Mar 9, 2020

Monday March 9, 2020 Fred Piscop

Theme: SEWED UP (40. Fixed, like the ends of the answers to starred clues) - The last words are all wardrobe malfunctions.
17A. *Fruity ice cream treat: BANANA SPLIT

63A. *Knock one out of the park: HIT A HOME RUN

11D. *Place for rural anglers: FISHING HOLE

25D. *Won 10 in a row, say: WENT ON A TEAR

Boomer here.

When I saw SPLIT, I thought about bowling, but then when I saw HOLE of course then I was thinking of tee to green. Not sure if I mentioned but I am starting complimentary golf advice for veterans for seven weeks at the PGA Superstore in Minnesota.  When I say "complimentary" I mean that I do not have to pay.  I am sure no one will compliment my swing.  Now on to the show on our new Microsoft 5050 keyboard.  On our old one, C.C. rubbed off all the white letters with her fast fingers.


1. Seminary book: BIBLE.

6. E-cigarette output: VAPOR.  I used to smoke cigs, but I quit 19 years ago.  I never tried vaping, but it has bad reviews now.

11. Media-monitoring org.: FCC.  I suppose it monitors MSNBC more than FOX.

14. __-proof: easy to operate: IDIOT.  I hope the PGA can lend me some IDIOT- proof clubs.

15. How the cheese stands, in a kids' song: ALONE.  Hi Oh the dairy Oh

16. "__ be in touch!": I'LL.

19. Be litigious: SUE.

20. Grandstand group: FANS. Sounds like the Coronavirus might have something to say about grandstand occupants.

21. Cough syrup, e.g.: SOOTHER.  I use sugar-free drops.  Some of the syrups contain alcohol which does not cooperate well with my drugs.

23. Chad or Rob of movies: LOWE.  LOWE's is a huge competitor of Home Depot.  We have both stores all over Minneapolis and St. Paul and suburbs.

26. Practical joke: GAG.  I am a humorist, but I never play practical jokes.

28. Lacking a downside: NO RISK. Not true of the recent Dow index.

29. Immobile: INERT.

31. Chafing result: RAW SKIN.  Not the Washington Football team.

33. Smart set member: MENSAN.

35. "Great Leap Forward" Chinese leader: MAO.  I wonder how he might have handled the Corona problem.

36. Storybook fiend: OGRE.

39. Upside-down sleeper: BAT.  They claim that these guys started the coronavirus infection. 

43. Put a jinx on: HEX.

44. Messy roomie: SLOB.  Stupid liable oversized BATS!!

46. Nourished: FED.  This would maybe be your friend on April 15, or maybe not.

47. House speaker Nancy: PELOSI.  San Francisco resident. My sisters live in her district.

49. Luggage tie-on: NAME TAG.  We do not tie ours on.  Our luggage has a clear pocket for IDs.

52. Shops with slicers: DELIS.

53. Gondolier, e.g.: BOATER.  We have many many boaters in our state of 10,000 lakes.  They are all in dry dock right now, waiting for the Spring thaw.

55. Deviate from a course, at sea: YAW.

57. MASH shelter: TENT.   "The game of life is hard to play, you're going to lose it anyway."  I really liked the movie, not so much the TV show, mainly because the reruns are on about 6 hours every day and I think I've seen them all at least five times.

58. Declares to be true: ATTESTS.  "The whole truth and nothing but the truth".

60. Carpentry wedge: SHIM.

62. Nautical pronoun: SHE.  I thought it was just a female pronoun.

68. Afternoon social: TEA.  C.C. is the TEA expert in our house.  I drink that other brown stuff that keeps you awake.

69. Chopin piece: ETUDE.

70. Marble mineral: AGATE.  I had a leather bag and it held aggies, peeries, and steelies.

71. Write "mispell," say: ERR.  Spring training is with us ERRS are spelled ERRORS.

72. "Jurassic Park" critters, briefly: DINOS.

