Oct 17, 2020

Saturday, October, 17, 2020, Sheryl Bartol

 Saturday Themeless by Sheryl Bartol

Today's constructor is Sheryl Bartol from Evanston, IL whose first LA Times puzzle I blogged this year on May 23. Sheryl learned to construct crosswords from her sister Debbie Ellerin whose byline we see here also. This is a very attractive picture of the two sisters.

This was Sheryl's lovely response when I asked her about this puzzle: 

Hi Gary,

Nice to hear from you again.  This puzzle went through a lot of iterations and rework.  In the end, it was quite different from where I started, as I discovered new word combinations along the way.  Here are a few comments on some of the entries:

One of my favorite words is EMOTICON which I often use in my emails ;) 
We play a lot of board games in my house, especially during a pandemic, which inspired my CARTEL clue.  
I am also a big Indian food fan, hence the way I clued LENTIL.
Lastly, I love the change that our dear editors made to my clue for POET, which was not nearly as clever.

I hope everyone enjoys solving it!



1. They clean up: JANITORS - They are a great asset to any school or business especially these days.

9. Menu category including shells: PASTA - Conchiglia is Italian for conch shell

14. Park, for one: OPEN AREA.

15. Monopoly player?: CARTEL - Real money and products 

16. Sign in many restaurant windows: UBER EATS which can lead to this delivery service

17. Emblem on a dollar bill: US SEAL.

18. For or against: SIDE - If you choose a SIDE, you might have to 57. Retreat from, as a previous statement: WALK BACK - Wait, that's not what I meant

19. Parisian street food: CREPES - Parfait in French means perfect. Oh, but you already knew that. Uh, the truck doesn't seem to be parfait!

21. CPR group: EMS The difference between EMS and EMT

22. "__ Story": TOY.

23. Reasons for sighs: CLOSE CALLS - Put down that cell phone!

25. Female rabbit: DOE.

26. Like "Home Alone": RATED PG 

28. City NNW of Park City: OGDEN.

31. Many glasses are sold as one: PAIR - I got my first PAIR at 15. You? 

33. Queen dowager of Jordan: NOOR A Jordanian Queen born in Washington D.C.

34. Browning but not cooking: POET - A clue change Sheryl admired for POET Elizabeth Barrett Browning 

35. Have the ability to: COULD.

36. Ripped: TORE.

37. Barbecue tool feature: TINE.

38. Fireside sight: LOGS.

39. Like some tricks: DIRTY.

40. Showed scorn: SNORTED - Yeah, I'm the only one who first put SNEERED

42. "Erie Canal" mule: SAL 
I’ve got an old mule and her name is Sal, Fifteen years on the Erie Canal. She’s a good old worker and a good old pal, Fifteen years on the Erie Canal

43. App update messages, say: PUSH ALERTS - It's up to you whether to get 'em  or not

46. Award show VIPs: MCS - The Golden Globes had Ricky Gervais MC their award show and he promptly made fun of everyone in Hollywood. What did they do? They had him back!

49. Egg dropper: HEN - I conducted thousands of these over the years sans any HENS

50. Plane, for one: EVENER - After a trip through the PLANER

51. "What can I help you with?" speaker: SIRI - "Who was James Buchanan's vice president?"

52. Clear out: VACATE.

54. It often includes a colon: EMOTICON - :-) Sheryl says she really enjoys these.  I have found Bitmojis which are pretty cool!
56. Amtrak speedsters: ACELAS - NYC to DC takes 2h and 35m on this train

58. Gives up: CEDES - There are several below

59. Clomps (through), as a puddle: SPLOSHES - Yeah, I'm the only one who put SPLASHES. Even GALOSHES made more sense instead of this word that is foreign to me (and my spellchecker) 


1. Renaissance faire contest: JOUST.

2. Challenging H.S. science class: AP BIO - A page on Speciation from an Advanced Placement Biology  book

3. Clingy, say: NEEDY.

4. Memo intro: IN RE.

5. Menlo Park, N.J., notable: TAE - Edison and his staff are said to have comprised the first R & D facility 

6. Pythia of the Temple of Apollo, for one: ORACLE - This ORACLE was always a woman and was said to have made her prophecies after inhaling fumes (hallucinogenic?) that rose from cracks in the Earth in the temple at Delphi.

