Apr 11, 2017

Tuesday, April 11 2017, Lila Cherry


17. *Pay for your online purchases, say : CHECK OUT

31. *Skip work because of illness : CALL IN SICK

37. *Cause a ruckus : RAISE CAIN

47. *Go out of business : FOLD UP SHOP

62. "Care to wager?" ... and a question answered, one way or the other, by
the first words of the answers to starred clues : WANNA BET?

Melissa here. Raced right through this one, and though the theme was obvious I had everything filled in before I noticed it. I love that RAISE CAIN is right in the middle.


1. Prefix with deed, feed and read : MIS

4. Fave texting buds : BFFS. Best Friends Forever. Technically I suppose this should be BFsF, like Mothers-In-Law, instead of Mother-In-Laws.

8. One looking for something : SEEKER

14. Gorilla, for one : APE

15. To whom Rick said, "We'll always have Paris" : ILSA. Casablanca.

16. Mode of dress : ATTIRE

19. Admirers, as a group : FANDOM

20. Actress O'Donnell : ROSIE

21. Caspian, e.g. : SEA

23. Nick and Nora's dog : ASTA

24. Ancients, for instance? : ANAGRAM. That was sneaky. Three anagrams of ancients are: Canniest, Insectan, and Instance.

27. Big Band __ : ERA

29. White wine apéritif : KIR

30. Kitten cries : MEWS

34. Double curve : ESS

35. One to say "G'day" to : MATE. Cute.

36. Grandmas : NANAS

40. Once more : AGAIN

43. Deal with it : COPE

44. "How cute!" cries : AWS

50. Coin named for a continent : EURO

51. ER staffers : RNS

52. Frying __ : PAN

53. Movie double : STAND-IN

55. Sport shirt brand : IZOD. Not POLO.

57. Male cat : TOM

59. Santa __ racetrack : ANITA

60. Tenor Enrico : CARUSO

65. Tennis great Andre : AGASSI

66. Gung-ho : AVID

67. __ Fáil: Irish coronation stone : LIA

68. Port on the Loire : NANTES. In France.

69. Dickens' Uriah : HEEP. From David Copperfield.

70. Junior nav. officer : ENS. Lowest level of commissioned naval officer.


1. Knot-tying art : MACRAME

2. Siri speaks on them : I-PHONES. She speaks on iMACs too, now.

3. Up-and-down playground boards : SEESAWS

4. Hog rider : BIKER. Hog = Harley Davidson motorcycle. Where did the nickname "HOG" come from?

5. Perky spokeswoman in Progressive ads : FLO. Played by Stephanie Courtney. In this commercial, she plays every member of the family.

6. Seminoles' sch. : FSU. Florida State University.

7. Pre-coll. exams : SATS

8. Jungle adventure : SAFARI

9. Approx. touchdown hour : ETA. Estimated Time of Arrival.

10. Italian volcano : ETNA

11. Glove leather : KIDSKIN

12. Racy literature : EROTICA

13. Comments : REMARKS

18. Smokes, briefly : CIGS

22. Slippery as an __ : EEL

25. Berry rich in antioxidants : ACAI

26. Wrestling surfaces : MATS

28. Broadway orphan : ANNIE

32. Parasite : LEECH

33. __ Andreas Fault : SAN

35. "Don't be a wimp!" : MAN UP

37. Unburdened (of) : RID

38. Lovey-dovey exchange : COOS

39. Date bk. entry : APPT

40. Like some violets : AFRICAN

41. Spokane school with a strong basketball program : GONZAGA. New to me.

42. Beaten candidate : ALSO RAN

44. Loud enough to hear : AUDIBLE

45. Unlisted vote-getter : WRITE-IN

46. Piano works : SONATAS

48. Regional dialect : PATOIS

49. __-Caps: candy : SNO

50. Sicilian resort city : ENNA

54. Food retailer named for two oceans : A AND P

56. Clean with Pledge : DUST

58. [Air kiss] : MWAH

61. Opposite of NNW : SSE

63. Prop. often named for a state in Monopoly : AVE

64. Nietzsche's "never" : NIE


OwenKL said...

