Feb 9, 2021

Tuesday, February 9, 2021 Michael A Macdonald

Hit the Road, Jack!  The last word of each theme answer is an infrastructure that one can take to get from  Point A to Point B.

18-Across. *   Nostalgic place for a walk: MEMORY LANE.

27-Across. *   Place to pursue pleasure: PRIMROSE PATH.

47-Across. *   Place with no options: END OF THE ROAD.

62-Across. *   Evidence in white-collar crime: PAPER TRAIL.

And the Unifier:
60. Cry of approval ... and what the end of each answer to a starred clue is: WAY TO GO.

1. One of the Three Bears: MAMA.

5. Pro concerned with Apr. 15: CPA.  As in a Certified Public Accountant.  We have a few CPAs in our crossword community.

8. Like one liable for libel: SUABLE.  An awkward, but valid, word.

14. Tons: ALOT.  A crossword staple.

15. The Boston Bruins retired his #4 in 1979: ORR.  Bobby Orr (né Robert Gordon Orr; b. Mar. 20, 1948) is a Canadian former professional hockey player.  He is considered the GOAT of Hockey.  He played 10 years with the Boston Bruins and two with the Chicago Black Hawks.

16. Like mosaic stones: INLAID.   We saw some beautiful mosaics at the Villa Romana del Casale in Sicily.  The villa was built in the early 300s CE.  The mosaics show beautiful scenes of daily life, including women competing in athletic events.

17. Ilk: SORT.

20. Patella: KNEE CAP.  I shattered my knee cap in a car accident about 20 years ago.  In an X-ray, my patella probably looks like a mosaic.

22. Sign of summer: LEO.  Hi, Leo III!

23. D.C. figure: SEN.  As in a Senator.

24. Alabama march city: SELMA.  In March 1965, there were three Civil Rights marches from Selma to Montgomery, Alabama.

25. Porcine sounds: OINKS.

33. Brought back to its original condition: RESTORED.  Art Restorations gone bad.

Before and After

36. Song for a diva: ARIA.  The Habanera from Carman.

37. Sturdy tree: OAK.  Louisiana is known for its Live Oak Trees.

38. Some shower components: METEORS.

42. Overnight option: INN.

43. Plumbing concern: DRIP.

45. Fixed, as old shoes: REHEELED.

51. Relaxed: EASED.

52. Trivial, as issues: MINOR.

56. Have debts: OWE.
59. Without end, to the Bard: EER.

65. Dunkable cookie: OREO.  A crossword staple.

66. Aphrodite's love: ADONIS.  In Greek mythology, Adonis was the god of desire and beauty.

67. Web address: URL.  As in Uniform Resource Locator.

68. Measure of versatility: USES.

69. Renter: LESSEE.

70. Map part: KEY.

71. Measure of proficiency: TEST.

1. Batman and Robin wore them: MASKS.

2. Without help: ALONE.

3. Type of mushroom: MOREL.  This mushroom used to be a crossword staple.

4. NFL passing stat: ATTEMPT.

5. Robin Cook's breakout 1977 novel: COMA.  I read this back when I was in high school.

6. Pre-cooking job: PREP.  I find prep bowls to be extremely useful when I cook.

7. Limb on a rest: ARM.  It has been way too long since I have flown, so the arm on the armrest hasn't been an issue.

8. Fire alerts: SIRENS.  Mythological Sirens.

9. Break up, as a bovine team: UNYOKE.

10. Without exception: ALL.

11. Ewe sounds: BAAs.

12. One drawn in the sand: LINE.

13. First home: EDEN.

19. Potpourri: OLIO.

21. Pool shot: CAROM.

25. Said, "I'll have the lobster," say: ORDERED.

26. Health resort: SPA.

28. Rage: IRE.

29. Bumped into: MET.

30. Seed cover: ARIL

31. Diner sticker: TINE.

32. Round of applause: HAND.

33. Went in a taxi: RODE.

34. Merit: EARN.

35. Icy street risk: SKID.

39. "__ the ramparts ... ": O'ER.  A line from the Star Spangled Banner.

