Mar 27, 2020

Friday, March 27, 2020 Brian Herrick

"Wind Engineering"   "Blowin' In The Wind"    "Wind Shear"

I couldn't pick a title.  Should have stuck with "Windfall"

To get the answers to 1, 5, 36, and 51 across,  you need part of the down answer.  To get the theme, you need part of that same down answer.

1. June event that highlighted Zion in 2019: NBAD
4. (down) It's on tap: DRAFT BEER.

NBA DRAFT  - The consensus # 1 pick in the June 2019 NBA Draft was Zion Williamson.  He was selected by the New Orleans Pelicans.

5. Revolt: DISG.
8. (down) "The Planets" composer Holst: GUSTAV. -  Gustav Holst


36. Result of a lost feed: DEAD A.
38. (down) Shoe brand first made for an NBA star: AIR JORDAN.  - NBA star Michael Jordan.


51. Deep-fried seafood appetizer: CRAB P.
53. (down) Northern seabird: PUFFIN.

CRAB PUFF  -   Martha Stewart's recipe for 2 dozen.  Any readers have their own recipes ?

The reveal:  24. Jackpot, e.g., and a hint to completing four puzzle answers: WINDFALL.

My immediate reaction to the reveal was "What ?"   Windfall means unexpected good fortune.  I got how the down answers fall.  But what about the wind part ?   Then the V8 can that was absent last Friday showed up.  Each of the highlighted answers in red (above) or in yellow (below)... and they all fall.   All winds, of a sort.  Air seems to be the outlier.


9. Questlove's do: FRO.  If you watch The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, then you would probably know of the musician that leads the house band.

12. "__ is human ... ": TO ERR
but to really mess things up you need a computer.  Did I link that .gif  before ?  

14. Asian gambling mecca: MACAU.   We also see it spelled as Macao. 

15. Pasture: LEA.

16. Greek goddesses of the seasons: HORAE.   It's all ? to me.  What is that word I'm missing ?

17. Anglicized name for Australia's Uluru: AYERS ROCK.   Uluru is new to me, but the perps were very generous.    Uluru is the traditional Aboriginal name.   The local Anangu, the Pitjantjatjara people, call the landmark Uluṟu (Pitjantjatjara [ʊlʊɻʊ]).     - Wikipedia

19. Game response that means no: GO FISH.   The card game for children aged 4 to 10.

21. Like mockumentaries: SATIRIC.   The Beatles 1964 feature film debut, A Hard Day's Night, was filmed in mockumentary style: it ostensibly documents a few typical (and highly fictionalized) days in the life of the band as they travel from Liverpool to London for a television appearance.

In television, popular examples in the US include sitcoms Trailer Park Boys and its films (1998–present), Parks and Recreation (2009–2015), The Office (2005-2013), and Modern Family (2009–present); the American improv comedy Reno 911! (2003–2009)   - Wikipedia

22. Sailboat staff: MAST.

23. Sell: HAWK.

25. Disquiet: AGITA.  I would normally first think of agita as indigestion, but it also means anxiety, apprehension, worry, nervousness, etc.  So it can be both a physical and emotional condition.  Disquiet is a synonym.

26. Messy roommate: SLOB.   Oscar Madison ?

27. Oscar winner Kazan: ELIA.

28. Valentine's Day buys: VASES.

29. Parts: ROLES.    For thespians (Hi, OMK !), the character(s) they play.   In business, slang for areas of responsibility (i.e. the different hats one wears).   In reality, no one has more roles to play than women. 

31. Seeing right through: ON TO.

33. "Shame!": TSK.

34. Wannabe: POSEUR.

39. Free from: RID OF.

41. Get ready to play: SUIT UP.   Typically as a sports metaphor. 

45. Tests graded on a scale of 1 to 5: Abbr.: APs

48. "Oh __!": insult reaction: SNAP.   Not in my vernacular. 

50. Maine college town: ORONO.   I believe that Hahtoolah mentioned that she went to the University of Maine in Orono.   She graces this blog every Tuesday.

54. Thin opening: SLOT.  I tried slit. 

56. Winnipeg NHLers: JETs.  The Winnipeg Jets are a professional ice hockey team based in Winnipeg.  They compete in the National Hockey League (NHL) as a member of the Central Division of the Western Conference

57. End of a toast: TO YOU.

58. This is one: CLUE.   Self referential.  Should have been easy for regular solvers. 

59. Texter's "But ... ": OTOH.    Randy Travis was awarded the 1986 Country Music Song of the Year for this song.    Ah, play that steel guitar...

60. To such an extent (as): IN SO FAR

62. Thin: NARROW.

64. Connecticut college town: FAIRFIELD.   Fairfield College.  New to me. 

66. "My name is ... " site: ID TAG.   Earl was too short.  Then saw site.  In the sitcom, Earl was always trying to atone for his behavior in years past.  

