Jun 8, 2012

Friday, June 8, 2012, Peter Koetters

Theme: AX me no questions and I will tell you no lies. Each of the three theme answers is a familiar phrase with one of the words chopped open and AX is inserted creating an entirely new phrase and visual image. No J's but a very fun Friday and our first 2012 puzzle from a constructor whose May 2011 debut, I had the pleasure of writing up where he replaced DDs with ZZs. He is the LA based pediatrician who stopped by to visit with us. The unifier here is also a visual clue, so lets see what we have today.

19A. What the Easter Bunny has to report to the IRS? : TAXABLE HOPPING. Table hopping morphs into a confrontation between two powerful institutions.

29A. Sitcom about a family of Dresden residents raised by a single parent? : MY THREE SAXONS. An easy one if you recall this STATE in Germany and the old Fred MacMurray TV series.

38A. Bison spa service during bikini season : BUFFALO WAXING. What a visual! Miss Bison laying back to smooth those lines. Peter, all that from a little chicken wing dipped in hot sauce. What an imagination! And the unifier:

51A. Make peace, and a hint to how 19-, 29- and 38-Across were formed : BURY THE HATCHET. Again, you see the hatchet (AX) being buried in each answer. A tight theme, not as extensive as some but I found them all well done. On with the rest....


1. Ignition charge? : ARSON. Not car starting, but illegal fires, very tricky way to begin the day.

6. Yahoo : BOOR. Okay, we are doing a Friday and nothing is easy. Not the company, but the company you do not want to keep.

10. Set-designing initials? : RCA. Okay Peter, now we have a hidden reference to TV sets; we may be here a while.

13. Sierra ___ : LEONE. Our GEOGRAPHY lesson. It had to be this or Madre.

14. Bouncer in an empty bar? : ECHO. Another great clue and we just started, not some big out of luck football player, but sound.

15. Canvas : POLL. Our political question for this election year.

16. "Eight Elvises" artist : ANDY WARHOL. Where did he get his titles?

18. Wind among the reeds : OBOE.

21. Attendee : GOER.

22. Maid's aid : DUSTER. Feather?

23. Entertained : HOSTED.

27. Loaded candy : PEZ. We can dispense with any comments to this clue.

28. Run through : USE. Do not worry, I will never run through all the bad puns in my head.

33. Bit of a loaded conversation? : SLUR. Oh my, the man is on fire; you see the speaker is loaded, and is therefore slurring. More visuals.

34. Purse : BAG. He slipped in an actual easy one.

35. Those, in Badajoz : ESOS. Spanish, from a province in Spain. Colorful.

43. Dribbler's protection : BIB. Also good for our friend from 33A.

45. Of the people : LAY. Not of the clergy. Nothing DF here.

46. Shakespearean playground retort? : ART NOT. Amst too! Wonderful twist on an old clue.

47. Infielder's claim : I GOT IT. My father taught us to say that so we would not run into each other, but one day when I was about 7 and the ball was very high and I yelled "I got it, I think I got it." he and my Uncle rolled on the ground.

49. Gumbo ingredient : OKRA.

56. Track assignment : LANE.

57. "Lawrence of Arabia" Oscar nominee : OMAR SHARIF. Wonderful MOVIE. (4:42)

59. Blowups: Abbr. : ENLS. Enlargements.

60. "Check it out, José" : MIRA. More Spanish, I think it means "see."

61. "The Beauty Myth" author Wolf : NAOMI. No comment as she is quite RADICAL.

62. Utter : SAY.

63. H, R or E, e.g. : STAT. istic. Hits Runs Errors, some baseball for our leader.

64. Newark's county : ESSEX. The New jersey version, home to the Devils who staved off elimination in the Stanley Cup finals.


1. Cookbook words : A LA. Mode or carte?

2. Lease stipulation : RENT. Tricky, but one must pay rent.

3. Fountain order : SODA. So simple it was hard.

4. Stone seen in Mammoth Cave National Park : ONYX. The world's largest cave system in Kentucky. Hey Windhover, how are the babies? Ewe okay?

5. Deepak Chopra follower, perhaps : NEW AGER. WE have recently discussed this speaker, but do you like this answer next to the next clue?

6. Golden Age TV star : BERLE. Uncle MILTIE. (3:58 ) The old comedian who loved to wear dresses but was famous for his morel.

