Feb 26, 2021

Friday, February 26, 2021, Peter Koetters

 Title: Shake that booty

Peter who has had 13 of his 16 major puzzle publications with the LAT, is back after zero 2020 puzzles in one of the papers. I blogged his FIRST and a few others over the years. Today is a simple scramble with the three-letter second word of the phrase being anagrammed to create a different and visually amusing picture. This seemed easy for a Friday but I got lots of sleep while Oo was working. We had some funny ones.

17A. Beneficial tree tapping?: HEALTH SAP. HEALTH SPA. As a Floridian, we have many spas around here; we used to take the sap from the maple trees and boil a whole bunch to make maple syrup. Of course, those who spend a fortune on all those TV ads promising eternal youth...

29A. Wildebeest with a habit?: SMOKING GNU (10). Who knew? 
I do not think they can shoot, but it seems unlikely- for the original words -SMOKING GUN. I do like the picture of cultured wildebeest.

47A. Hoop site?: END OF AN EAR (10). End of Era, not a simple earring.

11D. Hawaiian wedding accessory?: WHITE LEI. Oh my, there are so many inappropriate comments I could make and upset for our current PG-rated blog, but it is a fun twist on a WHITE LIE.  No pictures needed.

37A. Top for a Japanese dish?: SUSHI BRA. Another challenge, but the internet is always there. We also have so many sushi bars in SoFla. Oo works at 9 Face Sushi Cafe
And a reveal:

61A. Reversed, in a way ... and a hint to the creation of five puzzle answers: INSIDE OUT(9). Meh, unnecessary and not helpful for me. But the interspersed 7 letter fill really helped me in getting this done. They are EMINENT, I LOST IT, INHERIT, MATINEE,  REALITY, RIHANNA, and ROTUNDA. 

Now that we have sussed the theme and identified the longer, fill, let's go.


1. It's found in a lock ... or a loch: OAR. A most enjoyable play on words to start the action. 

4. Founder of one of Israel's Twelve Tribes: JUDAH. Jacob's first wife, Leah, bore him six sons: Reuben, Simeon, Levi, Judah, Issachar, and Zebulun. Two other tribes, Gad and Asher, were named after sons born to Jacob and Zilpah, Leah’s maidservant. Two additional tribes, Dan and Naphtali, were named after the sons of Jacob born of Bilhah, the maidservant of Rachel, Jacob’s second wife. Rachel bore Jacob two sons, Joseph and Benjamin. In modern Judaism, it is the descendants of Aaron - the Cohanim and Levites who survived to matter with everyone else part of ISRAEL. Confused yet?

9. Multilevel marketing giant: AMWAY. Is it a PYRAMID SCHEME, there are many pro and con links all taking to multi-level marketing "businesses." Tell me your experiences.

14. "WALL-E" FX: CGIComputer-Generated Imagery; in the joy of blogging, I had the pleasure of the flipbook- the beginning generated movement.

15. __ territory: ENEMY. Not all meanings are related to war. Ask Cubs and White Sox fans.

16. Lake near Squaw Valley: TAHOE. Still one of the most beautiful places on earth. 

19. Leaning: ATILT. A dreaded "A" word.

20. Vex: RILE. Vex comes from the Latin VEXARE to disturb, and they said those six years of Latin study would never come in handy.

21. Come into: INHERIT. Part of my current business, probating estates and seeing who inherits, a word that comes from - you guessed it - the Latin INHEREDITARE. I could go on.

23. Willing subject?: ESTATE. A pun lost because of its juxtaposition making it a really obvious fill.

26. Renowned: EMINENT. Not to be confused with IMMINENT.

32. Wells' Weena et al.: ELOI. Would like another picture of Yvette Mimeux?

33. Mississippi river to the Mississippi River: YAZOO. The Yazoo River was named by French explorer La Salle in 1682 as "Rivière des Yazous" in reference to the Yazoo tribe. It is created by the Tallahatchie River Yalobusha River to form the Yazoo River. Remember the bridge?

34. The Aire runs through it: LEEDS. Alex, rivers for $2,000. LINK

35. Common online interruptions: ADS.

38. Domed building: ROTUNDA. Recently in the news, sadly this ONE.

41. "Give or take" ending: ISH.

42. Actress Tierney: MAURA.

44. Projectionist's stack: REELS.

46. Otherwise: ELSE.

52. One-named "Unapologetic" singer: RIHANNA.

54. Pang: TWINGE.

55. "That completely overwhelmed me!": I LOST IT. It has happened to me 4 times in my life. My father, who I adore, and who was a remarkable man was a rageholic and I have at least a piece of that genetic code.

