ARM. He has to rifle the ball to first base to beat the runner.

6. Green soup veggie: PEA

7. Thoroughly absorb: ENGROSS

8. Jeans fabric: DENIM

9. Dreaming phase: REM SLEEP. (rapid eye movement)

10. Kitchenware brand: OXO

11. Frightened exclamation: [YIPE!]

12. University fund-raising target: ALUM

13. A smaller amount of: LESS

19. Quartet assigned to bases: UMPs. In the big leagues, at least.

21. Mai __: TAI

25. Plumber's challenge: CLOG

26. Dracula's title: COUNT

27. Avid about: INTO

30. Skater Lipinski: TARA. Roller skating as a nine-year-old.

31. Nabisco cracker: RITZ

32. "Wait, there's more ... ": "ALSO ... " for a limited time.

33. Miles away: AFAR

34. Traveled by bike: RODE

35. Abbey titles: FRAs

40. Oscar winner Jannings: EMIL. The first Oscar recipient and one of the first persons you learn when doing crosswords.

41. Roundabout, as a route: INDIRECT

43. Offend slightly: MIFF

46. Entertainer who often got tied up in his work?: HOUDINI. Cute clue.

49. Part of DOE: Abbr.: ENERgy

51. Historic period: ERA

52. Many top-rated TV shows of the late '50s/early '60s: OATERS. Westerns.

54. Gordon __, "Wall Street" antagonist: GEKKO. "If you need a friend, get a dog."

55. James Joyce work: NOVEL. CSO

56. Weather, in poems: CLIME

57. Permit: ALLOW

58. Tit for tat, e.g.: SWAP

59. "The Godfather" novelist Mario: PUZO. It was on TV this weekend.

60. Teeny colonizers: ANTs

64. Agnus __: DEI. (Lamb of God)

65. Zip, in soccer: NIL

66. Wino's woe: DTs. (delirium tremens)


Mar 26, 2017

Sunday March 26, 2017 Garry Morse

Theme:"Secretly Jealous" - NV spans across each theme entry.

29A. Sure thing : CERTAIN VICTORY.  The first theme starts in Row 4 rather than the traditional Row 3.

52A. Oath : SOLEMN VOW

54A. Titanic undertaking : MAIDEN VOYAGE. Is this article too gossipy?
77A. City NNW of San Diego : MISSION VIEJO. I just learned that Viejo means "old".

80A.Gourmet : BON VIVANT. Thought it just means "man about town".

104A. Many a side dish : GREEN VEGETABLE

3D. Tanzanian flowering plant : AFRICAN VIOLET

58D. Hollywood adaptation : SCREEN VERSION

Reveal entry:

123A. Word homophonically hidden in the eight longest puzzle answers : ENVY

Two pairs of theme entries intersect one another. Very nice. The reveal is also perfectly placed as the last Across entry crossing one more theme entry.

We've seen ENVY puzzles where the theme entries are all in N* V* pattern. Nice change of pace.

Not many long fill. A pair of 8's. But lots of solid 6's and 7's.


1. Plush carpet : SHAG

5. Lunchbox staples, initially : PBJs. Very American. No such thing in my childhood.

9. Two-time Argentine president : PERON

14. Piglike rhino relative : TAPIR. Have any of you read "Sapiens?"

19. Sword handle : HAFT. Not HILT.

20. Beat but good : ROUT

21. Texas Revolution battle site : ALAMO

22. All-page link : ON ONE. Some partials are tricky to clue. All on one page.

23. Field: Pref. : AGRO

24. Scrape in the sandbox : OWIE

25. Hold fast, as one's attention : RIVET

26. Get behind, as a desk : SIT AT

27. Pouilly-__: wine : FUISSE. Learning moment for me.

32. Sam Spade type : TEC. Short for "Detective".

33. Wrote to, nowadays : EMAILED

35. Low-tech travel guide : AAA MAP

36. "You can't fool me!" : AHA

38. Explorer Ericson : LEIF

39. Washroom item : BASIN

43. Nine months, for some tots : AGE

44. "Lou Grant" star : ASNER. His surname and full name have very grid-friendly letter combo.