7. Vintage: RETRO - Acme dinettes are still in production 70 years later

8. MS enclosures: SASES - Self Addressed Stamped Envelopes ("en vuh lopes" or "awn vuh lopes?")

9. Volkswagen sedan: PASSAT - In German, PASSAT means "trade wind"

10. MGM motto word: ARS.

11. Safe room barrier: STEEL DOOR - This safe room from the Atlas Company might interest you if you live in Oklahoma's "Tornado Alley"


12. Baseball or soccer: TEAM SPORT.

13. Start of a Shakespeare title: ALL'S -ALL'S Well That Ends Well - "Love all, trust a few. Do wrong to no one." Act I scene i.

15. Its lines have lines: CUE CARD.

20. Hazards: PERILS - Even I'm not old enough to remember this 1914 movie serial

23. Sting: CON - I'd pay to see it again 

24. Ingredient in the Indian dish dal: LENTIL - Indian LENTIL (a Sheryl fav) curry with spinach 

25. Discourages: DETERS.

27. Like a cloudy London day: GREY - How that "colour" is spelled where you might be able to see only a few "metres"

28. Goes (for): OPTS.

29. Gentle parting sentiment: GO IN PEACE.

30. Criticized publicly: DENOUNCED - Election day can't get here fast enough 

31. Charley, in Steinbeck's "Travels With Charley": POODLE.

32. National Mustard Day mo.: AUG.

35. Adheres ... or separates: CLEAVES - A poetic expression using the less common (first) definition

39. "__ Kapital": DAS - Is it ironic that a first edition of Marx's anti-capitaliism book now sells for $300,000?

41. Angle symbols: THETAS.

42. Boardwalk activity: STROLL.

44. Online show offering Hollywood info: E-NEWS.

45. Update after a new survey, maybe: REMAP - After Lewis and Clark's survey

46. Biblical prophet: MICAH

47. "Time in a Bottle" singer: CROCE - This song and its scenes tug at my heart

48. Some islands have them: SINKS.

49. Temperature control syst.: HVAC - Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning 

51. They're often rivals: SIBS - I'm sure there was none of that with Sheryl and Debbie!!    

53. Ginger __: ALE.

55. Ring decision, briefly: TKO.

Comment below:

Notes from C.C.:
Happy birthday to Wilbur Charles (Bill)!


Big Easy said...

SPLOSHES? I wanted SPLASHES but TKO wouldn't allow. I've never heard of SPLOSH used to wade through water, only SLOSH. No more complaints. Never heard of E-NEWS either as an 'Online Show', especially since I don't watch any online shows.

It was a normal Saturday start; white all over. NW with JOUST as a WAG and the either/or of AS TO or IN RE. In the NE it was PASSAT & PASTA. SE had SAL & Jim CROCE. The SW was a little easier with THETAS, HVAC, ACELAS, POET, & CEDES as gimmes. But those toeholds let me FIR after placing some WAGs for unknowns- ORACLE, MICAH, LOGS, AUG.

PUSH ALERT- not on my phone. To stop them when you first get a new phone go through every single APP and under permissions (Android) unclick 'notifications' and other things. I only allow text & phone to notify me. I don't see how people can get rest when they keep a cell phone near them while they sleep. I know you can set them for no alerts during certain hours but some people don't do that; they want their Facebook messages, Tweets,...etc.

With that tidbit I'll VACATE and GO IN PEACE.

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

No theme, no reveal, no Wite-Out, no problem. Gotta love Saturdays. I liked the fresh fill in the horizontal stacked eights and vertical stacked nines. Nicely done, Sheryl. Husker, thanx for your always helpful review.