{C+, B+, A-.} A special today for Tony, a.k.a. Anonymous -T

Impatiently you CHECK your IPHONE for a CALL.
Can its wifi SEEKER RAISE a cell at all?
A message isn't laudable
If it is not AUDIBLE!
FOLD your phone, your B.F.F. is just down the hall!

A ufologist there was from GONZAGA
Said stations mustn't broadcast SONATA.
We must issue a fatwas
For in alien PATOIS
They all sound like REMARKS of offensive EROTICA!

If ENRICO met Robinson, how would it be?
Would they be friendly, or show rivalry?
CARUSO or Crusoe
Whose FANDOM is more-so?
Perhaps Foghorn Leghorn, crew-so for TV! said...


Thanks Rich and mb!

Everything went quickly. GONZAGA had to fill itself in.

Yes, I am worn out from cough!

Have a great day!

KS said...

Where is Barry G?

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

Nicely done, Really Rich. I especially liked the Ancients-Instance misdirection. Melissa, you must not be a college basketball fan. GONZAGA fell to North Carolina in the March Madness championship just a week ago...ok, 8 days ago.

Taxing day...gettin' close to the end. Gotta run.

Tinbeni said...

Mellissa: Good Job on the write-up.

Enjoyed the Really Rich Tuesday puzzle (that felt like a Monday level).

Fave today was the timely Spokane B-Ball school GONZAGA as noted by desper-otto.

Learning moment was that Glove leather is made out of KIDSKIN ... now I know why there is a reason for all those little people.
Here in Florida, it is illegal to sell your children ...


billocohoes said...

Of course I'd heard of KID gloves but not KIDSKIN

gespenst said...

I enjoyed the theme! I also liked RAISE CAIN as the central answer in the puzzle. I gave my first daughter a biblical name, and really wanted to become a blogger specifically so I could call my blog "RAISING CANAAN"!! Alas, I couldn't seem to come up with enough things to blog about.

Anonymous said...

MIS-feed? How 'bout MIS-lead?

inanehiker said...

Nice tight puzzle with fun clues!
I was rooting for the Zags to win their first national championship, but have a lot of respect for Roy Williams as a coach- so happy for him as well! Hopefully N Carolina will get a handle on their academics for athletes so they can be proud of that again as well!

Thanks Melissa and Rich!

Argyle said...

Classic misfeed

Wilbur Charles said...

Well, I'm back. It might be an easy Tuesday but certainly stickier than Monday. I didn't get the anagram at all. Then again that riddle link from yesterday had me so floozled that I quit after three gongs.

Lila and Melissa, thank you both.

Speaking of anagrams: I might have mentioned this before but do you know who Hari Selden and Strider are historically.

Some might disagree of course.

Was Nietzsche a QOD to Misty? One of the Beasts methinks. One of the theories is that he had a brain disease in his later years when he penned the stuff that Hitler made use of.

We get Heep a lot. Micawber would be tougher to fit in. Mortal enemies, n'est-ce pas? We read Dickens in HS in the day

According to Lawrence Gardner we have the Cain and Abel thing all wrong.

Wilbur out

Ps. I too loved your April week 2 'licks Owen and C-Moe yesterday. We need a parallel annotated Owen. "crew-so" ?!
I had to look up "Tanager".

Pps. I posted a quiz about five am. It's my old citizenship test.

TTP said...

I was going to CALL IN SICK AGAIN today. I decided to MAN UP, WRITE IN a few REMARKS, and CHECK OUT Melissa Bee's fine review. Speaking of few, GONZAGA head basketball coach Mark FEW has the fourth highest winning percentage of all time in D1 schools.

