Oct 24, 2020

Saturday, October, 24, 2020, Madeline Kaplan and Erik Agard

 Saturday Themeless by Madeline Kaplan and Erik Agard

Today's puzzle is another collaboration featuring our friend, Jeopardy winner and USA Today Crossword puzzle editor Eric Agard. This time his partner is Madeline Kaplan. She was kind enough to write this about their entertaining creation:

Hi Gary,

I just saw your message on Twitter -- happy to share a little bit about this puzzle.

I was relatively new to constructing when Erik reached out and asked if I wanted to collaborate on a themeless. That was about a year ago, I think. At the time, I had just discovered the Fill function in Crossfire which made my constructing process about 100x faster...
I started with ZAZIEBEETZ in the NW corner and AMERICANAH in the SE, then finished the rest of those stacks through a lot of trial and error. Hammering out the clues was a lot of fun -- I think my favorites are 15-A and 47-D. 

I learned a whole lot about good construction and clue-writing from Erik throughout this process. I'm very grateful to him, and to Patti and Rich for publishing this puzzle. And psyched for it to be out in the world!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend,


Erik added: The gratitude is mutual! Madeline is a brilliant, vital constructor, and I'm thankful she took the time to collaborate with me. Very proud of the result - hope you enjoy!


1. Not fresh anymore: GETTING OLD.

11. Sixth Greek letter: ZETA - Alpha, beta, gamma, delta, epsilon, ZETA...

15. To a ridiculous extent: AD ABSURDUM (with Italian subtitles)

16. Decamp, e.g.: EXIT.

17. Emmy nominee who plays Van on "Atlanta": ZAZIE BEETZ - One of Madeline's seed entries. I needed letter-by-letter help. 

18. Give a "G," say: RATE.

19. "When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie" emotion: AMORE  - Start of the second verse of this Dean Martin hit - "When the stars make you drool just like a pasta e fasul, That's AMORE

20. Apple co-founder's nickname: WOZ.

21. Olympic city whose opening ceremony included a "Swan Lake" performance: SOCHI - The 2014 Olympics there cost $51B after being budgeted for $39B. Corruption and waste led to a very shoddy Olympics 

22. Heaven-sent: DIVINE.

24. Sometimes controversial message: TWEET - I found Madeline on Twitter with no controversy  

25. "The Alienist" network: TNT Here 'ya go

28. Small container: TIN 

29. Pickle serving: SPEAR.

31. "Where __ you?": WERE - Right at the top of this poster for a great movie (Rotten Tomatoes - 96%)

33. __ loss: AT A.

35. Sappho's island: LESBOS and 
49. Tyrrhenian Sea resort: CAPRI - An ~7 hr flight between these islands

38. One concerned with appearances: IMAGE CONSULTANT - "One who puts lipstick on a pig?"

41. Organic food label term: NON-GMO - Genetically Modified Organisms are made with DNA from organisms that normally don't breed. Hybrid seed companies have made corn from different varieties by simply removing tassels from certain plants and leaving others to shed pollen to make a better variety much like has been done for centuries.

42. Hoover, for one: DAM - Author Michael Hiltzik speculated that without the Hoover Dam, Seattle and San Francisco might the only big cities west of the Rockies.

43. Stage accusation: ET TU.

44. Trickster: SCAMP.

46. Pro __: TEM - Chuck Grassley is the current President Pro TEMpore of the Senate and third in line for presidential succession behind Pence and Pelosi.

48. Hyperbolic wait time: EON - I haven't seen you in EONS!

51. Responds to, as intelligence: ACTS ON or 40. Did nothing: SAT THERE 

54. Agrarian: RURAL.

55. Masked drama: NOH.

56. __ Macedonia: NORTH A fascinating story

60. Polish, in a way: EDIT.

61. June 11 Hawaiian honoree: KAMEHAMEHA - On that day his statue in Honolulu is adorned with leis

63. Rugby team: SIDE - You can tell them apart in this scrum

64. Adichie novel that won the 2013 National Book Critics Circle Award: AMERICANAH - A story of a Nigerian woman who comes to college in the U.S.

