Oct 27, 2020

Tuesday October 27, 2020 Paul Coulter

A Themeless Tuesday?  Where does this LEDE?  LEDE: The opening sentence or paragraph of a news article, summarizing the most important aspects of the story.


1. Analyze grammatically: PARSE.

6. Comic Silverman: SARAH.

Sarah Kate Silverman (b. Dec. 1, 1970)

11. Atlanta-to-Miami dir.: SSE.  It will take nearly 11 hours to drive South-SouthEast from Atlanta, Georgia to Miami, Florida.

14. At full speed: AMAIN.  This is an archaic usage of the word.

15. Actress De La Garza: ALANA.

16. "Buffy" airer after The WB: UPN.  As in the United Paramount Network.
19. Part of LGBTQ: GAY.

20. Ashtabula's lake: ERIE.  Ashtabula is a city in Ohio.  It's the tiny red dot on the map below.

Seeing Erie reminded me of our dear friend Abejo seen here with Madame DeFarge.

21. Fruity drinks: ADES.  Hi, Lemonade!

22. Master, in Swahili: BWANA.

24. Earthquakes: SEISMS.

26. Cold one at a bar: BEER.

33. Split up: END IT.

36. Aired again: RERAN.  Hubby has recently been watching reruns of Raymond Burr's version of Perry Mason.

37. Immigrants' subj.: ESL.  As in English as a Second Language.

38. Gunk: GOOP.

39. Helen who sang "I Am Woman": REDDY.  Sadly, Helen Reddy (née Helen Maxine Reddy; Oct. 25, 1941 ~ Sept. 29, 2020) died just a month ago.  Last Sunday would have been her 79th birthday.  

40. In good health: WELL.

41. Post-apartheid ruling party: Abbr.: ANC.  As in the African National Congress.  It is the ruling party of the Republic of South Africa.

42. With "en," hot, in sports slang: FUEGO.  Today's Spanish lesson.

43. Spoils, with "on": DOTES.

47. __ center: exact middle: DEAD.

48. Unaffiliated film studios: INDIES.  As in Independent films.

52. Artist's flat hat: BERET.

54. Poker Flat chronicler Harte: BRET.  Bret Harte (Aug. 25, 1836 ~ May 5, 1902) make frequent guest appearances in the puzzles.  He is known for writing short stories of adventure and the California Gold Rush.

57. __-dieu: kneeler: PRIE.

58. Antipollution org.: EPA.  As in the Environmental Protection Agency.  The agency was established in 1970.  William Ruckelshaus (July 24, 1932 ~ Nov. 27, 2019) was its first administrator.

62. Ready-fire link: AIM.

63. Correct, as text: EMEND.

64. Like Olympic pools: LANED.

65. __ Victor: record label: RCA.

66. Broad valleys: DALEs.  Hi, Lucina!

67. Mike who voiced Shrek: MYERS.

Mike Myers (né Michael John Myers; b. May 25, 1963) is on the left.

1. Treasure map word: PACES.

2. Love, in Rome: AMORE.  Today's Italian lesson.

3. Pie cuts, geometrically: RADII.

4. Lateral skid: SIDE SLIP.

5. Big picture?: Abbr.: ENL.  As in Enlarge.

6. Anti-DWI gp.: SADD.  Formerly known as Students Against Drunk Driving, it is now refers to as Students Against Destructive Decisions.

7. On the safer side, at sea: ALEE.

8. Cleaning cloths: RAGS.

9. Oscar winner Lee: ANG.  Ang Lee (b. Oct. 23, 1954) just celebrated his 66th birthday.  He has been nominated for 9 Academy Awards and has won 3 Oscars: Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon for Best Foreign Language film; Brokeback Mountain and Life of Pi won for Best Director.

10. Washed-up star: HAS BEEN.  I have a friend who calls her ex-husband her Was Been.

11. Sucrose-rich root veggie: SUGAR BEET.  Who know there were so many different kinds of beets?

12. Bridge: SPAN.  When it was built in 1969, the Lake Ponchartrain Causeway, connecting Metairie and Mandeville, Louisiana, was the longest bridge over water.  It spans just under 24 miles.

13. Irish New Ager: ENYA.  Her full name is Eithne Pádraigín Ní Bhraonáin (b. May 17, 1961).  No wonder she goes by Enya!

18. Steinbeck's "__ of Eden": EAST.  East of Eden is one of my favorite John Steinbeck (Feb. 27, 1902 ~ Dec. 20, 1968) novels.  Steinbeck was the recipient of the 1962 Nobel Prize in Literature.

23. World Wide __: WEB.

25. Sch. near Harvard: MIT.    As in the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.  Many years ago, I worked there.

26. Time for cake with candles, informally: B'DAY.

28. Cornered on a limb: TREED.

29. Flowerpot spot: LEDGE.

30. MD meeting an ambulance: ER DOC.  As in the Emergency Room Doctor.

31. "Cast Away" setting: ISLE.  I never saw this movie, which starred Tom Hanks (b. July 9, 1956).

32. Building additions: ELLs.

33. "Good grief!": EGAD!

34. It's forbidden: NO-NO.

35. Semifictional film genre: DOCUDRAMA.  Sully, the 2016 movie which also starred Tom Hanks, is an example of a docudrama.  It was about Captain Sully Sullenberg (b. Jan. 23, 1951) as he was forced to make an emergency landing in the Hudson River.

