Oct 18, 2020

Sunday, Oct 18, 2020 Gary Larson

Theme: - "Driver's Ed" - ED is added to the first word of each familiar familiar phrase ending with a car model.

23A. Wrecked Mitsubishi SUVs?: TOTALED ECLIPSES.

36A. Followed Chevy SUVs?: TRAILED BLAZERS.

66A. Found spots for Ford pickups?: PARKED RANGERS.

97A. Selected classic VWs at an online auction?: CLICKED BEETLES.

112. Pointed the way for Subaru SUVs?: DIRECTED ASCENTS.

15D. Took Honda SUVs for demo drives?: TESTED PILOTS.

61D. Cleaned the interiors of Geo compacts?: DUSTED STORMS.

Such a perfect title. Very Husker Gary!

Super tight theme. Different car makes. No Hyundai though, its models are not friendly to wordplay here. But after three years of talking and talking, we finally got our Santa Fe. It's quite smart. The front passenger seat is a bit low for me. And I can't raise it up. Have any of you encountered similar passenger seat problems? Can you all raise your front passenger seat?


1. Rush job notation: ASAP. Sometimes Boomer gets STAT order at the VA blood draw.

5. Lose one's way at the podium: RAMBLE.

11. Wild guess: STAB.

15. Eastern "way": TAO.

18. Valley with vines: NAPA. Affected by the Glass Fire.

19. Court: ATRIUM.

20. Cry out loud: WAIL.

21. "__ Luna": Allende novel: EVA.

22. "You Make Me Feel Like Dancing" singer Leo: SAYER.

26. End-of-page abbr.: PTO.

27. 1998 animated bug film: ANTZ.

29. "And how!": SURE DO.

30. Eponymous lab dish inventor: PETRI. Petri dish is named after bacteriologist Julius Richard Petri.

31. Iconic '60s-'70s TV caretaker: AUNT BEE. "The Andy Griffith Show".

33. Skein formers: GEESE.

35. Response to "Shall we?": LET'S. Hyundai offers 5-year interest-free financing.

41. Worn: USED.

43. Made: EARNED.

44. Inflexible: RIGID.

45. Indian term of respect: SRI. Chinese "Sri" is "xian sheng". So you'll call Jayce as "Jayce Xian Sheng". You put the address after the person's surname.

46. Modern office staples: PCS.

49. Foundry waste: SLAG.

50. Kept adding to, as a tab: RAN UP.

51. Choice for the kitchen: FLOOR TILE.

54. Thrust: ESSENCE.

57. Like-minded group: BLOC.

58. Greenwich who co-wrote songs for the Ronettes and Crystals: ELLIE. Unknown to me. Wiki says "She wrote or co-wrote "Be My Baby", "Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)", "Da Doo Ron Ron", "Leader of the Pack", "Do Wah Diddy Diddy", and "River Deep – Mountain High", among others. "

59. Tar: OLD SALT.

62. Head cases?: CRANIA. Nailed it. We had this clue before.

64. Tricks: CONS.

65. Fraternity letter: TAU.

71. Tiny songbird: TIT. Keith has a good story.

72. Eject: OUST.

74. Simple to manage: WIELDY.

75. Pepper named for a state: TABASCO. Do you like Tabasco sauce?

77. "What the Butler Saw" playwright: ORTON.

79. The "E" in Q.E.D.: ERAT.

80. Indian spice mixtures: MASALAS.

83. "The Dirty Dozen" star: LEE MARVIN.

85. Comic strip frame: PANEL.

86. José's home: CASA.

90. Put the kibosh on: END.

91. Sock part: TOE.

92. Poker Flat creator: HARTE (Bret).

93. Seals' singing partner: CROFTS. Seals and Crofts.

95. Building for tools: SHED.

100. Partnership for Peace gp.: NATO. According to Wiki, "the Partnership for Peace is a North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) program aimed at creating trust between NATO and other states in Europe and the former Soviet Union; 20 states are members."

