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Feb 15, 2021

Monday February 15, 2021 Stella Zawistowski

Theme: SWIPE LEFT (57. Express lack of interest on Tinder ... or a hint to the answers to starred clues) - The left word of each theme is a synonym of "steal".

17. *Test of hand strength: PINCH GRIP.

29. *Ski resort purchase: LIFT TICKET.

43. *Accidentally call without touching one's cellphone: POCKET DIAL.

Boomer here. A couple of years ago, we SWIPED RIGHT.

Happy Monday all! No news is good news. Working off the Covid vaccine with no after effects.  Waiting for baseball season.  I wonder if Topps will be coming through with baseball cards.


1. Impertinent talk: SASS.  "Zip your lip"!

5. Man __: 1920 Horse of the Year: O' WAR.  I was not around for that Derby, were you ?

9. Avoid failing: PASS.  Tom Brady proved that last week.

13. Sunburn-soothing balm: ALOE.

14. Earring holder: LOBE.  I am very happy that that was never my choice for jewelry.

15. __ God: earthquake, e.g.: ACT OF.

19. Danger: PERIL.

20. "It's the __ I can do": LEAST.  Since retiring, I have been doing my LEAST for a long time. 

21. Grown-up: MATURE.

22. Take place: OCCUR.

25. Refine, as skills: HONE.

27. Drink with a polar bear mascot: ICEE.  I have never liked these. I guess when it's below zero outside I will pass.

28. Gave voice to: SAID.  Yes I SAID BELOW ZERO

31. Diagram for Web navigation: SITE MAP.

33. "Game of Thrones" channel: HBO.  I have not purchased HBO. They pester me a lot but I decided to save my money for bowling and golf.

34. At some future point: ONE DAY.

35. It's given in the form of a question on "Jeopardy!": ANSWER.  I manage to turn in every afternoon.  Ken Jennings has replaced Alex for a few weeks but I have heard that other guest hosts are coming soon.

40. Soccer official: REF.  Some of the shows on the "Game Show" channel could use a REF to cut down on all the screaming and whooping.

42. "Goosebumps" series author: R L STINE.

48. Contributes: ADDS. "Two and Two are four, Four and four are eight.". "What did you learn in school today" by  Tom Paxton.  

49. Ohio border lake: ERIE.  Part of the huge network of Great Lakes! 

50. Pungent flavor: TANG.  Never liked it.  Was this invented for astronauts?

51. Brittany port city: BREST.

52. Give in (to): ACCEDE.

54. Patronized, as a diner: ATE AT.  I prefer buffets or pizza places.  C.C. is with me only on the buffets.

56. Circle or polygon: SHAPE.  Since my illness, I have SHAPED down to about 175.

61. Downy duck: EIDER.

62. Compress, with "down": TAMP.

63. Idris of "The Wire": ELBA.

64. Fix, as socks: DARN.  My sox are fixed just as they are.

65. Salon selections: DYES.

66. Lose traction: SKID.  Careful Northern states.  Roads can be very icy.


1. Maple-syrup-to-be: SAP.  This is an acronym for a computer software used when I was working.  Caused me a lot of headaches since I am not a computer-savvy.

2. "Baby Cobra" comic Wong: ALI.  "In the clearing stands a boxer and a fighter by his trade, and he carries the reminders of every glove that laid him down ... " Simon and Garfunkel.

3. Jaden, to Will Smith: SON.

4. Peacefully hidden, as a retreat: SECLUDED.

5. Lingerie brand: OLGA. I'll never forget Ms. Korbut and her Olympic fame of 1972.

6. Bow down to, perhaps: WORSHIP.  I suppose now that I have received shot one of the vaccine I better think about going back to church.  Maybe after the second shot.