40. P-like Greek letter: RHO.

41. Sordid: SEAMY.

44. Author of macabre tales: POE.  As in Edgar Allan Poe (Jan. 19, 1809 ~ Oct. 7, 1849).

46. Remove from text: EDIT OUT.

48. Spenser's "The __ Queene": FAERIE.  The Faerie Queene is an English epic poem by Edmund Spenser (1552 ~ Jan. 13, 1599).  The poem was originally published in 1590.

49. Fly to avoid: TSETSE.  The Tsetse fly is a carrier of the vector that causes sleeping disease in humans.

50. Bonn mister: HERR.  Today's German lesson.

53. Like Odin and Loki: NORSE.

54. Curved moldings: OGEES.

55. Fowl pole: ROOST.  Fun clue.

56. Australian gem: OPAL. Hi, Kazie!  These gemstones have such sparkle.

57. Walk in the shallows: WADE.

Wade Boggs (b. June 15, 1958)

58. Grand-scale poetry: EPOS.  Think of The Illiad or The Odyssey.  Hand up if you have ever read either of these epic poems.

60. Line with a plug: WIRE.

61. One on your side: ALLY.

63. Sunny pair?: ENs.  As in the letter "N".  Sunny.

64. Arctic diving bird: AUK.  How to tell the difference between an Auk and a Penguin.

Here's the Grid:



OwenKL said...

Lois followed a PAPER TRAIL to fame!
Total recall helped make her name!
Her nameplate in granite
At the Daily Planet
Was her sobriquet of "MEMORY" LANE!

Pete PRIMROSE had a wearying load.
His name didn't match his macho mode.
He followed a PATH
Of violence and wrath,
That changed its meaning by the END OF THE ROAD!

{A, B+.}

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

Three-letter athlete beginning with O...gotta be OTT, right? Wrong. Noticed LINE crossing LANE as well as the CSO to C.C. at OLIO. Wite-Out-free, like a Tuesday oughta be. Nicely done, Michael and Hahtoolah.

OAK: The live oak beside our driveway is dead. And gone. A strong wind blew it over back in December. It crashed into a corner of the roof, sparing my car.

MOREL: We'd hunt them back in eastern Iowa. With their distinctive shape (wink-wink), there are no edible/poisonous worries. Makes for a fun day tramping through the woods. Fried up in beer batter, they're delish.

MEMORY LANE/PRIMROSE PATH: Here's a 1959 mash-up.

Hahtoolah said...

Good Morning, Crossword friends.

D-Otto: We had a beautiful live oak tree in our back yard. One night a few years ago, it decided it didn't want to be a live oak any more. Fortunately, when it fell, it was mostly in the street and only a corner of the carport. Like you, our cars were spared. In an instant, my back yard went from all shade to all sun. We turned the area into a beautiful flower garden with a pergola, which has been my oasis during the pandemic.

QOD: The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don’t have any. ~ Alice Walker (b. Feb. 9, 1944), American author

Lemonade714 said...

In the early R-rated days of the blog, MORELS were our wink-wink, nudge-nudge dirty little secret. This is Mr. Macdonald's third LAT publication with the first two being October offerings.

A classic Tuesday with no obvious Naticks and fair crosses presented by Susan with her usual comprehensive and entertaining write-up. Thank you,Michael and Hahtoolah

Hungry Mother said...

FIR without noticing the theme. KNEECAP reminded me of the Runner’s Knee that I’m suffering from right now. On safari, the best way to avoid the TSETSE is by burning elephant dung.

inanehiker said...

Fun puzzle with an even more entertaining blog from Susan!

Lots of MORELs to be found around my area - but people are very secretive about where their personal hunting grounds are. I had a slow start with CAPES for the Dynamic Duo instead of MASKS - but changed when none of the Three Bears names started with C.

RIP Mary Wilson of the Supremes - there will probably be a Sporcle quiz posted about her today!

