Mar 16, 2020

Monday March 16, 2020 Ed Sessa

Theme: CANDY WRAPPERS (59. Halloween discards, and what the three sets of circles represent?)  - Three different candies bookend each theme answer.

20. Winding, hilly thoroughfares: MOUNTAIN ROADS. Mounds.

28. Not kid around: PLAY FOR KEEPS. Peeps.

49. Traitorous spies: DOUBLE AGENTS. Dots.

Boomer here.  

Yes, I remember Halloween. We would go all around the neighborhood and collect candy.  We especially loved a 5 cent Hershey bar or Butterfinger.  That's in my rear view mirror now but diabetes (type 2) is not too bad.  Lots of sugar substitute in our cupboard. 

Now I wish EVERYONE safety in these days of Covid 19.  Our grocery stores were crowded this week, and I have to admit that C.C. and I visited several. My golf school was postponed but I can live with that.  Believe it or not, I received two emails from local golf courses letting me know that they are open on March 14!!  They must be crazy, this is Minnesota and I think that our high temperature over the weekend was 45 degrees. (F not C).  My clubs are in the garage, I can wait.


1. Potentially insensitive, briefly: UN PC.

5. Police: COPS.  This was short for Copper, the metal of the badge.  My friend Mike did not like the term COP.

9. ABBA's "__ Mia!": MAMMA.  Remember the dolls you could buy that said MAMMA when you squeezed them?

14. Vidal's Breckinridge: MYRA.

15. Pequod captain: AHAB.  The ARAB?

16. Native Nebraskans: OTOES.  This tribe is also native to Missouri and Iowa, I think.

17. Plenty: A LOT.  When you go to a store, where do you park?  A LOT.  I heard that Costco customers had to wait for a parking spot before getting in line to enter the store!!

18. Islamic branch: SHIA.

19. Transports by truck: HAULS. Sounds like airlines and cruise ships will not be making too many hauls in the near future.

23. Gandhi's land: INDIA.  Interesting, when Columbus hit our shores, he thought he made it to INDIA.  The capital of Ohio was named after Ol'Chris, and Cleveland named their baseball team ... Oh never mind.

24. Like oysters on the half shell: RAW.  No thanks.  The only think I eat RAW is celery.

25. French water: EAU.  Add CLAIRE and you have a fine city in Wisconsin.  I used to bowl in a big tournament there every year.

33. IV amounts: CCS.  Or look in our Fridge.  Some of the food is mine, and some is C.C.'s

36. List-shortening abbr.: ET AL.  I prefer ETC.

37. Italics feature: SLANT.

38. Walter White shaved his off: HAIR. "Breaking Bad" guy. "Gimme a head with Hair, Long beautiful Hair.  Shinin' Gleamin" Streamin' Flaxen Waxin'."  (The Cowsills.)

40. In contention (for): VYING.  As far as I know, our Monday bowling league is on.  We will be VYING for the championship.  (PS.  I had 236-232-216 - 684 last week.  Best in two years.)

43. On the house: FREE.  Don't fall for buy one get one FREE. They just double the price on the first one.

44. Aimée of "La Dolce Vita": ANOUK.

46. Dmitri's dissent: NYET.

48. In low spirits: SAD.  I used to love the Sad Sack comics.  He was never sad, just looked that way.

53. Driver's license info: SEX.  Both C.C. and I purchased "Enhanced" Driver's licenses in MN a few years ago.  They never asked for "SEX" but we had to prove a bunch of other stuff.  However now and beginning October 1, we can board domestic flights in the US.  Assuming that there will be any airlines still in business.

54. Wayside stop: INN.  I have mentioned this before, my favorite is the C'MON INN in Billings Montana.

55. One-up: OUTDO.  See Bowling goal above.

64. "Dallas" surname: EWING.  I never got into that show, I still do not know who shot J.R.  But I remember Patrick of the Knicks.  I think he's coaching Georgetown now.

66. Solid precipitation: HAIL.  "Hail Mary"!  Our local Archbishop made Mass optional yesterday.

67. Backside in a fall?: PRAT. Pratfall.

68. Long-shot rags-to-riches enabler: LOTTO.  Long shot is right.  We play the Minnesota Lottery once in a while and I don't think we ever won more than five bucks.