7. Not very much: A BIT OF.

8. Sales agent: REP.  Or  435 lawmakers in the House.

9. Daddy: PAPA.  "Oh My Papa, to me he was so wonderful".  Eddie Fisher - a long time ago.

10. Acid type found in vinegar: ACETIC.

11. Found in abundance, as oil: STRUCK. Or three was the end of an at bat.

12. Evening party: SOIREE.

16. Group of ships: FLEET.  We shop sometimes at FLEET Farm.  They have great walnuts and cashews.

18. Billy Joel's "Tell __ About It": HER.

21. NYC museum's fundraising gala: MET BALL.  Played at Citi Field in NYC

22. Bone, in Bologna: OSSO.

23. Biblical brother: CAIN. The Bible says he killed his brother Abel.  I think he got away with it because there were no courts, judges, or jails back then.

24. Make mention of: CITE.

26. High math degree: NTH.  End of inning number 10.

29. Baby shower gift: LAYETTE.

30. Charged particles: IONS.

32. Female in a stable: MARE.  The old gray one ain't what she used to be.

36. Takes by surprise: STARTLES.  I was really surprised when my Doc hooked me up with shot number one last Wednesday and a replay the first week of March.

37. Double-__ trailer: WIDE.

38. What means may justify: ENDS.  You have to make them meet.

39. "Don't play" symbol, in music: REST.

41. Med-approving agcy.: FDA.  Food and Drug Administration

42. Scott Joplin's music: RAGTIME.  The roughest, toughest, man by far is RAGTIME cowboy Joe. The Chipmunks.

43. "__ porridge hot ... ": PEASE.  It gets cold in nine days.

44. Corsage flower: ORCHID.

45. Loud insect: CICADA.

46. Lighthouse guardian: KEEPER.  Cain asked "Am I my brother's KEEPER" - after he killed Abel

47. Sort of: IN A WAY.

51. Modern honey: BAE.

53. Laura who won an Oscar for "Marriage Story": DERN.

55. Omar of "House": EPPS.

57. Part of EST: Abbr.: STD.

58. Rockies bugler: ELK.  I joined an ELKS Lodge in the 1980s when they sponsored my son's Little League team.  Sees that all they sold was liquor and pull tabs.

59. DOJ division: FBI.

60. Wee amount: TAD.



OwenKL said...

A boss should never make a PASS
At a staffer, even if she's got SASS!
In the world of my youth
This wasn't a truth.
But pressing too hard still made him as ass!

An emir named ALI decided ONE DAY
To throw a Canadian-themed BALL or SOIRÉE.
An arctic ICEE machine
Would cool off the scene,
'Cause riding a camel leaves one sore, eh?

{A-, A.}

Boomer said...

Good Morning everyone. At this moment in time this chilly Monday morning (Ha Ha, I am just kidding about chilly, I think it's about 15 degrees below zero here in the north) I am getting ready to roll my bowling ball for the first time since March 17, 2020. I feel that I am safe after getting that first shot last week. I am afraid that C.C has some doubts. My only doubt is if I can pick up a ten pin. (I do have a 14 pound plastic ball for that chore). From the 2018 season until March 2020 when the centers were closed by our governor, my health issues dropped my average from 215 to 187. I will be happy to hit 175 today. Of course I will let you all know how things turned out.

Anonymous said...

Clue 38D is backward. It should be "What may justify means."

billocohoes said...

TANG was around a few years before the space program, but they used the association with NASA in their publicity.

MAN O' WAR didn't run in the 1920 Kentucky Derby. His only loss was in 1919 at Saratoga to a horse named Upset

inanehiker said...

This was a smooth Monday - but not as quick as usual. I attribute that to the constructor - Stella's Saturdays are really challenging - so not surprised there is a little crunch in her Monday offering!

Thanks for your fun blog, Boomer! As far as the vaccine goes - you should have pretty good protection by 2 weeks after your first dose - the 2nd one completes the series but you get protection before that!

ATLGranny said...

Not many posts this morning. Weather related? DO, did you lose power there? Anyway, the puzzle....Stella has returned and I enjoyed my FIR. Thanks for a manageable Monday puzzle with a theme that I got. A few WOs like slip before SKID and MET BAsh before BALL, but helpful perps soon corrected those. I read about R L STINE and saw he was after the time my kids were devouring books and when I was more aware of authors in that niche. Anyway, thanks Boomer, for the review. Keep wearing your mask, especially if you go bowling. And stay warm! Glad you got your first shot and are scheduled for the second. OwenKL, nice to see you again today and your reference to Canadian Eh in your poetry.