58. Favorable points: PROS. let's argue the Pros and Cons.

59. Range: AMBIT. ambit (n.) late 14c., "space surrounding a building or town; precinct;" 1590s, "a circuit;" from Latin ambitus "a going round, a circuit, circumference." 

64. Garçon's handout: CARTE. A French waiter gives you a menu. 

65. Go on the stump: ORATE. An 1848 dictionary mentioned "to stump it" was a phrase "borrowed from the backwoods," as it referred to speaking from atop a tree stump.

66. Oklahoma native: OTO. Native American tribe.

67. Binge-watching mealtime aids: TRAYS. So you can sit in the tv room.

68. Not cool at all: NERDY.

69. Mint holder: TIN

1. Earth tones: OCHRES. A word I learned watching my father oil paint.

2. Fair-hiring problem: AGEISM. No problem here though we are trending younger.

3. Venetian marketplace: RIALTO. An interesting HISTORY.

4. Contrail source: JET. This is a trail of condensed water from an aircraft or rocket at high altitude, seen as a white streak against the sky. 

5. John Irving alma mater: Abbr.: UNH. He not only went to the University of New Hampshire, but that is where he was BORN.

6. Lucy's guy: DESI. Do you love Lucy? 

7. "__ Called Ove": 2015 film: A MAN. Based on a novel by Swedish author Fredrik Backman which Tom Hanks has optioned to do an English language version.

8. Honky-tonk line?: HYPHEN. Such a cute clue.

9. Big name in games: ATARI. The first.

10. Play before supper: MATINEE. Another cute clue, not stickball in the backyard.

12. Early internet co.: AOL. I still have my AOL account among my five accounts.

13. Still: YET. Again. 

18. Needing caulking: LEAKY. Maybe that is what I need...

22. LiMu __: ad bird: EMU. Feel free to vent here; not my favorite. 

24. Prom queen topper: TIARA. I would have guessed Prom King but there were not enough letters.

25. Carmaker Ferrari: ENZO. The namesake creation. 

27. Subtle approvals: NODS.

28. Morticia, to Gomez: TISH
30. Came down with: GOT. Hopefully no COVID.

31. Melon, e.g.: GOURD. have you ever tried WIKIDIFF?
MELON VS. GOURD all melons are gourds but not all gourds are melons unless you are using eupemisms.

34. Bochco series: LA LAW. 63D. 34-Down actress: DEY.

35. OAS part: Abbr.: AMER.

36. Surrealist friend of García Lorca: DALI.

39. Prefix with con: NEO.

40. Dexterous: DEFT.

43. "Survivor" genre: REALITY. There is precious little reality in reality TV.

45. Wading bird: SNIPE. Didn't we have this?

47. Half of nine?: ENS.

48. One with an anthem: NATION.

49. Plant deeply: ENROOT. meh.

50. Rainforest rodent: AGOUTI.

51. Lie atop: REST ON. See 24D, supra.

53. Score in a score: NOTES. Lovely play on words.

56. Memo intro: IN RE.

57. Old despot: TSAR.

59. Pretend to be: ACT.

60. Deface: MAR.

62. "__ be fun!": IT'D. Was it? I had a great time


OwenKL said...

DNF. UNy<UNE, YAhOO<YAZOO, PluS<PROS, and unfilled naticks at S_SHI_RA + MA_RA + AM_IT (all 3 unknown to me), and at ENlOO_ + AGuUT_ + _ _N (recognition blocked by PluS).
I did at least get the theme before the reveal. It was a nice trick, but involving so few letters it was weak, and the reveal didn't make it any better.

Had eaten of Brazil nuts his fill.
"I've a TWINGE of regret
For the nuts that I've et,
But my stomach at least is tranquil!"

There once was a girl from YAZOO
Who made all the guys go woo-woo!
It wasn't her boobs,
Nor even her pubes,
But the way she wiggled her wazoo!

{B+, A-.}

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

It's never good to go astray at 1a. I put a KEY in the Lock/Loch. Bzzzzt. Wite-Out, please. Otherwise, things went quickly. D-o even figured out the theme without needing the reveal. Wow. This one had some really nice non-theme fill. I liked that. INHERIT evoked memories of "alienee" -- never have understood that one. Thanx for the challenge, Peter, and for the tour, Lemonade.

