Mar 12, 2020

Thursday March 12th 2020 Michael Paleos

Theme Happy Days - if you remember the date. Unhappy days if you forget!

17A. First anniversary gift for a zookeeper?: PAPER TIGER. 

38A. 10th anniversary gift for a musician?: TIN HORN. There's a bar near me called the Tinhorn Flats in Burbank, used often for location shoots for commercials. It's got those great saloon doors that swing back when you push through them.

57A. 50th anniversary gift for a fast-food worker?: GOLD NUGGET

11D. 15th anniversary gift for a golfer?: CRYSTAL BALL

25D. 25th anniversary gift for a chef?: SILVER SPOON

Cool theme from Michael today. Plus, if you thought that you'd never seen GOLD NUGGET in a crossword before, you very likely haven't. None of the major puzzles have used it before. Yay! Something new!

Let's go roaming through the gloaming and see what we turn up:


1. Soft end of the Mohs scale: TALC. Diamond is at the other end.

5. Old Toyota models: ECHOS

10. Order to go: SCAT. Get outta here! Fun clue.

14. Squiggly lines in the funnies, maybe: ODOR

15. Hot day refuge: SHADE

16. "Him __?": love triangle ultimatum:  OR ME

19. Like eyes "you can't hide," in an Eagles song: LYIN'

20. Ring loudly: PEAL. I've been in a bell-tower while the bells were being rung, and they're quite muffled. It's outside that you get full volume. I'm sure that you know a true cockney has to be born within the sound of Bow Bells - the bells of St. Mary-le-Bow on Cheapside in the City of London. A full peal of eight bells must have at least 5,000 changes, that's a lot of bell-ringing.

21. It can spice things up: TABASCO. Avery Island, where the sauce is produced, it very pretty. I was making a dish at the weekend which called for Louisiana Hot Sauce. I've got about 20 types of hot sauce, but did I have Louisiana? Then the penny dropped - Doh! Tabasco!

23. Prescription specs: DOSES. Another fun clue - "specs" as in specifications.

26. 2000 Gere title role: DR. T.

28. Gere, for one: ACTOR. Shifting into second "Gere".

29. Super Mario Galaxy consoles: WIIS. I did a little digging on this one, and a lot of the "gaming community" say the the plural is Wii, just like fish or sheep.

30. Japanese ice cream flavor: GREEN TEA. Tea grown in the shade has the best flavor, such as matcha or gyokuro.

32. "It's __ good": ALL

33. Livid: IRED

34. Lots and lots: OODLES

37. Race in place: REV

40. Wire-concealing garment, perhaps: BRA. Professional male soccer players in the major leagues now wear what looks like a sports bra - it "conceals" a tracking device so that sports scientists can analyze the movement, speed and distance traveled on the pitch during a game.

41. Least encumbered: FREEST

43. Musical work: OPUS

44. "A lie that makes us realize truth," per Picasso: ART. Pablo had a bit of a mean streak. This is another of his: "I'm a joker who understands his epoch and has extracted all he possibly could from the stupidity, greed and vanity of his contemporaries". Ouch!

45. Adds insult to injury: RUBS IT IN

47. Hair gel squirt: GLOB

48. Bow ties, e.g.: PASTA

50. The Spartans of the NCAA: M.S.U. Michigan State.Their mascot, a Spartan, is creatively named "Sparty". They really went out on a limb with that one.

51. "Well, I'll be!": GOLLY

52. Totally jazzed: AMPED UP

54. Like many 45 records: MONO.

56. Jordanian queen dowager: NOOR

62. Stop discussing: DROP

63. Hail: GREET

64. Passion: LOVE

65. __ pool: GENE

66. __ pool: STENO. Fun cluing today. A close-proximity clecho.

67. Biblical spot: EDEN


1. Cover: TOP

2. Nicole's "Cold Mountain" role: ADA. Thank you, crosses

3. Hack: LOP

4. Brunch choice: CRÊPES. Food! Strictly speaking, crêpes are sweet and galettes are savory (unless you come from a certain part of Brittany, but let's not get into that, it causes a lot of argument!).