As noted by OwenKL, a CSO to Tony. WANNA BET he was stoked ? Think I heard an AUDIBLE woot all the way up here...Cousin of Enrico ? With CC, Tony has had three LA Times puzzles here.

SEEKER... The Seekers... Hey there, Georgie girl.

Time to FOLD UP SHOP and get back to my RV plumbing project.

thehondohurricane said...

Thought today was easier then yesterday making it two successes in a row. WANNA BET it ends tomorrow or Thursday?

Can never remember IZOD. MWAH was simply a wait and see if it was correct..

Perps saved the day for me.....mis-spelled AGASSI again. Aggasi usually worms its way in.

ACAI is another that I usually mess up, but it was right from the get go today.

BFFS was all perps. Texting terms, or whatever you call them, are a foreign language to me. The family calls me a caveman. My youngest is a CPA and he really gets on me every year when he is reviewing my State & Fed returns. I'm sure DO would have a comment or two also. But I ain't gonna change either.


thehondohurricane said...

Last line of my post should read handwritten State.......

Spitzboov said...

Good morning everyone.

A Really Rich offering today. Somewhat chewy but a delight to solve. Favorite clue was for ANAGRAM. Wanted 'marlinspike seamanship' for 1d, knot-tying art, but there weren't enough squares.
Grew up with A AND P, (and Grand Union). Sic transit gloria.
NIE - Sag niemals NIE! (Never say never.)

BunnyM said...

Good morning all!

Nice offering from Lila today- thank you and thanks Melissa for an informative write up! I didn't know the meaning behind HOG. I immediately thought of Harry Potter with SEEKER, so was happy to see the pic you posted. I am quite obsessed with J.K. Rowling's wizarding world :)

I got the theme answers and reveal easily enough and was sailing along nicely until the SW corner. I do not follow college basketball so GONZAGA was unknown. Wasn't sure if "Sport shirt brand" would be Polo or IZOD. I'm sure CARUSO and NANTES are somewhere in the recesses of my mind, but couldn't remember them. PATOIS was also unknown.

A few hiccups: I read "Kitten cries" as Kitchen cries (what?!?) and stubbornly tried to WRITEIN Close up shop>FOLDUPSHOP and Stuntman>STANDIN. Why, I don't know because obviously they were too long to fit.

KIR and LIA were gotten via perps.

I loved the cleverly clued ANAGRAM

The beautiful weather is gone. Rainy and dreary today. Storms early this morning. Woke to find the dog hiding under my bed. When he finally came out, he had blood on his face. He must have scratched himself- when he's nervous he scratches like a mad man. He actually takes medication for his dry skin/allergies/obsessive scratching but refused it today. Just turned his head and snorted at me. He never turns down peanut butter, no matter what I put in it, so he was indeed upset! More storms predicted, so this could be a long day for him.... and me.

Another CSO for CanadianEh! - I thought of you with NANAS. I keep forgetting to congratulate you on the new grand baby :)

Have a "G'day" MATES! ;)

Husker Gary said...

-Rich’s ANAGRAM alias jumped off the page in this very nice puzzle. Even PATOIS, LIA and ENNA had rock solid crossings.
-Some teachers use the 5 days teachers can CALL IN SICK as vacation days
-Soon-to-be RAISING CANE in my town
-With every online CHECKOUT, am I causing a store to FOLD UP SHOP?
-Doesn’t everyone at an office know who to call when the copier MISFEEDS?
-Episode 3, The Speck Of The Future, of this series tells of how gold SEEKERS changed our country
-“ONCE MORE unto the breach dear friends…”
-Are RN’S much younger than they used to be?
-M*A*S*H episode - Quarantined Potter wanted to listen to Tex Ritter records and tent mate Winchester wanted CARUSO
-My iPHONE Siri told me the Sine of 46˚ in seconds last week. Much faster than this!
-What does FSU stand for?
-I wonder what the Louisville ETA will be for the poor Dr. who got dragged off the United flight recently?

Abejo said...

