Feb 22, 2021

Monday February 22, 2021 Fred Piscop

Theme: "Really!"

17A. "Really!": SURE ENOUGH.

60A. "Really!": FOR CERTAIN.

11D. "Really!": I KID YOU NOT.

28D. "Really!": BY ALL MEANS.

Boomer here.  

These answers kind of remind me of the host of  "America Says" John Michael Higgins. "I'm not kidding!"  Any one of the teams has a chance to win fifteen thousand dollars!  "By all Means !" "Really!"



1. Hand-dyeing method: BATIK.

6. Alaskan malamute team's burden: SLED.  That would be a huge sled.  We kids had sleds our size and rode down a hill in Minnesota.  Not sure if they have sleds in Texas but the could have probably used them last week.

10. __ Field: Mets' home: CITI.   I believe Citi Field replaced Shea Stadium in Flushing Meadows in 2008.  Both ballparks could seat over 55,000 patrons.

14. Lose strength: ABATE.  My bowling strength ABATED last week.

15. Attire for Caesar: TOGA.  A party for "Animal House"

16. Closely related: AKIN.  Shea is AKIN to Citi Field.

19. Pinball flub: TILT.  In the old days, my friends and I would play Pinball after bowling.  I was gentle and never tilted the game.  I had good money in the machine, three games for a quarter, and I wanted my money's worth.

20. Metal-shaping tool: STAMPER.  Sounds like the name of a rabbit in "Bambi"

21. Defame verbally: SLANDER.  With old age and health issues, I am too slender to SLANDER.

23. Fifth Avenue retailer: SAKS.  Minneapolis has three SAKS stores that I know about.  None are on Fifth Avenue.

25. Final word: SAY SO.

26. Even though: ALBEIT.

30. Low-cost and inferior: CHEAPO.  We have a CHEAPO record store in Minneapolis.  They buy and sell those vinyl things with a hole in the middle.

33. Early synthetic fiber: RAYON. Most of my stuff is real cloth.  RAYON is too thin for wear in the cold northland.

34. Pinch, as piecrust: CRIMP.

35. D.C.'s nation: USA. Today - Another paper that sometimes features a crossword from C.C.  Fred Piscop used to be the editor.

38. Kilt-wearing family: CLAN.  I don't remember the Beverly Hillbillies wearing kilts.

39. Hotel visitor: GUEST. We have not visited a hotel for over a year.  Cannot trust that crummy virus that's going around.

40. Soon, to a bard: ANON.

41. Rogue computer in "2001": HAL.

42. Uses a fireplace tool: POKES.  We have a fireplace in our basement.  I have not used it for many years.  Nasty to clean up the ashes.  I suppose the southern states homeowners wish they had one last week.  

43. Sci-fi robot: DROID.

44. Really rich: LOADED.  The San Diego Padres' Fernando Tatis will be loaded since he signed a 14- year contract for 340 million $$$.  I thought baseball teams were hurting for cash since a short season with no tickets sold last year.

46. With dexterity: DEFTLY.

47. Davis Jr. of the Rat Pack: SAMMY.  Performed at the Sands Hotel on the Las Vegas Strip.  It's gone now.  I think it was in the area of the now popular Fashion Show Mall.  I visited the Sands Hotel a long time ago, however I never saw the show. 

49. Pig's meal: SLOP.  Sometimes it's Boomer's meal.

51. Source of maple syrup: TREE SAP.  Argyle used to send us maple syrup.

54. One of 12 at the Last Supper: APOSTLE.  The season is upon us.  The last supper occurs on the Thursday before Easter.

59. Straight from the mouth: ORAL.  I was not able to deliver my humor to my retired Graybar friends this year at the Orleans in Las Vegas.  Wait 'til next year, I'll be back!

62. Subside: WANE.

63. Cleveland's lake: ERIE.  Trivia - Cleveland is one of the three largest cities in Ohio that start's with a "C".  Can you name the other two?