39. Felt bad about: RUED.

40. 2006 film about crosswords: WORDPLAY.  A "must see" for crossword lovers.

42. Open-bodied truck: FLATBED.

43. Animal house: DEN.  // And 52-Down:  Den denizen: BEAR.

45. Buzzing flier: BEE.

46. Friends and neighbors: KITH.  According to the Macmillan Dictionary: "Kith comes from a word of Germanic origin meaning ‘known’.  Kin is also of Germanic origin, from an Indo-European root meaning ‘give birth to’.  Your kith are your friends or acquaintances, while your kin are all the people you are related to."

49. "Flashdance...What a Feeling" singer Cara: IRENE.  This song won Irene Cara (née Irene Cara Escalera; b. Mar. 18, 1959) an Oscar for Best Original Song.

50. Down-yielding duck: EIDER.

51. Plants-to-be: SEEDS.

53. "Beowulf," e.g.: EPIC.  When I was a kid, I thought this Old English epic poem was about a wolf.

54. Belgian composer Jacques: BREL.  Jacques Romain Georges Brel (Apr. 8, 1929 ~ Oct. 9, 1978) was also a successful actor.  Sadly, he died at age 49.

55. Hall of Famer Sandberg: RYNE.  Ryne Dee Sandberg (b. Sept. 18, 1959) played for Philadelphia and the Chicago Cubs.

56. Approx. takeoff hours: ETDs.  As in Estimated Time of Departures.

60. Actress Thurman: UMA.  Uma Karuna Thurman (b. Apr. 29, 1970) and John Joseph Travolta (b. Feb. 18, 1954) in their famous dance scene from Pulp Fiction.

61. "Slippery" tree: ELM.


Ah, there is a theme after all.  It just got buried!

17-Across. Breakfast dish that sounds spoiled?: CODDLED EGGS.

27-Across. Snack cake brand named for a four-year-old: LITTLE DEBBIE.

44-Across. Two-level bus: DOUBLE DECKER.

And the Unifier:

59-Across. Postpone an article's essential points ... and a hint to 17-, 27- and 44-Across: BURY THE LEDE.  We have had some discussions recently on the word LEDE.  According to Meriam-Webster, "The spelling of lede is allegedly so as to not confuse it with lead which referred to the strip of metal that would separate lines of type. ... In journalism, the lede refers to the introductory section of a news story that is intended to entice the reader to read the full story.

Here's the Grid:

Another hurricane is headed my way!

Notes from C.C.:

1) Ah, such a brilliant approach, Susan!

2) Happy 73rd birthday to Boomer, the absolute center of my world. Boomer goes through each treatment, each pill change, each VA visit with humor and optimism. He does not complain. He just quietly fights against pain, discomfort and the other side effects of those toxic cancer drugs every day. Here's Boomer showing off his 300 plaque.
 3) Here's another great picture of our California Coven: Chickie, Chris and JD. They met up yesterday for coffee outside. Click here for more pictures of their meetings in the past.

L to R: Chickie (Leah), Garlic Gal (Chris) and JD (Judy)


Paul Coulter said...

Thanks, Hahtoolah and Happy B'day, Boomer! Like most folks, I imagine, I always thought lede was spelled lead, as in lead story. I'd heard the expression "bury the lede" since an early age, since my mother was a journalist. But it wasn't until seeing the word in print (then checking in a dictionary to see if this was a MISprint) that I knew the correct spelling. There are other words for which I've assumed the wrong pronunciation all my life, like fete, that I'd only ever seen in books. I didn't know the correct pronunciation until I heard them spoken. Then there are words we mishear as a child, like garden snake for garter snake, as my granddaughter Addie told me on Sunday that she and her Daddy saw in the woods. I thought the same thing as a little kid. What are some of your own wrong spellings and pronunciations?

TTP said...

Good morning. Thank you Paul and Hahtoolah.


I saw the LEDEs buried in the long answers but only after getting the reveal. I recall PK commenting about LEDE a few years ago.

Ahstabula - "There's plenty of fish for everyone !" Hash-tah-buh-lah

Sarah Silverman as Marci Maven in "Mr. Monk and His Biggest Fan"

Ponchartrain - Paul Cotton wrote and sang of his remembrances of New Orleans and the night life in Heart of the Night - Poco.

KITH - Had never heard of that word or the expression "kith and kin" until solving a crossword here some years ago.

Funny quip about cancelling your subscription, Hahtoolah.

Boomer said...

Good Morning Irish Miss. Thank you so much for the great Birthday card, (received yesterday) just in time. I visited my Monday morning bowling league yesterday, not to roll a ball, just to say hello to the guys. I found out that three have been sidelined with the virus. I paid my USBC dues in case we get a vaccine and I can play next year. Also, I have 52 straight ABC/USBC cards in my scrapbook so I did not want to break the run. C.C. showed me holding a plaque, but I also have 6 or 8 nice rings that the USBC sent me for 300s and 800s. Now any bowler is just limited to one in a career. Have a great day all !

Boomer said...

Also, thank you for the birthday wishes, Paul and TTP !!

Hahtoolah said...

Happy, Happy Birthday, Boomer!

Good to see Chickie, Garlic Gal and JD. We miss you, so please stop by!

Paul: It's not a word, but a phrase: I led the pigeons to the flag ...