73. Well-known: NOTED.


1. Highchair wear: BIB.

2. Wash. neighbor: IDA.  "IDA, sweet as apple cider".

3. TSA checkpoint container: BIN.  We did not have a lot of fun with the TSA on our recent trip.

4. Shoes sans laces: LOAFERS.  When I was a kid, we used to slide shiny pennies in them.

5. Sicilian volcano: ETNA.

6. Seven Sisters college: VASSAR.

7. Tyrolean peak: ALP.

8. C-SPAN figures, informally: POLS.  I usually watch MSNBC.

9. French crockful with a cheesy crust: ONION SOUP.  I never saw it with a cheesy crust.  In fact we used to take an envelope of onion soup, mix it with sour cream and make chip dip.

10. Captured back: RETOOK.

12. Crossword hints: CLUES.  Interesting to find that clue and answer in a crossword puzzle.  Thank you, Fred!!
Fred Piscop

13. Checkout worker: CLERK.

18. "Life of Pi" director Lee: ANG.

22. Common jazz combo: TRIO.  Not fond of Jazz.  My favorites,  as you probably know, are Chad Mitchell and Kingston.

23. Tree branches: LIMBS.  We have quite a few lying in the snow in our backyard.  Winter takes its toll on trees.

24. Shaq of NBA fame: O'NEAL.  He was something else, for sure.

27. 2/2/20, for Super Bowl LIV: GAME DAY.  I did not watch the halftime show.

30. Many coll. lab instructors: TAS.  Teaching Assistants.

32. Roll of bills: WAD.  No, I have a collection of money clips.  I do not need them often but I never have a WAD.

34. Egyptian queen in Tut's time: NEFERTITI.  Sounds like a question on "Jeopardy".

37. Amber, for one: RESIN.  The stuff they rub into baseballs is ROSIN. And it's not amber.

38. Be: EXIST.

41. Like fresh nail polish: WET.  Like our roads and sidewalks in yesterday's 62 degree weather.

42. __ XING: crosswalk sign: PED.

45. Restrain, as one's breath: BATE.

48. Captive's plea: LET ME GO.  We may hear this from a relief pitcher also.

50. Worked together perfectly: MESHED.

51. Serious cuts: GASHES.

53. Keep moist, as turkey: BASTE.  We only have turkey on Thanksgiving.  Too much of a hassle.  On Christmas it's ham.

54. [none of the above]: OTHER.  "Love and Marriage - you can't have one without the other".

56. Grinch victim: WHO.  "Horton Hears a Who".  I met Dr. Suess when I was two years old.  Of course I don't remember but he gave me two books that I kept on the shelf for some time.  "If I ran the Zoo" and "Bartholomew and the Oobleck"

59. Zap with a Taser: STUN.

61. Somali-born model: IMAN.

64. Pointless bother: ADO.  Much ADO about nothing.

65. Squeal on the mob: RAT.  I don't think James Cagney ever said "You Dirty RAT" but people think he said it.

66. Rugged vehicle, for short: UTE.  Someone from Salt Late City ??

67. "Game of Thrones" patriarch Stark: NED.



Jinx in Norfolk said...

FIW Monday! Didn't know sEFERTITI, and got careless with MENSAs. Didn't erase anything, but obviously should have.

CSOs to moi at "Jinx" and "mispell".

Didn't know a RUN can be fixed by sewing. Also don't know squat about Game of Thrones.

Thanks to Fred for the fun puzzle, which should have been an easy fill. And thanks to Boomer for another terrific narrative.

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

Zipped right through this one. For some odd reason I entered PELOtI; guess I was thinking about jai alai. Boomer, I'm right with ya on coffee. DW makes morning tea, but I've gotta have my coffee. Also agree with ya on best trios. I'd add Jacques Loussier as another, but his music is jazzy classical. Thanx for the outing Fred, and for the expo, Boomer.

OwenKL said...

Her Atheist friend said the BIBLE
Was writ by IDIOTS and was liable
To rot her brain
Should it remain
Upon her bedside reading table.

