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Mar 17, 2021

Wednesday, March 17, 2021, Enrique Henestroza Anguiano


17. *Generous reward: HANDSOME SUM.

27. *"I sussed that out a while ago": THE NOSE KNOWS.

44. *Family dinner reservation request, perhaps: TABLE FOR FOUR.

59. Retreated on the same trail ... and what each answer to a starred clue has?: DOUBLED BACK.

A puzzle for word nerds (that includes everyone here). The two words are both homonyms (words that sound alike but have different meanings, with same or different spellings) and homophones (a type of homonym that also sounds alike but has different meanings, and different spellings). See here. DOUBLED BACK indicates the repeated sound on the back of each phrase. Nicely done.

Melissa, here. This appears to be Enrique's debut on the Corner, but his NYT debut was in December 2020, and you can also see his work on the Brain Candy and Square Pursuits blogs, both in July of 2020. Hope he drops by today.


1. Slim advantage: EDGE.

5. Embraces: ADOPTS.

11. Intel seeker: SPY.

14. Many a character on HBO's "Euphoria": TEEN. Can't keep up with all the paid streaming services and shows any more.

15. Warhol's "Campbell's Soup Cans," e.g.: POP ART. A collision of commercial items (usually advertising or cartoons) and cultural icons. How Andy Warhol Came To Paint Campbell Soup Cans (Smithsonian).

16. Vientiane people: LAO.
Vientiane is the capital and largest city of Laos, near the border with Thailand. 

 19. __ al-Fitr: end-of-Ramadan feast: EID.

20. Skater Midori: ITO. The first woman to land a triple axle in the Winter Olympics.

21. Author's representative: AGENT.

22. Northeast Corridor express train: ACELA. Amtrak high-speed train between Washington DC and Boston, traveling up to 150 mph.

24. Gliding ballet step: CHASSE.
Quick gliding steps with one foot always leading. More word nerd stuff, according to, chasse is a  synonym for sashay, as a noun or a verb.

26. Cut loose: DROP.

33. One-named "Body Party" singer: CIARA. I was unfamiliar with her.

36. Sicilian peak: ETNA.

37. Cut off: SNIP.

38. Chewy Hershey candy: ROLO.

39. Like some serious flaws: FATAL.

40. Christmas candle scent: PINE.

41. "__ cost you!": IT'LL.

42. Old Roman road: ITER.

43. Put in a bibliography: CITED.

47. Designer Saarinen: EERO.

48. Like Camembert: CREAMY.

52. Back in style: RETRO.

54. Quickness: HASTE.

57. Romance: WOO. I like this word.

58. Dept. phone number: EXT.

62. Grow older: AGE.

63. Aerie newborn: EAGLET.

64. Tennis icon Arthur: ASHE.

65. Former space station: MIR.

66. Renaissance fair rides: STEEDS. Horses.

67. "Watch __ space": THIS.


1. Work __: moral belief: ETHIC.

2. "Murder by __": 1976 Neil Simon spoof film: DEATH. Mystery-Comedy in which a group of five guests (all renowned detectives) are invited to dinner and challenged to solve an impending murder. The guests are (word nerd alert) pastiches of Charlie Chan, Nick & Nora Charles, Hercule Poirot, Sam Spade, and Miss Marple.

3. Salami choice: GENOA.

4. Pierre's "fin," to Peter: END. Fin is French for end.
English words that come from this Latin root word include final, finish, and definition.

5. Highest point in an orbit: APOGEE. Synonyms: apex, acme, zenith.

6. Taj Mahal feature: DOME.

7. Receptive: OPEN.

8. "What's __ is prologue": "The Tempest": PAST. The
Shakespeare quote is inscribed on the base of one of two 65-ton statues (Future and Past) at the National Archives Building on Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington DC.

9. __TV: reality channel: TRU.

10. Namesake of a Venice basilica: ST. MARK.

11. "You can give me an answer tomorrow": SLEEP ON IT.

12. Sand transporter: PAIL.

13. Jedi Grand Master: YODA.

18. Obama daughter: SASHA.

23. Plot: CONSPIRE.

25. Park carriage, or one pushing it: STROLLER.

26. Agreement: DEAL.

28. "I like it": NEATO.

