Mar 11, 2020

Wednesday, March 11, 2020, Bryant White


Hi all, Melissa here. The second word of each theme answer is a shade of green. See the chart above, where all four of our shades appear. The artichoke shade seems more like a shade of grey, but it does look a lot like the color of a cooked artichoke heart.

16. *Orson Welles' role in "The Third Man": HARRY LIME

23. *James T. Kirk player, in recent "Star Trek" films: CHRIS PINE.

50. *"Pogo" cartoonist: WALT KELLY.

59. *"Damn Yankees!" star: TAB HUNTER.

35. Dollar bill, e.g. ... and what the ends of the answers to starred clues have in common: GREENBACK.


1. School of thought: ISM.

4. 1972 Kentucky Derby winner __ Ridge: RIVA

8. Landlocked African country: MALI.

12. Sense of balance: STABILITY.

15. Half of a folk-rock duo: SIMON. Simon & Garfunkel. The Harmony Game, a 2011 documentary that tells the story of their landmark album ‘Bridge Over Troubled Water’ is streaming now on Amazon Prime Video.

17. Public square: PLAZA. Seeing PLAZA just below SIMON makes me think of Neil SIMON's PLAZA  Suite - on Broadway March - July.

18. Court answers: PLEAS.

19. Org. promoting fluoridation: ADA. American Dental Association.

21. State of calm attentiveness: ZEN.

22. Fair-haired: BLOND.

26. Kareem, once: LEW. NBA great Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, born Ferdinand Lewis Alcindor Jr.

27. Deli order: HERO. Nice clue.

29. Police trickery: STING. Not always police - as in the 1973 movie The Sting, inspired by real-life cons, brothers Fred and Charley Gondorff, and documented by David Maurer in his book The Big Con: The Story of the Confidence Man.
30. Koala's hangout: TREE.

32. Crest container: TUBE.

34. "Bus Stop" playwright: INGE. William.

38. Curly top: AFRO.

40. Landlocked Asian country: LAOS.

41. "Elephant Boy" boy: SABU. 1937 Movie based on Rudyard Kipling's "Toomai, of the Elephants," from Rudyard Kipling's The Jungle Book. Sabu was the young Indian actor who played Toomai.

45. Jigsaw unit: PIECE. Puzzle piece.

47. Color printer refills: INKS. Ink and toner has to be some of the most overpriced office supplies ever invented. Come in for the free printer - come back soon to buy the $250 ink.

49. "What's shakin'?": SUP. Short for 'what's up?'

52. Finds the right words, say: EDITS. As an editor, I like this clue.

54. Step into character: ACT. Favorite clue of the day.

55. It may need massaging: EGO.

56. Crouch down: SQUAT.

57. Word with ice or cookie: SHEET.

63. Wetland birds: TERNS.

64. Pushing to the limit: STRAINING.

65. "Put a tiger in your tank" brand: ESSO.

66. Babe in the woods: FAWN. Also, the paper-shredding legend from the  Iran-Contra hearings.

67. LP successors: CDS. From long-playing vinyl records to compact discs.


1. "More or less" suffix: ISH.

2. Desktop item: STAPLER.

3. "The Big Sleep" private eye: MARLOWE. Detective Philip Marlowe is a fictional character who first appeared under that name in the 1939 novel, The Big Sleep,  twice adapted to film.

4. Most populous Arabian Peninsula city: RIYADH. Capital of Saudi Arabia and the largest city on the Arabian Peninsula.

5. Pandora's boxful: ILLS. From the ancient Greek story about a character named Pandora, who was given a box as a wedding gift but was ordered not to open it. Eventually, curiosity overcame her and she opened the box, releasing death, evil, and misery into the world.

6. Sundial seven: VII.

7. PIN point: ATM. PIN = Personal Identification Number.

8. End of a soldier's URL: MIL. From Wikipedia: The domain name mil is the sponsored top-level domain (sTLD) in the Domain Name System of the Internet for the United States Department of Defense and its subsidiary or affiliated organizations. The name is derived from military.

9. Jaw-dropping: AMAZING. 😮

10. Cough drop: LOZENGE.

11. Absurd: INANE.

13. WWII light machine gun: BREN. Made by Britain in the 1930s and used in various roles until 1992.

14. Class ring number: YEAR.

 15. Acting fitfully: SPASTIC.

20. Talk smack about: DIS.

22. Deli order: BLT. Clecho of 27a.

23. Pitiless: CRUEL.

24. Boot stud: HOBNAIL. In footwear, a hobnail is a short nail with a thick head used to increase the durability of boot soles.