64. Carried in a bag: TOTED.

65. The "S" in CBS: Abbr.: SYST.

66. Gets hitched: WEDS.

67. Reaches across: SPANS.  We have a favorite dam that spans the Mississippi up here.  We have walked across it many times. The Mississippi width is a relatively short distance north of Minneapolis.

Boomer, 8/11/2020


1. Deep choir voice: BASS.  That was me in the Benilde High School Glee Club.

2. Share a boundary with: ABUT.

3. "Gone With the Wind" estate: TARA.

4. Checklist detail: ITEM.  I bring a list to the grocery store but sometimes they are out or don't stock what I want.

5. Represses, as emotions: KEEPS IN.

6. Storied baby-bringing bird: STORK.

7. Gehrig in Cooperstown: LOU.  Gehrig played in 2130 consecutive games for the Yankees.  The record seemed unbreakable until Cal Ripken came along and went for 2632.

8. Dairy case dozen: EGGS. 45. Brunch fare made with 8-Down: OMELET.  Three eggs with a little milk whipped in.  Load with ham and cheese and fry it slowly.  Yum!

9. Roald who created Willy Wonka: DAHL.

10. Bit of shuteye: CATNAP.  This happens to me sometimes as I am watching one of the stupid game shows on TV.

12. Scrabble pieces: TILES.  What four letter word yields the highest point score ?

13. Emcee's lead-in: INTRO.

18. In apple-pie order: NEAT.

22. "Hurry!" on a memo: ASAP.  I am not known to hurry any more.

24. Windbags' speeches: SCREEDS.

26. One of two in McDonald's "M": ARCH.  C.C. and I once drove through Des Plaines, Ill. and stopped by the original Ray Kroc McDonald's there.  It's a showplace of the original McDonald's golden arches that were famous in the 1950s.  If your hungry you can get a three course meal at a brick McDonald's down the street from the original.  I think it may cost more than 45 cents though.

27. In __ land: spaced-out: LA LA.  The Original McDonald's is part of a museum in San Bernardino. just east of La La Land.  

29. A billion years, in geology: EON.

31. Tire leak sound: HISS.  Usually the tire does not leak.  It's the stubborn valve stem.

32. 911 responder: Abbr.: EMT.  Having worked for Graybar Electric for more than a few years, I sold thousands of feet of EMT.  Electrical Metallic Tubing, aka EMT pipe.

34. Pickled veggie: CUKE.  We keep trying to grow these in our small garden.  No luck ... Maybe this spring.

36. Gardener's bagful: SOIL.  Useful for growing cukes.

37. Warhol of pop art: ANDY.

39. Thor or Zeus: GOD.

40. Comics bark: ARF.  I prefer RUFF - Dennis the Menace.

42. Forks over: PAYS.

43. Kicks out of the country: DEPORTS.

46. Dimwit: DOPE.

47. Stashes in a hold: STOWS.

48. Assortment: ARRAY.

50. Shoe strings: LACES.  Got them on my bowling and golf shoes.  Tennis shoes use Velcro.

52. Not very many: A FEW.

53. Skin opening: PORE.  Sure, and if you hold your breath your PORES will close and bees cannot sting you.

55. Word on an octagonal sign: STOP.  Trivia - They used to be yellow.  Now they are all red.  In Minnesota, sometimes they get covered with snow but you must still stop for an octagon.

56. Brit's goodbye: TA TA.  I guess Harry and Meghan mumbled this a few years ago.

57. Legal claim on property: LIEN.

58. Comes to a halt: ENDS.  Just while I was finishing up here, I received one of those fake calls from someone stating that we ordered some huge $$$$ from Amazon.  That's what I wish would end. 

61. Get __ of: dump: RID.  We pay to get rid of garbage every week. Recycle every other week.



Boomer said...

