Mar 29, 2020

Sunday March 29, 2020 Gary Larson

Theme: "Inner Cities" - Seven capital cities are hidden in the theme entries.
22A. *Alternative to a pizza oven: BAKING STONE. Jamaica.

38A. *Office group leader: TEAM MANAGER. Jordan.

60A. *Online gaming attraction: VIDEO SLOTS. Norway.

77A. *Mathematical abstraction with evenly spaced integers: NUMBER LINE. Germany.

100A. *Only occupant of Vostok I: YURI GAGARIN. Latvia.

15D. *Lead singer of a group whose first two Top 40 hits reached #1: FRANKIE VALLI. Ukraine And 89. 15-Down singing style: FALSETTO.

62D. *Breakfast order usually made with ham, onion and green pepper: DENVER OMELET. Italy.

118. Startup funds ... and a hint to what's hidden in the answers to the starred clues: SEED CAPITAL.

What a great title and reveal entry. Solid rationale for a hidden theme gimmick.

The clue and answer reminds me of my START UP CAPITAL for the LAT two years ago.


1. Plot again: RE-MAP.

6. Brand created by a periodontist in the 1950s: ORAL B. Love their tongue brush.

11. Zap: TASE.

15. Kite user's verb: FLY.

18. Yawning: AGAPE.

19. Iris aperture: PUPIL.

20. Being broadcast: ON TV.

21. Toledo's lake: ERIE.

24. Word derived from the underworld god Orcus: OGRE. I only know Hades. This Orcus guy has a big mouth.

25. Quarterback's option: PASS.

26. "Romanian Rhapsodies" composer: ENESCO (Georges)

27. Birds that tell time?: CUCKOOS. Nice clue.

29. Tolkien race: ENTS.

30. What Brits cross to get here: THE POND. Best wishes for Jill, Steve!

34. Forsaken: LORN.

35. Orange __: PEKOE.

36. Like some airports: Abbr.: INTL.

42. Those with clout: INS.

43. Reef dweller: POLYP.

45. Line of clothing: INSEAM.

46. Harsh: SEVERE.

48. Blow away: AWE.

49. Latin being: ESSE.

51. Part of a court game name: ALAI. Jai alai.

53. Elimination: REMOVAL.

56. General on a menu: TSO. General Tso's chicken.

57. Rat: SNITCH.

59. Antique shop transaction: RESALE.

65. Designer Cassini: OLEG.

67. Street in Mason's office: DELLA.

68. Sews up: ICES.

69. Dynamic start?: AERO. Aerodynamic.

70. Norse patron: OLAV.

72. Encouraging words: OLES.

73. Rotund man in a bright suit: SANTA. Sure miss our Santa.

75. Metalworking union: WELD.

79. Farriers' tools: ANVILS.

81. Like some mistakes: STUPID.

83. Ode title starter: TO A.

84. Shooting marble: STEELIE.

86. Passion: ZEAL.

87. Daring exploit: GEST.

89. Luthor, to Superman: FOE.

92. Not for kids: R-RATED. Restricted.

94. Sign up: ENLIST.

96. Wrangles: SPARS.

98. Former General Motors division: GEO.

102. Varieties: ILKS.

103. Teaspoon equivalents, roughly: LUMPS.

105. Goddess with cow's horns: ISIS.

106. Track wagers: EXACTAS.

109. Conception: IDEA.

110. Not full: UNSATED.

113. Judging groups: PANELS.

116. Ring at the chapel: TOLL.

117. YA fiction reader: TEEN. YA= Young Adult.

122. Manitoba tribe: CREE.

123. Fails to be: ISN'T.

124. Beach, in Baja: PLAYA.

125. Futuristic toon dog: ASTRO. "The Jetsons" dog.

126. Monopoly token: HAT.

127. D-Day craft: LSTS.

128. Gunpowder ingredient: NITER.

129. Feed, as a fire: STOKE.


1. "Streamers" playwright: RABE (David). Unknown to me.

2. Pulitzer-winning novelist Jennifer: EGAN.

3. "The Egg and I" woman: MA KETTLE. Read more here.

4. In an imitative way: APISHLY.

5. Parts of a pound: PENCE.

6. Special __: OPS.

7. Same old same old: RUT.

8. GI's address: APO. VA hospital here in Minnesota is so overwhelmed with the coronavirus that they canceled Boomer's blood tests for the next two months. They're just going to send him oral chemo pills without seeing the blood work.