PYTHIA: The GM at KHAK was always afraid that we'd say something that'd upset the Daughters of the Knights of Pythias. For example, the DJ read a "community calendar" entry for the local La Leche League, which he innocently pronounced as "La Leaky League," and referred to the members as Leakers.

Happy birthday, WC. Hope that's not where you'll be celebrating.

Hungry Mother said...

We use UBEREATS twice a week to eat food from our favorite restaurants. We also use InstaCart twice a week to shop for us. We try very hard not to go indoors anywhere but our home and our cargo van, which I converted into a mobile hotel room with bunk beds and a cassette toilet. Easy puzzle for this time of the week, but some write-overs: DOE 4 rOE, SNORTED 4 SNeerED, GREY 4 GRaY, SPLOSHES (?) 4 SlOSHES.

Wilbur Charles said...

Freshman year of college I worked nights "cleaning up" at the local HS as a JANITOR. I got pretty handy with a mop.

Anybody play "Game of the States in der utes? I liked the name OGDEN.

So it was a TINE not a tong

No, Gary, just the first to admit it. I'm second. If I post this ASAP.(re sneer/SNORT)

Despite having one I needed perps for PASSAT.

Yep, just as BigE said. Lots of white and slow Saturday progress. I did this Tuesday thinking I was solving Friday. Then I solved Friday witch turned out to be harder

Yep, I liked that "Browning" clue. I think I SPLOSHed around a few puddles in my ute. Since we had MFV that word works until midnight.


Thanks again CC for the b-day wishes.

Wilbur Charles said...

I think that's up in Dunellon in the mobile home we bought in horse country

Lemonade714 said...

It is hard not to rile against a fill like SPLOSHY because it is hard to believe there is a word SPLOSH but there is, with more than 2 million hits on GOOGLE SEARCH .

Lemonade714 said...

Not trying to beat a dead horse, but in defense of Sheryl:

Jumping-in-puddles sound lat Ed Sessa Wed Apr 29, 2015
Quiet sound of water on the side of a pail, say
nyt James Mulhern Tue Nov 11, 2014
Bathtub sound nyt Will Nediger Sat Sep 13, 2008
Walk, as through melting snow lat Robert A. Doll Sun Nov 18, 2007
Walking-in-the-rain sound lat David A. MacleodSat Jun 25, 2005
Bathtub sound nyt Alan Arbesfeld Wed May 07, 2003
Walk friskilythrough a puddle lat Edgar Fontaine Wed Dec 11, 2002
Play in a puddle wp Rich Norris Sun Nov 24, 2002

Introduced to the post-Shrotzian world by a once productive constructor named Rich Norris
Though it first ran SPLOSH DEBUT

Enough already

Anonymous said...

Today's puzzle took me 16:35. I originally had splashes, but TKO had to be right.
Cartel was clever/tricky, and I confidently had "opEn lATe" instead of ubEr eATs.
I enjoyed this puzzle.

Mark said...

Enjoyed this puzzle. Can't often say that on a Saturday...
Had to sing most of Time in a Bottle before Jim Croce's name popped in my head.
Smiled when POET filled for not cooking.
Had TONG before TINE

Hungry Mother said...

@Wilbur Charles: I spent a delightful year at FSU with a charming lass from Dunnellon, who explained the legend of the town’s name. Something to do with a train’s potty.

Spitzboov said...

Good morning everyone.

Happy Birthday to Wilbur Charles.

Got most of it OK, but had to concede 4 cells in the SE. V-8 can on SINKS. But I feel I acquitted myself well for a Saturday and had fun getting what I got.
Agree about SPLOSHES; but somewhere in the world someone is SPLOSHING away. (Just not in the Mohawk Valley; not even SAL on the Canal..)
Thanks Gary for sharing the interview with Sheryl. Nice picture of the sisters.
KAPITAL is neuter as you can see with 'das'
LENTIL - I like it but it doesn't like me. Always gives me heartburn. I have to watch it with Chick peas (ceci), too, but it's usually OK.