69. Ices, mob-style: OFFS.  MLB, PGA, NCAA, NBA, all are OFFS.  Talk about March Madness!!

70. Girl in a Salinger story: ESME.

71. Enter on a laptop: KEY IN.  C.C. has a laptop.  I KEY IN on a new Microsoft 5050 keyboard.

72. Italian eight: OTTO.  Reminds me of OTTO Graham, HOF quarterback back when the Cleveland Browns were good.

73. Sweetheart: DEAR.


1. Savory taste first identified in Tokyo: UMAMI.

2. Carpet synthetic: NYLON.  My Mom used to have stockings called NYLONS.

3. __ as a peacock: PROUD.

4. Tabby stimulant: CATNIP.  Why not slip a shot of Chivas Regal into its kitty dish ?

5. José's house: CASA.

6. "Fancy meeting you here!": OH HI.

7. "No __, no gain": PAIN.  "Drop and give me 20"  (My Drill Sergeant) .

8. Mall pizza chain: SBARRO.  I know of no mall where you can buy a decent pizza.

9. Goth hairstyles: MOHAWKS.  I had one of these once when I was a kid,  I think it was a Davy Crockett thing.

10. Opposite of 17-Across: A TAD.

11. Headpiece for kids in Mickey's TV club: MOUSE EARS.  "Who's the leader of the club that's made for you and me ?"  Annette was every guy's favorite.

12. Filmmaker Brooks: MEL.  Hanging in there at 93 years of age.  Who can forget "Blazing Saddles" ?

13. Biblical beast of burden: ASS.  Prefix for Kicking.

21. Yarn: TALE.

22. Boating blade: OAR.  Years ago I rowed and rowed all over North Star Lake near Marcell, MN.  Then my dad purchased a 5 horse Johnson.

26. Sleep concern: APNEA.  Sometimes I get neuropathy which is worse.

27. "¿Cómo está __?": USTED.

29. Dune buggy, briefly: ATV.  All Terrain Vehicle.  I never owned one and never will.

30. "We did it!": YAY.  There won't be Too Many YAYs in the near future.

31. Throw wildly: FLING.  Although I do not throw my golf ball, I have a feeling that some are FLINGs.

32. North Pole toymaker: ELF.

33. "Hanging" problems in the 2000 election: CHADS.  I hope Florida has fixed it.

34. Algonquin transport: CANOE.  A five horse Johnson won't fit on the back.  You will need paddles.

35. Iowa port on the Lewis and Clark Trail: SIOUX CITY.  Just a bit South of Minnesota on the Iowa Western Border.  Very interesting city.

39. Coax (out), as a genie: RUB.  A dub dub dub, three men in a tub.

41. "Science Guy" Bill: NYE.

42. Title for DDE: GEN.  A Great man.  I am not old enough to remember the Normandy invasion which was a final spike in the end of WWII. However, I am old enough to remember President IKE, and he visited Minneapolis in the late fifties.  I also remember 1960 which was the first time in eight years that Americans had an opportunity to vote for a president with hair.

45. Fictional language spoken by Sheldon and Leonard on "The Big Bang Theory": KLINGON.

47. Sporty car roof: T TOP.  Chevy Corvette Sting Ray.  I cannot afford but it's okay, I would not be able to get into one anyway.

50. Wind up: END.  Not yet, there are more clues.

51. Slangy "Movin' right along ... ": ANYHOO.

52. Had a late meal: SUPPED.

56. Not long-winded: TERSE.  Shut Up !!!

57. Daytime soap, e.g.: DRAMA.

58. Big name in blenders: OSTER.  Graybar used to sell these when I worked there.  I think Target and Walmart ended up buying them direct from Oster so we gave up the small appliance business.  It was a very good move for Graybar.  We made about a dollar on a blender and about 25% came back after Christmas.