29. Mammal at an aquarium: OTTER.

30. Eat (up): SNARF.

31. Bistro pour: WINE.

32. Didn't dillydally: SPED.

33. Lit __: CRIT. Short for literary criticism. Not knowing CIARA, this filled in slowly.

34. Scintilla: IOTA.

35. Assurance after putting a Band-Aid on a boo-boo: ALL BETTER.

39. Inventory tracking method for a CPA: For anyone, but CPA (certified public accountant) indicates the answer is also an acronym. FIFO. First in, first out.

43. Like corned beef: CURED. So timely for St. Patrick's Day! I wonder if this cluing was intentional or coincidental?

45. Wears down: ERODES.

46. Large jazz combos: OCTETS.

49. Knee-deep (in): AWASH. Slightly different mental images, but it's fair.

50. Sweet Japanese rice cake: MOCHI.

51. Farm fittings: YOKES.

52. Paper package: REAM. 500 sheets.

53. VFW member: EX GI. Veteran.

54. Bigger than big: HUGE.

55. Qualified: ABLE.

56. Winter coaster: SLED.

60. Breakfast grain: OAT.

61. Club that may be flipped with joy: BAT.
By a batter who just hit a home run.


desper-otto said...

Good morning! And happy St. Paddy's Day.

D-o was successful at not finding the theme again today. He was looking for two words in the themers that would pair with "back." D'oh! No Wite-Out, though, so I'm scoring it as a win. Enjoyed it, Enrique and Melissa Bee.

CHASSE: I can see Lucina SASHAYing, but does she CHASSE? I don't think so.

Hungry Mother said...

Easy glide through this one today, but I failed to see the theme. I don’t use a lot of my ebbing gray matter trying to suss out a crossword theme. Looking for St. Pat today in vain.

Anonymous said...

This took 7:10 for me to finish.

"Eid al Fitr" was unknown, and the clue for "the nose knows" seems off the mark.

To all of you that celebrate it, Happy St. Patrick's Day.

Wilbur Charles said...

Half a CSO to Misty at WOO. The pastiche link led me to another Misty-ism, intertextuality.

The Natick to be sussed/grok'ed was that C in CRIT/CIARA. I knew a Kiara once.

The BAT Flip heard 'round the world

I agree, not too hard with the difficult p&p's perpable in all but one case. I had inkover on pact with DEAL.


Spitzboov said...

Good morning everyone.

Had 'free' before DROP; the only wite-out. Theme sussed easily. Pre-filled FOUR after seeing 'FOR' formed from perps.
Don't recall having seen Enrique's work before. No cheaters today.

Hope you all enjoy St. Patrick's Day.

Yellowrocks said...

Fun puzzle and theme. I needed the reveal to get THE NOSE KNOWS. No nit there. Liu. "Despite the addressee's belief that the speaker was unaware of something, the speaker, in fact, was already aware."
My last fill. The C in CIARA seemed to be a Natick, but a mental ABC run reminded me I have heard of LIT CRIT. Hi Misty.
FIFO was all perps, but with Melissa's help I remembered FIRST IN FIRST OUT.
Chasse is a round dance move, as described in the clue. In square dancing sashay is entirely different, but not in common parlance.

Vidwan827 said...

A little nit ....
I am NOT a Muslim / OR, of the Islamic persuasion. but ... for, the clue for
19 Across ... (EID) al fitr, end of Ramadan feast...
is not quite correct...

Eid al Fitr, Wikipedia is the DAY of feasting, i.e. DAY of the Break of the Fast.
Eid al Fitr translates to FESTIVAL of the Breaking of the 'fast' ( one or two days, depending on the region). It is not the feast itself.

I could not find the name for the feast itself, but IFTAR, the breaking of the fast, Wiki again , comes to mind.
However, this too, is not quite accurate, since Iftar is the break of the fast, EVERY night, during the fasting month of Ramadan or Ramazan,( as pronounced).
SUHUR or Suhoor is the early morning eating ( Breakfast ...) before the fast will begin during the dawn, in that fasting month. I could not find any special word for the (last - ) Iftar, for the day of Eid ul Fitr itself, as such.

I would welcome any Cornerite, or others, who are muslim, to contribute and elaborate, should they wish to do so.... or correct any mistakes, if any.