5. "¿Cómo __?": ESTA


7. "Macbeth" role: HAG

8. "Swan Lake" princess: ODETTE

9. Blood fluids: SERA

10. Comforted: SOLACED

12. Palermo pal: AMICO

13. Barbershop part: TENOR

18. In medias __: RES. A narrative device where you open a story in the middle of it, then go back and fill in the bits as you go. Shakespeare was fond of its usage, such as in Hamlet.

22. Relay sticks: BATONS

23. Middle-earth figure: DWARF. Might be small, but definitely not to be messed with.

24. Gulf ship: OILER

27. Fiery candies: RED HOTS

30. South side?: GRITS. Another cracking clue.

31. Like a shutout: NO-RUN

33. "I'm not gonna sugarcoat this": IT'S BAD

35. Screen legend Flynn: ERROL

36. Failed to act: SAT BY

39. Long-outlawed smoking establishment: OPIUM DEN

42. Greek Muse of music: EUTERPE. I didn't know this, but the crosses were solid.

46. Oil, for many: IMPORT. Via your 24D

47. Look-up aid: GOOGLE

48. Herbal Essences maker, for short: P. AND G. Proctor and Gamble. "I supervised the exam and then hit the casino. I proctored and gambled" Pa-da-ching! I'll be here all week.

49. 64-Across, at La Scala: AMORE

51. Serengeti herbivore: GNU

53. Fleece-lined footwear brand: UGGS. These things were all the rage not too long ago. They even convinced Tom Brady to wear a pair.

55. Not duped by: ONTO

58. Two-time Emmy-winning actress __ Grant: LEE

59. OMG part: GOD

60. 67-Across outcast: EVE. Quite a bit of cross-reference and clue play today.

61. Number of Canadian provinces: TEN. I tried to recall them, I missed British Columbia and Alberta, but invented Victoria, so I was roughly on the right track, and thought Newfoundland and Labrador were seperate. So I had ten, just not the right ten.

With that little geography challenge out of the way, here's the grid!



Jinx in Norfolk said...

FIR. FLN, to Yellow Rocks comment, to me "no erasures" isn't a brag, just a data point. To me it is similar to listening to a comedian and trying to get the punch line before the joke is finished. I work the LAT puzzle differently than I work the daily Sheffer grid, because I don't keep track of erasures there. I think it is just an additional challenge to minimize them. That said, I erased FREEer for FREEST, hypED UP, GOLD arches, cap for TOP, omelet for CREPES, ODETTa and AMIgO.

Aspirin-flavored tea sounds better to me than GREEN TEA flavored ice cream. If Bryers had bourbon flavored ice cream i would still be 50 pounds heavier than I am now.

I had a work friend in LA who said the only Spanish he knew was "como esta frijoles - how you bean". He would also tell the server at a Mexican restaurant "I don't know if I'm saying this right, but I'll have a 'combination dinner number 7'".

I tried to shoehorn in "SILVER platter" before SILVER SPOON became apparent.

SERA reminded me to my granddaughter, Sara Smile by Hall and Oates, and SARA by Starship. WiFi too iffy to try to link.

Thanks to Michael for the fun, and thanks to Steve for the great tour. Nice job on the provinces - hell, I can only name three states - solid, liquid and gas.

Jinx in Norfolk said...

Aspirin-flavored ice cream, not tea. That would be yucky.

9mileSkid said...

Wow, first one here. Thanks to Michael and Steve for the super fun puzzle and the excellent tour through it! I had to chime in here about my favorite clue as a former geology student. We had a mnemonic for the Moh's scale, (a representative scale of hardness for determining mineral identity), that has stuck with me all these years: The Girls Can Flirt And Other Strange Things Can Do. This helped you remember the minerals, in increasing levels of hardness: Talc, Gypsum, Calcite, Flourite, Apatite, Orthoclase, SiO2 (Quartz), Topaz, Corundum, Diamond. That little formulaic bend toward the end always amused me - "quirky" would have fit so much better into the admittedly sexist mnemonic :-) Happy Thursday everyone, stay safe and well.

Lemonade714 said...

A LAT debut that I found very entertaining, with a great write-up.

The combination 40. Wire-concealing garment, perhaps: BRA. Professional male soccer players in the major leagues now wear what looks like a sports bra - it "conceals" a tracking device so that sports scientists can analyze the movement, speed and distance traveled on the pitch during a game.