68. LAX abbr.: ETD. Estimated Time of Delay.  

69. Brainstorms: IDEAs.

70. Disney's "Moana" was translated into it: MAORI.   The language of the indigenous people of New Zealand. 

71. __ gratias: DEO.   Thanks be to God.

72. Second opening?: NANO

73. Flanders et al.: NEDs.   "Hi-Diddily-Ho neighborino! What can I ding-dong-diddily-do for you?" 


1. Utmost degree: NTH.

2. "Electric __": 1984 dance-pop song: BOOGALOO.   Did not know.  But learned that the Boogaloo was a street dance that originated in Oakland, CA in the 1960s.  Then in the late '70s, a dance team developed the "Electric Boogaloo" dance style and called themselves by the same name.   Then in 1984, the music duo of Ollie and Jerry released the song.  Here's a 1980 clip from Soul Train showing the dance team doing Electric Boogaloo style of dancing.   I could not find a video that featured them dancing to the 1984 song. 

3. Sprays from cans: AEROSOLS.

5. __ trip: DAY.

6. Salchow support: ICE SKATE.

7. "Waitress" composer Bareilles: SARA.   I may not understand the clues, but the perps and logic usually work out these answers.

9. User of 28-Across: FLORIST.

10. Speaks from memory: RECITEs

11. Winery fixture: OAK CASK.

13. Outdoorsy retailer: REI.   Recreational Equipment, Inc.

14. Island thanks: MAHALO.   "Mahalo for your patience and aloha as we harness our resilience to get through this health crisis together."   In this context, aloha means greetings, rather than the typical hello or goodbye.

18. Baltic capital: RIGA.   A crossword regular.

20. "__ Walks in Beauty": Byron poem: SHE.   Didn't know of the poem.  Knew that Lord Byron was Ada Lovelace's father. 

22. Car ad fig.: MSRP.   The list price.

30. __ generis: SUI.   Along the lines of unique.   In a class by itself.

32. Western treaty gp.: OAS.   Organization of American States.    And a CSO to our regular reader who has been experimenting in the kitchen.

35. Hwys.: RDs.

37. Daft Punk, for one: DUO.    Didn't know, but vaguely recalled a pop or a rap group.  They were French electronic synthopop musicians in the 1990s.   

40. Happening in film: ONSCREEN.

42. In close combat: TOE TO TOE.

43. Hard to work with: UNTOWARD.  Some are advances.

44. Sumptuous: POSH.  One Spice is Posh,  AKA, Victoria Beckham. 

45. Allergy medicine discontinued in the U.S.: ACTIFED.    The druggies were making something out of it to get high. 

46. Rotate inward while walking, as one's foot: PRONATE.   Contrast with supinate.

47. Gets married: SAYS I DO.  Too many blanks for weds.

49. Money symbolized by a stylized L: POUNDS.    £

52. Crude dude: BOOR.   First thought was a roughneck.   An oilfield worker.

55. Afternoon __: TEA.

61. John/Rice musical: AIDA.   Crosswords taught me that Aida usually has a Verdi clue.  But in this case, it's Elton John and Tim Rice.  Who knew ?

63. Edge: RIM.   I use Edge shaving cream.  The rim of the can often starts to rust before the cream is all gone.  Maybe I should go back to that "no-eczema" brand that Joe Namath used to tout. 

65. Southeast Asian language: LAO

67. PFCs, e.g.: GIs.


Lemonade714 said...

Happy Friday all. Glad to see we are all still hanging in amid the crush of crisis.

This style of puzzle, where the fill intersects has always created much comment when I have blogged one in my Friday duties. It will be interesting to see if the Corner is used to the concept by now.

I am unfamiliar with WAITRESS or the COMPOSER. SUI GENERIS is a very popular term in drafting complaints. The WINNEPEG JETS have an interesting HITORY IN THE NHL

Thanks, Brian and Tom.

Lemonade714 said...

Their HISTORY is also interesting. Damn, I leave out many letters these days.

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

Had the circles, made all those right turns, and got the theme. Will wonders never cease. Tried SLANTED before SATIRIC elbowed in. Tried MACAO. But it was that southwest corner that was truly tough. With ..FED in place, I figured the drug would be SUDAFED, and kept it far too long. But d-o got 'er done, and in good time to boot. Thanx Brian and TTP.

ORONO: My brother's PHD was in civil engineering, but he spent almost his entire career in administration in Orono at U-of-M.

SALCHOW: You take-off while skating backward. An axel, more difficult, is performed while skating forward. D-o can do neither, but still enjoys zooming around the ice.

Happy Friday, all. Stay well.

Jinx in Norfolk said...