Looking forward to reading more posts later, you all, and hope you are not in PERIL from the weather.

Spitzboov said...

Good morning everyone.

Not much to comment on. Bolluxed up RL STINE, which I didn't know, by missing the 'L'. Had a few gimme's, though; ASCETIC, EIDER, FLEET. A few unknowns like OLGA were hinted at by perps.

Thanks Boomer for starting us off.

CanadianEh! said...

Marvellous Monday. Thanks for the fun Stella (is this the Stella of previous Saturday stumbles?!) and Boomer. (C.C is right to be concerned. It takes about two weeks for immunity to develop, and then not as high as after second shot).
I FIRed in good time and saw the SWIPE theme (we had Pilfer last week). Just enough crunch to make it interesting.

Family Day here (but our gathering will be virtual in this lockdown). No paper, but they gave us the Monday comics, CW, Jumble on Saturday. Loved your Canadian SOIRÉE, Owen.

Yes, Anon, you beat me to the comment about 38D clue. The ENDS may justify the Means, not vice versa.

I smiled at DERN crossing DARN. I also noted possible parsing of ATE AT as At Eat.
“Not very much” was not A Little or A Tad, but A BIT with OF added.

Wishing you all a great day.

Shankers said...

Yes, ATLGranny, where is everyone this morning? The constructor reminds me that every time I order a Stella Artois I yell out "STELLA" to the waiter ala Marlon Brando. DW hates it when I do that. And Boomer, I have every confidence you can roll a 300 today. It's as easy as getting back on a bike after a long a absence isn't it? As for the puzzle, the few unknowns were easily filled by perps for a quick Monday FIR. Another day in paradise today in the Valley of the sun.

Vidwan827 said...

Thank you Ms. Stella, for a charming, easy Monday puzzle. It was very enjoyable, and I had my fastest time yet, I think.
Thank you Boomer, for your humorous and tongue in cheek review. I look forward to your blog, and particularly for your side comments... I offer my prayers for what ever ails you, and hope for a better prognosis soon. I'm sure the bowling alley owners would agree with that...

I've been told that the first Covid shot gives only 65 percent protection, but that may be just a rumor, since its never been tried before.

OwenKL, great Limericks. You are magnificent and prolific !

Thank you for the map of France, and the location of Brest, which I knew was a coastal city.
I have to wonder ....
If the frenchmen think of that area of France, as Brest, would they also hope that they have Nice bottoms ??

have a good week, all.

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

This was a pretty straightforward Monday solve with only two w/os, Accept/Accede and Acidic/Acetic. I didn’t spot the theme until the reveal, but, in retrospect the synonyms were obvious. There were lots of delightful pairings today: Cite crossing Site, Sass/Pass, Sap/Map, FDA/FBI, Tad/A Bit Of, and Darn/Dern. Laura Dern is an outstanding actress and was well-deserving of the Oscar for her role in Marriage Story. The movie itself was excellent, though some scenes were sad and disturbing to watch.

Thanks, Stella, for a nice start to the week and thanks, Boomer, for the fun and facts. Please be very careful at the bowling center and take every precaution that you’ve taken pre-shot! Don’t let your guard down for one second. Good luck on the lanes.

It’s snowing right now and tonight and overnight we’re due to get sleet and ice. Our temps are cold, but nowhere near Minnesota’s. It’s hard to believe that Wednesday is Ash Wednesday.

Have a great day.

Malodorous Manatee said...

Good Monday morning, everyone. I hope you all enjoyed V Day and, now, P day. Back-to-back "holidays" seem a bit odd.

I just finished an interesting Universal puzzle in the Shortyz app and then glanced at the constructor's byline. Turned out to be Z.B. Recommended if you can track it down today or tomorrow. It's also a bit odd because there was a story on yesterday's newscasts about a QR-code-scanning app that had become a vector for malware and the puzzle's title is QR Reader.

Ray - O - Sunshine said...