25. Legendary Hollywood hot dog restaurant: PINKS. Can't go to Hollywood without stopping here for a dog. My daughter in front of the famous painted logo, way back in 2004.

28. French summer: ETE.

31. "Snowy" bird: EGRET.

33. Black shade: EBONY.

36. Houston NBA team: ROCKETS.

37. "Try me": ASK.

38. Cochise followers: APACHES. According to Tom Brown, Jr., the famous tracker, the Apache were desert-dwellers and therefore excellent trackers. In his books and classes, track patterns that he calls "pressure releases" are described using geological terms like ridge, peak, and plateau, as variations in prints could be clearly seen in sand.

39. Instagram overlays: FILTERS.

42. Like some lions: ASIATIC.

43. Rifle handle: BUTT END. That was tricky.

44. Good times: UPS. For some reason I could only see UPS as the delivery service, until I finally realized it was not an acronym.

46. Brain scan inits.: EEG. An electroencephalogram is a test used to evaluate the electrical activity in the brain.

48. Costume spangle: SEQUIN.

50. Fritter away: WASTE.

51. They may be drawn: LOTS. Drawing lots = making a chance decision by using lots (straws or pebbles etc.) that are thrown or drawn.

53. Country duo Brooks & __: DUNN.

56. Bandleader Artie: SHAW.

58. Rock producer Brian: ENO.

60. DOJ division: ATF. Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms.

61. Bikini half: BRA.

62. Some NFL linemen: RGS. Right guards are positioned on the right of the offensive line.


desper-otto said...

Good morning!

No problems with this one. Well one, stEN/BREN, but that was quickly fixed. I don't recognize Bryant's name. Is he a new constructor? Lots of those greens don't appear green to this color-blind dude. Thanx for the outing, Bryant, and for the expo, Melissa Bee.

Class Ring: Never owned one. No wedding ring, either.

APACHE: Cochise was the head of the Chiracahua (Cheer-a-kow-ah) branch of the tribe. Michael Ansara played him on TV.

SHAW: He was one marrying guy -- eight times in all, including Lana Turner (3) and Ava Gardner (5).

In honor of today's theme, we need a Musical Interlude.

Jinx in Norfolk said...

FIW at HARlEY LIME x BlEN and ZiN x LOZiNGE. UNTIE! But I did wait for lou/LEW, so I got that goin' for me. Erased stEN and SIN, and should have erased ZiN.

To this literal-minded Cornerite there are no shades of black (or white, for that matter). If it reflects everything it's white. If it reflects nothing it's black. My artist DW disagrees.

What the hell kind of delicatessen sells bacon? MY KIND!

Not my cuppa today, but I'm sure others will love it. But melissa's tour was stellar as always.

Yellowrocks said...

Nice puzzle. So many names, but I have heard them all, except for PINKS and CHRIS PINE. I wagged the P. I changed STEN to BREN. Some names took a while to dredge up, but they came to light. Interesting blog, mb.
The Sting is one of my all time favorite movies. I saw it when it first came out and many times since.
CSO to inanehiker.

Hungry Mother said...

FIR, but super-tough for me today. So many names! Luckily I knew a lot of the old stuff.

Spitzboov said...

Good morning everyone.

Didn't get the theme until coming here. Otherwise I might not have gotten bolluxed up at the PINE / PINKS (missing the P) cross which felt like a Natick. Had Babu for SABU, too. Got everything else, though, but with some perp help in the bottom sector.
Liked the LOTS clue. STAPLER helped get the right spelling for LEW.

Good intro from Melissa.

Have a great day.

Bill V. said...

First time that I encounter BREN (had confidently entered STEN). Ergo FIW

billocohoes said...

Yes, D-O, one out of eight men has some degree of color blindness, much rarer in women. I can only distinguish about 14 variations of green on that chart, other than darkness.

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

This was a cute theme and timely, also, as St. Paddy's Day is coming up and then you'll see every shade of green under the sun! I knew The musical Simon half but not the Dunn half and, mysteriously, not to mention preposterously, my Asiatic lions were Aquatic. 🐅 The crossing duos of Ism/Ish and Ups/Sup were fun, as were the Terns and Egret. CSO to CEh at ESSO, which is becoming a frequent visitor.

Thanks Bryant and Melissa for a mid-week challenge and review.

Misty, how is Dusty?

Have a great day.

Sherry said...

