Oct 18, 2016

Tuesday, October 18, 2016 Agnes Davidson & C.C. Burnikel

Theme: Fry a brain - trying to think of a good theme title for this puzzle.

18A. Mug for the camera: MAKE A FACE

23A. Pitch in: LEND A HAND

37A. Do the slightest thing: LIFT A FINGER

50A. What the winning quarterback may do as time runs out: TAKE A KNEE

57A. Theatrical "Good luck!": BREAK A LEG

Argyle here. Very tight theme construction from C.C. and Irish Miss but I am at a loss at what to call it. Help me, please.


1. With 66-Across, crisp serving with pâté: MELBA. 66-Across. See 1-Across: TOAST

6. Gush forth: SPEW

10. Australian gem: OPAL

14. Mountains between Europe and Asia: URALS. How many euros to visit the Urals?

15. Singer Guthrie: ARLO

16. Bring on board, workwise: HIRE

17. Enjoy to the max: EAT UP

20. Govt. assistance program: SSI. (Supplemental Security Income)

21. "Holy smokes!": "WOW!". What you might say when you see how much we pay for SSI.

22. Hot spot: SAUNA

27. Battery post: ANODE

29. Aggressive poker words: "I RAISE". Non-aggressive, "I fold."

30. Some iTunes downloads, briefly: EPs. Extended play. It usually has 3-5 tracks.

32. Queen __: BEE. Every hive has one.

33. Road problem needing patching: POTHOLE

36. Catcher's protection: MASK

39. Aware of: IN ON

41. Voice of Carl Fredricksen in "Up": ED ASNER

42. "What's up, __?": DOC. "Carl Fredricksen"

43. iPhone, e.g., briefly: PDA. (personal digital assistant)


48. Shoulder wrap: STOLE

53. Contemptible sort: TWERP

55. Prosecutors, for short: DAs, (District Attorney)

56. Seine season: ÉTÉ. Save up your euros and take a boat trip on the Seine next summer.

59. "Really, bro?!": "AW, MAN!"

61. Was sorry for: RUED

62. Grand soirée: GALA

63. Super Bowl party bowlful: CHILI. Any Super Bowl pools started yet?

64. Chianti and cabernet: REDs. Wines; good with chili?

65. Paradise: EDEN


1. Granola kin: MUESLI

2. Error remover: ERASER

3. Rita Moreno or Gloria Estefan: LATINA

4. __-ray Disc: BLU

5. Snake that bit Cleopatra: ASP

6. South Pacific island nation: SAMOA

7. Shrimp kin: PRAWN

8. Fraternal club member: ELK. Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks.

9. Misfortunes: WOES

10. "Terrific ... not!": "OH, FUN"

11. Lounge with keyboard music: PIANO BAR

12. Video game spots: ARCADEs

13. Dixie general: LEE. We haven't seen much of the General in some time.

19. Remote batteries: AAAs

21. Stimulated, as one's appetite: WHETTED

24. Scoop up, as salsa with a chip: DIP IN. Don't be a George.

25. Starting on: AS OF

26. Meat markets: DELIs

28. Cry of fright: [EEK!]

31. Cents: PENNIES

34. Attacked: HAD AT

35. All __ sudden: OF A

36. Pfizer rival: MERCK. (pharmaceutical companies)

37. Plant that is poisonous to livestock: LOCOWEED

38. Rowlands of "The Notebook": GENAIMBd Gena portrays an old woman and Rachel McAdams has the role of the same character when she was young.

39. Crooks may have fake ones: IDs. (identification card)

40. "You lie!": "NOT TRUE!"

43. Company car, e.g.: PERK

45. Lack of vim and vigor: ANEMIA

46. Colorful flower parts: PETALS

47. "Caught that movie last week": "SEEN IT"

49. Detectives follow them: LEADS

51. Singer with the albums "19," "21" and "25": ADELE. Albums were named for how old she was when she made them.

52. Sotomayor colleague: KAGAN. Associate Justices Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan.

54. Senate aide: PAGE

57. "I'm freezing!": [BRR!]. Not here, not this week. Eighties predicted.