46. Wash. neighbor : ORE

47. Language of many mottos : LATIN

48. Spikes : LACES

50. Reduce in importance : DEVALUE

57. Really gets to : IRKS. We also have the wobbly 79. Riles up : IRES

59. Native of Nigeria : IBO. I learned this word from Maron's interview with Godfrey, whose parents were from Nigeria.

60. Sloppy kiss : WET ONE

61. Cause of a close shave : RAZOR

64. Epidemic-fighting agcy. : CDC

67. Belief sys. : REL (Religion)

68. Investment descriptor that should sound alarms : NO RISK. Also 13. Homework shirker's punishment : NO TV

69. For instance : NAMELY

70. Actor Stephen : REA

71. Suffix with stamp : EDE

72. Order to swabs : AVAST. Sailor swab.

73. Donizetti opera "L'elisir __" ("The Elixir of Love") : D'AMORE. No idea. But the bracketed "Love"  helped.

74. Poet's adverb : E'ER

75. Emotion indicator, often : TONE

84. Hardly fleeting : ETERNAL

85. Casual tops : POLOs

88. Work well together : CLICK. Like "they just clicked immediately".

89. '60s protest org. : SDS (Students for a Democratic Society)

91. "If I Were a Rich Man" singer : TEVYE

92. Pasta ending : INI

93. Pal : CRONY

94. Longfellow's bell town : ATRI. Our old pal.

95. Half a fly : TSE. Our old pal.

96. Like some ancient Celts : GALLIC

99. Dessert square : BROWNIE. Oh Dudley and MJ, my friend Roberto (Project Manager with Kraft then) ate an Oreo Pie every morning. They were widely sold in China.
101. Long John Silver creator's monogram : RLS

109. "__ Fideles" : ADESTE

111. Little bits : IOTAS

112. Base lines : X-AXES

113. Oater actor Jack : ELAM. Our old pal.

115. Capital south of Helsinki : RIGA. Put in OSLO. Dumb!

116. Lycée student : ELEVE

117. Industry leaders : CZARS

118. Hieroglyphics bird : IBIS

119. Rise in a big way : LOOM. Bad thing, normally.

120. Cold fall : SLEET

121. Exaggerated on stage : HAMMY

122. "Eli's Coming" songwriter : NYRO (Laura). Drew a blank. Read her Wiki page. She died quite young.


1. Harsh treatment, with "the" : SHAFT

2. World Court site, with "The" : HAGUE.  "The" echo.
4. Classic muscle cars : GTOs

5. Introduction : PROEM. Not a word I use.

6. Acknowledge applause : BOW

7. Better, as gossip : JUICIER

8. Metal marble : STEELIE. Our old pal.

9. Medicare Rx section : PART D

10. Lamb pen name : ELIA. Our old pal.

11. Indian musician who influenced Beatle George : RAVI. Our old pal.

12. Symbolic warning : OMEN
14. Puccini heroine : TOSCA

15. "West Side Story" girl : ANITA. Same letter count as MARIA.

16. River to Chesapeake Bay : POTOMAC

17. Hitting the roof : IN A RAGE

18. Enters again : RE-TYPES

28. Pfizer-owned trademark : SEARLE. They made Celebrex. Oh My God the side effects.

30. One crying foul? : REF. Great clue.

31. James' creator : IAN. Bond.

34. Skin-treatment plant : ALOE VERA. Nice to see the full name.

37. Go : HEAD. Also 97. Go : LEAVE

39. Field unit : BALE. Not ACRE.

40. Dined : ATE. The Prime Rib Loft changed their menu, Steve. The classy orange-glazed salmon was replaced by the ordinary tasting roasted salmon.  