QOD: Knowing what is right doesn’t mean much unless you do what is right. ~ Theodore Roosevelt, Jr. (Oct. 27, 1858 ~ Jan. 6, 1919), 26th President of the United States

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

Enjoyed the puzzle, and even spelled it LEDE right out of the box, but expected to find it needed to be LEAD. Thanx for the confirmation, Paul. Nice (as usual) expo, Hahtoolah. (What'd you do at MIT?)

SEISM: Seems to me there oughta be another S in there someplace.

RERAN: We're also watching reruns of the original Perry Mason TV shows. They're like little time capsules.

Misheard words: Mom had prepared a platter of radishes for a dinner occasion. My sister, Joan, was tasked with passing them around. "Would you like a reddish or a white one?"

BDAY: Happy Birthday, young man! Doesn't seem fair that you can only win a single 300 game award. They don't do that with Superbowl rings.

Anonymous said...

Finished in 5:11. The "B" of Bret and Brel was an educated guess, as both answers were unknown.

D-Otto, there is another "S" in there, it was plural: seisms.

Yellowrocks said...

More crunch than normal for Tuesday with many names crossing each other. I was MADD, instead of SADD and didn't change it for SARAH, so FIW.
Clever theme, Paul. As always, a wonderful creatively illustrated blog, Susan.
Happy birthday, Boomer. I admire your attitude. You are a role model for me.
Where are Madame D. and PK? I think maybe Madame is busy. Is PK well?
I have long heard of KITH and kin. IMO kith is rarely used otherwise.
PRIE DIEU comes from pray God.
I learned AMAIN from this RLS poem. Of course, I LIU.

Old as the Rhine of great renown,
She hurries clear and fast,
She runs AMAIN by field and town
From south to north, from up to down,
To present on from past.

Pulp Fiction, although very popular, is one of my least favorite movies.
Paul, I mispronounced Ashtabula for years, until I heard a weatherman say it properly.
Bret Harte is a one of my favorite authors.
IMO, sometimes writers of docudramas take too much poetic license with the basic facts.
Taking inspiration from you, Boomer, I am happy and grateful that my son and a friend are helping me with the packing I can't do. And every day I feel a little better than the day before.

Mark said...

Worked at a newspaper for 40 years and never knew that the LEDE wasn't LEAD. So obviously I changed SEEDS to SEDES...
KITH is new to me.
Needless to say, a Tuesday DNF.

Watched Dan Patrick and Keith Olbermann on Sports Center when they were En Fuego.

inanehiker said...

Fun and Fast puzzle - I learned the spelling for LEDE from crosswords - but this theme will cement it in there!

I was an adult before I knew that the pronunciation of "draught" was draft instead of drot and that "victuals" was pronounced vittles instead of vick-choo-als. Both I had only read, usually in a novel set in England, and had never heard. Both have American English spellings which match the way they are pronounced!

Thanks Susan for the fun write-up and Paul for the puzzle!

Happy birthday Boomer!

Husker Gary said...

-Internet articles have a strong LEDE for click bait
-I first encountered Helen REDDY when she sang I Don’t Know How To Love Him
-All are WELL here in Casa de Husker
-Omaha’s LANED pool will have to wait until next year to host its 4th consecutive Olympic Swim Trials
-Some golf announcers say how many PACES a hole is from the edge of the green
-About those RADII
-RAGS – Men hang on to clothing much longer than women
-A common site here - Do you know what the cargo is on this FLATBED?
-Don’t you think UMA holds her own with John Travolta much better than Olivia Newton John?
-Happy Birthday Boomer. A fun write-up Susan and a lovely picture of some of our left coast gals.
-Thanks for the visit, Paul. How ‘bout incorrectly saying Tijuana with four syllables?

Spitzboov said...

Good morning everyone.

Happy B'DAY Boomer. Hope you have a great day.

Solve was easy enough. Couple good guesses with actors' names helped. Scratched my head over LEDE, but I think we've had it before.
BREL - BH and I were fans of his music in the 70's. He died too young.
DALES - Akin to S. German Thal for valley. Neander Thal comes to mind. DALE is an excellent brand of Norwegian sweater.

Well, off to Syracuse for routine follow-up to melanoma excision from 4 years ago. Dry today, so drive should be nice.

Hungry Mother said...

Easy enough although I ignored the theme. I missed getting KITH in the BEE a few days ago. My younger daughter was a fervent member of SADD while in high school, before dropping out in college. She asked if she could host an after prom party when she was a senior. My wife and I said OK and that we would sleep up in her bedroom for the night to stay out of the way of the party. It turns out that SADD parties aren’t particularly rowdy, so we had a peaceful sleep until the wee hours. Our daughter woke us and said that the police were there and asked if we wanted to be involved. She told us that she and her friends were sitting outside on the front porch when a drunk guy, who was lost in our dead end neighborhood, came careening up the street and went up on our neighbor’s curb. He jumped out and asked if he could join the party. The kids said, “Sure” and called the police. We told her that we didn’t need to be involved and went back to sleep. The next day, the sobered-up guy knocked on our door and asked that we try to get our daughter to drop the charges of DUI. We told him that it was an important principle to her and that we wouldn’t try to influence her. Of all the parties in all of the town that night, he chose the SADD celebration.

Lemonade714 said...