But SHE insisted,as a MENSAN,
Reading books was her intention.
If God were VAPOR,
Still the paper
Held stories of great invention!

Hungry Mother said...

No sweat Monday. NORISK is really weird looking. I thought it might be a Big Pharma company before I saw the clue.

inanehiker said...

Another Monday speed run. I didn't yet have the theme - so I waited for perps between FISHING HOLE and POND. Nice touch to have theme answers both horizontal and vertical.

It's a dark and rainy morning here - but since a warm front came in over the weekend - it is not cold!

Thanks Boomer and Fred!

Yellowrocks said...

Easy and quick. At sewn, I wondered about fixing a split, but after seeing all the ends of the theme answers I noticed that they were things you could sew up.
A run is a line of unraveled stitches in cloth. Stockings and pantyhose,in particular, can easily get a run. It is almost impossible to make a run invisible when you sew it up. A dab a clear nail polish will keep the run from getting longer. I can see that many men will not have encountered this type of run.

Yellowrocks said...

PS I have never had onion soup without a slice of toasted crusty bread or baguette floated on top and covered with cheese, and then placed under the broiler. IMO the cheese is what makes it so yummy. I often order it in restaurants. I have made it at home a few times. Babysitting the onions as they caramelize is the hard part.

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

Oh, the shame of a Monday FIW! I had Gas instead of Gag which gave me Same Day instead of Game Day and, in my distracted state, that looked odd but acceptable. [Sigh]. Didn't care for the Bats or Rat presence. Ewwww! Other than that, it was a very easy, quick solve. Nerfertiti was a gimme as we once had a porcelain bust of her, similar to the picture in the write-up. (We collected Cybis porcelain pieces.)

Thanks, Fred, for a pleasant start to the week and thanks, Boomer, for the facts and fun!

YR, I agree with your comments about the importance of the cheese and sweating of the onions for a good French Onion Soup. I always use imported Gruyere and spend however long it takes to get those onions to the right color. I have one portion left in the freezer from the last batch I made.

Have a great day.

AnonDon said...

Amazon sells stickers to renew your keyboard.
So far we have replaced RASDFNM.

desper-otto said...

AnonDon, in the '80s I attended a class on C++ programming. The instructor didn't like others using his keyboard, so he popped off the keys and reinstalled them in other locations. The end result: His home row spelled GRUMPFISH. I touch-type, so I don't care about the letters, but I do appreciate the little raised bar at the bottom of the F and J keys to help the index fingers orient on the home row.

Husker Gary said...

-Rob LOWE was supposed to be the main character in The West Wing but the show went in a different direction and he eventually quit
-I remember seeing those M*A*S*H TENTS at the Smithsonian
-Jurrasic Park gives us RESIN and DINOS today
-A BIB is worn as an infant and as a senior in a nursing home. Cue As You Like It passage
-We still don’t know how we got put in the Express TSA Lane
-RETOOK - Winchester, VA changed hands 70 times in the Civil War
-BATE (Oh that’s how it’s spelled) - Shakespeare again
-NED Stark – Sean Bean reappears from Roland’s Saturday puzzle

oc4beach said...

A good Monday puzzle with enough difficulty to make you think a bit. Also, a good tour through the grid by Boomer.

I didn't get the theme until it was explained by Boomer.

Even though I used to live in New York (the capitol of Deli's), I needed perps to fill in DELIS. Also I wanted BOATMAN for Gondolier, not BOATER, but it was too long.

Boomer: If you like turkey, but don't want a big hassle in fixing one, I recommend doing a turkey breast in an Instant Pot. Just season it the way you like and plop it in the Pot and about 40-45 minutes later it's done. Nice and tender and juicy. Because of the number of people we had for Thanksgiving, DW did the traditional 25# turkey in the oven and a 9# breast in the Instant Pot. Worked out fine with only a little bit of leftover meat. The basic turkey would not have been enough. She makes a large dish of dressing and doesn't put stuffing in the turkey. Plus you've got to have cranberry sauce.

NEFERTITI was a question on Jeopardy recently, so I knew that one.