Hungry Mother said...

Very fun theme and easy offering today. I saw lots of GNUs on safari in South Africa, but the smokers must have been elsewhere. My wading bird was a Stork for a while; I saw lots of those in Zambia. I visited TAHOE as a kid and took a speedboat ride on a Cris Craft. Many years later I rode a Cris Craft in Venice, near the RIALTA.

Wilbur Charles said...

Before I read the write-up I wanted an undistracted post. 1. What clueing. Is this Friday? Duh, That explains it. Unlike the usual weeks I've been traveling back and forth to Dunellon (2 hrs) plus my social schedule)

Getting a foothold was tough until I found DESI which yielded JUDAH so I had SAP but I hadn't caught onto the INSIDE OUT Theme. I grok'ed the caulking and on second try even spelled LEAKY with the A.

Then I went south and wanted AMBIT but what's that strange Japanese word "SiSHIBRA"??? Sound of V8 can slapping head SUSHI BaR and that's MAURA Tierney (not Gene)

And then it was done. I said "Oh, three across themes" and then noticed the down theme (WHITE lie/LEI) and looked for another and there was my B(AMBIT)

I'll post now and read write-up and early posts


Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

The theme was easy to see early on and the themers were, therefore, easy to guess but, boy or boy, some of the fill was tough: Yazoo, Ambit, Eloi, Rialto, Agouti, and UNH. Of course, we’ve seen these before but I needed perps for every one. I didn’t care for Enroot and I could do without seeing that annoying three-letter bird, but at least we’ve been spared seeing his annoying four-letter companion. That said, I liked the Rialto/Reality, LA Law/Susan Dey, Estate/Inherit, and Mar/Tsar duos. My Oar was a Key (Hi, DO) which made my Ochres, Khakis, but that was quickly corrected. We just recently saw A Man Called Ove and also had mention of the elusive Snipe. Nice CSO to Tin!

Thanks, Peter and Lemony, for a challenging solve and an illuminating summary.

My arm is very sore but it should be back to normal by tomorrow. I feel fortunate to have no serious side affects as I’ve heard some people have had, including fever, headache, fatigue, etc.


TTP, I didn’t realize you are such a youngster! 🤭 based on the continued positive news about additional vaccines becoming available, perhaps you’ll be eligible sooner than you think. Good luck to you and everyone else still waiting.

Garlic Gal, nice to hear from you, don’t be a stranger!

Have a great day.

Husker Gary said...

-I tried to make RHIANNA cluing into the gimmick and SUSHI BRA into a real word (SASHIMI?) . Pushed me to my AMBIT.
-AMWAY – If you get a call from someone out the complete blue…
-Nursing homes can “INHERIT” many “ESTATES” in a de facto manner
-GENE Tierney did not bring enough letters for the cell
-The salt mines 650’ below Hutchinson, KS store many REELS of film including the original print of The Wizard Of Oz
-I LOST IT – A fourteen-yr-old boy teased me for the third time and a colleague had to step in
-My SIL always has a TIN of Altoids but has never offered me one
-Was adding Garcìa Lorca helpful or necessary in cluing DALI?
-I’d gladly swap out The Star Spangled Banner for America The Beautiful

Spitzboov said...

Good morning everyone.

Bolluxed up the 'H' in UNH, but got everything ELSE so I'm a happy camper. Devilishly thought-out theme that was fun to suss. Liked SMOKING GNU. Had Stork before SNIPE which we just had the other day.

Have a good day.

Malodorous Manatee said...

"Another challenge, but the internet is always there." Even for that one!
A dyslexic man walked into a bra...

JJM said...

Technically, I finished, but I giving myself a DNF as ENroot and Agouti were complete guesses. Also, I've never heard the word AMBIT before.... and I took 5 years of Latin and 2 yrs of Greek. So, at least I learned 2 new words, which is always good.
Enjoy your Day!

Peter said...

Peter, the constructor here. Thanks for the mostly kind words! Good to be back, this is the first puzzle I've had published in about a year. As usual I'm interested to see how Rich chooses to alter the clues I submit. Is "Honky-tonk line?" better than "Honky-tonk bar?" -- well, perhaps it's a tad easier which sometimes is necessary.

I couldn't resist but try to clue "ENDOFANEAR" as "Grisly souvenir from Tyson vs. Holyfield?" -- if you ever need an example of something that doesn't pass the breakfast test, there it is.

Best of health to all.

Bob Lee said...