9. "The Mod Squad" role: LINC.

10. __ cheese: BLEU.

11. Began to deal with: TOOK ON.

12. Fluffy felines: ANGORAS.

13. Like gales vis-à-vis breezes: STRONGER.

14. Gift-wrapping times, perhaps: EVES.

16. Champ dethroned by Clay in 1964: LISTON (Sonny)

17. Approvals: YESSES.

21. Duel tool: EPEE.

23. Political initials since 1884: GOP.

28. V8 relative: CLAMATO.

31. Elevator name: OTIS.

32. Hawaiian goose: NENE.

33. Court figs.: DAs

35. Program for future docs: PRE-MED.

36. Draft pick: IPA.

37. When repeated, a cautioning word: NOW. Now, now.

39. Wherewithal: MEANS.

40. Timbuktu's land: MALI.

41. Incessantly: EVER.

44. Cancún cash: PESO.

47. Reddish rash: ROSEOLA.

50. McGwire rival: SOSA. Boomer once pulled an autographed of Sosa from an Upper Deck set. Luckily he sold on eBay before Sosa's stock crashed.

52. Apple storage place: ICLOUD.

54. __ wrench: ALLEN.

55. Limited-term usage contract: LEASE.

56. More irritable: TESTIER.

57. Eric of "Pulp Fiction": STOLTZ. I watched the movie ages ago. Never understood it.

58. Position of control: HELM.

60. Travel docs: VISAS.

61. Defeatist's words: I CAN'T.

63. "Ben-Hur" author Wallace: LEW.

64. Valuable rocks: ORES.

66. Idle talk: GAB.

71. "Cone of shame" docs: VETS. Here's why it's called "Cone of shame".

74. Quiets: ALLAYS.

76. 90 degrees: DUE EAST.

77. Wafer brand: NILLA.

78. Goes bad: ROTS.

80. In __: as found: SITU.

82. Twinge: PANG.

85. Strange quality: EERINESS.

87. Unofficial EU leaders group: G SIX.

88. Peak seen from Messina: ETNA.

90. TV planet: ORK.

91. Start to save?: ESS. Just the starting letter.

93. Political opposition: DISSENT.

95. Cause of yelling, often: IRE.

97. One working on a bench?: PIANIST. Nice clue also.

98. Snag: GLITCH.

99. Writer Welty: EUDORA.

101. 2014 World Series champs: GIANTS.

104. __ ale: PALE.

107. Tax pro: CPA.

108. Calamares or caracoles: TAPAS.

110. Elec., e.g.: UTIL.

111. Locker room shower, at times?: ESPN.

112. Where to find a hero: DELI.

114. Bit of mischief: LARK.

115. Wild plum: SLOE.

119. Wolf down: EAT.

120. Salon coloring: DYE.

121. Saturn or Mercury: CAR.

Stay safe, everyone! Back in late January and February, I mentioned how the streets were all deserted in Xi'an/Guangzhou. The daily numbers were scary. But now even the night street food market is Xi'an is open.

We'll overcome this.



Lemonade714 said...

Good morning C.C. and the remaining sheltering in place Cornerites. Oo and I enjoy each other's company but she also is using this time to experiment with new recipes of her own making in the kitchen so I am getting fat and happy.

This was a skillfully done Sunday with a tight theme and fair reveal. I did not recall the genesis of OGRE. I did not know the first three down clues, but they were mostly filled by the perps. Gary used the same clue and fill for RABE in his last LAT Sunday in December, proving my memory is fading.
JENNIFER EGAN rang no bells. While I enjoyed the Ma and Pa Kettle movies, the title meant nothing.

Be careful, be safe. Thank you C.C. and Gary for the diversion in the frightening time.

Lemonade714 said...

Asian street food is generally excellent, fresh and filled with flavor. If you think you are funny anon 5:09, good luck to you.

On another note, this date in history the terra-cotta soldiers were discovered.
Farmers drilling a well near Xi'an, China, found a subterranean chamber that led to the discovery of the terra-cotta army, 8,000 life-size terra-cotta soldiers and horses in the tomb of Emperor Qin Shi Huang.