Good Morning everyone. Minnesota had extremely cold temperatures in February. I will not be surprised to see our Electric and natural gas bills for this month each approaching $100.00. Our morning Minneapolis Star Tribune Had a terrible article from Houston where a man and wife with a 5 month old son did their best to conserve electricity at home, and received a bill for over $2700.00 for the month. There were other reports of bills up to $17000.00. I filled up the Santa Fe on Saturday for $2.59 per gallon which is about 50 cents higher than normal based on the energy capital of the world's weather but we can handle that. With the Corona Virus still swirling around we don't drive too far and that tank full will probably last through Easter. So then I turned to page 4 and learned that an engine fell off a Boeing plane near Denver. The pilot got the plane landed and no one was hurt. Three cheers for that pilot.

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

Theme was obvious -- even d-o managed to snap to it. Anyone else think of Jack Paar at "I KID YOU NOT?" My only slowdown was 60a, trying figure out what was wrong with FORCE R TAIN. Thanx, Fred and Boomer.

SLED: The best ones of my ute were Flexible Flyers.

STOP: Why, oh why, did they change the STOP signs from yellow to red? They used to stand up bright and proud. Now they get lost in the shrubbery. At least the school buses are still yellow...

Lemonade714 said...

Fred is one of the most prolific constructors ever who has ramped up his publication since he relinquished the reins at USA Today to Erik Agard. His first puzzle was November 22, 1993 .

I did not know 24. Windbags' speeches: SCREEDS . Meaning "lengthy speech" is first recorded in 1789, from the notion of reading from a long list. I missed it.

Boomer, you always start my week with joy, thank you both.

inanehiker said...

4 theme entries - I'm sure there were many more options to consider when Fred was constructing the puzzle! Only write-overs, because they were the first in a section were NYLON turned into RAYON and RAKES became POKES and DOLT became DOPE!
Todays learning moment SCREED - I was thinking that was the small pebbles you slip on when walking on the slope of a mountain - but that is SCREE!

Thanks Boomer for the fun blog and Fred for the puzzle!

Anonymous said...

Columbus and Cincinnati

Wilbur Charles said...

FLN, Leo, that DEADHEAD was the first thing that came to mind.

Boomer, I'll bet you tested
just how far
you could jar (without TILTing)

My son at three had nightmares after seeing Bambi. I would rate it somewhere between PG and X. Disney was some sick puppy.

Had ABeT/ABUT and thought Rogue was a magazine. All got cleared up.

I'll bet the Redsox wished they'd done a deal like that for Mookie. Bought a WS with FE pitchers though.

I found a CHEAPIO Book "Elvis in Las Vegas" . Just finished"Rickey and Jackie". Talk about discrimination but Frank hadn't a racist bone in his body.

Eat your heart out, Graybar dudes, we got Boomer Humor every Monday

I dozed off while posting and next day "What happened?"

I have to stop and post. VA tel-call appt at 930


Hungry Mother said...

FIR with no resistance. A nice start to the week. I bought a BATIK shirt in Bali for my brother.

ATLGranny said...

SURE ENOUGH a happy Monday FIR on Fred's excellent puzzle today. I KID YOU NOT it was a smooth fill with an accessible theme and only a few WOs, like inanehiker: raKES before POKES, DOlt before DOPE. I waited just long enough to see it would be RAYON, not nylon, so no WO there. Thanks, Fred for the fun, and thank you, Boomer, for an excellent start to the week.

Besides doing the puzzle early this morning, I was able to schedule my first doctor appointment with the orthopedic surgeon so the process to recovery begins. (Inanehiker, it wasn't the SCREE I slipped on Saturday coming down Stone Mountain, but the ice gluing the pebbles together!) Hope you all have a good day; stay warm and safe.

Vidwan827 said...

Thank you Mr. Piscop for an easy Monday puzzle. Really enjoyed it. Wow, an editor making puzzles ... how topnotch can you get....

Thank you Boomer, as always. From reading between the lines you must be a popular bonhomie speaker, a self deprecating good humor, comic, who bowls them over ! You must have been a terrific salesman at Greybar.
As they say, in sales, 'You sell the sizzle, not the steak !'.

Two cities in Ohio, which start with a 'C' ...
Canton, Cairo, Calcutta (yes), Ceylon, Cambridge .... Cadiz, Camden, and Campbell ...

