Mar 9, 2021

Tuesday March 9, 2021 Mark McClain

Everything Old is New Again!  The first word of each theme answer is the opposite of old.

17-Across. Wind of 19-24 mph, on the Beaufort scale: FRESH BREEZE.

59-Across. "The Hunger Games" trilogy, e.g.: NOVEL SERIES.

10-Down. Genre for a John Lewis quartet: MODERN JAZZ.

29-Down. Patriots' home: NEW ENGLAND.  As you are reading this, I am in New England.

And the clue that points us towards the theme:

65-Across. Unlike the starts of this puzzle's four longest answers: OLD.

1. Water filter brand: BRITA.

6. Voice below baritone: BASS.

10. Major Web portal: MSN.  As in MicroSoft Network.

13. Grows faint: FADES.

14. Informal okay: UH HUH.

16. "Now I get it!": OHO.

19. Reservoir structure: DAM.

20. Swimmer that may be furry: SEAL.

21. Inlet, vis-à-viss the sea: ARM.  You can see many inlets on Mount Desert Island in Maine.

22. Classic Lanvin scent: ARPÈGE.  Also the name of a fancy restaurant in Paris.  The perfume, however, was created in 1927 and is still available for purchase today.

24. In addition: ALSO.

26. Big name in bouillon cubes: KNORR.  If spelled with an umlaut, however, it becomes a Viking merchant ship.
27. Japanese living art form: BONSAI.  Bonsai literally means "planted in a container".  Bonsai are not genetically dwarfed plants.  Any tree can be used to grow one.

30. Iberian dance for two: FANDANGO.  It takes two to Fandango, but this clip has several dancers.

33. Summer on the Seine: ÉTÉ.  Today's French lesson.

34. Danes of "Homeland": CLAIRE.  Claire Catherine Danes (b. Apr. 12. 1979) played CIA operative Carrie Matthison in the first few seasons of Homeland.  It was an interesting show with a unique twist in the final episode.

36. Kept the party hopping, briefly: DJ'ED.  As in being a Disc Jockey.

37. Scenic road, maybe: BYWAY.  Byways in Louisiana, some of which are scenic.

39. Albuquerque sch.: UNM.  As in the University of New Mexico.

40. Dahl who wrote "Fantastic Mr Fox": ROALD.  An interesting article about the dark side of Roald Dahl (Sept. 13, 1916 ~ Nov. 23, 1990).

41. Ready for business: OPEN.

42. Present from birth: INNATE.

44. Zen opening?: ZEE.  As in the Letter "Z"

45. Pointy flags: PENNANTS.

47. Sports coat: BLAZER.  Also a Chevy vehicle.

49. Full of chutzpah: GUTSY.

50. States: SAYS.

51. What a voter fills out: BALLOT.  Many are now electronic.

53. Golf scorecard word: PAR.

54. Soybean product: TOFU.

58. Gershwin brother: IRA.  Ira Gershwin (né Israel Gershowitz; Dec. 6, 1896 ~ Aug. 17, 1983) was a lyricist and the older brother of composer George Gershwin (né Jacob Bruskin Gershowitz; Sept. 26, 1898 ~ July 11, 1937).

George and Ira Gershwin.  Ira is on the right.

62. Light brown: TAN.

63. Upright: ERECT.

64. "Divine Comedy" poet: DANTE.  Dante Alighieri (1265 ~ Sept. 14, 1321) was an Italian poet best known for Divine Comedy, which was written around 1320.  Can you name anything else Dante wrote?

66. Site for handmade gifts: ETSY.

67. Little ones: TYKES.

1. Inseparable pals, briefly: BFFS.  Textspeak for Best Friends Forever.

2. Seldom spotted: RARE.    Below is a RARE Spotless cheetah.

3. Half-baked thought, perhaps: IDEA.

4. Popular electric cars: TESLAs.

5. Shade of gray: ASH.

6. Grand Canyon pack animal: BURRO.  Does anyone remember this children's book by Marguerita Henry?

7. "May I say something?": AHEM.

