Feb 14, 2021

Sunday February 14, 2021 Jake Braun

Theme: "Love Is ... "  -  Famous people who defined what "love" is.

24A. "... the beauty of the soul": SAINT AUGUSTINE.

55A. "... a fruit in season at all times": MOTHER TERESA.

70A. "... an irresistible desire to be irresistibly desired": ROBERT FROST.

89A. "... an act of endless forgiveness": PETER USTINOV.

119A. "... eternal, infinite ... equal and pure": HONORE DE BALZAC.

5D. "... a flower, you got to let it grow": JOHN LENNON.

80D. "... the truth more first than sun, more last than star": E E CUMMINGS.

Normally a name theme tends to get "listy", but this one is sweet and fitting. Happy Valentine's Day!  Still remember Jake's  "Cherish the Thought" we had a few years ago?

Low in black squares. Only 68. I always manage to crank up to 78.


1. Honshu high pt.: MT FUJI. Slight dupe with  48. Oregon's highest point: MOUNT HOOD.

7. King of Maine: STEPHEN. Great clue. The author.

14. Alpine Olympics event: SKIING.

20. Playground denial: ARE NOT.

21. Former SAG president Gilbert: MELISSA. She played Laura Ingalls Wilder.

22. Like many garages: TWO-CAR.

23. Discipline involving slow movement: TAI CHI. Have you heard of Shaolin?

26. Equivalent wd.: SYN. Synonym.

27. 22.5 deg.: NNE.

29. Spam-spreading program: BOT.

30. Games gp. that added a "P" to its initials in 2019: USOC. United States Olympic & Paralympic Committee.

31. Frank behind a bookcase: ANNE.

32. Colosseum warrior: GLADIATOR.

35. Sommer of cinema: ELKE.

37. Literally, the sci. of women: GYN. Gynecology.

38. Origami bird: CRANE.

41. Manhattan, e.g.: Abbr.: ISL.

42. Progress: HEADWAY.

45. Airport not far from the Common: LOGAN. OK, Boston Common.

46. Native ceremonial pipe: CALUMET. New to me. It looks like this.

49. Emphatic type: ITALIC.

53. Forever, with "an": ETERNITY. Been a tough two-week stretch in our area. Temp right now (Sunday morning 5:30am). Wind Chill Warning until lunch hours.

58. Leopardlike cats: OCELOTS.

59. Touch: ABUT.

60. German coal valley: RUHR.

61. Author Rand: AYN.

62. Suffix with salt: INE. Cracker with soup is very American.

63. "Yes!": AMEN.

64. Med. office titles: DRS.

65. WWI Belgian battle site: YPRES. Have not seen this fill for a long time.

67. Very big: HUGE.

74. Inner: Pref.: ENTO.

75. Sky blue: AZURE.

77. Audio units: Abbr.: DBS. Decibels.

78. Word with cut or pin: HAIR.

79. Dripping __: WET.

81. TD scorers: RBS. Running backs,

82. High style: UPDO.

84. Dish put away with a spoon: SOUP. Ha ha, I still use chopsticks.

85. Two-year periods: BIENNIA. Plural of "biennium".

92. Bleachers critiques: CATCALLS.

93. First U.S. space station: SKYLAB.  Launched in 1973.

94. Court conference the jury doesn't hear: SIDEBAR.

96. Bay State sch.: UMASS.

97. Source of emergency light: OIL LAMP.

100. Tats: INK.

101. Used for a tryst: MET AT.

102. AOL, e.g.: ISP.

105. Makes stuff up: LIES.

106. Elite tactical units: SWAT TEAMS. Created by Daryl Gates, the LAPD guy.

110. Congeal: CLOT.

112. Pitch-raising guitar device: CAPO.

114. Payroll service co.: ADP.

115. Agnus __: DEI.

116. Response to overhearing?: TMI. Too Much Information.

123. Hostile advance: INROAD.

125. Bad way to be led: ASTRAY.

126. Oakley skill: RIFLERY.

127. Model railroad scale: O GAUGE.

128. Ideal partner: THE ONE.

129. Swears to: ATTESTS.

130. Password partner: USER ID.


1. Yoga needs: MATS.

2. Cafeteria convenience: TRAY.

3. Sinn __: FEIN.  Political party in Ireland. Irish for "We Ourselves".

4. Auntie's hubby: UNC. Uncle.

6. Rock memoir: I TINA.

7. Texting format, briefly: SMS.

8. Perforated orb holding leaves: TEA BALL. This one has way too much leaves.

9. "Cats" poet: ELIOT.

