Feb 2, 2021

Tuesday, February 2, 2021 Roger and Kathy Wienberg

Catchphrases:  Each of the starred answers is a catchphrase, although they are not what I would generally consider as such.  Here is a listing of what I think of as being catchphrases.

17-Across. *  Carpe diem: SEIZE THE DAY.

23-Across. *   Be the first to begin: GET A HEAD START.

38-Across. *   Party gifts container: GRAB BAG.

52-Across. *   Act in desperation: GRASP AT STRAWS.

And the unifier:

62-Across. Familiar slogan ... and what each answer to a starred clue is?: CATCHPHRASE.  According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, Catchphrase is defined as (1) word or expression that is used repeatedly and conveniently to represent or characterize a person, group, idea, or point of view; or (2) a slogan.  The first word of each theme answer has a "Catch" component.  [Thanks, Anonymous@6:43.  I missed this completely!]

1. Morse code component: DASH.

5. John Wick, for one: HITMAN.  John Wick is a fictional character is a series of action-thriller films.  He was an orphan taken in by the Russian mafia and trained as an assassin.  John Wick is portrayed by Keanu Reeves (né Keanu Charles Reeves; b. Sept. 2, 1964) in the movies.

11. Wedding reception VIPs: DJs.  As in Disc Jockeys.  We had a live band at our wedding.

14. Puerto Rico, por ejemplo: ISLA.  Today's Spanish lesson.  Puerto Rico is an Island.

15. Blueprint: SCHEMA.  Not a Tuesday word or concept.

16. Legendary bird of prey: ROC.  All your questions of the mythical ROC can be found here.

19. Rap sheet letters: AKA.  As in Also Known As.

20. "Zip your lip!": CAN IT!

21. Lust or greed: SIN.  Two of the Seven Deadly Sins.  The other five are: Sloth, Envy, Pride, Wrath, and Gluttony.

22. "And how!": AMEN.  An interesting history of the word Amen.

27. Hug: EMBRACE.

29. Mom's mom: NANA.  We called my mom's mom Nana.  Dad's mom was called Grammy.

30. Extended pd. away from work: LOA.  As in a Leave oAbsence.

31. Notable period: ERA.

33. Commercial charge: AD FEE.

37. U.K. network: BBC.  As in the British Broadcasting Corporation.  The BBC dates back almost 100 years.

41. Coffee dispenser: URN.

42. Invite for: ASK TO.

44. Aggregate: SUM.

45. Container cover: LID.

What my Tupperware lid drawer looks like.

46. Escape clauses: OUTS.  An Escape Clause in a contract, sometimes known as a Clawback, is a clause that lets a party out of the terms of the contract without a penalty.

They had an Escape tunnel.  Of course, there was a fatal penalty if they were caught.

49. Letters in alphabet soup: NOODLES.  Yummers!

56. Retinal cells: RODS.  Today's anatomy lesson.

57. Fannie or Ginnie follower: MAE.  Fannie Mae is short for the Federal National Mortgage Association.  Ginnie Mae is short for the Government Mortgage Association.  Mae was the name of both my grandmother and hubby's grandmother.

58. Silently understood: TACIT.

61. Dismissal metaphor, with "the": AXE.

65. A-lister: VIP.  As in a Very Important Person.

66. Wind instruments: FLUTES.

67. Biter on a pooch: FLEA.

68. Nonetheless: YET.  Any Yet, ...

69. Corporate jet maker: CESSNA.  You, too, can own a Cessna.

70. Hide partner: SEEK.

1. Frisbee, for one: DISC.  The Frisbee started out as a pie pan.

2. Befuddled: ASEA.

3. Shoe with a strap that nearly encircles the ankle: SLINGBACK.

4. More smoke-filled: HAZIER.

5. FDR's successor: HST.  Harry S Truman (May 8, 1884 ~ Dec. 26, 1972) became the 33rd American President upon the death of Franklin Delano Roosevelt (Jan. 30, 1882 ~ Apr. 12, 1945).  