Have a good day.

Tinbeni said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BILL !!! Tonight's "First Sunset Toast" is to YOU !!!

Husker, You know I rarely do the Saturday (or Sunday) puzzles ... but I always enjoy your write-up & links. Very informative.


OMaxiN said...

Somehow got the 'tada' after dredging up rarely used words like CLEAVES and guessing Gary's no spell check word SPLOSHES. APBIO only filled by perps.
Rare finish for Saturday.

STEEL DOOR. Oklahoma is certainly a major part of tornado alley. Worked construction for two years while in college, and had more than one apartment complex destroyed before completion. Will never forget the Moore, OK school kids and teacher that drowned because they were trapped by debris.

Anonymous said...

35 across...answer "could" really needs a past tense clue...

Lucina said...


Happy birthday, Wilber Charles! Enjoy your day!

For a Saturday this was unusually fast though I pondered mightily on some fill. JANITOR/JOUST popped up immediately.

I loved the clue for POET!

It took a lot of thought before TINE finally made it as I dabbled between TINE and TONG but DENOUNCED and DETERS settled the issue.

I have no idea what PUSH ALERTS means since I don't have a smart phone but SIRI is familiar. At my daughter's home they have Alexa.

Thank you, Sheryl, for this interesting puzzle. I enjoyed reading the interview and the photo of you and your SIB

Gary, thank you. I know we can count on you to clarify the math.

I also GO IN PEACE and wish you well, everyone!

Ray - O - Sunshine said...

Always fascinating how the puzzles actually do get difficulter as the week progresses but a much easier challenge today than yesterday's But almost purposely FIW, my pen kept resisting filling SPLOSHES. (Add this to the CW circular file)

First COVID thought: Sign in restaurant windows: "we're open!" fit, is appropriate, but didn't pass the perp test.
CLEAVES like sanctions same word with opposite meanings. APBIO is just fill (but PASSAT and you may get college credit!)
Continuing yesterday's IRATER. A plane makes one wood surface EVENER than another (yeah I know, it's a noun.) Gonna be late trying to eat with a broken fork "I dont have TINE for this"...Plus...

That weird French waiter gives me the _____ CREPES
Eliminated every "person, place, or thing"....DENOUNCED
Dry cleaner's phone alerts .....CLOSECALLS
Ms. Jackson paddles.....JANITORS
Too hot...too cold...._____ right!....JOUST

As central NY students we had to learn the Erie canal "SAL" song. The canal ran right through downtown Utica. Filled in to create Oriskany Blvd in 1920s. Now a few blocks north called unofficially the Barge canal officially still the Erie canal.

Look close. There's Sal and co-workers on a break.

Happy B-day Bill (WC) πŸŽ‚

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

I found this to be a Goldilocks adventure. I sped through some parts, idled in others, and hit a brick wall in the NW. However, P and P led to a successful finish. Hand up for Sneered/Snorted and another misstep at Elihu/Micah. I loved the crossings of Door, Tore, and Noor. Sploshes gets a thumb down, no matter past usage. CSO to CEh at Grey.

Thanks, Sheryl, for a challenging but fair Saturday offering and thanks, HG, for your usual entertaining and informative review. I’ll have to return later to see most of the visuals as, per usual, they were blank when I read your write up. (I got my first pair of glasses at age 10.)

Happy Birthday, Wilbur, hope it’s a special day. πŸŽ‚πŸŽ‰πŸŽŠπŸŽπŸŽˆ


CED, when I see Imp and think of you, I don’t see a Small Demon, I see a Little Rascal, ala Dennis The Menace, 😈

The anniversary party was lots of fun and the food was yummy and plentiful.

Have a great day.

CrossEyedDave said...

Happy birthday Wilbur!

