Feb 21, 2021

Sunday, Februry 21, 2021 Pam Amick Klawitter

Theme: "Seeing (See ING) Progress" -  ING orderly progresses from left to right in the grid.


29. Arrives like a brainstorm: SPRINGS TO MIND.

51. Start of a hopeful chant: RAIN RAIN GO AWAY.

69. Absolutely zero: NOT A SINGLE ONE.

88. Ignore mistakes, say: LET THINGS SLIDE.

105. Disney theme park: ANIMAL KINGDOM.

119. Family film feature: HAPPY ENDING.

It would be perfect in all ING span across multi-words, but sometimes it's impossible, esp given the orderly progression constraints. Love the HAPPY ENDING as last themer.


1. Playground game with hoops: HORSE.

6. Blobby sci-fi villain: JABBA. Jabba the Hutt.

11. Biker's protective wear: LEATHERS.

19. In the know: AWARE.

20. Fitness motto starter: USE IT.

21. Removes faded flowers from: DEADHEADS. Unfamiliar with this use. Only know the Grateful Dead connections.

24. Brand with a Jumpman logo: AIR JORDAN.

25. Regret: RUE.

26. School near Windsor: ETON.

27. Stiles of "Whose Line Is It Anyway?": RYAN.

28. "Friends" friend: ROSS. Nerdy.

34. A, to Beethoven: EINE.

36. Fair: SO SO. Quite a few SO's today: 6. "Precisely like this": JUST SO. 77. "Ciao": SO LONG. And a little bit of 87. Juice with a lizard logo: SOBE. Abbreviation of South Beach.

37. Formal talk: ADDRESS.

39. Deer sir: STAG.

43. Droid from Naboo, familiarly: ARTOO. Detoo.

46. Volume unit: SONE.

48. Go inside: ENTER.

50. Long, long tail?: AGO. Nice clue.

55. Tower engineer: EIFFEL.

57. Simone's state: ETAT. Is this a typical French name or does it just refer to Simone de Beauvoir?

58. Dagger of yore: SNEE.

59. Mosque official: IMAM.

61. Bound to be: FATED.

62. "I, Claudius" role: NERO.

63. Collapsed: CAVED IN.

66. Like some fried food: OILY. I love fried food, esp those yau gok during Spring Festival. These haves peanuts and coconut flakes inside.

 68. Letters on a bathroom tube: ADA.

72. Dealer-busting org.: DEA.

75. Meter starter: ALTI.

76. Compared with: VIS-A-VIS. Nice to see its full form.

77. Places where quiet is often demanded: SETS.

78. Cut of the loot: SHARE.

81. River past Logroño: EBRO. A la Wiki: Logroño is the capital of the province of La Rioja and situated in northern Spain. Traversed in its northern part by the Ebro River, Logroño has historically been a place of passage – such as the Camino de Santiago.

84. It's raised at a circus: TENT.

85. Obligation: ONUS.

86. Many surfers: AOLERS. Our editor is one.

92. Letters on a GI's letters: APO.

93. Absorb, as a spill: SOP UP.

95. Twitter rampage: RANT. Look at these pictures. Hope D-Otto's Phil the Philodendron survive.

96. Hale-Bopp, for one: COMET.

97. Alphabetically first V8 ingredient: BEET. Nice clue angle.

99. Yawning cause: BOREDOM.

101. Place to make a rial deal: OMAN. Rial deal. Cute.

103. Some tributes: ODES.

111. Part of many a plot: ACRE.

113. Bristol bye-bye: TA TA.

115. Bit of politeness from a hat-tipper: MAAM. Boomer always tips his hat.

116. That guy, to Guy: LUI.

117. Subject of many a watch: BLUE WHALE. Heaviest animal on earth.

123. Enthusiastic to a fault: OVER-EAGER. Hahtoolah would have linked something funnier to 124 you guys.

124. Elicit a chuckle: AMUSE.

125. A detective may act on one: HUNCH. Re-booting the PC did not help with my right click problem last Thursday. I figured it was a Google glitch as it did not affect any other sites I visit. The problem went away on Friday morning.

126. Spoofs: PARODIES.

127. Minibike kin: MOPED.

128. __ music: SHEET.


1. Clues for DNA analysis: HAIRS.

2. Accept the blame: OWN UP.

3. Wild party: RAGER.

4. "No seats" sign: SRO.

5. Job listing abbr.: EEO. Equal Employment Opportunity.

7. "Take __ at it": A SHOT.