Bright and sunny again today with a predicted high in the mid-60s. Spring is coming.

Have a great day everyone.

CanadianEh! said...

Marvelous Monday. Thanks for the fun, Fred and Boomer.
This was a quick solve, and I got the SEWED UP theme. (This mother has fixed many a HOLE/SPLIT/TEAR/RUN in her day! GASHED LIMBS will also result in torn clothes.) Sometimes, you BASTE before you do the final stitching. A very large hole might require a MESHED insert.
Jinx - a small RUN in a pantyhose (especially at the toe) can be mended. But it may not be worth the ADO. (I see that YR beat me.)

Unknowns like FCC, NED filled with perps. (Thanks HG, I must learn my Game of Thrones info)
My chafed skin was Red before RAW (the more PC choice).
I smiled to see POLS and PELOSI - but no political discussion from this Canadian.
No need to decide between Aver and Avow today - the answer was ATTESTS.

Cleopatra would have fit but NEFERTITI was needed. Perps kept me from misspelling (ERRing).
It was long enough but wasn't a themer.

DH loves French ONION SOUP at restaurants as I don't make it. (IM, he may drop by if you are making more!)
Bated breath is a more familiar expression than BATE. (HG beat me)
LOL, Hungry Mother, were you thinking of Novo-NORdISK?

Wishing you all a great day.

Misty said...

Fun Monday puzzle, many thanks, Fred. I got BIBLE and BIB instantly and than BIN and BANANSPLIT. But the 'proof' clue bothered me until the very end, when I looked at I_IOT and thought the only word that would make sense here is IDIOT--oh, gosh, yes, IDIOT PROOF, easy to operate, makes sense. And so in the end I got the whole thing--Yay! Great way to start the week--thanks again, Fred. And your ONION SOUP picture made me hungry, Boomer.

I had a very scary moment yesterday morning when my 16 3/4 year old dachshund Dusty had a massive seizure. Never happened before with a pet, and I just sat there terrified, praying I wouldn't lose him, as he shook and shook with spit drooling out of his mouth and cried and cried. Finally it slowed down and then, thank goodness, stopped. He was disoriented and out of it for two or three hours, but by noon seemed pretty normal and was clearly ready for his dinner by 2 pm. And he ran up and down the hall chasing his kibble before bedtime, like he does every night. The vet was closed because it was Sunday, but I will call them today and try to get any advice they have if this happens again.

Have a good week coming up, everybody.

Lucina said...


Fred Piscop has not been seen at the LA Times in a while and I really like his puzzles. For a while the Sunday USA Today insert in the Sunday AZ Republic ran them but then stopped.

This was fun and easy and I have converted to solving in ink so in an effort to minimize the use of wite-out I take my time.

I'll take a CSO back to my SEWing days. No item was too small or too large at that time and I made all my daughter's clothes until she started school.

Are Rob and Chad LOWE brothers?

NEFERTITI was a beautiful woman as is IMAN. She could be her descendent, INMO, but I believe she is from central Africa, not Egypt.

BOATER usually describes a type of hat.

Thinking about ONION SOUP, I am not sure if I've ever had any. It sounds good.

In Warsaw, Poland, we were treated to one of Chopin's piano ETUDEs played by a local artist.

Thanks to Fred Piscop and to Boomer. It sounds like you are feeling well and up to your usual witty comments, Boomer.

Enjoy your day, everyone!

Spitzboov said...

Hello everyone.

FLN - Lucina -- re: LAID TO. Used more on sailing ships. Seems to mean what 'hove to' does. I've usually seen or read 'Hove to'.

Enjoyed the puzzle. No problems with solving. Got all the theme fill before really understanding it.
BANANA SPLIT - - Used to be a Sunday night treat while attending college in Troy. Went to 'Dirty Ed's' on 15th st. 35¢ each.
TA'S - Was one once at SUNY Buffalo. Taught a Material Sciences Lab.
LIMB - - Terminology appears in celestial navigation. When taking a sun or moon sight or even Venus, Allowance must be made for the body's angular diameter since the sextant sight uses the tangent to the top or bottom and its distance to the horizon. Usually called upper LIMB or lower LIMB.