10. Spotted horse: PINTO.

11. Post-WWII pres.: HST.

12. Genesis twin: ESAU.

13. Whale-watching woe: NAUSEA. Never went whale-watching.

14. Wouldn't go back on: STUCK WITH.

15. Elec. units: KWS.

16. Greek "i": IOTA.

17. Cake topping: ICING. No icing on Chinese taro or radish cakes, super popular during Spring Festival.

18. Childcare employee: NANNY.

19. Place to putt: GREEN.

25. Top medal: GOLD.

28. Orders from on high: EDICTS.

32. Way more cool: GNARLIER.

33. "By Jove!": I SAY.

34. Bonnie Blue's dad: RHETT. "Gone With the Wind".

36. Place to have a meal: EATERY.  My friend Carmen and her family celebrated the Spring Festival  two days ago. Noticed those red Fu decorations on the wall? Fu means "good fortune".


38. Queen of the Nile, familiarly: CLEO. Cleopatra.

39. Campus mil. unit: ROTC.

40. Screenwriter James: AGEE.  "A Death in the Family".

43. Horn of Africa country: Abbr.: ETH. Ethiopia.

44. Pirate's cry: YAR.

47. "Burnt" pigment: UMBER.

50. Absorb in class: LEARN.

51. "... __ to come": IS YET.

52. Kid's assertion: CAN SO.

54. Road to the Forum: ITER.

56. Goof or gaffe: ERROR.

57. Tamblyn of "West Side Story" (1961): RUSS. Saw the movie ages ago. Don't recall him though.

59. Iowa State city: AMES.

63. Monastery VIP: ABBOT.

64. Sign of a slow leak: DRIP.

66. Honey and Sugar: PET NAMES.

67. 80-pound concert instruments: HARPS. Wow, that heavy?

68. Turkic native: UZBEK.

69. Like winds in storms: GUSTY.

71. Gambler's calculation: ODDS.

72. Raoul Dufy, stylistically: FAUVE. Wiki says Raoul Dufy was a French Fauvist painter. Here is his "Le Cavalier blanc".

73. Silly goose: TWIT.

76. Continental travel pass: EURAIL.

83. Limelight: PUBLIC EYE. Another great fill.

84. Salon cuts: SNIPS.

85. Warned one's master, perhaps: BARKED.

86. Line above the equator: Abbr.: N LAT. Latitude.

87. "Sing it, Sam" speaker: ILSA.

88. DA's aide: ASST.

90. "Xanadu" rock gp.: ELO.

91. Suffix with Catholic: ISM.

92. Jargon: CANT.

95. Very small role: BIT PART.

98. Starring role: LEAD.

99. Ad astra per __: Kansas motto: AS PERA.

102. Phased-out Apple messaging tool: ICHAT. Just Messages now.

103. Wade noisily: SLOSH.

104. Florence's __ Vecchio: PONTE.

107. Pixar title robot: WALL-E.

108. Wood shapers: ADZES.

109. Half-serious sequence?: AEIOU. Letters orderly contained in "Half-serious".

111. Spanish bull: TORO.

113. Final notice: OBIT.

116. Sightseeing trip: TOUR.

117. Christmas trio: MAGI.

118. Fingered: ID'ED.

120. Operated: RAN.

121. Back at sea: AFT.

122. Hall of Famer Young et al.: CYS.

124. Issa of "Insecure": RAE.




OwenKL said...

FIWrong. RoSS + RoHR was one cell, but 3 in a row where I thought I knew Latin with ArduRA < ASPERA.

The theme was cerebral, but I'm ashamed to admit I did not recognize a single quote. I just saw they signaled a famous author, and once I had a few perp, filled it in. I did have ROBERT burns < FROST, but perps corrected that quickly enough. Did try SAINT valenTINE < AUGUSTINE; that was a dirty red herring!

I'll take a CSO at MOUNT HOOD, as I grew up at the foot of it in Portland, OR.

I'm happier with AN ETERNITY
To spend with THE ONE for me.
But if a sad misfit
Is who I'm STUCK WITH,
I might be driven to RIFLERY!

I've often been to MOUNT HOOD's peak,
But MT. FUJI I doubt I'll seek.
The reason being
I don't like SKIING,
But tubing down Hood was kinda neat!