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

Stumbled here and there -- ORCA before OGRE and spelled UTIL as ULIT (d'oh!) -- but it was mostly a straight-forward solve. Was going to complain that DENVER wasn't "inner;" didn't notice ROME in there. Was listening to the New Yorker Radio Hour while solving. That's my excuse, and I'm stickin' to it. Very nice, Gary. Enjoyed the tour, C.C.

I should've gotten a haircut last week. Our county just joined the shutdown fray, and hair cutters have been ruled non-essential.

Stay well, everybody. This, too, shall pass (I hope).

TTP said...

Pretty quick Sunday solve in just over 34 minutes, or so I thought. Didn't get the CONGRATULATIONS ! that comes with a successful solve at the Washington Post site. Spent another 10 minutes going over that NW corner that gave me a bit of a challenge. In the end, it was EGAr / ErESCO that was wrong. No idea on RABE, but it seemed like it had to be.

In that same area, I was flummoxed by the clue "The Egg and I woman" and when the squares had MAK-TTLE, I thought one of the crosses had to be wrong. Then parsed it as MA KETTLE. I was vaguely familiar with the MA and PA KETTLE movies, but did not know of "The Egg and I". Do now, after reading the Wikipedia article about it.

C.C., "Pulp Fiction" was a useless film for me. Didn't recall that Eric STOLTZ was in it, but recognized his name and role from the movie "Mask" with Cher and Sam Elliott.

On Friday I mentioned FRANKIE VALLI and the Four Seasons. Serendipitous. Jinx had linked the song "Nobody" by the Human Beinz. That video led to Donnie Iris, and then Lou Christie and then a bunch of others.

Sometimes it's entertaining fun to read the comments on some of these older songs. So I was reading the comments section on one of the Lou Christie "Lightnin' Strikes" videos, and people were arguing whether Lou Christie or Frankie Valli had the better FALSETTO. Then someone suggested Eddie Kendricks of The Temptations (e.g. "Just My Imagination") was better than either. And then another made a case for Gene Pitney. Phillip Bailey of Earth, Wind and Fire was another. Maybe he was the best. I like many of their songs because of their arrangements and his vocal range.

So, Desper-otto, I listened to "It Hurts To Be In Love" but really didn't pick up on Gene Pitney's falsetto. Is there a different song I might listen to ?

ERIE ! Hi Abejo !

Necco before NILLA.

The first time I heard the name YURI was with GAGARIN.

"Line of clothing" for INSEAM was fun.

BobB said...

26A seems there is 2 spellings, I have seen Enescu.

jfromvt said...

Fun puzzle, the cities were well hidden I thought. A bit of a Natick right off the bat in the NE corner, but overall nicely constructed.

Hungry Mother said...

Right in my wheelhouse today. I lost my original post somewhere. I enjoyed the solve and ignored the theme.

Big Easy said...

Your 'Start Up Capital'? They provided money for you? Okay, no more jokes. EEERINESS- I think that could describe the current state of the world.

It was a DNF for me today. I had some lucky WAGs- EGAN, RABE, & ENESCO- and GSIX & GEST. All unknowns. But the NUMBER LINE & ROSEOLA intersection couldn't be completed. I had GAS for idle talk and wanted ROSACEA instead of ROSEOLA. The was no V8 moment on OLES. I didn't know about "The Egg an I" but with a few perps, MA KETTLE looks good.

STOLTZ- total unknown. Never heard of "Calamares or caracoles" but figured it was food. I love calamari.

GEO- another line of GM junkers. One of my employees bought one and it was falling apart after about one year.

CC- VA hospital overwhelmed up the river? NOLA has the highest number of COVID-19 per capita in the country. From what I've read, most of it is in nursing homes. One of my best friends is the medical director at a nursing home and he locked it down before the governor shut the schools and everything else over two weeks ago.

TTP- that NW corner was all guesses for me.
Hungry Mother- I usually ignore the themes; just want to solve.
D-otto- haircut? If you are bald on top (like me) I get my barber (DW) to cut the rest of it off on the back porch and sweep the small amount into the grass. Yes, she wants a tip.

Jinx in Norfolk said...

Hard-earned FIR. This one was right at the edge of my solving abilities. CSO to moi @ STUPID.