65. Ring sites: TOES.

66. Most-visited British art museum: TATE MODERN - In London


1. Disputed Mideast strip: GAZA.

2. Cheese named for a Netherlands town: EDAM - A cheese market in our favorite crossword cheese town of EDAM, Netherlands 

3. Former Starbucks tea: TAZO - Starbucks sold that brand to Unilever for $383M

4. Classic Ford: T-BIRD.

5. "They DO look alike": I SEE IT and 
25. Matching: TWIN - Steve Bridges is on the right

6. Pencil, barely: NUB.

7. Caught up with, sizewise: GREW INTO - Didn't your mother do this to test for growth allowance?

8. Ancient theater: ODEON - I've posted images of ancient open-air ODEONS. Here's a modern one in London

9. Skating jumps: LUTZES.

10. Boundary at the 38th parallel, for short: DMZ - The division between North and South Korea at the 38th parallel is very obvious from space at night

11. Garbage disposal goal: ZERO WASTE.

12. Compound: EXACERBATE.

13. Charitable gift: TITHE.

14. Took the loss: ATE IT - What a sacked quarterback is said to do to the football 

Aaron Rodgers taking a loss

21. Big name in romance fiction: STEEL.

23. Nickelodeon parent: VIACOM - Not a character on a kid's program but the owners

26. Captain or a fish: NEMO.

27. It's celebrated with a blue-, pink- and white-striped flag: TRANS 
PRIDE - Blue (male) and pink (female) stripes with white in the middle that represents gender neutral. Here the flag flies at the Philadelphia City Hall on Trans Pride Day.

30. Feathers: PLUMES.

32. Containers for some fragile goods: EGG CRATES.

34. "Yes?": AND - The first rule of improv is "you have to keep it going"

36. Cognizant of: ONTO.

37. Floor: STUN.

39. Inbox pileup: E-MAIL.

45. Site of a historic 1914 waterway opening: PANAMA - 28 years later my dad started his WWII duty there 

47. Country with a 26-year Grace period?: MONACO - This is a fabulous clue/fill!

Princess Grace of Monaco

49. Pinnacle: CREST.

50. Sound: AUDIO.

52. Threat in 1998's "Deep Impact": COMET - Meh...

53. Wayfarer: NOMAD.

57. Actress Russo: RENE - She is a really good actress but she played a very weak woman in this horrible movie that lost $15M. I shoulda walked out.

58. Whaler's direction: THAR.

59. "Transparent" actress Kathryn: HAHN - Where she played Rabbi Raquel 

61. Kit __: KAT - One of our Halloween handouts

62. Word for a guy: HIM - Professor Higgins Hymn To 
HIM. He soon realized he had Grown Accustomed To Her Face.



Lemonade714 said...

A very hard Saturday featuring some total unknowns - Emmy nominee who plays Van on "Atlanta": ZAZIE BEETZ the longest and WOZ the shortest. As HG pointed out there was some very fine cluing and ultimately it filled, so I am not complaining.

Welcome, Madeline and thank you for all you do Gary.

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

Worked my way to a DNF even faster than yesterday's solve. Not sure I ever heard of ZAZIE BEETZ or Atlanta, but I got it. Pretty sure I never heard of AMERICANAH, which is why I WAGged an N as the final letter. Bzzzzzt! Those stacked tens in the NW and SE are impressive. Thanx, Madeline, Erik, and Husker.

NORTH: Got this one, thanx to a recent Jeopardy! game.

LUTZES: It begs the question, do klutzes do Lutzes?

EGG CRATES: Be honest, you really wanted EGG CARTON(s) at first, No?

Temps in the low 50s this morning -- uncomfortably cool for biking. I think we'll march instead.

Hungry Mother said...

This was quite the slog. FIR, but didn’t notice the tense of 7D until I saw the answer. I’m giving myself the W anyway.

Wilbur Charles said...

Well if Gary and L214 found it hard, I was right. I saw Agard and shuddered but then quickly inked GAZA and EDAM. And AMORE. An hour later a sea of white in NW and SE.
The Hawaiian did me in. I had C?nET for that "Threat". HAHN was unknown as are 90% of pop-cul personalities. Gotta read that Sunday Parade mag.

I suspected TATE was part of the final acr clue. My WAGs of NORTH and NOMAD led to THAR and by that time I suspected AMERICAN would be in that unknown title.

ODEON and LUTZES popped after my cerebellum had time to work on them. And, I thought perhaps Starbucks had a TArO tea.

Since I had all week some alpha runs might have produced a FIR. I gave permission over at the J to lookup 17 and 61 across. I can't do that, my brain doesn't work that way.*


** My only exception is non xword people like my son on arcane video game or Japanese stuff. DANGIT, I should have asked him about NOH. Betsy? Yoga or astrology.

