Mar 23, 2020

Monday March 23, 2020 Kurt Krauss

Theme: GETTING CLOSER (36. Parlor game encouragement suggested by the starts of 17-, 28-, 45- and 60-Across)
17. *Very limited consolation: COLD COMFORT.

28. *Tidy Lotto prize: COOL MILLION.

45. *Genuine greetings: WARM REGARDS.

60. *In-demand real estate listing: HOT PROPERTY.

Boomer here. 

Thank you for describing Minnesota weather from January to June.  The news media is still swamped with news of the Covid-19 virus.  I hope the Crossword Corner Family is staying healthy and safe.  Our Governor here in Minnesota has closed bars, restaurants, schools, public places, and - sadly- Bowling centers. Both of my leagues have been called off for the season. No banquets either. So now, we are all just sitting around and waiting for our share of prize money, so we can buy more toilet paper. Sorry to make a bad joke because this is serious and I hope we can recover.

1. Bldg. units attended to by supers: APTS.  Lived in one for many years.  Very happy to have a modest townhome now.

5. "Queen of Soul" Franklin: ARETHA.  The "Queen of Soul".  Left us in August, 2018.

11. Flow back, as the tide: EBB.  I wish the Stock Market would stop EBBing.

14. Half a toy train?: CHOO.  Or "Part of a sneeze".

15. "You cheated!": NO FAIR.  We have a state fair in the fall that attracts thousands and thousands.  Hopefully the virus threat will subside so people can have some fun.

16. Water tester: TOE.

19. Gasteyer of "Mean Girls": ANA.  SNL Graduate.

20. Approaches: NEARS.

21. "__ show time!": IT'S.  IT'S about time.

22. Illuminated: LIT.

23. Left-hand page: VERSO. Vs. "recto".

24. Sun.-to-Sat. periods: WKS.  I wish someone could zero in on the number of WKS that this virus shut down might last.  I've heard every estimate from 6 to 60.

26. Go for the hook: BITE.  I hope it's not a carp.  Fishing is a bit dangerous this time of year.  The ice over on lakes prevents boats, however, walk out at your own risk.  I think houses needed to be off the lakes by March 15.

27. Greek vowel: ETA.

32. Skin pics: TATS.  Not my favorite.  I do not own any body art.

34. Boston skyscraper, with "the": PRU.  Dential insurance.  NOT Dental insurance.

35. Low grade: DEE.  There are many Dianes and Dianas out there who might argue about the "Low Grade".

41. Novelist Rand: AYN.

42. "The Simpsons" bartender: MOE.  Also a buddy of Larry and Curly.  For us old guys who do not watch The Simpsons.

43. Northern New Mexico art community: TAOS. A very art worthy town. I believe Georgia O'Keeffe is most famous.

50. Monotonous routine: RUT.  With home confinement, I feel I am in a rut.

51. Above: ATOP.

52. Number that's its own square root: ONE.  "ONE, is the loneliest number that you'll ever know".  Three Dog Night.

53. Beav's big brother: WALLY.  And his friend was Clarence "Lumpy" Rutherford.  A PGA Golfer from Minnesota named Tim Herron also looked like "Clarence" so now guess what his nickname is.

55. Bumped into: MET.  "As I was walking to St. Ive's, I met a man with seven wives".

56. Nashville awards org.: CMA.  Country Music.  I was not too smart.  18 months at Fort Campbell, KY, and I never made it to the Grand Old Opry in Nashville.

58. Scout's merit __: BADGE.

59. Square of butter: PAT.  Mr. Boone was not square, now he's selling bathtubs on TV.

64. Apply: USE.

65. Iron deficiency concern: ANEMIA.  "We call it Tired Blood"

66. Riga resident: LETT.  LETT us pray. Our archbishop closed all the churches  except for weddings and funerals.  However only a maximum of 10 humans may attend either event.

67. Guys: MEN.  Tom Cruise was one of the few good ones.

68. Fails to: DOESN'T.

69. Watched closely: EYED.


1. Duke's conf.: ACC.  Many thought Duke was a contender in the NCAA tournament.

2. Back-and-forth missed calls: PHONE TAG.  I answer my phone about 4 times a day. Once a week it is someone worth talking with.

3. Put up with: TOLERATE.

4. Root beers, e.g.: SODAS.  Diet Pepsi and diet Ginger Ale are my favorites.

5. Calendario units: ANOS.

6. Bucharest is its cap.: ROM. Romania.

7. Terrible grade: EFF.  I did receive an "F" in college.  It was in French.  But I also got an "A" in bowling.

8. Lao-tzu's philosophy: TAOISM.

9. Trumpeter Al: HIRT.  Dixieland Trumpeter from New Orleans.

10. Performing __: ARTS.

11. Bibliography space-saver: ET ALII.  Et no favorite of Joe Frazierr.

12. Beautiful, in Barcelona: BONITO.

13. Scrambled, as eggs: BEATEN.

18. Gator's kin: CROC.

23. Chow Chow checker: VET.  Wow, I have never been called that, have you Veterans out there??

24. __-out: exhausted: WORN.  Not yet, but I am getting there.

25. Jack who played Quincy: KLUGMAN.  More famous to me as Oscar Madison.

26. Sanctified: BLEST.  I used to spell this "BLESSED", but never mind.  The churches are all closed.

29. Express a view: OPINE.  Yup, Everyone has an OPINION!

30. Twiddled one's thumbs: IDLED.  Let my van warm up in the driveway.

31. "Seinfeld" uncle: LEO.  Loud talker.

33. "Forever" post office purchase: STAMP.  Our post office did not have the new Arnold Palmer stamps, but C.C. was able to order online.  Still waiting for them.