{B, B.}

YooperPhil said...

As Owen KL said, I also didn’t recognize a single quote (although I did remember the Lennon line after I got his name filled), knew of all the authors except Honore De Balzac. Uzbek and Russ I solved thanks to perps. Last letter solved was the “e” in As Pera where I originally had an “I”. Managed to solve in 28:35 with no help and no walkaways, all before 4:30AM Eastern! Thanks for the Sunday challenge Jake!

Boomer said...

Good Morning and Happy St. Valentine's Day to one and all. I noticed that my Valentine, C.C. made a Chinese New Year comment on ICING. She could have just said take a look at our 18 below zero driveway this morning. This is the time of year when we usually are at the Orleans hotel in Las Vegas, sharing some time with many of my retired Graybar Electric friends. We normally would take a trip up the "Strip" to the Wynn where they always have a nice display for the Chinese New Year, but this year the Graybar event was cancelled due to Covid safety. So we cannot view the display of the year of the Ox and C.C. can only look at me.

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

Nowhere near -18° here, but the prognosticators of precipitation are predicting never-before-recorded temps here in the next few days. I went out and took a photo of Phil the Philodendron, because I suspect he's not long for this world. He's way to big to cover up.

Oh, there was a puzzle. Took the rest of the perps for me to see what HAQPS was supposed to be -- tough instrument for a marching band. Noticed the SO to Melissa Bee. Did ILSA really say, "Sing it, Sam?" I thought it was "Play it, Sam." Thanx for the challenge, Jake, and for the tour, C.C. (Happy New Year! Sounds like the yoke's on Boomer.)

GLADIATOR: We walk from one end to the other of that street during our morning march through the 'hood. But not today -- too cold to march.

TWO CAR: The two-car-garage standard has upgraded to the three-car standard around here.

EDICTS: They don't all come from above. Some come from the kitchen.

NAUSEA: There wasn't any on our whale-watching cruise off Massachusetts many years ago. But there was some in our glass-bottomed reef cruise off Florida. Not d-o, though.

desper-otto said...

That's too big.

Husker Gary said...

-The vowel in HONORED_BALZAC crossing ASP_RA gave me pause
-Yes, D-O, THREE-CAR garages became the standard ten years after we built
-From here to Minneapolis would be a NNE compass heading of 27.4 degrees
-Making HEADWAY through the light, fluffy snow yesterday was easy
-I remember this CALUMET
-My now lower voice has forced me to tune the guitar down two frets and use a CAPO to get to normal tuning if I need to
-I am putting on tan carpet until the GREENS are available
-C.C., your friend has a lovely family
-I guess ERItrea is less on the horn like its neighbor ETHopia
-Some kids can absorb what is said in class but fail to LEARN it
-PUBLIC EYE – My high school teachers and coaches were tacitly not allowed to go to a bar in town

desper-otto said...

Husker, I am picturing you sitting on the sofa with a swatch of tan carpet wrapped around your shoulders. Ain't English grand?

Bob Lee said...

I got everything eventually due to some crosses helping.

I only knew 'BALZAC' so it took a bit before I filled in the 'HONORE DE' part.

I had AEIOU but couldn't suss what the clue meant. LOL now that you revealed the explanation.

SLALOM came first and thought SKIING was a bit too lame. IDED and USERID crossing seemed a bit lazy also.

Had RICK instead of ILSA at first. Oops.

And I don't know why I knew ASPERA from the Kansas motto- I guess we've had that clue before?

Overall, I enjoy that I could eventually get all the names even though I'd not seen the quotes (other than Lennon's after I filled it in and said, 'oh yeah')

billocohoes said...

Only knew 46A from CALUMET Farm, stable that bred Whirlaway, Citation, and many other famous racehorses.

"Sing it Sam" was LAT on August 16, 2018. Discussion on the LAT answer page noted the dialog:

Ilsa: Play it once, Sam. For old times’ sake.
Sam: I don’t know what you mean, Miss Ilsa.
Ilsa: Play it, Sam. Play “As Time Goes By.”
Sam: Oh, I can’t remember it, Miss Ilsa. I’m a little rusty on it.
Ilsa: I’ll hum it for you. Da-dy-da-dy-da-dum, da-dy-da-dee-da-dum…
Ilsa: Sing it, Sam.

Spitzboov said...

