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Mar 28, 2021

Sunday March 28, 2021 Morton J. Mendelson

Theme:  "Body Language" - Hilarious quip.

22. Start of a quip: WHEN SHE LISTENED TO

30. Quip, part 2: MY RIB-TICKLING

37. Quip, part 3: SIDE SPLITTERS

59. Quip, part 4: AND MY GUT-BUSTING

68. Quip, part 5: KNEE-SLAPPERS, SHE

91. Quip, part 6: STOPPED CRYING

97. Quip, part 7: HER EYES OUT AND.

113. End of the quip: LAUGHED HER HEAD OFF

This brings back the old Tribune Media Daily days. We got a quip/quote puzzle every Thursday. But Alan P. Olschwang always used others' quips/quotes. Evan Esar quotes, Reader's Digest (Quotable Quotes), Forbes Quote, etc. 

I think this quip is Morton's own creation. Pretty funny. Creating a quip puzzle is not as easy as it look.


1. South American capital: LIMA.

5. Cinnamon roll appeal: AROMA.

10. Staff lines?: MEMOS. Notes to the staff. Great clue.

15. Sit-up targets: ABS.

18. Coolers that sound really cool: YETIS. The annual Graybar retiree Las Vegas gathering had this as a raffle prize one year.  They also give us a Grizzly Grip Cup with Graybar logo every year.

19. Disgust: REPEL.

20. Trump who had a cameo in "The First Wives Club": IVANA.

21. Lousy start?: MAL. Malpractice, e.g.

25. Obamacare, briefly: ACA.

26. Was a piece of cake: CAME EASY.

27. Like brackish water: SALINE. I did now know the meaning of "brackish". Wiktionary says it's "Salty or slightly salty, as a mixture of fresh and sea water, such as that found in estuaries."

28. George Orwell's alma mater: ETON. And 33. Approximately 2,200 pounds: TONNE.

29. Fiery felonies: ARSONS.

36. Series of natl. concerts: US TOUR.

44. Remuneration reported in SEC Form 10-K, part 3: CEO-PAY. Maybe a gimme for D-Otto. He knows all those forms. Could not have done our tax without his advice.

48. Excessively expensive: TOO STEEP. Like some of the skincare products.

49. MLB statistic: RBI.

50. To's partner: FRO.

52. "And so on" word: YADA.

53. Perfect agreement: UNISON.

54. Author Fleming: IAN.

55. May, to Peter Parker: AUNT. Aunt May in "Spider-Man".

57. Write: PEN.

58. __ noire: BETE.

64. Cell centers: NUCLEI.

67. Trivial: PALTRY.

74. Type type: PICA.

78. Drift (off): NOD.

79. Afghanistan's Tora __ region: BORA. Always associate this place with Taliban.

80. Thieves' hideout: DEN.

81. Knows about: IS IN ON.

83. Cries of approval: OLES.

85. Tee options, initially: SML.

86. Pasta suffix: INI.

87. How a college resident advisor lives: RENT-FREE.

89. Site of Kubla Khan's palace: XANADU. Kubla Khan was the grandson of Genghis Khan. Kubla Khan founded Yuan dynasty in China. Did you see me there?


93. Overly vivid: GARISH.

96. See 14-Down: PAULO. 14. With 96-Across, Brazilian city: SAO.

103. Shabbily dressed: IN RAGS.

108. D.C.'s Pennsylvania and Wisconsin: AVES.

109. Rose hip infusion, e.g.: TISANE. Herbal tea.

110. Landlocked Asian country: MONGOLIA. Genghis Khan founded the Mongol Empire. Inner Mongolia is part of China.

112. FB upload: PIC.

116. Class-conscious gp.?: PTA. Good old clue.

117. Jeff of ELO: LYNNE.

118. Longtime senator Hatch: ORRIN.

119. What's left, in Lyon: RESTE. Rest.

120. "You betcha!": YEP.

121. Feinted on ice: DEKED.

122. Eastwood co-star in "In the Line of Fire": RUSSO. I watched the Chinese version ages ago. John Malkovich killed this girl simply because she's from Minneapolis. This is how I learned the city Minneapolis in the first place.