There is also a city named Malabar ( Farms -) after the west coast of India. It was started by a famous author, Louis Bromfield, screenwriter who made a fortune in a movie of his book, 'The rains came'.

Lauren Bacall married Bogart, there, and had her honeymoon at the place. (one of them, anyway -).

We used to have some SAKS stores, in a certain part of downtown Cleveland, in the 70's.
( I think - ). But they spelled it differently ....

Rayon is not a purely synthetic fibre or fiber, it is regenerated cellulose, made from wood chips.

Four letter Highest point word in SCRABBLE ? Styx ? just kidding, probably starts with a Q.

Have a nice day, all.

Lucina said...


Quick and easy Monday puzzle! Thank you, Fred and Boomer. No more time to comment. I am scheduled for my first vaccine today. Later.

Have a great day, everyone!

Tinbeni said...

Boomer: Nice write-up & links.

37-d was my fave today since is my first name.

Lucina, good luck on your first vaccine shot ... I'm still trying to get an appointment.


Spitzboov said...

Good morning everyone.

Really! Really! fine puzzle today. Thanks, Fred. No problems with the solve; FIR. Did have 'dolt' before DOPE, though.
ARF - Once had a physics professor who wrote on a blackboard while speaking; the chalk in his right hand and the eraser in his left. (You had to take notes quickly.). Many of his symbols were 'alpha' with a subscript. [Alpha Symbol (α)]. Except English was not his native language, so we heard a lot of: "arfa one, arfa two" and so on.
STORK - My aunt in Bergenhusen, Ger. had a huge STORK's nest on her roof. My cousin termed it a 'wagon LOAD'.
Carried in a bag : TOTED. - - Bag in German is Tüte; L. Ger. Tüüt. The words seem to be AKIN.

Thanks Boomer for another breezy INTRO. Makes all this worthwhile.

John E said...

I agree with CW that we're 52 (actually more) times luckier than Graybar at having Boomer here to enlighten and entertain us.

Husker Gary said...

-Bogart also said I KID YOU NOT frequently in The Caine Mutiny. Here it is at the end of this speech
-A plumb bob used as a TILT mechanism
-HAL – Talk about a lack of (can’t repress what you don’t have) emotions!
-MLB over the years has proven that making everyday players LOADED doesn’t win anything. Ya gotta have pitchers!
-DEFTLY – Sleight of hand experts amaze me!
-It was fun to see that Ocean’s 11 cast picture
-Before Google, how long would it have taken to find those three Ohio cities and that 4-letter scrabble word?
-Grocery ITEM – Joann either sends a picture along with me or awaits my Facetime call
-CUKE vines and leaves make our bountiful harvesting prickly

Ruberap said...

Easy, breezy one today. Do constructors get insulted if you say the puzzle was very easy? Well, I got done in about 14 minutes. That may be the fastest I have ever done an LA Times puzzle. I prefer to struggle a little and, maybe, get done in 30-40 minutes. Its fun having to think a little harder and needing a few letters before getting the answer.

CanadianEh! said...

Marvelous Monday. Thanks for the fun, Fred and Boomer.
I whizzed through this CW early this morning, but went outside to shovel the 3 inches of snow that we got overnight. Light and fluffy, and not too heavy to lift, which is a good thing because our snowbanks are getting high! Great if you are a kid with a SLED.

Hand up for Nylon before RAYON. I smiled to see CRIMP following it; how many of you remember Crimplene from the '60s. It never needed ironing!

I haven't heard ALBEIT lately (and I fought the single L).
SCREEDS was totally unknown (but thankfully perped).
I noted ABATE and WANE.
We are eating bread and butter, and dill pickles made from the CUKEs from our garden.

Are those CLAN members AKIN? They might need yesterday's DNA test to prove it. (I won't ask what they are wearing under those kilts!)

"Final word" was SAY SO, not Amen or Obit. Appropriately the actual final word today was ENDS (just after STOP). LOL!