58. Young fellow: LAD

59. Fake it: ACT

60. "__ goes there?": WHO



OwenKL said...

FIW. No ta-da, so went back over everything. Nada. Gave up and turned on the red. sAT UP (and took notice) was wrong, as was MUsSLI, which I had first thought was spelt MUseLI. Bah.

{B+, A-, B, A.}

To shock and insult any prude,
She used makeup as if it were SPEWED!
But the LAD that she liked
Said her FACE looked a fright!
In the end, she RUED that rude rouge!

Red Hen asked her friends LEND A HAND
To ERASE the POT-HOLES on their land.
They wouldn't LIFT A FINGER,
So she HIRED a ringer,
Then sent them a bill for ten grand!

In a PIANO BAR, dimly-lit,
His date, to relax him a bit
Proffered a toke
Of a LOCOWEED smoke --
But it left him a flaccid nit-wit!

If a TWERP saw an ELK, he'd say EEK!
Their antlers have points at their peak!
If it HAD AT a guy
It could flip him sky-high,
Where he wouldn't come down till next week!

fermatprime said...


Thanks ti Irish Miss, CC and Santa!

Very nice puzzle!

Had no problems.

Have a great day!

fermatprime said...

Whoops, a typo! That's "to."

unclefred said...

Wow, ran right thru this fun CW!! No write-overs, no cheats, no red-letters, just smooth sailing. I loved it! Just enough "Ponder" clues! Thanx for a great CW, A.G. & C.C.! Super write-up, Argyle!, thanx! Owen, you're firing on all 8 cylinders today: A,A,A,A!! Thanx for the wit!

Anonymous said...

Hay Argyle. Maybe "Body Language" for a title?

Argyle said...

"Body Language", not bad at all.

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

Saw all the body parts during the solve; felt like a Monday. Nice that AAAs crossed ANODE. OH FUN was not so nice. Got TAKE A KNEE, but still don't understand it -- maybe if I watched football... Thanx, I.M. and C.C. Argyle, I've never seen you at a loss for words before.

MJ said...

Greetings to all!

Fun and easy. Have not heard of TAKE A KNEE, but it makes perfect football sense. Am also unfamiliar with LOCOWEED, but the perps let it fill in. Thanks Irish Miss and C.C. for today's fine fare, and thanks, Argyle, for the expo.

Enjoy the day!

Lemonade714 said...

I like BODY LANGUAGE also, and the entire puzzle.

I have heard the term Locoweed as a threat to livestock, having grown up around dairy farms but did not know all of THIS

Thanks C.C. and IM

Yellowrocks said...

Body Language, great theme, great title. Congratulations, Agnes and CC for an interesting puzzle. Fine expo, Argyle.
Will someone please discuss take a knee in this context. Football is the sport in which I am the least knowledgeable.
Yes, I have heard OH FUN! used sarcastically.
CSO to Melissa BEE.
My DIL and I are the only family members who love pâté. I also love chopped chicken liver from Jewish delis. I have tried to make my own, but can't compete with the better delis.

Jinx in Norfolk said...

I didn't pick up a theme either, but the puzzle was gentle enough that I didn't think about it until I was done. I have eaten melba toast, but didn't know that the swells spread liver on it. I did not want to put SSI in as a gov't assistance program, because its no more an assistance program than is a 401(k). SNAP and Earned Income Credit are assistance programs. Favorite clue was "really, bro?!" for AW MAN.

Erased oNto for INON and Shawl for STOLE, but all in all a quick, easy and fun romp. Thanks Irish Miss and CC for a good warm-up exercise for the day. Argyle's narrative was a delight as always.

Jinx in Norfolk said...

To the non-football fans, when the winning team has the ball with time expiring, the quarterback receives the hike from the center and kneels down, which stops the play. Although the play is over, the game clock continues to tick down. Since there is a play clock as well as a game clock, this may have to be repeated for a total of three plays. Of course, this won't work if the trailing team has enough time outs (they start the half with three) to keep the game clock from expiring.