8. Bingo cousin: BEANO.

9. Marcel Marceau clown persona: BIP. Learned from doing crosswords.

10. Snacked: ATE.

11. Princess with cinnamon-bun locks: LEIA.

12. Not kidding: EARNEST.

13. Asleep in Eng. class?: ADJ. Oh, asleep is an adjective.

14. Cause of sticker shock at the florist?: THORN. Another great clue.

15. They may be unsung: HEROES.

16. "CSI" actor George: EADS.

17. Old food label figs.: RDAS.

18. I-9 ID: SSN.

21. Thoughts of the beach while in class, e.g.: DAYDREAM.

23. MIT offerings: DEGS. Degrees.

27. Boxing div.: RND. Rounds.

30. Suspects: IS ONTO.

31. Jordanian queen dowager: NOOR. Queen Noor. So elegant.

32. José's hand: MANO.

33. A light bulb may symbolize one: IDEA.

35. "It's clear now": I SEE.

38. Multi-lingual Irish singer: ENYA.

40. First golfing U.S. president: TAFT. Oh good to know.

41. Pulitzer-winning author James: AGEE.

42. __ standard: GOLD.

43. Bowl, say: ARENA.

44. Was highly regarded: RATED.

45. Formal wear item: TIARA.

46. 1983 Indy 500 champ Tom: SNEVA.

47. Fancy moldings: OGEES.

49. Throw very hard: RIFLE.

52. Berkshire racecourse: ASCOT.

53. Deadlocked: IN A TIE.

54. Alleged creation of Buffalo's Anchor Bar: WINGS. Never had Buffalo wings.

56. Wray of "King Kong": FAY.

60. Herd mentality output?: MOOING.

64. Golfer's gouge: DIVOT.

65. Pasta restaurant closing?: INI.

67. RPI and NIH: INSTS. Institutes.

69. Cards, for short: NLERS. Cardinals/National Leaguers.

70. Tiberius' tongue: LATIN. 120. 70-Down trio opener: AMO.

71. Blessed __: EVENT.

72. Casual Friday fabric: DENIM.

73. Musical workout, at times: ETUDE.

74. Singer's perfect pitch, say: ASSET.

75. "... chips-down" link: ARE.

78. Swedish auto: SAAB.

79. Bit of optimism: HOPE.

80. Lotion additive: ALOE.

82. Fuzzy memory: BLUR.

83. One taking a class over: REPEATER.

89. Picard's counselor: TROI. Here is our Picard's counselor.

90. Jon of "Mad Men": HAMM.

91. Checkout action: SCAN.

94. Stamps: POSTAGE.

98. Figure with a cape: TORERO.

100. __ kit: item: DNA.

101. Signed off on: OKAYED.

102. Speechless player: MIME.

104. Like morning fields: DEWED.

106. Stimulate: AMP UP.

107. Memory miscue: LAPSE.

108. Pass-rushing group, briefly: D LINE. OK, Defensive Line.

109. Prevention amount: OUNCE.

110. Strength: MIGHT.

111. Inventing middle name: ALVA.  Thomas Alva Edison.

112. Card holder, maybe: CUER.

114. Pub mugfuls: ALES.

117. Jazzy genre: BOP.

118. Yokohama yes: HAI. Same in Cantonese.

119. Omelet filler: HAM.

121. Bright students' org.: NHS. National Honor Society.

122. "How obvious": DUH.



OwenKL said...

DNF. Had to call on red letters, and even then gave up on the natick at sNEVA + sONE. And the NE. Ouch. I misread the clue at 24a as "band" instead of "brand", so started out with AEROSMITH. It meshed with ROSES < THORNS. Even after I changed it to AIR_, I still thought I was looking for a band, and came up blank.
The I-9 ID I thought was one of those tollway cards I've heard about.
DEADHEADS and ADJ I didn't understand. EADS was totally unknown.
And LEgstrap < LEgguaRd < LEATHERS. HEROES went in, then back out.

USE IT or lose it, the saying goes
To stay IN GOOD SHAPE, be on your toes.
Else a BLUE WHALE pup
Or JABBA the Hutt
Will be among those that you call bros!

An IDEA is something that SPRINGS TO MIND.
Especially if you're the inventive kind!
Like Nicoli Tesla
You may be the best-a,
But Thomas ALVA robbed him blind!

{B+, B.}

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

Ahh, a day that begins above freezing. Gotta love it.