The ice cover on Lake ERIE has increased tremendously (over 90% now) in the last few weeks with the cold weather. But a rescue was required yesterday when "seven adults and three children became stranded on the ice floes, which had drifted nearly a mile off shore from Edgewater Park in Cleveland".

I was trying to think which "one of the 12" had a seven letter name, but APOSTLE perped. Good thing or I might have wanted Disciple (too long) or Matthew.

This Canadian was not entirely happy with TREE SAP for "Source of maple syrup". Of course it has to be Maple SAP, but maple was in the clue. I have had Birch syrup, and apparently you can tap elders, elms, walnuts and other trees. But nothing beats Maple syrup IMHO.

Boomer, I LIUed (yes HG, gotta love Google) and apparently QUIZ is "the four letter word which yields the highest point score" in Scrabble (22 points). A lady from Chatham, Ontario, scored 365 points for the word 'quizzers' earlier this month. See link for more info on how she arranged those TILES!

ATLGranny - sorry to hear about your accident. Hope you can get your surgery soon and be on the mend.
TATA for now.

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

This was a perfect Monday puzzle: Simple, but a well executed and obvious theme; straightforward, yet thought-provoking cluing; no glue or crosswordese, at least to my mind; last, but not least, a pleasant and satisfying solve. This was a newbie’s delight, IMO. That said, this veteran solver went astray at Scot/Clan. In my defense, it was an error caused by a case of DOitis (not reading the clue thoroughly) and still thinking of the farewell to my favorite Scot, James Herriot. Last night’s episode of All Creatures Great and Small was the finale, at least for now. I appreciated the additional half hour and the open-ending may portend another season. Fingers crossed. Our daily duos include: Abate crossing Abut, Slop/Stop, Wane/Abate, Hal/Droid, Stop/Ends and my favorite, Arf/Hiss.

Thanks, Fred, for such a neat start to the week and thanks, Boomer, for the usual generous dose of wit, humor, and fun facts. I had two calls last week from “Amazon”, one stating that a charge of $349.00 had been made and the second call had the charge at $1499.00, two different callers. What bothers me the most is knowing that there are so many people who willingly lie, cheat, steal and otherwise make life difficult for innocent people, especially under today’s circumstances. It’s truly disgusting.

ALTGranny @ 8:33 ~ I am so sorry to hear of your fall and upcoming surgery. I wish you a speedy recovery. When I broke my ankle, I couldn’t get used to crutches, so I resorted to using a walker. Good luck!


Anon T, I hope your philodendron recovers. Yours, too, DO.

Have a great day.

unclefred said...

FIR in 15, good time (for me). Very nice CW, thanx, Fred!! I got the theme immediately. ALBEIT came slowly, otherwise flowed well once I re-read 1A and realized it did NOT say “Hand-DRYING method” and took TOWEL out (DOH!!) Thanx for the nice write-up, Boomer! Got my second jab today of the Pfizer vaccine. First dose was a 2 1/2 hour wait; this one I was outa there in 45 minutes! No side effects at all, thankfully. They had EMS standing by. I asked one of the volunteers if they ever had to use the EMS and was VERY surprised when she said “At least once every day!”

NaomiZ said...

CHEAPO RAYON feels rough.
Our GUEST won't mind it as a curtain.

Monday fun day in puzzlelandia!

Anonymous said...

Really, really fun puzzle and expo.
LA A Land reminds me. . . What ever happened to La La LINDA?
There are 45 Saks stores. The first one was in Baltimore, but SAKS FIFTH AVE. NYC is the flagship, quintessential one.
There are so many back to back commercials near the end of TV programs, that I become bored and nod off for a brief catnap, missing the ending after watching for an hour.
ATL Granny, sorry you had such a bad fall. I am wishing you a speedy and full recovery.
My sister used to live in Des Plaines and some of her kids worked at that McDonalds.
A think rayon is older than nylon. I agree that it is not actually a synthetic.
In all these years I think I have seen only one yellow stop sign. They are not common here.
It's snowing again.