6. German pronoun found in half of Munich?: ICH.  This clue made me laugh:  Munich.

7. What we have here: THESE.

8. Highway divider: MEDIAN.  Concrete medians are cropping up all over my city.

9. Actress Seales of "Insecure": AMANDA.  Insecure is an HBO comedy series.  Apparently, Amanda Ingrid Seales (b. July 1, 1981) caused a bit of a scandal over an Emmy after-party.

10. Opposing vote: NAY.

11. Emmy category: DRAMA.

12. Phoenix's 2019 Best Actor role: JOKER.  Joaquin Rafael Phoenix (b. Oct. 28, 1974) portrayed the Joker in the movie of the same name.  I opted not to seek this film.

13. Few and far between: SCANT.

18. "At Last" singer James: ETTA.  Etta James (née Jamesetta Hawkins; Jan. 25, 1938 ~ Jan. 20, 2012) makes frequent guest appearances in the puzzles.

22. Hardly any: A TAD.

24. Taiwanese PC maker: ACER.  I learned of this computer manufacturer from doing the crossword puzzles

25. Queen of Olympus: HERA.  Hera is the queen of the Greek gods.  //  And 40-Down. Eros, in Rome: AMOR.  Mythological gods of love.

26. Reel trouble: SNAG.

27. Napoleon's 1814 place of exile: ELBA.  When Napoleon was exiled on St. Helena, there may have been a plot to rescue him by submarine.

28. Unruly crowds: MOBS.

32. Tummy muscles: ABS.  As in the Abdominal muscles.

34. Comprehensive: FULL SCALE.

35. Shallowest Great Lake: ERIE.  And a shout out to our dear friend, Abejo.

36. Goals: ENDS.

38. Rise, as prices: GO UP.

39. Batter's job in a squeeze play: BUNT.

43. Discard: TOSS.

47. Husk-wrapped cantina food: TAMALE. CSO to Lucina!

48. Something to update on Facebook: STATUS.

50. Solemn vow: OATH.

51. "Whistle While You Work" septet: DWARFS.

52. Turkey topper: GRAVY.

53. "Chicago" showgirl Hart: ROXIE.

54. Highly skilled: ADEPT.

55. Splinter groups: SECTS.

59. Understanding words: I SEE.

60. Hardwood tree: TEAK.  Everything you wanted to know about Teak Trees.

62. Ozone-depleting chemical: CFC.  As in Chlorofluorocarbon, which is actually a class of chemical made up of Carbon, Hydrogen, Chlorine and Florine.

63. Farm layer: HEN.

64. Free TV spot: PSA.  As in a Public Service Announcement.

Here's the Grid:


P.S.: Thank You, Chefwan!!

Stay safe, everyone. I see the snow is still falling this morning in many parts of the country. I guess the groundhog didn't see his shadow this morning, so maybe spring will come early this year.

Happy Ground Hog Day!


Hungry Mother said...

FIR with help from the theme. No pain, all gain.

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

John Wick was the only unknown in this one. It came together quickly, no Wite-Out required. Yay. Thanx, Roger, Kathy, and Hahtoolah.

SIN / BBC: Last night we watched this weekend's episode of the BBC's All Creatures Great and Small, featuring a prime example of the sin of gluttony -- Mrs. Pumphrey's not-so-little Tricki-Woo.

Anonymous said...

6:01 to finish.
Seize, grab, grasp -- all have the catch component, but "Get (a head start)" seems like an outlier. Overall, a good Tuesday puzzle.

Hahtoolah said...

Good Morning, crossword friends. I hope everyone is safe, sound and warm from the massive snow storm. So much snow in just a few hours in so many places.

Thank you, Anonymous at 6:43. I missed the "Catch", as in didn't "GET" the catch component of the theme answers! I guess I was too focused on trying to figure out how they were catch phrases.

QOD: There go the people. I must follow them, for I am their leader. ~ Alexandre Ledru-Rollin (né Alexandre Auguste Ledru-Rollin; Feb. 2, 1807 ~ Dec. 31, 1874), French Politician

ATLGranny said...