7. Pigment used in cave paintings : OCHER. An old pigment still popular in painting, I think.

8. We're in for it now!" : OH OH. My LINK.

9. Place to find contacts : ROLODEX. Are they still in use?

10. Pfizer cough medicine : ROBITUSSIN. My cough medicine.

11. Imitations : CLONES. But I buy the CVS knock off.

12. Cheerful, in Chihuahua : ALEGRE. More Spanish but do not say she is a "una mujer de vida alegre."

15. Boston ___ : POPS. How many of you recall the conductor from a few months ago?

17. Digs, so to speak : ABODE.

20. "The Sicilian" author : PUZO. Mario of Godfather fame.

23. Lord Nelson's ___ Victory : HMS. His SHIP.

24. Olive with hardly any fat : OYL. Popeye's eye candy.

25. With unbending will : STUBBORNLY.

26. Road sign shortening : THRU. Not the road, the word.

27. When doubled, a Polynesian capital : PAGO. Capital of American Samoa, pronounced Pongo Pongo.

30. Bidding site : EBAY.

31. Bando of the '60s-'70s Athletics : SAL. Third baseman.

32. Proximate : NEXT.

36. Beatle lover : ONO. Notice it is not plural; she did not love the band.

37. U.S. Army E-5 : SGT. This SGT? (0:52) How fitting.

39. Move like a dragonfly : FLIT. used to be a pejorative term.

40. Grasps : FATHOMS. Good word for doing puzzles, for all the deep thinkers.

41. Unattractive aspects : WARTS. We all have them.

42. Weaver of myth : ARACHNE. She messed with Athena and ended up as the MOTHER of all arachnids.

43. Swearer's stack : BIBLES.

44. Dewlapped lizard : IGUANA. We had one on the tree by my office this afternoon. The 86 year old neighbor of mine hates them, and wants me to "kill them summanbishes."

48. Nautical ropes : TYES. I never saw this one, and I am glad because I do not know it.

49. "Sir, you are no gentleman" speaker : O'HARA. SCARLETT

50. What "k" may stand for : KARAT. 24k gold.

52. Give out : EMIT.

53. Golfer Jay : HAAS. He won last week end's Champion's tour event. His son Bill won the FedEx Cup.

54. Winged god : EROS. More mythology.

55. Stretch : TIME. Well my time this week is almost done.

58. Attach : FIX. A less common definition of attached, unless you get fixated on it.

Answer grid.

Well, I am fixin' to leave for another week. have a great day and week end. I did go back and read the May, 2011 blog and it is amazing how people come and go. As I said then, a word once in a while to let us know you are still out there would be nice. I was pleased to see some quiet corners appear for C.C.s solo debut. Hope you all are well, and maybe we will see you soon.


Notes from C.C.:

1) Here is Part III of Kazie's trip to Spain. I wonder why they thought of building mushrooms above an underground museum.

2) Mystery revealed! Here is the 11 rings dear Irish Miss wears on her 8 fingers. Click on the picture, you'll see a clearer view. The one on her left middle finger fascinates me a lot.

3) Inspired by Irish Miss, Boomer wanted to show his ring collection. See here. The first four are all 300 rings from different years. The fifth one (blue color) is a 299 ring. The next one is another 300 ring. Next to it is an 800 Series ring. The last one is 1987 Twins World Series replica ring. He never wears any ring in daily life, by the way.


Barry G. said...

Morning, all!

Very challenging puzzle today with a lot of goodness. I got ARSON right off the bat and knew we were in for a fun ride.

The theme was really nice and I did manage to figure out what the heck was going on before I hit the theme reveal. I was mystified at TAXABLE HOPPING because I couldn't think of any underlying phrase that made sense, but MY THREE SAXONS gave it away.

The only spot I really struggled was in the SE corner. I guessed at ARACHNE and NAOMI, but HAAS didn't look right and I had trouble coming up with TIME the way it was clued. I finally just went with them however, and was surprised to get the *TADA*.

TYES was my only other unknown, but there wasn't much else it could have been given the crosses.

Favorite clues today were definitely "Ignition charge" for ARSON and "Set-designing initials" for RCA.

Hahtoolah said...

Good Morning, Lemonade and friends. Tough puzzle. On my first pass, I have many empty boxes. Slowly it came to me. MY THREE SAXONS opened the door to the addition (burial?) of the AX.

I especially liked the Bouncer in an Empty Bar = ECHO.

Irish Miss: Interesting collection of rings.

QOD: Familiarity breeds contempt - and children. ~ Mark Twain

HeartRx said...

Good morning Lemony, C.C. et al.