Thanks Michael!

Anonymous said...

I think Wayne "the Great One" Gretzky would be considered the GOAT of hockey.

Suable is awkward indeed, and just a little less awkward than its crossing of unyoke.

Anonymous T said...

Hi All!

Thanks Michael for the Tuesday morning wakeup call. More coffee == fewer errors.

Wonderful expo Hahtoola - loved all the comics and the broken mug was priceless.

DW woke me early asking where's her glasses (??? - I don't wear yours!) and I couldn't return to sleep (just wait, by my 10:30 meeting, I'll be head-bobbin' like it's Mass' Homily :-))

WOs: alrarm [sic] (scribble-scribble-scribble) ->SIRENS. mAsse (ibid)->CAROM. LEeSEE.
Fav: I thought it cute we had the KEY to the TEST to finish OUT.

HungryMother - sorry to hear of you KNEE. My trainer has been trying to strengthen my left knee by working on my left shoulder; his theory is that my right-side's muscles over works keeping my left-side weak. Some crazy contortions he puts me through but the pain & popping is abating.

My uncle tried to teach me how to hunt MORELs but he was more interested in the orange-y mushrooms for his 'tea.' :-)

Play later, -T

Lemonade714 said...

Tony, Uncle Psil?

I wasn't going to start the Bobby Orr/Wayne Gretzky debate, but with the door cop-out response, Bobby is the greatest defenseman of all time and Wayne the greatest wing. You can't win any GOAT arguments, I think that is why GOAT has been replaced by Mount Rushmore.

Anonymous T said...

LEM - I grew up a Cubs fan. I still struggle to give GOAT a positive connotation.

Yes, that was my stoner (Union finish-carpenter extraordinaire) Uncle. As a Boy Scout, even at 9yrs old, I knew the woods and where things grew.

Want a story?
I was hiking w/ Unc & his buddy (looking for mushrooms?).
"Nature break," his buddy called.
Uncle was like "Um, I've got the kid here."
They took out their one-hitter anyway. I quickly realized that wasn't a cigarette they were lighting up (who puts tobacco in a little brass pipe?).

Cheers, -T

Madame Defarge said...

Good Morning.

Thanks Michael for a fine puzzle. I wanted resoled for REHEELED: oops, too many spaces. MEMORY LANE set me the PRIMROSE PATH, and I quickly found the WAY TO GO! OEROs were in the news this morning. Mondelez is moving baking facilities. There's nothing like living down the street from a cookie factory. As a kid we lived near the Salerno factory both in Chicago and Niles. Mmmm.

Thank you, Hahtoolah. I really enjoyed your clips today. My daughter has a live oak in her Dallas back yard. Last time I was there I rolled my ankle on an acorn and partially tore my rotator cuff. Some souvenir! I like the gentle magnolia in front of her house better.

I prefer the winter deep freeze and sun to milder temperature and heavily clouded skies. Have a sunny day, everyone.

kazie said...

Hahtoolah, thanks for the shoutout today! I wouldn't have seen it if a friend here hadn't emailed me to let me know. Today's puzzle was so nice and easy, I normally wouldn't have had to come here to check on anything. That is becoming a rarity for me lately though, since puzzles with lots of modern culture, celebrity or author names and sport refeences are foreign to me. Some of those references make me feel my age.

The pictured opal ring is a lovely setting, but I prefer the deeper colored so-called black opals. They're a lot more expensive now that they are popular overseas. When I was growing up, and there was no export market for them, you could get a nice ring for far less.

Spitzboov said...

Good morning everyone.

Got it all with a minimum of wite-out. Had 'lure' before WIRE, and so, corrected the error of my WAYS. Theme broke easily.
EDEN was our first home, too; (Eden, NY). In Erie Co. hard by the shores of Lake Erie.
HERR - Funny, the Dutch use "meneer". from earlier mijnheer, from Middle Dutch mijnhere. Equivalent to my (“my”) +‎ heer (“lord”). Literally corresponds to "milord".
OAK - German Eiche, L. German Eek, Dutch eik. Latin quercus.