60. Opposed to: ANTI.

61. Float like a feather in the breeze: WAFT.  Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee.  (Cassius Clay).

62. Breakup: RIFT.

63. "Let me add ... ": ALSO.  65 (down an inch)

64. Yellowstone grazers: ELK.

65. Misery: WOE.  Is me if I miss a spare or catch a virus.  I am 72 with diabetes and cancer.  CNN and MSNBC both tell me I am in danger, yet I cannot find a test and Minnesota has about 35 cases out there. so I'll be careful. My bowling team bumps elbows after strikes and good shots. Don't worry about me.



OwenKL said...

Once there was a moth who had a taste for NYLON
There was a special sweater that he had his eye on.
Said it was, Oh, MAMMY!
The taste of pure UMAMI,
To transport to Lepidopteran Elysium!

Candice's crowds are always filled with clappers
When she shares a bill with vulgar flappers.
She HAULS her feather fans
Up MOUNTAIN ROADS in her van,
Careful not to crumple CANDY's WRAPPERS!

I wonder if the Indian tribe, the OTOE
Would rather run casinos playing LOTTO?
Or on their Nebraska plain,
Would they rather reign
Like the Roman Emperor named OTTO?

{A, B+, B-.}

Jinx in Norfolk said...

FIR, but had to fix MoMMA. DNK Aimee or the show, or anything about TBBT. Made that an easily-guessed Natick.

When I was in high school we would tease the girls when they got their driver's license. "[Paula], I heard that you got an "F" in SEX!"

OH, HI, unless you are in California, then it's OJAI.

I was a Dodger fan when Steve Sax played second base. He often threw the ball into the stands behind first base. Vin Scully said that in practice he never threw wildly, but in games he was really a scatterarm.

Thanks to Ed for the fun, easy Moday puzzle. The only thing that would have made it better would have been wrapped candy instead of PEEPS and DOTS. And thanks to Boomer for the always-fun explanation. My favorite was "Prefix for Kicking". Early golf today. It is already 66 degrees here in north central Florida.

Lemonade714 said...

Boomer, I am sure we all worry about all those who come to the Corner. You have been a joy and an inspiration, so stay away from those Coronas. Congratulations on getting back to the 700 bowler you have been (next time). 684 is damn close.

If you wanted to teach how to build a Monday puzzle, this is a good example. Not an unknown but lots of fun. Thank you Dr. Ed, and Boomer.

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

Made a clean sweep in good time, but missed the theme. Again. After finishing, I looked at the circles and found the hidden word, but didn't know that PEEPS or DOTS were candies, so didn't think of candy with MOUNDS, either. It's hell to get old. Thanx for the outing, Dr. Ed, and for the tour, Boomer. (Ahab the Arab, indeed. Echoes of Ray Stevens.)

COP: When did it get additional meanings as in COP a plea, or COP a feel? Boomer, was your friend Mike a criminal?

KEY IN: Got a new keyboard/mouse combo for tax season -- I just can't type on those notebook keyboards. Looks like the tax season is in the rearview mirror now.

OSTER: Never had one of their blenders, but I think there's one of their vibro-massagers under the bathroom sink, you know the kind, straps to the back of your hand with wires that go over the palm.

Fortunately, the morning march through the 'hood is not contraindicated.

John E said...

Isn't prat the "front" side in a fall?

inanehiker said...

Creative theme which is what I would expect from Ed Sessa - only thing, as Jinx pointed out, was that only 1 of the 3 candies is individually wrapped when you get them at the store!

Thanks Boomer for another entertaining blog!
Off to the office -a lot has happened on the national health front since I left last Thursday so we'll see how things go!

desper-otto said...

Nope. Per Merriam-Webster:
Definition of pratfall

1 : a fall on the buttocks
2 : a humiliating mishap or blunder

Boomer said...

Good Morning Desper-otto. I know you were kidding but the story of my friend Mike is interesting. I am a 1965 graduate of Benilde High School, a catholic school for boys. and Mike was a 1965 graduate of De La Salle, a similar catholic school for boys in Minneapolis. I met Mike at a Sports collector's show around 1979, and we became good friends in spite of the fact that our schools were arch rivals. Mike was a police officer in Minnetonka, MN for a number of years and he ended up as an investigator for the County District Attorney in Hennepin County. (The largest County and home of most of Minneapolis). Not bad for a "Copper".

billocohoes said...