102. Leftovers wrap: SARAN.

104. Crossword solver's smudge: ERASURE.

105. Something in the air: AROMA.

107. Tenant: RENTER.

110. Series finale: Abbr.: ET AL.

111. Youngster: TOT.

115. They cast no votes: ANTIS.

117. Dr. Seuss' Sam-__: I-AM.

118. Former slugger Martinez: TINO. The other Martinez was a Hall-of-Fame pitcher.

119. Weapons cache: ARMORY.

120. Wasn't straight: LIED. Now I have a better understanding of car dealerships. They don't really lie. But you can be misled.

121. Pack critter: ASS.

122. Getaway spots: SPAS.

123. Fannies: TUSHES.

124. Listening devices: EARS.


1. Note in an E scale: A NATURAL.

2. Parting word: SAYONARA. "Hello" is "Konnichiwa". Or you can just greet with "Ohayou gozaimasu". Add "Oishii", you can travel to Japan.

3. Wild way to go: APE.

4. Good Samaritan story, say: PARABLE.

5. Betrayed, with "on": RATTED.

6. Familiar gamut: A TO Z. So, what's the best thing you bought on Amazon?

7. 1980s Peppard co-star: MR T. George Peppard of "The A-Team".

8. Partiality: BIAS.

9. Whopper: LULU.

10. Broke the surface: EMERGED.

11. Borg and Bergman: SWEDES.  Bjorn Borg. Ingmar Bergman.

12. Snacks in shells: TACOS. Mexican food is not that popular in Guangzhou. No idea why.

13. Afflict: AIL.

14. Minor disruption: BLIP.

16. Ward off: AVERT.

17. Spring locale: OASIS.

22. Sudden outbursts: SPATES.

24. Bucks in the woods: DEER.

25. Soccer immortal: PELE.

28. Obligation: NEED.

32. Slight touches: TINGES.

34. Multinational money: EURO.

37. White rice's lack: BRAN. I never saw anyone eat brown rice when I was in China. Carmen told me that even in Cultural Revolution, they did not eat brown rice. Always white rice.

38. "The Mod Squad" cop with an Afro: LINC.

39. Feverish feeling: AGUE.

40. Energy: ZIP.

42. Bring into being: SIRE.

45. Like some norms or ills: SOCIETAL.

47. Medical center: CLINIC. We went into the CT scan room at the VA hospital about 2:30pm. There was an lady waiting for her son. She said she had been in the hospital since 8:00am that morning. Her 53-year-old son had one lung removed and has a few other health issues. We later saw them leaving the room together and I was so moved.

48. Takes care of: SEES TO.

50. Work with a hunter, perhaps: RETRIEVE.

51. Spanish dessert: FLAN. Help yourself.

52. Yearn: LONG.

53. Coddling for a comrade, briefly: TLC. Everyone in my dad's factory was called Comrade. Comrade Wang, Comrade Chen, etc.

55. Weaken: SAP.

56. Picnic staple: SLAW.

57. Product of Bali: BRA.

59. "Lawrence of Arabia" star Peter: O'TOOLE.

60. MLB Network sportscaster __ Shehadi: LAUREN.

62. Weep: CRY.

63. Decimated Asian sea: ARAL.

67. "The Americans" co-star Russell: KERI. Loved her "Felicity".

68. Pizzazz: ELAN.

69. Banned pesticide: DDT.

70. Govt. org. that aids entrepreneurs: SBA.

73. Barnyard male: TOM. Chicago or Texas?

76. Fancy ties: ASCOTS.

78. Rapper cousin of Snoop: NATE.

80. Target: MARK.

81. Required pot contribution: ANTE.

82. Start of an idea: SEED.

84. Fishing gear: RODS.

85. Super __: PAC.

87. Quivering: AFLUTTER. Fun word to say.

88. Focus of a 1990s-2000s baseball "era": STEROIDS. So sad. This made so many cards from that era worthless.

89. Stocks and such: ASSETS.

92. Implies: HINTS AT. 👍, ATLGranny!

93. Michael of "Arrested Development": CERA.

94. Naturally carbonated brew: REAL ALE.

96. Main Web page: HOME.

97. Doctrines: CREDOS.

98. Young Clark's love: LANA.

99. Ross and DeVos: BETSYS.

100. Gymnast Comaneci: NADIA. Stunning.

101. Opera solos: ARIAS.

103. __ football: ARENA.

106. Takes steps: ACTS.

108. Linen hue: ECRU.

109. Radiation measures: REMS.

110. To be, in Tours: ETRE.

113. "Let me give you a __ ... ": TIP.