Good morning everyon.

Happy SAINT Valentine's Day everyone. Don't forget to lift your mask before eating all the chocolate.

Got the solve done without mishap. Nice assortment of fill. Had Azeri before UZBEK.
Liked seeing NNE spelt out exactly.
My niece is named ELKE.
OIL LAMP - Our farm wasn't electrified until I was age 7. (After WWII ended in 1945). So I have vivid memories of getting kerosene deliveries, drawing kerosene for the lamps, and their use by my parents around the barns while doing chores. Their proximity to the hay and straw environment was arguably scary. No room for ERROR.

Anonymous said...

FIR. I realized these were love quotes and their writers, but they sounded odd because because I did not have the title, LOVE IS, and I never heard of any of them. Now it makes sense. I heard of all the authors, easy to WAG with a perp or two. I started on my Kindle because I wanted to have my robe and coffee cup while I solved. I did the last third on the community computer after Zoom church.
The word gladiator and gladiolus (flower) come from the word for sword, gladius.
I remember CALUMET because it reminds me of Calumet baking powder. Hi, HG.
GNARLY can mean good or bad. I mostly hear it used for bad. Don't touch that. Ick, it's gnarly. Look at AWFUL. It's awful good.
I didn't understand the fill, AEIOU. Thanks, CC.
I have a tea ball that holds enough leaves for whole potful of tea.
It's interesting that adding suffixes changes the pronunciation. Catholic, catholicism. Photograph, photography.
I had a one car garage at my condo. All my neighbors used theirs for storage. Many people with two or three car garages use one part for storage.
Happy Valentine's Day, friends. Yellow rocks to you and your significant other.

NaomiZ said...

I didn't recognize any of the lovely quotes, but was familiar enough with their authors to fill them in with the help of a few perps. There were other unknowns as well, like Raoul Dufy, but FAUVE was familiar. FIR! Thanks to Jake for a lovely puzzle, to Rich for editing, to C.C. for the commentary and the forum, and to all y'all for allowing me to play along.

Lucina said...


Happy SAINT Valentine's Day! And happy birthday to our state! Arizona was admitted to the Union on February 12, 1912 by President Taft. His photo hangs prominently in the Capitol Museum.

Oh, yes, the puzzle. Nice one, Jack Braun, thank you.

A Sunday puzzle with no ERRORS is a treat for me! I only had to change PUBLICITY to PUBLIC EYE and GUSTS to GUSTY.

I see that CAN SO could have been a dupe with CANT but flexible English jargon fixed that.

Besides e.e. cummings (he never capitalized words) it was a treat to also see T. S. ELIOT and James AGEE and of course ROBERT FROST. I don't recall the exact quotes by the featured authors but I'm familiar with their works in general. HONORE DE BALZAC is an acquired taste.

Only TWO sports clues that I see! Sorry about that, C.C. but thank you for the insights. I like the photo of your friend, Carmen and her family. They look attractive and pleasant.

Gary, I also remember that CALUMET baking powder.

You all have heard where my parents MET for a tryst!

Please enjoy your celebrations today!

Yuman said...

Why does can’t at 92 across have an apostrophe?
I had “rat” calls instead of cat calls.
Happy Valentine’s Day to all. Spread the love but wear your masks!

YooperPhil said...

Just a little bit of history ~~ before I ever knew of Calumet at a peace pipe ( which I learned from doing crosswords), I knew it as a small town in the “Copper Country”, an extreme northern portion of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. Once a boom town with a population approaching 50,000, copper mining was the enterprise that brought European miners to the region in the early part of last century. In 1913 the miners waged a strike in effort to better wages and the extreme hostile conditions of underground drilling/blasting/mining. The striking workers wives arranged a Christmas party at a venue called “Italian Hall”. Someone in the crowd (and it was never determined who was responsible) yelled FIRE!! Resulting in mass panic as the people tried to escape up the stairs where the doors opened inward, resulting in a mass crush of bodies, causing the deaths of 73 people, mostly women and children. There was no fire. Argo Guthrie sang a song about the tragic event, The 1913 Massacre I believe it is titled. The original archway and a plaque marks the spot today.

Kerry_in_Carefree said...

Not only heard of Shaolin, but have been there. I worked for iBM in Beijing 1986-1988.
Went to Xian, too.
Spent Lunar New Year's eve 1987 in Kunming. The fireworks made it sound like a war zone.