I had a hard time filling PALE having filled IPA. Was also alert when GOP was followed by "orange ____".

Seems like most airports call themselves "International". But my friend Wikipedia says "an international airport is an airport with customs and border control facilities enabling passengers to travel between countries". I guess that Midland and Lubbock International airports occasionally get charter or private flights from other countries.

PLAYA del Rey is a beautiful LA County beach near Marina del Rey and LAX.

I loved bloody Marys made with Clamato. Back in our drinking days, DW and I would make one from a fresh bottle, then fix up the rest of the bottle and go golfing. Horseradish, lemon juice, Tabasco, celery salt and table salt made excellent augmentation to the juice and cheap vodka.

Thanks to Gary Larson for the challenge. And thanks to CC for the fun review.

Yellowrocks said...

Not easy for me. LIU a few items.
I forgot how to spell GAGARIN.
The Egg and I was one of the first movies I ever saw in a theater. It was veyr funny. The first theater movie I saw was Song of the South, which my grandma took me to see.
I used number lines with students for many years, but it took a while to recognize the wordy description.
I found Pulp Fiction boring, nonlinear, difficult to follow and unnecessarily vulgar. IMO the worst movie I ever (partially) saw, in spite of it receiving many awards. A friend rented it. I pleaded a headache and left early. It was with great relief I got into my car to go home.
Because of crosswords I have see NENE for years. Recently I have seen it in print. But it was only last year that I learned it was not pronounced to rhyme with MEAN, but as NAY NAY.
I realize General Tso's chicken is not actually Chinese, but I find it tasty. I like it spicy.
Monday March 16, was the last day I went about freely and ran many errands. I decided to skip my haircut thinking to get it the next day. But by that time I was going out as little as possible. I will have long hair, but with no style, before I get back to the salon.

waseeley said...

BobB, re 26A, the spelling you've seen ('Enescu') is the only one. George Enescu's Romania Rhapsody #1 is a classical music chessnut that is played often on classical music stations. I've seen it spelled this way and heard numerous DJs end it with a long 'U' for over 50 years. I think Larson just fudged it to get 'GOP' (23D) to work. But that clue seems a bit dodgy too. According to the Wikipedia the Republican Party was founded in 1854 and the moniker GOP was first used in the Congressional Record in 1875 to refer to the "Galant Old Party". The initials stuck, but their meaning morphed at some point to "Grand Old Party".

billocohoes said...

Chico Marx (to vocal student): "You sing high, huh?"

Girl: "Yes, I have a FALSETTO voice"

Chico: "That's-a funny. My last pupil, she had a false set o' teeth"

I suspect in their stage show, he wouldn't say teeth, but t*ts.

desper-otto said...

I've been busy walkin' the 'hood and then watching the talking heads on the Sunday morning news shows. Just noticed TTP's question at 7:53. I'm not sure I'd term Gene Pitney's singing voice a falsetto, though he does do a falsetto toward the end of Every Breath I Take. More often he just sang in his normal, somewhat high pitched voice, as in (I Wanna) Love My Life Away.

Husker Gary said...

-The blizzard of proper names at the start seemed “natickishly” (Hey, he used APISHLY) done
-I chose the wrong vowel to end RAB_ but guessed correctly on N for EGA_
-Four-letter playwright wasn’t INGE or AGEE
-We saw lovely CUCKOO clock shops in The Black Forest. No “Made In China” there
-There are worse places for a POLYP to dwell where they must be slated for REMOVAL
-I wonder if DELLA ever woke up one morning to realize life had passed her :-)
-Encouraging words bedeviled me for a long time. ¡Ay, caramba!
-My farrier friend did some work for a Colorado zoo on giraffes
-Check out this EXACTA, trifecta and superfecta
-I TOOK ON MIL’s yard word after she fell for two years but now the house is sold
-IKEA ALLEN wrench
-EUDORA – “Early e-mail program” cluing beats another writer for me
-I called to get a haircut at 9 am this week but he couldn’t get me in until 4:45 pm

Anonymous said...

Had fun doing this in "self imposed quarantine" with my spouse. Wondering if "DC" in 118A "SEEDCAPITALl" qualifies as a correct answer.

TTP said...

Thanks, D-O. He got up there too !