What a fun puzzle, and equally fun write-up, Lemon!! I laughed out loud when I saw “What the Easter Bunny has to report to the IRS?” for TAXABLE HOPPING. And tonight I am spending the evening at the spa with my book club, so BUFFALO WAXING evoked a special Hearty har-har…

The fill and clues were so clever…where do I begin?? At 1A? “Ignition charge” for ARSON? “Bouncer in an empty bar” for ECHO? “Loaded candy” for PEZ? Just keep going across and down, and there are so many more.

But my all-time fav had to be the artsy “Shakespearean playground retort” for ART NOT. Loved your comeback “Ammest too”, Lemon. Hilarious!

Hahtoolah, great QOD !!

Kazie – the pics get better and better. I loved the mushroom building, too. Fascinating…

Irish Miss and Boomer, very interesting rings! Thanks for sharing.

Yellowrocks said...

Such delightful misdirections from Peter Koetters and an equally sparkly and delightful write up by Lemonade! This is one of my all time favorite puzzles. Lemony, you outdid yourself. This was a very pleasant start to my Friday.

I breezed through the western half first, including the first word of each grid spanner. Then with BURY THE HATCHET I saw MY THREE SAXONS. Clever! That opened up the eastern half. NAOMI, HAAS, and TYES came from perps.

We didn’t have a TV in the early 50’s. I watched Uncle Miltie and Lucy every week with a friend at her aunt’s house. It was fun. In those days neighbors would congregate at the home of someone who had a TV.

PK said...

Interesting puzzle although the usual Friday struggle for me. Got more than expected and had the last theme and unifier. Came to Lemonade's usual good explanation, read the first sentence, had an OOOH OOOH moment and filled in everything else. I started with HOPPers which made more sense to me. 60a & 63a were the last to come.

Knew HAAS right away. WARHOL and SHARIF had to be dredged up. Wanted OToole at first. Looked up PUZO and NAOMI.

23D I wanted sea instead of HMS. I was thinking Victory as a verb instead of proper noun.

Satisfying puzzle nevertheless.

Mari said...

Great Friday puzzle: Tough but finishable (with a little help from Google). I didn't know some of the names in this context: NAOMI, O'HARA, OMAR SHARIF, etc. Oddly, I did know PUZO.

I loved 14A: Bouncer in an empty bar? ECHO, and 1A Ignition Charge? ARSON. Loved seeing FATHOMS and ARACHNE - cool words.

The theme caught me off guard. I got the AX/HATCHET link, but didn't notice that removing AX changed the themes into something else. No wonder I couldn't figure out what TAXABLE HOPPING was!

Irish Miss: Beautiful rings! I too am interested in the one on your left middle finger. I'd love to see a close up. What is that an image of? And beautiful diamonds!

Grumpy 1 said...

Good morning, TGIF and all that stuff.

I jumped around all over the grid, picked the low hanging fruit, and left the wtf's for later. Fortunately, I got just enough to see BUFFALO WAXING, (not that I would ever want to see that) saw where I could drop a few more AXes, and I was off and running.

Last to fall was the BOOR/OHOH cross. I knew it just had to be uHOH and STUBBORNLY held onto it for far too long. I finally changed it and could see that BOOR could fit for a yahoo.

Loved the Shakespearean playground retort.

Thanks, Peter, for a fun Friday puzzle.

desper-otto said...


The NE and SE areas were the toughest. I WAGged the second A in HAAS, because I figured N*O** was most likely NAOMI. And that gave me TIME and FIX. It took me the longest time to think of ROBITUSSIN, but with that in place the NE finally came together.

Today's another work day at the municipal pool. Grand Opening scheduled for a week from tomorrow. I sure hope things slow down after that. I'm definitely not used to having to go to work!

kazie said...

Irish Miss,
Very nice rings!

Boomer's are an impressive collection too.

After much wagging and virtually giving up, I had the bottom half intact, with the unifier, but couldn't make any assumptions about the top half from it. Eventually, I came here for TAXAbLe hopping, and still didn't get the Saxon thing. Duh! I'm very aware of Saxony, and that Dresden is its capital, but it never occurred to me today. All I could think of was that it was German, and the sitcom name, also familiar, was missing in action as well.

My weakness in the north was mainly due to having LOUT/BOOR, wanting TELEDEX/ROLODEX, and wondering how it could work with hopping and echo, which I did have. A problem I fixed myself in the south was DART/FLIT after much delay.

Very clever stuff with great visual images to be appreciated much more after Lemon's help.

Ron Worden said...