RAW oysters are an excellent delivery system for horseradish.

PEEPS (marshmallow chicks) now come in many colors. My wife likes them slightly stale.

John E said...

D-O, I was thinking that the clue related to the position of prat in the word pratfall. Learning moment that pratfall is a fall on the buttocks. Thanks.
Boomer, congrats on that great series. Hope that all who bowl can continue to do so. My indoor tennis club just closed. No outdoors tennis for a while here in upstate NY.

Hungry Mother said...

Cute wordplay in this one. That’s what I’m looking for. I remembered ANOUK because she’s so memorable. In the summer of 2001, my wife and I stayed in a hotel nearby one of the filming sites of that breakout movie. We did Rome in a day on that trip before taking a train to Venice. We did another day in Rome while on a 28 day cruise which began in Rio and ended in Athens. We accidentally got in the queue that ended up hight inside of the dome of the Basilica.

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

I was so happy to see Dr. Ed's byline on a Monday puzzle after his recent foray into themeless territory. Don't get me wrong; all of his puzzles are a pleasure to solve, but I prefer those that highlight his talents for clever themes, fun wordplay and impish cluing. I never associated the theme words with candy, probably because I never liked Peeps or Dots, therefore, the reveal was a surprised Aha. It was fun to see three Native American tribes with Otoes, Mohawk, and Sioux. I also liked the trio of Ass, Mouse, and Elk, and the duos of Elk and Elf and A Tad and A Lot. No w/os and no unknowns gave me a quick and easy Tada!

Thanks, Dr. Ed, for a nice dose of enjoyment and thanks, Boomer, for bringing some smiles and chuckles into this worrisome world. Loved your joke about CCs food in the fridge and I was very impressed by your 684 series. Stay well and continue to be cautious.

Have a great day.

Ray - O - Sunshine said...

Back from Captiva Island after a gorgeous week and interesting CME meeting. While there received an Email from our hospital CEO with the draconian directive that anyone returning from a conference in March with more than 100 attendees would be quarantined. Checked with the meeting program director ...less than 100 so.. back to work. Would have gladly remained on the island for 2 more weeks!

Also back to head scratching and forehead slapping over this week's cruciverbial challenges. No PAIN no gain.

Right off was an ASS spelling UMAMI wrong. I OTTO know better. So much for VYING for no crossouts ...but FIR....and didn't KLINGON to any wrong answers

Aa noted by IM..Lots of Native Americans. and Algonquin as a clue.

Town known for personal injury cases.... SIOUX CITY

Asked what's goin' on....SUPPED.

An atomic bomb...ANOUK

Confectionery singers of rhythmic rhyming music ....CANDYWRAPPERS.

Stop gagging ...on to Tuesday ...after I wipe down my desk.

Yellowrocks said...

Easy Monday. Some words were filled before I got there. No unfamiliar words.
Yes, pratfall is a fall on your keister. Another common misconception is the difference between PRONE and SUPINE. Prone is lying facing downward. Supine is lying down facing up.
I love MOUNDS so I immediately thought of candy. PEEPS confirmed it. I liked the way the theme words wrapped around the sides of the fill, so this is a play on the word wrapper. I was thinking of Easter baskets.
I am swearing off McDonald's and Dunkin Donuts, Alan's favorite places. Both of us are in the high risk category. Yesterday I was appalled that the McDonald's server used the same pair of gloves to prepare food, take cash and go back to preparing more food. These stores serve so many strangers, people just passing through, which increases the risk.
I am more worried about a complete shutdown of everything than about getting sick, but I worry about that, too. The directives come with so little notice.
Time to take my friend to the doctor and then get a haircut.

Husker Gary said...