DNF. Geeze Louise! If this is a Friday puzzle, I may as well not even look at tomorrows. Looked up GUSTAV, ACTIFED and AYERS ROCK. Erased roses for VASES, black for DEAD A, ego FOR DAY, euro for RIGA, slit for SLOT and eta for ETD. Best part of the exercise was TTP's "Estimated Time of Delay". Truer words were never spoken.

I wanted ISHMAEL for "my name is" until I saw "site" on the next line of the clue. Wanted mols for "Flanders et al".

A golfer's wrists PRONATE at the bottom of the downswing. The left palm faces down on the backswing and up on the follow-through (except for wrong-handed golfers). If the golfer tries to make it happen, bad things will happen.

Is cheap beer served on draft and the good stuff served on draught?

FLN, WC, a good friend and his wife were damned near killed by a red light running teenage girl in a pickup truck. The wife was mayor of Colleyville, TX; he was an exec at GTE headquarters in Las Colinas and was in the hospital for months. The girl was so late that the first car got through the intersection and my friend's car was the second one through. The girl, of course, wasn't hurt. My friend became a huge supporter of United Way after he recovered, because they told him he wouldn't have made it without the life flight helicopter, which was made possible by that organization.

Hungry Mother said...

FIR, no write-overs. Lovely and helpful theme would’ve been more fun without the circles.

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

This had some Friday crunch but nothing insurmountable. I saw the gimmick at Disgust, but the reveal was still a surprise. I had Crew before Mast and Ego before Day. (Hi, Jinx!) Fro and Duo needed perps as Daft Punk and Questlove meant nothing to me, other than being silly names. Horae and Boogaloo were also unknown and, IMO, kind of silly, also. I thought some of the cluing was a tad odd, but I guess that's a Friday feature and I did enjoy the plentiful fresh, long fill. CSO to Hatoolah and Lemony at Orono. I'm familiar with Fairfield College and I have a nephew who lives in the town.

Thanks, Brian, for a challenging solve and thanks, TTP, for 'splainin' it all.


Anon T, thanks for posting that link. I can't get Robbie and his rescues out of my mind.

Stay safe, everyone.

Boomer said...

Good Morning ! Since we are homebound for more than a few days, and TTP is one of my favorite puzzle masters, I took a shot at a crossword and missed. However, our morning news told me that at least three golf courses are open in Minnesota. The Covid-19 rules are do not touch anything that another golfer might touch. This means you may not use a ball washer, rake a bunker, give a putt by touching another player's ball, you must remove a ball from the hole carefully, (I have one of those rubber things on the end of my putter handle because bending over is no longer one of my favorite things to do.) No shaking hands, and if you rent a riding cart, each player must have his/her own. I am not sure if status or rules will change however, it is only reaching fifties this time of year, well below my playing expectations. Have a good weekend all. See you Monday.

billocohoes said...

Sacred Heart University is also in FAIRFIELD, just over the line from Bridgeport.

The opening movement of "The Planets", "Mars, the Bringer of War," is probably the most famous. HOLST wrote it before Pluto was discovered, so now that Pluto is demoted to dwarf planet it again has the correct number of movements. (Earth isn't counted)

TTP said...

Hi, Jinx. Pronate on the takeaway, and supinate through impact, and keep your head down. :>)
Supinate your arms and wrists through impact

Hi, Boomer. Thanks for sharing those rules. I haven't pulled the clubs out yet. We've had some nice days, and I drove past the course a few weeks ago. It was packed. Last Saturday morning I drove by and only saw one walker with a pull cart. Our home course is open year round. Even when it's really cold, and even when ALL of the snow hasn't melted yet, some guys are out on the course. I used to be a golf nut, and played in a few "Frostfinger Opens". But now mid April is about the earliest I really start to get the itch.

Big Easy said...

After yesterday's 'breeze' it was tough sailing to get this one finished. I caught the winds in the circles but the preceding fills before the WINDFALLs were baffling. 2A- SARA was a total unknown and DI_G- I couldn't think of a word. 20 minutes in I noticed after DEAD_ and had the V8 moment. The NW gave me fits with BOOGALOO & HORAE as unknowns. But ZION plays here I realized it was NBA and everything fell into place.

ZION- he is paying the salaries of ALL the workers who worked at the Pelicans Arena for the home games that won't be played. A really nice guy.

DUO & FRO- Perps. I had no idea what Questlove or Daft Punk was about. Haven't watched the Tonight Show since Leno left. Jimmy Fallon- anybody who laughs at his own jokes is not funny.

CRAB PUFFS- down here were have boiled crabs, crab fingers, and soft-shelled crabs but I've never seen PUFFS. FAIRFIELD- all perps.