Good morning and happy Friday to all. Thanks Lemon for the great links. Tough puzzle but I really liked it. I got the bottom half first,then the top came after 29A. Great clues for bibles and I got it. Nice rings Irish Miss. Boomer I am so jealous I bowled a 279 and was 5 pins shy of an 800 once but haven't bowled in a while. Have a great day to all. RJW.

Irish Miss said...

Good morning everyone:

What a fun, clever Friday offering. Finished w/o help and no write-overs but had to rely on perps and a couple of wags. Loved the clues for echo, arson, oyl, art too, etc. Hats off to Peter and kudos to Lemon for a super expo.

Mari @8:25-The ring you asked about is a Chinese coin, depicting a Panda. I believe it was issued as a Commemorative coin but I don't really know the background. LH gave it to me because he knew I loved bears and rings.

CC, congrats to Boomer on his impressive collection of rings and for his achievements in earning them.

Have a great Friday all!

Irish Miss said...

Sorry, I forgot to thank you, Kazie, for those beautiful pictures.

kazie said...

Marti and Irish Miss,
I'm not sure why the last picture is coming up fuzzy when enlarged, it was clear in the original. But thanks for the comments anyway.

chin said...

Really great one today and quite challenging. I never can remember whether it is "karat" or "karet". Same problem with carat/caret. All I know for sure is carrot and that ties in with taxable hopping, maybe.

Misty said...

Wow! This was a toughie, but so rewarding! "I got the whole thing!"--and then realized I hadn't gotten the chops that inserted the axes until Lemon's write-up. That made the whole theme even cooler! So a fun morning all around--many thanks, Peter and Lemonade.

Thank goodness I keep ROBITUSSIN next to my bed for the occasional nighttime cough.

Hahtoolah 6:31, your Twain quote cracked me up.

Have a good Friday, everybody!

JJM said...

Pretty tough actually. I couldn't get "Andy Kaufmann" out of my head for Elvis clue. I must've glossed over the word "artist" at the end. Funny how sometimes you fixate on one thing and can't get it out of your head! Once I finally worked in the correct answer, the rest of the puzzle came more easily and faster.

Dennis said...

Well, there'll be no triple crown this year - I'll Have Another's been scratched due to a 'leg injury'. Damn shame; would've been an exciting race.

Jazzbumpa said...

Hi gang -

Señor Limón - your write-ups are always scintillating, but I think you outdid yourself today!

Very difficult and, quite frankly, brilliant puzzle. Searching for a foothold, I wound up solving from the middle out, which looked and felt very strange.

What sort of perception does it take to conceive and then execute this kind of a theme?!? Just WOW!

Everything is at such a high level, it's hard to pick a favorite.

Reminds me of the worst Tom Swiftie ever: "I didn't mean to knock your teeth out with my hatchet," Tom said accidentally.

What cough medicine do you give a mechanical man? ROBOT-TUSSIN.

Slept in very late this morning, then went out to breakfast. This is the life!

Cool regards!

Jerome said...

ANDY WARHOL AND HOLY WAR... Who would have thought...

Jazzbumpa said...

Our new camera can shoot a burst of 8 pics in a second. so I took "Eight Nates" while he was on the mound the other night. The new Avatar is from that sequence.

His team beat their arch rival 16-4 last night. Some kids from both teams go to the same school, and after losing two, our kids were getting ridden pretty hard by the other guys. This should neutralize that.

Nate didn't pitch in this game, but he hit a line drive of the other pitcher's knee.


Lucina said...

Greetings, Lemonade and all fellow puzzlers. Thank you for enlightening us and with your usual zest, Lemon. Your Spanish is spot on though I would just say "ella es un mujer ALEGRE."

My ROLODEX has been gathering DUST for a long time now.

This was rough going at first but I sank to the bottom and found BURY THE HATCHET, STUBBORNLY clung on until it was all filled. NAOMI and HAAS were pure WAGs as was ESSEX but ARACHNE wove herself into place.

I had many write overs: NEAR/NEXT, MADRE/LEONE, LAPS/LANE, and wanted PETER OTOOLE but persistence saved the day and the beautiful OMAR SHARIF emerged.

FATHOMS certainly and aptly describes this puzzle with so much witty fill. ECHO, SLUR, OBOE, OYL and ARSON, to name but a few.

Thank you, Peter Koetter. You HOSTED us very well.

Thank you for sharing your impressive set of rings.

And C.C. for exhibiting Boomer's rings, too. Congratulations on his championships.

Again, I am awed at the sight of that beautiful architecture in Spain. Your shots do them justice.

Happy Friday, everyone!

