Feb 24, 2019

Sunday February 24, 2019 Gail Grabowski

Theme: "Prep-positioning"-  Different prepositions are inserted into eight theme entries.
23A. Revenue for a monarchy?: KINGDOM INCOME. Kingdom come.

39A. Kids nagging parents about lack of air conditioning?: HOT OFFSPRING. Hot spring.

58A. Bungalow inundated with vacationing relatives?: OVERRUN HOME. Run home.

85A. Funny BBQ scene that got cut?: SPIT OUTTAKE. Spit take.

101A. Unlikely winner of a trite joke contest?: CORN UNDERDOG. Corn dog.
123A. Group unhappy with election results?: DOWNCAST PARTY. Cast party.

16D. Preview from St. Peter?: AFTERWORLD TOUR. World tour.

52D. "You're a big girl now"?: MATURITY UPDATE. Maturity date.

Such a simple but fresh theme. There's an art to Gail's simplicity, whether theme choice or grid design. She works hard to avoid uncommon abbreviations or strange names to make her entries easy.

I don't recall seeing 146-word Sunday grid. Looks like Rich allows it now. Great news.


1. Cheese companion: MAC.

4. Brewery fixtures: VATS.

8. Minute dispute: SPAT.  Small "minute".

12. Sandal features: T STRAPS.

19. "Barefoot Contessa" cook Garten: INA. An Instagrammer I know bumped into her in Paris a few months ago.

20. Journalist Larson: ERIK. Learning moment for me.

21. Pro shop purchase: POLO.

22. Group bar orders: CARAFES.

26. Crêpe cousin: BLINTZE. With blackberry sauce.

27. "My mom is gonna kill me!": I'M DEAD.

28. San Simeon family: HEARSTS. Hearst Castle.

30. Sleep __: MODE.

31. Running total: TALLY.

32. "The Hurt Locker" backdrop: WAR.

33. Upscale automaker: AUDI.

35. It might be generic: DRUG. When I was a kid, we paid about 0.15 cents for each doctor visit. Drugs were free. How China has changed!

38. Novelist Waugh: ALEC.

44. Which one: WHO.

45. Predator and Iconia computers: ACERS. My monitor is Acer.

47. Jack Reacher creator Child: LEE.

48. Dept. formed under Carter: ENER.

49. Bread grain: OAT.

50. Agassi rival: SAMPRAS (Pete)

53. Muses' domain: ARTS.

55. Massage offering: OIL RUB.

57. Important span: ERA.

63. __ column: concrete-filled steel support: LALLY. Another learning moment for me.

64. Rope in: ENTICE.

66. Quite a stretch: EONS.

67. Freshly stained: WET.

68. Dr. Leary's turn-on: LSD.

69. Sullen: DOUR.

70. Old Venetian coin: DUCAT.

72. Capital that's home to the Potala Palace: LHASA. Dalai Lama used to live in the Potala Palace.

74. "This is my __": STOP.

77. Dodge logo critter: RAM.

79. Poor, as excuses go: SAD.

80. Ghee-brushed bread: NAAN. Xi'an style Naan. The Muslim Quarters has the best food.

81. Unwitting victim: STOOGE.

83. Puts the worm on: BAITS.

88. It's often bookmarked: URL. This is what I love about Firefox. Very neat bookmarking system.

89. Be there: ATTEND.

91. Decorative jug: EWER.

92. It may be lit during the holidays: FIR TREE.

94. Withdrawn: SHY.

95. They may be wireless: BRAS.

98. Ristorante suffix: INI.

99. Links army leader: ARNIE. Arnie Palmer.

100. Loan letters: IOU.

104. Vicksburg soldiers: REBS.

108. One of Tom Brady's three: ESPY. Guess how many Tiger Woods has?

110. "JAG" spin-off: NCIS.

111. Has too much: ODS.

112. Piazza De Ferrari city: GENOA.

113. Humorist Barry: DAVE.

115. Takes care of a toy?: PET SITS. Nice fill/clue.

119. "To conclude ... ": LASTLY.