Thanks for another engaging expo, Hahtoolah.

Ray - O - Sunshine said...

FIR following those highways & byways (what's a byway anyway?). WAYTOGO...

I'd take a walk down MEMORY LANE if I could just remember where it is.... Thought TSETSE flies had become crossoword extinct. Once quite a common puzzle pest. OREO should always be plural. I can't eat or dunk just one. OHGEES, now back to curved moldings. SUABLE?...meh

For one on your side put "plus" but perp corrected to ALLY. Epic/EPOS (wha?)... For years #4 was OER ORR. Diva's ARIA at the MET. How does WADE mean walk in the shaddows?, by the fifth reading I finally realized it was "shallows" 🤓, need new galoshes?

Precooking? Pare or peel? Oh PREP

Lots prep.....

End up with just egg whites.....UNYOKE
Pa agrees, now just _____ ....SELMA
_____ you still here?.....WIRE
Clumsy dependent seabird chick: _____ ward....AUK
Purchase each hiking path separately...PAPERTRAIL
pin ball TOMMY'S first of 4 demands: " _____" SEAMY
"Know your mushrooms" is the _____ of Aesop's fable.. MOREL

Great day to all..

Anonymous said...

The path to FIR was easy today. I saw the theme with the second themer.
WAY TO GO, Susan, very entertaining.
OKL, I like your second poem a lot. It reminds me of Johnny Cash's "A Boy Named Sue."
I hesitated a bit at SUABLE, but the perps fit.
Kazie, good to hear from you. You came to mind immediately with OPAL.
GOAT is common as GREATEST OF ALL TIME these days, but my first thought of goat is negative. Being the goat is being a patsy. Getting my goat, means making me angry. These are life long associations with the word.
Airplane armrest always brings to mind a trip beside a man with a long seat belt extender. He lifted the arm rest and oozed into half of my seat and blocked half of my tray table. Then he spread out the newspaper to read. Thankfully after we took off he found a seat in the middle row without anyone next to him. Phew!
BTW, Spitz, do you have a clue why my PA DUTCH Mom called a housefly a MICK?

Tinbeni said...

Hahtoolah: Outstanding, informative write-up & links.

I spent around 25 years working in the "Big Four" CPA arena.

Most of our practice was in Auditing, Consulting ... only about 15 percent of CPA's worked in the "Tax Department."

So I have always found the cluing for CPA's as ALL Tax Pro's a wee bit misleading.

A"Toast-to-ALL" at Sunset.

Yup, we are still celebrating here in CHAMPA


Vidwan827 said...

Thank you Mr. McDonald for an easy puzzle, and Hahtoolah for your review.

I knew who it was. by the cartoons, and it was a delight. Maybe your alter ego was that of a cartoonist or some sort of humorist. Even those which were 'repeats' were a pleasure to behold.

Re: Your Quote of the day ... while the power talked about, is the power of the People, personal power is quite different. IMVHO.
Personal power is relinquished, with great reluctance, only when there is no other option.
Reminds me of a quote by Abba Eban, ' Men and Nations behave wisely, only when they have exhausted all other resources and possibilities.'

Oak trees were used extensively, in England, to build warships. One warship used 400 to 500 trees, and pretty soon the forests were totally denuded, and the british were forced to import oak wood from the continent.

Is the mug (pun) picture that of Van Gogh ? and was the ear purposely broken ? Cute.

Morels sell for $ 46.00 per lb., in my neck of the woods. A lot more than frozen Alaskan King Crab. Probably because. unlike Enoki, Button or Moonlight, Shitake or Oyster mushrooms, Morels are difficult to cultivate. Like truffles.

have a nice day, all.

Husker Gary said...