Yellowrocks said...

Sad news: I'll Have Another will not have another. He will not race at Belmont. There is a problem with his tendon in his left rear leg. I was pulling for him to take the Triople crown.
Link I'll Have Another

Lawrence of Arabia is supposed to be an all time great film. I rented it on Netflix and soon nodded off. I tried a few days later and noodded off again, so I returned it unwatched. It seemed to consist of endless camel rides and long episodes of sitting around the fire. Do all of you really like it?

Jayce said...

Hello everybody. I am so impressed by the puzzle today, which I didn't finish by one letter, that all I can say is to ECHO what JzB said: Wow! Fabulous fill such as ROBITUSSIN and STUBBORNLY, ARACHNE and FATHOMS. How great is that!

My one missing letter is the E in ALEGRE and USE. I simply could not see how the clue "Run through" could mean USE. I should have just written in the E anyway, since the only other possible choices were A or O and neither of them made sense for that clue either.

Thank you, Lemonade, for your writeup. Without it I would not have seen how TIME relates to "Stretch" but I see it now.

Love love loved ART NOT and "amst too."

No problem in my mind with AGER and Age; in fact I hadn't even noticed it. But then again it seems I was not firing on all 6 cylinders this morning.

I never saw Lawrence of Arabia, but I suspect I might nod off watching it as I did trying to watch Dr. Zhivago all in one sitting.

Don't know who conducted the Boston Pops a few months ago. Or are you referring to his name's appearance in a puzzle a few months ago?

Jayce said...

I must add my admiration for your rings, Irish Miss, my congratulations to Boomer, and my thanks to you, kazie, for sharing your lovely photos.

CrossEyedDave said...

Tough puzzle, i finally found a foothold in the SW, but had to resort to red letters to break into the NE.

I wouldn't trust those bunnies

You never know what those sons are going to grow up to be.

Don't mess with buffalo

My ideal Axe.

Peter said...

Hi, author here.

Thanks for all the love, folks!! I felt like this was my best effort yet, so it's sincerely gratifying to get positive feedback. For all the time I spend trying to come up with fresh clues, you have no idea how nice it is when someone notices and gets pleasure from it. Still, much of the credit, as always, goes to Rich. He was responsible for some of the good stuff, including OBOE.

By the way, for Yellowrocks, Lawrence of Arabia is one of my all-time favorites. I even like the (even longer!) director's cut that came out in the late 80's.

Hasta la vista,
- Peter

Bill G. said...

Fun puzzle but pretty hard for me. I initially had MADRE instead of LEONE and UHOH instead of OHOH.

It is warm and pretty here today; around 74 or so. Lucina would probably be chilly but it's a little warmer than ideal for me. Still, no complaints.

I was sorry to see I'll Have Another is injured. I was looking forward to his shot at the Triple Crown. I was also sorry to read that Click and Clack, the Tappet Brothers, are hanging it up on NPR. They are very clever guys. I especially enjoyed their weekly Puzzlers.

Speaking of car stuff, I remember the old days when my parents would pull into a gas station and ask for "three dollars worth," almost never a fill up. I guess it was easier than making change.

Mari said...

Abejo often references Chicago, but will not be in town this weekend for the Printers Row Lit Fest (a book lover's dream). We've also got Blues Fest going on this weekend.

In sad Chicago news, I just learned famed ghosthunter and author Richard Crowe has passed away. He was a Chicago icon.

Anonymous said...

All in all ok puzzle. Of course the regular spanish language clues. Not a lot of abbreviations which was good. Put ochre (the right spelling) instead of ocher. So i had goee instead of goer. Lord Nelson's HMS victory threw me off cause there was no the clue. But being a friday anything goes. Omar Sharif is a fine actor. My favorite film with him is Night of the Generals.

Bill G. said...

I was doing an old Merl Reagle puzzle and one of the answers was JUMPING BEAN. That reminded me of an experience about 45 years ago. I had just moved to the Los Angeles area and decided to take a day excursion to naughty Tijuana. I looked around a little shop. I wanted some jumping beans. They didn't have any but offered to sell me a tiny, hollow wooden pig. Its little ears and tail were moveable and stuck through to the inside of this hollow little pig where a jumping bean was supposed to be making them wiggle. They were wiggling which I thought was pretty cute and I figured I could always take the pig apart and get the jumping bean out.

I came home and was amused by the little pig with wiggling ears and tail. After a couple of days, everything stopped moving. The nose was a little plug. I pulled the little plug out and couldn't see anything inside. I held it up, shook it and out fell four dead flies. Tijuana 1, Bill G. zero.