ACTIFED- was made by Burroughs Wellcome but it never sold as much as Sudafed (pseudoephedrine). I remember from back in 1972, the IOC took the gold medal away from a US swimmer who took Actifed for his asthma. BTW, the new Sudafed is Neo-Synephirine in pill form (phenylephrine).

TTP said...

Here's that famous Joe Namath commercial for Noxema Shaving Cream.
Noxema with Farrah It didn't hurt to have Farrah costar in it.

Big Easy, what was the street drug that druggies were making from those cold medicines ? I can't remember the name.

Anonymous said...

68A ETA Estimated time of arrival

ETD Estimated time of departure

Spitzboov said...

Good morning everyone.

Real toughy today, but once I figured out the theme fill "went around the corner" such as with DIS GUST(ave), it went more easily.
BH knew CRAB PUFF so that helped. Knew it was right when I saw PUFFIN. It helped knowing AYERS ROCK. MAORI was a WAG.
BOOGALOO was a total 'close your eyes and point'. Shaky on ACTIFED, and took a red 'n' in PRONATE to finish.
Satisfied with the solve and learned some things.

USNS Comfort is sailing for NYC tomorrow and POTUS is going to see her off in Norfolk.

desper-otto said...

Anon@9:44, you need to grow a sense of humor.

Husker Gary said...

-Around the corner fill with a nested theme? Loved it!
-HORA_/R_I gave me a bad cell. I’m not a camper but did marry a Greek goddess
-Would you get a “vahz for your ahnt” or a “vayse for your ant”? I’m in the latter camp.
-POSEUR – I finally caught ON TO where to drop the “U”
-…and here’s TO YOU Mrs. Robinson
-We are doing fine these days IN SO FAR as possible in these extraordinary circumstances
-My FLORIST friend said the line was still out the door at 4 p.m. on Valentine’s Day
-Did you have to learn to RECITE the Gettysburg Address too?
-If Mars used Ford’s method of generating an MSRP, a Snickers would list at $25
-A year ago our RDS were river bottoms Click on the image and you’ll get a drone’s eye view of my then flooded town
-Nice splainin’ TTP!

Husker Gary said...

-I played 18 yesterday Boomer and I was one of only five peeps on the course. I don’t know what our club is going to do about its very strict “Every two golfers must share a cart”
-FLN – A blinking yellow left turn light says to me, “Good luck, you’re on your own”

Anonymous said...

Took a little under 20 minutes. Bottom-left corner had me stumped for awhile. Not familiar with a crab puff, just crab cakes. Also, really wanted gale, not puff.

I'm not surprised that no one here referred to the 1984 film, "Breakin' 2, Electric Boogaloo".

oc4beach said...

Again, no circles on the Merriam-Webster site, so it made the puzzle a little harder. I got the gimmick with
But I wasn't thrilled with it. I did like TTP's guided tour around the bends, though.

I wanted SATIRES before SATIRIC, ROSES before VASES, and CREW before MAST. I needed perps for a number of words today which included HORAE, PRONATE and NANO (which made no sense to me.)

During this time of self isolation and quarantine, animals have different reactions to their owners working from home. Cat reaction and dog reaction.

Supermarkets still have a lot of empty shelves, but they are trying to keep up with the hoarders.

I hope you all have what you need. Be Safe.

Ray - O - Sunshine said...

Really thought the puzzle had defeated me. But busy day with multiple interruptions let the puzzle ferment nicely. Returned at a few chill intervals and was shocked when I FIR.. I parsed the circled air clue theme but didn't realized there were 90 degree additions. (How is DIRG a revolt? Aaaah!!)

Been SUITIng UP a lot lately but not to play games.

Perp walked thru many problems. Substitutes... Macao for Kiev for RIGA. rts for RDS. Roses for VASES. (Oct4)

Husker G only a POSEUR says "Vahz for your Awnt" lol

Always thought AGITA was a local term but once south of Rome the Italian Southern dialects get progressively more prominant like traveling from Washington DC to the deep south here. The letter C before E and I more commonly pronounced like a G. You won't here that in Lombardy (where they are having enough problems.)

Thought I knew all the Greek godesses. Will add HORAE to my list.


Couldn't blow down the brick house though the BBW was huffin and _______.... PUFFIN.

"How'll you get out of that cave? You're _____" .INSOFAR

Jack's Mom " All you got was magic beans for_____?" MACAU.

Onto a weekend off with lots of time for the Saturday challenge

NaomiZ said...

Aaaugh! I felt the WIND (which confirmed DRAFT, AIR, and PUFF) but didn't give proper weight to FALL, and failed to understand the pivots, which left me scratching my head over CRABP at alia. Thanks for the revelations.

CrossEyedDave said...

Had a little trouble with this puzzle
as it took me in a direction I did not want to take...

Lucina said...


This was particularly challenging since I failed to turn the corner! However, I finished it all except SARA, missing the S. Also, I started with buying roses before VASES/FLORIST. RIGA clued me in.