120. Govt. water-testing sites: EPA LABS.

125. SoCal daily: LA TIMES. Oh, hey, shout-out.

126. Pre-calc course: TRIG.

127. Rich deposit: LODE.

128. Job ad abbr.: EOE.

129. Pose a greater climbing challenge: STEEPEN.

130. "I'll get this one": ON ME.

131. Chuck: TOSS.

132. Chekov's orig. "Star Trek" rank: ENS.


1. NHL Hall of Famer Stan: MIKITA. Stranger to me.

2. Dog or dogie: ANIMAL.

3. It may be scented: CANDLE.

4. WWII surrender celebration: VE DAY. Victory in Europe Day.

5. 2016 MLB retiree: A-ROD.

6. Virginia senator Kaine: TIM. Clinton's running mate.

7. Vail toppers: SKI HATS.

8. Gp. advocating adoption: SPCA.

9. Substandard: POOR.

10. Charity: ALMS.

11. Line dance step: TOE TAP.

12. On the job, initially: TCB. Taking Care of Business.

13. "Rebel Without a Cause" actor: SAL MINEO. With James Dean and Natalie Wood.

14. The Bee Gees, e.g.: TRIO.

15. New-product div.: R AND D.

17. Candy invented in Austria: PEZ. There's a guy in our flea market who specialized in Pez dispensers.

18. Dallas-to-Houston dir.: SSE.

24. Easy pill to swallow: GEL CAP.

25. Pianist Peter: NERO.

29. Confident: SURE.

32. Less favorable: WORSE.

34. Unpleasant noise: DIN. I love the quietness in winter.

36. DIY mover: U HAUL.

37. Sidestepped: GOT BY.

39. Flung with force: HEAVED.

40. Put on conspicuous display: FLAUNT.

41. Seedless plants: FERNS.

42. Green of "Robot Chicken": SETH. Read more about it here.

43. Question doggedly: GRILL.

46. Shoe with lots of holes: CROC. Never tried Crocs.

50. Tourney ranking: SEED.

51. River of Pisa: ARNO.

54. "Who cares?": SO WHAT.

56. Roundup catcher: LASSO.

59. Postgame staple: RECAP.

60. Band aide: ROADIE.

61. Should have said: MEANT.

62. Area 51 creatures, it's said: ETS.

65. Doggone mad: IRATE.

71. Battleship letters: USS.

72. Hugh of "House": LAURIE. Also a novelist.

73. "Just __": ASKING.

75. Fiend of fantasy: OGRE.

76. Legendary soccer star: PELE.

78. "Morning Joe" network: MSNBC.

80. Ad infinitum: NO END. Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?

82. Hatcher of "Desperate Housewives": TERI.

83. Jazz count: BASIE.

84. Pal of Aramis: ATHOS.

86. Relative who shares your birthday, perhaps: TWIN. Our blog twins.

Joann's sister Joyce, their mother Martha and Joann

87. "Hair" styles: AFROS.

90. Queen's mate: DRONE BEE.

93. Mother canonized by Pope Francis: TERESA.

96. Hammer throw trajectory: ARC.

97. Impudent sort: SNIP.

99. Pasta water prep instruction: ADD SALT.

102. Did, but doesn't now: USED TO.

103. Campus recruiting gp.: ROTC.

105. Dining selection: ENTREE. Do you have Port of Subs in your area?

106. Balladeer Michael: BOLTON. "How can we be lovers if we can't be friends?"

107. Give the okay: SAY YES.

109. Bush or Clinton, once: YALIE.

112. Rubbernecks, with "at": GAPES.

114. Seductive sort: VAMP.

116. Struggling to decide: TORN.

117. Triathlon component: SWIM.

118. "Picnic" playwright: INGE (William)

119. Bygone Fords: LTDS.

120. 2015 Payne Stewart Award honoree Ernie: ELS.

121. Touch gently: PAT.

122. Return ID: SSN.

124. Great Lakes' __ Canals: SOO.


I failed to reach Fermet Prime on Friday and Saturday. Her friend Malcolm said she might be released from the hospital next Monday February 25. He said "The hospital would like Lorraine to go to a rehab situation, they object to her going back to her house unless she has twenty-four hour help."  