Anonymous @ 11:31, No, not quite. The hidden capitals were in the starred clues. But good catch seeing D.C.

Sandyanon said...

Enjoyed this puzzle as challenging but far from unsolvable. Didn't notice the theme until the reveal, and I'm still not sure what seed had to do with it.

I hope more people drop by Owen's jumblehints blog and say hi. A small but loyal group enjoy his longer poems every day. And two on Sunday!

NaomiZ said...

Missed 5 squares today: EnEsco, Weld, Gest, and yurigagarIn. Obviously didn't know the perps either. It doesn't hurt to be humbled! Thanks, Mr. Larson, C.C. et al.

Misty said...

Fun Sunday puzzle--many thanks, Gary. I got big parts of the middle and east filled in, but had only odd items here and there in west. So it took a bit of work as I moved along. Some of the bigger items then fell into place--TEAM MANAGER, NUMBER LINE, and YURI GAGARIN, although I had a bit of trouble with the spelling of his last name at first. Lots of names eluded me, although I was happy to get OTIS, DELLA, OLEG, and, of course, SANTA. (Thank you for the sweet picture, C.C.). Had no idea that OGRE was derived from ORCUS, and I had NECCO before I got NILLA. Loved your "Cone of Shame" picture, C.C. And thank you for the positive ending to your commentary.

Have a good Sunday, everybody.

Anonymous said...

Agree with SandyAnon. Can someone please explain what SEED has to do with the theme?

Lucina said...


Since church services are cancelled I had plenty of leisure time to mull over Gary Larson's opus. Couldn't suss anything in the NW corner but ORALB jump started me in that area and off I went following that center strand.

Ooh, Latin and Spanish fall easily so ESSE/PESO did. I like to say the word POLYP. And also because of Spanish, I guess, I assumed NENE was pronounced nay-nay.

My first encounter with YURI was also GAGARIN followed later by Dr. Zhivago.

Yesterday while cleaning my kitchen I discovered a cache of ALLEN wrenches saved for some unknown reason. They all went to the trash.

I remember my brothers playing with STEELIEs.

Returning upward to the NW corner I finally recalled MA KETTLE played the delightful Marjorie Main. PENCE? Isn't there a VP in the or something by that name? I believe he's also in the GOP.

Many months ago Sunday Morning had information about the I-CLOUD which is run from a very large building but the name of the state has escaped me.

I learned EXACTAS and other betting terms from a friend of mine whose father used to manage Turf Paradise, a horse racing venue, in Phoenix.

Going to the PLAYA was one of the best perks when I lived in California.

Even after seeing ENTS so often in CWDS I missed it; I had YESYES instead of YESSES.

My late DW would turn over in his grave if I didn't know Sonny LISTON; he was an avid fan of boxing as I may have mentioned already in previous posts and watched every bout available.

OLAV or OLAF? Only the perps will tell.

ISIS or IBIS? I once worked with a girl named IBIS so that always comes to mind.

Thank you, Gary Larson for this fun fest and thank you, C.C. for greatly adding to the fun. Your food facts are always fascinating.

Have a peaceful, if confined day, everyone!

Lucina said...

Oops. Ma Kettle, played BY the delightful Marjorie Main.

waseeley said...

waseeley @ 10:36 am - make that "Romanian" Rhapsody

Chairman Moe said...

HG @ 11:01

I actually had that EXACTA when I wagered on the race (KY Derby, 2017). I also had Always Dreaming to win. Missed the Trifecta, though. Still, a nice payday for yours truly. Sadly, I had a ton of $ on Maximum Security in last year’s race; it crossed the finish line first, but was DQ’d for interference. First Derby horse to be taken down from the win. This year’s “Run for the Roses” will be the first Saturday in September...

Lucina @ 12:41 —> I was hoping to go to Turf Paradise this spring to see their big prep race for the Derby. Guess I’ll have to wait until next year ... one of the past horses that prepped @ Turf Paradise went on to win the KY Derby, back in 2009 ... Mine That Bird ... had one of the largest win bet payouts in KY Derby history ... $2 win bet = $103.20 return!

TTP said...

Startup funds are known as seed money, or seed capital.

The clue says, "... and a hint to what is hidden in the starred answers".

The hint in the reveal is the word capital. Not the entire answer. The country capitals are hidden in the starred answers.