I could swear I saw a clip somewhere of mr Ed singing
Happy birthday to his Wilbur, but I cannot find it.

However, I did find this dippy ditty along the way...

& if you think that was easy,
I had to suffer through this looking for a Wilbur cake!

Malodorous Manatee said...


This puzzle moved along nicely with each quadrant getting filled in pretty cohesively. Each answer provided the seed for the next answer - just as a puzzle should be although a rare experience on a Saturday.

Agree with the comment regarding the tense at 35 Across. Have the ability to = can. HAD the ability to = COULD. Also, at 17 Across with U.S. in the answer a bit of abbreviation in the clue would have been appropriate.

Wilbur Charles said...

Hungry mother I'll have to look that up.
Thanks Tinbeni. I'll rember that about 645 on tonight.
Thx Lucina, from a parochial school kid
RayO, you're red-hot again today. Thx for HBD, too, from IM. We solve similarly.
Wow, Alfalfa, CED! It don't get no better that


Shankers said...

It's a miracle! I was ready to say to myself "nice try buddy, but no cigar". Then the cw gods came to my rescue in the SE. At the beginning I had orator before Oracle, tong before time, snarled before snorted, and delta before theta. Never heard of pushalerts either. Walkback and sploshes took a while too. After all was said and done a pat on the back FIR in a bit longer than normal Saturday time. It's now time to relax and watch 10 hours of football non-stop. Yay!

Lemonade714 said...

So busy sloshing around I have forgotten birthday wishes for fellow New England born WC and many more.

AnonDon said...

A rare FIR (for me) Saturday puzzle. Fun solve after yesterdays FIW toughie.

Edward Duarte said...

Pretty much stuck, but after breakfast, janitor was an aha moment that cascaded all the way down.

Becky said...

FLN How did that frog get up there, cross-eyed Dave? Must be a really good jumper!

At first I thought, this is pretty easy for a Saturday, then I got to the SE corner and spent plenty time getting rid of Moses for Micah, never heard of walk back, I did google Enews, shouldn't sibs been clued as an abbreviation somehow and loved emoticon when it finally showed up and I thought sploshes was a made up word.

But it sure was way fun!


Spitzboov said...

COULD - Where is YR when you need her?
It is the past of 'can' - used in auxilliary function in the past, in the past conditional, and as an alternative to 'can' suggesting less force or certainty or as a polite form in the present.. per Merriam Webster 1981 edition.

Wilbur Charles said...

MaloMan and lemonade, I appreciate the bday wishes. I was born in Boston and moved to the edge cities at ten(also known as the 'burbs

. WC

Ps, lemonade, "Might as well be Dead" had an interesting finale. The murdered and murderer had partnered a money laundering scheme leveraging a union fund and fake land purchases. I wonder where Stout dreamed that up in 1961?

Last of three was Mother Hunt".

oc4beach said...

Much better than yesterday. Nice doable Saturday puzzle. HG, thanks for the tour.

I do agree with everyone about SPLOSHES, never heard it used before.

A few redo's today. SNEERED before SNORTED (yeah, me too), TORN before TORE, and I wanted TAKE BACK before WALK BACK. Perps to the rescue as usual.

I immediately entered JANITORS and JOUSTS fell into place which made the NW easy. The rest of the puzzle took a lot more work to finish.

Happy Birthday WC.

Be safe everyone and please wear your masks.

JB2 said...

Nice puzzle and fun write-up by HG.

As IM said, this was a P&P effort but enjoyable. The SW took longer than it should have because I had deltas instead of thetas.

HBD to WC and many more!

Stay safe and well everyone.


ATLGranny said...

FIR to my surprise. Thanks, HG for confirming a FIR today. And thank you for the Saturday entertainment, Sheryl. I had some of the same problem areas as others have mentioned. OPTS cleared up the Midwest where I had confidently entered sear/POET. Moses/MICAH and tophat/CARTEL were also slow spots. SLOSHES was not my first idea, while trying to fit in ShLOSH or ShPLOSH some way. In the end a FIR (have I mentioned that?) and relatively clean looking grid!