Well this was fun, and a FIR as well! I got the theme after the reveal. The long themers sped up the fill so much. Carpe diem is my motto these days. I did have some WOs, as usual: aimS before the perps wanted ENDS and Fang was my pooch biter before FLEA. I liked seeing FLUTE instead of oboe for a change. I grumbled when I filled in ICH. It's not half of the German population. OK, I get ICH and Du (you), but what about Er (he) and Sie (she)? Then I understood. The last half of the word MunICH. Groan! Thanks to Roger and Kathy for an enjoyable puzzle. Hope to see another soon. And thanks, Hahtoolah, for the many explanations and smiles today.

No NANAs in my family. I had Grandma Mac and Grandma Bell instead. Looks like the ATL groundhog will see his shadow today. Hope you all are doing well.

Madame Defarge said...

Just lost my entire post. GRRR!

Thank you Kathy, Roger and Hahtoolah. Fun!

Happy Ground Hog Day. Stay safe.

Vidwan827 said...

Thank you Mr. and Ms. Weinberg for a nice and easy puzzle, and Thank you, Hahtoolah for your cartoon filled review.
Once I saw the cartoons cascading, I knew who was the lion tamer in the blog circus. I can't even decide which is my favorite cartoon.. maybe the baby elephant born from the egg ...

When I finally got Schema, the first thing I thought of was the Shema O Yisrael. Not to be sacrilegious or disrespectful, but they sound so alike. Although. I had not heard of schema before, I am very familiar with the schematic diagrams, in engineering, etc. I wonder if the word, 'scheme', follows the etymology as well.
Without going into politics, I remember a slogan from long ago, 'Dr. King had a dream, Jesse has a scheme'.

Regarding rescuing Napoleon from St. Helena, I didn't know they had invented submarines, at that time period.

I think, muslims use the word Ameen, as somewhat equivalent to Amen.
Ameen or Amin actually means truthful, firm and faithful.(Wiki)

Why do we say 'Amen', and not 'Awomen' ?

Because it comes at the end of a hymn, not a her ....

Finally, on an inspiring note ...
Regarding your QOD on Leaders ... When a Good leader achieves something, for his country, the people say,' Look at what he has achieved for Us !' .... but when a Great leader achieves something for his country, the people say,'Look at what we have managed to achieve, by ourselves'.

From Macchivelli's, 'The Prince', quoted in 'The secret of Santa Victoria', novel by Robert Crichton.

Have a nice day, all, and may you'all get shot as soon as your age appropriate quota arrives.

Wilbur Charles said...

I sped through this Monday of a Tuesday xword. Yesterday was a Wednesday. I was bit by FLEA, I think I inked fang as ATL did.

I got lost in Hahtoolah's links. We have such varied and clever writer-uppers. I think I noticed the CATCH synonyms , I didn't analyze.

I used SECTS in my tale of Pastor Buzz* in yesterday's J-blog.


* I explained it not knowing if folk would catch on.

Malodorous Manatee said...

As with others, FIR with help from the theme although the app tells me that I took substantially longer than what a Tuesday solve "usually" takes. SCHEMA crossed with AMANDA Seales (I can run the board on Jeopardy except for Pop Culture and The Bible) caused some of the head scratching. It was nice to see ELBA clued with a Napoleon reference instead of the trendy Idris.

Many thanks to The Wienbergs (my mother had cousins of that name) and Hahtoolah for a great start to yesterday (the puzzle) and today (the recap). Cats as model sinners. I guess that I should have known that all along.

Tinbeni said...

Hahtoolah: Very informative write-up & links.

Learned the name of a ladies shoe at SLINGBACK ... always a plus to learn while you solve.

Well it is "Florida Freezing" today with a "High" of 54 degrees.

Should be 68 degrees at "Kick-Off" on Sunday.
Hopefully the "Cold Front" will be by (with it's 80% chance of rain).

GO BUC's !!!


Anonymous said...