Gomez would also call Morticia "Cara Mia" more often that TISH, so thought that for a second.

OAR was very tricky to start off. I figured out that top left corner eventually.

HYPHEN was tricky too.

My favorite answer was END OF AN EAR.

YAZOO was unknown to me, as well as AMBIT and MAURA Tierney.

Overall a fun puzzle.

oc4beach said...

I finished Peter's puzzle, but it required the use of Red Letters, so, a DNF in my book. I did, however, like the theme once I realized what it was.

Peter, keep up the good work.

Like others, I tried KEY before OAR became obvious. I knew MAURA, but thought it was spelled MoiRA. The same with RIHANNA, I had the I and H reversed for RhiANNA. Plus I had never heard of ENROOT. Perps fixed them all eventually.

Lemon, I liked your Adams Family video. It was a really corny show that I liked when it originally aired but haven't seen it since. The Munsters was another one of the same Genre that I liked. Some of the old shows can be found on some of the oldies stations and streaming services, but many are locked away in some vaults.

Just got a text from my medical provider Geisinger, reminding me that I have an appointment for my second Moderna shot next week. I hope they actually will have the vaccine for it. Looking forward to being able to see my kids and do some other things that I haven't been able to do over the past year.

I hope everyone has a great day and please wear your masks.

Big Easy said...

I GNU there was something weird about the puzzle, just didn't see the light. Since the perps were solid fills I left them in place to complete the theme fills. I avoided the SE until the end because the reveal gave away what was INSIDE OUT. I figured it out at SUSHI BRA. I've never heard of 'Bochco series' or watched LA LAW but I knew DEY was in it so that solved that. But that was after changing FEY to DEY. If you have never heard of Mr. BOCHCO, MAURA Tierney, or John Irving (UNH) it's all perps. I'm not glued to the television.

Just a few unknowns solved by perps today- JUDAH, A MAN, RIHANNA, AMBIT, UNH- and the correct spelling of AGOUTI had to wait for perps.
WHITE LEI corrected my incorrect spelling of 'EMININT' to eminent.
Had to change WIFE to TISH.

Peter- it was only part of an EAR.

Well this 'honky' is outta here.

Spitzboov said...

The YAZOO Basin has over 13000 sq mi. which makes it larger in area than our 9 smallest states. I knew of it from hydrology background and reading of Vicksburg campaigns of Grant and Sherman in Civil War.

Ray - O - Sunshine said...

A phair phriday PHIR...the theme was obvious: GNU and LEI gave it awya 😃.
The answer is often ecru "ecrus' too short..maybe spelt ecrues? Finally OCHRES! An inky mess.😖 I think of the Venetian RIALTO as a bridge ponte di Rialto so hesitated to fill but it is a marketing well.

After Owen's R rated rhyme not embarrassed to admit almost put a W in front of AZOO..but checking my Gray's Anatomy that's actually a body part. This old geezer has had an AOL account exclusively since the early 90's.

The only Tierney I remember was Gene (when is a female thespian an actress or an actor?). Isn't a GOURD a dried squash not melon?...(Oh wait. Like noggin.) Sexism..wait, nope..AGEISM. AGOUTI came outta nowhere (my CW cerebral storage lobe. Wanted to try PEZ for mint holder 😁.

Told by many to watch Bryan Cranston's Your Honor on Showtime. Binged it last nite (I'll just watch the beginning of the next eposode) till 2AM 🤭😴 (good thing I'm off this week!)

On our way....ENROOT
Town in VA....RESTON
Contemporaneous spasm, identical ____ TWINGE
Can't today, _____ too tired...AMWAY

Sunny and warm (40s) road trip to the Adirondacks avoiding the swarms of snowmobilers.

Thanks Peter for stopping by, and write up Lemony 🍋

NaomiZ said...

Lemonade says today's puzzle was "easy for a Friday," but I am still delighted to FIR. I thought it was a little tricky! AGOUTI and MAURA were unknowns.

You never know what you'll find here. Lemonade wrote, "My father, who I adore, and who was a remarkable man was a rageholic and I have at least a piece of that genetic code." The same could have been said of my own father, and that negative trait was INHERITED by my son. Alas!

Thanks to Peter for the puzzle, and for visiting the Corner; to Lemonade for the review, and for sharing; to Rich for keeping the clues within reach; and to all of you Cornerites for the good company.

Misty said...

Fun Friday puzzle, Peter--many thanks, and thanks for checking in with us. And thanks to you too, Lemonade.