Good morning, folks. Thank you, Lila Cherry, for a fine puzzle. Thank you, Melissa Bee, for a fine review.

Got through this fairly easily. Theme was fine. Had FANS OF instead of FANDOM, until I fixed it. Only inkblot.

Nice to see GONZAGA. I picked them to win in my bracket pool. Had they I would have been tied for first place and a chance to win $950, or $430 for second place. I was really down that they lost. Maybe next year (just like the Cubs used to be) College named after St. Aloysius Gonzaga.

Liked the MACRAME outfit.

Now I go to the Monday puzzle and report in. Finished it late last night. Still working on Sunday's.

See you tomorrow.


( )

Madame Defarge said...

Good Morning.

A super start to my day. I recognized Lila Cherry right away, hence my favorite clue was ANAGRAM. Nicely done, Rich--of course. Thanks, Melissa, for the expo and the links.

When I was young, (yes in that century!) We pronounced GONZAGA with a short A as in AAH just like the final A--not the flat Midwestern A. The pronunciation sounds very strange to me.

I wonder where Barry is also.

Have a good day, everyone.

MJ said...

Good day to all!

Well done, Rich. Thank you perps for GONZAGA and PATOIS. Knew of the latter, but just couldn't remember it this morning. Favorite clue answer was "Ancients, for instance?" for ANAGRAM. Thanks for the great write-up, Melissa.

Enjoy the day!

Lucina said...

This was Really Rich! Thank you, Mr. Norris!

We don't have AANDP and though I've heard of it, was surprised to learn the meaning. And I also love the clue for ANAGRAM. Hand up for POLO before IZOD. To know GONZAGA it helped that they recently won the NCAA championship. MWAH? Cute.

Since I'm a NANA I'll take that CSO, too.

Thank you, Melissa, for an excellent expo.

Have a lovely day, everyone!

Chairman Moe said...

"Puzzling Thoughts":

Didn't see the theme; didn't see the "really Rich" ANAGRAM, nor the ancients / instance one. Maybe I should CALL IN SICK today! Wonder if I could get a STAND IN? 😜

I did not have any ink blots; I was looking for a theme involving the letters "CK", but when RAISE CAIN showed, "all bets were off"!

Guess I'll just COPE with being a dope.

Nice CSO to -T

I knew "MWAH" but had to use perps to make sure it was spelt correctly

Being a recent (7 yrs) resident of FL, I would guess that FSU has the biggest FANDOM of the three major "U's" here ( UF and UM being the others), but I could be wrong

In Genesis, one of the main
Stories is of brother who's slain.
Seems that God preferred
Abel's cattle herd
Over one who could only RAISE CANE.

I'll give that one a 👎

SwampCat said...

Ah yes! Dear ole Lila. Thanks Rich for the fun. And thanks MB for walking us through it.
I also had Polo before IZOD, but not for long.

Owen, the middle one was my favorite today, probably because of GONZAGA. I had never heard of them before they started winning everything in sight. Funny how that works.

PK said...

Hi Y'all! Good one, Rich! Nice to read you again, melissa b.

Last to fill was the second "K" in the cross of KIR/KIDSKIN (Too funny tho macabre, Tinbeni!)

I also got held up in the S central on the WANNA BE/MWAH/A&P/AVE/NIE bloc, partly because of spelling and just plain DUH!

My sons are occasional bikers, both with hogs -- one my husband bought in 1949, a year after his high school graduation.Still has the original tires. Don't make 'em like they usta.

Failed to see LIA & IZOD clues until Melissa's expo. ESP filled them nicely.

The Masters kept me interested to the final strokes. Wanted Garcia to win since he didn't have a green jacket. Seems interesting that his career has perked up since he is engaged to marry. We've seen other golfers use exhilarating personal romance periods or new babies to propel their careers to new highs (Dufner, for INSTANCE). Only disappointment was that the azaleas bloomed too early to enhance the tournament this year. I always enjoy the beauty they bring to the course.