The reason a team does this is that it is the safest play in football - no handoffs, no passing, no tackling by the other team. The only thing that can go wrong is a fumble when the ball is hiked, and even if this happens the other team is unlikely to recover the fumble. The rest of the players line up in position to keep the other team away, just in case of a fumble. Announcers call it the "victory formation."

Magilla Go-Rilla said...

24D: George? You must be referring to Costanza! I think I saw every episode.

Husker Gary said...

-Thanks Irish Miss and C.C. for a nice Tuesday puzzle
-Argyle, how about Parts is Parts? (:30)
-A QB TAKING A controversial KNEE
-Our southern friends don’t have the freeze/thaw POTHOLE problems that others do
-3rd basemen now use them too
-PDA’s now seem to be Pretty Darn Ancient
-My granddaughter is saving to spend an ETE in France for her French major
-I had to use an ERASER to get rid of EDITOR and put in, well, you know
-Of course George was a “double dipper”
-“We get to clean house today? OH FUN!”
-Billy Joel played at an LA PIANO BAR as Bill Martin hiding from a bad contract
-AS OF January 1, I will…
-NOT TRUE!! November 8th can’t get here fast enough
-Teacher PERKS – free pens and pencils. Sweet!
-A LAD where I am subbing today just logged on with his graduation year – 2021. Wow, where exactly did all that time go?
-What song advises, “Think of your fellow man, LEND him A helping HAND”?

Anonymous T said...

It wasn't lost on me either Argyle. Double DIP. Working so I'll play later. I can't wait to comment on IM &CC's fun puzzle. Cheers, -T

Bluehen said...

JIN, Another reason teams "take a knee" is the infamous "Fumble in Philly". Ask Herm Edwards.
I don't remember any team taking a knee before that play.

Bluehen said...

Oops. Make the the "Miracle at the Meadowlands". I may not always be right, but I never lack for confidence.

Spitzboov said...

Good morning everyone.

How about "Indefinite Articles"?

Kudos to Irish Miss and C.C. on a fine puzzle which flowed steadily to a solve. No look ups needed.
MELBA TOAST. One of my favorite snacks. Like it topped with brie, a good cheddar like Black Diamond, or smoked Gouda.
Seemed to be a few more k's than usual. Some fresh fill, too, like WHETTED and MUESLI

TTP said...

I really liked this puzzle. Solved it from the bottom to the top. After getting BREAK A LEG and then TAKE A KNEE, I thought I knew where it was going.

Knowing how to spell ED ASNER corrected GiNA to GENA.

Way to go Anon at 5:58 AM ! Body Language is a perfect title.

The real praise justly goes to Irish Miss and CC for creating this gem.

Hey Gary, Put a Little Love In Your Heart.

oc4beach said...

A nice speed run from IM and CC. A very good Tuesday puzzle. Argyle led us through the puzzle and added his wit and knowledge to it.

I didn't have any real bad missteps but I did have CHIps before CHILI and Scarf before STOLE. Perps took care of them quickly.

I think Body Language is a very appropriate theme. Just think of the other body parts that could be added, like HEAD BUTT.

Jinx @8:07: Supplemental Security Income (SSI) is not what you think, it is a Federal income supplement program funded by general tax revenues (not Social Security taxes): It is designed to help aged, blind, and disabled people, who have little or no income; and. It provides cash to meet basic needs for food, clothing, and shelter.

Today is National Chocolate Cupcake Day. I think I will go to the bakery and get a few. Enjoy the day everyone.

Anonymous said...

In football, TAKE A KNEE, is done to give yourself up. It can be used as others(and the clue) describes. But it also can be used by other players anytime they want the current play to stop without being hit or tackled by the opposing team. It can happen on kickoffs, punts and even regular plays. On rare occasions very smart players will take a knee surprising the other team and even fans watching the game. Upon further inspection, one will realize just how cunning taking the knee was the smart move. Btw if an opposing player hits a player taking a knee he will be severely penalized and possibly kicked out of the game (college) and even monetarily fined (professional).

C6D6 Peg said...