Only needed my Wite-Out twice this morning: Stab/SHOT, Iran/OMAN. Logroño seems pretty obscure. On the other hand, 4-letter Spanish river = EBRO, right? Peered at DLINE, trying to figure out what was wrong. Thanx for 'splainin', C.C. ("Simone" is just a typical French name.) Thanx for the outing, Pam.

DENIM: Not just for casual Friday's anymore. It's the uniform-of-the-day chez d-o. Makes wardrobe selection really easy.

Phil: The philodendron once reached above the eaves and totally covered the three long windows in our bedroom. Several years ago he froze, and recovered, but not to his original size. After this past week, he's just a sorry pile of wilted fronds. Advice in these parts is to wait at least a couple of weeks before cutting anything back. Maybe Phil will revive from his ashes like the Phoenix. I'm doubtful.

Lemonade714 said...

A very fast Sunday solve as we progress to the end of the month. The theme was fun, not as elegant as most of PAK's numerous Sunday offerings with the ING at the beginning, then 8 from the end, 9,4,4,5,3, and at the end. Just sayin.'

Lots of Star Wars references - JABBA , LEIA , and ARTOO ; then "I, Claudius" role: NERO , Tiberius' tongue: LATIN , 70-Down trio opener: AMO ...anyway 21 x 21 needs many, many words to fill.

Like D-O, I didn't know the Spanish city but...

Two questions please, C.C.- 1) What is the Mandarin word for yes?; and, 2) why have you never tried a chicken wing as prepared in America?

Thank you to one of my favorite Sunday pairings.

Big Easy said...

The INGs were obvious but I didn't See ING Progress. I had to grind away to FIR today. The NE had me stumped until the end. I had filled I MEAN IT & NOTE (for Bethoven's A) until EARNEST & EINE worked their way onto the paper. I'd never heard of DEADHEADS in that connotation, only the political deadheads that my dad complained about in the highway dept. (where he worked). They drew big salaries and nice retirements while doing basically nothing. Or as C.C. stated Grateful DEADHEADS (they don't get the salary but they also usually lay around doing noting)

My knowledge TV shows, characters, and actors is very slim. RYAN, EADS, HAMM & TROI had to wait for perps. Ditto for BIP & LUI.
Memory LAPSE- all day every day. "Why did I walk in this room?" "Where are my keys?" "What's that GUY's name?" " I forgot which brand of something Diane told me to buy"

REPEATER- don't like your grade? Well now colleges have "Repeat & Delete" which erases your bad grade so your GPA won't look so bad. You still failed it. About as dumb as judges who expunge somebody's criminal record. Usually political contributors. They are still criminals.

Spitzboov said...

Good morning everyone.

Medium difficulty for a Sunday. Once I saw the ING use, I went in and prefilled all the other circles with ING. Favorite clue/fill was 13d - ADJ.
EBRO - We had this a couple weeks AGO. The longest river in Spain.
34a - A : EINE. Depending on case and gender of modified noun, could also be ein, eines, einem. einen, einer. (4 squares kinda narrowed it down.)
FAY - Learnt from watching MASH, where Hawkeye mentions FAY Wray
MIGHT - German Macht.
NOT A SINGLE ONE - - When our heifers would occasionally excape from their enclosure, my Dad would mutter: "Keen Swanz" (Not a single tail.)

SO LONG, TATA, Tschüüß

Anonymous said...

I saw that the circles all contained ING, but I did not have the title, so I didn't get the point until CC provided it. Now I like the theme.
I have deadheaded many flowers both indoors and outdoors, removing spent blooms. "Regular deadheading, however, channels the energy into the flowers, resulting in healthier plants and continual blooms."
David makes great Buffalo wings, very spicy. Restaurants and delis offer many different types of sauces. I usually get an assortment, an olio.
I think Ryan Stiles and Wayne Brady are so funny. Sometimes I watch Whose Line Is It Anyway.
Repeat/Delete was rampant in our elementary school starting 20 years ago. Even when the kids bragged they hadn't studied, we were forced to offer a retest or a project to erase the failure. Life does not always give you a Mulligan.
I had trouble with the S in SONE and SNEVA until I realized that volume referred to sound, not capacity. My last fill.

Husker Gary said...