What does "FIR" mean? And other abbreviations used here.

desper-otto said...

Anon@9:42 -- Check out this link from the Olio section on the main page of the blog.

Spitzboov said...

Good morning everyone.

Started out easier than Monday's but then got into some proper names/clues which had to be perped. ROXIE was an educated guess. Thought the theme flowed from the reveal phrase, but I see Hahtoolah's point. No searches, no wite-OUTS; FIR.
ERIE's average depth is only 60'; it's greatest depth is 212'. It is the only Great Lake whose deepest point is above sea level. Because of its shallowness, on average, 95% freezes over during Winter. It is also the 2nd smallest Great Lake in area at 9900 sq. mi.
ICH - My German fix, but I agree with ATLGranny about the groan quotient. My parents spoke L. German at home, so I heard "ik" a lot.
DWARFS - 'Dwarves' is also permissible.

Have a good day.

Legal mumbo jumbo said...

Without trying to argue with an esteemed lawyer, I would humbly differ on the point that an Escape Clause, as being equivalent to a Clawback.

A clawback, as I would understand it is a provision by which an employer can force a partial of full, repayment on an apparent overpayment to an employee, for either poor performance on the part of the employee, or fraud or misconduct, or bankruptcy, or malfeasance. I would think that this does not require an explicit written clause, but would be a part of normal and general corporate and labor law. Torts and unjust enrichment.

Husker Gary said...

-I quickly got a GRIP on the fun theme and enjoyed seeing EMBRACE as a throw-in
-Does anyone else think of Dead Poet’s Society when they hear SEIZE THE DAY?
-Uh, H _ T _ AN made me first think JOHN WICK was an unlikely name for a HATIAN
-Don’t GRASP AT STRAWS when you should just CAN IT
-I’ll be a lot of pro sports owners wish they had an ESCAPE CLAUSE when their overpaid athlete tanks
-I made a cwd friend near London and told him I enjoyed watching the BBC’s The Crown. He said he did too but that a lot of it was made up. Of course that is true just like some of Apollo 13 never happened.
-There must be a code to all my DW’s Tupperware and LIDS. Can’t we get by with just 3 sizes?
-Name that singer - “…and YET, I’ve grown accustomed to her face”
-Dems figured FDR would not last four years and so they dumped “too liberal” VP Henry Wallace and selected HST
-Phil saw his shadow and the wind chill is going to be -20F this week! Sigh…
-Lots of fun, Susan!

CrossEyedDave said...

John Wick has created some of its own catchphrases,
GunFu comes to mind...
The combination of guns, and Kung Fu.

I am sure that this crossword crowd will be pretty ignorant of the whole John Wick franchise,
As it is hard to like a character who is an assassin, and will plunge a knife directly into another
Killer heart, but not remove it so he bleeds to death, "as a professional curtesy..."


If you ever just watch the first movie from the beginning, you will be sucked into feeling sorry
For his character, as he is a retired assassin, who was only forced back into the business when
His beloved car was stolen, and his dog, given to him as a last gift by his deceased wife,
Was killed by a rich idiot.

Another catch phrase created by this franchise, is the Russian words for Boogeyman!

Here is another catchphrase that I wish I remembered to use more often...

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

How nice to see the Weinberg’s byline; it’s been quite awhile since their last appearance. I had no clue about the theme until the reveal, probably because I didn’t pay attention to the asterisks. It was an easy solve with the only unknown being Amanda. Sin next to Amen gave me a chuckle and I liked the double CSO to Lucina at Acer and Tamale. Roger and Kathy certainly brought their A Game today: AKA, Nana, LOA, Schema, Amanda, Era, Flea, Cessna, Asea, Etta, Hera, Elba, and PSA. (My sister’s young ones referred to their grandmothers by the surname: Grammie Meyer and my mother was Grammie Grass, child-speak for McGrath.)

Thanks, Roger and Kathy, for a Tuesday treat and I hope to see you more frequently and thanks, Hahtoolah, for giving us so much humor and eye candy to brighten our day. Your knack for finding so many fitting photos and cartoons is uncanny and very much appreciated.