ATLGranny said...

What a surprise! I WAGged right for my last letter, the second h in HAHN. There was plenty to ponder in this puzzle, but slowly, slowly, the letters filled in. I left before I EXITed and started to put SAT around before seeing it wouldn't fit. Otherwise a clean fill. Remembered we recently had NOH so that was a help. Enjoyed the puzzle, Madeline and Erik. Thanks. And many thanks to Husker Gary. Super review as usual. Also appreciate your contacting the constructors!

Off to a good start to the weekend. Hope you all have a great day. Stay safe!

Spitzboov said...

Good morning everyone.

Authors sure liked their Z's today. Didn't know Ms. BEETZ from a bag of apples; took 2 empty cells there. AMERICANAH did fill itself with a WAGged 'H' in HAHN. Got everything else so I dub this Saturday a success.
Initial foothold was gotten with SPEAR and LESBOS, KAMEHAMEHA helped make the SE easy. CAPRI was an educated guess but it followed up nicely with CREST and AUDIO crossing.
Congrats to the constructors; fine job.
KAT - Cat. Dutch kat, L. Ger. Katt.
I pay ZERO attention to GMO labels, and shun them if there is a higher cost.
THAR 'she blows'. Famous MASH line by Henry Blake when the Docs were trying to get an incubator.

TTP said...

Good morning. FIW in pretty good time :>)

KAMEHMEH? and H?sN. Just left it. Was kind of in a hurry this morning as I have much to do before the big game between the Ohio State Buckeyes and the Nebraska Cornhuskers. Will also be watching the Minnesota v Michigan game tonight to see who carries home the Little Brown Jug. That one will probably be a much closer game.

Also never heard of ZAZIE BEETZ but perps filled that in pretty quickly and I let it stand.

A medallion for Madeline and an award for Agard. Great job. Loved the challenge of your puzzle today. Hope that you collaborate in the future and look forward to seeing you again in the LA Times venue.

Thank you too, Husker Gary. Great blog. BTW, I was in Ohio in '62. Agree about American Graffiti.

FLN, Dash T - I lived in the dorm at Rice University before finally getting an apartment over by Sharpstown. I knew the Montrose area well, and all the cheap places to eat. My favorites were a place that sold basically nothing but empanadas, and another place that sold large baked potatoes with your choice of stuffing. It was called The Spud You Like or The Tater Maker or something like that. Then after eating it was just watching the nightlife and taking it all in. "Cruising Westheimer" in that area was a weekly event and cheap entertainment back in the day.

OMaxiN said...

Finished the NW corner wrong.
I don't speak Starbucks or watch Atlanta.

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

As they say in the world of sports, I FIW due to an enforced error, i.e., inexplicably spelling Odeon as Odion and not seeing the error because of Ms. Zazie Beetz, of whom I’ve never heard. However, why I misspelled Odeon in the first place is on me. That said, the puzzle was challenging but with some P and P, everything else fell into place. i did stumble on Edsel/T Bird, Goes to Seed/Getting Old, Sat Still/Sat There, and being completely clueless about the Greek alphabet, Iota/Beta/Zeta. Ms. Beetz, Kamehameha, and Americanah were all unknowns. CSO to CED at Scamp AKA Imp. Despite the difficulty in some areas and my big boo boo, I thoroughly enjoyed the solve.

Thanks, Madeline and Erik, for a Saturday stumper and thanks, HG, for taking the sting out of my loss with your super-duper expo and links, and the bonus of the comments from the constructors.

Have a great day.

Bob Lee said...

Nice! When I started this puzzle I thought, "No way am I finishing this!" but slowly everything filled in on multiple passes.

It took me a while to get EXACERBATE since I had EXACE---- which looked totally wrong. And I knew it was King Kamehameha but had to noodle over the spelling.

My favorite clue was "Captain or a fish" -- NEMO! Loved it!

Also glad to see Lutzes instead of Axels (which is used a lot).

Anonymous said...

There were a LOT of unguessable proper nouns, particularly in the SE. It sounds like putting KAMEHAMEHA on top of AMERICANAH, with a lot of crossing proper nouns, is resulting in DNFs.

I know ZAZIEBEETZ from the movie, "Joker," where she played the neighbor. Fun facts about her: she was born in Germany and grew up speaking German and English. Her last names is pronounced the same as Bates.

CanadianEh! said...