8. The Beatles' "__ Loves You": SHE.

9. Somers who played Chrissy on "Three's Company": SUZANNE.  This show ran from March 1977 to September 1984.

11. Layered hairstyle: SHAG.  Joyce Dewitt, who also starred in Three's Company, sported a SHAG hairstyle.

12. Bering Sea port: NOME.

15. King in "Jesus Christ Superstar": HEROD.

18. Thai cuisine herb: BASIL.  Hi, Lemonade and Oo.

23. Madrid museum: PRADO.  You can see many masterpieces at the Prado.

25. Like some bridal dresses: LACY.

26. Destiny: KARMA.

27. Early form of 10-Down: BE-BOP.

28. Common blood group: O-TYPE.  Everything you need to known about the ABO blood-typing system.

30. Helsinki natives: FINNS.  A brief history of Finland.

31. Hair salon application: GELÉE.

32. More unusual: ODDER.  Not to be confused with Udder.

35. Mommy's sis: AUNTY.

38. Invalidate: ANNUL.

40. Depend (on): RELY.

42. About to happen: IN STORE.

43. Vintage ski lifts: T-BARS.

46. Make amends: ATONE.  This is becoming a crossword staple.

48. Off the right path: ASTRAY.  You may have to ATONE if you go too far ASTRAY.

50. Like sea water: SALTY.

51. __-Honey: candy bar: BIT-O.  Very chewy.  You may lose a filling from this sticky candy.

52. Depleted Eurasian sea: ARAL.   A history of the past half-century of the Aral Sea.

Aral Sea from 1960 to 2010.

53. Push-up targets: PECS.

55. Sow sound: OINK.

56. Big celebration: FÊTE.

57. Puts in the lineup: USES.

60. Racetrack doc: VET.  As in the Veterinarian.

61. D.C. summer hrs.: EDT.  Washington, D.C., is in the Eastern Time Zone, thus during the summer, it is in Eastern Daylight Time.

Here's the Grid:



Hahtoolah said...

Good Morning, Crossword friends. Beautiful day here now that I am vaccinated, I finally get to see my Dad (who has also been vaccinated) after over a year.

QOD: Jazz is the only music in which the same note can be played night after night but differently each time. ~ Ornette Coleman (né Randolph Denard Ornette Coleman; Mar. 9, 1930 ~ June 11, 2015), African-American alto saxophonist and composer

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

Missed the reveal; missed the theme, but finished the puzzle Wite-Out-free. Yay. Zipped right through this one with nary a hiccup. That seal cartoon was priceless. Hand up for having a Gilbert Erector Set in my ute. Thanx, Mark and Hahtoolah. (Hope you're enjoying your vacay in the frozen north. Nice that you got to see your dad.)

ASH: Yesterday I filled out the Texas driver's license renewal application. I was torn on hair color, but finally admitted that it's Gray.

SUZANNE: She was the blonde in the T-Bird in American Graffitti (1973).

ATLGranny said...

Glad to see you DO. Began to wonder where everyone is this morning! Thanks Mark for a good Tuesday puzzle with a few aHa (one of my WOs) moments. Some interesting words , making me want to dance the FANDANGO. The theme was clear enough with the reveal. And Hahtoolah, another excellent review today with plenty of extras. One "correction" is needed. The Time Zone map shows a very small Eastern area. Actually Georgia, most of Florida, and more northern areas are also in the Eastern Zone. Small complaint, but close to home. Hope you have a warm reunion with your father, Hahtoolah!

With the news that we vaccinated people have more social options possible now, things are looking up. Hope everyone one has a good day!

Anonymous said...

The time zone map doesn't look correct to me.

Hungry Mother said...

Lots to love with this crunchy offering. On the last long leg of a cruise from Fort Lauderdale to Seattle, we had a head wind that was a full gale on the Beaufort Scale. It lasted all the way from San Diego to the Puget Sound and one night the ship had to slow down to avoid structural damage. We visited the PRADO while we were in Spain for 4 months immersed in Spanish. We had a school that was housed literally on the beach in El Palo.

Anonymous said...

"Classic Lanvin scent"
Come on.

Yellowrocks said...

Susan, as usual, a delightful blog. I loved the seal cartoon. The reveal was needed to find the theme. I didn't think of opposites. CLAIRE was the only fill new to me.
DJ as a verb seems unusual, but easy to suss.
I think of basil as an Italian herb.
Three's Company is another old time show that Alan loves.
Hahtoolah, how nice you could see your dad.
It is so wonderful to have normal social interactions since being vaccinated. In less than two weeks I have had David and Motoko over, saw Alan and went out to lunch with two old time friends. Today David is coming back to help me.
ANON @7:44, I am guessing you are a guy.

Wilbur Charles said...