Confounded the mid south with tart/TANG too long but eventually FIR. Can't say that I saw a theme..and with the reveal wouldn't have sussed it in a eon, not even an æon. 🙄

Studied le ossa 🦴🦴 in Bologna. OSSO is masculine singular for bone but "ossa" is its collective feminine plural (all the bones of the body: le ossa del corpo). The masculine plural "ossi" is used specifically...(two bonesof the foot: due ossi del piede) .. the same with the words for "arm," "knee" and "hand" Confused? Blame the mother tongue: Latin

How does STRUCK mean abundance?...NYC museum raises funds with a meth ball?, meatball? oh METBALL!! never mind. More precisely...accidentally "butt call"...(POCKETDIAL sounds too proper and less descriptive of what actually happened). I should know RLSTINE by now. (BAE can join owie and ired in the CW dead letter file.☹)

(Promise I won't touch BREST).

May provoke a face slap....PINCHGRIP
Woodworking tool....ADDS
A serene dinner with legumes: ____ and quiet. PEASE
Tolkien monster tyke.....ORCHID. Hu 5
Due to his pumpkin addiction Peter had a wife but couldn't ______ KEEPER
Idris assault victim avers and avows " Able was I ere I saw ____ !".....ELBA
Armored vessel....WORSHIP

Sorry couldn't stop myself. Post Valentine's 💝 day chocolate and sugar high. 🙊

Boomer you bowled us over 🎳

Anonymous said...

Easy solve, but I wasn't looking for STEAL, even with the reveal.
I used to use Tang to clean my dishwasher.
New Jersey was known for its diners. Some are great, and others not so great.
I never heard of Ali Wong.
I tried to make some business calls today and then I realized it is a holiday. This is the earliest date that Presidents Day can be, the third Monday in February.
My students liked R.L. Stine's Goosebumps. The girls read all the Baby Sitters Club books. And then they were all, boys and girls, into Harry Potter.
There doesn't seem to be much to say today. I guess that is why so few have posted.

NaomiZ said...

Today's puzzle was an enjoyable romp for me. I grasped the theme and was able to use it to my advantage. My daughter was an avid reader of R.L. Stine's "Goosebumps" books in her youth. I have a business associate who POCKET DIALs me more often than he calls on purpose. It does make me wonder if our clients also get calls like that! Unlikely that I'll ever know the ANSWER. Thank you, Stella, for the puzzle, Rich for editing, and Boomer for the lighthearted tour. Stay safe, Cornerites!

TTP said...

National news reported earlier today that about 2 million people in Texas were without power, and that rolling outages would be experienced throughout the day as crews worked to restore power.

Desper-otto has a whole house generator, so he probably has power, but may not have internet services.

C.C.'s crossword puzzle, "Qr Reader" that M. Manatee is referring to can be found at the Merriam-Webster site.

Becky said...

I have gotten my two shots as of yesterday. CSUN. In both instances I got the shot in five minutes then waited 15 minutes to see if there were any effects. Never had to get out of the car. No side effects. Although I was feeling pretty tired in the afternoon, but perhaps that was due to a glass of wine with lunch and a longish uphill hike with the kids and grandkids. Who, by the way, are letting us into the house now. Since both children are in day care and preschool it was for our own protection. Jamie gets his second one on Wednesday. He has to park and stand in line, though. At the Balboa Sports complex where people are coming from as far away as Brentwood in case they have any leftovers at the end of the day. Boy.


Becky said...

did anyone see the interview with Soleil on the Today Show. Youngest woman to ever get her Xword published in the NYTimes. I think she was 17 when it was accepted. Today is her 18th BD. Boomer, wonderful write up, as always, Thanks to everyone who contributes to this site.


Wilbur Charles said...

There's another FLEET, shudder

Anxious to see what a LAYETTE is.

No, if the ENDS are justified by the means then the means justify the ENDS.

Smooth sailing today. Didn't know PINCH GRIP. One certainly can be "Grown-up" but not MATURE.


AnonymousPVX said...

Nice Monday puzzle, no issues.

I don’t think I’d be ready to go out after one shot. Everything I read says you’re not really safe until 3-4 weeks after the second, and even then masks are still required. I’m as cabin feverish as anyone but I wouldn’t be taking any chances. Bowling will always be there. But you do you.