DO @ 6:41 ~ I just love Tricki-Woo but I’d like to give Tristan a good throttling.

Vidwan827 @ 8:42 ~ I read The Secret of Santa Vittoria many, many years ago and loved it. (I believe there was a movie, as well, but I can’t remember much about the cast.)


Bill G, I’m glad you’re spending some time with your family and hope you’ll continue to be part of the blog family. Sending kind thoughts and a virtual hug!

Have a great day.

Ray - O - Sunshine said...

Found myself having to GRASPATSFRAWS to FIR, more like an end-of-week challenge.

ABS an abbrev? First thought "hide nor hair" (wouldn't perp). Whistle while you work? (Not if you're a glass blower or play the tuba!!)

Had NAY first, so didn't fall into a SCHEMe/A trap. Thought Phoenix's Oscar role was "Johnny Cash" thus the NE was late and last to fill. LOA initials new to me (KEA: Keep Employed Always?)

Alphabet soup noodles would all be lower case L's, upper case I's >, or esses What about the other 23 letters?

Allegedly there is one of those mythical birds on the island of Gibralter.

" Cool Hand Luke "What we have here.......

Sunrise 🌞, when one ____ SEIZETHEDAY
Iran's former leader's Mom's Mom: Shah ____ NANA
Napolean's small exile isle had little _____ room...ELBA 🙄

Hahtoolah, hilarious visuals but the axed/ask was the best...🤣

Our back deck this AM and it's still snowing


Husker Gary said...

-Transferring Joann’s mother to another facility yesterday went as well as it could. Since she has dementia she doesn’t really question (or remember) changes in her circumstances. When she got to the new place, the nurses said she simply remarked, “Well, I guess this is my home now.” Because of Covid we couldn’t see her at all which, ironically, made it easier for Joann as all we could do is transfer some of her items to her new place of residence.

Lucina said...


Hot TAMALE! Thank you for the CSO, Susan, and for the amusement! I'll take another CSO at NANA.

Neither John Wick nor The JOKER are on my WATCH list but easy to suss.

ACER is easy to recall just by glancing at my monitor.

ELBA is also una ISLA and it is surrounded by ASEA.

Renee Zellweger played ROXIE Hart in the movie but I saw Bebe Neuwirth (sp?) play the part on Broadway.

Today I'll drive the 60 miles to the town of Florence for a haircut. Believe me, it's worth it.

Have a beautiful day, everyone, even if you're surrounded by snow! Here we are surrounded by sunshine.

Wilbur Charles said...

Gary, even better: The Redsox should have got a "Clawback" from Pablo (The walking midriff) Sandoval for 2015-17. I suppose every fan has there all-time Clawbacks


Tin is right. It's downright brisk here in FLA today. The phenomenon I call Florida Cold.

Lucina said...

I agree about Trickie-Woo and Tristan! Overweight and overindulged! Callum Woodhouse, who plays Tristan, was also the spoiled son in The Durrells of Corfu. Remember that?

CrossEyedDave said...


and when did "clawback" supersede "The Santy Clause."

NaomiZ said...

Many thanks to Roger and Kathy for the Tuesday treat, and to Hahtoolah (and Anonymous @ 6:43) for helping me GET the "catch" phrases. I checked in especially to learn what LOA means, and also to be educated about the proper plural of DWARF. Hope I'll remember, if I ever have cause to use that word again! Ciao for now.

Alice said...

Easy, fun puzzle today. Hahtoolah, great work!
CrossEyedDave, your “limit of my medication” is one I hope to remember.

Like others I’m enjoying “All Creatures...” and prefer Herriot’s stories to Hitman stories. With Lucinda help I can now recall where I last saw Callum Woodhouse.
RayOSunshine, your re-written clues for today’s fills are very clever and entertaining, but I’d never be able to solve your puzzles.

Spitzboov said...

