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Mar 2, 2021

Tuesday, March 2, 2021 Jeffrey Wechsler

Decisions, Decisions:  What type of computer should I use?

19-Across. *   Tour de France participant: BICYCLE RACER.

34-Across. *   Lo-cal tea brand: DIET SNAPPLE.

Evolution of the Apple

41-Across. *   Singer who's the namesake of the high school in "Grease": BOBBY RYDELL.

And the unifier:

54-Across. One who might use one of the ends of the answers to starred clues: COMPUTER NERD.  The last part of the last word in each theme answer is the brand of a computer.

And a bonus clue:  55-Down. Field for this puzzle's theme: TECH.

1. Arthur with Emmys: BEA.  Bea Arthur (née Bernice Frankel; May 13, 1922 ~ Apr. 25, 2009) won an Emmy for her role as Maude Findlay in Maude and as Dorothy Zbornak in The Golden Girls.  I never watched either show.  She also served in the Marine Corps.

4. DVR copying button: REC.  The Digital Video Recorder had a Record button.

7. Futuristic TV family: JETSONS.  The Jetsons first aired in 1962.

14. Reply to "Excuse me, you're in my seat": I'LL MOVE.  This would be the polite response.

16. Modified to fit: ADAPTED.

17. Reacted to shearing: BLEATED.  This sheep was probably delighted to be shorn of over 75 pounds of wool!

18. Fitness regimen: PILATES.  Pilates is a physical fitness system developed by Joseph Pilates (né Joseph Hubertus Pilates; Dec. 9, 1883 ~ Oct. 9, 1967).  The exercises focuses on the body's core.  

21. Manage moguls: SKI.

22. Rhinitis docs: ENTs.

23. Thumb drive port: USB.  As in Universal Serial Bus.

26. Pinochle combos: MELDS.  Everything you wanted to know about the game of Pinochle, but didn't know to ask.

30. Meticulous to a fault: ANAL.  This is becoming a crossword staple.

31. __ vez: Rosa's "once": UNA.  Today's Spanish lesson.

38. Islamic holy month: RAMADAN.  Ramadan is the 9th month of the Islamic calendar.  It is a month of fasting, pray and reflection.  Because the Islamic calendar is a lunar calendar, there are only 354 days in the year, hence, the holiday of Ramadan falls at different times of year each on the Gregorian calendar.  This year, Ramadan begins on April 12.

40. Scam targets: VICTIMS.

43. Rapper Lil __ X: NAS.  The background story of Old Town Road by Lil Nas X (né Montero Lamar Hill; b. Apr. 9, 1999).

44. Poirot's pals: AMIs.  More of today's French lesson.  Hercule Poirot is the fictional French-speaking Belgian detective created by Agatha Christie.

45. "To recap ... ": IN SUM.

47. Small point: NIT.

48. Pedestal or plinth: BASE.

51. Wedding vow: I DO.  For Better or Worse ...

59. SeaWorld tanks: AQUARIA.  You can even walk through one of the aquaria.

62. Collectibles from afar: EXOTICA.

63. Happening now: CURRENT.

64. Med. imaging procedure: CAT SCAN.

65. Bob and weave: HAIR DOs.

66. Medical ins. plan: HMO.  As in Health Maintenance Organization.

67. Denver-to-Wichita dir.: ESE.  East-South-East.  It will take about 7 hours to make this drive.

1. Lettuce variety: BIBB.  This lettuce is named after its developer, John Bibb (Oct. 27, 1789 ~ Apr. 12, 1840).  The lettuce didn't become commercially available, however, until the 1850s, after Bibb's death.

2. "The Name Game" singer Shirley: ELLIS.  I knew the song, but was not familiar with Shirley Ellis (née Shirley Marie O'Garra; Jan. 19, 1929 ~ Oct. 5, 2005).