Otherwise, Stay safe.

AnonDon said...

I got my second covid vaccine shot last Monday ( group 1-B 75 and over ). Carteret County NC is doing a great job getting the vaccine to the people. I still wear my mask inside and social distance outside to protect people around me. As my old coach used to say, "Keep your head in the game. Lets not blow it in the ninth inning".

Picard said...

Boomer Good luck with your bowling. We eagerly await your score.

Only got the SWIPE theme when I finished. Amusing. I don't use the kind of phone that could be SWIPEd or that could POCKET DIAL.

I only knew PEASE PORRIDGE from this electronics help column by Bob PEASE>

Learning moment why he called it that. Any of you other electronic nerds remember the Bob PEASE column in Electronic Design Magazine?

DW gave me a last-minute hint for a Valentine's Day gift to put in her LOBEs.

Here are photos of our Valentine's Day adventures. Scroll down to the fifth row to see the LOBE photo.>

Growing up in Maryland we used to get lots of CICADAs periodically. Fascinating. The birds had a feast and we kids collected their shed shells. Somewhere I must have a photo.

I have never understood the concept of ACT OF GOD.

Hungry Mother said...

FIR, without noticing the theme. Nice to get a call-out of “The Wire.”

Picard said...

From Yesterday and Before:
Wilbur Charles, Becky, WA Seeley, PK Thank you for taking the time to look at my octopus video with my UNICYCLE partner Danielle and her son Charles. I was in awe of how Charles could find an octopus in the tidepools that I have been going to for decades. It was such a treat to hold it.

We don't have Netflix and it is frustrating there seems to be no way to by a DVD of The Octopus Teacher that everyone has been telling me about. I find streaming to be so infuriatingly frustrating I refuse to sign up for streaming services.

PK Thank you also for looking at my MONO Lake photos. You asked a question about the Tufa formations.

Here is a good explanation of the Tufa Formations at MONO LAKE with more beautiful photos.

As NaomiZ explained there is as much politics as geophysics involved in these formations. It has to do with water diversions to Los Angeles. I believe the movie "Chinatown" deals with the sordid history. The reason I have not seen that movie in its entirety is another story.

Ron in LA said...

Also add uey to the dead letter file while you are at it.

Bob Lee said...

I'm surprised no one mentioned this. Here in NY, I've always heard it as BUTT DIAL instead of Pocket Dial since many keep the phone in their back pocket.

Funniest--yesterday my wife couldn't find her phone. Looked in her coat and her car, but no, so I called it. Heard it ringing as she fumbled with her coat again. "It's in there!" I said. Nope. Maybe there's a hole in the pocket and it slipped into the lining? Nope.

Called again and heard it. Moved my head around, then down. LOL. It was in her back pocket! Then I said, "Alexa, where are my glasses?" "On your head!" [If you haven't seen the SNL skit for Amazon Echo for seniors, you must!]

Husker Gary said...

-A very nice way to start the week from our power lifter/singer Stella!
-Margaret to Hawkeye while she is changing a tire on their jeep, “The least you could do is get out of the jeep!” Hawkeye replies as he jumps out, “Never let it be said that I didn’t do the LEAST I COULD DO!”
-Ken Jennings doesn’t have the “It quality” that Alex did.
-REF – Ask a KC Chief fan about the Super Bowl
-TANG was not made for astronauts but it got a big boost when NASA sent it into orbit
-Idris and lingerie give Napoleon’s exile island and Ms. Korbut the day off
-ENDS JUSTIFY THE MEANS - A Machiavellian idea
-REST – The pause in Monday, Monday is very dramatic. “You’ll find me cryin’ all of the time………REST………,Monday Monday…

Misty said...

Delightful puzzle, Stella--many thanks. And I always enjoy your commentaries, Boomer.

Didn't get the theme until I saw Boomer's explanation--very clever. Not many names, but I got ELBA and actually remembered MAN O' WAR. Nice seeing an ORCHID this morning.

Have a great day week coming up, everybody.

Lucina said...