I know of AYERSROCK only by watching travel expert, Rick Steves.

RECITES helped me recall that I had to memorize "If" by Kipling for a 6th grade performance.

I remembered AIRJORDAN! BOOGALOO brings back memories, too.

Somehow I knew that Elton John had his own version of AIDA.

As I've mentioned before, seafood is not a big item on my menus so CRABP didn't make sense. Oh, PUFF.

Ah, well, thank you, TTP, for your analysis.

Stay well, everyone!

Jinx in Norfolk said...

So I guess that you folks who don't remember the boogaloo probably don't remember the Shing-a-ling, the Skate, or the Philly either. But who could forget Nobody But Me, The Human Beinz big hit.

Hey golfers! The USGA wants the courses to leave the top inch of the hole cups above the green. If you hit the cup, you have holed it. (What will the sandbaggers do now?)

AnonymousPVX said...

The SW beat me.

Too old to know APs, I took SATs, that’s all there was then.

Never had a Crab Puff...and my friend owns a seafood restaurant. Actually, all I had filled was PRONATE and TOYOU, then I quit it.

See you tomorrow. .

CanadianEh! said...

Friday workout. Thanks for the fun exercise, Brian and TTP.
This CW was one step above my paygrade and required Google help to finish in the North-Central area. But I saw the WINDs and FALL. Clever. (Was AEROSOLS an Easter egg?)

Hand up for not knowing GUSTAV, SARA, BUGALOO, AYERS ROCK, NBAD, and for changing roses to VASES and ego to DAY.
This Canadian can never remember REI (we have the equivalent or better MEC), but I had no problem with the Winnipeg JETS.

I wanted the discontinued allergy medicine to be Tavist but it was too short (although I see that you had a TavistD discontinued on the American market and it would have fit perfectly with DEO cross).
TTP - Pseudoephedrine (Sudafed) is a decongestant and can be used to manufacture methamphetamine (speed). Silken Laumann, a Canadian rower, lost a medal (along with her sculls team-mates) at the 1995 Pan Am games due to taking Benadryl Decongestant (which contained the banned pseudoephedrine as well as the antihistamine diphenhydramine) instead of just the plain Benadryl.

AGITA and TOE TO TOE were apt today.
We regretted not getting a chance to take a boat trip to see the PUFFINs when we were in Newfoundland.

Husker Gary - This Canadian would say neither; rather I would get a "vahz for my ant"!
LOL re inconsistent pronunciation.

Wishing you all a good day. Stay safe.

Lucina said...

C Eh!
My friend, Marsha, and I did go on the boat trip to see the PUFFINS and let me tell you, even from afar the odor reeked! There must be millions of them and of course, they poop. A lot. Just as fascinating on the trip were the dolphins! It was fun to see them frolicking and nudging each other. I'll look for my photos.

Big Easy said...

TTP- concerning the original Sudafed formula, some Meth Head years ago figured a way to use pseudoephedrine to make methamphetamine. From what I've heard pseudoephedrine is still widely available in Mexico and that's where the kitchen chemists get their raw materials.

Back in the early 90s, the DEA had us start reporting Sudafed sales, even though it was NOT a controlled substance. If you prefer Sudafed instead of the new formula-Sudafed PE- all you have to do is ask the pharmacist for it. No Rx needed.

Gary- toilet paper is worth more that the MSRP paper that is on the car's window.

Jayce said...

This puzzle was a head scratcher for me but I liked it. I filled the down entries DRAFT and GUST first and didn't even see NBAD and DISG let alone how they made no sense alone. Only when I got to DEADA and AIR did I realize what was going on. None of all that helped with ----PUFF because as far as I was concerned that ---- could be almost anything. My mind kept intoning "creampuff" but obviously that wouldn't fit. So I crossed my fingers and typed in CRAB, which worked.

I knew GUSTAV Holst (which is how I got GUST so easily) but only recently learned he was English. I also learned he was a professional trombone player.

Does any of you use Comcast/Xfinity as your internet service provider and own your own cable modem and/or wifi router rather than rent theirs? If so, what brand and model of modem and/or wifi router do you use? Any tips for me? Thanks in advance.

Good wishes to you all.

Wilbur Charles said...

Before I get into the horror show that was today's puzzle I wonder if anyone had NETH / NEDS. Not to speak of ROSES.

I'm solving online and I see that I need to be reading clues more carefully and more importantly the reveal information. I saw the DEAD-AIR and didn't think to apply it to the weird unknowns above like DISG.

Brain just wasn't working.

And….from the 60s: BAD Trip. Which yielded ADENS ROCK. But…
Since I was online I went to the red-letters.

Re. Shaving cream: Try thick conditioner like Fructis.