Fine warm sunny day here today.

Tinbeni said...

Boomer: Great job on the write-up. Very informative!

Fred: Thank you for a FUN Monday puzzle. I enjoyed your theme.

Fave today was 12-D, CLUED for reasons that need no comment. LOL

A "Toast-to-ALL" at Sunset.


Wendybird said...

From yesterday, usually sailboats heel rather than lean. If they heel too far, they take a knock down!
It’s the time of year here to take a boat out and hope to see some gray whales heading south.

Wheels42 said...

Thank you for the write-up. Quick, smooth solve today. Nice grid, as well, with four theme entries, a revealer, and no cheaters. I had never heard of IMAN but was able to fill it in with perps. Have a great Monday, everyone!

Jinx in Norfolk said...

You guys made me crave French ONION SOUP, so DW and I went to local favorite Cody's for lunch. All you can eat salad, yeast rolls with cinnamon butter and unlimited soup of the day for $7. We both upgraded to unlimited French ONION SOUP for an additional $1 each. Unlimited, but one bowl of salad and one crock of F.O.S. is always plenty for us. Yummy!

Jinx in Norfolk said...

Wendy - You need a bowman? Helmsman? Navigator? Trimmer? Beer fetcher?

Wilbur Charles said...

LOWE is a common surname. We have two on tbRays but one pronounces it as in (AL)LOW.

People crack up when this Bostonian says MARBLE. So I say AGATE.

I always thought it was "Baited Breath"(as did a bunch)

Boomer, it could be worse. We had a parrot that delighted in removing keys from keypads. Best HS course: typing. Never much more than 60-70 wom but what a noon when I got into IT.

Jinx, that Cody's must be on hwy 200, eh?

Re. XW: fast run through. I usually follow up an across with the corresponding Downs. My father had books and one was about Egypt. NEFERTITI was in it.


Ps. FLN, what was that about "Futurama"?

Wilbur Charles said...

Wpm and noon. Blogger bug re. No preview function makes for autocorrect errors hard to pick up

Wilbur Charles said...

BOON Not noon. Aaarrgggh!!!

Yellowrocks said...

I was expecting HEEL instead of LEAN yesterday. It held me up for a while. I didn't think LEAN was nautical, but finally accepted it.
Amazing how people are snapping up bottled water. I read there is very little chance of a water shortage catastrophe, not like in hurricanes and tornados. I do tend to keep a very lean pantry and freezer. Today I bulked my shelves up to close to what many people usually have, enough to sustain me for two weeks stuck at home. Last time I did this was when I broke my foot and David came to help me resupply every two weeks.
I find it amazing how everyday people evaluate their tax preparation pros by how large a refund they receive, instead of by how much the government actually takes in taxes. The pros can find all your loopholes, but can't manufacture a large refund. My son advised me to keep my mandatory withholding as low as possible without getting penalties or having to pay more taxes on April 15. The money is mine, why not keep it in my care. Some people think of withheld taxes as a savings account. I save monthly.
I assumed that Nefertiti was quite popular. I enjoyed the Egypt exhibition in The Metropolitan Museum in NYC.

AnonymousPVX said...

A Monday grid with a slight bit o’crunch.

Write over....REDSKIN/RAWSKIN.

I haven’t had a good bowl of FOS in some time, now I want it.

I make a Sausage Dressing (NOT stuffing) that is beyond tasty. When I get my Thanksgiving invitation, I’m sure it’s the Dressing and not my sparkling conversation that gets me in, haha.

See you Tuesday.

And Lucina....welcome to the Ink club.

desper-otto said...

Is Lucina getting tats?

Irish Miss said...

I was pressed for time this morning, so I'll add a few thoughts.

Yesterday's maiden delivery from Hannaford was a learning experience, to wit:

#1-Unlike ShopRite, they don't call you if they are out of an item and offer you a substitute, nor tell you your order is complete and ask if you would like to add anything to it.