Happy Presidents' Day! February was almost a vacation month when I was in school. We were off on the 14th for Statehood Day, the 12th for Lincoln's birthday and the 22nd for Washington's birthday. Somewhere in there was also the start of the Rodeo with a parade.

Thank you, Stella and Boomer! The puzzle was mostly quick until the last themer when I went looking for LEFT instead of SWIPE in the long fill. Oh, SWIPE!

Butt DIAL is what I have always heard but POCKET DIAL seems more genteel. FBI finally gave me the boost I needed to finish.

A LAYETTE consists of onesies, tiny socks, a blanket or two, a cap and sometimes a rattle or some kind of toy for the newborn baby. The quality and quantity is determined by the price or vice versa. Many different varieties can be found.

Fourth graders devour R.L. STINE's books.

Yes, Ken Jennings is trying hard but he's no Alex. I suppose no one will be.

Have a pleasant day, everyone!

CrossEyedDave said...

Coke b/4 ice,
& it is definitely "butt dialing."
(Around here, pocket dialing sounds more like a euphemism for masterbation ...)

& it has been going on for a long time...

longer than you think...

it's even made its way into popular literature....

Watch this video to learn of all the New ways to touch your phone

As I was typing this,
All my car windows just rolled down by themselves...

SwampCat said...

Interesting puzzle today. Thanks Stella. I still don't really understand the theme, but no problem. I also had trouble with STRUCK for abundance.

Boomer, thanks for walking us through.

Owen, you are on a roll! BTW, we have SOIRÉES in New Orleans, too. I’m sure C Eh will be willing to share!

Picard, I’ve always thought an ACT OF GOD is an event no mere mortal can be blamed for. That is, no one can sue! But I come from a family of lawyers .

It’s freezing here. TTP, I-Ten is closed in places because of the ice. No, I don’t want to hear about the snow piling up to roof tops! In cold weather, we stay home. Maybe it’s just as well a Mardi Gras is cancelled.

Stay safe!

waseeley said...

Thank you Stella for this Monday romp, which despite its seeming ease, I nevertheless FIW. For the want of one NASTY NATICK blocking the entrance I would have FIR.

And thank you as always Boomer and I'm rooting for you at the lanes. Make sure you suit up and keep your distance from the other bowlers, as they may not yet have gotten any pricks.

I'm usually a THEME SCOFFER, but this time it might have helped me into a PINCH. Didn't know Ms Wong's first name, or even that she was a she. My initial WAG, soothed on by ALOE was ALI, but then I abandoned her when I got to "Test of hand strength", opting for PUNCHGRIP (and hence ALU). Reasoned that PINCHGRIP would be a "Test of finger strength", but didn't stop to consider how one would test the strength of a clenched fist.

The rest of it was a smooth sail. But as one whose only interest in "tinder" is for starting fires, I just ignite. I only swipe "right" and then only with Dw. Fun puzzle and thanks again.


unclefred said...

Picard, “Act of God” is a way for insurance companies to get out of paying for damage to what you THOUGHT you paid them money to insure against damage.

Anonymous said...

To Boomer:

" I was not around for that Derby, were you ? "

Neither was Man O' War. He did not run in the Kentucky Derby because his owner believed that distance was too long for his age.

Thanks for another great writeup!


unclefred said...

Beautiful Monday CW, thanx, Stella! My old eyes misread 9A as “Avoid falling” instead of “Avoid failing”, and it wasn’t until perps filled it that I stared harder at the clue. Only write-over OSSA:OSSO. I very much enjoyed this CW! And your terrific write-up, Boomer, thanx. The pocket dial brings to mind again my iPhone setting up a videoconference on Facebook last week all on its own. Something I have no clue how to do!! Don’t know what a LAYETTE is, all perps. One more week until my second jab.

Wilbur Charles said...

Lucina, Mass and NH get a whole week off in Feb. Different weeks so each set could visit Ski slopes separately.

Thanks for the LAYETTE info.

CED, there's a way to do that on the BMW

I'm scheduled for my first vaccine shot at VA tomorrow


Wilbur Charles said...

The OBESE NERO Wolfe grew ORCHIDS on the roof of his Manhattan Brownstone.