-AOLERS crossing NLERS above CUER can be forgiven for such a wonderful puzzle! SINK ING feeling as a reveal never materialized
-DEAD HEADING roses and getting sticker shock (great clue!) is an ongoing summer chore for us
-SONE is foreign to this physics teacher and I see it is not an International Scientific unit
-Did SMEE carry a SNEE?
-Bathroom tube?
-OWN UP – A classroom rule of mine: Admit you did it, say you’re sorry, fix it. Then it’s over.
-A golfer’s gauge is PAR his gouge is a DIVOT
-My dad always said he was a fourth grade REPEATER so he could graduate with his younger brother
-Had the plane’s failed engine from yesterday’s United flight been OKAYED because someone LET IT (a defect) SLIDE? Maybe an OUNCE of prevention was called for

Husker Gary said...

Sad addendum
-Last night a deaf boy was IN A (scoreless) TIE match for a state wrestling championship. A referee penalized him a point in overtime but never made it clear to the deaf kid. The boy finished the 30 seconds of the match unaware that he was behind and was stunned when he found out he had lost 1- 0. His tears on the award stand were heartbreaking and there is much discussion about it today.

NaomiZ said...

The march of the INGs helped me to ... almost FIR! I considered SONE, but SNEVA seemed unlikely, so that S was never recorded. Pretty fair Sunday fare. Thanks, Pam, Rich, C.C., and all y'all!

staili said...

CC, thanks for clarifying why asleep=ADJ. I couldn't understand that one until after I read what you wrote.

Like others, I couldn't figure out the sONE/sNEVA crossing, since I had never heard of either.

This was a very "crosswordese-y" puzzle IMO. Lots of stuff like OGEES and EBRO, and a lot of abbreviations/prefixes.

Becky said...

I thought the theme should have been stepping up. That's seeing progress, right?


CrossEyedDave said...

I knew deadheading, as an adjective, from DW
Who is always telling me to cut off the dead flowers to
Make room for more.

I am more of the kind to respond
If you want to cut them off, go ahead,
And I didn't throw out the flowers in the vase
Because one of them is still good, and they don't smell bad yet...

CC, there must be hundreds of flavours of chicken wings beside Buffalo,
You must have tasted one of them...
did you know there was a trick to eating them?

And from Thumpers corner,
I just do not see how "ago" can be clued long, long tale?
I mean, it would take a long, long stretch to make this...
(Oh, never m8nd...]

OwenKL said...

Thank you CC for explaining ADJ, and Yellowrock for clarifying that DEADHEAD is a real word that matches the clue. I still don't understand LUI. Not sure I understand AGO, either.

"sone /sōn/
noun: a unit of subjective loudness, equal to 40 phons."

"Here is a helpful equation to convert sones to decibels:
dB = 33.2*log10(Sones) + 28 "

"4.0 sones is the sound of normal television, 1.0 sone is the sound of a quiet refrigerator, 0.5 sone is the sound of rustling leaves." (4.5 is probably the lower limit of what I can still hear.)

Favorite clue: Deer sir

One of my sisters had the middle name of FAY, my mom was a fan of the actress. Strange coincidence for me, since yesterday we had JEROME, which was my dad's middle name.

Anonymous said...

I assume ADA refers to accessibility per the law, but I don’t get the “bathroom tube” part.

OwenKL said...

American Dental Association on a tube of toothpaste.

Picard said...

I don't feel that I have solved a theme puzzle until I have fully understood the theme. I got the PROGRESS of ING from left to right. But I keep wondering if there was another level to the SEEING PROGRESS theme?

CC Hand up I only know DEADHEADS from the Grateful Dead. Yes, you must try BUFFALO WINGS.

We have BLUE WHALEs here in Santa Barbara and I have photos somewhere. Not just the biggest animal. The biggest animal that has ever lived. Never heard of NHS except for the National Health Service in the UK.

CC My DW will be honored to know that she is also PICARD'S COUNSELOR. Thank you!

As I have shared before, here I got to meet the real COUNSELOR TROI.

But I was surprised to see that I have never shared photos of the EIFFEL Tower before. I have way many photos from multiple visits.

Here are just a few of my EIFFEL TOWER photos, just from 2010-2015.

I love the ones with the little souvenir EIFFEL TOWERs with the real one behind!

From Yesterday:
CanadianEh and AnonT glad you shared my feeling that CANTORE involved the Italian word for singer. JIM just had to be wrong. But I was wrong and FIR.

Ray - O - Sunshine said...