3. Smart __: wiseacre: ALECK.

4. Campus mil. group: ROTC.  As in the Reserve Officer Training Corps.

5. First name in stunt driving: EVEL.  Evel Knievel (né Robert Craig Kneivel; Oct. 17, 1938 ~ Nov. 30, 2007) attempted over 75 ramp-to-ramp motorcycle jumps.  He makes frequent guest appearances in the puzzles.

6. Formally transfer: CEDE.

7. "Shogun" setting: JAPAN.  Shōgun is the first historical fiction novel in James Clavell's Asian Saga.  It was made into a miniseries, which starred Richard Chamberlain.

8. Decree: EDICT.

9. Stories: TALES.

10. Practice boxing: SPAR.

11. Giants legend Mel: OTT.  Today would have been Mel Ott's (né Melvin Thomas Ott; Mar. 2, 1909 ~ Nov. 21, 1958) 112nd Birthday.  He played baseball for the New York Giants.  He was born in Gretna, Louisiana.  Sadly, he was killed in a car accident at age 49.  He does, however, make frequent guest appearances in the crossword puzzles.

12. Bridal bio word: NÉE.

13. '60s antiwar gp.: SDS. As in Students for a Democratic Society.

15. "The Big Bang Theory" actress __ Bialik who is also a scheduled 2021 "Jeopardy!" guest host: MAYIM.  Mayim Bialik (née Mayim Chaya Bialik; b. Dec. 12, 1975) also earned a Ph.D. in neuroscience from UCLA.

20. Remainder: REST.

23. Remove, as a brooch: UNPIN.  Queen Elizabeth often wears a brooch.  Do you think she unpins it herself?

24. Actress Hayek: SALMA.  Salma Hayek (née Salma Valgarma Hayek Jiménez; b. Sept. 2, 1966) is a Mexican-American actress with a long list of movie credits.

25. Grace verb: BLESS.

27. Stream swirl: EDDY.

28. "You made that up!": LIAR.

29. Claim to be untrue: DENY.

30. Well-suited: APT.

31. Not at all bucolic: URBAN.

32. Judd of country: NAOMI.  Naomi Judd (née Diana Ellen Judd; b. Jan. 11, 1946) is a country music singer.  She is the mother of Wyonna Judd, also a country music singer, and actress Ashley Judd.

33. Scope: AMBIT.

35. "Frozen" reindeer: SVEN.

36. Guitarist Lofgren: NILS.  Nils Lofgren (né Nils Hilmer Lofgren, b. June 21, 1951) is an American guitarist.  In addition to performing solo, he has also been a part of Bruce Springsteen's E Street Band.

37. Org. in many civil rights cases: ACLU.  As in the American Civil Liberties Union.  The ACLU was founded on January 19, 1920

39. Short muscles?: ABs.  Short for the Abdominal muscles.

42. God, in Grenoble: DIEU.  Today's French lesson.

46. Tic Tacs, e.g.: MINTS.  These Tic Tacs are not found in Tins, but they do come in all sorts of flavors.

48. Yawning, perhaps: BORED.

49. Essential acid: AMINO.  Everything you wanted to known about Amino Acids, but were afraid to ask.

50. Minor arguments: SPATS.

52. Prepare for takeoff, as a frosty windshield: DE-ICE.  I am flying next week up to the Frozen North.  It will be my first flight since the pandemic began.  The plane won't need de-icing on the way out, but  hope the plane doesn't need de-icing on my return flight.  This is how De-icing works.

53. Aquatic predators: ORCAS.

54. "The Alienist" author Caleb: CARR.  Caleb Carr  (b. Aug. 2, 1955) makes frequent guest appearances in the crosswords.  The Alienist was published back in 1994.  I read it when it first came out and remember that I really enjoyed it.  It is a historical mystery that is essentially about the beginning of the modern era of forensic science.

56. Possible cause of student nervousness: EXAM.

57. Revolution prefix: ROTO.

58. Hamlet, by birth: DANE.  To be, or not to be ...  In the play by Willie the Shakes, Hamlet contemplates suicide in Act 3, Scene 1.