41. Least encumbered: FREEST
is very amusing made more with Steve's interesting nugget about sports bras for men.

It was a struggle to get Greek Muse of music: EUTERPE but the puzzle went well for a Thursday. Thank you, guys.

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

Guess who overslept? Coincidentally, I woke up trying to name all of the Canadian provinces. Convinced myself there were only nine -- Labrador got skipped. Read "Relay" as "Really" and figured it'd be EPOXY. Nope. BOOGLE convinced me that it should be a GLOB, not a BLOB. With EU in place, I inked in TERPE immediately. Surprised myself. Enjoyed the "Nugget," Old Michael (nice debut), and the tour Steve. (Do Brits refer to "peals" as "changes?")

GREEN TEA ice cream: I'd forgotten that we had this served to us during our Japan tour back in '69.

Hungry Mother said...

FIR, to my surprise. I was at sea for quite a while before things started to get filled in. I’ll take the W.

OwenKL said...

The goddess of music, her name is EUTERPE
She's the one who can make birds feel chirpy!
Teenagers long
For her love songs,
To inspire adolescent kisses so slurpy!

Big Easy said...

Mr. Paleos' puzzle was a tough one for me, as PAPER, TIN, & CRYSTAL anniversary gift types were unknown. SILVER & GOLD I knew. The NW was the last to fall; no idea who Nicole or ADA was. Ditto for DRT for Gere and LEE Grant.

Jinx-GREEN TEA ice cream? Doesn't sound good to me. Try adding Pecan Praline liqueur to vanilla ice cream and you'll get your 50 pounds.

TABASCO- "down in Louisiana, where the alligators grow so mean" CRYSTAL Hot Sauce outsells Tabasco but Tabasco is know world wide.

Herbal Essences maker- why it's CLAIROL but Bristol Myers sold that brand to P&G many moons ago.

inanehiker said...

Creative puzzle today - the only "gift" I couldn't think of off the top of my head was "tin" - I think these days people don't really follow any of this but the silver, gold, but they have a traditional and modern list of anniversary gifts for different years now.

Nice to see EUTERPE get some crossword love after Erato usually wins!

Thanks Steve and Michael!

Anonymous said...

A Greek Muse crossing a Jordanian queen dowager definitely earns a demerit. Otherwise, a fine puzzle. Needed 11:21 today.

Yellowrocks said...

I started with a sea of white and almost convinced myself that today is Friday. Then I saw the cans on the curb for the Thursday garbage collection. I got my start in the NE and solved clock wise. Not so hard after all. I liked the theme.
I had PANDG, but couldn't parse it. My younger sister worked for P and G for a while.
Fortunately NOOR was a gimme and with a few perps I remembered EUTERPE.
I have had green tea ice cream. It is better than it sounds. Not my favorite, but it is good.
ECHOS was all perps.
A number with 3 letters?? It can't be just one or two provinces, so it had to be ten.
Rather than hold an iffy answer in my head, I write it lightly, knowing I will likely change it. If a were the type to count erasures I would stubbornly not write down iffy answers. To each her own.
Misty, I agree with your decision. It sounds like Dusty is doing well for now.

Spitzboov said...

Good morning everyone.

Started out unable to get a good foothold. Finally entered ACTOR and TENOR; then BATONS, and rappelled down to the bottom. GOLD NUGGET came quickly and I began to see the theme. The bottom seemed easier, and then the fog lifted and I was able to complete the NW and the puzzle. Had 'lemon' before GREEN. Mohs finally coughed up TALC after flirting with mica.
It didn't help that @ 27d, I kept reading 'candles' instead of 'candies'. Font issue.
Note that the 25th anniversary clue for SILVER SPOON is entered at 25 down.

Lots of fresh fill today, Usual fine intro by Steve.

I guess the Canadians picked 10 provinces in keeping with their metric ethic.

Husker Gary said...

-A slow start leading to a very nice finish
-A fun 60’s song asking Him OR ME? with Paul Revere from Harvard, NE on the organ
-Steve’s knowledge of Cockney, CRÊPES, pitch and Teas put me to shame
-Hmmm… BRA followed by FREEST
-IT’S BAD - The Nebraska State Basketball Championship will be played in an arena starting today with only immediate family of the players GREETING the athletes
-In media RES – Where does Pulp Fiction actually start and finish?
-I love RED HOTS but tongue does not

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

I loved everything about this puzzle: Clever theme; fun, fresh fill; creative cluing; minimal three letter words; vertical and horizontal themers; and last, but not least by far, a truly enjoyable solve. I liked the echoing entries for Dr. T and Actor, Love and Amore, Eve next to God and crossing Eden, and Gene Pool and Steno Pool. Also fun was Lop, Top, and Drop. And any puzzle containing Oodles and Euterpe is a winner, in my book! I stumbled on Oregano>Poblano>Tabasco and Aurora>Odette. My favorite C/A was South side=Grits.