-Michael and Susan warmed me up on this -15F day
-MEMORY LANE – Joann’s mom has Alzheimer’s and we were told to not ask anything like “Do you remember…?”
-Messed up editing in iPhoto? One click and it is RESTORED.
-URL – We all seemed to have adjusted to all lower case letters and no spacing
-Every Mahomes ATTEMPT seemed to have multiple Buccaneers in his face
-On Diners, Drive Ins and Dives, the the premeasured PREP work is neatly arranged
-EDIT OUT – This can save you if you write an email in anger but wait for an hour to hit send
-Grandma OPAL was the overnight operator that used all these WIRES with plugs

Lucina said...


What a nice sashay down the LANE, PATH, ROAD and TRAIL. Thank you, Michael A. MacDonald.

And thank you, Susan, for the entertaining cartoons! I also enjoyed listening to Ray Charles while reading your Blog.

Diner sticker, TINE, was fun. Also LINE crossing LANE.

My tax documents are now in the hands of the CPA.

In English Lit, The FAERIE QUEEN is at the top of the curriculum and Edmund Spenser invades the dreams of all students.

Ah, MEMORY LANE revives those MOREL comments from years ago. How is Dennis I wonder?

I'm sending you some virtual sunshine, everyone! Please enjoy.

Lucina said...

Susan, I recognize those PREP bowls from the Pioneer Woman collection of which I own several pieces.

Hahtoolah said...

Those are my PREP bowls. I find them so useful.

ATLGranny said...

It's come to this on a Tuesday! FIW! Bad spelling strikes again. (Maybe more coffee needed like AnonT!) LEaSEE, not helped by the unknown perp: EPOa after I gave up on EPic. Some other WOs, thanks to being a visual minded person. Also started out thinking REsolED before seeing it didn't fit (Hi, M Defarge)and cApeS came to mind first (Hi, inanehiker). Did see the theme quickly which helped with later themers. Thanks Michael. Look forward to more from you. And many many thanks to you, Hahtoolah! Your cheery reviews are always a bonus.

The German and Dutch word connections are always welcome learning moments, Spitzboov. And OwenKL's offerings are grand-scale poetry these days. Madame Defarge, you reminded me of smelling the Haribo factory's output when we lived nearby in Bonn, Germany. Gummy bears, yum! Hope you all have a yummy day.

Wilbur Charles said...

"I think Wayne "the Great One" Gretzky would be considered the GOAT of hockey." The sound you hear is the rendering of my tunic. Bruins ownership in concert with Orr's agent conspired to underpay ORR while at the same time wearing him down with excessive ice time.

Perhaps OREOs could be replaced by Sausalitos. Pepperidge Farm (I'm waiting on a BOGO)

This one was Monday easy unlike Monday. Needed a few perps.

So MOREL is a wink wink word, eh?


Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

This was an easy, breezy Tuesday with an obvious theme but a surprise revealer. I, too, wanted Capes before Masks, but Mama Bear said otherwise. CSOs to Leo III (Leo), CC (Olio), and Kazie (Opal). We had some fun duos with Road/Rode, Oer/Eer, and All/Ally. No unknowns, no w/os, no problems. As was mentioned, Suable is legit, but it sounds and looks very odd.

Thanks, Michael, for a Tuesday treat and thanks, Hahtoolah, for the outstanding summary, links, and visuals. I especially enjoyed the aria from Carmen and my favorite cartoon was the canine half-bathroom. Actually, they were all chuckle-producing. Thanks for your Herculean efforts in searching for the perfect one to fit the clue!

Yesterday, by this time, I had received 3 scam calls; by day’s end, the total was 7. So far today, only 3, but the day is young.

I watched the latest episode of All Creatures Great and Small last night which was a brilliant portrayal of human behavior at its best and its worst. If only our real world had more James Herriots! What a wonderful series this is.

It’s snowing again; it seems like we get 2-4” every few days. More snow predicted for Friday. Oh well, it’s February in the Great Northeast.

Have a great day.

D4E4H said...

Good morning Cornerites.

Thank you C.C. and CrossEyedDave.
Carol can hear you now.