In the meantime, we can send cards to:

Lorraine Foster
8735 White Oak Ave.
Northridge, CA 91325



OwenKL said...

FIWrong. A single natick cell at MaKITA + aNA.

Theme entries were a tad shaky. HOT SPRINGS is customarily (but not didactically) used with an s, even when there's only one, Besides the clue is for plural anyway. Is RUN HOME related to home-run? SPIT TAKE? I vaguely recall the term, but not well enough to remember what it means. However, some were excellent. I liked DOWNCAST PARTY best, but AFTERLIFE TOUR inspired one of my Jumble poems today.

If a QUEEN'S MATE is always a DRONE BEE,
I wonder how such a mating can be?
Do the rotors ping
Against her sting?
And where its junk is, I cannot see!

I understand the E.P.A. LABS
Aren't doing the jobs that they have.
They're slacking a lot
Since the men at the top
Think tap water is only for baths!

{B+, P.}

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

Bzzzzzzt! I didn't learn it until C.C.'s writeup, but I'd blown it almost immediately with MAKITA/ANA. That makes two days in a row, missing the brass ring by a single letter. As Tevye would say, "Unbelievable, absurd!" Maybe it's just me, but the three theme answers which began with the preposition felt like outliers. The rest fit nicely into the AB/BC pattern, but those three were AC/BC. I can hear Gail and Rich, "Yes, Rich, I know there are only 146 theme letters, but heck, I managed to get LA TIMES in there. That oughta count for something."

INA Garten: Sounds like the name of a song in an old hymnal.

C.C., the Germans never bombed Pearl Harbor...but you knew that.

jfromvt said...

Not a lot of posts so far. Must be a lazy Sunday for everyone.

The theme was easy to get, so a pretty easy puzzle for me.

In the down period of sports, waiting for regular season baseball, NCAA basketball tourney and NBA and NHL playoffs. PGA golf is the best of the lot for today.

PK said...

Hi Y'all! Gail gave us a lot to chew on. Thanks! Thanks for another great expo, C.C. (Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor, of course.)

Thanks for Lorraine's address.

I struggled to come up with "cheese's companion" of all things. MAC was my last fill. No idea on MIKITA and the rest of the NW corner didn't help. Had to come back when everything else was filled. Duh!

DNK: INA, ERIK, ACERS, LALLY, or Robot Chicken & SETH. Never heard of Adult Swim either. I live a sheltered life.

However, I had an "L" and filled in LHASA like I knew it. Maybe I did, but not consciously.

No recollection of TIM Kaine at all as Hilary's running mate. A vague shape beside her with no face or name in my mind. And I think of myself as fairly politically savvy. DUH!

Gail's works are usually a study in humility for me.

maripro said...

Thanks C.C. and Gail. I admire the clever title; it took me a while to catch on. The northeast area was last to fall and Sal Mineo, not James Dean, was one of my idols in the good old days.

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

This was a tad more challenging than usual for a Sunday, but the perps were quite fair, thank goodness, because I needed lots of them: Erik, Mikita, Lally and, as clued, Seth, Pez, and Genoa. Tally and Lally tickled my fancy as did the sub-theme: Pet sits, Labs, Dog, Lhasa, SPCA, Animal, Ram, Bee, and last but not least, Croc! At first glance, I saw Potala as Potato and was all set to enter Idaho.

Thanks, Gail, for an enjoyable Sunday solve and thanks, CC, for the grand tour and insider observations. Thanks, also for Lorraine's address.

We're supposed to get very high winds with gusts up to 65 mph later today into tomorrow. I hope any damages are minimal.

Have a great day.

billocohoes said...

D-O, a SPIT TAKE is the result of the funniest or most surprising jokes and statements being made right after you've taken a drink
James Corden spit take

Legend is that Polata inspired Nelson Rockefeller's vision for Albany's Empire State Plaza office complex
The Plaza at night

Kids RUN HOME after school. Baserunners RUN HOME after a hit, but if the ball's hit out of the park the batter usually trots home.

Anonymous said...

Not at peace with the singular CROC.