Happy Birthday, Wilbur. I enjoy your posts. And hope everyone is enjoying the weekend and feeling well.

ATLGranny said...

OK, still having trouble with it: SPLOSHES!!!!

Lucina said...

Last night I watched "The Mask" (Jim Carrey) and EDGE CITY featured prominently! Many, many years have passed since I first saw that movie so of course I had no memory of that.

Book Club meeting today and I'm making stuffed cabbage. As I believe I've said before, we members complement the food to the book; The Girl Left Behind takes place in Romania and that is one of their main dishes.

"COULD have" the ability is a plausible interpretation.

Malodorous Manatee said...

Interesting about Edge City. I missed that entirely and, yes, "COULD have" is certainly plausible. The proffered change could have been a slight tweak. ;-)

Lucina said...

"I wish I could have seen that." It's the subjunctive mood, past perfect tense if my memory hasn't failed me entirely.

CanadianEh! said...

Super Saturday. Thanks for the fun, Sheryl and HuskerG. (Thanks for the smile at GREY, colour and metres. I’ll have you all spelling “properly” yet!)
This CW took P&P, but I FIWed. (I didn’t have time to finish yesterday’s CW, and from your reports, I will not bother to return. Yes, WC, I contemplated Ireier!; IRATER was almost as bad.)
This Canadian almost had a Natick at the cross of ACELAS (I can never remember that train) and THETAS.

Is anyone’s hand remaining down for Sneered before SNORTED, Splashes before SPLOSHES?
My tricks were Party before DIRTY.
I changed Torn to TORN. Yes, I wanted Can do before COULD. Tense issues.

I had the K from TKO and wanted BACKtrack; it wouldn’t fit. I had to wait for more perps to get turned around.
I liked WALK BACK crossing STROLL.

Yes, I liked the clue for POET. CLUE for CUE CARD was great also.
Jeopardy had a category of contronyms the other night. 35D was not one of them.
MM mentioned no abbrev. in clue for US SEAL. I thought the same for SIBS.

Happy Birthday, WC.
FLN, Belated Happy Birthday to CED and Bluehen.

Now, I too will GO IN PEACE.

Husker Gary said...

Calling Bobby Darin:
I was havin’ a nosh
Long about Saturday night
Rub Dub
Just enjoyin’ the grub
Thinkin’ everything was all right

CanadianEh! said...

Actually I FIRed. I must take proper credit, especially on a Saturday😁

Ol' Man Keith said...

Hey, Wilbur! ~ Happy Birthday to ya!

AnonymousPVX said...

OK, I put in SNEERED first...we should start a club.

I drove a 99 Passat for 16 years before moving it on. Great car. I COULD buy another if they still had a manual transmission.

No problem with sploshes, typical crossword word. But even here it gets underlined, wants splashes or sloshes. But it is a noun, a verb and an adverb. Who knew?

Jayce said...

I enjoyed solving this puzzle and felt satisfaction completing it. For me, the satisfaction comes from using my noodle to work it out without having to simply look up stuff that otherwise would be un-sussable.

I say "EN vuh lopes".

I too was ruminating about "Have the ability to" = COULD, and then I thought of the following 2 possible responses to the question "Do I have a volunteer who can do it?"
I have the ability to do it!
I could do it!

Got my first pair of glasses in third grade, which would thus have been at age 9.

Happy Birthday greetings to Wilbur Charles and good wishes to you all.

Michael said...

FWIW, COULD is also a deliberative future: "What shall I do now?" "I COULD go shopping, or I COULD get some coffee."

Chairman Moe said...

Puzzling thoughts:

HBTY, Wilbur Charles!

Big Easy said...

Mark, just call OPERATOR, but not Leroy Brown.

Big Easy said...