Happy birthday young man. May this year be the corner you turn to better health. We all have been impressed and grateful for your attitude and efforts here as well as in life. Good job!

Paul, somehow I find it most fitting that you are the constructor for Boomer's birthday. Thank you, and thank you, Susan.

Lemonade714 said...

Epi-tome, AR-Kansas

ATLGranny said...

Confession time: FIW. Like YR I put mADD and thought mARAH was just an alternative spelling. My pen got ahead of my cw brain, causing a couple of w/o's too, but in general I was en FUEGO. Lots of new fill and the reveal led to the LEDEs. No problem there. Really enjoyed the puzzle, Paul. Thanks for stopping by. Thanks for your clever review today, Hahtoolah. Well done!

Besides Tijuana CA, I also mispronounced several cities in Georgia at first: Cairo, Vienna, Doerun, for example. Spelling problems included li(s)cense and wierd, until I learned better.

Happy Birthday, Boomer! Your positive attitude is helpful in lots of ways. Enjoyed the new picture of the California girls. Nice you could get together.
Good day to all of you.

Malodorous Manatee said...

Happy Birthday, Boomer!
Beautiful write-up, Hahtoolah!
FIR in usual Tuesday time.
Pre-procedure COVID test results, Negative.
A good morning (so far, G_ds, I've learned better than to jinx things).

Tinbeni said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BOOMER ! My first Sunset Toast tonight is to YOU !

Hahtoolah: Outstanding write-up and links. Good job!

Fave today, of course, was 26-a BEER.


Anonymous T said...

Hi All!

Happy BDAY Boomer!

Fun puzzle Paul but the names crossing in the S.Central were a bit dicey.

LOL Hahtoolah for putting the theme at the end.

Thanks C.C. for sharing Chickie & GarlicGal's pix.

WOs: USA b/f UPN, my Olympic pool was LArge. Carl Sandberg (oh, right!) b/f Ryan -> RYNE. DELLS b/f DALES.
Fav: WORDPLAY [Trailer 1:11]. Great movie!
SARAH Silverman is a runner-up. I love her comedy.

Paul - Like grand-daughter, garden-snake.

HungryMother: An ironic twist I wasn't expecting :-)

HG - I know what that is. Seen 'em on the freeway.

Went to sleep at 2:30 got up at 6:30. Going to be a long day...

Cheers, -T

desper-otto said...

DALES: SO to Lucina.

HG: Blade for a windpower thingee.

Ray - O - Sunshine said...

Another easy early-in-the-week challenge. Only inkover was madd/SADD. .....AMAIN ? full speed? Wha? (The constructionist google searched for needed fill...seems a bit unfair)

I guess bowling alleys and highways are LANED as well. Never heard SIDESLIP but it makes sense I guess. A slippery ELM must be hard to climb. SEISMS it... but how do you pernowntz it?

Since CODDLED EGGS are a potential salmonella risk I found this article about pasteurized eggs in the shell

Need to find and watch the film "WORDPLAY" and also to bucket list unread classics like "EAST of Eden"

Buzzing flyer: murder hornet wouldn't fit. (What ever happened to killer BEEs? )

Boxer who KOs two guys in a row.....DOUBLEDECKER.
"I hate this hat!. I can't" _____ BERET.
"Great voice! Didn't know you had it" _____ ENYA.
" _____ of the Thpider Woman"... KITH.


CrossEyedDave said...

Happy birthday Boomer!

While looking for a cake for some one named "Boomer"
It occurred to me that an exploding cake was in order.
Just in case some idiot comes up with the same idea,
Do not blow out a deep dish cake with a white top!

And for my outro:

there are ledes,

and then there are ledes...

Granjan said...

Happy birthday to Boomer! He must be quite a great guy!

I kept trying to remember a line of poetry that contained AMAIN. Finally! From Song of the Chattahoochee by Sidney Lanier: (had to memorize in 6th grade!)

Out of the hills of Habersham,
Down the valleys of Hall,
I hurry AMAIN to reach the plain,
Run the rapid and leap the fall,
Split at the rock and together again,
Accept my bed, or narrow or wide,
And flee from folly on every side,
With a lover’s pain to attain the plain,
Far from the hills of Habersham,
Far from the valleys of Hall.
(and there’s so much more!)

Fun puzzle and write-up! Thanks

Wilbur Charles said...

Right off the bat: I had mADD. I vaguely recall SARAH but forgot the students. FIW

Ironically, some drive from Tampa to Boston via Atlanta. Traffic and tolls in the East. I catch I-81 from Fredericksburg

CSO to Picard at MIT. Perhaps he'll drop by.

Castaway always reminds me of Ben Gunn of TI fame who's first words were "Have you some cheese?". Which the Dr actually was carrying.

I must have seen that Monk episode but I was still laughing*

Has the term "correct pronunciation" become an oxymoron. I'll stick to my own. As in whistershire

HG? A gigantic hearing aid?

"(What ever happened to killer BEEs? )". Betts is in LA, Bogaerts still in Boston.
Happy BDAY to Boomer. Re. 300 game. I would choke on tenth frame. 12 strikes in a row, right? I had a chance to break par for nine holes and drove OB on ninth. Should have driven with 2 iron or 5 wood and taken my chances on the approach.

Always great Hahtoolah write-up. Thanks for dropping by Paul.


Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

I had no idea where this was going but as soon as I read the clue for the reveal, I glanced back at the themers and lede jumped right out, so I immediately filled in Bury the Lede, a phrase I hear and read often. This was a perfect example of Paul’s creativity with themes. I liked the Bear/Den and Ang/ANC duos and the French flavor of Beret and Prie. Nice CSO to Misty and Moi at RCA and Lucina at Dales.

Thanks, Paul, for a Tuesday treat and for stopping by and thanks, Hatoolah, for the usual sparkling expo and visuals. I never saw that clip of Uma and John so that was enjoyable. My favorite was the cartoon of the Bear in his “den” and the “hunter” rug on the floor-hilarious.

Happy Birthday, Boomer, glad the card arrived on time, early even! I hope you and CC celebrate in whatever way makes you happy! 🎂🎉🎉🎊🎁 🎈Your positive attitude and perseverance inspire us all. Great photo of you and your plaque.

I’m sure I have mispronounced my share of words over the years but two stand out the most in my memory: when I was very young, I said ginatic instead of gigantic and as an adult, until I learned better, cartoid instead of carotid. Maybe I had a touch of dyslexia and didn’t know it. Two of my pet peeves these days include Relator vs Realtor and Wreck havoc vs Wreak.

Nice picture of the California contingent; we miss you gals.

Poignant picture of dear Abejo and Madame Defarge. Hope we hear from Madame soon; she should be back home from Maine, I think.

Have a great day.

CanadianEh! said...

Terrific Tuesday. Thanks for the fun, Paul (glad you dropped by) and Hahtoolah.
I saw the BURied LEDEs, but discovered when I arrived here that I FIWed. Hand up for MADD, and since I did not know SARAH, the M seemed OK. (Small nit that there was nothing in the clue for 6D to differentiate between the Mothers and the Students!)

There will be complaints that there were too many names today (perhaps BRET crossing BREL and RYNE), but perps were fair (except for MARAH - perhaps she is more well known to Americans?).

I debated between Amend and EMEND. Thought it might be another A-word to go with AMAIN and ALEE (and ALANA?).
I changed Set to AIM. I think Set is for races.
I pulled out an old word like KITH, and entered Hale before WELL.
This Canadian had no idea what THE WB and UPN meant.
I had to PARSE ENDIT as two words.

I noted ENL ELM, ELLS crossing ESL. ALEE and ANG Lee brought a smile also.

Is it inevitable that a parent who DOTES on their child will end up with a CODDLED (spoiled) brat?

SSE and EAST of Eden is OK, but isn't "Animal House=DEN" and "Den denizen=BEAR" a NONO not a clecho?

HuskerG - your RADII link gives me a 403 error "Your client does not have permission to get URL from this server"
YR- your comment about Ashtabula sent me to Google it. Yes, I would have accented the second syllable. TTP, your link says "ASH-ta-bula, or Ash-TAB-u-la, for the non-natives." Now I am confused (Addled not coddled!)

Happy Birthday Boomer.
Glad to see the California coven photo.
Wishing you all a great day.

NaomiZ said...

Thank you, Paul, for the puzzle and the personal appearance! Thanks, Hahtoolah, for revealing all, and Happy Birthday, Boomer!

Like YR, "I was MADD, instead of SADD" and FIW. Should have remembered Sarah Silverman, but that M threw me off. EGAD!

Mispronunciation based on reading before hearing: when I travel, I have to get ac-CLIMATE-ed to my new surroundings.

Anonymous T said...

When reading Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (all five novels in the increasingly inaccurately named Trilogy), I thought it was Bet-el-geeze. Oh, BeetleJuice... (Betelgeuse).

I also thought he was Ford Perfect but that's just dyslexia :-)

Cheers, -T

Lucina said...


Happy birthday, Boomer! Wishing you a joyous celebration.

Paul Coulter, thank you for stopping at the Corner! I really enjoyed this puzzle with a CSO to me and my family!

Yes, I saw the plethora of names but luckily I knew most: ALANA de la Garza (Law and Order), IRENE Cara, UMA Thurman, SARAH Silverman, Helen Reddy, BRET Harte, (a favorite author) and Mike MYERS. I am not a fan of his comedy.

Some years ago we had a discussion about LEDE so that was helpful today.

The Sprouts market sells golden BEETS which I bought recently. The taste is similar but not exactly like the red ones.

C.C., thank you for posting the photo of the CA ladies. I really miss them.

And thank you, Susan. A really nice job on the commentary as usual.

Stay WELL, everyone! Cool temps are here!

desper-otto said...

Anon-T, how'd you do with Slartibartfast?

Lucina said...

The worst time I ever had with pronunciation was with FRAGILE. I recall struggling every time I saw it until I learned at school how to say it. I'm sure there are others but can't recall them at the moment.

Yellowrocks said...

Is it inevitable that a parent who DOTES on their child will end up with a CODDLED (spoiled) brat? said Canadian Eh! Reminds me of many of the yuppie parents in the school where I taught. It produced kids with many migraine headaches and insecurities. I hear these parents even bug the college professors.
In re: docudramas and historical fiction. When they make much of being actual fact instead of having used very much dramatic license it turns me off, like the Da Vince Code. I can take a good made up-tale about historical events if the author admits it.
Break time. David is a wonderful help today. I am working more each day. After a while we just accept what is as the "new normal."

Misty said...