123. Forest floor growth: MOSS.


1. "The Merry Widow" composer: LEHAR. Franz.

2. Tabloid couples: ITEMS.

3. Sal of "Rebel Without a Cause": MINEO.

4. Okays: ASSENTS TO.

5. Greek counterpart of Mars: ARES.

6. Fall back (on): RELY.

7. Cosmetics company that began as Odontorium Products Inc.: OPI.

8. Like some breakups: MESSY.

9. Promising spot?: ALTAR. Sweet. Boomer and I were married by a judge in 2001.

10. Shuttle, perhaps: MINIBUS.

11. Shot put and javelin: EVENTS.

12. Got to the top: MADE IT.

13. Can.'s southernmost point is in it: ONT.

15. First-class strings: AMATI.

16. Symbolic food to bring home: BACON.

17. Challenge for a language learner: SLANG. For sure.

18. Fem. advocacy group: YWCA.

23. Doesn't fill, as calendar slots: HAS OPEN.

24. New Haven alum: ELI.

28. Jetson at the Little Dipper School: ELROY.

30. Citi Field player: MET. 34. 30-Down's div.: NLE. National League East.

31. Milk source: COCONUT.

32. Letter before ar: KUE. Gluey.

35. Chill in the air: NIP.

37. Theater memento: STUB.

38. Actress Skye: IONE.

39. "No more procrastinating!": DO IT.

40. Ancient Qumran denizen: ESSENE.

41. Piping, perhaps: TRIM.

42. Company with a four-color lowercase logo: EBAY.

43. Match site: RING.

45. Big __: baseball's David Ortiz: PAPI. Was a Twin once.

46. Mideast gulf port: ADEN.

47. Yin and __: YANG.

50. Party chaired by Mahmoud Abbas: FATAH.

51. Russian capital: RUBLE.

56. Original D&D co.: TSR.

59. Warning sound: ALARM.

60. The Himalayan monal is its national bird: NEPAL. Did not know the bird.  Such bright plumage.

61. Onion __: DIP.

62. P.O. alternative: UPS.

63. Epitomize: TYPIFY.

65. Port letters: USB.

66. Feeling of finality: CLOSURE.

68. Fortune-filled fort: KNOX. Fort Knox.

69. "A Streetcar Named Desire" setting, informally: NOLA.

70. Prime real estate?: EDEN. Another great clue.

71. Dele and stet, say: EDIT.

72. Apt "casino" rhyme: RENO.

73. Sassy sort: SNIP.

75. Crucifix letters: INRI.

76. Either of two filmmaking brothers: COEN. From MN. Joel Coen is married to actress "Fargo" actress Frances McDormand.

77. Uncommon blood type: Abbr.: A NEG.

81. Slope: INCLINE.

82. Coerce: STRONG-ARM.

84. Wise ones: SAGES.

87. Blues-rocker Chris: REA.

88. End of a Brigham Young address?: EDU.

90. Wedding __: DAY. May 25. For us.

91. Quieted, but often not quietly: SHUSHED.

92. Opposite of COD: PPD.

94. "My performance was awful!": I STUNK.

95. Elegantly groomed: SOIGNE. New word to me also.

97. Smiling, probably: HAPPY. So happy for you, Oo. I know the amount of work involved.

98. Text with an RSVP: E-VITE.

99. Sportscast staple: RECAP.

100. __ Bo: TAE.

101. Dual conjunction: AND/OR.

102. '60s jacket style: NEHRU.

104. Copland ballet with a hoedown: RODEO.

105. At __: clueless: A LOSS.

106. Natural talents: GIFTS. I'm amazed at the talents of our blogging team. They really rock.

107. One way to play it: SAFE.

110. 3-D med. tools: MRIS.

111. "Oops!": OH NO.

113. Honorary legal deg.: LLD.

114. Bit of bridge obedience: AYE.

115. Um cousins: ERS.



desper-otto said...

Good morning!