Thanks, IM & CC, for an enjoyable, smooth puzzle for a Tuesday. I, too, would name it "Body Language".

Thanks, Argyle, again, and always, for the pics of places. Would love to be on The Seine next summer!

Lemonade714 said...

Take a knee HISTORY .

Good job Bluehen and Jinx.

Ed Hoculi said...

As I was saying, it is not only the QB that can take a knee. Kickoff returners routinely take a knee in the end zone to "give themselves up" , unless he forgets!

But what many forget, or don't even know, is that any player, possessing the ball, at any time may take a knee. Since this rarely provides any advantage it doesn't happen very often. It is so rare, many are surprised and confused when s a player other than the QB actually does it!

Irish Miss said...

Hi Everyone:

Thank you for the kind words and compliments on our second collaboration. CC and I had a lot of fun with this basic but fun theme. (Anonymous @ 5:58, you captured the essence with that title. Bravo!). I wasn't totally secure with Take A Knee but CC assured me that it was very much "in the language" and, as always, she was 100% correct. One of the many impressive facets of working with CC is her unfailing ability to recognize a diamond in the rough and polish it into an even more desirable gem. Many thanks, CC, for being such an inspiring friend and mentor.

Thank you, Argyle, for your wit and wisdom and for your dedication and devotion to the Corner.

I have finally put into motion what I have put off for much too long, i.e., drawing up a Will, Power of Attorney and Health Care Proxy. My niece is a paralegal and we spent some time last evening discussing the ins and outs and have set the wheels in motion. It's reassuring to me to have started the process and will be glad when it's finalized.

Have a great day.

Bill G. said...

Thanks Agnes, CC, Rich and Argyle. I thought the whole puzzle had a fresh feel to it. Very enjoyable.

Here's another football-related source for "Take a knee"in addition to the one already mentioned:
One of my favorite TV programs was Friday Night Lights; a good drama with great characters loosely centered around high school football. On that show (and others related to football), "Take a knee" is often used to tell everybody to kneel in preparation for a prayer.

Argyle said...

If player other than the QB takes a knee on the field, in the pros, the play isn't dead until the runner is touched by a defender or the runner grounds the ball. Collegiate ball, the play is dead when any part of the runner touches the ground other than his hand.

Lucina said...

Congratulations, Irish Miss and C.C.! You created a fine puzzle. Thanks, too, to Argyle.

This solve went fairly fast with a pause at ANODE, always having to wait between that and diode. AAAS confirmed it. Had to use the ERASER for CREEP which was replaced by TWERP. Otherwise, very smooth and fresh. I like "body language."

I had serious doubts about TAKEAKNEE but it obviously was right. Thank you for all the explanations.

Have a delightful day, everyone!

Ed Hoculi said...

Yes Argyle, you are correct. But the player is still considered to be giving himself up and must be touched to end the play. He may be "touched hard" but since he is giving himself up anything more than a hard touch would be considered unnecessary roughness and a personal foul would be called. The league would review the play in the following days and an appropriate fine would be levied.*

*Now, non-sport fans that don't sit in a man cave or a bar on Sundays have a inside look to the riveting discussions they are missing out on! This and banter about the cheerleaders and hot attractive barmaids.

Nice Cuppa said...

Those explanations of "Take A Knee" are a further reminder of why I do not watch professional "American Rules" football.

Of all the variants of "football" that evolved during the 19th century, the American version does seem the most bizarre:

– least use of the "foot" in any variety of "football".
– most complex rules with different rules for different players.
– most padding, cutest panty-hose, and unique requirement to wear a helmet (on the head).
– A league system that is designed along Socialist/Communist principles. Equal distribution of TV rights. Salary caps for players, but not for owners who are guaranteed to make money since the league is a closed shop - no relegation/promotion – so no punishment (to the owners) for failure.

P.S. The easiest way to reduce concussions is to take the helmets and padding away. No-one will crash head-first into another player if it hurts the aggressor more than the intended target.

End of polemic

Anonymous said...