Re: Creatures - - I avidly watched the earlier series from 1978 - 1990 of All Creatures Great and Small. A little hard to follow the Yorkshire accents, but thoroughly loved the vet's interactions with the farmers. Brought back a lot of memories.
Not into the new series yet, but, we'll see.

AnonymousPVX said...

The Secret of Santa Vittoria...the film...starred Anthony Quinn in a memorable role, I thought the film was quite good.

This Tuesday crossword went quickly.

My son in CT says he has about 18” of snow.

Stay safe.

Misty said...

Delightful Tuesday puzzle, Roger and Kathy--a bit challenging here and there but still very doable. Many thanks. And your pictures are always a delight, Hahtoolah. My favorite was the picture of the alphabet soup--something I never encountered. I figured the letters would be NOODLES, but your image showed us how that worked.

My biggest silly problem was the 'biter on a pooch.' Aren't dogs the biters, I kept thinking. Oh, okay, FLEA. My sweet, late Dusty luckily never had FLEAS. I brushed him every night to make sure of that.

Have a good day, everybody.

Anonymous said...

Hi, fun puzzle, great blog. Just lost my post that I spent at least 40 minutes on. I'll be back later.

unclefred said...

FIR, but took awhile. I keep saying that. I guess I’m slowing down in my old age. Didn’t know JOHNWICK, all perps. Just one WO: SCHEME:SCHEMA. Very nice fun CW, thanx, R&KW!! I even got the theme!! As usual, terrific write-up, thanx, Hahtoolah! U say u didn’t see “Joker”. It was pretty good.

Chairman Moe said...

Puzzling thoughts:

Thanks to the constructors (Roger and Kathy) and re-cap'er (Susan) for a fun-filled puzzle and blog

I "caught" the theme after SEIZE and GRAB fell

SLINGBACK, SCHEMA were foreign to me, but not ICH, as I had a minor in German in college

Cute pics - FULL SCALE and the HEN's egg

CESSNA - was unaware that they had so many corporate jet options

I often wondered why fewer baseball players don't BUNT when the defense has a shift on. Almost invites a single at worst, but alas, too many players these days are only interested in hitting a HR

Write-overs: ARES/AMOR (I missed seeing the "love" part, obviously!), and PDA/PSA for unknown reasons ... although FLUTED might have provided a more interesting clue

Irish Miss said...

Lucina @ 10:31 ~ Thanks for jogging my memory of why Callum Woodhouse looked so familiar to me.

AnonymousPVX @ 11:54 ~ Thanks for confirming my distant memory of Anthony Quinn being in TSOSV. I thought I remembered him in the film, but I wasn’t 100% sure. I don’t remember any other cast members, though.

unclefred @ 1:05 ~ Despite having misgivings after seeing the trailer for Joker, I did watch it and while the subject matter and several scenes were more than disturbing, Joaquin Phoenix’s performance was so powerful, I didn’t regret my decision.

CanadianEh! said...

Terrific Tuesday. Thanks for the fun, Roger and Kathy, and Hahtoolah.
I FIRed and Caught the theme. (Yes, HG I too thought EMBRACE was an Easter Egg to the theme.

I had MCS before DJS, and Cap IT before CAN.
ICH was a lightbulb moment.
The unknown AMANDA perped.

Spitzboov- so far this winter, Lake Erie is only about 0.3% frozen. Lots of chance for lake-effect snow.

Lucina, my appointment for a haircut today had to be cancelled because we are in lockdown - barbers and hairdressers not allowed to be open. I went 147 days back in the spring between haircuts. Hopefully not that long this time🙁

Wishing you all a great day.

Spitzboov said...

Here is yesterday's: ice coverage on the lower Great Lakes. . Ice covered area usually maximizes around the end of February. Right now the only significant coverage on L. Erie is in the lee of Long Point and west of Pelee Island towards Toledo.

Ol' Man Keith said...