-I wonder if an * by the clues and no circles would work for this fun theme
-I’ve never forgotten a lesson at 10-yrs-old when an old man PLAYED FOR KEEPS and actually kept my money
-OFF – “Oh look, golf on TV! Never mind, it’s last year’s tournament.”
-Our kitty’s CATNIP plant is greening up and pushing through the ground
-This is the main street of tiny OTOE, NE in OTOE county where the county seat is Nebarska City, NE
-One farmer friend can drive his big-tired ATV into any irrigated field
-My uncle invested all his inherited money into a Coors distributorship in SIOUX CITY but said it failed because he wouldn’t grease certain palms
-Sports and news blog shows are not TERSE. Their gift is to keep keeping the same old copy fresh for hours.
-I miss the smell of burning leaves WAFTING through the autumn air
-Most of us forsook elbow bumps for handshakes and hugs at family birthday party yesterday

Lucina said...


Thank you, Ed Sessa, for the virtual candy. I am familiar with MOUNDS bars, PEEPS and DOTS. In my pre-diabetic days I would eat them all, anytime.

Interesting to know the origin of COPS and COPPER.

Also interesting is the crossing of MOHAWK/OTOES.

For some reason I entered ERIN in place of MYRA Breckinridge but the downs quickly corrected that.

While visiting my sister in Charlotte one year, I experienced shucking and eating OYSTERS. Newspaper was spread on the table, a pot of water was set to boil, butter was available in abundance and I received my first lesson in the art of consuming them.

Congratulations, Boomer, on returning to form in bowling! And thank you for leading us through today's puzzle maze. Stay well!

Have a healthy day, everyone!

CanadianEh! said...

Marvelous Monday. Thanks for the fun, Ed and Boomer.
I FIRed today in perhaps slightly longer than usual Monday time.
I saw the candies and wondered if it was an early Easter theme (hello YR). OK, late Halloween!

CSOs today - C.C.,d'OTTO, and almost to Mme D at 21D Yarn!
I wanted Vied for "in contention (for)", and then fought the Y in VYING; but Viing was just not possible.
I waited for perps to decide the spelling of ANOUK.

We had OTOES, MOHAWKS (crossing too!), SIOUX (IM beat me! & Lucina) and a CANOE today. Plus an OAR. (And if you are Canadian, you even caught the CANOE connection with 53A!)

I'm sure that many of you starting singing M-I-C K-E-Y M-O-U-S-E when 11D filled in.
My first thought for 42D was Pres but GEN fit the spot.
I had ANd soo before ANYHOO perped.

50D clue "Wind up" could mean END or Start (ie. referring to a toy). (But nothing to do with 56D "Not long-winded"). Gotta love the English language.

The term SUPper seems to have been replace by Dinner.

Wishing you all a great day. Stay safe and social-distanced!

CrossEyedDave said...

Candy wrappers?

Are you sure making a puzzle out of candy wrappers is a good idea?

CanadianEh! said...

Ray@9:24 - yes, "draconian" measures are undoubtedly necessary. We have had physicians warning us re the need for social-distancing before community transmission of the virus starts (and we may already be late).
This article is from Mar 14 and things are evolving daily/hourly.

Abejo said...

Good morning, folks. Thank you, Ed Sessa, for a fine puzzle. Thank you, Boomer, for fine review.

Got through the puzzle easily. Caught the theme after 59A CANDY WRAPPERS.

UMAMI was easy. Five perps and I had it.

We have had APNEA a lot lately. Must be the letters.

I had SBARRO pizza once. Never again.

ESME is a crossword regular lately.

Have to run. Lots to do today and then set up tonight for Election Day tomorrow. See you tomorrow.


( )

Misty said...

Oooh, an Ed Sessa Monday puzzle! Will it be easy or tough? Turned out to be a doable pleasure, many thanks, Ed. Lots of memories from the past, with MAMMA and MYRA and DEAR ESME and the EWING family and the MICKEY MOUSE club. Couldn't remember ANOUK, but the downs helped with that one. Never heard of SBARRO but across words took care of that. So, a Monday delight, thanks again, Ed. And Boomer, I love the way you evoke so many songs from the past. Has me humming all day.

Liked your poems, Owen.

Have a healthy and safe week coming up, everybody.

Ray - O - Sunshine said...

Canadian Eh. The quarantine decision I alluded to was illogical and has since been updated to reflect a more realistic, judicious approach.