114. Japanese drama: NOH. Literally "talent". Like Chinese "Neng".

116. Long of "Empire": NIA.



Big Easy said...

Anybody out there ever own a STORM, ECLIPSE, or ASCENT? I don't know a soul who owns or owned one.

26. End-of-page abbr.: PTO.- I got it but it's new to me.

The ED ending EMERGED immediately after TOTALED & TRAILED. Gary's puzzle went NW to SE with just a little trouble with three unknown proper names LAUREN, ORTON, & NATE- intersecting- LEE MARVIN. NIA, ELLIE, KERI, TINO, and CERA were also filled by perps.

One change KURT Russell to KERI Russell


desper-otto said...

Good morning!

Yay, d-o got the theme. What he didn't get was PTO -- wazzat? Only familiar with Power Take-Off. Made a WAG here and there, but no Wite-Out required. Victory in very good time this morning. Thanx, Gary and C.C. (Congrats on the new wheels. Now you can really be a "low-rider.")

SansBeach said...

Good morning, All. Haven't been posting much as home owner chores have kept me busy and I don't get around to the xword until early evening. Today, (actually yesterday) is a first for me...solved the Saturday "stumper" without help and all correct entries and few write overs. CSO Misty for a yoo hoo! I thought I had accomplished this a month or so ago only to be disappointed by a misspelled word. I am posting this prior to reading yesterday's blog. I don't want to see how "easy, peasy" this was for a Saturday offering. :o) Thanks Sheryl, there always needs to be a first. BTW it wasn't easy for me. Breaks over and back to work. Have a great Sunday.

Lemonade714 said...

A fun puzzle that went quickly for a Sunday despite some unknowns, like PTO which is
1.paid/personal time off a block of hours that combines all of an employee’s paid sick days, 2.personal days, and vacation time.
3.Patent and Trademark Office.
4.please turn over (a page or leaf).Also P.T.O., p.t.o.

Live and learn. I also am ashamed I did not recall ELLIE GREENWICH whose story came to Broadway before her contemporary CAROLE KING with the musical LEADER OF THE PACK . They both were part of the BRILL BUILDING songwriters.

C.C. thank you for the continuing lessons in Chinese and Japanese, and continued prayers for Boomer. Gary, your puzzle added to my day.

Lemonade714 said...

BE, a friend owned a STORM and I drove an ECLIPSE until it was totaled by a driver behind me who did not see the ambulance for which I stopped.

Anonymous said...

Good luck with your Hyundai Santa Fe. Back in 2002 I needed a SUV for work. My car didn't have the room. My Santa Fe lasted me 14 years and never left me stranded. Sold it with 150,000 miles on it and was still running well. Only thing wrong was the AC quit. As far as seat positions the car I own now has about 10 adjustments. Probably overkill but that's German engineering.
I usually don't like a Larson puzzle but enjoyed this one because of the fun theme and most of the clueing was tight. Almost naticked at Orton and Nate though. Hated the clue 26. End-of-page abbr.: PTO.

desper-otto said...

PTO: Do people really need a reminder when they get to the bottom of the page to turn it over to the next page?

Lucina said...


No constructor's name and no theme in my newspaper today but the car's names EMERGED quickly enough. I love the word play.

SAYONARA came into the language with the movie by that name.

I do not consider TACOS a snack food. For me they are the main dish which I make at lest once or twice a month. I also like to make FLAN.

We in Arizona can take a CSO at DUST(ED)STORMS which occur here periodically.

BALI is my favorite brand of BRA.

I'm not familiar with LAUREN Shehadi but many years ago I knew a student by the name of Christine Shihady who, I believe, was of Lebonese descent. I wonder if the name stems from the same root.

Today I am AFLUTTER because I managed to get a ticket for Mass; since the attendance is limited to 150, tickets are required and after trying for many weeks I finally achieved success. Our congregation is very large so it doesn't take long to give out those 150.

Thank you, C.C. I like your car. My Honda has only a few adjustments and since I'm short I need the lower position.

Have a good day, everyone!

Hungry Mother said...