Ummm, Nice Cuppa, you do realize more concussions occur in what us inferior English speakers call soccer than in football, right?

And you do realize the corruption in FIFA rivals that of a Cold War Totalitarian government.

And the behavior of the hooligan fans in Europe, including and especially in Mother England, is so awful that contests have been played with no fans in the stadia for fear of riots and personal injury.

And say what you will about our helmets but it does prevent players from biting others whilst on the pitch.

So if American Football is too confusing for you, how do you understand the rules for cricket?*

*Baseball must give you a migraine. But that tells me why Canadians** are smarter than the English.

**Maybe that is why the Canucks prefer hockey to soccer.

Reg said...

Maybe it's the season, but I thought of activities in Dr. Frankenstein's laboratory. Cheers!

AnonymousPVX said...

Nice Tuesday puzzle. No issues. No double dipping, Costanza!!!

CanadianEh! said...

Straight-forward solve today. Loved the Body Language. Thanks Irish Miss, C.C. and Argyle.

Hand up for Shawl before STOLE and Onto/IN ON decision.
KAGAN was all perps.

I smiled at General LEE today after seeing one of his signed Civil War maps valued at $50,000 to $100,000 on Antiques Roadshow last evening.

Lots of sports talk today. Our Blue Jays have their backs to the wall with 3rd loss to Cleveland.

I had heard the "Take a knee" phrase before, having to do with football. But we have a slightly different twist. In Canadian football, taking a knee with time left is not necessarily a viable strategy. In the CFL, a quarter must end with a play. But we do use the phrase for another football play also - a single point is awarded to a kicking or punting team (Team A) if an opposing player (Team B)elects to drop to one knee while still in the end zone before having returned the ball to the field of play.

Yes Anon @1229, Canadians prefer hockey!!

Jinx in Norfolk said...

Thanks, oc4beach. You are right - SSI is administered by the SSA, but doesn't use Social Security funds. Thanks for the correction.

To those who don't follow the NFL, Ed Hoculi (whose alter ego chimed in above) is a long-serving NFL referee. If you can stand it, here's one more example of when a player would take a knee. This one happens a few times every year.

The team with the ball is slightly ahead, but can't run out the clock. Let's say third down and one yard to go for a first down, with 90 seconds left to play. Everyone expects a run and the defense positions itself accordingly. But the running back slips through and can score a touchdown without being touched. But wait - If he takes a knee after getting a first down, the defense can only watch as the clock expires. But if he scores, the other team gets the ball following a kickoff. If the team that is behind then scores, they might get the ball back immediately by using a tactic called an onside kick (out of scope for this discussion). Although that chain of events is unlikely, it is not impossible.

Not asleep yet? I can also explain baseball's infield fly rule!

CrossEyedDave said...

Couple of things, which I will try to put in seperate posts
according to when the V8 can struck...

Re: Yesterday, Yes Anonymous-T, 600 watts is a lot of power for a
graphics card (which works wonderfully) but,
Once I got it going & saw how the twin cooling fans dispose of heat
from the cooling coils (filled with God knows what) & slow down/speedup
in accordance with usage, I was very impressed.

Not so impressed when I turned off my worklights, closed up the tin can,
& saw a mysterious glow coming from inside my PC...
Peering thru the vent holes revealed that the stupid card is lit up with
LEDs! No wonder it needs extra wattage!

Oh,I also saved some of the parts I took out.

Not sure what to do with them...

Dudley said...

Hello Puzzlers -

Straightforward solve today - thanks Irish Miss and C.C.!

Glad we had team coverage of that down-on-the-knee thing, it was unfamiliar though logical.

Howdy Argyle, I see the sensible titles for today have already been thought up.

Anonymous said...

Jinx, take a lap! :)

Check out Ed Hoculi's 2nd link from his post at 1122a.

CrossEyedDave said...

2nd V8 can

Dear Irish Miss,

I enjoyed your (& CC's) puzzle before I even started it!

(& pls don't take this the wrong way...)