Also the hospital just this morning instituted a drive in testing station. Pts with symptom are tested in their vehicles then await results at home. This will also limit the transmission of more common viral respiratory infection. Should be used during routine flu season . The idea is to learn how to deal with future outbreaks which are a certainty. Hope we learn something.

A take out menu should be offered with the test as all restaurants etc will be closed tonight. "Would you like fries with that?"

AnonymousPVX said...

Wow, this was a Sessa Monday...always a treat with Ed.


This CVD-19 deal is beyond serious....Italy, unlike China and Iran, has been completely open with their numbers, and it looks like the fatality rate there is about EIGHT (8) %. And that’s not good....all the schools in SC are now closed, and there is NO WAY I’m going to the gym.

While some are concerned with the Market, of all things, I am not. Once this thing resolves (whenever) the market will recover....unlike many folks. I myself am about to turn 67, I have a touch of asthma and am a T2 diabetic. So I’m taking this seriously as well.

Best to all, see you tomorrow.

Spitzboov said...

Hello Everyone,

Not much to add. Easy Monday, Theme fill was easy, but concept-wise, A TAD on the meh side. Always enjoy Ed's puzzles, though.
OTTO - Have learnt that it's 'eight' in Italian. Also a frequent German first name - Bismarck, Preminger, Graham, ET AL. The same word backwards is a palindrome. What does one call an inside-out word, TOOT in this case? The world wonders.
I've been to SIOUX CITY, (relatives in Woodbury County.). Web says it's the head of navigation on the Missouri River.
GEN DDE - Here is a link showing my sister with the great man at the dedication of the national 4-H center in 1959.

Lucina said...

Thank you for sharing the photo.

Seeing your sister wearing gloves reminds me of something I have been thinking about during this period of restricted contact. Perhaps we should resort to the custom of wearing gloves which we all did until sometime in the 50s. It would spare us much of that handwashing.

oc4beach said...

A good Sessa Monday puzzle today. Boomer followed it up with a great expo.

I wanted OCTO vs OTTO. But other than that it was a pretty easy fill today.

I just finished my 2020 Census. Only took a few minutes.

At the rate things are shutting down, it won't be long before there won't be many businesses open that cater to the public other than supermarkets and drug stores. Hopefully it works and won't last too long. Most of my kids are working from home because they work in industries where they can do that. Only one is outside working for the phone company, but he has minimal contact with the public because he works on infrastructure and works at night.

I hope everyone remains safe and doesn't go stir crazy during this time.

Ol' Man Keith said...

Looks like we are in for a longer HAUL than we thought. Today's COVID-19 announcement said we can't expect containment until July or August.
That is a much longer stretch than the 8 weeks we were initially expecting.

Good pzl today. Thanks to Ed Sessa.

Stay in. Stay safe.
A single near-side diagonal.
The anagram flatters us. But it is encouraging in this time of peril. It says...

mailman1959 said...

Didn't DOTS come in a box? Not a wrapper

Ray - O - Sunshine said...

Mailman...DOTS DO come in a box. Candy buttons (we used to call candy pills) come stuck on a wrapper to be picked off and eaten sometimes paper and all.

PS my Dad was a letter carrier, postman, and mailman too.

Yellowrocks said...

Worrying over the decline in the Market depends on one's immediate needs. I have a friend who pays here mortgage with her rapidly declining dividends. She is looking for more part time work. I have another friend in a retirement community who pays her rent with dividends. She is really worried. I was thinking of using most of my retirement investments to buy into a retirement community within less than one year. With my investments rapidly falling in value, I cannot liquidate them now. I will have to wait. If my health deteriorates in the mean time, the deal is off. If I am healthy upon admittance, everything is okay and I can avoid higher fees. Also they ask for proof of financial solvency which is lower than it was a month ago. My laid off son will very soon need to tap into his investments to pay everyday expenses. If you have no immediate need, this is not so much of a problem as it is for others.

But then, I think of the saying, I cried because I had no shoes until I met a man who had no feet. I think of those who have no savings and those who have a no job or a minimal job. I think of those who will be forced out of work as businesses fail, those who have no benefits and are paid only if they show up, those who must work but have young children who are out of school. This is a horrendous social catastrophe.