How nice of you to check in with us, Paul. Many thanks for that. And what a terrific commentary this morning, Susan, with so many delightful pictures. Thank you for that too.

Most of all, happy birthday, dear Boomer--for your wonderful contribution to C.C.'s great blog, which has been a joy for so many of us for so many years.

Nice to see "EAST of Eden" in the puzzle. Also fun to see EPIC and DRAMA right next to each other. And I always like seeing RCA--my Dad worked for the company from his 20's until he retired.

Have a great day, everybody.

waseeley said...

Brel is one of my favorite singer/songwriters. He was relatively unknown in the US until 1968 saw the production of the smash hit off-Broadway review "Jacques Brel is Alive and Well and Living in Paris". Sadly, as Hahtoolah pointed out, he died just 10 years later. If you haven't heard the album, put it on your bucket list. It's a great work of art

Anonymous T said...

D-O: Duh, Slart-EE-bart-fast.

Wait, how's it pronounced? :-)

At least Arthur Dent was easy...

//note: Earlier I didn't type the u after G in my Bet-el-gueeze.

Cheers, -T

SwampCat said...

Happy happy birthday Boomer!!

Easy Tuesday puzzle for me with just enough crunch to be interesting. Thanks Paul. I thought that Spoiled breakfast dish was Rotten before Spoiled Brat emerged as CODDLED.

I was surprised at the confusion over the spelling of LEDE. I took journalism and saw it written as soon as I heard it. Someone mentioned it was to differentiate with the hot lead type of those days. Computers changed so much, but didn’t improve the quality of the writing...IMHO.

I avoided the SADD/MADD trap by waiting for perps.

Hahtoolah, BURYing THE LEDE in your clever write up was just icing on the cake!

TTP said...

Dash T, that's ironic. I went to sleep just after 6:30 last night and woke up at 2:40 this morning. It's going to be a short day for me.

Wilbur, the Killer Bees in Boston ? Blasphemy. Better read this. The “Killer B’s” Moniker is Synonymous with the Astros

Paul and I posted at the same time early this morning, so I didn't answer his question. When I was little and learning my ABCs, the letter K gave me a problem. I pronounced it as in "key". Pretty sure I got it right by the time I was in Kindergarden :>) or 1st grade. Or maybe it was 4th grade.

Like others, there were often words that I had read but never heard, and a was way off. I remember being laughed at when I said facade as fa-cade with a long a sound in cade.

"ASH-ta-bula, or Ash-TAB-u-la, for the non-natives." Canadian Eh, just don't say and accent tab. It's ta.

Let me restructure that author's sentence:
"It is ASH-ta-bula. Not what you might hear, Ash-TAB-u-la, from the non-natives."

TTP said...

Should have been, "...and I was way off."

Eider I missed it or Ray-o didn't make a joke about that down-yielding duck.

AnonymousPVX said...

If you like Tom Hanks at all you should see Castaway.

waseeley said...

Wrote 'parse' in the NW corner, lost my way with the perps, but couldn't think of a synonym. Moved eastward but was too quick to preface my eggs with 'deviled' (the old guy's a 'spoiler' right. After completing the rest of the puzzle I returned to re-wrestle the Northwest. After nothing seemed to work up there it suddenly dawned on me that deviled eggs are for picnics not breakfast! I started going through all the breakfast eggs my Mother had taught us: scrambled, hard-boiled, soft-boiled, poached ... coddled. A happy ending. Now would someone explain to me why "coddled" eggs sound spoiled? A pun on "curdled" maybe?

Wendybird said...

Thank you, Paul, for an interesting puzzle with a couple of learning moments for me. I did not know LEDE and kept wanting lead, but the perps wouldn’t let me. Never heard AMAIN in all my years as a sailor, but DH tells me I just haven’t been listening, and it is a fairly common nautical term. Who knew.

I learned KITH from the wonderful long narrative poem, “ The White Cliffs of Dover”. SIDESLIP is a very useful technique in downhill skiing.

Hungry Mother, I loved your SADD story. Good for your daughter, and good for you for supporting her principles. Liked the Casablanca reference too.

My mispronunciation was the name Aloysius, which I never heard but read as Aloy see us. When I heard my new brother in law’s middle name, when I was 42 years old, I realized my years long error. Al o wichus.

Happy Birthday, Boomer, and many more.

Thanks, Hahtoolah, for the wonderful tour.

Anonymous T said...

TTP - Um, both of my times were this morning. Yeah, only 4 hours of sleep -- a nap will be in order this afternoon.

If y'all can stand the (very) blue language [lots of F-bombs], beginning at 26:52 Chef Gordon Ramsey shows Sean Evens (the hot-sauce guy) how to make scrambled (CODDLED?) EGGS. I've been following Ramsey's method since I saw it ~6 weeks ago (had 'em this morning too!). Fantastic.

Cheers, -T

unclefred said...

Well, screwed this one up. Had MADD where SADD shoulda been, and PLIÉ where PRIE shoulda been. So, ended up with a DNF. Rats. My 76th BD was Saturday, October 24. I guess I’m old fashioned, I send out 28 birthday cards every year. This year I got five. I was REALLY disappointed last 75th pretty big BD....and I only got four (4) BD cards. I guess people just don’t send BD cards anymore, it’s gone out of fashion? Rats. Thanks for the fun CW, Paul, I enjoyed it even though I screwed it up. And another terrific write-up Hahtoolah, thanx! Happy BD Boomer!!