Whew, this one was a struggle for my early-morning brain. Almost turfed it down south by not knowing Jeff LYNNE and for trying EYE SHUT rather than EYES OUT. Was thinking of the card game, not the Enterprise, so AYE was very slow coming. SOIGNE came bubbling up from some cranial crevice, and it all came together. Failure avoided; life is good. Thanx, Morton and C.C. (I don't have to deal with 10-K forms. They're annual financial declarations that corporations are required to file.)

OO, congrats on becoming a U.S. citizen.

Should be warm enough for a bike ride instead of a march through the 'hood this morning. First I'll need to fire up the compressor and top off the "mushy" tires.

TTP said...

Good morning !

That was a foot-stomping fun puzzle and it had the perfect title. Thank you Mr. Mendelson.

- Unfortunately for me, a typo led to a FIW. No congrats message, and I spent a few minutes trying to find an error. Finally gave up and used the "Check Grid" feature and I had FRi and COCiNUT. D'OH !

- I wasn't here in the good old days, but in the time since I started solving in 2012, I don't recall many quip and quotes puzzles. I think I would always prefer a quip puzzle to a quote puzzle. My worst solving nightmare would be a Shakespeare quote puzzle, full of ye olde english spellings.

- Who else tried igloo before YETIS for the clue, "Coolers that sound really cool" ? YETIS are TOO STEEP for my occasional cooler needs these days. Maybe back when I was doing a lot more camping... probably couldn't have afforded them then, if they were even around.

- TSR will always first be Terminate and Stay Resident for me. The clue for TSR today is something most of us would be unlikely to know except for doing crosswords. Do we have any gamers in this group ? Or know any ? Ask them if they know the name of the original D&D company.

- Did basic training at Ft KNOX. Got shin splints marching up and down Agony, Misery and Heartbreak. Anywhere we went, we ground-pounded it. No matter where we went, all or part of those hills and valleys were between where we were, and where we were going. The flat-landers and city boys disliked them the most.

- Yes, the I in SOIGNE was a wag and my last fill.

Today's LAT title was "BODY LANGUAGE" and today's WAPO title was "BODYBUILING." Wilbur, Evan is off today and Lynn Lempel filled in for him. You should find it easier.

C.C., thanks for giving US(a)TOUR of today's crossword. Please don't get any intentions of creating a Shakespeare quote puzzle.

TTP said...

OOps, as D-O said, "OO, congrats on becoming a U.S. citizen."

D-O, one weekend morning last year I toted my portable air compressor out to the shed and fired it up to fill a tractor tire with a slow leak. My neighbor gave me a little flak later that day. I thought he was joking about the noise level, but with the doors open, the shed acts like a big speaker.

desper-otto said...

TTP, I'd have mercy on the neighbors and avoid firing up the compressor in the wee hours of the morning. It's been sprinkling on and off this morning, so our bike ride is still on hold. Now it's late enough to fill up those tires. The neighbors may still complain, but my compressor makes so much noise that I wouldn't be able to hear 'em. :)

Husker Gary said...

-Aha, Morton J. Mendelson, I may not know SO_GNEE but I am a Poirot fan and know that his favorite beverage is a TISANE
-That area also required me to expand my bridge definition.
-Change the pronoun to HE from SHE and Rodney Dangerfield could say that about me
-TOO STEEP - I am not willing to pay for a YETI cooler or Breville TOASTER (yesterday)
-My H.S. papers all had max. margins, were double spaced and in PICA type
-We have a Zhou dynasty right here too
-I watched a wonderful documentary about the ESSENES and their probable authorship of The Dead Sea Scrolls
-To get up the INCLINE to our hotel on Capri, we took the funicular
-Gotta post and run so I can go and carry my palm frond

Ray - O - Sunshine said...

Happy Palm Sunday. After a few false starts takes me a few minutes to remember how to make a two palm cross.

A Happy belated Passover. Oo congratulations.

Thanks for Catherine's birthday greetings. Was great to see the family again. She had a wonderful time at her delayed party. My 14 yo grand nephew must have grown a foot. When Covid hit Catherine lost her half day job at the hospital cafeteria in the layoffs. She now spends time at the ARC doing fun projects in dayhab with friends. Unfortunately in addition to cognitive issues many have physical ailments. Three of her friends have passed this year. One 22 year old a month ago from a sudden massive MI.