Kudos, Michael, for a terrific Thursday treat and thanks, Steve, for an exceptionally entertaining and educational expo. As I've mentioned before, I always learn something from your reviews.


Anon T, I'm not familiar with "Office Space"; is it worth watching? Speaking of movies, I just added all of the Oscar-nominated movies to my Netflix queue. I shouldn't say all, I mean all those of interest to me. Surprisingly, with a couple of exceptions, they're all available immediately.

Have a great day.

Jinx in Norfolk said...

BE, I put Crystal in my red beans and rice (Mojo Grille does it right), and Tabasco in almost anything else. Unless its really cold outside, then my chili gets Ass In The Tub hot sauce I bought in Ft. Worth, TX

Wheels42 said...

Somehow I managed to FIR this one. I got lucky on DRT and the NOOR/EUTERPE cross but I'll take it. The theme idea has been used before, I'm sure, but the entries and clues were so tight that I really enjoyed it.

I once scooped out for myself what I thought was mint chocolate chip ice cream, only to discover upon tasting that it was GREENTEA. Not a pleasant surprise!

Old Okie said...

Steve, I have both Tabasco, and Louisiana hot sauces in my frig, Tabasco is far spicier than the Louisiana hot sauce. But both are good. Nice puzzle today, not too hard but interesting.

Tinbeni said...

Always enjoy a puzzle with a CSO like today at 38-A, TIN HORN.

My brother (the Professional Photographer) lives in Burbank ... and we have been to that bar.

Hope everyone is "safe-and-sound.

I wash my hands probably 20 times a day, and have given up hand shacking.

A "Toast-to-ALL" at Sunset.


Misty said...

Well, I got started with OR ME giving me AMIGO (which turned out to be AMICO) and TENOR. Then I got ALL at 32 across and ONTO at 55 down. But on the bottom I loved getting GOD crossing LOVE over EDEN with EVE fitting right in--a real GOLD NUGGET of a puzzle corner in my opinion. But that was about it, before I needed help. So a real Thursday toughie for me, though still fun--many thanks, Michael. And thanks to you too, Steve.

Fun poem, Owen.

And thanks for the kind Dusty support, Yellowrocks.

Have a good day, everybody.

CrossEyedDave said...

I love red bean ice cream,
And it's about the only thing I will not put hot sauce on...

Why I can't announce our Anniversary on the Blog...

Lucina said...


What a sparkling puzzle from Michael Paleos! Muchas gracias.

Of course, any puzzle that mentions Richard Gere is a winner with me! However, I did not see the movie, DR. T. He was superb in Chicago and yesterday my granddaughter was watching Pretty Woman. He was young and very handsome in that. Then there is the swashbuckling ERROL Flynn as well.

I am FREEST when wearing a BRA without wires and look for them when I buy new ones.

Irish Miss:
I loved your analysis of this puzzle!

In the summer SHADE is often hard to fine around here.

I am surprised more people don't remember Queen NOOR. Many headlines announced her marriage to the King of Jordan and her conversion to Islam. Her given name is Lisa Najeeb Halaby of Washington, D.C.

CREPES surprised me as I was expecting omelet which is often the fill for a brunch item.

ORME is the name of an upscale academy where many celebrities send their CHILDREN.

Steve, you must really like spicy food! I generally make my own hot sauce with jalapenos, tomatoes, onions and garlic.

Thank you for the fine expo, Steve.

Have a gorgeous day, everyone! The rain stopped but we are expecting more later and I have a leak in the roof.

CanadianEh! said...

Terrific Thursday. Thanks for the fun, Michael and Steve.
The PAPER, CRYSTAL, SILVER and GOLD anniversaries came quickly; TIN took longer to pull out of the memory bank. DH and I have passed all of them but GOLD. (Ruby for 40th will be in 2021.)