59. Allentown : "Alas!" :: Altenburg : "__!": ACH.  Today's German lesson.

60. Sine __ non: QUA.  Today's Latin lesson.  It literally means "without which, not", but in common usage, it it means something that is absolutely essential.

61. Ocean State sch.: URI.  As in the University of Rhode Island.  My sister is a graduate of URI.  We used to tease her that the full name of the school is University of Rhode Island in New England.

Here's the Grid:



Lemonade714 said...

What a nice Tuesday combination, a JW puzzle, and Susan's well-illustrated tour.

Mayim Bialik also has a new series, which I think is on Fox. I enjoyed the clue fill 65A. Bob and weave: HAIR DOs , wondering if it was Jeffrey's or Rich's.

Have a safe flight. Thank you both

Lemonade714 said...

The series is CALL ME KAT and like Ted Danson's new series MR MAYOR I have not watched

Boomer said...

Good Morning, -- Confidential to TTP -- I read and watched the interesting video about bowling balls. I have lived through hard black rubber, Urethane, reactive resin, and the ever popular plastic, (great to have for picking up the 10 pin, or when there is more oil in my hair spray than there is on the lane). I am not sure if the video is developing a new surface by Hammer or an improvement on the Blue Hammer, which is in my garage. That is a urethane ball which I had success with until the reactive weapons came on the market. Currently I am using a Roto Grip "Dare Devil Trick" (15 lbs for the first shot), and an AMF Xtreme (14 lb. plastic for spares on the right side of the lane.) Things are looking up as I had a 181 game yesterday and my Monday team invited me back to the roster. It's a four member lineup and we will rotate five players until the end of the season. The player roster was cut to four during pandemic and I sat out because I did not want to take a chance around the virus. I get my second Pfizer shot tomorrow and it looks like my bowling league will get back to a five man team competition next year. The Blue Hammer as well as the Purple Hammer (That's in my closet) made a huge impact on the game years ago. I'll have to wait and see if this new surface makes a difference or it's just another bowling ball. Great to hear from you. Boomer

Hahtoolah said...

Good Morning, Crossword friends. I felt like I was stepping on Lemonade's toes today, since I got to blog a Jeffrey Wechsler puzzle!

We have had both of our Covid vaccines and suffered no ill effects other that a sore arm.

QOD: Nonsense wakes up the brain cells. ~ Dr. Seuss (né Thedor Seuss Geisel; Mar. 2, 1904 ~ Sept. 24, 1991), American author

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

Wow, another early-week-Wechsler; gotta love it. I thought of less polite two-word answer for I'LL MOVE -- it was a 4-3 pattern and ended in OFF. Thanx, Jeffrey and Hahtoolah. (Enjoyed your always creative visuals.)

MAYIM: We DVR'd the first two episodes of her new comedy series. That was a great plenty.

RYDELL: Jeffrey must be of a "certain age" to remember Bobby RYDELL. He had a string of hits in the pre-Beatles era. It was a short string.

SKI: On a training trip to Sweden, several members of our party decided on a ski outing one evening. I watched my boss jauntily riding up the slope on the lift. Then I watched the rescue crew carrying him back down on a sled. He spent the night in his room with ice packs. The rest of us headed to the hotel restaurant where his girl friend announced, "If the boss were here, he'd want to pick up the tab." He was a notorious penny-pincher, and that made the dinner even more delicious.

ELLIS: Again, those of us of a "certain age" probably remember that song. "Let's do Chuck!"

URI: Hahtoolah, your comment about the university reminded me. In my ute we thought the height of humor was to scratch the "M" off the Murine bottle.

inanehiker said...

This was another nice smooth solve from Jeff Wex. Since it was the first fill for me in the NE- I started with ALTERED before I switched to ADAPTED.

One of my work partners observes RAMADAN - she can't eat until after sundown - so she much prefers a winter RAMADAN than when it falls in summer and dinner isn't until 8 or 9 pm!

Thanks Susan and JW!