Ray - O - Sunshine said...

Sorry about the deletes...spelling errors

Phast and phun but sho''nuff a more than usual challenge for a day-of-the-Moon puzzle My sports-challenged knowledge is showing thinking Shea stadium is still the Mets venue. Some inko'ers but FIR. DO wasn't sure if the quote was Jack's or Johnny's

My first college summer job 1968 (age 18)..was at a RAYON mill, Beaunit Fibers, the last of a once burgeoning textile industry in Utica. I mixed dye by hand in the AM in huge vats with pitchers of color, (not ewers) the PM traveled through the city-sized factory collecting paper graphs to analyze for quality contol.

Lake ERIE shows up more frequently in CWs than in maps. 🌊

CHEAPO and SAKS in the same puzzle..😒

Who wants to play tag?_____ !!.. ALBEIT
Bulldozed McDonald's, fallen....ARCH.
How hearing impared enter a room....DEFTLY
Immigrants were once welcomed at....DEPORTS

Seems power wise the the line star state opted for a hard BREXIT from the AU. Hope this disaster ends soon for everyone.

Nice picture...Dam Boomer! What the HAL! 😲

Wendybird said...

Irish Miss, there will defintely be a second season of All Creatures...there was an announcement. Yay!

FLN Misty, how nice to know you were at U of M teaching. I am 4th generation there and go back every summer to see friends and family. I broke family tradition and went to Duke instead, but I still pull for Michigan during football season.

Yes, we’re pretty darned lucky to live where we do.

Thanks for a fun Monday puzzle, Fred, and thankyou, as always, for an entertaining commentary, Boomer.

Misty said...

Like others, I too breezed through this delightful Monday puzzle--a great way to start the week. Many thanks for the treat, Fred, and, Boomer, your Monday comments are always a pleasure.

I always like seeing names in puzzles, like SAMMY and DAHL this morning. And then, even more fun, getting HAL and DROID. I was a little startled when DOPE crossed APOSTLE--those words surely shouldn't be intersecting, should they? And, of course, loved seeing ENDS at the END of the puzzle.

I feel as if I'm one of the last people who hasn't yet managed to get the vaccine even though I'm 76. Thank goodness I still rarely leave the house during this lock-down. But hopefully I'll get it sometime in March.

Good luck with your surgery, Granny.

Have a great week coming up, everybody.

Anonymous said...

FIR in 4:57...not sure I could type any faster if I knew the answers beforehand. lol
Looks like everyone finished fast. Nice easy Monday.


Lucina said...

What a smooth operation by Banner Health! It was not quick because of the number of cars, but once in the line of "fire" it was fast with just a bit of recovery time. So far all is well and I have no after effects. Yea!! My next vaccine will be March 15th.

Time for a nap since I arose so early and yes, another set of All Creatures Great and Small will be aired next season!

CrossEyedDave said...

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Long, long tail = ago
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CrossEyedDave said...


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Old Okie said...

Another easy Monday puzzle, I can understand cheapo, my wife calls me that all of the time.
The weather here has changed dramatically, last week it was 4 below zero, today it will be 64, the saying goes, "If you don't like the weather in Oklahoma, wait a minute" well. it sure has changed. in two days we went from 8 inches of snow to none.

Irish Miss said...

NaomiZ @ 10:50 ~ Cute, Clever, and Comical! Thanks for the chuckle!

YR @ 11:10 ~ La La Linda stopped posting due to chronic health issues. I miss her, as well as Blue Iris who stopped for the same reason.

WendyBird @ 11:28 ~ Thank you for brightening my day! (I must have tuned out before the announcement.) Whoever did the casting for this series is a genius, especially choosing Nicholas Ralph for the James Herriot role. Amazingly, this is his film debut and what a debut it is! I find him mesmerizing!

oc4beach said...

Enjoyable puzzle from Fred. It took me a few clues before I got some traction and started filling in the squares. It ultimately took me 10 minutes and 9 seconds to get it done. I'm curious about how much Rich changes the puzzles of other current and former editors. At least it doesn't appear that Rich slipped in one of his words that get beaten to death other than ERIE. However Fred could have had ERIE from the gitgo.