I thought about this waaaaay too much this morning. How do you refer to a singular item of a brand name that has a "s" at the end. For me, it varies. Vans are a popular shoe brand with the skateboarding set. I don't think Tony Hawk would ever ask for his right Van. Or Skechers. Where is my blue Skecher? Awkward. Skittles? Ok, yes. Can I have a green skittle? I was thinking of Levis but research shows an apostrophe there so I think it would always be, "did you was my white Levis?" How about Snickers? Never would I utter: "I had three Snickers here earlier! Who ate the snack sized Snicker bar?"

Hahtoolah said...

Good Morning, C.C., and friends. I liked this Sunday fare. I immediately caught on to the them with KINGDOM INCOME. My mother used to use the phrase "Kingdom Come" rather often.

I immediately thought of SAL MINEO as being in Rebel Without a Cause, then tried to overthink it with James Dean.

I almost got lost in the Muslim quarter in Xi'an. It was so crowded in the market street. It was really rather frightening to have been separated from my husband in the crowd. He had stopped to look at something, while I continued along the street. Fortunately, he is very tall, so I finally was able to see him when I retraced my steps.

QOD: A saint is a person who gives of themselves without asking for anything in return. That’s how simple it is to be a saint. ~ Edward James Olmos (b. Feb. 24, 1947)

Misty said...

Ooh, always exciting to see a Gail Grabowski puzzle, especially on a Sunday. And this one was a lot of fun. No, I didn't get it all and had to cheat a bit before the end. But I got MAC instantly and the top northwest filled right in for me. It was the long answers that gave me a bit of trouble, although I was pleased to get KINGDOM COME very early on. Happy and sad to see SAL MINEO in the puzzle. I loved him in "Rebel Without a Cause," but seem to remember he had a tragic early end. Was sure that "easy pill to swallow" was going to be a metaphor for something, and surprised that GEL CAP filled in. On the other hand, "Jazz count" didn't fool me for a minute and I knew that was going to be BASIE. And always happy to see INGE. Many thanks, Gail, for a delightful puzzle, and always wonderful to get your write-up on Sunday, C.C.

I'm hosting a small Oscar party tonight. Saw only two movies this year, "A Star is Born" and "Mary Poppins Returns" so am hoping Lady Gaga wins that award. She really surprised me with her acting.

Have a great evening, everybody!

Yellowrocks said...

Adding prepositions to common phrases helped a great deal with the solve. Very enjoyable, Gail.
I had ham and cheese for lunch today. It took me a while to switch from ham to mac at 1A. Bolton. Erik, and Mikita were new to me, but they were handily perped and wagged. Lally, which was not new to me, needed some perps to dredge it up. Lally columns in church basements make it hard to square dance.
I have seen INA on TV. My grandson son has an Acer computer.
SNL spoofed Morning Joe last night. Not funny. Just my opinion here. YMMV. I think the skits that are the best actually suggest the intended target and his/her foibles. Some SNL skits are really hilarious and right on. Mika and Joe are not that demonstrative on the air so that kissy stuff falls flat in a skit. One of SNL's least funny spoofs is of Queen Elizabeth. The skits never suggest her at all. Mika, Joe and the Queen easily could be satirized for their real foibles. SNL had some funny bits about Spicer in 2017, but I thought pushing the podium into the audience was stupid, not funny.
Some time ago SNL had a hilarious skit about the 50's. It brought back memories. ROTFL. Then SNL went off the rails into things that were unrecognizable as the 50's. Not funny.
Billo, when one of my kids was little and was told to run home in a baseball game, he ran across the street to our house.
Have a great Sunday. The warm air wafting over the remaining snow on the ground is bringing us pea soup fog.

Yellowrocks said...

OOPS, they did not push the podium into the audience. It was the lectern on wheels.

Anonymous T said...

Sunday Lurk Say...

{B+, A} //Cities providing potable water? That's socialism! Buy it by the bottle from Coke :-)

PK - TIM Kane was a stick in the mud on Hillary's campaign. She should have chosen Sanders. The Donald had the sense to run w/ Pence; his polar-opposite.

OKL - 5:17 of SPIT TAKES.