ATLGranny said...

A nice Jeffrey Wechsler puzzle to start off our Tuesday. Thanks! In the top two thirds my only WOs were three places I changed an E to an A, having an unfortunate return of sloppy spelling. Then I put DEfog before DEICE and dais instead of BASE. Those errors plus peTSCAN made a mess of the bottom, but utimately perps came to the rescue and I FIR. Who would have guessed we'd see AMBIT so soon again! Oh, and I didn't see the theme until the reveal, but then found the computer brands easily. Thanks to Hahtoolah for her enjoyable review today. Always interesting to read!

FLN: About late posting (WC and Lucina, etc.), rest assured you are read, if not immediately, then in the morning. Most of us check the blog so we won't miss anything....I know I do. Glad to hear your bowling fun is returning, Boomer. Hope everyone has a great day today!

Anonymous said...

Took me just over 6 minutes today.

Seemed like a lot of proper names for a Tuesday puzzle.

Anonymous said...

What a name fest on a Tuesday! :(
I find words more interesting than names. Except for that I liked the puzzle.
Susan, your blog is a delight.
I enjoyed Clavell's Asian Saga. The books were long but interesting.
Alan loves all the old time TV shows, Bea Arthur in Golden Girls, The Jetsons, The Brady Bunch, The Honeymooners, etc.
ATL Granny, good luck with your surgery.

Yellowrocks said...

I have two google emails. I can go blue under the email I don't want to make public here, and of course it does not connect to my previous profile and avatar. I want to keep my Crossword Corner emails separate from the other ones.
Any suggestions on how to get back to my old sign in?

Vidwan827 said...

Thank you Mr. Wechsler for a nice and easy Tuesday puzzle, and Hahtoolah for an enjoyable review. I was waiting for the cat pictures in your blog, much like afficianados used to count 'NINA' in the cartoons of the caricature artist Al Hirschfeld's drawings...

I am surprised that you've never watched Golden Girls, you're missing a lot ... Binge watch some of which, someday. Bea Arthur had a commanding presence, like the Marine, that she was.

BTW, that over-hirsute, wool stacked, ram sheep, Baa-rack, looks like a typical English High Court Judge.... wig and all.

I learnt something new today, I used to think bucolic meant cranky or mean tempered... and I thought a Bob and Weave was a method of boxing.
I first read it as 'Shotgun' setting ... and Church would not fit....
Queen Elizabeth II turns 95 this year, and her hubby turns a 100 yrs old this year .... I would be surprised if she can do any menial job by herself.
I was charmed to see an indian name in the ENT Dr's cartoon, in fact a couple of my relatives carry that name. I guess we're getting mainstreamed enough to make the cartoon stereotype ... ;-)

have a nice day, all.

Hungry Mother said...

Breezed through today, maybe because I’m a COMPUTERNERD. That helped me get vaccine shots, but nerdiness shouldn’t be a requirement for inoculation.

Spitzboov said...

Good morning everyone.

Had to guess @ NAS but was lucky so - - FIR. No erasures were needed. Missed the theme, though, but solving as a themeless works, too. Four perps gave me CARR.

Nice intro, Hahtoolah.

TTP said...

Boomer, glad you are able to get back into bowling. You sound a little more upbeat. It will be nice when we can all get back to some semblance of normal.

D-O, I guess I am too young to be "of a certain age" to remember either Bobby RYDELL or Shirley ELLIS. I think I've heard a variation on the latter's name game song, or another artist singing it.

Vidwan, many years ago I wrote some of the business requirements for a project I was involved in. The programmer I worked with over the course of a about a year was in India. Not sure where. His last name was Rao. His first name was like 18 letters long, and was something like Huidiguidipudisamantha. He went by Rao. We spoke every week. Me in the very early morning hours and he much later in his day. He ended up coming here on a B-1 Visa and in fact lived in Cleveland, but we never met in person, and lost touch.