FIR, but quite the slog. Never heard of PTO, but I guess it means, “please turn over.” Problem is, how many people will understand it and look at the back? Write-overs: SAYONARA 4 SAYaNARA, SEED 4 gErm, REMS 4 RadS, CLICKEDBEETLES 4 pLuCKEDBEETLES, TINO 4 dINO. I never time my pen and ink solves, but this must have been close to a personal worst. Bottom line: FIR.

Anonymous said...

Never heard of PTO. Could have had alternative cluing instead of the lame "please turn over."

Never heard of Leo SAYER. Couldn't get off of Bayer or Mayer. And because of this, I couldn't mentally pull the trigger on SPATES, even with _ _ A T E S. Big fat FIW.


Shankers said...

Is everyone sleeping in this morning? Today started out slowly and took longer than the average Sunday, but an eventual FIR. Changes were does to deer at 24D, floortype to floortile at51A, Tito to Tino at 118A, and too many perps to mention. A Woohoo CSO to Misty. Good way to start the day with a fun and fair Gary Larson challenge. Time to get ready for Mass. Another good way to start the day. Stay safe all.

Anonymous said...

Can someone explain what animal is the barnyard male TOM? And what is the reference to Chicago or Texas?

By the way, I have never seen PTO as anything but Power Take Off.

Lucina said...

TOM turkey.

desper-otto said...

Anon@11:24, that TOM could be either a turkey or a cat. The "Chicago or Texas" is a blog reference. We have two Toms on this blog. Spoiler alert: I am one of them.

OMaxiN said...

Nothing of need offered on Amazon Prime days.
FIW: Lauren,Orton, & Nate unknowns.
Nadia married another Olympic gold medalist Bart.
Thank you Gary & C.C.

Yuman said...

I share the first name, Lauren, with 60 down and still missed it!
I remember using PTO on reports in grade school.
I’m always in for a “surprise” when my 6’6” husband forgets to re-adjust the drivers seat in my Honda CR-V.
Be safe, keep wearing your masks, cases on the rise.

CrossEyedDave said...

Just testing an iPad linkage

alternate PTO clueing?

Interesting near the bottom was page turn over (musical reference)
All my music books are dog eared for that purpose.

Husker Gary said...

-Speed bump - MR T (MR is not an abbr. I guess), BIAS waited until I saw “partiality” instead of “partially”, LULU supplanted TALE and Court/ATRIA had nothing to do with wooing or trials
-Successful pols don’t RAMBLE and stick to their talking points
-WIELDY :: Unweildy = Gruntled :: Disgruntled
-O_TON/LAU_EN was a Natick where only one letter really made sense
-Goodbye SARAN Wrap at our house
-A dusting of snow last night and the AROMA of chili in the air!
-No votes/ANTIS was fun
-LIED – There are lies of commission and omission
-Best Amazon purchase. If it ain’t on Amazon, you don’t need it!
-STEROIDS – McGwire admitted it and is back in the game. Sosa denied it and is still banned
-D-O - Me too on Power Take Offs. I suspect Gary might not have any farm experience.

Husker Gary said...

-My suggestion for C.C.’s car seat issue involved phone books but I don’t think many people even have them anymore. :-)
-I saw this sign on the first hole yesterday

billocohoes said...

Also didn't know PTO

Thought of Ingrid before Ingmar Bergman

I believe Neil Sedaka was another songwriter in the Brill Bldg.

Wilbur Charles said...

The T in PTO and the music clue were WAG material. I tried M. But, I hastily inked Escort for the Subaru. I didn't carefully check it but LANe, and RoMS seemed to work. Of course given Clark we needed Lane's first name which I knew)

This was not easy. OLDSALT was a V8, and the BRA/BLOC/FLAN/LONG would've been ERASURES except I use pen. Inky mess. I thought OR TILE need an option. But I got that one. Sect,pang and tea didn't work.

Wow, ELLIE was talented. Da do ron ron, do wah diddy. My oh my.

Duh, everybody has a TIT story.

Oops there's another one. I had marsalas and didn't notice that my L in PANEL wasn't a C. Societic??? Rich would never sink that low.

Misled? As Jayce informed me once the word is disingenuous. I said truthfully, Not I, pas Moi. Mistaken identity. But in the world of sales:"Never outright lie but never tell the truth if you can avoid it". LIU, boy Google loves that word.