Didn't get the theme, had the green part but thought the ending was buck.

Yellowrocks said...

My ex was colorblind. When his colleagues told him his socks didn't match he came home angry with me for embarrassing him. The guys were just pulling his leg.

The GREENBACK reveal helped guess the P in PINE and PINKS

oc4beach said...

I was able to finish the puzzle with no look-ups, but it took a few extra minutes this morning. MB provided a nice tour of the grid and explained the theme which I didn't get.

A few different clues today. Different landlocked countries and some different proper names. Perps were a great help today.

Like others I have a color blindness issue. I see some greens as green, but most of the greens on the chart I see as brown and others are gray. Reds and pinks are also an issue. I see a lot of browns and grays. There were times at work when my co-workers would ask me if I dressed myself or if my DW helped pick my colors.

YR: It got to the point where I got rid of all of my colored socks and just had one kind of black socks, one kind of dark brown socks and one kind of white socks. It made choosing and matching socks easier. I still needed help picking ties to wear.

Have a great day, everyone.

Husker Gary said...

-I know Boomer thought of this song today!
-CHRIS PINE and PINKS work! I’ll take a “got ‘er done”
-I tested GWEN VIRDON before TAB HUNTER settled in
-LEW from NYC was a transcontinental “get” for John Wooden at UCLA
-AGEE/INGE and NAIF/FAWN coin flip resulted in an ink write-overs
-Cwd constructor Stella Zawistowski STRAINING with a SQUAT lift at the left on her Cross Fit Training page
-Oops, here comes a gaggle of sophomores

Husker Gary said...

-Some of you may recall Stella had us STRAINING to get SHAKSHUKA/MARKKA crossing!

SwampCat said...

Lots of fun puzzles lately. I work ‘em. No time to chat!

Today’s offering seemed very fresh to me. New clues and new fill. Thanks Bryant. I had evil for Pandora b/f ILLS. Didn’t remember I knew HARRY LIME. IM, I also had aquatic b/f ASIATIC . I was thinking of sea lions .

HOBNAIL boots are interesting to me because in WWII the Germans used them in the soles of their boots. They made an intimidating racket . But the main purpose was to save leather. Serendipity.

My favorite clue was Babe in the woods for FAWN. Well, yes. Simple, but pleasing.

Misty said...

Well, this turned out to be a bit of a Wednesday toughie for me, and although I got all of the bottom and chunks of the middle and bits of the top, I still needed a bit of help to finish. But still enjoyable, many thanks, Bryant, and always enjoy your write-up, Melissa--thank you for that too.

I was happy to see and get INGE as the author of "Bus Stop." But I had spelling problems this morning, making Kareem LOU at first, rather then LEW, and getting LOZENGE wrong the first time. And, like Bill V., I too put STEN before perps made it clear it had to be BREN (never heard of it). Nice to see TAB HUNTER in a puzzle--was surprised that I remembered him. Wow, Artie SHAW sure had a lot of marriages, didn't he, Melissa.

Irish Miss, Dusty was diagnosed with something called Cushing's Syndrome which has two different versions with different medications. The veterinarian described two complicated procedures Dusty would have to endure before determining the medication. When I looked it up on line, there were suggestions that the medications might help for only three years. Well, Dusty is almost 17 years old, and the estimated age of dachshunds is 12 to 16 years, according to online sources. I therefore think subjecting him to troublesome procedures rather than having him continue his good life as long as possible, is probably a better decision at this time. Will keep you up on how things go, and thank you for asking.

AnonymousPVX said...

A bIt of a crunch fest with this Wednesday grid.

Write-overs....along with others, STEN/BREN (join the club!).

The Sting is one of my all time favorites...I love Redford’s classic closing line. Will watch this film anytime.

See you tomorrow.

Lucina said...


I liked this GREEN infested puzzle. Thank you, Bryant White.

My Natick was at HARRY/MARLOWE and of course, I had STEN and have not heard of or forgot BREN. On seeing LOWE I thought it was another brother of Chad and Rob.

Luckily we had RIYADH recently and I remembered the spelling. And SABU used to be a common fill in the past.

Since I like all things that glitter I enjoyed seeing SEQUIN.

Though it was over 60 years ago, I still hear the voice of my American Lit professor and so INGE was loud and clear. She was a forceful and effective teacher.

Alas, my newspaper was not in the carport today but thankfully, the Washington Post provides easy access for printing it. A curse to all newspaper thieves!

I believe you are doing the right thing for Dusty. May he live to accompany you for a few more years.