Anon T, you asked about vaccine after having Covid. No one in the family who had Covid has yet received the vaccine per doctor's recommendation (accent on recommendation) for now except my brother (66). He had Covid around Christmas, decided on his own to get the vaccine two weeks later and was sicker than from the virus. Again that is anecdotal. We have all heard stories of or had reactions after the second dose with or without prior infection. My wife, besides pulmonary emboli developed during COVID is having multiple post acute COVID-19 symptoms and is seeing a cardiologist, immunologist. As Im sure many of you know this is not uncommon.

From a medical standpoint this is a fascinating virus with multipe ramifiactions we have yet to learn about.

Back to my 2 week old Utica Observer Dispatch NYT sunday puzzle.

Anonymous said...

Utterly stupid and a waste of time.

Malodorous Manatee said...

What do St Patrick's day and the first night of Passover have in common? Green Spot.

Spitzboov said...

Good morning everyone.

Mostly fun to work on but a couple gluey spots as C.C. said. The multi- segmented quip gave another dimension to the solve and helped suss additional perps. Ultimately, CEO- and AUNT were not in my wheelhouse in the context of the clues so; 4 red letters. But I did get TISANE crossing SOIGNE so I'm satisfied. A new learning.

I thought "I got tears in my ears while lying on my back on my bed crying over you." covered most of the quip.


Ray -O- said: "Back to my 2 week old Utica Observer Dispatch NYT sunday puzzle." Me, too, except I'll tackle it tonight in lieu of utterly boring TV fare.
Sorry to hear of the lingering COVID effects. BH and I are 18 days past the 2nd shot and are fine with it. Thinking of getting my 2nd Shingrix for shingles in a couple days.

Congrats to Oo on attaining citizenship. Always a big step - we're proud of you.

NaomiZ said...

MalMan, Green Spot, the whiskey? It's made from barley and therefore not kosher for Passover! I don't understand.

I missed one square today; FIW! I had the wrong sort of port in mind when I wrote USs instead of USB, and clearly don't know my Afghan regions.

I thought the puzzle was quite a triumph of construction, and a good challenge.

Happy upcoming 20th anniversary, CC and Boomer! DH and I were also married at the courthouse in May 2001, and we are thinking about whether that upcoming anniversary may be our first restaurant date in well over a year.

Many thanks to the marvelous Mr. Mendelson, to Rich, and to CC.

Hungry Mother said...

Usual long slog for my Sunday pleasure, but FIR. Lots of stuff I didn’t know, but very fair perps always carried me through.

Anon said...

I agree. What an inane seven part senseless quip.

Misty said...

Fun Sunday puzzle, many thanks, Morton. And always wonderful to get your commentary, C.C., many thanks for that too.

A sad memory when I saw SAL MINEO right in the beginning. He was a favorite in my youth and I was devastated that he was murdered. Some fun cues included ALTAR as a "Promising spot," RENO as an "Apt casino rhyme," and RUBLE as the "Russian capital"--I of course thought Moscow or some other city.

Have a lovely Sunday, everybody.

Alice said...

I'm still trying to understand 32 Down....

USB appeared by perps then I wondered why it didn't occur to me earlier. Invariable I have a blind spot with USB (computer port), frequently calling it UBS (a bank). Never heard of SOIGNE, so didn't recognize it when filled by perps. The rest was pretty smooth solving.

I enjoyed the puzzle very much, however trivial the quip.

ATLGranny said...

I was so excited when I finally got COCONUT (my last fill) which solved my problems with the quip, I didn't notice I had left one square empty, the M in MEMO, so DNF. Then reading C.C.'s excellent tour, I found an error in the first line of the quip so I also FIW as well. Like Uncle Fred last night I was ready to claim my choice made perfect sense both directions, but on second look saw that no, it didn't. In general I obviously got in too big of a hurry to proofread carefully today. In spite of that, I enjoyed the challenge and thank Morton for his interesting puzzle. It is always interesting to see which clues lead to quick answers and which take more time. I too fell into the Russian capital trap today so RUBLE was slow to come, Misty. Alice, I understood "ar" to be a spelling version of R and "kue" to mean Q.