I imagine the nutrients lost in White rice can be had in meats and vegetables. Ergo, give me white too but if you must fry the rice please OMIT the peas

Comrade. Boy could we go political here. Marines are comrades in arms. eg BROs.


Excellent write-up. BigE, I have a PILOT; Does that count?

L217, were you hurt. Whiplash?

CED, did you know there was a bug at the (very)bottom of that amazing link(list)

I'm a RAMBLER but not a gambler (anymore)

Gary, or "abandon all hope, ye who enter here"


Wilbur Charles said...

Ps, I posted very late thank-yous FLN. Plus a story, lol

Yellowrocks said...

I enjoyed the word play in this puzzle. SOCIETAL took me quite a while and many perps.
I have never seen or used PTO. All perps. It seems unnecessary in a book. It makes sense for a sheet of music. For a single page sometimes I use an arrow or the word OVER to indicated there is writing on the back. PTO/Parent Teacher Organization.
It seems most people love FLAN, but not I. I do not care for its slippery, jiggly texture.
The N in ORTON crossing NATE was a Natick. Wagged it.
SansBeach, Saturday's puzzle was not easy peasy for me. I found it tres difficile and did not have time to finish it. Friday's was a fun sponge and I gave up on it. Much happier today.
Both wieldy and gruntle are real words, believe it or not. Spellcheck concurs.
I am short and need the driver's seat moved forward and jacked up nearly as high as it will go so that I can see over the dashboard. No one has ever tried to raise the passenger seat in my car, so I don't know about that. I will look on my next jaunt.

Malodorous Manatee said...

Not much to add. The west/central area, with the unknown proper nouns LAUREN, ORTON, and NATE interlaced eventually got figured out. PTO was not something previously encountered in real life or, that can be recalled, in puzzles.

For someone who has closely shared his life with three Labrador Retrievers and been around many others, the "Work With a Hunter clue" took far too long to penetrate. To all the way Labs I have known before, apologies.

Wendybird said...

I was pleased that, except for help with TINO Perez from my resident baseball expert, I finally finished. Not so fast ... found in C.C.’s wonderful write-up that I had Mandalas and need instead of MANSALAS and SEED. Ever heard of the spices. It was still fun, and the theme answers were clever and not “reaches” IMHO.

CED, wow! The PTO list goes on and on.

As a knitter, I couldn’t get off yarn for skeins, so it took me too long to get GEESE - I always think gaggle for them.

I took the bait on Bali and kept trying to think of some crop from the island.

Lucina, when we lived in Scottsdale, we experienced the weirdest dust storm ever, a HABOUB. Strong wind storm with rain, and when we awoke in the morning, our pool was so filled with mud we couldn’t see the bottom. Learned it is a not uncommon
event in the Valley of the Sun.

Thank you, Gary for a fun, fair puzzle .

I’m sad our COVID numbers are on the rise again. Will we ever be able to retire our masks? Meanwhile, masks up!

inanehiker said...

This was a fun theme - even though some of the cars, SUVs were more a challenge than others. I hadn't really heard of CLICK BEETLES - but it was easy to fill with perps! Like YR I thought of PTO as the alternative that some schools use instead of PTA.

One of my favorite Amazon purchases - might also be a help for CC's low seat issues with the Santa Fe- I had fallen awhile back and had a bruised tailbone - I used this seat in the car because it took all the pressure off the sore area - but as an added benefit it made me higher, so better visibility. so I continued to use it long after I needed it!

Thanks CC and Gary!

Susie said...

CC - I've used a seat cushion (for kitchen/dining chairs etc) for many years as I can't see over the hood of the car (Camry) even with the seat in the high position.

ATLGranny said...

FIW today. Two squares I didn't feel so good about but couldn't think of better alternatives and as it turned out, a bad square nearby I didn't doubt but should have. eSCorT/ASCENT (like you, WC). I tried eSCape but that didn't work as well. I had no idea that Lois LANe was wrong, obviously.

On the other hand I got lucky with two WAGs at ORTON, LAUREN and NATE, so can't complain. Gary, thanks for the fun puzzle with a theme I got, even with my lack of knowledge of car models. And CC, huge thanks to you for explaining it all.