Have a lovely day, everyone! We've had 24 hours of rain! Yay! The desert will be in bloom.

Wilbur Charles said...

FIR, with the P and S on PINKS a wag. I had SINS for Pandora. I thought Bryant might want the music app. I'm guessing Harry LIME was his base fill.

Re. "On Holiday", On Vac, the Argyle Sweater has "Stay-cation".
Talk about senioritis, I couldn't think of Garfunkel's partner. Nor KELLEY's first name.

I knew an ATF guy who helped in the crime novel "The Friends of Eddie Coyle"


Ps, wise choice, Misty

Wheels42 said...

Tough one for me. Had never heard of HARRYLIME, BREN, TABHUNTER, WALTERKELLY, RIVA, HOBNAIL, or SABU. MARLOWE only rang a bell once I had most of the crosses filled in.

I ended up having two letters wrong: the 'U' in SABU and the 'L' in HOBNAIL (which I should have figured out given the theme). No complaints, though, just trying to provide another data point for my fellow commenters (and those who read but don't comment).

I wonder if they thought of running this puzzle on St. Paddy's Day?

CrossEyedDave said...

DNF because we had to bail at the beach, it was too cold...
Came home only to run into the HOA gestopo's car sticker rules
And then find out a truck ran over the brand new mailbox that the HOA
Forced us to replace.

So, when you call a Bren a light machine gun, when it required a two man crew to
Operate over the one man Sten, crossing old movie names crossing evil/sins/ills
Crossing my stability issues,,,

Well, then, I gotta take a Thumper...

Lemonade714 said...

Another day at doctors but I had to add my late comment about our constructor BRYANT WHITE who like our own JEFFREY WECHSLER has resurrected his puzzle career after a long absence. His history:

Constructor Pub Size Words Blocks MWL Date
17006 Bryant White nyt 15x15 70 41 5.26 Sat, May 07, 1994
17047 Bryant White nyt 15x15 74 43 4.92 Fri, Jun 17, 1994
17062 Bryant White nyt 15x15 74 44 4.89 Sat, Jul 02, 1994
17088 Bryant White nyt 15x15 74 44 4.89 Thu, Jul 28, 1994
17102 Bryant White nyt 15x15 76 42 4.82 Thu, Aug 11, 1994
17124 Bryant White nyt 15x15 74 39 5.03 Fri, Sep 02, 1994
17145 Bryant White nyt 15x15 72 38 5.19 Fri, Sep 23, 1994
17159 Bryant White nyt 15x15 76 40 4.87 Fri, Oct 07, 1994
17161 Bryant White nyt 23x23 162 88 5.44 Sun, Oct 09, 1994
17172 Bryant White nyt 15x15 74 36 5.11 Thu, Oct 20, 1994
17180 Bryant White nyt 15x15 68 46 5.26 Fri, Oct 28, 1994
84 Bryant White nyt 21x21 130 74 5.65 Sun, Mar 23, 1997
657 Bryant White nyt 15x15 72 38 5.19 Sat, Oct 17, 1998
21938 Bryant White nyt 15x15 78 42 4.69 Wed, May 02, 2018

His comment on his last NYT LINK mentions this lapse.

As long as I was researching the history of Mr. White I came across the past appearance of BREN in the LAT since we switched and found an early use by our own C.C.

Machine gun partly named for the Czech city in which it was designed lat David Poole Wed Aug 26, 2015
British weapon designed in Czechoslovakia lat Don Gagliardo and C.C. Burnikel
Thu Mar 24, 2011
Falklands War gun lat Gareth Bain Fri Aug 07, 2009
British weapon designed in Czechoslovakia lat Robert H. Wolfe Sat Aug 30, 2008

Thank you for the comeback Bryant and thank you mb.

desper-otto said...

Color blindness: I remember getting home from work years ago, looking down at my feet, and asking dw if my socks matched. "Yes they do. It's your shoes that don't match." D'oh! OC4, I have no problem with sock colors -- mine are all black. Also no problem picking tie colors -- it's been almost 25 years since I last tied a noose around my neck. Dw claims there's an "emergency" tie in the closet, but I haven't seen it in years.

Newspaper thieves: Here it is, just 2-1/2 years since I called to cancel home delivery of the Barnacle, and they've already stopped deliveries. I toyed with calling them to complain about the stoppage, but decided against it.

billocohoes said...

My (actually my daughter's dachshund) was a great dog, lived until 15, the last year was tough.