CrossEyedDave said...

Aw nuts!

I got all three WAGs right,
only to put an S at the crossing of Asod/Gonsaga!

I got tired of looking for funny "Mew" images...

I asked my doctor if it was OK to play Poker...

&, of course, the obligatory Kitty...

Yellowrocks said...

Interesting Tuesday puzzle. I like it when not every word is an absolute gimme, but when some words need to be checked against perps.
Since 2015 the A&P is in existence no more. Because I don't particularly like huge super stores where it seems you can walk miles to get just one item, I appreciated that the A@P was large enough to have plenty of variety, but small enough to be more workable. I miss my A@P. I especially liked the deli and bakery.
I was surprised I knew GONZAGA with just two perps. Why? Thanks for pointing out that it was recently in the basketball news.
The macrame I know of is all knots. That outfit looks painful, or, at least, uncomfortable.
Gary,LOL. All the professionals seem much younger these days, much closer in age to my college freshman grandson, than to my son.
Monday and Tuesday have given us glorious summer-like days, with tempos in the 70's and 80's and clear blue skies. Finally the deciduous trees are a haze of tiny red flowers, and the forsythia, daffodils and ornamental trees are blooming. Achoo! Achoo! But it is a lovely and spirit-lifting time of year.

Irish Miss said...

Hi Everyone:

Late to the dance because I made up for yesterday's 5:30 AM rising by sleeping in this morning. I thought there was a tad of a crunch but mostly sailed through easily enough. Only w/o was Etna/Enna. Liked the combo of Also Ran and Write In. Gonzaga was a gimme because of the Tournament and my recent questioning of how others pronounced it. I'm with Madame Defarge's pronounciation.

Thanks, Rich, for a fun and enjoyable solve and thanks, Melissa, for the guided tour.

Another sunny, mild day but I think rain is due tonight. Oh well, it is April, after all: April showers ☔️ 💦 bring May flowers 🌺 🌷 🌺 🌸

Have a great day.

WikWak said...

Really rich, Really Rich.

Very fun puzzle, and I finally learned by reading these comments where Gonzaga got its name. Now if I could just figure out who that saint was...

Misty said...

Fun Tuesday puzzle--by Lila Cherry, a new constructor, I imagined. Turns out it was our own Rich? If so, many thanks, Rich, and you too, Melissa, for great photos and a neat write-up! I got the whole thing and even the theme in the end, although the GONZAGA corner took a bit of work. But I got AGASSI, even though I'm not a sports person. And the ANCIENTS ANAGRAM didn't make sense to me until I came to the blog. Also the ocean initials of A AND P were new to me. So, a very enjoyable morning all in all.

The theme reminded me that I used to love going to the racetrack and betting on the horses, and SANTA ANITA was my favorite, here in California. Now I'm not so sure about the treatment of the horses and so haven't gone back in years. Speaking of animals, sorry your dog was having a bad day today, BunnyM. What's his name?

Wouldn't it be funny if Nietzsche never used the word NIE in his writing, Wilbur?

Have a great day, everybody!

Ol' Man Keith said...

Ladies' Day - with an excellent pzl from Ms. Cherry and a fine exegesis from Ms. Bee! Thank you both very much.

A rich word choice. I don't recall the last time I saw PATOIS used here. Probably never. My favorite was ANAGRAM. That jelled for me - Wow! Agar, Man! I didn't notice the theme until, suddenly, I did - and then Pow!! What a great gobsmacking job! So cool on several levels.

Spitzboov said...


From my 0923 ruminations yesterday: "……"Tweede Fröhstück" or 'second breakfast' in our L. German patois.……"

Tinbeni said...

Chairman Moe @9:43

Your guess that FSU has the biggest "FANDOM" could NOT be more incorrect.

The Florida Gators fans out number the Seminoles probably by 2 to 1.

The Miami Hurricanes (one of my Alma Maters) have won more football National Championships ... but "The U" is a much smaller school.