Big Easy said...

Did I know any of the authors of the 'love' quotes? NO
Did I FIR today? YES. Only had to change PUBLICITY to PUBLIC EYE.

I've never heard of FAUVE, CANT for Jargon, RUSS Tamblyn or a CALUMET pipe (only the baking powder). Wanted burnt SIENNA bur perps made it AMBER.
Didn't know about the USO&PC either.
AS PERA- thank you perps

YPRES and ITER were old Xword staples.

Whale-watching- a few years ago on a cruise ship stop in Icy Strait Point in Alaska, the rest of our group went zip-lining. Not me. I rented a bicycle and saw about 20 whales close to shore. Bald eagles were perched on trees about every 100 yards along the shore. No NAUSEA on the bicycle either.

Big Easy said...

D-otto- those TWO CAR garages are mostly filled with things that people should get rid of. In my two-car garage I park TWO cars inside. It has a 11 foot ceiling and I have shelving 8 feet high that covers the entire right side and across the back, leaving room for a freezer and extra refrigerator. NOTHING sits on the floor except our two bicycles and a case or two of bottled water or cokes.

Gary- the vowel cross of DE Balzac & AS PERA was my last fill. Those state mottos- if it weren't for Xword puzzles I wouldn't have know that a state had a motto.

ATLGranny said...

An appropriate puzzle for today, as I hoped. I too put SAINT valenTINE before I saw the perps, OwenKL. But that wasn't the trap I failed to avoid: AS PiRA was my FIW for today. I wasn't tipped off by the middle of BALZAC's name which should have been DE. My spotty knowledge let me down. But I did get AEIOU without realizing where it came from (hi, YR), and felt good about the puzzle. The theme was clever, even if the quotes were not familiar. The authors weren't difficult to get with the exception of my spelling error in BALZAC'S. Thanks, Jake and C.C. for your efforts today. Much appreciated.

Stay warm and healthy, everyone!

inanehiker said...

This was a nice steady solve - I couldn't have attributed the quotes to the authors but all the authors were people I knew. I thought there might be a different PETER USTINOV than the actor - but learned that he was a writer and has a collection of quotable quotes if you Google him.
Besides the baking powder I also think of CALUMET City, IL the last city in Chicagoland before you hit the Indiana state line and Gary. Never knew what it was - so that was today's learning moment!
Kansas was my state during the grade school years - so the state motto is pressed into hardwiring from learning state history way back when!

Happy Valentine's Day - we're all hunkered down with subzero temps and blowing snow. We may watch the rom- com today as they are playing it repetitively on one of the stations - total fluff!
Thanks CC and Jake!

Lucina said...

Oops. I meant February 14 when AZ became a state. Because it was formerly a territory of Mexico many natives of the state spoke and some still speak Spanish including myself and my family. The same is true of New Mexico.

Kelly Clark said...

Definitely in love with this puzzle...thank you so much, Jake, and C.C. for the tour. I'm still smiling a half-hour after I FIR.

Malodorous Manatee said...

Valerie and I solved this puzzle as the second thing we did together this Valentine's Day morning.

As with NaomiZ, and others, the quotes were not familiar but, after a few letters were filled by perps, the authors were pretty easy to guess correctly. There were a few too many "stretches" with the short fill (NLAT, SYN, INE and GYN come to mind) for our taste but nothing was really nothing stretched too far. FAUVE was a learning moment.

Valerie had a bit of trouble at 116 down and this led me to my worst misstep of the day, at least so far. As I sometimes do, I grabbed my cell phone and cued up an audio clue for her. . . . a little ditty about a Three-hour Tour brought to us all by producer Sherwood Schwartz. She has forgiven me. I hope that you all can, too.

Husker Gary said...

Musings 2
-Love it, D-O! I never thought of the putting (golf) and putting (donning) usage. Why do I feel you’re are lurking over my posts. I am happy to give you targets and you couldn’t be more welcome!
-I vaguely remember CALUMET in my mom’s cupboards and had forgotten what it was.
-We are only slightly warmer than Minneapolis and I really miss my wood-burning Earth Stove!
-Lucina, we took that tour of the old capitol/musem in Phoenix on a chilly March day during spring training.

Lemonade714 said...

While not perfect (what is?) I thought this was a great V-Day puzzle, which is one of Jake's areas of expertise as C.C. linked. He had 4 Sundays followed by 5 Monday publication until the return to 21 x 21 today. I liked it, as a reader it flowed.