Ok ROALD with an O and same for PRADO - Let me guess, Prada I could grab those sunglasses for a mere 400 bucks. Or… grab a pair at $ollar Store

Re , "Dark", Disney is Dark; Dahl sounds like fun.

The Hero Jesus meets is Antipas "That fox". Talk about politics.
Hahtoolah, I'm laughing aloud at your hilarious links. You have a gift, Susan.
Re. Time Zone. I saw the meridian as GST. Not Greenwich Mean Time?

Mark gave us a little test. I timed it just for kicks and was just under 15 mins with my pen. Then I did Roland's Wed - much testier test.


token creek said...

Easy Tuesday puzzle. Many proper names easily perped. Still mostly lurking but always enjoy.

Oas said...

Hi all, fine puzzle this morning, thanks Mark and baby sister for the tour. Defining moment came at 16 A . Aha or OHO? NOME took care of it and everything fell into place after that. Spring has sprung a few weeks early putting a spring in some peoples’ steps. Never heard of ARPEGE ,DW buys her own perfume. I learned my lesson many years ago when the perfume gift I got for her seemed to last forever. When I noticed she gently suggested that for some personal items I thought to get for her I should consult her first. Works for me :)

Spitzboov said...

Good morning everyone.

Got CLAIRE and UH HUH from perps. Everything else filled in nicely so FIR. Got the theme. Cute. Liked FANDANGO.
ÉTÉ - Past participle of être.
EDT - I'm assuming Hahtoolah's map is intended to be whimsical and inaccurate.
FINNS - About 6% of Helsinki natives are ethnic Swedes. Street signs are in Finnish and Swedish. Beautiful city just inside an extended archipelago.
ARM - Hahtoolah's map shows Mt. Desert Island. We used its high Cadillac mountain for radar fixes from 90 miles out to proceed up the Bay of Fundy for Saint John, New Brunswick for R & R. BH and I have visited Acadia.

Tinbeni said...

Hahtoolah: Great write-up & links.

Glad to hear you get to see your Father.

This was a FUN Tuesday puzzle. Like D-O I didn't get the theme while solving.


Husker Gary said...

-Everything old is new again – Grandson just bought the Beatles’ Abbey Road album to play on the turntable he bought last year
-Chuck Berry sang, “I have no kick against MODERN JAZZ, Unless they try to play it too darn fast”
-AHA, now I get it, the fill is OHO!
-On 2/23/21 Adrian Johnson and Jeff Chen had 45. Body with arms, usually: SEA
-Rich kids had ERECTOR sets, my brother and I had Lincoln Logs
-Our oldest daughter has chosen to let her hair go to an ASH color
-KARMA – My good friend got passed over to coach GBB here in our school after being here for many years. She quit, went to a school 20 miles away (along with her extremely talented athletic daughter) and won a state championship there while our old school got beat.
-BEBOP : BEEBOP :: Tepee : Teepee
-GELLÉE – I very seldom solve an LA Times puzzle that has no new words
-Fun write-up as always, Susan!

Ray - O - Sunshine said...

Recharging by the pool, soaking in vitamin D, contributed to a flawless FIR. But to be honest, quite a fun quick romp and simple theme. Not crazy about doing the puzzle on my phone this week but at least if necessary wrong entries are simply deleted rather than inked over..... Mark McClain you bear an uncanny resemblance to singer Tom Jones! 😁

"Shade (= ghost) of Gray," the "ghost" of botanist Asa? (Born right outside of Utica in Sauquoit, NY.) Don't know any other works by Dante but he mentions my wife in his "Divine Comedy" "Marcia of Utica" ✒

Why do the Japanese yell "Stunted Tree!!" when excited? FRESH BREEZE is a meteorology thing? (Abbrev. Febreeze)

When in OLD ENGLAND unwise to ask your hairdresser for a SHAG.

Doesn't it seem we cornerites are asked to ATONE a lot?

Loved the "broken seal" comic, Hah T.

Fish with a deep singing voice...BASS. ...
Unusual playful river mammal....ODDER
Feral feline...ASTRAY
Alaskan garden goblin...NOME
Popular sandwich, PB and ____ GELÉE

Loved the "broken seal" comic.😅

Hey! Kids, Quit splashing 💦 all over my puzzle! 😠

Wilbur Charles said...

Gary , around Boston it was the Catholic High Schools that poached the best athletes, usually hockey. But we lost a future MLB'er also. We kept the other one.