I had seen PTO before on letters and papers back in the day. Now not needed much with computers, etc. CLICK BEETLES I heard in Colorado. And FLAN, yum! Need to make some soon now that it's cooler weather. OLD SALT took me the longest time to see. I kept trying to fit in asphALT. Oh well, tomorrow is another day.

Lucina said...

Yes. You are so right about those haboobs though this summer was uneventful for almost any kind of storm. I believe two significant ones occurred and did a lot of damage but we didn't experience the usual destructive monsoons.

One of my grandchildren attends a school where they have PTOs, Parent Teacher Organizations.

Spitzboov said...

Good afternoon everyone.

Did it late today after our week-end company left. Liked almost all of it. Saw that ED was inserted into a common phrase to imply something involving different car brands. Clever enough. Had a Natick at the CROFTS/CERA cross but guessed the C which seemed the most reasonable. Knew NATO but guessed at its use here. Perps. Even got a FIR today.
BH owned ECLIPSES 15+ years ago.
TIT, a close relative of the Chickadee is one of your Passerines.

Have a great rest of the weekend.

Lemonade714 said...


Jayce said...

A total NATE-ick was LAUREN and NATE crossing ORTON, none of whom I knew or know. Obviously even doing an alphabet run (two of them, actually) was of absolutely no use. I agree with those who have said that crossing proper names should not be done. To me this is a perfect example of that.

I misspelled SAYONARA as SAYANARA, and, not knowing the the heck a PTO is, PTA looked fine to me. It took quite a while to go back and find the error. I still don't know what PTO stands for. Rats.

Speaking of rats, 121 across was neither pack RAT nor pack DOG. NADIA fixed it.

I wonder if NIA Long would ever LONG for the good old days.

So, would FAKE ALE be unnaturally carbonated? I read that Guinness does dodgy things to the carbonation of its stout ale. I tried some and I think they actually ruined it.

Ross and DeVos? Wilbur and Betsy. (Yeah yeah, I know. Sorry.)

In our car only the driver's side seat can be raised and lowered. The passenger seat can only be moved forward and back, and the seatback more or less reclined. They call it a "4-way" seat: (1) forward, (2) backward, (3) seatback more upright, and (4)seatback more reclined. The driver's seat is called "8-way" and many newer cars have "12-way" seats, but the actual "range of motion" is half that. Ah, marketing.

Wilbur Charles, I again apologize for mistaking you as the person who accused me of being disingenuous. It actually was a guy called Chuck Lindgren. The fact you still remember it tells me it affected you deeply, and I deeply apologize.

Good wishes to you all. I read and appreciate every one of your posts.

Bill G said...

Hi everybody,

What if there were no hypothetical questions?

~ Mind how you go...

sasses said...

Thank you! Good for sciatica too!

sasses said...

Zhouquin Xianshen!

Anonymous T said...

Sunday Lurk say...

PTO ≠ Personal Time Off?
//My package gives me so much time now - I can never use really use it [hacker's don't take PTO!]. I've used 95% of sick for C-19 but only one (of 5) of Floating Holidays. My 200 hrs of vacation hasn't been touched. DW says, "Use it" but how (why? - I have fun thwarting them)?

FLN - WC: LOL @5:07a. I got sharpshooter even in MOPP gear. Not bad for a kid form the midwest.

Chicago TTP & Houston & D-O. Both Cool Cats, er, TOMS. Neither a Turkey, them.

Lucina when C.C. got to FLAN. I really have to try my hand at building one one day.
//maybe get Youngest to do it first and teach me - that kid can bake.

So, I finally ventured out today for a hair cut (I really needed one 3/14 but DW said "Don't"). It went well but she too was hesitent (like DW was) to trim my locks [who's lying here - there was 7" of hair]. She cut out all the grey and now I look like a respectable member of society. I tip'd 2x the price 'cuz she (hair stylist) put up with me.

Talked to my (Army) Bro today. He's in isolation for going to sick-bay Friday. He wanted meds for allergies but they Covid tested him. No results over the weekend but he was ordered to stay at home for 8 days. He's stocked with beer & cigarettes so he'll be fine :-)

Cheers, -T

Anonymous T said...

Forgot to Say says...