There were challenges and the unknown to me FAUVE so I learned something.

Go kiss somebody!

Lemonade714 said...

RUSS TAMBLYN has been acting for a very long time, but perhaps besides WSS, he is now best known as being the father of AMBER TAMBLYN who like her father started very young

Jayce said...

I very much enjoyed doing this puzzle.

Happy Valentine's Day, everybody.

Ray - O - Sunshine said...

Just stopping by...

Happy Valentines 💝 day

Hungry Mother said...

FIR and liked the theme. Too many names, but I muddled through.

Anonymous said...

Meh puzzle with high PPP count,naticks, and cryptic cluing.There was so much about this puzzle that bothered me,I can't even choose among the nits.Quite a few of the clues are “stretches”today.

Picard said...

Hand up never heard of any of the quotes. Except I did remember the JOHN LENNON one after I got his name. Hand up with OwenKL had ROHR/ROSS which seemed just as good. I really get annoyed by such Natick crossings where there is just no way to know what is the crossed letter. Otherwise it was a series of learning moments about the LOVE quotes.

I know FAUVE but forgot about that artist Raoul Dufy. Learning/remembering moment. Thanks CC for the painting which looks familiar.

CC I hope you can come visit here sometime to Santa Barbara and we can take you WHALE WATCHING. For part of the year you can see them from the bluffs in our neighborhood. Saw one last week. No problem with NAUSEA on our boats here.

Here are my photos at the ANNE FRANK house including the BOOKCASE in the sixth photo.

It is not allowed to take photos there. But I befriended a high school history teacher from England. He wanted to take photos to show his class. I followed his covert lead and I justified it by giving a public slide presentation in Santa Barbara when I got home.

From Last Thursday:
Did anyone look at this amazing short video with my UNICYCLE partner Danielle and her son?

I have to guess no one looked at it. Because someone would have made a comment about this memorable find by Danielle's son at our local tidepools. Thanks to DW for recording the part at the end with me.

Picard said...

PS: ANNE FRANK was the same age as my mother. I have often thought of the sheer luck that my mother was here and not there.

Anonymous T said...

Sunday Lurk Say...

Happy St. Valentines Day! MIL came over an dropped of some chocolates and we handed her a King Cake since no one will be going any where Tuesday. #ColdMageden. //we order them from NOLA ever since our local bakery (owned by a lady from S. Louisiana) shut down.

{B, A}

Got a semi-panic'd call from Eldest today. OU's dorms lost power and the temp in the building was in the 40s. 5 hours later, power was restored.

BigE - I have 2 & 1/2 car garage. Rafters hold (? - what's up there?) and I have room for an 8' workbench, implements of destruction, and 80% of tools known to man (can a fella get a lathe?). If DW gets her wish for a new pad (closer to her work 55mi away), I'm going to demand land or 4 car garage :-)

D-O: I just took a snap of my philodendrons so we can compare b/f & after. We got all the plants covered this morning, pool set to run 24/7, and hoses disconnected. But, w/ 10F expected, I'm not expecting much of the tropicals to survive (and we've lost 3 palms in 10 years!).
If precipitation stays at bay, tonight will be my last grill-out of season. After winter ends next Sunday, I'll be ready to fire it up again :-)
//with apologies to the Cornerites up north.

Cheers, -T

Vidwan827 said...

Thank you Mr. Braun, for a charming and appropriately long Sunday puzzle.
I forgot about 'Love' being a special word of the day, today, and, despite the title of today's CW puzzle, and today being Valentine's Day, ..... Soo, I thought the quotes were about "Beauty" ...

Thank you, CC, for your lovely blog. I kept looking for you in the group picture, before I realized you were not in it.
For the Chinese New Year, I bought a lot of paper balloon decorations/ lanterns , and cut outs of the Money Gods, for my grandkids, from the local chinese store. Also I bought some of the beautifully decorated, Good Luck, cash envelopes. if only to remind my grandkids, that money does not grow on credit cards....

Yuman @ 11:28 asked, "Why CANT at 92 Across, have an apostrophe ?"
I don't know if this is a serious question, or a rhetorical question, but assuming it is the former, CANT is a special language, Wikipedia

Thus Cant is not a contraction of 'cannot; but a word all by itself. Secret jargons are spoken by tradesmen, spies and counterspies, policemen, bankers, doctors (yes !) and lots of other professionals, and others, from ex-convicts, and magicians, to diverse types like gypsies, 'travellers', British Gay people ( Polari -) etc.