Hahtoolah - re: QOD. I looked and looked but it seems NBC is keeping some archives of Father Guido Sarducci's appearances on SNL out of the public domain [video taken down for cypyright]. Anyway, I recall Fr. Sarcucci said, "To become a Saint you also need'a som'a miracles. Mother Teresa only had three. Three lousy miracles(?). ( And I'a heard'a two of them were'a card tricks)...
//they did have I'm(a) d'a Pope[5:27] routine still available.

Was it over when the Germans bomb Pearl Harbor? [Animal House]
//be honest, C.C., was that Boomer's input? :-)

Cheers, -T

billocohoes said...

Sorry, D-O my previous post was in response to Owen, as is this

OFFSPRING can be both singular or plural, for the clue "kids". And a single, unnamed geothermal water source is a "hot spring." The cities around them are often plural.

Big Easy said...

I really liked Gail's extra preposition-ing for two reasons. You couldn't just prefill the intro.

1.They were not the same.
2.They were in different positions, not just the start of the fill.

No real problems completing the puzzle other that the unknown proper names filled by perps.
INA, ERIK, MIKITA, ACERS, SETH Green & LEE Child intersecting. Never seen or intend to see Desperate Housewives but I only know of one Hatcher and one Garr-TERI.

LALLY-never heard if it-perps
Had Stan The Man MUSIAL before MIKITA showed up in 1D. Filling the correct crosses of INA & MIKITA and LEE & SETH were just lucky guesses. Could have bee ANA & MIKATA.
Area 51 creatures should be GIs because it's a military area. ETs are supposed to be in Roswell.

C.C., you may have only paid 15 cents and got free drugs, but somebody had to pay.

PK- Tim Kaine will fall into dustbin of history of losing VP candidates. And any party that nominates that person as the next presidential candidate is guaranteed to lose.

Abejo said...

Good afternoon, folks. Thank you, Gail Grabowski, for a fine puzzle. Thank you, C.C., for a fine review.

This puzzle was a lot tougher than some are. However, I got through it just fine. Took me a while, though.

Caught the theme. Very Clever. Took me a while to get them all.

Stan MIKITA is a Chicago hero. Played years for the Black Hawks. He just died last last year. Had a Slovak background and was born there.

I see LA Times made its own puzzle. That's something.

Cold and very windy in NE Illinois today. Tomorrow morning supposed to be down to 6 Degrees. Oh Boy!

See you tomorrow.


( )

Husker Gary said...

-I (we) always tell kids that “When I was your age, we had real snow storms!” Well we had one last night and it took forever to scoop especially when my neighbor let her idiot son keep his rusted-out pickup on the street which makes a lake at the bottom of my drive which turns to slush in a big snow event. He’s getting a call later today!
-We also haven’t had a newspaper for two days so I had to do the puzzle online which takes much longer and is not as satisfying.
-A lovely Sunday Gail puzzle!

Jayce said...

Another hard one. I liked the Prep-position stuff but much of the rest of the puzzle was a slog, perhaps because there were so many 3 and 4 letter entries. On the other hand, I only needed to turn on red letters once, which instantly showed me the bread grain was not RYE, and I needed to look up Mr. SAMPRAS. Somehow I managed to solve all the rest without help. Like Misty, I was not fooled by Count BASIE. Yep, I had HAM and cheese at first until I realized that MANDLE was not a thing. Because of a flaw in my vision, every time I looked at that WHO right above OAT (once I actually got OAT) it kept impinging on my brain as WHO DAT. Hadn't heard the term SPIT TAKE before so I doubted it was right but the perps were solid, OUTTAKE made sense, and SPIT fit the BBQ clue. Sometimes we're just pointed in the right direction by outside forces in spite of ourselves. CORN UNDERDOG gave me a laugh and triggered the expression "Have no fear! Unnnnnnnderdog is here!" in my mind.

What do OL'Man Keith and Jayce have in common with Bush and Clinton? You guessed it.

Good wishes to you all.

Wilbur Charles said...

Well, a pro fisherman would buy a POLE. But maybe I was thinking TOE Tapping. Maybe I MEANT to change it to POLO. Maybe that's my only mistake since I caught on to the DRONE BEE. Maybe*

I'll take a guess and hope I'm lucky: 13?