Yellowrocks, I'll assume you meant you have two Google accounts. And really, I think what you really have is one Google account with a Blogger account that uses a separate email id.
Try this:
1)go to In the upper right corner, Sign Out.
2)after you've signed out of, go to In the upper right corner, Sign In with your aol xwordinfo id. Check your blogger profile settings to verify.
3)After you've signed into Blogger, open a new tab or window and go to In the upper right corner, sign into google with your other email id that you want to keep separate.
Your blogger account should now be your aol id and your google account should be your GMAIL id.

As for your printer issues, you could try:
Start==>Settings==>Devices==>Printers & Scanners==> right click the printer name and then select remove. If it's a multi-function device, remove all associated devices.
After you've removed it from the computers settings, look online using the printer name and model to see if there is a way to restore to "factory settings"
If there is, do it.
Either way, the next step would be to use "Add a Printer or Scanner". It will find your device, so install it.
You might get your printer back.

Good luck. Gotta run.

Tinbeni said...

Hahtoolah: I always enjoy your informative write-up & links.

This was a FUN Tuesday puzzle.

A "Toast-to-ALL" at Sunset.

I'm stuck here with a 76 degree, sunny day.


Husker Gary said...

-The forest obscured the trees before I finally saw Jeffrey’s wonderful partial word gimmick! Mon DIEU!
-It is said BEA’s dislike for Betty White ended The Golden Girls early
-Poirot and the sometimes clueless Col. Hastings were “Meilleurs AMIS pour toujours”- BFF’s
-BROOCH or broach?
-AMBIT takes an LA Times Cwd curtain call from Peter Koetters’ Feb 26 puzzle
-I’ve railed on here before about whether an EXAM assesses learning or memorization
-A history teacher for whom I often sub got one shot and then developed Covid with mild symptoms. He’s married a lovely woman who is also a nurse so…
-When my Bluetooth devices quit working, I delete the app (Forget this app), reinstall and reconnect
-Fun write-up Susan. The nit-picking cartoon was priceless

Shankers said...

I'm making this short because my last few entries have not registered. Anyway, the easiest JW puzzle ever. I'm shocked.

Lucina said...


What a treat to have a Jeffrey Wex on a Tuesday! His cleverness shines even on easy puzzles like this one.

I'm always happy to see BEA or any of the Golden Girls in a puzzle. It was such an entertaining show to watch and now it's also on Lifetime.

As for Grease, my daughter loves that movie and she watched it so many times I automatically hear Eve Arden in her low, raspy voice as the principal of RYDELL High speaking through the microphone.

I loved "bob and weave" as HAIRDOS.

ORCAS should not be in AQUARIA.

I chuckled to see SVEN and NILS side by side.

One of my nephews was a promising BICYCLE RACER until sidelined by MS.

Thank you, Susan, for your typically humorous Blog! And safe travels.

Have a glorious day, everyone!

Misty said...

Woohoo! A delightful Tuesday puzzle by my favorite constructor! Woohoo! Many thanks, Jeffrey. And I always enjoy your commentaries, Susan, thanks for that too.

Loved the start of this puzzle since BEA Arthur is an all-time favorite of mine. And I also loved the JETSONS. Great way to start a puzzle, with lots of fun clues to come. "Bob and weave" puzzled me, but cracked me up when it turned out to be HAIR DOS. But the one that drove me crazy was "Manage moguls" for SKI. Had to look up 'moguls' and found lots of different definitions before I finally found "bump on a mound." Okay, that works, you probably do encounter some bumps on a hill when you SKI. (Haven't ski-ed in decades). Anyway, lots of fun.

Have a good day, everybody.

AnonymousPVX said...

I want to be clear, I am JW fan. I think he is top notch.

And I got the solve without issue, so I’m not whining.

But there is simply no word as ROTOREVOLUTION. And ROTO is not a prefix for that non-word. Roto Revolution is, as was pictured, a toy name, it has 2 words. The first is Roto. On the toy box, there is clearly a space between the words.

So that’s my “nit”.