Super Saturday. Thanks for the fun, Madeline and Eric, and HuskerG.
This CW required P&P, but it is Saturday. I was thinking of giving up (yes, Anon@11:04) because of the unknown names, actresses, novels etc. (I'm looking at you ZAZIE BEETZ, KAMEHAMEHA, AMERICANAH, HAHN, WOZ) but perps eventually filled it in.

Big inkblot where Iota turned to ZETA (hello IM!), Delhi turned to SOCHI (don't ask!), Spit turned to EXIT (I started to enter Split and left Spit without noticing for a while).
Love the word EXACERBATE! It is one of those words that roll off your tongue IMO.

Yes Atl Granny, I remembered NOH also. Hand up with d'o for trying to fit EGG Carton into the space for CRATE. And like Spitzboov, I noted the plethora of Zs.
Bob Lee -yes, I immediately wanted Axels but it wouldn't fit - LUTZES took a while to perp.

Are those rings in Ears or TOES? Is the small container a Can or a TIN? Wait for perps before inking darkly.

Hand up for noticing ACTS ON crossing SAT THERE (THAR if you are a whaler), and TWIN and "They DO look alike". I also smiled at LESBOS and TRANSPRIDE.
We had EXIT and EDIT, TIN and STEEL.
Loved the clue for MONACO.
That boundary was not the 49th parallel with western Canada but 38th with the Koreas. I live at the 43rd.

I must get working on my Saturday jobs, AKA housecleaning.
Wishing you all a great day.

Malodorous Manatee said...

FIR with a WAG on the final letter of AMERICANAH. Second to last to fall was Zazie Beetz. I should have guessed that those were the starting points for the constructors. Oddly, I have a cousin named Madeline Kaplan.

Great visual aids in the write-up, Gary!

Picard said...

From yesterday:
CrossEyedDave thank you for the shout out regarding deleted posts. Sophie Scholl was a hero. Not sure whether there was a specific anniversary connection to mentioning her.

I don't think posts get deleted if they are educational about the history of atrocities in other countries. For example. LESBOS today is an ongoing place of horror for refugees.

Here is a BBC story on one of these horrors in LESBOS now.

I agree that most of us come here to be educated. So it is frustrating that important historical events about our own country get deleted as "political".

As for today's puzzle, the cross of AMERICANAH and HAHN to me is unfair. I did WAG the cross of H to FIR but it could have been other letters. Otherwise it was an enjoyable challenge.

Anonymous said...

I lucked into a 14:30 finished today (that's really good for me for a Saturday), despite never hearing about Zazie or Americanah, or knowing how to spell Kamehameha (fortunately, there's not too many letters in the Hawaiian alphabet).

Shankers said...

I see I'm in good company having struggled mightily today. Whenever I see the name Asgard, I tense up immediately. I misspelled odean at 8D which gave me Waz. Also, guessed taro for 3D which led to Zarie at 17A. The SE was all WAGs but all correct. Bottom line, only two incorrect squares for a FIW. All things considered, gotta feel good about that. Off to Ca this afternoon to visit dear daughter and family for a week. Take care, stay safe and well everyone.

NaomiZ said...

Was stuck in the NE and SW corners until DH suggested SOCHI, and somehow I FIR in spite of the big Naticks of the day, ZAZIE BEETZ and AMERICANAH. Can't complain! Thanks to Madeline, Erik, Rich and Joyce for the entertainment, and Husker Gary for elucidating.

Wendybird said...

FLN. Spitzboov, who am I to disagree with the Craft Yarn Council?! I stand corrected, and I thank you for your gentle words setting me straight..

inanehiker said...

Fun, challenging Saturday - NE was my hardest corner. Perps filled in the totally unknown ZAZIE - but 1-4 Ds got a nice start to the area. I had NO GMOS that had to change to NON- GMO. Also TATE Museum change to MODERN. Otherwise it was all P & P as IM (and others like to say) I always want to put an E on the end of STEEL the author.

KAMEHAMEHA was a gimme - had to look at the letters to see if KING would be at the front.
My mom's only sister lived in HI since 1965 - and I have even been in Honolulu area when the parade and celebration is on June 11. The leis on the statue are quite impressive - glad you included a pic HG!

Thanks HG, Madeline & Erik!

CrossEyedDave said...

My last post was deleted,

Lucina said...