#2-The Shipt delivery-service person assumes every one receives texts, rather than a phone call, telling them their order is on the way.

#3-Hannaford has a different definition of a substitute than I do. For example, Loin Lamb Chops and Rib Lamb Chops are not interchangeable, IMO. Nor are Pork Center-cut Rib Chops the same as boneless Pork Chops and, most of all, Previously frozen Chicken Wings are not the same as Fresh Chicken Wings.

I returned the three packages today and was pleasantly surprised that I was given a credit for double the amount I spent. I forgot that that's their policy if there is any kind of an error on their part, but I certainly didn't expect it to apply in this case. Other than those mix-ups, I was happy with the service and will order from them again but will make sure to include a No Substitutes on meat items.

I met a long-time friend for lunch and enjoyed a lot of reminiscing and catching up. He and I were work colleagues for many years, going back to the mid-60's. He's the one I ignorantly told to have a nice Cedar (Seder), to which he replied, without missing a beat, Thanks, and you have a Happy Eye-ster, too. He came in from Rochester yesterday, after his granddaughter's Bat Mitzvah festivities, and is returning to Tucson tomorrow so our socializing time was limited.

CanadianEh, your DH is most welcome, as are you, to drop by for some French Onion Soup. However, the next batch probably won't be whipped up until the Fall!

Misty, what a scary experience for you, and Dusty! Poor pooch! I hope it doesn't happen again.

Jayce said...

Whew, I overdosed on puzzles yesterday. One puzzle a day is enough for me, even a relatively easy Monday or Tuesday one. Today's was just right, I thought. I enjoyed seeing CLUES as an answer. Hand up for REDSKIN before RAWSKIN. Which makes me think of Moleskin, useful stuff but the term always makes me smile. Which, in turn, makes me think of the character on Downton Abbey named Molesley, who for several seasons I thought was named Moseley. And that, in turn, turned my thoughts to the name an group of engineering students at Stanford call themselves because their place of work is in the basement of Terman Hall, which is below ground level: The Terman Moles.

And with that I'll molesy on down the street in search of mole whackers.

LW and I spent the morning getting our car smog checked and the tires inflated because that dreaded little "tire not properly inflated" light had come on. Thankfully it was just a low tire and not a bad sensor. Could be a nail, though, because it went so low so soon after having been inflated just 3 months ago, so I'm gonna keep an eye on it.

Wishing you all a mole-free day.

Yuman said...

Fun puzzle.
Went to the farm and picked a huge cauliflower that I put in my Instant Pot and made a delicious cauliflower cheddar soup in 15 minutes.
I also got a huge cabbage that I will use next week with my corned beef. I use my Instant Pot and/or Air Fryer almost everyday.
After our earthquake last week the “crazies” were out again buying what was left of toilet paper and water.

Lucina said...

I was going to post that IMAN was married to David Bowie and LIU to make sure but apparently they are no longer married. I also discovered her net worth is $100 million. She is truly gorgeous.

Many years ago I read that one of her causes is to stop the vaginal SEWing of young girls. It is done, I suppose, to keep them virgins, then cut just before their marriage. A crone uses her long fingernail, grown for that purpose, to cut it. It sounds not only painful, but humiliating.

No, not tats, I am solving with a pen.

Jinx in Norfolk said...

WC, yes, that's the Cody's we went to today. The Villages (America's favorite hometown) communities of Mulberry, Brownwood and Lake Sumtner also have one. We used to go to the one in Brownwood, but they stopped allowing dogs on their really nice patio.

BTW, The Villages' population is now more than 50,000. That's a lot of old people! I'll bet there are at least 20,000 golf carts there as well.

Anonymous T said...

Hi All!

Thanks Fred for the fun Monday puzzle. Thanks Boomer for the expo and kickin'-off the after-party.

WO: Red SKIN b/f RAW
Fav: DELI - gave me the perfect idea for lunch across the street at Kenny & Ziggy's. [1:28] //Reading y'all now, I should have got the French ONION soup!