We have a local radio station that plays everything, esp 50s-70s. And a DJ. AS I pulled into Winn Dixie I heard the words: "Now for something serious" and then I heard Wait for it...

The Dead. Howdya like that -T. Not only did I listen to the whole thing but I looked up the lyrics.

I missed that whole era.


Wilbur Charles said...

Jerry would be right at home over at the J

Spitzboov said...

NOME is kinda hangin' out there at the end of supply routes. Here is an article of them receiving fuel from a Russian tanker out of Vladivostok through heavy Winter ice.

unclefred said...

FIR, but longer than usual for Tuesday, at 18. Lots of write-overs: AHA:OHO, ADDS:USES, SOYA:TOFU. Also started to confidently write SWEDES for 30d, saw it didn’t fit, then (brainstorm!) realized Helsinki isn’t in Sweden (DOH!!) but Finland. Somehow often mix up PRADO and PRADA, but got it right today. Many have already commented on the time-zone map, living in FL I can assure you we are on EST. “Inferno” by Dante? Many thanx for this fun CW, Mark!! Very nice write-up Hahtoolah, thanx. Spitzboov u emailed me at but directed your comment to Pat: “Pat, any side effects to your second shot?” Not sure why u sent that to me?

waseeley said...

Thanks Mark for an eminently doable puzzle and to Susan for, as always, an hilarious review. Hope you're enjoying your visit with your Dad. Dw and I are still waiting for our poke(s).

17A On a scale of 1-12, I'd rate that answer a 5.

27A And speaking of catastrophic, I hear Buckaroo BANZAI
is off the RICHTER scale. Anybody seen it? It's still on my bucket list.

63A ERECTOR sets (and LINCOLN LOGS) were our generation's LEGOS.

64A There's always LA VITA NUOVA, a poem about medieval courtly love. Okay so I LIU.

65A And LIKE a lot of Cornerites! YMMV.

10D John Lewis quartet. Had heard of them, but never heard them. Here's their Softly as in a Morning Sunrise.

12D Specifically HEROD ANTIPAS (circa 20 BC – died after 39 AD), the son of HEROD THE GREAT (36–1 BCE), both of them murderers. I considered posting a clip from the musical, but didn't want to run afoul of the censors. However skating on the edge is a prerogative of the bloggers. Thanks for that Susan!

D-O @6:52 AM So she's BLONDE, but does she have any other TALENTS?


Spitzboov said...

Unclefred @ 1009 - Dunno why you got that. I posted it to Pat on this blog and she replied later. I didn't e-mail anyone on the blog yesterday. Maybe one of the system guys has a bead on it.

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

I saw the theme about halfway through the solve and smiled when Old showed up, especially with its placement opposite Tykes! I think my only w/o was Aha vs Oho, as everything else was pretty straightforward. Roald Dahl shows up often but before reading Hahtoolah’s link, the only knowledge I had of him was that he had been married to Patricia Neal and that he wrote children’s books.

Thanks, Mark, for a Tuesday treat and thanks, Hahtoolah, for a veritable feast of cartoons, links, and informative commentary. I enjoyed every visual but these were my favorites: The vegans posing, saying Soy; Henry VIII’s Search history; the closing Canine’s Dark and Stormy Night. I was surprised to see that George Gershwin died at age 38. What a tragic loss of talent.

Token Creek @ 8:42 ~ Joining in is more fun than lurking. Welcome! 🤗

Oas @ 9:07 ~ Don’t be such a stranger! 😉

I’m not looking forward to the next few days as two extended family members passed away, so I’ll be going to two wakes and two funerals. Both had health issues, but the deaths were unexpected. (Neither was COVID related.)

Have a great day.

desper-otto said...

Waseeley, judging from her performance in Three's Company, I'd say no. OTOH, perhaps it takes talent to appear so clueless.

Chairman Moe said...

Puzzling thoughts:

FIR with a few w-o’s

Also liked the seal cartoon, Susan, as well as the T-Bar. But I think your time zone map is a bit dated. Unless I was viewing it ODDER than others ... Ohio is still in the Eastern Time Zone ... and of course, AZ has just one time zone and won’t move our clocks this coming Sunday

Mark —> clever puzzle. I missed the theme but the unifier was well-hidden.

TYPE A = personality and A Type = blood, I suppose?

Ray - O - Sunshine said...

La Divina Commedia is composed of "L' Inferno" (hell), "il Purgatorio", and "Il Paradiso:. Some mention made of Limbo. Although the first major work in modern Italian there are phrases and words that are not completely understood.