WC, happy birthday. Your show is like a REAL drama happening in NOLA. A few weeks ago the US Attorney indicted 50 people for staging auto wrecks and collecting on insurance. The main driver would intentionally get hit by a big rig, jump out of the car, and one of the other passengers acted like he was the driver. Apparently he was cooperating with the feds. Three days later they found him dead, with a few bullets in his head. Life is stranger than fiction.

Ol' Man Keith said...

Hope you got my earlier message, Wilbur. (Do you really want to be called "Bill"?)

Got my first pair of glasses at age 45. Just for reading. I took them off a rack at the market.

Didn't much care for the clue for POET. I liked the one for CARTEL.
Just one diagonal, on the near end.
This diag is chockablock with the letter "S." This won't allow many anagram possibilities.
We can have...
with a little creative spelling, we can have an ugly face, a mug so terrible to look at that it can infect you with horrible diseases. I mean a...

ATLGranny said...

Jayce's comments reminded me that I forgot to answer your questions, HG.

Sneered first before SNORTED.

"En vuh lopes"

And got my first glasses at age 9 and recently went back to wearing glasses after 58 years of wearing contact lenses exclusively, starting in college. All three kids nearsighted like me. πŸ€“

Lucina said...

Another successful book club meeting is in the books. Literally. I am the recorder.

Our next meeting will be at a restaurant for our ornament exchange in December.

The Curmudgeon said...

1. COULD I drop by tomorrow? [Future]
2. Are you hungry? I COULD eat. [Present]

>> Roy

Anonymous T said...

WC - Sweep and dust and mop the floor... Your Left Right on Left...
Happy Birthday!

Hi All!

I did much better today that yesterday but the south still stump'd me. SNEERED (what's the club dues PVX?) and SLOSHSES [sic] are right out. ibid TONG & MOSES. See?
//Kinda gave up so I could come join y'all at The Corner...

Thanks Sheryl for the puzzle to play. Thanks HG for the expo (and yet another interview).

First glasses (cheaters 1.25x) a year or so ago. Didn't use them much. However, after my 50th I relied on them more and more. I still have 20/15 according to the optometrist but reading up close is difficult.

Fav: PASTA - Duh!
BigE - My runner-up: He's the Baddest man in the whole downtown [3m CROCE]

OMK - One DR is fun the other I COULD have done w/o :-)

OMaxiN - when were you in Moore? I lived in Norman for 5 years (BOOMER!) - tornadoes have it out for Moore (multiple friends lost homes in the 90's).
Eldest is at OU (SOONER!) now -- I told her not to even go see a movie in Moore.

That's my $0.02. Hope everyone had a great day (Lucina, sounds like you had fun!).
Lurk tomorrow.

Cheers, -T

Lucina said...

Yes, I did, -T. Both of the groups I belong to are great fun. One is all ex-nuns, the other is mostly retired teachers, one teacher and an administrator who happens to be my niece.

Today we heard about the travails of distance learning. I'm glad I'm not involved!

I hope you all had some fun, too.

Wilbur Charles said...

Thanks to all who wishes me a happy birthday. Love you all.

-T, Your links (and OMK's beatles link) end up taking me all over the web. Dylan, Harrison etc.

The glasses talk and hup to three ref reminded me of a story. Y'all love my stories, eh?.

I managed to leave my glasses on the train from DC to Quantico. Before I could replace them we were at rifle range. At 500 yards I couldn't distinguish my target 19 from 18 or 20 but I could recognize 17. So….

I zeroed on on 17 and moved up two targets. But..

I needed to "snap in" again. Now I had it, perfect ten coming, I squeezed and..

Nada. Now HAVOC ensued. My bullseye showed up on 17; for me, Maggie's drawers. I had a chance at expert and had to settle for marksman. Later I learned the "17" guy had kept my bull which enabled him to qualify (he'd been struggling).

You couldn't make that story up. I should have been named Murphy (if it could happen it did happen-to me.

WC back in the ether