Misty - Pop's wife's yappy-little-dog is on medicine for seizures. Let us know what the vet says.

Lucina - according to the Internet, Chad is Rob's younger brother.

About 1/2 done with C.C.'s Literary Circles - these Sundays take a while!

Anyone ever use the computer problem code ID-10T?

When you make something IDIOT Proof, the world makes a bigger IDIOT.

Cheers, -T

Ol' Man Keith said...

Misty ~
I am just catching up on the news about Dusty. I am glad he seems fully recovered now. But I can only imagine the awful feelings you experienced tending to him while the seizure was wracking him.
I will offer what I hope may be a little comfort. One of my earlier pets was a Golden, a female named Lady I had from a pup. She was a little over a year old when she had her first seizure. She shook violently, then lay down and went through a series of spasms, with drooling and very much what you described for Dusty.
Turned out she was epileptic. Our vet put her on a medication that over the years reduced her attacks to only about one a year.
The comfort I mentioned is that, after a seizure and a short period for full recovery, she had no lingering ill effects. None at all.
Of course I don't know what your vet may say about Dusty's condition. But a seizure by itself is probably more frightening to observe than it is for Dusty to go through.

Lady lived many years beyond that first seizure. Although her later episodes were far between, I always knew she was about to have one because she would stop whatever she was doing and come to my side. If I was busy, she would rub against me to let me know she was there.
My very best wishes to you and Dusty,

Misty said...

Anon T and Irish Miss, thank you for asking about Dusty. Although he hasn't been out of the house for three years, I decided he does need to see a veterinarian tomorrow. Apparently if his blood is checked, there may be meds that can prevent future seizures, but it has to be checked out at the veterinary clinic (the Mobile Vet service says they can't do that at home). It'll be scary for poor Dusty to be in a car and in a place with other people and dogs and getting punched with a needle, but if it can prevent future seizures it may be worth it. I'm just praying he'll be okay after his trauma tomorrow.

Ol' Man Keith said...

A nice Monday pzl.

I didn't post earlier because I had to rush off to a dentist appointment.
Bad news: The tooth I broke needs to be replaced with a crown.
Worse news: There isn't enough structure left to build on it.
I'll need a root canal. My appointment is on April 15.

I'm back home now with a temporary "tooth." The dentist said not to eat on it.
I asked for how long. She said, "Never."
One mirror diagonal. Nearly useless for anagrams because of its vowel overload.
In fact the only message I can extract is the distress I feel at finding eight "e"s all in a row.
I can express it like this...

CanadianEh! said...

Irish Miss- thanks for the FOS offer!

Misty - hope tomorrow will not be too traumatic a day for both you and Dusty; also hoping that you will get an answer from the vet.

WC - I LOLed at Grammarist's comments on bated vs. baited:
"Bated breath is a phrase that means to hold one’s breath due to suspense, trepidation or fear. Bated breath is a phrase first mentioned in Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice. The word bated is an abbreviation of the word abated, meaning to lessen in severity or amount. Bated is rarely used on its own as an adjective or verb anymore, but it lingers in the English language in the phrase bated breath.

Baited breath is a common misspelling of bated breath. Bait is a substance used as a lure to capture fish or other prey, therefore, someone with baited breath would probably have a terrible case of halitosis."

Misty said...

Thank you for the good wishes for Dusty, Canadian Eh.

My heart goes out to you, Ol'Man Keith. I had one root canal in January and am postponing two more that I need. Not fun, so I hope all goes well with yours.

Lucina said...

Best wishes for Dusty! I hope he can get some help for the seizures. That is a terrible thing to go through.

Good luck with your root canal! I have had two and in the hands of a highly competent dentist, did not feel a thing.

C eh!
Thank you for posting the difference between "bated" and "baited". I see the error so often and depending on how well I know the person, I gently tell them the difference.

Thank you for the confirmation about the Lowe brothers.

Wendybird said...

All of the above... except, we’ve sold the boat. Now I crew for others..