Ol' Man Keith said...

Amazing, isn't it?
The things we know but didn't know we knew?
This was that kind of pzl for me.

I didn't finish on my own, but that was by choice. Once I figured out the trick, with the downward circled letters as part of the theme answers, I couldn't resist peeking ahead to see how the others worked.
(I never would have got 53D, as I always forget the name of the PUFFIN. I first saw those birds on the Cliffs of Moher, but still haven't stored their name.)

Bill G said...

Hi everybody.

Does this happen to you? Whenever I watch a Youtube video, there is a long list of other suggested videos down the right hand side based on other stuff I've watched before. I often get lost in those; most recently I am watching Emmylou Harris videos, especially her older stuff. She has an appealing visage and personality in addition to her voice like an angel.

I am also enjoying many of the David Attenborough nature videos on the BBC channel. That's where I found out more about Puffins.

Jayce, sorry, we lease our DVR from the cable company. It's probably not the most cost effective but it's easy, especially if something goes wrong or needs to be updated. It's interesting that I think having a DVR has increased my enjoyment of television by at least double.

PK said...

Hi Y'all! What a challenge from Brian, thanks! Thanks, TTP for another great Friday expo.

I had been watching the Zion Williamson saga unfold as he plays for the Pelicans of the NBA -- until that got cancelled. So I got WIND of the theme gimmick when DRAFT fell from that.

The rest didn't come as easy, but filled. I had to do a lot of red-letter runs to get TOE holds. DNK: HORAE, FAIRFIELD, SUI, ACTIFED, PRONATE, GUSTAV, AGITA, Questlove, NEDS, Daft Punk.

Still don't know how "hard to work with" = UNTOWARD.

Not man TO man, but TOE TO TOE. JayS before JETS.

Happened to watch the "Bachelor" on TV recently when they journeyed to ULURU a/k/a AYERS ROCK. So I guess I did get some good out of that show which DIGUSTS me more each season.

PK said...

BillG., I do the same with Youtube videos. I've been enjoying EmmyLou's trios with Dolly Parton & Linda Rondstadt this past week.

Jayce said...

Yes, Bill G and PK, I know what you mean about YouTube. I have occasionally discovered some cool stuff I wouldn't have otherwise heard of that way.

Disciple of Nan'l said...

It's Fairfield University, gang, not College. Go Stags!

Jinx in Norfolk said...

Jayce, I have Cox internet and own my router and modem. I picked the modem from a list of approved models on the web site, but didn't buy it from them. I use a mesh network WiFi router. If you have a big place and are thinking about WiFi repeaters, the mesh network works better. I'll look up the model numbers tomorrow - to tired to make a special trip upstairs now due to hard labor lugging around debris from our 3 month trip.

Don't forget to change the administrative password on the router (usually "admin" or "Admin" by default), make your WiFi password long and complex, and don't name your WiFi anything that identifies where it is located (your street number, for instance). The IT pro Cornerites can probably add more hints.

jfromvt said...

Cute theme. Maybe I’m taking a like to circles in the grid! Had trouble with the SW corner, had to cheat to get PUFF, then the rest filled in.

Jayce said...

Jinx, thanks. I'm guessing your mesh network WiFi router is an Orbi. Our son has an Orbi which he needs to provide WiFi coverage throughout his rather elongated house. Our current router adequately covers our entire rectangular-shaped house. Good advice on setting the passwords sensibly. I will certainly do that.

I have perused the Xfinity website and have written down the names and model numbers of the 3rd party equipment they deem is compatible with their system. Looking on Amazon I find many additional products that claim compatibility and they get better reviews than the Xfinity-recommended products. Hence my question: what the heck should I buy? And finally, is there any way for me to find out if the cable installer can and will configure whichever particular model I got? I don't expect anybody can answer that.


Thanks again for your advice, and I look forward to learning tomorrow exactly the model numbers of your setup.

TTP said...

Canadian Eh, and Big Easy, thank you.

Jayce, make sure you get a DOCSIS 3.0 compatible gateway. I lease my gateway from Comcast for the same reason Bill G said but I believe their help screens have a list of compatible gateways.

I spent another good half day in the yard until it started to drizzle. It feels so good to get my hands back in the earth after winter. You might have to be a gardener to understand...

The birds and squirrels are a joy to watch. The squirrels are acrobats as they try to climb down the baling wire to get to the suet cakes hanging from the limbs of the magnolia. They are adept at leaping the three feet to the roof of the tray feeder, and then hanging upside down to munch on the sunflower seed.

The wrens flutter in and out en masse from their safety of the spirea. They don't seem to mind the grackles and the sparrows, who seem to be just as antsy. The wrens, grackles and sparrows fly off at the slightest, and the pairs of doves just look up to see what happened. Then they continue to peck. This one dove keeps chasing another one around. I don't think they are a pair. Yet. The robins are back in force, and they seem to be pleased that I have been edging the gardens. Some of them seem to be getting fat.