Desper O @ 7AM

Was just lurking after finishing our 2 week old NY times puzzle and tending my garden window plants. By coincidence I saw your philodendron comments.🌱 I kept mine lightly trimmed until a few months ago when I gave it a major haircut figuring it would grow back's been droopy and listless since. Just googled "droopy philodendron", answer: too much or too little water...thanks...
Throught these guys were indestructible...guess not in my care.😯

desper-otto said...

CED, it was "tail" not "tale." A tail for "long, long" is AGO.

Anybody else whose first guess for "bathroom tube" was the toilet paper core? ADA wiped that out.

Misty said...

Interesting Sunday puzzle--many thanks, Pam. And always appreciate your helpful commentary, C.C.--thanks for that too.

Took me a while to get some of the names, even though I knew them. But I got ALVA right away, guess I know my Edison. But never heard of SNEVA and kept thinking that had to be wrong. Learning new things is part of the fun of puzzles. And I did remember ROSS.

My German came in handy for EINE, but I kept putting HIM instead of LUI and it just didn't work. And Owen, DEER SIR was also my favorite puzzle clue this morning.

Have a lovely Sunday, everybody, and hope things are better for everyone in those difficult snowy areas.

Malodorous Manatee said...

Very pleasant Sunday puzzle with a quickly-identified theme. Maleska-era-esque moment with OGEES and SNEE crossing. 21 Across and 119 Across might each have been clued from substantially different perspectives ��

staili said...

OwenKL, LUI is the French word for "him." Guy is a more common first name in France than in the US, so the "to Guy" is supposed to indicate it's French, but that clue is a tricky one.

When I think of "long, long AGO," I think of the first line of Don McLean's American Pie, although the line is actually "long, long time AGO."

Hungry Mother said...

I went for a nice longish run this morning and then had lots of time available to work on the long Sunday xwords. This one was a long, but pleasant slog with all names fairly crossed. Tons of abbreviations today to provide some crunch to the short answers. Too many write-overs to record. @Husker Gary: maybe Smee served with Spee?

Wendybird said...

Re DEADHEADS, when I was a child in Ann Arbor, my job was to deadhead the petunias planted along our white picket fence, and I couldn’t go and play with my friends until the chore was complete- and there were A LOT of petunias. To this day, I can’t pass a petunia without bending down to deadhead it!

It’s whale watching season in Dana Point. I never tire of seeing those huge, beautiful creatures on their journey.

I needed a little help to finish the puzzle today, but it was still enjoyable, and there were several great clues. Thanks, Pam. C.c., I think you should do a recipe book so we could try to create the delicious foods you tempt us with!

Misty said...

Wendybird, it sounds like we may share a bit of geography. I taught English at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor from the 70s to the 80s, and I now live in Laguna Beach, not far from Dana Point. Haven't we been luck to live in such neat places?

Kelly Clark said...

The ING progression is quite something...perfectly symmetrical. And the last entry is apt! Thank you, CC, for the tour -- have some buffalo wings! :-)

ATLGranny said...

Finished today's puzzle from Pam at last, with a FIW. The SNEVA and SONE crossing got me and my final guess of A for the crossing was wrong. I see I had a lot of company, puzzling it out. Got the ING progression early and prefilled the remaining circles, like Spitzboov. Thanks, Pam for the diversion and C.C. for explaining, like ADJ which I hadn't taken time to see after it was perp filled.

I enjoyed the time spent doing the puzzle, taking my mind off my latest calamity. Yesterday while hiking I fell and fractured my left patella. Just as my wrist was nearly back to normal, exactly three months later to the day this happened. So back to doctor visits (and surgery this time) as well as learning how to use crutches for the first time. DH is back on duty, doing what I can't at the moment and coaching me on crutch use. Fortunately time goes quickly in general, but it has been an unusual year in many ways for us!

Anonymous said...

Overwhelmingly meh. Quite a bit of work for not a lot of fun.This one had way too much PPP for me.

jfromvt said...

A run of the mill Sunday crossword. With the circles, the ING theme was obvious and didn’t require any thought.

Java Mama said...

ATL Granny - so sorry to hear of your injury! Hope you heal soon.

Lucina said...


Thank you, Pam and C.C. for the Sunday entertainment! I very quickly finished the top half before leaving for church this morning. Now I'm late because I subbed for someone in the counting room. My day to count money is Monday.

For the most part this was easy to fill but my stumbling block is always sports and French! DLINE/LUI was the last fill with both nemeses together. At least I could work it out.

Like others I have had to cut many DEADHEADS on my flowers. In fact, I just trimmed the remaining poinsettias and HOPE to plant them outdoors. My grandmother had the green thumb so I will invoke her assistance when I do so.