I liked getting some of the names in this puzzle: DESI (which also gave me JUDAS, though I later had to change it to JUDAH), DALI (turns up often in puzzles these days), and ENZO, even if I don't know my cars. But did not know MAURA, and had to laugh that Morticia turned out to be TISH. Lots of fun, thanks again Peter.

Still waiting to get a vaccine appointment too. Hey, I'm 76--wasn't I supposed to be at the beginning of the line a while back?

Have a good weekend coming up, everybody.

AnonymousPVX said...

I had a slow start in the NW, so just moved on. Finally returned to it to complete the grid.

Kind of a crunchy one, but expected on a Friday.

Got the first shot 2 days ago, was sore yesterday but nothing today. I do understand the first shot primes the immune system, the second one gets a reaction. Still better than getting the actual illness for sure.

My HVAC started acting funny, it went into defrost mode for a couple days...didn’t even notice. Otherwise ran fine. Highest electric bill EVER. Called for a check, they want to replace the control would be about $1200-1500 EXCEPT my unit is in warranty...for 3 more weeks, so no charge.

Stay safe.

Anonymous T said...

Hi All!

Peter - you were too cute by half. That or I was just too dumb by much. I caught the theme at SMOKING GNU and that helped but... Names!
BTW, considering themer was BRA | BAR I can see Rich changing 8d's 'line.'
Thanks for stopping in with some behind-the-scenes; good luck on your new grids.

Thanks Lem for the expo and some extra play when I got really stuck -- ecrues is not a word nor color and EELs are not a tool for lock-picking... (but you can clear a drain with one).

WOs: Wife -> TISH, ail -> GET. Some others before FIW and looked at Lem's grid.
ESPs: It's a DNF folks.... I still had some empty squares in the Gilroy area (nice to see you FLN G.Gal!) and that rodent didn't perp with much.

Favs: MATINEE, HYPHEN, and NOTES were cute.

{B+, A}

Lucina - How lucky am I that I just finished A MAN Called Ove last week? I got Backman's new book, Anxious People, yesterday. Ove was the first non non-fiction I've read in 15+ years.

Ray-O: a week off? We had that (forced on us - it was cold!) last week. This week was a total killer as everyone piled last week's meetings forward. Oy!
//went into the office this morning to hack a kiosk computer for the lobby - 10 minutes in and I was doing things 'they' did not expect. Shall we play a Game?

48d - One with an Anthem was not RUSH? //turn in down WC :-)

COVID news... My brother does NOT follow the same guidelines we do. He's flying to Houston next week and wants to stay here (he usually does when coming to TX). I had to tell him NO; heck, I've not hugged my MIL in a year - we can't have double-standards.
//but, boy, do I miss hangin' w/ my Bro.

NaomiZ - It's the madness in the world that makes us mad, er grumpy -- like Ove :-)

Cheers, -T

Lucina said...


Thank you, Peter and Lemonade! I found this both easy and difficult. I breezed through the south, east and middle but was stuck in the NW for a very long time until OARS rescued me.
Then it all cam tumbling downwards with OCHERS, AGEISM and RIALTO. My mind kept tricking me until CGI made sense.

I love the wordplay but had a Natick at ENZO/YAZOO. I knew ENZO but could not shake it out. My mind is getting that way and it is frustrating as heck.

I just GOT word that I can go for a mani-pedi so I'll come back later.

Have a fine day, everyone!

Becky said...

Anon T, I recommend every single book by Bachman. Bear Town and it's sequel Us Against Them (I think) are extremely good. The thing I like about his writing is that every book is singular. It's own universe. I thought A Man Called Ove was very very funny.

Lemonade,, thank you for the great write up. I could not, for the life of me, get Sushi Bra. And I knew the theme! I kept looking for some food reference. Stupid me.


JB2 said...

Good Friday puzzle and great write-up by Lemon.

Needed ESP for Agouti and still thought it might be wrong somehow.

Enjoyed "A Man Called Ove." Well worth watching imo.


Lemonade714 said...

Becky, you are many things but stupid is not amongst them. If I had a nickel

Ol' Man Keith said...

I liked this PZL very much. It kept me entertained even when I was stuck in places.

In one, I got held up with KAZOO for a while. I think it made a sort of funny sense.

Irish Miss ~ Same here with the sore arm. The first shot gave me an itchy arm, and this second one started as an itch, then became progressively sorer.
My first reaction lasted about a week, so I expect this one to subside pretty soon.
No worse effects, so these are small prices to pay.