Fun PZL!
And thanks, Hahtoolah, for posting the code & reminding me how to do my name in Morse. I learned some as a Boy Scout, but forgot everything but "E" and "SOS."
Now I can do "KEITH" again.
But I never understood how coders know when one letter ends and another begins.
When I hear passages in code in movies I can't detect any pause between letters.
Can someone tell me if there is a pause, and I'm just missing it?

When I was about 4 years old, a grownup cousin and his friend came to visit my parents.
Our visitors were in Army uniform, home on leave. (1943.)
We all sat in the living room. As a demo (or a gag?) he two guys carried on a conversation for several minutes in Morse Code. I was enthralled. What strange language were they speaking?!

Misty ~ My only overwrite was also 67A. Before FLEA I had FANG.
I'm with you regarding our dogs and those lil' pesky pests. None of our guys have ever had a flea. We don't brush them every day, but we keep them "generally" clean.
I just don't think Orange County (CA) dogs attract FLEAs.
They're just above all that.
I can't speak for cats, mind you.
. A three-way on the near side. The central diagonal offers an anagram (13 of 15 letters) about children capable of flying "through the air with the greatest of ease," the...

Anonymous T said...

Hi All! 

Thanks Roger & Kathy for the nice Tuesday grid. 

Thanks for the sparkly expo, Hahtoolah.  I always enjoy the comics & QODs. 

WO: Freddie MAc
: Squeeze Play; the most exciting play in baseball. 

In databases, we use SCHEMA which describes the structure /layout of the database's tables and how they connect.  Example

Bill G - glad you stopped in last night; nice to know it's not always lonely.

My LID drawer.  You can see all my buckets are mostly left-over take-out bins. 

CED - DW hates watching action movies with me.  I start pacing and my heart-rate goes way up.  Your clip was almost too much :-)

Fun DR, OMK.

Cheers, -T

Lucina said...

I understand perfectly why your DW doesn't want to watch action movies with you. I never did either but I loved to cuddle so it was a compromise.

Where I go for a haircut is not a salon, but a home. My stylist "retired" and sold his former salon. Now he converted a room in his house to accommodate haircutting and only one customer at a time is ever there. Going every two months is not too inconvenient but today the traffic was much heavier than usual. I do believe winter visitors are here! On top of that, the road was closed down to one lane so we inched along most of the way. Once reaching the freeway I could sail home.

Before I left I called about an appointment for the covied-19 vaccine and got one! It's been a rough road until now. I'll go on the 22nd for the first one.

Anonymous T said...

I see my Lid drawer link was broken. I was logging into a WebEx as I hit Publish.
//That meeting went on way too long :-)

Lucina - Good news re: vax!

C, Eh! - I know you're a female and it's different but I went >6mo w/o my Covid-haircut. I looked like Animal :-)

Cheers, -T

Terry said...

Finished it right, I think 🤔

LEO III said...

Had an easy romp through today’s puzzle. Printed it out around midnight and thought I’d just make a quick run through the clues to see what was happening, before getting some sleep. Next thing I knew, I had FIR! Love it when that happens, which is not very often.

Thanks, Roger, Kathy and Hahtoolah!

MEDIAN --- In far (and somewhat desolate) West Texas, it’s called a BAR DITCH, as in, “If they didn’t want us to turn around in the BAR DITCH, they shouldn’t have put it there!”

LOVED the pictures of the Seven Deadly Sins. SLOTH and GLUTTONY run rampant here, with a side of GREED and WRATH tossed in for good measure.

FLN: -T, I did Google BORAT, and (as I usually do) spent quite a bit of time working my way through various web pages. I even ended up on this page:

List of Countries and Dependencies by Area

How’d I get THERE??? Had to learn more about Kazakhstan (a very lengthy Wiki article), which somehow eventually led me to the “List of...” page. I often get off on these types of tangents, which is one of the reasons I’m so late getting to the Corner.

Jayce said...

Thanks to Roger & Kathy Wienberg for a neato puzzle and to Hahtoolah for a nifty write-up.

Spitzboov said...