Just thought I'd clear that up ... this coming from a 64 (almost 65) year resident.


Lucina said...

How surprising that you didn't mention KIR, a mix of white wine and cassis and absolutely lovely. But then you are a scotch person, I believe.

St. Aloysius Gonzaga (1568-1591) Jesuit

Tinbeni said...

KIR was a "learning moment" for me this morning.
Can't say I've ever tried KIR before ... or any drink with white wine or cassis.

So little time ... so much Scotch to consume ... LOL


AnonymousPVX said...

A nice Tuesday outing all around, the theme did not drag the puzzle or the clueing down, much appreciated.

Hungry Mother said...

I spent a year at FSU between stints at Villanova, where I finally graduated after 8 years (3 years in the Army in between). Easy one today, with no WAGs.

Bill G said...

Thanks for the puzzle Lila/Rich. I enjoyed it. Also, thanks Melissa. I enjoyed your efforts too.

Misty, early on after moving to southern California, I took Barbara in tow and headed to Santa Anita track. It's HUGE! We parked and hiked to the entrance. I bet $2.00 on several favorites but didn't win a penny. We left later in the afternoon. We looked and looked but couldn't find our car. Finally, I figured out that we had gone out to the parking lot on the wrong side of the track. I went back to the exit door and asked to go back in so I could exit by crossing to the other side. Nothing doing. We had to walk all the way around, probably well over a mile. Geez...

Speaking of Santa Anita, have you ever heard of Silky Sullivan? One of my few horse-racing heroes from this area way back in the day.

CanadianEh! said...

Great Tuesday puzzle. Thanks for the fun, Lila (Rich) and melissa b.
I moved along steadily with just a brief pause in the south waiting for the spelling of GONZAGA to fill in with perps. I remembered Googling it during the NCAA final because I had never heard of it.

I got but did not "get" the ancient/ANAGRAM clue until I arrived here. Clever.

I moved from Ahs to Aas to AWS. That's the response I get to photos of my new grandsons! (Thanks Bunny M). I go by Grandma not NANA and I am sure there are a number of us here by any name.

Have a great day.

CanadianEh! said...

Oops, I see a typo above. Only one new grandson not plural!

desper-otto said...

F AND OM sounds like a sexy meditation practice.

Bobbi said...

Easy fill quickly finished, but theme left me exclaiming, " HUH??"

Misty said...

Bill G, sorry you and Barbara had such an exhausting experience at Santa Anita. I had to look up "Silky Sullivan" to find out if he was a jockey or a horse--so I guess I never heard of him and never bet on him. Looks like my gambling days are over in any case.

Wilbur Charles said...

Misty, you have the makings of a 'lick there. Let me get you started:

If there's NAE wind, there's NAE golf
If there's NAE NIE, there's NAE NIETZSCHE
If there's NAE football, there's NAE NITSCHKE*

I'm realizing that you made a complicated pun with the German NIE. I tried to study Nietzsche but he's over my head. I liked Dostoevsky

If there's NAE puns there's NAE C-Moe

I'll stop


What a miserable day I've had except for Richy Rich and the blog

Wilbur Charles said...

* Famous Green Bay Packer linebacker

Chairman Moe said...

WC, could this finally be "Finding Nie-Moe?"

JD said...

a very quick run thru today, although I did not understand why anagram fell into place until coming here...should have known.Thanks Rich and Melissa.

A and P's were in So. Cal when I grew up, but never have seen one up this way.So many large stores, like Albertsons, are disappearing. I guess it's hard to keep up with Costco, K-Marts, Wallmarts. I can't imagine running to one of those stars to pick up a few items.

Wilbur Charles said...

I knew you'd come through, C-Moe.

I think Silky Sullivan's (yes, horse) forte was stirring stretch runs.

And there was Carry Back. And a horse named Nashua as in NH. For whom a stakes race was named.

WC waiting for a delayed plane.