This CW was a DNF for me because of the SW corner. I did not know the last two letters of EUTERPE and was trying to come up with a shortform for Pantene. Originally I had Cess for my first pool which further muddied the waters (literally!). I had to come here to parse P AND G.
Plus I erred with Amigo not AMICO (hi Misty), and did not notice that TABASCO was misspelled with the G. So I FIWed as well. But it was fun.

That GREEN TEA could have been in yesterday's puzzle.
We don't see SOLACE as a verb very often, yet alone in the past tense.
My bow ties were Passe before PASTA.
HG- "Hmmm… BRA followed by FREEST" . . . and topped by OODLES! GOLLY.
I loved TABASCO with REDHOTS almost under it.
IM and Misty beat me to GOD crossing LOVE with EDEN under it.

This Canadian will admit to not being able to rhyme off all 50 American states. But for those of you who wish to remember the TEN Canadian provinces (and 3 territories), here is a link with map and mnemonics (whew, that word should be used in a CW grid!).

Spitzboov: this Canadian LOLed loudly at your " I guess the Canadians picked 10 provinces in keeping with their metric ethic".
I'll take another CSO at 23A (although I was thinking of glasses at first).

Wishing you all a great day. Stay safe.
Even our Canadian PM is now self-isolating while wife Sophie is being tested for Covid-19 after returning from a speaking engagement in London, England. Trudeau is spending the day in briefings, phone calls, and virtual meetings from home.

desper-otto said...

Interesting to see CanadianEh!'s disambiguation for London. For Americans the word London evokes England, but for a Canadian it probably evokes Ontario.

Irish Miss said...

Lucina @ 12:56 ~ Thank you.🧸

CanadianEh @ 1:50 ~ Before I clicked on your mnemonic link, I decided to see how many I could name. I was so pleased that I came up with the ten provinces (only one territory, though) until I saw that I forgot New Brunswick but counted Newfoundland and Labrador separately. I shouldn't have forgotten New Brunswick because of its proximity to our Northeast region. The mnemonics for the math terms was completely unknown to me and if I was ever taught the one for the planets, I have no recollection of it, although I've heard it and seen it used.

Ol' Man Keith said...

Enjoyable pzl today. Almost took my mind off the crashing stock market.

Today I learned how many provinces Canada has.
One diagonal on the near side.
But the paucity of vowels means there's no anagram worth posting.

Jayce said...

I liked this puzzle OODLES. I almost, how do you say, turfed it in the southwest. Although I knew NOOR I had CESS pool and could only see PAND- as PANDA. SPOON finally scooped away the turf. Favorite clue-answer by far is South side?: GRITS. Thank you for the entertainment, Mr. Paleos.

Sometimes while trying to fall asleep I'll mentally list the 2-letter postal abbreviations for the U.S. states, such as AL for Alabama and so on. I discovered there sure are a lot of states that start with M! The Canadian provinces also have 2-letter codes, such as ON for Ontario and BC for, um, BC. Quebec is not QU, though!

Sometimes I'll mentally go through the names and designators of the elements, too. TIN is not T, nor TI, nor TN!

I used to like GREEN TEA ice cream but not so much any more. Maybe my memories of it are more flavorful than how good it really used to taste to me.

Yeah, Yellowrocks, one, two, or TEN. Good thinking!

Spitzboov, you poet, you. "metric ethic" indeed.

Here's the link to that "Green green" song I referred to yesterday. I hope you like it.

Good wishes to you all.

Big Easy said...

How do I know the names of Muses? Travel down St. Charles Ave. away from the French Quarter, pass underneath the Expressway, and these are the streets that cross St. Charles for eight blocks.

Calliope, the Muse of epic poetry.
Clio, the Muse of history.
Erato, the Muse of lyric poetry.
Euterpe, the Muse of music.
Melpomene, the Muse of tragedy.
Polyhymnia, the Muse of sacred poetry.
Terpsichore, the Muse of dance and chorus.
Thalia, the Muse of comedy and idyllic poetry.

Urania merges with another street a block before it would reach St. Charles. And Polyhymnia is spelled "Polymnia" on the street sign.

Wilbur Charles said...

I had a lot of blotchy ink on my newspaper so I completed the XW online. I hit check grid and whammo: I'd mis-spelled PEeL.