That's it.

Not quite as elegant as C.C.'s Startup Capital puzzle where the capitals all "started" the theme answers.

But, if you must, you might conclude that seeds are embedded in the ground, and the capitals are embedded in the starred answers. Seems to me that would be a stretch.

Lemonade714 said...

Sorry, but ENESCO is legit and appeared in the LAT before.

Wilbur Charles said...

I was wondering if the old spelling: PEKING might work. STUPID(hi Jinx). I got it down to the E in RAB-E-NESCO.
But …
I had hastily inked, oops I'm online, keyed ASHE for that Court game name. I had neglected to fix that when MALI wouldn't fit.

But, the rest went slowly but surely. I don't like online solving. I just read that Losartan , a BP med, may slow progress of CV19. I take it for kidney BP.

Spelling GAGARIN was a challenge.

Actually, "Seeding" the Capials in the long answers made sense to me.

Re. The Trifecta… Going short on S&P500 was found money since my son, Phil, was onto the virus effects by 1-Feb.


Lemonade714 said...

YR, your comment about movie theaters took me down memory lane. I have no idea what the first movie I saw was, as all I can recall is sitting in my mother's lap. The first one I recall was THE BIRDS AND THE BEES a forgettable remake of Barbara Stanwyck's THE LADY EVE
The movie which boasted DAVID NIVEN as third lead and SIDNEY SHELDON writing the screenplay, was awful. You can watch the complete MOVIE . The casting director who replaced Henry Fonda with George Gobel????

Sandyanon said...

Do movie theaters still have those little soundproof rooms where mothers with babies and others can watch the films? I remember those from long agp.

Anonymous T said...

Sunday Lurk Say...

BigE said: "I get my barber (DW) to cut the rest of it off on the back porch and sweep the small amount into the grass. Yes, she wants a tip." Oh, I'm not touching that... :-)

I hate haircuts (what, me sit still for 20 min?!?) and put them off as long as my bangs don't interfere w/ my vision. On the 14th, hair got in my eyes but DW said "NO!" I was not going out. My mop is now somewhere between a Beatle and a Muppet.

Lucina - those allen wrenches could be used for barter in our forthcoming Mad Max dystopia. Go dig 'em out of the trash :-)

Today DW & I worked more on the outside, Eldest built 3dz Kolaches, and Youngest Bread & Apple Tarts.
This is becoming, like, the best quarantine ever.

Puzzle tomorrow.

Cheers, -T

Jayce said...

I liked this puzzle but couldn't start in the NW as usual because I did not know RABE, EGAN, MA KETTLE, or BAKING STONE. I did know ENESC- and waited to see if the last letter of his name would be O or U. So I actually started the solve process at the upper middle area. Of course, NUKE was wrong for "Zap" and ANGORAS revealed it to be TASE instead. I also learned that "Iris aperture" was not FSTOP. For some reason I entered ANIMAL for "Rat", probably because I already had the NI. I did enjoy the capital city names inside the starred answers. 55 minutes of pleasure.

I remember my wife loved the EUDORA email program and used it extensively in her work.

Good wishes to you all.

Sandyanon said...

Very grateful that I bought some Bobby pins. Hair so long now I have to to pin it out of my eyes. Lord knows how long it's going to get because I can't cut it. I'm not mentioning toenails.

Abejo said...

Good afternoon, folks. Thank you, Gary Larson, for a fine puzzle. Thank you, C.C., for a fine review.

Puzzle went pretty easily, except for a couple spots. Caught the theme late in the game. Thought it was really good.

GEST was a new word for me. Live and learn.

I see ERIE made it today. Hooray.

9D LINC, as in short for Lincoln, reminds me of my father. His first name was Lincoln. He went by Link, when he signed it informally. Also happens to be my middle name. Was also my grandmother's maiden name. And my grandson's first name. And my cousin's first name. And my deceased nephew's first name. OK, I'll shut up.

Speaking of Liston/Clay, I saw Muhammad Ali (aka Cassius Clay) twice in airports, once in San Francisco and once in Chicago. In San Fran he was physically fine. In Chicago he was exhibiting major coordination problems as he walked. Guess he took too many punches.

Wasn't sure about the spelling of EERINESS. But I guess it must be correct.

I now call Allen Wrenches Hex Keys.