Limbo: Dante apparently coined the phrase "quanto in basso si può andare?".."How low can you go?"..😂

Lucina said...


I really like Mark McClain's puzzles and have solved many of his in my puzzle book. He is a prolific constructor. There is so much to like in this puzzle: BONSAI, KNORR, PENNANTS, DANTE and the two actresses, CLAIRE and SUZANNE. I shudder when I see any reference to The Hunger Games. I did not like the premise.

The main thing I remember about FINNS is that they are very tall and they like to snack on snap peas. We spent only one day in Helsinki so my memory of it is dim. From there we boarded a ship to our next venue.

CSO to you, Susan, at SUZANNE, even though it's spelled differently. How nice that you are visiting your dad and thank you for the brilliant review.

BASIL and KNORR products have a prominent place in my spice shelf. In fact, my BASIL plant is still thriving outdoors along with the rosemary.

James and the Giant Peach by ROALD Dahl is a favorite of my granddaughters and I have watched the video many times.

Although we have only one time zone in Arizona, the Navajo people observe a different one on their reservation in the northeast part of the state.

I don't know if it was the FANDANGO but in Barcelona after Mass people gathered in front of the cathedral and started dancing. Musicians took up their instruments and accompanied them. It was an impressive sight. I love visiting Spain and seeing those traditions in different parts.

Wishing you all a beautiful day!

Misty said...

Delightful Tuesday puzzle, Mark, with a neat and clever theme. I too loved seeing that OLD come up at the end and making sense of all the theme words. And delightful cartoons, Hahtoolah--I always enjoy those.

Didn't know BRITA and KNORR, but no problem, across words filled them in. And I had trouble remembering how to spell ROALD's name, and put in SUZETTE before SUZANNE. But nice to see DANTE, great poet.

Sorry to hear about your family losses, Irish Miss, very sad.

Still have not yet been able to get my Covid vaccine even though I'm in the initial age group. It's a good thing I never leave the house, but as things open up more and more, it would be nice to get some of that freedom back.

Have a great day, everybody.

unclefred said...

Hmmm. Strange. I offered to send anyone a few pictures of how to cover an outside fridge in contact paper to avoid rust and when I saw an email from u I thought maybe that was what it was. Nobody wanted any pictures of the fridge. I thought I’d hear from people. This is my third outside fridge and the only one to last so long (7 years now) w/o turning into a rusty eyesore, so I thought people would be interested. Anyway, no worries on your stray email.

Anonymous T said...

Hi All!

Arggg!!! Two bad squares to mess up four words... I thought there was two Rs in Knoor and I knew the perfume was from '27 (we had that a few weeks ago) but didn't recall it's name :-(

Thanks Mark for a fun wake-up call over a cuppa Joe. I think I needed more Joe 'cuz I had so many WOs this morning.

Hahtoolah - LOL Girl! Your pix pics were perfect!

WOs: aHa, SHE LOVE in 9d (D'Oh!), windy road b/f BYWAY.
ESPs: FIW squares. //PRADO! dang it, I've heard of that.
Fav: Cannot read SHAG w/o thinking of Austin Powers.
//oh, and that two-tone carpet from the 70's that you had to rake.

HG - I had both Lincoln Logs and an Erector set ++ Tinker Toys. I guess I was rich for a lower middle-class kid :-)

WC - I loves me some Dead; Touch of Grey was from their second go-round...
One of my favorite lyrics is from Don Henley's Boys of Summer:
"Out on the road today/
Saw a Deadhead sticker on a Cadillac/
A little voice inside my head said/
Don't look back/
You can never look back".
[@3:06 - I LIU and the some quote the lyrics as 'Black Flag Sticker', but that's not what's in the song]

There's work again...

Read everyone else & play later,
Have a great day!
C, -T

Anonymous T said...

UncleFred - can you create Google photo space and share the images of your fridge there?

I did for silly stuff like this (Jayce, we were discussing chess, right? :-))

Fred - here's my curiosity piquing... the Fridge still has to breath so you're still going to get rust from your SALTY air. Where's the contact-paper on that?
Or does the rust surface around the door indicating that the SEAL isn't sealing?
Inquiring mind(s?)....

Cheers, -T

Ol' Man Keith said...

A fine PZL from Mr. McClain--brilliantly (and selectively) illustrated by our Hahtoolah! (And Congrats on her vaccination!)