After 3 days in the low 80° it is 55° degrees today. The difference is noticeable.

Stay safe.

waseeley said...

Thank you Jeffrey for your tippa the hat to TECHIES, which for the want of an "S" I FIW (won't say which). And to you Susan for your, as always, wry, informative review.

I do want to pick a few NITS however, starting with 54A: the proper noun is GEEK, not NERD. The latter are "overly intellectual, obsessive, introverted, and lacking in social skills". While there is some overlap, NERDS rarely include women, whereas there are many accomplished female GEEKS, among them my Dw who could sling JCL with the best of them.

And how come the AMBIT of computer types makes no mention of MAINFRAME COMPUTERS (a.k.a "Big Iron", a term derived from the handwoven ferrite magnetic CORES used for early random access memory). MAINFRAMES are still in wide use today for much a the high volume BATCH PROCESSING that is the backbone of Banking, Insurance and other large industries.

However mainframes do have proprietary architectures, which makes them tricky to connect to other vendors' equipment. PC's contributed greatly to the standardization of INTERFACES, like USB ports. Before that there was a virtual zoo of interface types, e.g. RS232 (for modems), Parallel (for printers), and SCSI (for disk drives), to name just a few.

And speaking of EXOTICA, a good way to get lost is to listen to two GEEKS talk to one another - it's like drowning in ARGOT soup!

And on the topic of computers and personality types the PC term for 30A is now "Obsessive Compulsive Disorder". ANAL RETENTIVE is a now discredited term, originally coined by FREUD to describe "up tight" types. GEEKS are generally pretty laid back and only get up tight when they're called out of bed at 2 AM to fix a system problem.

And have a safe flight to and from the land up North, Susan. Hope you're taking along a "Belgian Heater Cat" to keep you warm along the way.


desper-otto said...

Thanx for the reminder, Bill. It's been years since I've thought of a "scuzzy" drive or a parallel printer.

Ray - O - Sunshine said...

Typical Tuesday, managed to FIR ...🚲 rider perpwalked to RACER...The computer theme was obvious with ACER, DELL, and APPLE, all three frequent CW visitors.

Rhinoceros docs should be vets...oh wait....never mind. Wanted altered first but perpwaited for ADAPTED. So it's not SeLMA. Had mri/CATSCAN first simply because more frequently the answer. ROTOrevolution...wha?..."The Name Game"..let's do Chuck....let's not!

Bobby Ridarelli...always wondered why Sinatra wasn't forced to change his last name.. To paraphrase Wiki:  he decided early on that if the public at large didn't like the vowel at the end - screw 'em!

AQUARIA. In ancient Rome an Aquarius (singular) was a specialized engineer who designed, controlled and did troubleshooting for the aqueducts and related cisterns to keep the water flowing to the imperial cities. Speaking of ancient Rome, PILATE'S exercises included flogging Judean citizens. URI, upper respiratory infection going around.

The clue for HAIRDOS was good misdirection. NÉE, unnecessary in many countries where woman keep their maiden name after marriage. Women in the US even lost their first name Mrs. John Doe rare today Today we have IDO yesterday the Latin plural IDI.

Of or relared to a hotel chain.....RAMADAN
Negative equine vote.....NÉE
Haven't _____ what the answer is..ACLU
Are you _____ kind of trouble? ....INSUM

On to humpday.🐪

Anonymous T said...

Hi All!

I've been out of sorts for the last few days but feeling stronger every hour... [Chicago 3:45]

Speaking of being a certain age... JW? Who knows Pinochle these days? And BOBBY RYDELL? Thank you COMPUTER NERD inside myself for pickin' up the theme.

Hahtoolah - Your expo was too funny esp. the last Singles AD.

LA area was hit and miss until AMBIT fell.

WOs: N/A
ESPs: names!
Fav: Really? You ask? The theme is right up my alley.