Every morning, Daughter #2 comes downstairs
& asks me to critique her fashion sense, (of which I have none...)
before going to work.
(I think she does this to see my eyes glaze over...)
After my usual "you look marvelous."
I noticed the constructionists for today, & proceeded
to enlighten her that Agnes was "Irish Miss,"
& CC (our fearless Blog leader)was on her way to creating more puzzles than anyone in history!

I also pointed out that Irish Miss calls me Mr. Meow,
(& watched her eyes glaze over...)
It was priceless...

JD said...

Good afternoon all,
THanks C.C., IM and Argyle for a fun fresh Tuesday. Pretty smooth for me. Merck was all perps. hand up for chips >chili. Oh fun was a surprise, but it certainly works.
No pens,pencils,or erasers(Magic Rubs are the best) are perks for us, but loving our job is the best perk of all.
Btw, UP was surprisingly sad for a kids' movie IMHO.
OWen, B+,A,A,A 😀
WHo lives in the pothole capital of the world? WHy is everyone raising a hand?

Anonymous T said...

Hi all!

I was thinking the theme was "verb-A-bodybits"... Body Language is a much better title. [Reg - I like yours too... Should I? Sure. Abby Someone...

Thank you our dears IM and C.C. for a great start to a Tuesday. So much fun fill with just enough "huh?" to DIP IN a toe for a WAG (see: MELBA) or two. OH what FUN. Very smooth and just WOW! Thanks to both of you and Argyle (you saw I saw 24d expo? :-))

WO: none
ESP: GENA. 51d we've seen the c/a before but it still took me 3/5th perps to nail ADELE.

Fav: Hum... let's see, MELBA TOAST is too white-bread, ARCADE evoked Pac Man Fever [song sucks stop after the game intro and save yourself], And of course PIANO BAR evokes Billy Joel.

I'll go w/ IN CAPS... AW MAN, like, someone had to LEND A HAND on the shift-key to typeset that clue.

Houston's mayor LIFT'd A FINGER and patched the POT HOLES his 1st month in office. No one can really tell. But Super Bowl company is coming so we gotta clean up this mess, er, wonderful city. //I'll let you IN ON something - I love this town.

{B, A, B+, A}

NC & @12:29, sporting, your observations. Perhaps Carlin laid it out best.

CED - eBay? :-)

Cheers, -T

Bluehen said...

Anon T., that clip left out one of Carlin's better points. Not only in baseball is the objective to be safe at home, in football the objective is to get into the opponents "end zone".

CrossEyedDave said...

3rd V8 can"



While "Body Language" as a title is excellent,
I think with my stomach...

1a/66a Melba Toast!
63a Chili!
17a Eat Up!
Muesli,,, (hmm, the one thing that did not make me hungry...)
7d Prawns!
24d stimulated,as ones appetite! Whetted!
24d Scoop up as Salsa! (Oooh, you had me right there...)
Meat Markets/Delis!

I am going to gain 10 pounds just thinking about this puzzle...

4th V8 can was 10d
Honestly, "terrific...not!" as a clue for "Oh fun"
left me bothered & bewildered.


When looked at backwards,

Trying to clue "OhFun!" with terrific...Not!" seems brilliant!

(I guess it depends on which side of the puzzle you are on...)

CrossEyedDave said...

4th,V8 can,,,5th,,,
(I dunno, this puzzle left too many dents in my head...)

(Or it could have been all the links I looked at for Locoweeed!)

That made me follow the trail from the images to the websites they came from...

1st Horse site...

& the 2nd Horse site...

I dunno,I need to lie down& take a nap before I even look at what I posted...

(Tinbeni! Don't look!..)

Anonymous said...

I stumbled over SSI . Is this the same as Social Security? If so, since workers pay for it, it should not be called assistance. My husband died in August, so dealing with SS has been on my radar.
Also, anemia is by first defininition, a blood disorder of the body not having enough hemoglobin, which results in pallor, tiredness and lack of vigor. The second def. sites the words used in the clue.
These were minor stumbles on my part. Otherwise, this was a fun puzzle!
Thanks, C.C.and Irishmiss.

Irish Miss said...