My fave pic today was the terrified expression in the "Dark & Stormy Night" scene. What a horrible prospect!

Lucina ~ I had a Finnish roommate for a year in England. Matti was tall--a characteristic you noted--but I don't recall any snap peas.
What I mainly remember is that he loved to go into the garden with a bucket of cold water, drench himself with it, then whack himself all over with freshly cut switches.
He wouldn't quit until he had left plenty of red marks and welts across his back and chest.
Oh, and he had a good sense of humor.
Two diagonals, one per side.
On the near end, we have a JACKPOT anagram, using all 15 letters!
It refers to a despicable social condition, when brutish, animalistic behavior has become the norm,
so common that casual sadism is greeted with a dismissive yawn.
This terrible state is known as...

AnonymousPVX said...

This was a pleasant solve. No issues.

FLN...The oil change...yes, if it’s a year + then go right ahead and replace. Didn’t intend to mislead.

Suzanne Somers...her lack of actual talent is only rivaled by her inane scientific beliefs, IMHO. I really cannot believe anyone would listen to her advice, much less take it. But hey, whatever floats your boat. I remember when she was pushing the Thighmaster poc as an exercise device, there was a really funny joke about it and her that I cannot repeat here.

Stay safe.

D4E4H said...

Good afternoon Cornerites.

Thank you Mark McClain for your enjoyable Tuesday CW.  Carol and I FIR in 31 min.

Thank you Hahtoolah for your excellent review.

I just had a piece of cake to celebrate Barbie's 62nd birthday. HBDY Barbara Millicent Roberts.

:) :) :) :) Ðavið
and Ðàvòið 

Yellowrocks said...

My first generation Finnish friend, Taimi, is tiny, very short and slender. She is especially sweet and helpful. She introduced us to dried reindeer meat. Very good.

My condolences, Irish Miss. Losing two in one week is especially sad.

David was a lot of help with my electronics today. He took my paperwork home to work on my taxes. It was wonderful to spend the afternoon with him.

CrossEyedDave said...

This day is just going to hell in a handbasket...
(Dante be damned)

I am not posting a cake for a Barbie Doll!

I was not going to post at all because
The links I was finding just did not suit the theme:
exhibit A

exhibit B

Exhibit C

And now that I am all worked up,
And posted when I wasn't going to,
I have forgotten what got me all worked up enough to post!

(Oh, to be young again...)

CrossEyedDave said...

Oh, for Pete's sake!
It was Uncle Fred's fridge!

I am very dubious about this contact paper as a rust preventative,
I have never heard of such a thing. Perhaps you can explain a bit more?

Down here in Florida, we use well water to irrigate the lawn.
It is very high in sulfer, and smells like rotten eggs.
Worse yet, wherever it hits house paint it turns it rust coloured.
And if it hits metal, rust is accelerated ten fold.
My propane gas tank was the first casualty.
The pool heater went next.
Now the new pressure tanks for the well water are rusting.

I have been using rust oleum paint, which 9nly delays total disintegration

Jayce said...

I very much enjoyed this puzzle today, and reading all your comments.

Anonymous T, yep!

Happy New Englanding, Hahtoolah.

Funny how we call some artists by only their first name, such as Dante, Michelangelo, and Rembrandt, and others by only their last name. And if Van Gogh is Vincent's and Theo's last name why isn't Ludwig's last name Van Beethoven? As Steve used to say, we need to be told.

I totally loved my Erector Set when I was a kid, and spent many hours playing with it.

Hungry Mother, I'm glad you had the lovely experience of driving up the west coast from San Diego to the Puget Sound. Sorry the weather was so bad.

Husker Gary, what brand/model of turntable did your grandson buy? (I ask because I'm sorta shopping for one.)

Good wishes to you all.

Husker Gary said...

-He said it is a Fluance RT85
-He says it sounds great and looks cool!

Hahtoolah said...

D-O: the pandemic has “magically” turned my hair gray. The TSA agent noted the change when I checked in at the airport.

Jayce said...

Thanks, Gary.

Wilbur Charles said...

CED, you came thru with the laughs big time. Btw...

I couldn't help myself. I solved Wed thru Friday. Wednesday was a little sticky but Thurs and Fri were a delight.
Fun and doable. Nor that Wednesday was "difficult" just wasn't a walk in the park.

Then again in four hours you'll see for yourself.

Roland, Craig and Jeff in that order.


That's Huget,Stowe and Stillman

The Curmudgeon said...