"C.C., the Germans never bombed Pearl Harbor...but you knew that."
As I've explained before, the German spy network installed at Pearl Harbor years earlier played an integral part in the execution of the attack, even signalling advice. And of course, the go-head was given by the Nazis in that Japan had the assurance of Germany's declaration of war to follow.
Casey's RUN HOME

Of his dash home in Game 1 Damon Runyon wrote,

This is the way old “Casey” Stengel ran, running his home run home, when two were out in the ninth and the score was tied and the ball was still bounding inside the Yankee yard.
This is the way — 
His mouth wide open.
His warped old legs bending beneath him at every stride.
His arms flying back and forth like those of a man swimming the crawl stroke.
His flanks heaving, his breath whistling, his head far back.


* " I would hold on to his maybe for as long as it would take, even forever."( From Loved
by Kimberly Novosel (Goodreads Author)

Lucina said...

Happy Sunday!

C.C., if you don't know Stan MIKITA what hope is there for me who hardly knows anyone in sports? Luckily it perped easily though HAM and cheese almost botched it. Like Jayce, I realized MANDLE was not recognizable.

Most of the time I was on Gail's wave length and she gave us a lot of waves! What is so favorable about her puzzles is that most of the fill is easily worked out if it's not known. SPITOUTTAKE gave me the most doubt but it was solidly confirmed.

I suppose 123D could describe a vast group of people after the last election.

LALLY is a new word for me and one for my CW dictionary.

My one error occurred at the bottom where SSN/STEEPEN collided. I misinterpreted the clue for 129A because greater seemed to require and -er ending. I didn't check 122D. The error is ON ME.

OFFSPRING as plural? I respectfully disagree.

Thank you, C.C., for the fine TOUR and for providing us with Lorraine's address. If "the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor" is a joke, I don't get it.

Hahtoolah's quote of the day parallels today scripture reading.

I hope you are all enjoying a fantastic day! The sun finally reappeared!

Lucina said...

That should have been 123A in the last election.

Jinx in Norfolk said...

FIW. Like D-O, settled for aNA x MaKITA. IN A Garten? Sounds like an answer from a German immigrant when some asks "where is der flower bed?"

More Patriots trivia today, with Brady's three ESPYs and Kraft's OIL RUB.

Anon, I feel your pain, but we don't call them Snicker[s]doodles.

Thanks to Gail for another great puzzle. My favorite was "jazz count". And thanks to CC for all you do, including today's review.

Wilbur Charles said...

-T, I gagged and then I thought.. Well if LBJ could swallow his bile and run with JFK I suppose anything is possible.

Re. My adventures with the xw.
I knew MIKITA immediately. I did think of Musial. It got me off to a fast start but I quickly slowed and went grid hopping for fill. The SE with yesterday's EOE got me restarted.

I'd tossed a W giving EPALAWS without really thinking. For awhile I thought DR O'NOWEE might do it.

Btw, I don't know how "One " CROC could be plural.

I never really got the theme re. Prepositions. fe. I thought perhaps INCOME(Tax) Prep

And of course, the one and only ARNIE's Army. Perhaps Tiger will skip that tournament and come to Tampa again.

Finally, what I did NOT know inre NE, Hugh, Jack Reacher etal made it seem difficult.

I suppose I get my innings back with the Sports clues.

And... Yesterday was really something. I tossed and turned dreading having to wake-up and tackle Mr Q. I posted at 7:30 am


Wilbur Charles said...

Good one jinx . The Kraft quips are coming fast and furious .

Btw ."DIY" Mover. UHAUL. What's DIY?


Duh. Do It Yourself. Slap.

Yellowrocks said...

Macmillan defines offspring as someone’s child or children.
It says the plural of offspring can be offspring or offsprings. My brother often refers to us sibs as the offspring of our parents, no longer kids or children.

Husker Gary said...

Musings 2
-I'm finally back on top of my game after a long day of snow moving and am reading the comments.
-I called the owner of the pickup that has "dammed up" the water in our gutter, He apologized and agreed to come up and move it Tuesday. You can either suffer in silence or do something. I did the latter.
-C.C. thanks for using the picture of Joann and her twin and mother.