I did read everyone FLN but was to tired to post...
but I thought about this book for Vidwan. I read it shortly after moving to TX. He and I weren't so different navigating the good ol' boy system :-)
I have a good buddy from India (TTP: his name was so long, when I booked our flights I had to cut and paste it from Notepad!) who is Brahmin. He had an arranged marriage and won the lottery with her.

I did not know BEA Arthur was a Marine. FIL would have said, "Once a Marine, Always a Marine." R.I.P. him.

Lucina - I didn't know your nephew had MS. Another buddy's Mom (and DW's teaching friend at OKCCC) had MS so we (buddy & I) raised $$$ for MS research by RIDing a BICYCLE from Houston to Austin.

Speaking of the that Buddy... he called me last night 'cuz he's got a problem with his iOmega IDE (not SCSI) NAS (network attached storage). The drive still spins so getting the data is easy. Waseeley - we can BOREd them to death with TLAs [Three Letter Acronyms]. Did you ever ask a vendor if their device was LRF* equipped? :-)

Ramadan - I have a good buddy from Algeria. We'll talk for hours over stuff that we can't fix in the world.
One time I told him I was agnostic; he, in his droll humor said, "My friend you are going to hell. Jews can come into heaven but non-believers like you?..." He was making a joke and dessert came w/ our coffee. Can't wait to have dinner w/ him again #CovidSucks.

That's enough for now. Enjoyed reading everyone.

Cheers, -T
*Little Rubber Feets

Irish Miss said...

Good Afternoon:

I’m late to the dance as Spectrum was on hiatus for a few hours, probably due to the severe winds of last evening. It still seems odd seeing JW’s byline on early week puzzles, but welcome just the same. I thought there was a bit of a bite, with some of the tricky cluing and needing all perps for Ellis, of whom I’ve never heard. I liked the Sven-Nils duo (Hi, Lucina) and Liar abutting Deny. My only w/o was Nib/Nit and while I did get the theme, it took a minute or so to see all three computer names. I’ll take a CSO at Scam Targets=Victims as my Discover card was appropriated yesterday for the fifth or sixth time in six/seven years. Someone, somewhere received a lovely bouquet from 800-Flowers. My new card is arriving today via FedEx.

Thanks, Jeffrey W, for a fun solve and thanks, Hahtoolah, for great visuals and links. I, too, read The Alienist when it was first published and loved it. URI is the school of choice for two grand nephews and one grand niece; one Freshman, one Sophomore, and one Junior.

Have a great day.

Yellowrocks said...

TA DA!! I'm baaack! Thanks, TTP "The words "nerd" and "geek" are often used interchangeably, as if they mean the same thing. They actually don't:
geek - An enthusiast of a particular topic or field. Geeks are “collection” oriented, gathering facts and mementos related to their subject of interest. They are obsessed with the newest, coolest, trendiest things that their subject has to offer.
nerd - A studious intellectual, although again of a particular topic or field. Nerds are “achievement” oriented, and focus their efforts on acquiring knowledge and skill over trivia and memorabilia."

Favorite clue was bob and weave.

waseeley said...

D-O @12:55PM Thank YOU D-O. I forgot to mention "SCUZZY", ARGOT for Small Computer System Interface presumably cooked up Home brewers.

Ray-O @1:25PM While we're on the topic of PILATES, what does it have that YOGA doesn't. Not to mention that the latter has been practiced for thousands of years by millions and millions of people around the world.

Lucina said...

If it's a serious question you are asking about Pilates and Yoga I can tell you there is a vast difference between them. Pilates, as practiced at the gym where I once went, is much more strenuous than yoga. Yoga emphasizes stretching whereas Pilates makes use of more muscles in a different way. Pilates also uses more equipment such as steps and balls. It has been a few years since I was involved in Pilates so I've forgotten many of the phases.

Of course, yoga can be extremely strenuous as well depending on the degree of practice. I've seen masters in both and at advanced stages they are both quite demanding.

Jayce said...

Nifty puzzle. I enjoyed it.

Malodorous Manatee said...