Congratulations on the upcoming May wedding anniversaries, C.C. and Boomer, NaomiZ and DH. Something special should be planned for #20! Hope everyone is having a special weekend. Our sun just came out at last!

Kelly Clark said...

I really enjoy quip puzzles and this one was no exception. Thank you for the tour, CC, and congratulations OO!

TokenCreek said...

After about a 2 - hour slog, I gave the puzzle to DW. Figured a new set of eyes would help. After about 10 minutes it was given back to me finished. If I coulda sussed the quip, I woulda had more perps and may probably done better. Fun puzzle anyhow. TC out.

Alice said...

ALTGranny, I considered 'que' for 32 down, but obviously you're correct in that KUE works phonetically. Thanks for your explanation.

CrossEyedDave said...

Sitting on the beach for the last time before the two day drive home.

(If only I could do crosswords while driving....)

Water is finally warm enough to go in.

Body language?
Rib tickling,
Side splitting,
(What else was there?)

I get it, but meh!
There has got to be some cowboys around the fire baked beans jokes
Out there somewhere....

(Of only I could get to a strong WiFi signal..,)

Anonymous T said...

Sunday Lurk Say...

TTP - I thought D&D was always by TSR which stands for Tactical Strategy Rules (IIRC) even though Wizards of the Coast published it. Yes, I played a lot in my ute and now so does Eldest @ OU.
//LIU, I didn't RC -- it is 'Studies Rules'.

Ray-O: Good wishes to your DW - it's scary.
I asked b/c I had shot #1 week ago Thursday.
Wednesday I was feeling weird. Then, this Thursday, I tried to work out w/ my trainer but my heart rate went nuts (thought I was going to have a heart attack) and I couldn't catch my breath. We stopped after 10 minutes. //I'm not out of shape, we'd just worked out Tuesday.
Anyway, the symptoms were similar to when I had C19 around Memorial Day and I thought it weird. They only lasted 3 days this time - I feel great now.
(Here's an interesting thing I heard this morning on long-haulers The Pulse. [WHYY 1h]).
DW gets shot #2 tomorrow.

For the Houston contingent (and those who used to read Houston's paper), R.I.P. Leon Hale. MIL gave me his latest book, See You On Down the Road last week...

Enjoyed reading everyone. Play tomorrow!

Cheers, -T

Anonymous T said...

Forgot to say...

I think someone on the blog mentioned Pretend it's a City on Netflix. DW & I watched the first four episodes last night. It's hilarious - in each episode Fran Lebowitz (kinda) focuses on one topic (art, transportation, etc) and runs with it.

To whoever mentioned it... Thanks!

Cheers, -T

CanadianEh! said...

Smiley Sunday. Thanks for the fun, Morton and C.C.
Although a DNF, I enjoyed slogging through this CW, and I did find the whole quip. So I am not ready to say "I STUNK".
The NE corner was my downfall - this Canadian still has no idea what ACA means (re Obamacare) (and I just finished reading The Promised Land) (I'm guessing the American Care Act); Doesn't Lousy start with Ell (oh, MAL), and I just did not see AMATI for "First class strings". (Would that AMATI be our First Fiddle from the other day LOL?)

But I did get TISANE and SOIGNE. GARISH is a great descriptive word also.
This Canadian has learned ORRIN, and I WAGGed IVANA, but CEO-PAY required perps as clued - I have enough problems keeping up with the CRA let alone the IRS!
Thanks for the token Canadian clue, Morton. I'll take the CSO with ONT. I have talked about Pt. Pelee here recently. Did we also have some Canadian BACON? And DEKED. Maybe Morton threw me a few clues.

It's Palm Sunday but we had INRI for Good Friday.
I noted MOSS crossing A LOSS.
We had OLES, NOD, AYE, YEP, ASSENTS TO, DO IT. All can mean YES AND/OR approval. We also had OH NO!
My milk was coming from a Cow, Udder, Dairy, before COCONUT perped.
I thought of AnonT's RA daughter with RENT FREE.