Remember, when Pandora looked inside the box after the ILLS escaped, what was left was Hope.

desper-otto said...

And he was on a USO tour.

PK said...

Hi Y'all, Thanks for the challenge, Bryant! Very fine expo, thanks, melissa.

I knew none of the color theme men's names except TAB HUNTER and I didn't know he was in that movie. I had trouble with most of the other names in the puzzle too. I thought the "Big Sleep" was a Travis McGee story but he didn't fit. I did know LEW, DUNN, SHAW & ENO.

I tried SPAzzed before SPASTIC. WOES B4 ILLS.

Hand up for sTEN.

Jinx in Norfolk said...

Misty, whatever you decide will be the best, most informed decision that can be made, and I fully support you.

Having said that, am I misreading your post? I parse it "therefore think subjecting him to troublesome probably a better decision at this time." I suspect you mean "...just continue his good life..." is the better decision.

In any case, I think Dusty is lucky to have had you to see him through all phases of his life. And I'm sure he has paid you back in spades.

Lemonade714 said...

As I mentioned our first doxy, Fritz, only lived 10 years. The second one a slightly schizophrenic but adorable female, Freda, lived well for 14 years but when she moved to Florida with her thick fur she was not happy. The heat probably hastened her demise. I am of an age where I am forgetting things but remember them both so well from the first day they came home to the last. Too much joy to be sad.

Pat said...

Hello, all! I do the puzzle every day and read all the comments and enjoy all of it. Thank you, Bryant White, for the fun puzzle and thank you, melissa b, for the enjoyable expo.

Hand up for stEN/BREN. Didn't know either HARRY LIME or CHRIS PINE.

Regarding yesterday's U and I theme: Facebook reminded me that I posted these song lyrics a few years ago.

Just the two of us
Building castles in the sky
Just the two of us
You and I.

Just the Two of Us by Bill Withers. I will leave you with my ear worm for today.

Misty, my best wishes for the best rest of his life for Dusty. I made the same type of decision for an older dog with cancer. The vet said chemo may get us another 6 months with him. We kept him comfortable until he passed 3 weeks later. Quality of life is more important than length of life.

Have a good evening.

CrossEyedDave said...

just bookmarking my place...

Jayce said...

I liked this puzzle well enough. Never heard of a BREN gun so, like several of you, I put in STEN, which totally locked up that area of the puzzle. So I had to go look up the name of the Orson Welles character (now I remember that name), took out the S, saw the B in STABILITY, and BREN filled itself. I also has to get -ABU before guessing that the hotdog joint's name was PINKS, not PINKY. I, too, didn't remember that TAB HUNTER was in that movie.

Melissa, thank you for your informative write-up.

Our son is red-green colorblind, a fact which LW and I too often forget. Once while visiting them we went out to a restaurant in our red car. The streetlight under which we parked was of such a hue it made our car look gray to my eyes. After dining, as we were walking back to the car, I impulsively exclaimed, "Wow, our car looks gray!" He said, "Dad, it looks the same gray to me now as it always does."

Misty, I'll add my two cents about your having made the best decision about Dusty.

I like the song "Green, green, it's green they say, on the far side of the hill." I'm not sure but I think it was sung by The Limelighters.

Irish Miss, the term Emissions Test is more descriptively apt than Smog Check, but that's what it's called here in Calif. Perhaps it's a marketing thing; the word smog is steeped with meaning in this state. As a verb, one gets one's car "smogged."

Hooray for Arizona-Sonora desert bloom! So gorgeous!

Wishing you all a good day.

Jayce said...

Lemonade, how old are you?

Lemonade714 said...

Jayce, I am 71 with just under 6 months until we turn the page to 72 GWATCDR.

HG, did you Stella Z. had constructed today's universal puzzle?

Irish Miss said...

Misty, I'm so sorry to hear the news about Dusty but I think you're making the absolute right decision. As Pat said, quality of life is the most important factor, especially for a senior pooch like Dusty. Our beloved Bichon, Fluffy, also had Cushing's. Her's involved the adrenal gland, not the pituitary. She never had seizures but she drank water and ate her food like there would never be another drop of water, or morsel of food put in front of her again. She became pleasingly plump and developed a bulging belly, but she lived with that disease for a few years. She was 12 1/2 when she left us. I know Dusty is in good hands and lovingly cared for. Beaucoup T-rubs to my favorite Doxie.

Lucina said...

It is still raining!