Meanwhile, on another subject ... despite the taboo of religious discussions on our blog, Happy St. Patrick's Day, to all those who celebrate, and may you gorge on corned beef sandwiches and chocolate bunnies ... and may you all, freely 'air blow' KISSES, ( from six feet away ...) to all honorary Irish guys and gals, for the day .....

Have a nice day, folks.

Vidwan827 said...

Sorry, in my hurry, I forgot to link the hypertexts, altogether ....

Hope this works ....

Eid Ul Fitr , Wikipedia

Iftar, breaking of the Fast , Wikipedia, again

Yellowrocks said...

We have Muslims here and know of EID AL FITR.
The clue is ambiguous. End of Ramadan feast could mean the end of the feast, not true. It could also mean the feast at the end of the Ramadan, true.

Big Easy said...

Well Melissa thanks for the explanation of the 'difference' between a homonym and homophone- I never knew or cared to find out. I had to leave out the NW until the end due to three unknowns- TEEN, DEATH, & CHASSE- and DOUBLED BACK and filled it after SOME SUM was in place. THE NOSE KNOWS set the theme for me.

EID-al-Fitr and CIARA were other unknowns. Lit CRIT- the constructor found a way for CRIT to make it on the grid- YR, I'd never heard of it. I just guessed that a 'C' would be correct.

FIFO accounting- just like rotating stock. But some crazy Congressmen decided that LIFO (LAST in first out) would be a legal way to account for costs. Our CPA convinced the company owners to change it so that it would DELAY taxes. No other reason.

Oas said...

Hi all , fun puzzle this morning.
A bit of a slow start making me think I’d probably flub this one. I fiddled around and got TABLEFORFOUR and DOUBLEDBACK and thats when the light came on for HANSOMESUM and THENOSEKNOWS. The rest fell into place ok but stared at the PA for PAIL awhile for the last fill. EID and ACELA were unknown to me this morning.
Gotta run , a friend just called to meet at MCDs
Parking lot for coffee.

TTP said...


The point for each of the three blog taboos is to not disparage and start a flame war on the blog.

I've personally enjoyed some of the conversations about some practices and traditions in other religions. No one has removed any of those to my knowledge.

If however, say you were to write a comment that disparages your own or another religion or the people that believe in it, no matter how right you think you are, and no matter how wrong you think they are, it will most likely get deleted.

So suppose you were to write a comment and make fun about the beliefs of certain indigenous peoples of the arctic latitudes. It would get deleted. Oh wait, you did write such a comment and it did get deleted.

Do you understand the difference ?

ATLGranny said...

A Misty WOO hoo this morning with a FIR! I saw the trick today early when I filled in HANDSOME SUM, but thought Enrique's reveal DOUBLED BACK was an interesting way to describe it. Thanks, Enrique for today's puzzle and do keep them coming! Thanks, Melissa B, for confirming my good result today and all the extra word information.

Happy St. Patrick's Day to all of you!

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

A St. Paddy’s Day theme would have been nice but I’m happy with this solve, nevertheless. The theme was evident early on but the reveal was an Aha moment. We had a few cute duos with Sped/Sled, Pine/Wine, It’ll/Iter, and Fatal/Death. Speaking of which, Murder By Death is a hilariously comical movie that we talked about awhile back. Too bad Tru wasn’t clued to it referentially as Truman Capote played the protagonist with true campiness. We had another mini-crit(ter) theme with Eaglet, Steeds, Otter, Bat, Oat, and Yokes. Mochi and Chasse (Hi, Lucina) were unknown but perps were fair. I knew Ciara, not from her music, but because she is married to Russell Wilson, the Seattle Seahawks quarterback.

Thanks, Enrique, for a mid-week treat and congrats on the debut and thanks, Melissa, for an informative and entertaining expo. Pictures of Jaelyn and Harper are overdue, BTW. 🤗

My BIL’s procedure went well and he may come home today. If so, I’ll see him tonight as I’m going to my sister’s for corned beef sandwiches. She isn’t up to the traditional dinner with all the trimmings for 35-40 people. It will be nice to see family members under happier circumstances than those of recent days.

Anon T ~ Good luck getting your shot!

Happy St. Paddy’s Day! ☘️☘️☘️

Husker Gary said...