Bill G said...

Wilbur, yes, stirring come-from-behind runs indeed. I first saw Silky Sullivan on TV in the Santa Anita Derby. I knew nothing about him. The horses were in the back stretch. The TV camera was aimed first at the front of the pack. Then it panned back over the rest of the horses. It kept panning back past all of the horses. Nothing but empty space. But no Silky Sullivan. Finally it came to Silky, 40 lengths back but closing... Can you believe it? He won the race! If you are interested, you can find an old video of that race on Google. Even if one doesn't like horse racing, it is great fun to watch him come from behind.

Anonymous T said...

Hi all! Now, how much fun was that? And seeing Rich's anagram in the by-line as I started the solve clue'd me in at 24a. Woulda been a tricky clue any other day. Thanks Rich... I won't call out Hog rider c/a later so lemme just say now: nice.

Thanks for the fun expo Melissa B! I too enjoyed the MACRAME ;-)


Fav: It was ANAGRAM 'till I got to my CSO :-)

Add to that: ETNA, ENNA, and SONATAS - we's only missin' the Alfa...

Like C.Moe, I was playing the wrong game [Go-Fish? :-)] b/f theme reveal... That helped me fill RAISE and FOLD [I wanted close store or some such - good think perps no-workie]

{A,B+, :-)} {cute}

TTP - I've been told we've no relation to Enrico.* I don't buy it - Eldest didn't get her vocal talents from me; that's for sure.

C, Eh! & Lucina: Can I add MIL to the NANA CSO list? :-)

HG - Wow, guess I needt'a (or not) update my 29th Ed. CRC.

CHECK it OUT - I didn't think H. Potter but the The WHO @ SEEKER

We obviously don't pay close attn to eachother. Hondo, last week I said BFF for Judy Blumes book would be a new/tricky clue. OMK - yeah, I missed Spitz saying PATOIS too. :-). Even after the solve I kept reading patios (dyslexia!) and thought - "never heard patios in that context..." V-64!

Cheers, -T
*In SPI there was another family of CARUSOs that we had no relation to either. Their patriarch was the fire chief; I threw his paper.

Trubrit said...

Really enjoyed today's CW. I got Anagram quickly but didn't understand it. Duh! Also got 'Gonzola' by accident. Don't watch netball, whoops, I mean basketball.
Thanks for a fun puzzle.
Misty, I went to the first silent auction for "Win, Place Home" yesterday, a charity started by a young woman who worked helping a vet at Santa Anita and she takes the horses too old to race and retrains them and finds them good homes. Last time I was there I bet on horses that fell right before the winning post, so sad. I don't want to go back.

Have a great week.

Ol' Man Keith said...

Sorry, SpitzB!

You're right, of course. Forgive my blindness. By "here," I meant using PATOIS in a pzl, but I certainly didn't make that clear.

Misty said...

My goodness, that Santa Anita clue triggered lots of horse racing and other memories, many of them sad, didn't it? Thank you all for your interesting and kind comments, including yours, Trubrit.

Misty said...

And, Wilbur, sorry I never managed that limerick wanted me to get started on. But your prompts were poetic and delightful.

Lucina said...

Well, I finally made that flan I had intended to make a few weeks ago when my life took a detour. Since it's so late I'll post the recipe tomorrow morning.

Anonymous T said...

Misty - C. Moe has you covered :-)

Lucina - looking forward to flan.

OK, me MATE, TTP, would kick me out of the RUSH FANDOM scene if I didn't REMARK on:
1. The song KID Gloves from Grace Under Pressure
2. "EROTICA, hypnotic" is a lyric in Neurotica from the Roll the Bones album.
3. The song ANAGRAM (for Mongo) - from Presto; and a nod to Blazing Saddles in the title :-)
4. Early on, RUSH toured with Uriah HEEP.

Bedtime for Bonzo now that the Astros beat Mariners... Cheers, -T
// how was that BunnyM? :-)