LEO III - - Re: Tangents. An hour ago, I started off searching how to spell 'leeve' (means 'dear' in L. German.)
Not many leaps later i came across this Landing and living on a U.S. Navy Aircraft Carrier - A Sailor's Life. It's about the carrier Truman (5d HST). 22 minutes of arm-chair living in today's Navy. Sailors from Michigan are highlighted, and there is some fine footage of harbors and at-sea vistas.

Vidwan827 said...

Question:: If SchemA doesn't work, for some reason,..... do they go on to SchemB ?

Spitzboov, I really respect your nautical and meteorology knowledge, but I think predicting the % of maximum ice coverage, on any lake, let alone Lake Erie, is very chancy, almost random. I have lived next door, to Lake Erie, for over >40 years, and I am no closer to the truth.

Here is a professional Article that discusses this, very question., about the lake freezing, over the years.

As the article shows, they are expecting much less than 80% coverage, this year, 2021, ... and sometimes the coverage has been less than 20 percent.

Also. despite the fact that Lake Erie, is rather shallow, on a comparative basis, many american iron ore ships, over > 21,000 DWT, have floundered in the lake, where typhoon like conditions can sometimes, cause over 35 ft waves.

The SS Edmund Fitzgerald, and how she sank, Nov 10, 1975, Lake Superior to Lake Erie

and the song, The Wreck of the SS Edmund Fitzgerald , by Gordon Lightfoot, youtube

good night all.

OwenKL said...

Slept in this morning. Usually if I do, I just toss my poems for the day, but I need to do something to break that habit, so here, very late, are some verses.

He started out as an assassinating HIT-MAN
But changed his STATUS to counterfeit bag-man.
He kept treasury police
Away with palms greased,
So if they showed up, he'd just say, "HI, T-MAN!"

JOKER liked to add theatrical DRAMA
To all of his heists, as a charmer!
But it gave A HEAD START
For Batman to depart
And apprehend him, applying his Karma!

{A, B.}

Spitzboov said...

Vidwan re: predicting. I totally agree. I was quoting the average cover, not predicting it for a specific year. Each winter season is unique and has its own sequence of events.

Lucina said...

I got so tired of looking for lost lids to match their containers that one day I emptied the whole drawer, sorted them, matched them and now I keep them together, lid w/container and threw out the unmated ones. Life is so much easier!

Tonight we held our annual HOA meeting and as usual we the Board members were the only ones in attendance. It's a weird thing. We can't motivate other owners to attend meetings though we've tried many ways to lure them: refreshments, ice cream socials, lunches, raffles, giveaways (one month's free assessment) various demonstrations and speakers. Nothing. Nada. I believe we have the most uninterested residents in the county. Our community consists of 57 units. If anyone has a magic effect, please tell me!

Anonymous T said...

Lucina - unless my HOA fee goes up by more than 5%, I've other things to do. Most of the HOA folks are busybodies I wouldn't want to associate with anyway (or they would call out that new gate I just put in!). P
lease note, I'm not saying you're of that ilk, just in my experience from years ago.

Ah, yes the lid drawer. 2x a year I pull out everything. Bucket doesn't match a lid, I TOSS it; same with lids that don't match buckets.

Shifting gears...

I just got off the phone w/ Mom. I do love her but... How can she understand so much about bee genetics (she has 15 hives and that's mostly what we talked about) but thinks Bill Gates is putting HIV in covid vaccines? She told of one story she knows (saw on Facebook, I'm sure) that a quick Google pulled up every detail (nurse's name, etc.) debunking it (source: Reuters).
"They [Reuters] should just stick to finance."

{A+, B - go w/ #BatKarma in 5th & Wayne mentioned in 4th line to tie it back. #$0.02 :-)}

Cheers, -T

Lucina said...

We are five HOA board members who simply discuss the financial health of the community, plan and execute projects to better our surroundings and attend to repairs. One of our underground pipes sprang a leak that went unnoticed for a month, leaked millions of gallons of water and cost $18,000. That's what we do. No gossip.

One younger person just joined the HOA and there is another youngish one but we worry that as we age, who will replace us?