I remember YURI GAGARIN, the cosmonaut. I guess that shows my age.

Well, see you tomorrow. With this life we are all leading now I cannot keep the days straight. The CW puzzle helps me with that.


( )

Wilbur Charles said...

I should have mentioned that NO, I didn't profit from the downturn.


Bobbi said...

Boy, did I ever need this delightful puzzler!! I've been in solitary for over a week and I needed some relaxing fun. Larsen's puzzler did just that! Only stumbled three times (a record for me??)!!
Sure chased away the "Corona Virus Isolation Blues" for me!!

J.Go said...

I enjoyed the puzzle, but didn't quite finish. However, 3-Down was a gimme, as I live 3 miles as the chicken flies from Egg and I Road. The road was initially named after the family represented as the Kettles in Betty MacDonald's book, but the local government sought to capitalize on the success of the book and subsequent movies, and changed the name of the road. It's a peaceful, two-lane rural road that runs past a former dairy farm (Bishop's, aka Kettle's) on the Olympic Peninsula of Washington state. Chicken coops are long gone.

I'm a daily puzzle solver (on paper) and an occasional reader of the blog. I enjoy the explanations and camaraderie that permeates the comments. Keep up the good work and stay healthy.


Yellowrocks said...

I have enough staples to eke out two more months. Eggs, milk and fresh produce are a problem. The last days may be difficult but doable. Do I replenish my stocks weekly or when? If I need a large order two months from now will there be a mad rush for restock?
My first hearing aid is arriving soon. Should I wait to have it fitted and programmed?
Cool puzzle and expo.

Lucina said...

So sorry but the trash has already been taken out. My granddaughter takes it as soon as it's full.

I see from the recently finished press conference that no end is in sight until possibly June 1st!!!!!

Mark is "cooking" tonight so that means takeout!

Lemonade714 said...

ABEJO, Ali suffered from progressive Parkinson's Disease ALI's Health.

CanadianEh! said...

Thanks for the fun, Gary and C.C. I DNFed today.
My old iPad won't update Cruciverb, and I tried to solve this CW on the LA Times site.
It was so unwieldy on my laptop that I gave up at the 3/4 fill.

But I have been busy while stuck at home - extra social contact via technology.
See you all tomorrow.

Bill G said...

Hi everybody.

Several of you mentioned movies. That reminded me of something about movies I had intended to post before; 1) A surprisingly good and enjoyable movie, 2) A classic movie that's a favorite of mine, and 3) One of the worst movies I've ever seen.

1) "Midnight in Paris" is an offbeat movie; very romantic and engaging. I'm in the process of watching it for the third time. I hate approaching the end of it again because I don't want it to be over.

2) "The Third Man" is a black and white classic. It's an excellent mystery with some of the most beautiful cinematography you'll ever see. Several of the scenes are spectacularly memorable including the introduction of the Harry Lime character via the use of a cat.

3) "Blame it on Rio" with Michael Caine is just dreadful but it's supposed to be a fun romantic comedy. The film does have two 'very enjoyable features' but everything else is just painful.

Agree? Comments?

Lucina said...

Bill G:
Midnight in Paris is certainly a delightfully enjoyable movie, IMHO; I haven't seen the other two so can't comment but I'm sure I'll get to them this week.

Bill G said...

Lucina, I hope you enjoy "The Third Man."

Wilbur Charles said...

Wasn't Demi Moore in "Blame it on Rio"?. I think Abejo is right as the link agrees; that Ali took too many punches.
That fight with Liston was just about the biggest Sports event of the 60s.

I won $10 on a $1.00 bet
Classmate was begging everyone to bet Clay so for a buck, why not.

He was upset that I insisted on collecting. The other enormous event was ND vs MSU, 1966. Of course those two Redsox vs Twins games in '67 were huge locally but not on a national scale like the other two.

Bill G said...

Wilbur Charles wrote: "Wasn't Demi Moore in "Blame it on Rio"?.

Yes, but she wasn't the main female attraction... She came in second to the only two redeeming things in this loser of a movie.

Unknown said...

First time Gary Larson puzzle. Really enjoyed it. Hope there will be more. Can't stand Clamato, didn't know they still made it.

Tracy said...

Enjoying the Gary Larson puzzle, clever clues.