Eldest's second word in life at 9mo: Konnichiwa. Her first word was "hello" about 3 seconds earlier.

Yeah, we where those parents that had the Baby Einstein VHS tapes.

Youngest's first words? She waited a year to say, from the back seat on the way to Gymboree, a complete sentence...
"That sun is too damned bright!" //true story :-)

Cheers, -T

Chairman Moe said...

Puzzling thoughts:

Lucina, Shankers and I all (I presume) get the same newspaper. As she said, there was no crEDit given to Gary Larson today, nor a “theme”, which Sunday LATimes puzzles contain. Maybe the EDitED by Rich Norris and Joyce Nichols Lewis should have given it away! LOL


KURT/KERI. Otherwise, it was solved correctly

Not sure how the picture of my SO and I made it back into blog, but today actually makes it one “official” year of us being “in a relationship”; according to Facebook!!

Lucina said...

It's just that I'm so used to having that information on Sundays and sometimes the theme is necessary for the solve, but not today. The -EDs were easy to see.

Anonymous T said...

Moe: 'cuz it's a great snap! Congrats on moving on and getting on keepin' on.

//Nothing apropos just a random Sunday thought...
I think Eldest studies Psychology (double major w/ Vocal) @OU because I messed her (and Youngest's) little head(s) up...

Most every night I'd sing and dance the Girls to sleep. Oft with [you know the tune...]

Twinkle Twinkle little star
How I know just what you are

A fiery ball of burning gas
Making elements with higher mass

Burning brightly night and day
Fusing elements far away.

Eldest is still mad(ish) a me because she was the only one in 2nd grade that didn't know the "real" words.

Sometimes I'd sing Tiny Dancer as I danced 'em to sleep.
//They were both in ballet later in life (you know, @5yro :-)). Youngest still dances but wants to go into law(? - as a hacker, I've a problem here...)

Cheers, -T

Crockett1947 said...

billocohoes at 12:40 Neil Sadaka was another songwriter in the Brill Building. I Know for certain that Neil Diamond was -- perhaps Sadaka as well?

Stay safe all.

Michael said...

Thank you, CED at 12:19, for that exhausting list of PTO possibilities. In 70 or so years of reading English-language materials, from comic books up to PhD theses, I have to say I have NEVER before seen 'PTO'.

Shankers said...

C-moe, I didn't know, or maybe forgot, that you live in the Phx metro area.

Spitzboov said...

I'm with D-O on PTO meaning power take off. Our last corn chopper and hay balers were PTO; also our sickle bar hay mower/

Wilbur Charles said...

Jayce, I knew it was mistaken identity because of the word which I'd never used. Such a neat word, so versatile. My Ford Tempo got rear-ended and security baldfacedly accused me of LYING.

LIED just quirked that memory and I'm quirky to say the least.

-T, yep you couldn't make that one up. When we put the A uniforms on lo and behold, "Charley" had the Marksman badge on. He never thanked me. Also…

Baby Phillip saw the ocean for the first time and blurted out "That's a lotta Wawa"
re. Twinkle… And I thought I was quirky

Re. PTO. MacArthur's domain? We've had ETO a few times.


Michael said...

Dear WC:

"Re. PTO. MacArthur's domain? We've had ETO a few times. "

No, he was commander of the U.S. Army Far East, then in 1941 named as SAC Southwest Pacific Area.

Wilbur Charles said...

Michael, LIU says MacArthur got his fifth star in December of 1944 making him Supreme Commander of the Pacific Theater.


Michael said...

Dear WC:

But Wiki says, "As part of preparations for Operation Downfall, the invasion of Japan, MacArthur became commander in chief U.S. Army Forces Pacific (AFPAC) in April 1945, assuming command of all Army and Army Air Force units in the Pacific except the Twentieth Air Force. At the same time, Nimitz became commander of all naval forces. Command in the Pacific therefore remained divided." Yes, he received his fifth star in 1944, but as commander of AFPAC.

After the occupation of Japan in 1945, he became SCAP, Supreme Commander for the Allied Powers.

I cannot find any evidence that there was a Pacific Theater of Operations, a la the ETO.

Kerry_in_Carefree said...

Chairman Moe,

You are extremely generous in calling The Arizona Republic a newspaper. It isn't even a shadow of its former self