-At the zoo, the gnu knew the gimmick
-The difference between APOGEE and aphelion. Halley’s Comet will reach its aphelion in November of 2023 and then head back toward the Sun.
-SLEEP ON IT – There are so many times I should have instead of acting impulsively. I had an apology accepted yesterday. I still think I’m right but…
-First In Last Out is true when faculty are cut loose regardless of competence
-Qualified does not always equal ABLE
-DOUBLE BACK – I had to return home because I had forgotten my ______ (fill in the blank)

Vidwan827 said...

Discussion of FIFO - First In First Out - shortest discussion.

If a company, say, is reselling 'widgets'.
It buys a widget, for resale, for $1.
A few weeks later, it buys another similar widget for $4... Inflation, for you.

Then, it sells, at retail, one of the widgets, for $10, .... never mind, which one.

The Gross Profit Margin is either $10-1 = $9 (FIFO... First In First Out ...convention)
.... or $10-4 = $6.(LIFO ... Last In First Out .... convention)

The federal, state, local and franchise (corporate) TAXES are more likely to be LESS on the LOWER gross profit margin.
Here FIFO raises your tax bill, and LIFO reduces your tax bill, for now.

This is, as an accounting convention, a method to legally reduce and postpone or defer your taxes, if you are allowed to use it .... or can get away with it.
Especially useful, when there is rising inflation.
On the other hand, in case of Japan, and persistent De-flation, it is counter productive...

Sorry, for the TMI.

NaomiZ said...

I thought I might not finish today's puzzle because of the crossing of Lit CRIT and CIARA, but I took a chance on the C, and FIR. Whew! Enjoyable puzzle and theme. Thanks to Enrique, Melissa, and Rich, for providing the morning fun. Vidwan, thanks for explaining the tax consequences of FIFO versus LIFO. Interesting.

CrossEyedDave said...

Alas! A DNF due to an alphabet run failing to reveal the C in (whoever/whatever that was...)

Am I the only one that read the reveal and went looking for palindromes?

Oh well,
This link has nothing to do with my enjoyment
Of the puzzle, I had fun anyway...

Ray - O - Sunshine said...

St Patrick got upstaged by his buddy Mark
A fun Thursdayish level‐of‐difficulty puzzle by Irishman Ernesto O'Henestroza McAnguiano. The theme was easy, "I sussed that a while ago" without a problem. But always forget ITO's name. Columbus intoduced salami to the New world

Inkovers cheesy/CREAMY (a cheesy answer). Free/DROP. (like Spitz)...Don't they make fur coats out of SCINTILLAs? Liked it better when the only one-named singer was Cher. The C for CIARA and CRIT was a lucky WAG..And I believe it's CHASSÉ with an accent aigu. FIFO? huh?...

Ox to farmer coaching him to pull a wagon. "Is this some kind of YOKE?"

Nice guy....AGENT
Father of our country, Washington portrait....POPART
prisoner cremation....CONSPIRE

Irish M..glad to hear of another successful TAVR.

Wearing of the green (mask) today.


Misty said...

Woohoo! Woohoo! Couldn't resist after all the lovely shout-outs--many thanks, Wilbur, Yellowrocks, AltGranny, and maybe others. Ironically, I didn't make the connection until I came to the blog, so thank you all again. And, it also took me a minute to get LIT CRIT (not my smartest morning, I'd say).

Clever puzzle, Enrique--enjoyed the double word theme. And thank you, too, Melissa, for your always enjoyable commentary. Loved seeing the POP ART picture.

Have a great St. Patrick's Day, everybody.

waseeley said...

Thank you Enrique and welcome to the Corner. Delightful puzzle, which I FIR. And thank you for your insightful review Melissa.

27A I agree with Anon @7:57AM that the clue for this one was a STINKER.

5D A bit of a nit - as there is no "UP" or "DOWN" in space there is also no "Highest point". The APOGEE is the farthest point from the ORB being ORBITED in the elliptical path of a satellite, the PERIGEE being the nearest point.

29D Wanted MalMan, but couldn't make it fit.

61D It better be a HOME RUN, because if it isn't and you flip a BAT "yer outta here!". And so am I.


Ray - O - Sunshine said...

Oops meant Wednesday 😬

Picard said...

As a hike leader I try to LOOP BACK rather than DOUBLE BACK whenever possible.

Here is my account of a recent hike where we did not DOUBLE BACK.