My current favorites are the woodpeckers that feed off the suet cakes. In this area, the downy, hairy, and yellow bellied woodpeckers are common. They too, are masters of hanging on the feeders in any position to get to those suet cakes.

The yellow bellied woodpeckers are particularly fun to watch closely. They'll eat until they get their fill, and then take beak fulls and pack the suet into the hollows where the magnolia tree is healing after branches have come off. The beaks of the downy and the hairy can't get in that far.

For the yellow bellies, it's innate self preservation. Just as squirrels squirrel away their cache. But there's plenty of food in the pipeline, and there's no need to hoard.

Spitzboov said...

PK @ 1536 - Merriam Webster gives as the first definition: : difficult to guide, manage, or work with : UNRULY, INTRACTABLE

I found the clue a bit murky, too, since I was not sure about its meaning. I went with the perps.

CrossEyedDave said...

Just bookmarking my place...

Ack! It's closed!

JJM said...

The cluing, at least from my viewpoint, was extremely tough. I did an inordinate amount of alphabet runs to solve this one. Took me longer than any FRIDAY this year.

Sandyanon said...

I'd really like to post more on this blog, because you all seem like a very congenial group, but honestly don't feel that I have much to cobtribute. I solve slowly, one section at a time insofar as possible, in both directions simultaneously. So issues of perps are irrelevant for me -- I don't really feel I've solved a puzzle until I've read every clue and answer in both directions. Sounds laborious to many, I'm sure, but it's how I enjoy it. And so my time spent solving doesn't interest me either.

Anyway, I do solve the puzzle (Wash. Post website) and read the blog,every day. I love the interesting ways people present the answers, with explanations, pics, videos and links. And I do enjoy the non-crossword-related info many people include in their posts. Thank you for sharing.

Guess that's it.

Bill G said...

CED, I don't understand your "bookmarking" your place. When I stop reading and do some other stuff, when I come back, my place is automatically the same as when I left. Why doesn't the same thing work for you?

SwampCat said...

Sandy, I solve the way you do. I want to make each puzzle last as long as possible!

Actually, that could be said for a lot of activities.

Ray - O - Sunshine said...

Sandy...your explanation of how you work he puzzles is one of the main reasons for the blog. Exploring how different people attack the puzzle. What they were thinking. What led them in one direction or another. For me the puzzles themselves are a much needed distraction, a learning experience and to have fun along the way.

Wilbur Charles said...

I'm still grousing about my total inability to grab the WINDFALL presented to me from ???(No author provided on Latimes site- I don't mind waiting through the ads)

I've just read some informative Internet setup posts, something right out of the Audobon Society+ and yet this Sports guy couldn't grok the NBADRAFT from the Zion clue. I thought it had to do with an Israeli celebration.

Oh well, as Sandy says, just enjoy the process. I feel like going to red-letters is like losing virginity.


Sandyanon said...

Sure, Ray, I understand. I just have little to say about what I knew or didn't, what I thought of the clues, etc, etc. By the time I get to the end of a puzzle much of that would be foggy in my memory anyway.

CanadianEh! said...

Sandyanon: I hope you will keep chiming in. As Ray-o said, we all solve in our own individual style (some days with more success than others). And when we don't understand something, we come here for an explanation. With such a varied group, we have a lot of expertise and life experiences. It does make for an interesting time.

Sandyanon said...

Well, C-Eh, usually I only have something to say in reply to another's post, as in -- I very much enjoyed your description today of the birds and animals in your yard. Very much.

Sandyanon said...

P.S. Wilbur, is losing your virginity a bad thing or a good thing?

PK said...

C.C.: I have been thinking of you and wondering how your family and friend Carmen are doing during this pandemic in China? You mentioned your brother living near someone who had the virus some time ago, so I have been waiting to hear if it spread thru that neighborhood. I hope they are all well.

Spitz: thanks for the definition. So much to learn, so little brain to retain it.

Sandyanon: If you've been reading out posts, you'll see that some of us don't have much to say, but say it anyway. Sometimes I take notes of thoughts as I solve, but as a former journalist, I'm prone to taking notes anyway. Probably be better off forgetting stuff.

Wilbur: I can't see any way using red-letters is like losing your virginity unless you had a decidedly different experience than I with both situations.

WikWak said...

Whew! This’n whupped me good and proper. I did finally FIR but it took 45 minutes (spread over five or six hours) to do it. I found the SW nearly to be the end of me. (There’s a good sentence in there somewhere.) Oddly enough the gimmick of the falling air completing the clue where it started jumped out at me right away... for all the good it did in helping me solve the whole blasted thing.