Jayce said...

Bill G, good stories, thanks.

Mari, will you be going to those two fests?

Argyle said...

"I wish I was in Tijuana
Eating barbequed iguana"

Name that tune.

Jayce said...

Dang, can't name that tune, not without looking it up. It makes me think of Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass, but I don't think it's them who did that song.

Avg Joe said...

Wall of Voodoo with Stan Ridgeway: Mexican Radio

Avg Joe said...

More Stan Ridgeway. My favorite tune from "Mosquitos": I Can't Complain.

Lucina said...

Bill G: LOL! That is funny. Do you still have the little pig?

I'm off to a birthday party for two grandnieces, my sister's granddaughters. If we had a BD party for everyone in our family, we would be partying every other day, I believe.

Anonymous said...

Ocher vs. ochre
Link text

LA CW Addict said...

Where is everybody tonight? Must be the great weather is keeping everybody away!

I just loved this puzzle. The theme clues & unifier kept me guessing all the way through and the rest of the fill was top-notch. I loved FATHOMS, STUBBORNLY, my favorite clue was "bit of a loaded conversation?" and my favorite theme answer was MY THREE SAXONS.

This must have been a devil to construct. Thank you very much Mr. Koetters for a great puzzle!

Lemonade, I did not understand your 35A comment, "Spanish, from a province in Spain." What does this have to do with "those"?

I thought your link to HMS Victory was fascinating. Where is this museum? Did not have time to read the link carefully. I would imagine it's in England somewhere.

Hope everybody has a great weekend! I hope to get some flowers planted and maybe do a little barbequeing.

LA CW Addict said...

Sir Lawrence Olivier & Vivian Leigh starred in a great B&W movie years ago about Lord Nelson. I think Sir Lawrence played Nelson. Wish I could remember the name of it. It is rather a long picture, but well worth taking the time to view it some cold winter evening or rainy day. Of course the acting is superb, and I remember the ending made me cry. If anybody knows the name of this movie, please shout it out. I wouldn't mind seeing it again one day.

LA CW Addict said...

Barbequed Iquana? YUK
Argyle, I couldn't have thought that up in a million years! What an imagination!

Anonymous said...

To LA CW Addict

"That Hamilton Woman" = Film about Nelson (and his mistress.


Lemonade714 said...


esos m pl (demonstrative)
1.Plural form of ese. those

Peter thank you for stopping by, it seems like many if not all of our favorites were yours, so you get a two thyumbs up.

Lemonade714 said...

For what it is worth, my favorite AXE (3:48).

LA CW Addict said...

Thanks Anon for the name of the movie.

Lemonade: I get that esos is plural of ese. My question was, what does this have to do with the photo you posted and the comment "from a province in Spain" unless the answer is nothing?

Irish Miss said...

Thanks to all who admired my rings. It was nice to hear your comments.

mtnest995 said...

LA CW Addict - I think Lemonade was referring to the clue - Badajoz is a province (and capital thereof) in Spain.

LA CW Addict said...

Now I get it! Thanks so much mtnest995. What a cute handle!

Oh, btw, Lemon -- your Axe link is broken. Sorry...

fermatprime said...


Great work, Peter; exceptional write-up, Lemonade. Thought it might have been Marti.

At first, this puzzle did not offer much hope. But, wonder of wonders, I got the whole thing with no cheats whatsoever. Many favorites, all mentioned above, especially the Shakespeare reference.

Thanks to all of you who offered suggestions as to soft foods. Unfortunately, gluten is out of the question, as are most prepared foods. Thanks also for the reverse mortgage url!

I watched Saving Hope. Bleah!


Lemonade714 said...

Thanks LW


Also, MT thank you; the picture is taken in Badajoz. Not every link is silly.

LA CW Addict said...

Hi again:

'bout exhausted my limit for the nonce, but wanted to say thank you for the AXE link. I enjoyed it. Also, did not mean that your link was silly... had a disconnect between the "those" in Spanish and the photo, forgetting of course that the clue mentioned the city you showed in the picture. Sometimes I hone in too finely. Should have reread the clue in its entirety. At any rate, I would love to get to Spain someday...when the world gets to be a nicer place again!...and to all a good night.

mtnest995 said...

LA CW Addict - lol. Yea, it's really hard to believe our baby left the house nearly 17 years ago, which means she's lived away from home almost as long as she was here. Kinda sad. Missing my kids and grand kids.

Have a terrific weekend everyone.