Yellowrocks I also looked up THE NOSE KNOWS and it was a learning moment for me, too.

Hand up CIARA/CRIT a Natick crossing for me, too. WAG to FIR.

Who else knows this catchy song about YODA by Weird Al Yankovic?

From Yesterday:
AnonT and Wilbur Charles Thank you for the amusing comments about my LEMON Festival photos. Learning moment about the special Italian candies.
Am I the only one who does NOT like a LEMON SLICE in my glass of water?

CrossEyedDave said...

Picard, beautiful trail!

Do you happen to have any photo of
The trail entrance?

I am curious as to what restrictions
(If any) there might be.

Since I took a bad fall last November that messed up
My ankle, I am afraid my long hike days might be over.
But I still love to get out an a trail on a bicycle,
Or better yet a dirt bike (motorised)
But they are very touchy here on the East Coast about anyone
Taking short cuts.

One park (reservation)
Has signs all over that bicycles will be confiscated!

Anywho, you have connections with the Sierra Club,
Do you know if there are any exceptions for the handicapped?

Yellowrocks said...

Picard, The nose knows was a gimme after seeing the reveal, no nit. I looked it up, because the meaning was questioned.
A biology prof in college asked an ambiguous question like 19A EID. I was really torn as to which meaning it was as we had discussed both. I answered it both ways and got extra credit. Why does a "certain" creature have a "certain" attribute. Of what use is it? OR How did it develop?
We residents here were all treated to a free green bagel and cream cheese this morning. And later we will be treated to a glass of green beer and mini spinach quiches. As HG says, not really free. Our high fees pay for these amenities. This is the first year in a long time I have not made my own mini spinach quiches for St. Patrick's Day.
Picard, lovely hike. I prefer hiking loops to doubling back. With two of us hiking sometimes we would drive both cars to the end of the hike and then ride together in one car back to the beginning. We could retrieve that one with the other car after the hike.
CE Dave, so sorry you can no longer hike. Me, too. It is a real loss. There are some trails in NJ which allow mountain bikes if you stay in the trail, but not motorized ones.

Malodorous Manatee said...

Happy St. Patrick's day to all, Irish or not. I think I will wear my green vest today to go along with the Green Spot.

Picard, @ 11:51 Once again, you have to ask? I met him in a swamp down in Dagobah...and saw Weird Al perform the song (and many others) live at the Greek Theater, with a cast of many and top notch production values. Hmm. maybe I will wear my Weird Al shirt today. It has some green on it.

Anonymous said...

Tough slog for me today, but ultimately FIR. Congrats to those who breezed through. Either you are really good, or I was just off today.

Had the As with AGENT and CIARA, but couldn't get off of "Malia" instead of SASHA.

Originally had "POKES" (pig in the poke) instead of YOKES. Duh.

Had Lit "drop" instead of CRIT.

Knowing a lot of crossword-ese (ITO, EID, LAO, ACELA, ITER, EERO, ETNA, MIR) makes a FIR possible. I thought this was a challenge, especially for a Wednesday.



Lucina said...

Happy St. Pat's Day to all! Even the non-Irish celebrate today.

Yes, thank you, I did sashay through the grid today. This kind of puzzle is too easy to solve. Once the long strands are filled it's just a matter of connecting the downs. I did not have to SLEEP ON IT.

Nice to see our old friend EERO Saarinen but CIARA was a pure guess. The C was my last fill.

I KNOW I've mentioned many times what avid fans of Star Wars my daughter and her husband are with a dedicated room to their vast collection of paraphernalia. CSO to them at YODA.

ST. MARK brings back memories of the square in Venice and the NUMEROUS pigeons that reside there waiting for crumbs from the tourists. I was sorry to learn of the floods there recently. Also a CSO to my friend and companion, MARK.

Murder by DEATH was on TV a while back though I don't recall if it was Netflix or otherwise but it is really fun to watch.

Thank you, Melissa Bee, for today's tour. And thank you to Enrique Henestroza Anguiano. He sounds like a Spaniard or Mexican.

Please enjoy your St. Pat's celebrations and the wearing of the green!

Ray - O - Sunshine said...


Anon T. One of the rare disadvantages of being a young whipper snapper. You and DD should puff on a coupla Marlboro's and then claim the smokers' excuse for jumping the vaccine line.