41. __City: computer game : SIM

42. Vacation spot : INN

44. Look up to : ADMIRE

45. Wet floor : SEABED

47. Theater option : LOGE

48. Irish truck : LORRY Also. 61. Trucks with ovine logos : RAMS

49. Parrot's cry : AWK. New sound to me.

51. Not yet interlaced, as yarn : UNWOVEN

52. Putted into the hole : SANK. Boomer never practices his putting/chipping. Not a good strategy when you're losing driving distance.

53. Like some bad weather : VIOLENT

55. Up-and-down inventor? : OTIS. Nice clue also.

56. 2015 World Series winning manager Ned : YOST. Gary's KC Royals.

62. Mine, to Mimi : A MOI

63. Refines one's aim : ZEROES IN

65. Dance runner : DEEJAY

66. King of pop : CAROLE. Carole King. Not that JACKSON fits.

68. Smallish iPods : NANOS. My 10-year-old iPod Classic gave me another scare last week. Finally reset to Factory Settings.  Do you listen then delete, Gary? I've saved so many episodes. Thousands.

69. Tammany Hall Tiger artist : NAST

73. Childless couple's acronym : DINK. "Dual Income, No Kids"

76. "I'll take what I can get," in classifieds : OBO. Or Best Offer.

77. R&B singer Gray : MACY. Stranger to me.

78. Authenticated : VETTED
81. DVD predecessor : VCR

82. U.N. workers' gp. : ILO. International Labour Organization

83. Cru output : VIN

85. Tot's toes : PIGGIES

86. Hot : ON A ROLL

87. 1992 Kentucky Derby winner : LIL E TEE. Was this a gimme to you? Never heard of it.

89. Entered on tiptoe : STOLE IN

90. Med. man of '70s TV : DR WELBY. Got via crosses.

93. MML ÷ X : CCV. 205.

94. NYSE trader : ARB (Arbitrager)
98. A metro area may be shown in one : INSET

99. Low in pitch : BASSY

100. Playground dispute words : I AM SO

102. St.'s second-in-command : LT GOV. At this moment, I can't remember ours. I can picture how she looks like though. Man! OK, Tina Smith. That's our Governor Mark Dayton to her left. Such a compassionate guy. His great-grandfather founded Dayton's (now Target).

103. Sordid : SEAMY

105. Part of NYSE: Abbr. : EXCH (Exchange).

106. __ Strip : GAZA

107. Final __ : EXAM

108. Semester, e.g. : TERM

110. First name in legal fiction : ERLE. Erle Stanley Gardner.

114. Tune : AIR


Mar 25, 2017

Saturday, Mar 25th, 2017, Greg Johnson

Theme: None

Words: 66 (missing J,Q,U,X)

Blocks: 32

   This is Saturday puzzle number three from Constructor Greg, and I looked at my review from his last contribution, and fared better this week than on that one back in Oct of last year.  As usual, it did not look good on the first Across pass, but there were some winning moments in the Down run, and then little by slowly the rest filled in, with a few missteps, and a few WAGs.  Though I did notice a healthy lack of proper names - the ones that were in the crossword I knew.  Odd looking grid with a low word count, crossing 11- and 9-letter words with two 10-letter words in there, too;

10d. Conventional : STEREOTYPIC - I'm looking for the "-AL" on the end, still

28a. Firebrick cooker : PIZZA OVEN - there's a stack of  two sitting out back of the restaurant waiting to get cleaned up for sale

24d. When needed : AS NECESSARY

40a. Points at and yells, perhaps : THREATENS

O N (W) bo A R D game S ~ !