Thank you Michael A. MacDonald for your enjoyable Tuesday CW.  I FIR in 20:39 min.

Thank you Hahtoolah for your excellent review.

:) :) :) :) Ðavið

Lucina said...

Wilbur Charles:
If you want and have time go back to the early days of the Blog and research MOREL. You will find many winkable comments.

Spitzboov said...

Yellowrocks - Never heard "Mick" but, I LIU'd. German is Fliege, and Schleswig L. German is Fleeg. But, in Ost Friesland they also say
for 'die Fliege' - - de Mügg, auch: Mügge, Pl.: de Müggen. The umlauted Mügg is not a great leap from Mick. Hope this helps.

NaomiZ said...

I misspelled FAiRIE and didn't even check the perp at 59 Across, so FIW on a Tuesday! Oops! Still, I got to enjoy Hahtoolah's comments and cartoons, and can put my hand up for having read the EPOS cited, The Iliad and The Odyssey. Loved the Van Gogh mug shot. Thanks as always to our constructor and community. Ciao for now!

CrossEyedDave said...

To quote Dr. Emmet Brown,
"Roads? We don't need roads..."
my dream of transportation in the future...

Or, if you prefer,
You can travel like Igor, (or is it "I"gor...)
and travel incognito...

Misty said...

Delightful Tuesday puzzle--many thanks, Michael. And Hahtoolah, your pictures are just amazing, so funny and clever, a total treat. Many, many thanks for that too.

I loved watching those route words fill in, LANE, PATH, ROAD, TRAIL, and then the funny reveal of WAY TO GO--just a total pleasure. Not a lot of names, but at least we got ADONIS. Like Irish Miss, I too had CAPE before MASKS (loved Hahtoolah's cartoon). LEO, ARIA, and OREO come up a lot in puzzles--must be all those vowels.

Owen, delightful poems, many thanks.

Have a great day, everybody.

CrossEyedDave said...


My way to go seems to be down the rabbit hole...

don't be out without an owl...

oc4beach said...

A nice Tuesday puzzle from Michael and an outstanding tour with neat graphics by Hahtoolah.

The bears are all 4 letter words, so had to wait for down clues to fill in MAMA. Coulda been PAPA or BABY.

I had POL before SEN popped up.

DW does our taxes. I review and sign (more just sign than review). She was a Financial Manager for NASA who has a degree in accounting and finance (not a CPA) and handled budgeting and disbursements for many projects including the Hubble Space Telescope. Friends said I should be nervous, because she was used to rounding her numbers to the nearest Million $. The checkbook always balances.

I too liked the canine half bath. A slightly different take on it would be a fire hydrant vs the tree. A full bath would probably have a mud puddle in it.

Be safe everyone and please wear your masks.

CanadianEh! said...

Terrific Tuesday. Thanks for the fun, Michael and Hahtoolah (I LOLed at that 43A DRIP cartoon which made me think of my first entry for 3D yesterday.)
I FIRed in good time and found all the WAYs TO GO, but there were a few inkblots. I had the TR in 62A and entered sTReet, while patting myself on the back that I had found the last themer. That error gave me Ern instead of AUK and Reel (thinking of fishing line). The R in FAERIE made me reconsider that whole area and then the PAPER TRAIL appeared.

Hand up for wanting RESOLED before REHEELED fit the spot. Another hand up for wanting Capes before MASKS. Third hand up for waiting for perps to decide between Papa, MAMA or Baby Bear.
Speaking of animals, we had UNYOKED bovines, and the BAAS and OINKS of ovines and porcines (SIC).

SUABLE was a nose-wrinkle, but just a MINOR nit. I see it is legit (but perhaps "gluey").
I learned OGEES in my early CW-solving days. I haven't seen it for a while.
We had an INN today instead of a B and B.
Favourite today was "Diner sticker"=FORK.

Wishing you all a great day.

AnonymousPVX said...