Have a good week all, and the weather will warm up, week after next.

OwenKL said...

Since no one has asked about it yet:

"Fauvism, style of painting that flourished in France around the turn of the 20th century. Fauve artists used pure, brilliant colour aggressively applied straight from the paint tubes to create a sense of an explosion on the canvas."

"Fauvism /ˈfoʊvɪzm̩/ is the style of les Fauves (French for "the wild beasts"), a group of early 20th-century modern artists whose works emphasized painterly qualities and strong color over the representational or realistic values retained by Impressionism."

waseeley said...

Thank you Jake for this love letter to our community. On this day for TRYSTING lovers one might settle for something just "lovey dovey". But you've gifted us with 7 profound statements that run the gamut from SAINTS (Augustine and Teresa) to SINNERS (Lennon), MERCY (de Balzac) and INTENSITY (FROST), all united by cumming's ALPHA and OMEGA, the BINDING FORCE of the Universe. I certainly wasn't expecting this.

And thank you C.C. for all of your love, that has brought us all here.


waseeley said...

OwenKL @3:38 AM. I believe it was FROST who said "Ice is nice, but fire is what I desire!".

Wilbur Charles said...

FIW, I made the same mistake as yesterday. I inked aMBER and never rechecked. I'd have recognized CALUMET Farm. I see Gary recalls another. And billicoes the horse farm. They just built the World Equestrian Center nearby (Ocala)

We had AGEE recently. African Queen? LIU yielded the name Raoul Dufy

I remember French IV reading authors and Eugenie Grandet . I didn't read that one. I got stuck with Gide.

Hmm, there were Sports Clues? Oh yeh, CY Young.

Picard, thanks for coming through on Anne Frank and the bookcase. As a Diarist more famous than NIN.

Robert that link led to the octopus. Ah, I get it. We were expecting to see the two of you cycling.

WO on NANNY/Nurse. NW started fast then I bogged down until I realized authors were wanted.

The RUHR was known from HS History. Butt of contention between Ger/Fra.

Took awhile glad to miss only my usual one box.


We had TAI CHI yesterday

waseeley said...

Picard @ 4:04 PM Did see the videos. Octopi are amazing creatures, whose intelligence scientists think may be equal to humans (as I'm sure you are aware).

Dw once played the lead role in the HS play about Anne Franks' life.

'splain to me sometime how you upload pictures to comments.


Yellowrocks said...

I agree and have heard of today's use of cant. More common for me is cant as hypocrisy or insincerity in speech. I am so sick of politicians' cant.
Cant often means tilted. That is canted at an odd angle. Think of cantilever.

Yuman said...

Vidwan at 4:47
My bad, I had misread the answer as “can’t” and was questioning the apostrophe. On closer examination and some eye drops I realized my error. Thank you for your explanation of cant.

Becky said...

I watched the octopus video and found it great fun. I couldn't make it through the documentary about the octopus, but, indeed, they seem to be very smart.


Crockett1947 said...

Malodorous Manatee, I glad you and Valerie had the good sense to share a hearty breakfast before solving!

PK said...

Hi Y'all! Great puzzle, Jake! Great expo, C.C. I always wonder how your Chinese friend got the name Carmen.

I didn't associate any of the quotes with the names, but filled them happily with perps & WAGS. We certainly had a plethora of proper names. Have we ever had this many in a puzzle before? Took me 52:27 to finish it but I was enjoying it. Names were hard. No PET NAMES here.

Picard I did enjoy seeing your octopus pictures.

Definitely knew ASPERA. Have been up MT HOOD, but for some reason wrote HOpe. Duh!

Snowed all day with low single digit temps. Stayed in and saw no other human in the neighborhood nor any traffic. Talked briefly to my daughter.

Unknown said...

Agree with the few here who had a distaste for the cluing here.. too busy yesterday with family on Valentine's Day and only got to it at 6 p.m. today. Tossed it after two hours of struggle. No fun or pleasure here ...just angst.

Unknown said...

I didn’t understand the clue “Half-serious sequence?” (AEIOU). Can someone explain this?
Having a brain freeze! LOL!

TTP said...

The sequence of vowels in 'Half-serious' is A E I O U.