IMO we are not talking about the packaging of the real candy, but the wrapping of the candy name around the theme fill.

Jayce said...

I liked this puzzle. At first I thought the theme was odd because, as already pointed out, PEEPS and DOTS aren't wrapped. Then a light bulb went off and I thought, "Ah! The candies themselves are the wrappers!" The word "wrapper" indicates the position of the candy, which "wraps" the answer.

Which brings me to yesterday, re OLDE. I now agree that Brian was right.

Last night I got the first decent night's sleep in a week, because the cough has greatly abated. So thankful! Man oh man what a profound difference getting sleep makes. Better 'n' peanut butter!

LW seems to be less coughy, too. We're both knocking on wood. And staying home.

This COVID19 is serious shit!

As Dr. Anthony Fauci said, doing what may appear to be too much is probably actually doing just enough.

Too damn much attention to the damn stock market and not nearly enough attention to trying to alleviate the economic damage hurting millions of ordinary people.

Please do more than you usually think is adequate to take care of yourselves, dear cornerites.

Jayce said...

Yellowrocks beat me to it about the wrapping of the candy name around the theme fill. :)

Anonymous T said...

Hi All!

Wow, really? No posts for 5 hours?

Thank you Ed for a fun little puzzle to thwart off the Corona blues w/ some sweets.

Congrats Boomer on your 684! Fun expo. Speaking of Mel, his son, Max, posted this timely PSA on Twitter.

WO: SSN b/f SEX (that's taking the whole "do you have STDs?" question a little far....

{A+, A, B+}
Like the DR today, OMK.

Spitz - That is an incredible snap. Thanks for sharing.

Ray-O: SUP? You were on a roll :-)

C, Eh! Your Wind-up (toy) made me think of Wind the Frog [@:35] which has to be one of the greatest lines in movie history :-)

Jayce: So good to read you cough has abated. Stay healthy.

Folks in the -T house are fortunate. We have jobs that can be done remotely and enough resources that we don't need to leave the for weeks if needed. The only place I hope to go this week is back to the garden store - some moron got so excited about Italian parsley he forgot the basil.

Cheers, -T

Chairman Moe said...

Puzzling thoughts ...

I also spelled UMAMI incorrectly; and had SNOW/HAIL

Two haikus for today;

When Frenchman gets drenched,
We suppose he might declare;
“I’m drowning! EAU no!”

Mister Spock sometimes
Has laundry issues. The worst
Is static KLINGON

Wilbur Charles said...

I read MYRA in a bookstore and was shocked by "The Passage". And GV must have been shocked to see what the movie did to his book.

Boomer, the twofers aren't bad, it's the buy two get one free. The "Price" is the highest retail which they rarely use. 1/2 off is better than ⅓.*

I'm not familiar with PEEPS. MOUNDS of course does come in a wrapper but by posting late(FLN after Brian, whose explanation of OLDE I grok'ed while typing) I get my answers before posting.

Two excellent l'icks today Owen. Misty, I refuse to believe you read MYRA Breckenridge. Talk about lowering the obscenity bar.

Re. Xword. Chewy for a Monday with the obvious gimmes. I got every single box.


*fe. Pepperidge Farm Sausalito cookies retail at $3.79. BOGO=>$1.90(*2). 3/2=$7.60/3=$2.53-approx Walmart everyday price

Wilbur Charles said...

C-Moe, so utterly great to see you and 'kus back. W's for both.


Anonymous T said...

C. Moe!

I Sunday Lurk'd but forgot to post. Welcome back! 'Tis nice to see you at The Corner again.

YR - The market is on a wild ride. The company's stock I use to pay Eldest's tuition has gone from $33 -> $5.50 in ~6 weeks. Mind you, this isn't just Coronavirus - the stock is O&G and the Saudis & Russians are in a pissing match.

Everyone should hold if they can - this will pass.
[I just heard overnight futures are up >3% - wheeee!]

Cheers, -T

SwampCat said...

Good workout but some nits. Oysters on the half shell are not always raw. Charbroiled? Rockefeller? Bienvile?? All on the half shell.

SwampCat said...

Owen, all A+