My papillon, Menina, lived 17 years and the hardest thing I ever did was take her to be put down. The alternate option was to see her limping on her arthritic legs and looking at her clouded eyes. She was always so affectionate and loyal.

Good luck, Misty.

I think I forgot to thank you for your informative review.

Lucina said...

I forgot to say that I found my newspaper under the car. How it got there, I don't know but was happy to have it and called the AZ Rep office to tell them so my delivery person wouldn't get downgraded.

Ol' Man Keith said...

A good hump-day pzl from Mr. White. Solid in concept & execution.

Melissa ~ don't forget HOPE.
Pandora may have set all those ILLS upon us, but she also uncovered HOPE.

Misty ~ I know how tough they are, these life choices we make for our beloved pets. I believe you're absolutely right in saving Dusty from painful procedures at this time of his life. (I think the same for myself, so why wouldn't I extend the same courtesy & love to our little guys?)
He may not even face any more seizures, or if he does they may be mild and infrequent. I add my HOPE to yours.
One diagonal in front.
Its anagram is the name of a dance to be avoided by all this Corner’s denizens, as it is overly favored by nagging *#@! bores.
Leave them to it, as they twirl the floor in their…

Yellowrocks said...

I have met BREN in crosswords before,and never anywhere else. As I wrote STEN I thought it might be BREN. Online we can write trial fill and change it, realizing it is only a suggestion. On paper I write iffy fill very lightly, knowing it could have easily change. It is easier to SEE the choice than to remember it. I do not understand the pride in no erasures.

Yellowrocks said...

I have met BREN in crosswords before,and never anywhere else. As I wrote STEN I thought it might be BREN. Online we can write trial fill and change it, realizing it is only a suggestion. On paper I write iffy fill very lightly, knowing it could have easily change. It is easier to SEE the choice than to remember it. I do not understand the pride in no erasures.

Yellowrocks said...

Sorry. Could easily change.

CanadianEh! said...

Wacky Wednesday. Thanks for the fun, Bryant and melissa bee.
I found this CW crunchy for a Wednesday. And like Wheels42, I thought it would have been appropriate for next week (St Patrick's Day).
My grid is an messy with INKS; I had trouble with a lot of the names.

The bench is way too short for those of us who put Sten before BREN. (Do either or both of them have a BUTT END? This Canadian knows nothing about guns.)

I tried Arena before PLAZA; Awesome before AMAZING; Stoop before SQUAT.
I wanted Chad before MALI (and then tried Chad for 40A because I misread Asian for African).

ENO, ESSO (yes I remember those gas tanks with fake tiger tails hanging out of them), AFRO again. And I knew how to properly pronounce RIYADH after last week's discussion!

Do we have a higher percentage of men with colour blindness here than the usual 8%? No time to do the math tonight.

Misty - In my profession, I tried to get people to look at risks, side-effects vs. benefit in medical/drug decisions. I think you are already looking at alternatives for Dusty through this lens. Quality of life!

UPS may be a while in returning. But as billocohoes and OMK have reminded us, after the ILLS, there is Hope!

Wishing you all a good night. Stay safe out there.

Anonymous T said...

Hi All!

Thanks Bryant for the puzzle. I will Thumper re: names.
I did like the rest of the fill and theme so don't hiatus again yet :-)

Great expo mb. Thanks for helping out with MARLOWE (I had MALONE), SABU, HARRY, and TAD HUNTER(?) to get me over the finish line.

Fav: Red Swingline STAPLER [1st :30]

OMK - had to Google Nudnick. Cute.

Misty - sorry to what the vet had to say. You are making a wise choice.

Lem - thanks to the link re: Bryant

Lucina - When the desert blooms, will you share snaps?

Synchronicity story:
Until today's puzzle, I never heard of PINKS.
At the gym today, two trainers were talking how, thanks to COVID19, flights are cheap.
One said: I'll just fly out to Miami to hit a bar, or maybe California -- Hollywood.

Other trainer: Gotta go to PINKS.

Me: *mind explodes*

Cheers, -T

Misty said...

I'm simply overwhelmed by getting so many positive responses to my decision to have Dusty go on without complicated procedures to see how things go. Wasn't sure it was the best decisions but with so much support I'm now more confident and comfortable, and given how healthy and happy Dusty has acted all day, I suspect he is too. Thank you, all so much, you are such a kind and supportive community.

Lucina said...

That does it! I've been thinking for days now that I should upgrade my phone so I can take decent pictures so as soon as it stops raining I'll do that.

Give Dusty a special "survivor" treat!