1. Hot-button subject in journalism : MEDIA BIAS - it's all biased, as far as I can tell - I don't watch the news

10. It may be on a dog : SLAW

14. Sacred Aboriginal landmark : AYERS ROCK - knew what we were looking for, took a moment to remember the name of the "rock"

15. Tendency : TIDE

16. Like a meeting of the minds? : TELEPATHIC - har-har

18. "__ so ... " : EVEN

19. Jefferson Davis' org. : CSA

20. "Barefoot Contessa" host Garten : INA

21. Still : AT REST - I got caught in a "still....(and yet....)" loop, so I went with "AT BEST"

23. Best Director between Soderbergh and Polanski : HOWARD - once "-OW---" filled in, I took a guess;  he won for "A Beautiful Mind" in 2001 (or 2002, depending on the source)

25. Unnatural register : FALSETTO - the Bee Gees, and this group's lead singer....caution; "raunchy~!"

 I Believe in a Thing Called Love - The Darkness

27. Remove : ERASE - I hesitated, thought this was too easy

29. "Nebraska" star : DERN - filled via perps

30. Become twisted : CONTORT

31. "Told you" : "SEE~?"

32. Bygone : OLDEN

33. Congressional approval : YEA

36. Ceremonial cup : CHALICE - Stanley fit, too

38. Settled : PAID

43. Petrol purchase : LITRE

44. White wine grape : RIESLING - dah~!  I see this enough at the restaurants to have gotten it without crossings, you'd think

45. Looked good on : BECAME - yes, the sweater  looks good on her

very becoming

46. Attaches, as a new deck : ADDS ON
47. Costumer's suggestion : WIG

48. Edge : LIP - or RIM~?

49. Land shaped by erosion : MESA

50. Fall behind : GET IN A HOLE

54. It sticks out in the water : PIER - FIN was too short

55. Model rocket components : NOSECONES

56. Order to stop : STAY - not HALT

57. Common college consequence : EMPTY NEST


1. __ set : MATCHED - the "C" was in there from CSA, and so I proudly entered ereCtor.  Bzzzt~!

2. Demolition candidates : EYESORES

3. Its only counties are Kent, New Castle and Sussex : DELAWARE - well, this is embarrassing - I was thinking somewhere in Britain, and it turns out to be the US state I just visited last weekend....I was, uh, in, uh, New Castle, I think....

4. Steaming state : IRE - ah, state of mind, not US state

5. Hopeful's term : ASPIRE

6. Ford or Chevy : BRAND - SEDAN~?  Too many "wait and see" clues today

7. Ninth in a series : IOTA - figured it was Greek, good WAG

8. Cry over spilled Milch? : ACH - Das German for milk

9. Waxed sports equipment : SKI - equipment and singular 'ski' doesn't quite jibe for me

11. NFL games, e.g. : LIVE TV

12. Holiday hymn opener : ADESTE - Fidelis

13. Took place : WENT ON - as a show/performance

17. Folded Italian fare : CALZONE - spell check does not like this word....

22. Pre-revolution bigwig : TSAR - oddly, this one, too

25. Bit of successful research : FINDING - used as a noun in this case - I believe that's called a gerund

26. Ancient pyramid builders : AZTECS

28. Wind-borne grains : POLLEN

30. An inch of snow, e.g. : COATING - oops, not DUSTING - that's being from NY, I think

34. What one might do after a broken date : EAT ALONE - I always eat alone - don't need a broken date for that

35. Credit card bonus : AIR MILES - I drove to Delaware - 239 miles, and at one point was getting 26.1mpg in the Dodge Grand Caravan - I didn't think the computer could calibrate that high....

37. Light ring : HALO

39. Superior, of all five : DEEPEST - I had one of the "E"s, so a good WAG

40. Walks heavily : TRAMPS

41. "Quick, get that out of sight!" : "HIDE IT~!"

42. Indian Ocean arm : RED SEA

43. What's left : LEGACY

45. Stanford-__ test : BINET - the Wiki

47. Fleeting puff : WISP

51. Storm dir. : ENE - healthy WAG - can only be a certain grouping of N,E,S,W

52. Pig thief of rhyme : TOM

53. Sweetie : HON