Nice tour by Boomer today, as always.

I didn't know BATIK, although I should have and I had NYLON before RAYON. RAYON may not be a true synthetic, but it isn't found in nature as cotton or wool are. It still has to be processed chemically and mechanically to become RAYON.

We were supposed to get 1 - 3 inches of snow that was to become rain and be done by 1:00pm. It's still snowing with 4 inches on the ground and no apparent let-up after 2:00pm.

Have a great day everyone, and please wear your masks.

CrossEyedDave said...

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AnonymousPVX said...

Nice Monday puzzle solved without issues.

Looks like those vaccines are moving out of Texas, wonder when mine gets here.

Stay safe.

Brian said...

I FIR but I didn't understand the clue for NEAT. In-apple pie order?

Ray - O - Sunshine said...

When I lived in Italy in the 70s pinball was the rage in the bars. Called "flipper" (fleep'- air)..😏

Vidwan827 said...

Brian at 1:55 or 1355 .... NEAT as in Apple Pie order. Apple Pie order is meant as an expression for somebody who's Neat and Tidy.

Apple Pie Order Expression, Etymology, Origin - Culinary Lore

Click on the link above for more details.

Brian said...

Thanks, Vidwan827. I've never heard of that expression.

Vidwan827 said...

Thank you Canadian Eh! for linking the CBC story on the lady who got 365 points in an Online Scrabble app game.

The word was QUIZZERS and I first wondered how she got a Second 'Z' tile ... when there is only One Z tile in the entire Scrabble Board game ??? Then I looked at the interview again, and realized that she had a blank tile which allowed her to use an (assumed) second Z tile.

Aside from that anomaly, I was absolutely charmed at her modesty. her humility and her excitement ! She won no money, not much chance of fame, some fame perhaps, ALBEIT very temporary. But a true afficianado, who just takes pure delight at having achieved an once-in-a-lifetime event through a lot of luck and a lot of dedicated playing and persistent expertise !!!

In a world, which measures each person with the amount of money they make, or the power they wield or the position in life that they occupy, it is deeply satisfying that there still are people in our society who take well deserved pleasure in a job done well.
Thank you for the link, and this has made my day, today.

Ol' Man Keith said...

Thanks for a bright Monday morning Corner, Boomer!

A good Monday PZL from Mr. Piscop--easy, but not silly-easy.

On his old TV show, Jackie Gleason's Loudmouth character used to come across Art Carney's Timid Soul at the lunch counter--with a hearty slap on Art's back and the question, "What's that SLOP you're eating'?!"

Alger HISS was the former state department officer convicted of perjury when accused of being a Soviet spy. He had to endure several trials. The record was never conclusively established, although it looks as if he was possibly/probably innocent of the charge.
I always thought he must have had enough difficulty getting on through life--with that name.

Shouldn't "Alger HISS" be the name of a stage villain?
Bear with me. The two diagonals of today's XWD (one to each side) are not offering much in the way of anagrams, at least not individually. The near side has too many consonants, and the far side too many vowels.
if we may,
we can combine the two sides to reach a strange combo expression,
a civil penalty defining the frustration of a male consort after the debutantes' coming-out ball,
when the young gentleman is stopped in the act--and unable to even reach "first base" (or maybe "second base," depending on his ordering of events).
This condition is known as the VERBOTEN (forbidden)...

Anonymous T said...

Hi All!

Thanks Fred for the Monday puzzle to ease us back into the work-work. Nice theme too.

Thanks Boomer for the humorous expo. There useta be a McD's in Springfield, IL with the same old-school design. I think they tore it down a few years ago.

ESPs: BATIK - From the clue, I was going for mindi (mehndi) but perps wouldn't cooperate.
Fav: CAT NAP - I need one

Brian - VidWan beat me to it but here's another cite: Apple Pie Order idiom.