Not so bad. I must have had a dozen white boxes when I went online. NOOR was all perps and a WAG on the N. Plate / SPOON; DRT???? etc

"Wire-concealing garment, perhaps: BRA" - exactly what Altuve was suspected of

GENE not cess

23D- see J-blog for the Bilbo saga beginning c March 1st

When will I realize that an unknown may be x AND y or similar ilk

"My bow ties were Passe before PASTA" - What an imagination, C-eh. I was thinking of PAST(r)Y

Didn't Mel Pomene pitch for the Redsox in the 50s From New Orleans to boot

I thought this was harder than most Saturdays. Lots of proper names. I thought Herbal Essence would be tea. I began my solve at Winn Dixie, bought the wrong yoghurt, Betsy wanted to come back and return it and I finished on line. If I quarantine I'll take up the web version


Anonymous T said...

Hi All!

That was a bang-up puzzle Michael. I liked it (and not just 'cuz 90% FIR!) w/ the cross-refs, clechos, and cute theme.

Thanks, Steve, for the excellent expo (as usual).
FYI - Tabasco is not the same as Louisiana Hot Sauce but you knew that.

I only knew the years for PAPER and SILVER but the rest were easy enough to figure out.

DROP was last fill. Having PAN-G and EUTER-E, I wrote down _ROa, _ROb, _ROc, ... _ROz and then did ABC runs... Talk about your P&P :-)

WOs: uSc -> MSU, AMIgO -> AMICO(? but TABASCO is right ) (-2%)
ESPs: EUTERPE, PANDG(? - Oh, thanks Steve!), RES, LEE, DRT (-8%)
Fav: GOLLY! [Airplane 0:33]
Runner-up: clue for GRITS.


OMK - Company's stock (which I thought was going to pay tuition this fall) went from ~$33 6 weeks ago to ~$7 today. COVID19 and Saudi/Russia oil fight is a double-whammy for O&G.

BigE - I sent BIL a case of Crystal for his restaurant in IL.
//Amazon wants $9 for two bottles where HEB sells 'em for $1.50 ea.

Spitz - Cool observation re: Silver @25d. Hand-up for reading 'candles' at least 5 times...

Misty - Wonderful adding those connections is the SE. I think C, Eh! would add TEN provinces in GOD's Country to your list :-)

IM - It's cute and very relatable if you've worked in cube-ville during layoffs. Jason Bateman carries it.

Did anyone else try to pass-off just a card (PAPER) on their 1st Anniversary? ;-)

Cheers, -T

Abejo said...

Good evening, folks. Thank you, Michael Paleos, for a fine puzzle. Thank you, Steve, for a fine review.

Puzzle was fine, but a little sticky in spots. I slogged through it and got 'er done. Really liked the theme. It helped me a lot with a tough puzzle.

I agree, Green Tea Ice Cream does not sound good. Chocolate Chip does.

13D TENOR was a little misdirection. But I saw the light.

I remembered Queen NOOR.

Lots of things are being cancelled. NCAA March Madness, NBA, a 600 person prime rib dinner we were going to on Saturday. Oh well.

See you tomorrow.


( )

SwampCat said...

Fun, crunchy puzzle. Thanks, Michael. I FIR but not without effort. Thanks, Steve for ‘splaining the rest.

I always pronounce EUTERPE. as u-ter-PAY. But I pronounce Melpomene as Mel- POM -a-ne, which gets you run out of town in N’Awlins. As does Ca- lie-o-pe for Calliope. Words are so interesting.

I can’t think of anything I Don’t put Tabasco on.

CanadianEh! said...

LOL d'otto @3:09 - that was exactly my thought as I typed London and then thought that I should clarify that she was out of the country.

Irish Miss, OMK et al. - I am glad that your knowledge of Canada was broadened today!

Yes AnonT, I liked the clue for GRITS also.
And I'm glad I was born in one of the TEN in GOD's country!

Lucina said...

Today my household and I were counted! I completed the 2020 census. It took about 10 minutes on line. I recall one year when we received a paper questionnaire that asked about everything in the house including if it was built on a slab or did we have a basement.

I took my granddaughter, Emma, to see the movie, Emma. It was my second time but I was pleased to take her. It's well done and follows the book as I believe I mentioned before.

It seems that our rainy days are over at least for now.