Yes, I'm GETTING OLD and just can't keep up with the current generation. Never heard of ZAZIEBEETZ but should have recalled TAZO which I've seen at stores. I thought ZADIE would be correct. No! Much less BEETZ.

I was more productive at the bottom and thanks to many trips to Hawaii I'm familiar with KAMEHAMEHA. But had not heard of either the novel AMERICANAH or Kathryn HAHN. I would have known the HAHN winery in Napa. And of course EDAM was one of our stops in the Netherlands. The beautiful isle of CAPRI is sadly a tourist trap crowded with shops and eateries.

MONACO was cleverly clued! I loved it. Though I have read many of Danielle STEEL's books I have only one left on the shelf. They get tiresome after a while.

I also liked DIVINE, heaven sent and NEMO as clued.

The word EXACERBATE is fun as it trips off the tongue.

Congratulations, Madeline Kaplan on your debut and Erik Agard for being a generous mentor. This was an outstanding puzzle. I look forward to more from both of you.

And thank you, Gary. As usual you added spice with your commentary.

Have a super Saturday, everyone!

Spitzboov said...

Wendybird. It was not my intention to 'correct' anyone. Only mentioned it to show my source. The details and culture of knitting I leave to others.
CED threw down the gauntlet when he said there was no abbreviation for 'knit'. I learn something from this site almost every day.

Wendybird said...

Saturdays are always tough for me. I managed to eventually get most of it with some help from my CW guru AKA Jack. I wanted get too old/GETTING OLD and tried image conscious before IMAGE CONSULTANT appeared. Many fun clues with my favorite being 47D. The unknown names were quite gettable with perps except TAZO crossing with Ms. BEETZ which , to me, were natiks.

Thanks for the challenge, Madeline and Erik, and thanks, Gary, for the excellent tour.

We’re savoring this final week of Daylight Savings Time before the days seem too short for a few months.

Jayce said...

As Bob Lee said, when I started this puzzle I thought, "No way am I finishing this!" but slowly everything filled in on multiple passes. I would RATE this puzzle a "G" for Goldilocks: just enough footholds to get started, challenging but fair intermediate entries, leading to finally solving those utterly unknown answers.

For me, most of the footholds were shorter answers such as GAZA, EDAM, DMZ, AMORE, WOZ, SOCHI, LESBOS, NOH, and RENE, among others. Intermediates include LUTZES, DIVINE, VIACOM, and COMET. Those utterly unknowns include ZAZIE BEETZ and AMERICANAH.

There is a WOZ Way here in San Jose, a very short street downtown, named in honor of Mr. Steve Wozniak.

I remember the SOCHI Olympic games. I also remember sports announcer Bob Costas trying to be all chic'n'stuff by pronouncing it So-shee. He's the same guy who started this whole total mispronunciation thing of calling the capital city of China "Bey-zhing", as if the "j" in "jing" is pronounced like in French. Arrogant twit, he was. Unfortunately, news anchors still mispronounce it to this day, even though many reporters who are on site there pronounce it correctly in their reports.

I loved the clues for AMORE, NUB, and MONACO. EXACERBATE is excellent, and yes, fun to say. ATE IT always makes my nose wrinkle.

Isn't "ET TU, Brute?" more of a question than an accusation? I see it as analogous to "Oh man, you too?"

Good wishes to you all.

oc4beach said...

I had the puzzle about half done when my computer froze. I had to force close the computer to get out of my predicament. Then Microsoft decided it was time to update my computer. Sooo, it took a while before I got back to the puzzle. Then it took another 27 minutes to finish it.

Definitely a good, tough Saturday puzzle for Madeline's debut.

Because of the age difference between us I didn't know some of the current actresses and the author.

Good write-up by Gary today, as usual. Sorry to see your Huskers get beat up by Ohio State.

Have a great day everyone. Please be safe and wear your masks.

Wilbur Charles said...

Re. ETTU? An accusation in the form of a question. I see this wasn't the groaner that I thought it was. We did have footholds which are a big help.

I had a neighbor named DeVINE which held me back. Starbucks never appealed to me although if I can get a DEcaf Americano for the normal decaf price I'll go for it.


Ol' Man Keith said...

About the same degree of toughness as yesterday. This was maybe a tad easier, a bit more do-able.
I enjoyed working my way through this pzl. My thanks to the Kapln/Agard team.