Misty ~ I still don't understand why you haven't rec'd your shots. They (whoever "they" are) sent me an automatic invitation based on my age and emeritus status. It came to me from the "UCI Health COVID-19 Vaccination Program."
Did you check in with anyone at the university?
My invitation said to go online to "Non-HS UCI Vaccine Appt."
Just one diagonal, on the near side NW to SE.
Its anagram points to that part in the back of a book where annotations are sometimes relegated. This is an easy one.
Of course I mean the...

Kelly Clark said...

Cool puzzle, Peter -- and I'm cracking up at your alternative END OF AN EAR clue -- and wonderful write-up, Lemonade. Thank you!

Chairman Moe said...

Puzzling thoughts:

Got it, finally, after several write-overs

As Dash T said, I figured the theme with SMOKING GNU

Peter, thanks for stopping by

Lemonade, thanks for the recap and videos. I actually had MAURA correctly identified but hasn’t seen her for quite some time. I stopped watching ER a long time ago

Owen, quite the limercist today!

Will be spending my weekend driving to and from New Mexico. Picking up my sister to come visit us here in the valley ...

Ray - O - Sunshine said...

Anon T @ 12:27. Work 26 weeks a year in total since age 65 roughly 2 weeks on 2 weeks off. At 68 stopped weekends, evenings and call.

Jayce said...

So, it wasn't SUSHI MAT (TAM). Keeping TAM in that space prevented me from finishing that corner, so DNF or FIW.

I'm not clear how NOTES in a score are themselves a score.

There's a small, single board computer called the "Beagle Bone Black" that has rounded corners so that it will fit into an Altoids TIN. Funny looking thing.

We got our second Pfizer shots today. So far so good; no ill effects at all.

Keep on taking care, all.

Unknown said...

A BIG DNF today. Knetters' conveluted cluing did me in! Peeked at "END OF EAR" meaning lobe (where the hoop goes)!?!? YIKES! Doesn't the hoop hang from the BOTTOM of the ear??? Sorry, LAT: when I next see Koetters on a puzzle, a quick flip of the wrist into the recycle bin.

Avg Joe said...

Can't resist this comment: I'm of the mind that the best possible clue for "End of an Ear" would have to be along the lines of: "Result of a Van Gogh self-portrait." But I've been wrong before......

Emile O'Touri said...

Completely out of my wheelhouse and a struggle from beginning to end.I like most puzzles, but I did not care for this one. Didn’t hate it, but didn’t care for it.There was so much about this puzzle that bothered me, I can't even choose among the nits.

ATLGranny said...

Worked on the puzzle off and on today, mainly not getting the SW corner. AMBIT was my great unknown. But when I was about to give up, it fell in place and I FIR! What a happy surprise! And I had figured out what the theme was after the reveal. SMOKING GNU was the first I saw, too.Thanks, Peter, for the puzzle and thanks so much, Lemonade, for your helpful review.

Thanks are in order as well for AnonT for mentioning he read the book "A Man Called Ove" while waiting for electric power last week. I got it on Kindle, read it, and so enjoyed it that I'm rereading it. Have a good weekend, everyone.

Lemonade714 said...

So happy to have you stop by Peter, joining many other constructors who stop by our little fun palace. I would love to know what you thought of my write-up. Kelly Clark and Average Joe well done! I jumped through hoops to come up with my link. I had a day from hell today with our mobile notary screwing up our closing which still is not over, and the nice lawyer from N.J. who contracted to sell a Florida Condo on behalf of the warring heirs still at after 16 years neglected to notice the estate was never probated so he had no authority to sell. Now he is scrambling to try and get around the law which says to sell Florida real estate you need Florida approval. Anyway, from the beginning with OKL's poems, through all the comments from our old guard and our newer posters you lift my heart. Pandemic "be damned!" Thank you for your kind words and enjoy the last weekend in February. March is marching.

Wilbur Charles said...

Looks like I fell asleep before posting. Oh well, some folks check Fri before starting Sat. Speaking of… Really hard* but FIR. So there's hope. -T, When I got to RUSH Betsy had joined me so I didn't link after all. Later today I'll listen for 30 seconds.

I like Peter's clues. We were just talking at lunch about Tyson vs Holyfield. Grisly to say the least.

I recall John Irving for "The World According to Garp"

PVX, new meaning to WHEW


*Until it was done and then "That wasn't so hard