Brian, you nearly did me in, but it was a great puzzle anyway. And thanks, Tom, for your always enjoyable commentaries.

I’m going to go take a nap now, and lick my wounds.

Stay healthy, stay safe, and stay away from me. ;-)

Anonymous T said...

Hi All!

DNF - I could not crack the NE and SAToRIC [sic], GUSTor [sic] nor roSES helped. 14a&d were unknown.

Thanks Brian for the puzzle. At first, with DRAFT and AIR filled, I thought the theme was simple WINDs going down (FALLing). I caught the full gimmick when I wanted DEADAIR and I only had the A from AIR JORDAN.... Oh, waaaait.... NBA DRAFT! Aha!
Now, what WINDs do I need in the other corners ('cuz at that point I had very little).

Great expo TTP! Pretty sure you've posted that .gif before but it was long ago, I got a new laugh out of it. LOL on 'Time of DELAY'

WOs: Ego Trip b/f DAY, Eta, non Gratis (I was grasping for perps). luSH b/f POSH.
ESPs: many coulda, woulda, shouldas in the NE had I knew things smart people do...

Fav: BOOGALOO. I had no idea what Boogaloo meant and now I think I'm a bit disappointed in Ring.

CRAB PUFFs (aka Rangoons): a usual appetizer when we order-in Chinese.

I wanted Electric Boogie / Slide or Electric Avenue but both woulda left too many empty squares.
@10:34 - I'm not surprised; 1) I just showed up :-) and 2) many at The Corner are not into hiphop and rap (I'm not either but that was background music in my early teens)

I've only heard of a couple towns in CT, Hartford, New Haven, and Fairfield. Only the 1st two jumped to mind.

PRONATEd - my trainer says my shoulders are pronated b/c I'm over a keyboard all day. We've worked for >6 months to improve my posture / strengthen my back / increase rotation range. Alas, 3+ weeks with out his guidance and I can already feel the joints slipping forward.

Jinx - I love that song! Had no idea who sang it. Thanks!

C, Eh! & Big E -- so what is ephedrine-hydrochloride (what I'd take during cram week)? How's that different from meth/speed?

SandyAnon - that's pretty much how I solve too.
Read 1a, consider possibilities, read 1d & 2d, 12a, 13d --- OK, enough perps mesh, "Ink 'em Dan-O!"
Rinse, repeat.
As far as contributing, sure you can - your day, your hobbies, the birds in your yard, whatever. We've all gotten to know each other a bit this way -- to the point it is really a community.

Have a great eve! -T

Roy said...

I've noticed more later posts since social distancing/quarantining. Usually by the time I get to the blog, everyone's had their say and gone to bed. (I don't see how else some of you get up at such ungodly early hours. DW and I generally aren't up until 8:00 or 9:00.)

Sandyanon said...

TTP, I'm SO sorry! It was your yard with the birds and animals. I loved the description.

Abejo said...

Good evening, folks. Thank you, Brian Herrick, for a fine puzzle. Thank you, TTP, for a fine review.

Well, I bombed out on this puzzle today. Got most of it, but not all. Could not catch the down part of the theme. Got all the circles and I wondered why they made no sense. Now I know.

Really good puzzle but a tough one. Enjoyed working through it, even though I missed finishing by a couple words. Maybe tomorrow will be better.

I am hitting the hay. See you tomorrow.


( )

TTP said...

No worries, Sandyanon.

I didn't see Jinx' post with the link to the Human Beinz song Nobody until Dash-T mentioned it. So I listened to it, and since then, I've been listening to The Association, The Grass Roots, Lou Christie, Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons, Jay and the Americans, The Young Rascals, Juice Newton, The Marmalade, The Cowsills, Paul Revere and the Raiders, Wild Cherry, Donnie Iris etc.

It's like it's the 60s and early 70s all over again.

Good night, all.

Lucina said...

Your solving experience sounds much like mine and in my case, since I live in the far west and rise late, almost everyone has posted except Californians so I feel that my contributions don't add much. However, I feel very much a part of this community so add my 2 cents anyway.

I can't begin to tell you how much I love crosswords and so enjoy hearing of others' experiences with them. I forgot that I meant to look up photos so will try tomorrow.

JJM said...

Like you I solve region by region and both up and down at the same time. And, when my Dad taught me how to to these 50 years ago when I was 10, he always said" If you don't know what a word means, look it up in the dictionary that way you won't forget it". To this day, I still do that. It helps me
As John Lennon said "Whatever gets you through the night It's all right, it's all right"

kerek said...

I thought this puzzle was one that had too many obscure answers. I like a challenge, but I felt this one was over the top.

C from NC said...

There's always someone who waits till later to do the puzzle. Fun, but a crab puff is not deep-fried. Even Martha's recipe is baked.