The finest NOH drama I had the privilege of viewing was presented in L.A. by an ancient Japanese company. It was staged outdoors (as they ought to be), but it was unusual because it was performed at night.
We tend to forget how former generations experienced their world. Instead of illuminating this play with electric lighting, these modern artists used the only form of night light available for millennia--torches. And the effect of the flickering light (and shadows) on those NOH masks was absolutely fantastic, mesmerizing!
Together with the haunting hayashi (flute and drum) music, these throbbing, ghostly images seemed true spirits from the past.
A 3-way on the near end.
The central diagonal offers the first full (15-letter) anagram in recent memory. Not a particularly exciting or amusing one, but still....
It refers to the internal chain-of-command of the Department of Elementary Education.
I mean the...

What? No fair?! You won't buy an acronym?
Well, I can leave you with a shorter, but more inspirational anagram, working within the same letters. This would identify any of life's enduring rituals, with an emphasis on long-term applicability, an...

Malodorous Manatee said...

Unrelated ramblings:

It is nice to see Jean Luc post.

It is never nice to see OSU beat up on anyone- I am a UM Dad.

I first heard EXACERBATE used in a UN Sceurity Council debate more than fifty years ago. I had to looked it up but the word has "stuck" with me.

CrossEyedDave said...

Here is a redacted version of my last "deleted" post

I posted yesterday a Sophie Scholl remembrance,
because she was executed by guillotine for Treason.

Her crime? distributing flyers denouncing the Nazi Party.

Vote your conscience...

TTP said...

Croos Eyed Dave,

No one deleted any of your posts yesterday.

TTP said...

Should have been Cross Eyed Dave. No disrespect intended.

CanadianEh! said...

Apologies to Erik for misspelling his name. I used the more common C instead of K. I should have known better after my Nicola/NIKOLA error yesterday😊

Anonymous said...

Sometimes you run across a puzzle from someone who has experienced life, culture, and learning in a totally different way. Somehow, I still feel blessed.

Ol' Man Keith said...

No sign of Misty yet today?

Wendybird said...

MM, GO BLUE! My home town.

Big Easy said...

I still remember Alex Trebek wanting to put a pie in Erik Agard's face. I felt the same way tonight before luckily FIR with some WAGs crossing other WAGS: TAZO, ZAZIE BEETZ (and Van and 'Atlanta') and the 'absurd' AD ABSURDUM (really?). Then there was Kathryn HAHN (and Transparent) with AMERICANANAH. I was guessing if it was AMERICAN AH or AMERICA NAH- neither made sense. I'd never heard of any of them.

WOZ was the Apple founder- Jobs knew nothing about computers and couldn't program. He was just the salesman.

NON-GMO- don't kid yourself. Unless you are eating something that grows in the wild, every single food cultivated by humans is genetically modified in one way or another.

I had to change TRANSGENDER to PRIDE; EARS to TOES
ZERO WASTE- I only use the garbage disposal when something slips past the trap. If you don't put it in the drain it can't clog up you drainage pipe.

Anonymous T said...

Hi All!

Got started on the puzzle late today and I noticed all the Zeds in the North. Thought I stood a chance!
Not to be. Ultimately a DNF. Had to peek at HG's grid so see ZETA not Etta - ah, the clue does say 6th letter. Still would couldn't crack much in the south though...

Thanks Madeline & Erik for the puzzle and learning about KAMEHAMEHA.

Fun recap HG - thanks for all the visuals.

Fav: The WOZ. He was the technical brains behind Apple; Steve was the visioneere.

Fun #2 OMK.

TTP - WERE you a student at Rice? DW & I first moved into an apartment on Westheimer outside the Belt (it was cheep-ish). I'd drive Westheimer to downtown every day for work (Allen 2).
//She got pregnant the 1st night she joined me in Houston (*he smiles impishly*) and I had 9 months to find a house! We got one in Lake Olympia - about 7 blocks from Warren Moon's house (on the other side of the Parkway - you know, the affordable homes) and (later) she'd see Beyonce (still w/ Destiny's Child then) pass by on a jog.

D-O: I counted letters and squares for Cartons at least 4 times...

BigE - I kept wanting something for mince @11d. ZERO WASTE? Seems like a lot of water is wasted when you turn the Insinkerator on (and the occasional 1/2 lemon to refresh it).

Enjoyed reading everyone!

Cheers, -T
//almost forgot - Eddie VAN Halen (RIP): PANAMA.

Anonymous T said...

Has anyone heard from YR? I know she's moving but I haven't seen a post in a few days... -T