ATLGranny said...

Granjan at 10:32 AM

Sounds like you grew up in Georgia. Still there?

Jayce said...

I liked this puzzle and very much liked Hahtoolah's excellent review.

Peen a lope (rhymes with antelope) for Penelope.
Avoid 'er poise for avoirdupois.
Bode (rhymes with mode) for Bode (pronounced like Bodie) plot (in electronics).
Hand up for Bet el geese.
Mize ulled for misled.

Happy birthday, Boomer!
Good to see Chickie, et. al.
Stay well, everybody.

Misty said...

Happy belated Birthday, unclefred! We wish you a good year ahead.

Anonymous T said...

Bound to OverPostToday say...

Lucina - Absolutely right. If it wasn't for The Cornerite's discussion of LEDE a while back (and it stuck!), I'd have bollixed it.

Unclefred - Not a physical card, sure, but let me be the first at The Corner to wish you a belated Happy Birthday.
CED - can you whip up a cake?

I wish Steve or NiceCuppa were here to tell us all how we mispronounce aluminum :-)


Chairman Moe said...

Puzzling thoughts:

WEES, I had MARAH/MADD instead of SARAH/SADD, so a FIW with a Natick to boot

I had SIDE SPIN/SIDE SLIP, and was somehow thinking that 19-across needed an abbr.

WORD PLAY was inked in without thinking twice; though I've not seen the movie. We just ended a 7-day trial for HBO on our Roku account. Castaway was on our short list to watch but we didn't. I'm sure it'll be streaming somewhere else now or soon. $15 a month for the HBO lineup didn't make any sense to us

Happy B'DAY to Boomer; Happy belated B'DAY to unclefred. Today is also Margaret's new daughter-in-law's 37th B'DAY; hoping there's cake later, but not the one in CED's video - ouch!

Paul and Susan --> great job to you both. Love the way you "buried the LEDE" in the recap

Limerick for a change ... from the archives ... it's a bit "off-color" but some limericks are meant to be that way ... sorry in advance if it offends ...

Queer cross-dresser let out a big sigh;
Census Form asked this question, but why?
After thinking a sec,
These three boxes were checked:
"Lesbian", "GAY", "Transgender"; not "Bi"

Ol' Man Keith said...

HBD, Boomer! Many, many more! Hang in there, good friend.

I missed SADD because I have not heard of the Student version of MADD. Funny how that made me miss SARAH, as I am a great fan of SARAH Silverman. (Who ever heard of this MARAH Silverman, anyway?!)

I believe Wilson deserves co-star credit with Tom Hanks in Cast Away. And I think Tom would agree.
. Two diagonals, symmetrical.
The near side diagonal needs just a little help to offer us an anagram of my attitude toward my pace-measuring device every time it and I did not agree.
That's when I referred to it as my...

desper-otto said...

Waseeley, it appears nobody has answered your question.
Definition of coddle

transitive verb
1 : to cook (something, such as eggs) in liquid slowly and gently just below the boiling point coddled the eggs for the Caesar salad
2 : to treat with extreme or excessive care or kindness : pamper accused the court of coddling criminals colleges that coddle their athletes

Using definition #2, a coddled child is a spoiled child.

Wilbur Charles said...

TTP, now that you mention it, I do recall Houston's B's. Bagwell was a former Boston B. Bienentendi had a horrible 2020 and Bradley is mediocre but good defensively.

L214 will recall Nero Wolfe explaining that 40 minutes is the time it takes to coddle (scramble) eggs (Mother Hunt?)

Uncle Fred, I'm a week older than you and you just reminded me to thank my brother for the BDAY card. One. Lots of FB hbd's. Email from nephew and sil. Tel-call to/from neice (week apart)


Spitzboov said...

Paul Coulter - I started out pronouncing Penelope like envelope.

Thanks for a fine puzzle.

CanadianEh! said...

TTP- I am hopeful that the Ashtabula -ites, like the Albany-ites, will forgive this Canadian’s mispronunciation of their names if I visit😁.

waseeley- the “coddled”=spoiled was associated with my “spoiled brat” question as commented on by YR@12:04.

AnonT- coddled eggs are not like scrambled eggs (even Ramsey’s😁- I LOLed at the reaction to all that hot sauce), but more like soft- boiled or poached. Steve and Nice Cuppa could tell us, because they are of British origin.

Belated Happy Birthday unclefred.

CanadianEh! said...

AnonT- well that did not work on my iPad
There should be a link for Egg Coddler

And my statement about aluminum or Aluminium (I use the former) disappeared and another link did not work.

Now I remember why I only link from my PC.
Does somebody have an easier way?

Bill G said...

I started out pronouncing Yosemite as Yoh-seh-mite. I had to smile when I discovered my grandson was making the some mistake.

~ Mind how you go...

Chairman Moe said...


with all of the multiple pronunciations, I thought I'd resurrect this one from the past ... #43 says nu-cu-lar

Ray - O - Sunshine said...

Happy belated B day Uncle Fred.

Dad's name same as mine but his family called him Freddie (long ridiculous family story). So he was Uncle Fred too.

Ray - O - Sunshine said...

I still say vanella and Feb-you-ary. Too old to change now.

CrossEyedDave said...