HG- there is a funicular like that one in Niagara Falls if you don't want to walk up the STEEP hill.
Alice - I didn't get USB until I saw your post. I was thinking of the Port that you drink.
Ray-O- hope DW feels better soon. The long-hauler info that is building up is scary. (You too AnonT)

Wishing you all a good evening.

Anonymous said...

Although I'm not a fan of quip/quote puzzles I liked this one in spite of the lame quote. What I didn't like was almost finishing the puzzle only to be naticked at the crossing of . Jeff of ELO: LYNNE and 95. Elegantly groomed: SOIGNE. 

Anonymous T said...

@6:13 - I think the quip was made up (C.C. posted it atop -- it was cute...)

You can be forgiven for not knowing SOIGNE (at least by me - Wah?? that's a word?) but not Jeff LYNNE [Turn to Stone] :-)

Cheers, -T

Brian said...

CanadianEh!: The official name of Obamacare is Affordable Care Act (ACA).

jfromvt said...

Good change of pace, as these quip puzzles have become less frequent. I figured out the body part theme early, which helped with the solving.

CanadianEh! said...

Thanks Brian. I should have remembered that from the book😮

CrossEyedDave said...

body language?

Ok, ok!
I won't post the blazing saddles clip...


In its place will be a PSA to protect your body parts...

Bill G said...

Hi everybody,

Thanks CC and Morton. I wouldn't want to go back to weekly quip puzzles but this was fun for a change.

I got my second Covid shot yesterday (Moderna). No big deal except I feel more tired than usual today. Maybe a side effect?

I wonder what would happen if someone got a first shot from Moderna and then, due to shortage or a mistake, got a second shot from Pfizer?

Have you noticed that all of the newscasters and commentators have stopped using the word "effect" and "affected" and replaced it with "impact" and "impacted"? Even "Impactful."

It's quiet and lonely around here. I miss having someone to share things with...

~ Mind how you go...

Spitzboov said...

Re:: funicular: There's one In Quebec City opposite the Chateau Frontenac. At the bottom, a great restaurant; Cochon Dingue (Crazy Pig).
Knew about the Niagara Falls funicular but thought Can. Eh! would take care of that. :-)

Anonymous said...

Electric Light Orchestra is not my type of music so that's on me. I had no clue who he was but should have looked closer at the clue "ELO" and "duh" got it.

Confused said...

Why is "piping" "trim"?

Cross of soigne/lynne/tisane seemed impossible to guess unless you knew them.

CrossEyedDave said...

Bill G,

Good to hear from you.

Just remember we always have an ear open here...

Malodorous Manatee said...

NaomiZ, you are, of course, correct in your analysis of Green Spot. I am not strictly observant and did an impromptu Seder with three friends and fellow members of the AKSC - The Alte Kaker Ski Club. We had chicken soup, matzoh, horse radish, roasted egg, charoset, lots of wine and a bit of whiskey. I will explain it to boss when and if (s)he asks me about it.

CrossEyedDave said...

Confused @ 8:10,

Piping trim best example can be found on any mattress,

But here is a contrasting view that may be helpful.

The words you noted as impossible
May indeed be a triple Natick!
The bane of every crossword solver....

Big Easy said...

The theme fills were easy but it was a DNF for me the intersection of TISANE and SOIGNE foiled me. Never heard of either, so it was AN AEIOU or y WAG and I left it blank (unlike TTP who took a stab). None made sense to me so I left it open and came to C.C.'s blog to get the answer.

I remember puzzles like this years ago but they were usually for 15X15 daily puzzles. Other unknowns that were filled by perps were OPI, TRIM, RING, PAPI, TSR, RESTE- had to look at those twice to make sure I had them right. Changed CUE to KUE to make TICKLING work.

The Himalayan 'monal' was unknown but I filled NEPAL because Pakistan was too long neither TIBET or INDIA worked.

C.C.-Your dynasty lasted the longest.

Spitzboov said...

Confused @ 2010. PIPING is worn on some military uniforms. Navy enlisted white uniforms feature black piping on the back bib and along the tailored cuffs at the end of the sleeves.