@ 9:20 Tinbeni said:

"Hahtoolah: I always enjoy your informative write-up & links.

This was a FUN Tuesday puzzle.

A "Toast-to-ALL" at Sunset.

I'm stuck here with a 76 degree, sunny day.


It is now eight hours later and there is nothing that I could add that would say it any better.


waseeley said...

Dash T @1:48PM LRF? ROTFL!

waseeley said...

Lucina @5:00PM I was serious and I thank you for the serious answer. I practiced Yoga when I was younger, but now have a much better idea of what Pilates is about and the differences between the two.

Ray - O - Sunshine said...

Waseely...Like many aspects of life I know nothing about PILATES except it's cool name.🤸‍♂️ I defer to Lucina.

CanadianEh! said...

Terrific Tuesday. Thanks for the fun, Jeffrey and Hahtoolah.
This filled quickly and I saw the theme. I was surprised when I arrived here to discover it was a JW special.

Hahtoolah, are you crossing the border to the Great White North? Or just the American north and avoiding a 14 day quarantine!
That photo example of AQUARIA looks like the one in Toronto, but they probably all have similar displays.

Hand up for Nib before NIT, and Rider before RACER.
My possible Natick was the cross of MELD and MAYIM but I guessed the M correctly.

AnonPVX- I had the same thoughts about ROTO not being a prefix used on Revolution. But contrary to how we usually see the “prefix” clueing, I think ROTO is understood to be a prefix that means “revolution” - like ROTOtiller.

Angela Kelly is Personal Advisor to Her Majesty and probably suggests the Brooch to be worn, and possibly pins and UNPINs it. Ms. Kelly also personally breaks in the Queen’s shoes! But Elizabeth II is much more casual when at Windsor (where at age 94 she still rides her favourite horse), or Sandringham - she even drives her Land Rover around the estate! (Prince Phillip at age 99, is currently hospitalized in a London hospital with an infection(non-Covid related).

Wishing you all a good evening.

Hahtoolah said...

CanadianEh: I am making only as far as New England to see my almost 91-year-old Dad. It has been since December 2019 since we last saw each other in person. Since we have both now had the Covid vaccines, I finally feel comfortable to travel.

Lemonade714 said...

What an interesting group you all are. I had a nice email discussion with JW about ROTO as a prefix and in the end, he almost agreed the ROTA is the actual prefix and ROTO is an advertising gimmick word. My favorite of which my brother and I thought we had coined the phrase but there is a history to the word NURDLE which apparently appealed to others. Anyway, he confirmed that BOB and WEAVE was his choice. I was pleased to see others agree that it was great.

Wilbur Charles said...

bo-na-na fanna fo-fer-ley…

Mel OTT, The "Nice guy" who finished last

At first I thought mAYIM was Penny as in (and only because it's so late)-J-eords I'll let you guess plus riddle-solution

When her High School decided to enact "Man of la Mancha"
Penny caught the acting bug and learned every stanza
Penny was so involved she even gave up smoking marijuana
"I really like it" she thought as she listened to Sancho Panza

Off to California she went, she'd become a Hollywood star
Oh the dreams she had, "What a glorious future portends"
She got a job at Cheesecake Factory
and sometimes tended bar
"It's only temporary" she assured her beau, "Just a means to an end".
I was just forgiving Misty for not knowing a "Mogul" until I remembered her Buffalo days. And Poconos?

-T, I lasted >30 on Rush's Ayn/ASIMOV song but thoroughly enjoyed Chicago

BEA was a WM. Yes, there's a not so nice moniker. Pinochle was popular in the South. Being a Bridge snob I refused to learn.

Yes, there was prejudice vs Indians in the TECH World. Not like the prejudice they had for each other. Caste?. Geographic? Y2K implementation with a team. My heart condition couldn't take the bickering*.

I caught the theme but only realized it was JW when I caught Hahtoolah's excellent Write-up. I did notice his hand VIS A VIS the clueing.


*And thus my post-retirement limo/shuttle snowbird job