Yellowrocks said...

HG, Just curious how the pickup could dam the water. I am glad you prevailed. Sometimes we need to act.
I was looking for non snarky opinions pro and con on my SNL comments. I love looking at all sides of a question, absent nastiness. We are all entitled to our own opinions.

PK said...

The most humiliating thing about this puzzle was having to look up the word PREPOSITION. I had forgotten what it was. I was just thinking "of," "to," etc. So when the other words came rolling out, I was confused. Ah me, I dislike old age immensely. Well, at least, I can usually still put together a readable sentence even if I've forgotten the names for the parts.

Husker, The guy can't move it until Tuesday? Is that soon enough with another storm moving in about then? I'd call the city or someone and have it towed away since it is impeding drainage. If he has to pay to get it back, he might remember next time.

Jinx in Norfolk said...

From the teehee days of my ute: She who spring on innerspring this spring have offspring next spring. Since I didn't post as anon, I'll just see myself out.

billocohoes said...

Lucina, “Did we give up when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?” was a John Belushi line in Animal House.

CanadianEh! said...

Late to the party but I wanted to thank Gail and C.C. For the fun today.
This CW required P and P (not R AND D) and a few red letter helps, but I finished and saw those prepositions.

MIKITA was easy for me. He came to Canada at age 8 and was raised in St. Catharines, Ontario and played OHL hockey for the St. Catharines Tepees before he was picked up by the Chicago Black Hawks. (We have had him here in the last year or so; I remember linking an article about him.)

I'll take a CSO with 35A and 24D. Dave will understand if he is reading.
I smiled at GRILL and the BarBQ SPIT.

But no smiles for 9D and 79A with POOR in the one clue and then as an answer. And with the same meaning. Another NoNo. Did anyone else notice? Is Rich allowing this now?

Back to the Oscars.

Wilbur Charles said...

Yellowrocks, since you asked. Long ago, I tuned to SNL to see what the excitement was all about. They did a spoof on Elizabeth Taylor. It was so tasteless that I never cared to watch the show again.


Lucina said...

Thank you. As you can assume, I have not seen Animal House.

The Oscars are done and I'm disappointed. I really thought Glenn Close would win for best actress and really did not think Roma should win for best director! For me, it was just an ok film and for it to win not one but two Oscars is really overkill.

Offsprings may be correct but it sounds strange and I can't say I've ever seen or heard it that way but of course, that doesn't prove anything.

Anonymous said...

SNL and the rest of late night comedy relies almost exclusively on put down humor and usually at the conservative side's expense. I've haven't watched any of it since David Letterman abandoned comedy to make fun of George W. Bush on a nightly basis. I miss the music and stand up acts but everytime I get curious and tune back in I just end up annoyed and tune back out.

Whatever happened to "no coke, Pepsi. Cheeburger, cheeburger, cheeburger" or "in a van down by the river" or "wild and crazy guys" or "celebrity Jeopardy!" Great skits!

Anonymous T said...

@11:05 - and why do you think that is? The kid punks sticking it to the establishment is funnier than not. Dennis Miller & Norm Macdonald were cute but not Python Funny.

When it come's to humor there's No Coke. Pepsi. [Source: Two Wild and Crazy Guys*. :-)

The Smothers Brothers were funny because they were subversive; the antithesis of Conservative.

Cheers, -T
*Look closely and you'll see a JFK poster in the apartment.

Lucina said...

As I mentioned earlier, I've never seen Animal House and though I realize it's popularity it's a bit crude for me. Thank you.

Syed Mehmood said...

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Bobbi said...

Just got back from a hospital stay for pneumonia and started this @ ten this mirmorn. With napd, medicine and food breaks, the Oscars and a friend visit I FINALLY tossed this abomination in the trash. What a waste, especially when you're feeling ill! Silly theme, clues that were REAL stretches. Come on, editors - give us mere mortals a break ...PLEASE!!!!

Unknown said...

The Germans bombed Pearl Harbor? Who woulda' thunk it.