CED - Perhaps with all of those V-8 dents, I should call you "Mr. Yeow." Nah, I think Mr. Meow suits to you a tee, despite what Daughter #2 may think, glazed-over eyes, notwithstanding! 👀 😻

Thanks again, everyone, for the kind words. They are truly appreciated.

Anonymous said...

CED, all these links have me lmao. As a matter of fact, its made my throat sore. Ya think I could trouble you for a deink of water?

Jayce said...

I liked this Body Parts puzzle a lot. C.C. and Irish Miss, you guys did a wonderful job of polishing this enjoyable gem. Hand up for SHAWL, then SCARF, before STOLE, which, by the way, is nicely clued. CrossEyedDave, I totally agree with you about getting the answer from the clue vs. creating a clue from the answer. Also, that must be one heck of a graphics card you got!

I had not heard the phrase "take a knee" until the news about Colin Kaeppernick doing it in protest.

oc4beach, since the body part is the last word of the phrase, shouldn't that be BUTT HEAD? Haha.

Best wishes to you all.

tawnya said...

Hi All!

Fantastic job IM and CC!! Very happy for you both, it was a lovely run and I enjoyed it all. I got really excited when I saw who the constructors were and you did not disappoint. It's always interesting to see how our regular corner-ites put a puzzle together.

It made me hungry ;) I grew up eating pate and poor mans pate (liverwurst) and still enjoy it every now and then. Of course, I can't for a second think about what's actually in it or I wouldn't touch it ever!

I'm late to the party and everything I was thinking to link has been done. I mean, really, a day with Seinfeld, George Carlin, and Young Frankenstein - what else is there?

School is back in session and I have studying to do. C-Eh - your Jays are doing a great job of killing the Indians and preventing a sweep tonight! Hockey season has started, who is your team?

Happy Tuesday!


Pat said...

Great puzzle, IM and CC!! Enjoyed your expo, Argyle!

Got stuck with MUseLI/MUESLI and Scarf/STOLE but perks corrected things and everything worked out OK.

Gary, I had the song in my head immediately but finally had to look up the performer. Jackie DeShannon just wasn't coming to mind.

Tuesday is about over here. Enjoy what's left of it!


CanadianEh! said...

tawnya - The Jays may surprise us yet and keep winning. I have been a Toronto Maple Leaf fan forever and had almost given up hope but the new young players this year (ie. Auston Matthews) give us something to cheer about.

Wilbur Charles said...

I'm watching the Dodgers. Joe Buck all but just said "The Dodgers are in the catbird seat". But this is football night

I saw CC and Agnes??? I had an aunt Agnes who was an Irish Mrs. I recognize CC's style, so this had a lot of IM.

OHFUN might be generational slang.

The Miracle in the Meadowlands. There was a day when the old, no-maskers considered TAKING A KNEE unsportsmanlike. Not after the fumble that cost the Giants a win

The only thing I'll add is the clock management angle. To sum up: teams need to hang on to timeouts. The Wilbur Charles rule is Each blown timeout is worth 3 points.

Try it, I know you're doubtful.

And the FB-Soccer comparison neglected the flopping which, outside of the scream that has made Woman's tennis unwatchable, is the bane of sports.

The NBA actually has had some luck controlling flopping.

Dudley said...

Um - flopping? Whazzat?

Anonymous T said...

Dudley - first, let me preface, I know next to nothing re: futball. Flopping, however, is dropping in pretense that you got hurt by another player to draw a (penalty? flag?). Here's what I found on flopping set to appropriate music. C, -T

Misty said...

I loved, loved, loved this Irish Miss and C.C. puzzle. Sorry to be congratulating you so late in the day--almost 10pm California time--but it's been an unusually busy day and I'm just now getting around to sending messages. But the puzzle was a total delight and I got every bit of it--Yay! Wahoo! Hurray!

Argyle, I loved that OPAL turtle!

Have a great Wednesday tomorrow, everybody.

Wilbur Charles said...

Thanks Anon-T. And, thanks for NOT linking the obnoxious noise made when Maria Sharapova etal hit the ball