While some people are diligently seeking it out we have a governining body where up to 25% are refusing and about that number in the general population. A possible set up for a more serious resistent variant requiring more elaborate vaccines, more refusals.

Vicious cycle

Anyway Good luck.

AnonymousPVX said...

This Wednesday grid seemed easier than yesterday.

No issues. No corrections today.

No “celebrating” for me, not a drinker. But I might indulge in a green herbal substance, does that count?

But cheers to all who celebrate.

Stay safe.

unclefred said...

Got off to a fast start then bogged down. MOVHI and EID were all perps. I didn’t know CIARA or CRIT lit. So had to cheat and look up “Body Party” singer. That “C” therefore was the last letter to fill. Do I get to claim a FIR if I cheated on one clue? I don’t know. Anyway it was a fun CW, thanx, Enrique, and welcome! Terrific write-up, Melissa, thanx for the time and effort! Happy St. Patrick’s day to all!

unclefred said...

Showed have said MOCHI, not MOVHI.

Ol' Man Keith said...

Happy St. Paddy's Day everyone!
I am delighted to set aside a day to celebrate the Irish, a terrific batch of humanity.

My long departed Welsh grandma wonders why we don't do more on St. David's Day (March 1), to honor another grand Celtic tribe. Hmm?
Or any of the three patrons (Piran, Michael, and Petroc) of my grandpa's Cornwall? Seems a little one-sided...
But I don't want to steal thunder from the Irish. Especially when all those bright eyes are shining & smiling!
Éirinn go Brách!!

A dee-lightful PZL from Mr. Anguiano today! A perfect hump-day challenge, tough but fun & do-able.
Excellent response from Melissa Bee!

Yes, I noticed the reference to "corned beef" on St. Pat's Day. Well timed. There was also OAT, but that only reminded me of Samuel Johnson's dig at the Scottish people, not of the Irish.
When it came to the Irish, Johnson wrote, "They are a fair people. They never speak well of one another."
One diagonal only, on the far side.
Its anagram (11 of 15 letters) is a misogynistic label for a promiscuous female with whom one has an on-again/off-again relationship.
I mean, of course, a...

waseeley said...

Picard @11:51AM Loved the hiking shots. I'm really into UFOs, e.g. Weird Al had me ROTFL!.

Ray-O @1:54PM Next year the Academy may be giving out a Class Darwin Award for all the anti-VACSers who didn't make the cut.

Checked on ROKU and found that "Murder by Death" is streamable via Amazon Prime. Great cast. Not only Capote, but Maggie Smith, Peter Falk, Peter Sellers, David Niven, Elsa Lanchester, Alec Guinness (the list goes on ...). Dw and I are big mystery fans and now have it on our watchlist. Hope to squeeze it in soon (after "New Tricks" and "Pie in the Sky").


CanadianEh! said...

Wednesday workout. Thanks for the fun, Enrique and melissa bee.
Officially a FIW for me today, but I did get the theme. (I was just slightly disappointed in the inconsistency in 17A with the homonym SOME not being a separate word (as with NOSE and FOR) but part of HANDSOME. Small nit.)
Glad I was not the only one to guess incorrectly(W or C were by choices) at the Natick cross of CIARA and CRIT.

It took a while for SPY to open up the NE corner. I can never remember ACELA,
I have not watched Euphoria; entering Toon and not TEEN held up that NW corner.
It required a long alphabet run to reach the Y in YOKES. Aha moment.

LOL Hungry Mother and Ray-O about St. Pat’s buddy ST. MARK today.
MY bistro had WINE today, after the dry cafe last week.
I noted EAGLET crossing OCTET. FOUR crossed OCTET.
We had a plethora of O endings- EERO, RETRO, WOO, ROLO, LAO, ITO.

Thanks for the Bautista link WC. I had forgotten that dramatic game. 2015 was an exciting season for our Blue Jays.

Wishing you all a Happy St. Patrick’s Day.

Chairman Moe said...

Puzzling thoughts:

FIW, as I forgot to "guess" at the letter beginning both 33-Across and 33-Down. A TRU Natick for me

MOCHI, CHASSE, and SLEEP ON IT all filled in with perps

Write-overs included: IDO/ITO; MALIA/SASHA; FREE/DROP

I too, expected a St Paddy's Day theme

I guess a mini-CSO to yours truly at WINE. Though later this afternoon I plan on starting out with an Irish Red Ale and finish with a STOUT, but probably not Guinness


The oxen love puns;
And are self-deprecating,
'Cause the YOKES on them

Spitzboov said...