NaomiZ said...

MalMan, your seder sounds good to me. It's all about recalling the Exodus from Egypt and applying lessons to our lives. Observance occurs on a spectrum, and no one is kosher enough for everyone!

inanehiker said...

Just finished the puzzle - we had been out of town from Friday to tonight for a wedding. I felt okay about it since we're both vaccinated - it did feel a little weird to be with a bigger group.
The wedding was down in the Bentonville/NW Arkansas corridor - home of Wal-Mart and Tyson. It's now pretty much built up from Bella Vista right down to Fayetteville where U of Arkansas is. If people start traveling again - it was a nice get-away - cute square where the original Walton's 5 & 10 is. The best was a beautiful indoor and outdoor museum called Crystal Bridges where one of the Walton daughters made a wonderful place amidst the Ozark hills. It was free, but you had to reserve a time/ticket so there was adequate spacing.
Thanks to CC and Morton!
Congrats to Oo - if you all ever travel through Jefferson City - you would have your own highway exit -- It is actually the name of a county road and you can also exit there for AA county road - so our kids when they were little always called it the "Ooh Aah" exit!

TXMs said...

Anon-T, thanks much for the Hale clips (his yellow lab, Charlotte Bronte, made an appearance and glad to see that he was a margarita drinker). I was so saddened this morning when I read that Leon Hale had died the night before, as I had read the Chronicle's interview with him earlier just this month. My sister and I were such big fans through the years that we made the 90-minute drive to the Round Top Hall to attend his public-invited 90th birthday celebration - must've been 300 people there.

Enjoyed the quips which I usually don't - gave a running start to some answers and helped fill in unknown words - SOIGNE? I also jotted in QUE b4 KUE, the latter which makes more sense because R is phonetically clued as AR.

Got my 1st vaccination on Tuesday (Pfizer) at Memorial Hermann Hospital Greater Heights - only experienced a slight discomfort at the jab site when I turned my arm a certain way that evening. Bracing for the 2nd's side effects although my 81 yo sister had no reactions to either shot, as did my friend. It just depends on the person as reported in articles.

Anonymous T said...

Bill G - I'll echo CED. We're here for you...

I was talking to Pop tonight and we, after making each other laugh about goofy-shit, got on to talking about the inevitable (and Gramps).

Pop said, and I quote,
"Mom died the day Dad did, it just took her eleven more months to stop breathing; She lost her best friend."

Play with us more oft Bill. We're here.

Spitz - I just heard on BBC radio they've finally re-floated the ship in the Suez.

Cheers, -T

Anonymous T said...

TxMs! Nice to see you. I knew you'd know Leon Hale...

Funny thing about the shots. Pop had no side effects (Pfizer). His DW (who had C19 last March after a taking a neighborhood kid (like and adopted grandkid) to a KPop concert in Chicago) had a 'relapse' after the second shot of Moderna.
But, Pop never got sick from any of it(?).

Anyway, it was nice lurking w/ y'all and, @7:54 - I hope you know I was just kidding around re: ELO.

CED - nice expo of PIPING.
Speaking of which, I have a hydrostatic analysis of my foundation coming up on Tuesday... The house is sinking in the middle and it might be the pipes. You should see the cracks in the drywall around the window joints :-(

Cheers, -T

TXMs said...

Anon-T - "house sinking in the middle"? Yikes. Please get a 2nd (or 3rd) opinion. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

I'm with Anons @ 10:13 & 12:28. Made-up quotes are uncool. And yet, why is a yeti so "cool"? Don't most cooler brands (i.e. Igloo) refer to cold? Shouldn't 85A be plural? Don't people "agree to" rather than "assent to" when they OK something? Someone who deliberately keeps a schedule clear "leaves open", not randomly "has open". Shouldn't 95D have "to Pierre" added to the clue? Chris Rea? Tactical Studies Rules? An Aaron Copland ballet from 1942? DEKED/LEHAR/MAL/AMATI/ESSENE/ERS? The puzzle was also 20% abbreviations, 19% foreign references and 41% PPP. This is just plain bad cluing & sloppy editing.