Caps for the recent appearances at CC

staili said...

I really liked this puzzle. A nice, smooth Monday. I think I may have gotten my fastest time ever!

ATLGranny said...

Found C.C.'s QR puzzle and enjoyed doing it on my phone. Saw your helpful link later, TTP. Glad you're back. Thanks to MalMan too for the original head's up.

Vidwan827 said...

Thank you CED for the video on New Ways to touch your Apple Iphone. That info is full of serious detail, and unnecessary possibilites. Not only am I scared, I think it is high time I got something else for my phone , like a Galaxy. Or a landline.

I thought a Layette was something a lady basketball player would do. A determined cager could layette on the line.
I better start remembering Ali Wong, since Muhammad A- is apparently now considered passe' in CwDs.

Thank you Picard on the Tufa formations on Mono lake. That webpage has a whopping lot of info on brine shrimp, birds, geology and whatnot, on a lake I hadn't even heard of ten days ago.

BTW, insurance companies DO cover ACTS OF GOD, like Storms, Lightning, thunder, Hail and snow and other weather related damages.
Only Earthquakes and Floods may require special additional rider coverage. Those particular 'Acts of God' are prone to certain areas, which are somewhat predictable and the damages can be catastrophic.

BTW, the Ohio Supreme Court has set a precedent, by declaring that you cannot sue a property owner for slipping on sheet of ice, or show pile, in their front yard or pavement. It is considered an Act of God etc. A dozen lawyers in each city will now have to hang up their shingles.

CrossEyedDave said...


I googled, but could not find any info on Ohio Supreme Court,
Acts of god, and property owners, ice slips etc...
(Hmm, stupid spell check, refuses to automatically capitalize "God")
But it would seem to me, that after so many days,
Unless the property owner was incapacitated, that it would be negligence not to clear
A sidewalk. However, since the first 8 feet of property by the curb is an easement owned
By the town to build public sidewalks on private property, it is the towns fault, and therefore
You should be able to...

(Hmm, is see now why CC banned politics from the Blog)

Jayce said...

I enjoyed this puzzle and all your comments.

SwampCat said...

Texans, are y’all okay!?? I’m seeing awful things on TV. I still have power... so far.

TXMs said...

Hi, SwampCat @6:06p. Somehow, I'm one of the lucky ones - family and a friend not so. I've been more worried about frozen pipes in the attic of this 70yo house than I was about electricity. It seems it's hit-or-miss down here. The friend lives 3 miles from me. My nephew/family who live in suburban Clear Lake have power, while a Space City Weather meteorologist who emails a daily report and lives in League City (3 miles away), has been w/o power since 2am. Another friend in Spring (25 miles away) has power but no water. I'm sure as TTP mentioned, Tom has his generator but no internet. Maybe Tony doesn't have either? Anyway, thanks, SwampCat for checking in on us. Stay warm, wherever y'all are. My brother who lives in IA near the MN border called and said they have a high of -10 with a wind chill of -40. Northerners must have blood that is 5/20 weight - don't know how y'all do it!

Please dont Vex Us in Texas said...

Report from Dallas Tx. Power has been out for the last 12 hours, temp is +16oF without factoring the wind chill. More cold temps rest of the week.
Solving the crossword provided some cold comfort.
We are all inside, bundled up in blankets. Furnace not working because of power outage.
We are flush with several dozen rolls of toilet paper, but loos aren't working. Fortunately we have stored several carboys of tap water, for drinking and cooking.

Please pray for us, and all of the others in other states.
This too, shall pass.

PK said...

Hi Y'all! Great puzzle, Stella! You got a strike with the expo, thanks, Boomer.

Picard, interesting about the Mono Lake formations. Thanks.

HG & Lucy: I like Ken Jennings on Jeopardy. He's more at ease now than at first & I think he is cute about things. He's not doing so well on the Chase because the hostess reads the clues too slow.

Minus single digit temps here today & more snow. Rolling blackouts in the Kansas City area to conserve electricity have my niece & her friends very nervous. Okay here. I've been plugging draft cracks with cardboard between the exterior doors & frames. Surprised how much that helped overall.