I am told I used to pronounce hospital, as hostipal...

Canadian eh, your link wont open for me, aluminium?

I cannot find a cake for Fred that says "Uncle"on it,
However, I think Betty White never ate banana cake...

Hmm, can you mispronounce "banana?"

I used to hate this song,
Then I heard it mispronounced as "I'll never leave your pizza burning."
Now I hear it as A love song!

CrossEyedDave said...

Eh, I wuz typin stead of readin,

I have discovered after years of frustration,
That the IPad standard keyboard is incompatible with hot linking (blue)
Due to the (") sign comes up squiggly instead of the straight needed.

The solution is to choose another keyboard style in settings.

TTP said...

Canadian Eh, not to worry. They've heard it. :>)

I lived in Houston and still people make fun of the way I say it.

oc4Beach isn't here today, so here's one that's pretty close to his digs. DuBois isn't "do bwah" in PA. It is "doo boys".

As Chairman Moe knows, the S in Duquesne is not pronounced. It's "doo kane".

And, Monongahela. Some say nong, some nung. How about non ? Some say hay la. How about hee la ?

Then there's Gallipolis down the Ohio river. It's police.

Almost everybody accepts all the various mispronunciations.

Ray - O - Sunshine said...

Connie Francis sang "Where Dubois Are" in PA

Ron in LA said...

As for mispronounced words, who doesn't say orangutang instead of orangutan ?

Husker Gary said...

Musings 2
-On the Brit TV I see, I hear Al u MIN um, DIN es tee (dynasty) and Kwi NEEN (Quinine)

GarlicGal said...

Good afternoon all!. C.C. thanks for posting all the photos of the California Coven. I don't remember there being so many over the years. We had a great visit yesterday. J.D. and Chickie said to pass along their regards.

The puzzle was fun and very creative. I also remember the "lede" discussion a while back. En fuego was a learning moment for me. Chairman Moe, I see you went for the free trial of HBO Max. I'm going to do it so I can watch the new "West Wing" stage production. Did you have any problems cancelling it?

I know there was some talk last week about Masterpiece Theater's "Flesh and Blood" on PBS. So THATS who Stephen Rea is! All this time I thought he was a made up crossword puzzle answer. I enjoyed the mini series - sad to see it end so soon.

Thanks Hahtoolah, your write up was superb. Happy Birthday, Boomer! Here's to many more.

GarlicGal over and out.

Chairman Moe said...

Garlic Gal: no problem canceling. I did it thru Roku; just be sure you cancel the day before it is over so you don’t get charged. It will still allow you the full seven day trial

LEO III said...

Thanks Paul and Susan! Happy Birthday, Boomer and unclefred!

DNF! I really had a tough time with this puzzle, and it's only Tuesday. There were just too many unknown names, but most troublesome was not knowing the LEDE backstory, especially on a day when I actually figured out the theme early. Obviously, I haven’t done enough crossword puzzles, because I have never seen LEDE before today. Otherwise, I might have even gotten a FIR today.

Got SARAH first (before things fell apart), so I had no problem with SADD.

HM, I guess I don’t understand WHY the guy thought it was your daughter’s prerogative to drop the DUI charges. The guy was driving, the guy was drunk, the guy jumped the curb, and I assume (not stated in your comment) that the police either hauled him off to the hoosegow, or at least wrote him a ticket.

How could she have any say in getting the charges being dropped? Did he think it was her choice, because she was the one who called the police? That logic doesn’t fly with me. His crime was not against her.

Of course, I guess the guy was just being a jerk and looking for someone to blame, other than himself.

Good for her!

Irish Miss said...

Uncle Fred, belated Happy Birthday. 🎂🎉🎊🎁🎈

Garlic Gal, I had no idea that Sunday’s episode of Flesh and Blood was the finale. I’m very disappointed with that ending as I was hoping to see Smarmy Mary get a good comeuppance, but I enjoyed it while it lasted. Oh well, we have a few more episodes of The Trouble With Maggie Cole to look forward to, providing we survive the twists and contortions of Maggie’s facial muscles!

HG, my personal experience was trying to decipher what a cruise ship’s doctor from South Africa was referring to when she asked me if I was allergic to E uh dean. After the third try, I realized it was Iodine.

CanadianEh! said...

CED- thanks for the iPad posting tip
Try this re Aluminum/Aluminium


Lucina said...

I, too, was disappointed with the ending of Flesh and Blood. I feel cheated!

But I am enjoying Maggie Cole and she does have troubles, doesn't she?

CrossEyedDave said...

Canadian Eh,
I did look at the link( well done!)
but have been YoutUbed Out tonite,
& will have to look at it again properly later,,,

You see, I was looking for a way to impress my friends...
(ok, friend, I am working on my social skills...)
and I have totally used up all the bushcraft Pizza recipes...

So I thought making Chili in the woods would be a great way
to impress my friend(s)

When I came upon this extroudinary pizza recipe...

Note: 15 minutes of your life that you may want to watch again...

(hmm, I think I will rewatch it now. but it will kill my diet...)

unclefred said...


Chickie said...

Enjoyed reading the crossword comments today. Thank you CC for posting our selfie from CA. Garlic Gal, JD and I have tried hard to get together several times duringt he year for coffee and lunch. The virus has hampered our efforts. Good to see all the recent pictures of old and new Crossword Corner friends.