Can. Eh! - - Just think of GO Train and type in ACELA for GO. - POC

Crossword Constructor C.V. Resume ' said...

For the record:

I Gooogled Enrique Henestroza Anguiano

our today's Crossword Constructor
and found out
he's a computer scientist,
a linguistic didactic specialist,
and a statistical distributional lexical semantics expert. (whew )

Who does his reasearch,........ in French !

He probably parses posers of crossword puzzles, in american english, when he's bored of doodling ....
Plus, he's probably met CIARA in the flesh.

LEO III said...

FIW! I missed CIARA/CRIT and CREAMY/MOCHI. Had an "E" in the former and a "P" in the latter. Got the theme, though.

Bat flippers run the risk of getting a little chin music or getting plunked during their next at bat, which can often then lead to the silliest baseball play of all (except for Nolan Ryan/Robin Ventura, of course), the baseball brawl. Pitchers really don't like being shown up, even though it's usually the pitcher's fault when someone hits a home run off him. It's really not a good idea to show up a guy who can throw a 90-MPH baseball at you. I mean, some pitchers will brush back a batter simply because he hit the home run in the first place.

During the 1970's oil embargo, many (most? all?) of the major oil companies switched from FIFO to LIFO, since the price of crude skyrocketed. I know Texaco switched.

LIFO can be a double-edged sword, since it increases Cost of Goods Sold, which reduces Gross Profit and ultimately Net Profit and Tax Liability. The lower net profit might scare off investors. I don't know if the oil companies have reverted to FIFO or not.

We credit people worried more about a third method of inventory valuation for our customers who might be struggling --- FISH --- FIRST IN, STILL HERE!

Jayce said...

I liked this puzzle. My dad often used to say THE NOSE KNOWS while winking and touching the side of his nose.

Hand up for wagging the C crossing CRIT and CIARA.

My friend Sherif long ago taught me about Ramadan and EID al Fitr.

It seems that Guinness has "done something" to their stout; they call it "Nitrogenation". To me it tastes different from, and not as good as, what I remember of it in the past.

Picard, maybe you ARE the only one who doesn't like a lemon slice in their water :)

LW and I got our second Shingrix shot today. We are SO vaccinated!

Good wishes to you all.

Big Easy said...

FISH, aka dead inventory that will have to be dumped to some reseller at a loss. Some companies actually try to value it at full price until they are audited.

Lucina said...

Oh! Oh! I forgot to mention that I definitely do not like a lemon slice in my water! If I forget to mention it there are plenty of takers in any group I'm with. But I like drinking lemonade!

unclefred said...

OMK @2:34, I like your Welch g’ma’s idea to have five or six more days every year to drink and carry on. On the evening news here in FLL a veterinarian was arrested for sexually abusing the animals in his care. Wait, WHAT???

Anonymous T said...

Happy St. Paddy's Day!

Hi All!

Thank you Enrique for the fun theme'd grid.

Thank you mb for the expo. I'll click the links later

Lots of Italian: GENOA, ST. MARK's, ETNA, ITER, WINE :-)
Fav: I liked c/a STROLLER

Cute DR OMK.
Fun Ku, Moe.
Jayce: FIL often said, "Who knows what THE NOSE KNOWS?" upon entrance. It was my buddy Anwar that taught me Eid.

FIFO, or a queue, is also a data-structure in computer science; it's the opposite of a stack, or LIFO (think lunch plates at a buffet) //wrote this b/f CV@5:49 posted.

LEOIII - LOL: Thanks for (all the?) FISH.

Picard & MManatee - I too love Weird Al.

IM - Thanks for the C19-shot luck. Looking forward to it!
//Ray-O: I smoked for 30years so I'm covered there :-)

Maternal grandfather was Irish-American. Mom (Pat) & her sisters whoop it up on St. Pat's day.

Cheers, -T

Lucina said...

I found another good movie on Netflix if anyone is interested. It's called Our Souls At Night with Robert Redford and Jane Fonda. I believe they are both my age and the story almost parallels my late life experience in some ways.