IM - I too miss BlueIris & LALA; I hope they're doing well.
Speaking of Blue - where's BlueHen? We need dinner updates!

Misty - isn't DOPEy one of the seven APOSTLEs? Oh, wait... :-)

C, Eh! - Thanks for the Scrabble article. I once played XENON over a triple-word score and DW's BFF challenged me(!?!). It stood and we won the game (but how is it fair two English majors (DW & her BFF) playing against two engineers?). I didn't get as many points as the woman in the article but it was enough to put 'the boys' over the top -- once in a row :-)

All this talk of pinball makes me hungry for some The Who [2:57]

Cheers, -T

waseeley said...

Thank you Fred for an easy Monday puzzle. Who am I to complain about an FIR after my humiliating Sunday FIW, brought low by a single SNEVELAling NATICK, which I'm not even going the talk about. REALLY? I KID YOU NOT! And thanks to Boomer, our PINBALL WIZARD, for DEFTLY BOWLing us over with his review. What a DAHL!

BTW, just woke from a CATNAP (my morning person strategy for staying in sync with Dw, a night person). This is my early evening excuse for not making any sense and I'm sticking to it.

1A Loved this clue, as my SIL (the ORIOLE FANatic who lives next door) is a BATIK artist. Her works are not simply clothing designs, but highly detailed, painterly art works done on cloth with wax and dyes as her media and a Tjanting as her brush. One of these days, when I figure out how to add PICS to comments, I'll upload some examples her work.

6A Ditto of PICS my son now sends me daily of my grand kids SLEDDING. They love the snow. Granddad not so much.

54A I'm sure it's just a coincidence, but today the Church celebrates the "Feast of the Chair of St. Peter, APOSTLE".

34D Boomer et al, please excuse this SCREED. I'm surprised that you can grow CUKEs in Minnesota. They love the intense heat of Summer and lots of water. They're very finicky and some years we put up dozens of jars of pickles and other years we barely get enough for fresh salads. They grow best on trellises and must be protected from the dreaded SQUASH VINE BORER, which burrows under the soil and tunnels up through the vines causing them to wilt and die. Each year I try an increasingly elaborate new RUBE GOLDBERG for defeating them. I'll report my results for this season later this Summer.


oc4beach said...

When I was is school, DW and I would spend hours on our dates in the HUB Student Union building in the pinball room. They had about 30 different machines that cost 5¢ a game. The machines also had 5 balls vs. the 3 that most have now. They were pretty cheap dates, because she was a really good player.

When we bought our third house that had room in the basement, we bought a number of older pinball machines to enjoy. We're down to one now, Buck Rogers, that still works a little. We don't use it much anymore because it has been overtaken by boxes of STUFF piled on it and under it.

Jayce said...

I enjoyed this puzzle today, and yesterday's as well.

Anonymous T said...

OC4 - Dude! You know how to use a multi-meter and find the smokeless circuit [for the peanut gallery: electronics work on smoke; let it out and it no workie no more. I know, it's technical and all that...].

Fix those old pinball machines or send them to me (I'll pay postage) :-)

Cheers, -T

Wilbur Charles said...

There used to be a distinction between yellow and red Stop Signs. On the "Yellow" up to three cars could pass on the same Stop. Then came the four way stop.

I didn't recognize SCREED but lemony's explanation recalled it.

I got into Captain Queeg and his histrionics. And -T's Who-Tommy link.

I mentioned Scrabble and my surprise at the strategy VIS A VIS Vocabulary.


CanadianEh! said...

Vidwan-- glad that you enjoyed the Scrabble link. Yes, I agree that the lady was great . . . and modest (in good Canadian fashion).

AnonT- I am LOLing at the thought of two engineers playing Scrabble against two English majors. DH is an engineer so I understand their uniqueness😁

waseeley- I can grow CUKES in Canada😁. I only plant one because some summers I can get more than 100 off one plant. Some for us, some for the neighbours, some for pickles. But if the weather gets too humid, the plant can get milDEWED (oh that was yesterday) and die off quickly.