A nice Tuesday go with no issues. much easier would the NFL Super Bowl logo be to read/interpret (correctly) if the had made the L and the V in Gold? Heck, I watch every year and this year it was a “....that looks like a 54 but that was last year” moment every time.

Stay safe.

SwampCat said...

'Tuesday treat with just enough crunch. Thanks Michael.

And thanks Hahtoolah for all the visuals! I loved the spreading oak. With not much to do because of the virus, I’ve been spending time in City Park with all the beautiful trees. And now we have Floats in the Oaks! New Orleanians are so resilient. Cancel Mardi Gras will they?? HA! If we can’t have parades, we‘ll just move the floats to City Park and drive by to see them. A parade of cars to see the floats.

And to keep busy the people who work on the floats but are out of jobs this year, owners of big houses have been hiring the float makers to decorate their houses. Houses all over town are made up to look like floats! It’s almost more fun this way

With all the hoopla over Mardi Gras this year, I thought of MASKS for Batman and Robin first. Maybe an unfair advantage!

Owen, both A+ !

Anonymous T said...

PVX - Brilliant! That's why you get paid the big Lira.

CED - I saw what you linked just haven't had time to watch yet. I can't wait!

Cheers, -T

Ol' Man Keith said...

Funny Van Gogh mug photo, Hahtoolah! Thanks for sharing that.
And thanks for all you do.

A cool Tuesday PZL from Mr. Macdonald, with but one kvetch:
SUABLE may be legitimate, but that still doesn't keep it from marring an otherwise strong opus.
When everything else is so solid, I wish the constructor would keep firmly in the middle lane, and not stick out by flirting with the odd and unstable.
One diagonal on the near side.
Using 13 of the 15 letters, the anagram tells of a repeatable & repeated internet gag, a...
We can go with 14 of the letters for a reference to the slower & dimmer of two falling stars.
I just know you've been waiting for this one, the ...

Chairman Moe said...

Puzzling thoughts:

FIR with zero write overs

Pretty straightforward and easy puzzle to suss.

Hahtoolah -> enjoyed your pics; ditto what IM said about the “1/2 bath one”

RAY-O -> excellent! One of Tommy’s 4 demands for SEAMY was one of your best


When the matador
Got swindled by el toro,
Could he SUABLE?

Boston hockey star
Endorsed a layered cookie.
They're called: ORR-EO’s


Castle Guards of the
Wicked Witch like hockey. Why
They chant: “ORR-EO”

Lucina said...

I forgot to say how much the 1/2 bath made me laugh! Thanks again, Hahtoolah.

Anonymous said...

The Super Bowl half time featured someone called The Weekend who droned on for 18 minutes singing the some techno song over and over while his backup dancers wore MASKS that resembled men’s athletic underwear.

Anonymous T said...

Bound to over-post today (I got up too early!) say...

{A, A+; #2 made me think of Roger Miller}

CED - Just watch'd 'em. LOL! Nobody on BBC funnier.

@4:14p - I heard about that jockstrap thing and... what were they thinking?

Moe - How about ORR-Le!-O [ole?]
//ok, that's lame but not as much as DR's meteorites :-)

Swamp - somewhere around here I have pics of the girls and their 'cousins' (DW's BFF [she, BFF, also went to Tulane JJM] had girls the same time we did) in City Park on the grand old OAKs.
I Love what Nawlins' be doin' sans official Mardi Gras with the float makers -- sounds wonderful. Laissez les bons temps rouler pandemic be dammed!

Over-post later! :-)
Cheers, -T

Jayce said...

I liked this puzzle in spite of that SUABLE entry. Hand up for trying CAPES before MASKS and for having slogged through the Iliad.
I did a bit of a double take at seeing ARIL cross ARIA. My nose wrinkled just a little bit at OER and EER, too.
Had to change TRITE to MINOR.
Enjoyed your write-up, as always, Hahtoolah. And your poems, Owen. And your puns, Ray-O. And, well, all your comments, everyone.
Take care, all!

SwampCat said...

Anon T... love ya!!!!