I've seen Tom SNEVA before. And I know EBRO and should probably know more about Spain but it's a big country with varied geography.

DENIM is my daily garb, too. I dress up on Sundays and if I happen to go out for dinner.

Years ago the back of the cereal boxes had information on them and HAI is something I learned from that.

I should have remembered George EADS from CSI. He is much better looking than that photo.

Am I the only person in the country who has not sent in her DNA sample? I am quite certain of my heritage so don't feel the need to have it analyzed.

D-otto, Anon-t and other Texans, I hope you are safe and not too damaged from the snowfall.

I'll take a CSO on LAPSE of memory!

Please enjoy your day, everyone!

Lucina said...

ATL Granny:
I, too, am sorry about your injury and wish you a fast recovery.

Unknown said...

Gave up after three hours of angst!DEADHEADS = removing faded flowers ...not in any reference in my library. BOP was never used for the music I listened ... I loved BEBOP! The Ebro river is quite a distance from Lagrono. A BOWL is outside, an ARENA is inside: not synonymous. The only BEANO I've seen alleviates flatulence.Are allusions to Star Wars characters an addiction of constructors? Finally, there are tons of Simone's who DON'T live in France. YEP!! The quarantine is getting to me!

Anonymous T said...

Sunday Lurk say...

Lem: Would 'Long, Long AGO, In a Galaxy far away...' be another Star Wars reference?
//No, I LIU; 'A long time ago in a...' same hiccup staili mentioned re: American Pie.

{A, B+}

ATLGranny - again?!? So sorry to read you'll need surgery this time. //And, I never could get the hang of crutches - ended up just gimpin' around.

CED: Thank you for the how-to chicken wings. I hate those things 'cuz they're so messy. But, like I learned for crawfish, I now hold the secret to eating and getting all the meat w/ less mess.
//yes, Swamp, I suck the heads.

My Philodendron: Before. After.
D-O: I've cut that thing back so many times... It will survive.

Speaking of - Lucina, Houston is back in the 70s and things are getting back to normal for many of us south of I-10 (funny toll tag comment OKL). Those Texans north are still struggling - they were sub-freezing far longer than us.

Play Monday!

Cheers, -T

Spitzboov said...

@ 1821 - The EBRO River goes right through Logroño according to my Apple Maps program by Tomtom.

ATL Granny - Sorry for your accident. Bummer. Hope your surgery goes well and that you mend quickly.

Wilbur Charles said...

By now someone has pointed out DEADHEADS as "What Semi Drivers hate"
I was stuck in the NE and thought of ADD for that guy nodding off in Eng. Class. If you want an ADJ I'd prefer "Sleepy". I finally got AIR but I've never seen CSI so I had EAmS and thus AIRdORmAN.

One would think Sport questions, of which we had a half dozen, would be up my alley but I missed two. I knew SNEVA though with a perp or two.

I was AT SEA for my first run through but after a nap squares started falling. An awkwardly clued xword IMHO. I also grok'ed the "Tube" as being toothpaste and thus ADA. I didn't recognize NHA as Nat'l Honor Society.

Looking it over I now have to give Pam credit for a lot of imagination.


Michael said...

Lucina @ 4:54:

"Am I the only person in the country who has not sent in her DNA sample? I am quite certain of my heritage so don't feel the need to have it analyzed."

No, you are not alone. The genetic background which I have is certainly not what I am ... nominally half-German, half-Irish just means mish-mash, likely very mixed because everyone has invaded, looted, pillaged, or visited, Western Europe over the past two millenia. So, I'm just another gringo, a norteamricano.

LEO III said...

DNF, and a few of the ones I did “finish” were wrong. Kept slapping my forehead as I was reading C.C.’s expo. HOW DID I MISS THAT ONE??? I did get all of the ING progression, though.

When I was about two-thirds of the way through, it was my stopping and recognizing the INGs that saved me from a worse fate than I would have had. (I had forgotten about the circles.) That is how I finally recognized SNEVA, as well as the answers to a couple of other DOWN clues. (I was a race fan up until a few years ago, but I just couldn’t dial up that brain cell until that moment.)

No, WC, I don’t see where anyone ahead of us gave OUR connotation for DEADHEAD, and you beat me to it. It is an 18-wheeler (or really any other type of transit-for-hire) returning home empty. In other words, it is the HATED non-revenue run.