37. Norse war god: TYR.

38. Apple throwaway: CORE.  "And from the Garden of Eden, picked the apple they was eatin' and I swear that I'm the one that et the CORE.  The Braggin' Song.  Chad Mitchell and many.

39. Tea named for William IV's prime minister: EARL GREY.

40. Casino wheel: ROULETTE. A decent bet. There are 38 numbers on the wheel and a single number bet pays 35 - 1.  Black-Red and Odd-Even- and High Low are even money bets.

44. Snorters' quarters: STY.  I get it.  Snorers' quarters are my bedroom.

45. Beads once used by Native Americans as currency: WAMPUM.  Now we have Native American casinos all over Minnesota and Wisconsin where you can blow you Wampum maybe on a roulette wheel.

46. Opposite of "Atten-hut!": AT EASE.

47. Way past ripe: ROTTEN.

48. Pointed beard: GOATEE.  I tried a regular beard one winter.  Pretty itchy.

49. Cashless deal: SWAP.  We used to have a number of these in the Baseball Card Collecting world.

54. One-named "Hello" singer: ADELE.

56. Landlocked African land: CHAD.  Did he not once form the CHAD Mitchell Trio ??

57. Like old records: MONO.  Mostly were 78RPM records played on a turntable with one speaker.  You may want to sit by the fire someday and tell your grandkids about it.

58. Dinghy or dory: BOAT. These are those things I mentioned that are sitting around waiting for the ice to melt.

61. Canadian VIPs: PMS.

62. __ Tin Tin: RIN.  1950s TV show.

63. Since Jan. 1: YTD.



OwenKL said...

They said I sneezed, I said NO FAIR,
I didn't spray snot into the air!
I just exchanged
A thought on trains
When noticing a CHOO choo there!

I am sending WARM REGARDS
To those whose plans virus debars
As consolation
For our isolation,
Global warming this retards.

{B-, C.}

Jinx in Norfolk said...

FIW Monday! ANEMeA x ReN Tin Tin got me. Bad spelars of the world, UNTIE (but maintain social distancing). Also had to fix BONITa, since I don't often think of masculine things as being beautiful. Only unknown was TYR.

CSO to Abejo - EARL GREY.

We start home this morning. Hope to arrive Wednesday.

Thanks to Kurt for the fun, Monday-easy (except for me) puzzle. And thanks to Boomer for another fun start to the week.

OwenKL said...

Once there was a man named WALLY
Thought 'twould be fun to drive a trolley.
A CHOO-choo van
Around San Fran,
But jumping tracks would be a folly!

I take COLD COMFORT in the knowledge
Pols want to offer all free collage.
With the intent
Of wiser voters in their nonage.*

*Nonage is an archaic term for youth, still used in Masonic rituals for those too young to make their own decisions.
{B+, B-.}

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

KK served up a Monday softball, easy to hit out of the park. My only misstep was MALI/CHAD, both are landlocked. Thanx, Kurt and Boomer.

PRU: Dropped my dental insurance about 6 months ago. Premiums and deductibles kept increasing as the maximum payment decreased. Wasn't worth it.

ANEMIA: I remember those old Geritol "Tired blood" commercials. Also the ones for Carter's Little Liver Pills and Doan's Pills. I doubt that those products are still being made, and if they were, probably couldn't pass the truth-in-advertising requirements.

MONO: In addition to those 78s, most 45s were also recorded in MONO. Stereo didn't really catch on until '59, but MONO 45s kept coming out well into the 70s.

Lemonade714 said...

It is one of the consequences of the virus that you just had regained your form with 700 on the horizon and poof, the season is over. Maybe not up there with all the athletes across the world who have built for the 2020 Olympics...

The puzzle was a very good Monday, fair and a good introduction for the beginning solver. CHAD reminded of the hanging chads of Florida that changed our history. Also, when I was 16, my brother David wrote a Karate book DEFEND YOURSELF . We drove into Manhattan to talk with his agent. I was very surprised to see that the Chad embassy was in the same building. At the time I had never heard of the country.

And on another personal note, our way of dealing with staying at home here at NORTH HAMPTON COURT led to this NEWSPAPER ARTICLE .

Be careful and be safe

inanehiker said...

Nice to have a fun puzzle and commentary from Boomer to start another week of "who knows what's going to happen" I wish it would get WARM and stay there - this past week we had 72 and sunny one day - but yesterday it was snowing and then went to a raw rainy day with a high of about 40- COLD and wet just get into your bones!

We have friends who have lived in CHAD for 30+ years who were supposed to come home on furlough this month - but are postponing to the fall - very ironic to stay in a country with cholera and TB outbreaks to not come to the US due to COVID outbreaks here.

Hope everyone who is able is getting out to walk and get fresh air- I feel bad for those in big cities who may not be able to go to places outside and still keep 6 feet away!
Thanks Boomer and Kurt!

Spitzboov said...

Good morning everyone.

No too hot, not too cold ……not too warm, not too cool…… just right - - for a Monday. Fun start to the week.
No problems with the solve. FIR. Somehow remembered VERSO; 'port' wouldn't fit. :-)
EARL GREY dropped in nicely. Hi Abejo.
CMA helpfully pointed to CHAD.

Enjoyed Boomer's intro. Thanks.

Now screwing up my courage to tackle CC's offering in the WSJ as Dow Jones alerted FLN.

TTP said...

I liked the theme today. Thank you, Kurt, and thank you, Boomer.

Missed some of the clues in this speedy solve.

23 Of Bart Simpson's Best Prank Calls

Boomer, the bowling leagues have all been cancelled here as well. BTW, congrats on your 684 series !

DW started her second week of working from home this morning. I've been playing technical support. She's currently on a company wide video conference call.

Got a notice from the DMV that my driver's license needs to be renewed. The DMVs are all closed, so no Real ID processing. I can renew online or by mail, but there's no one there to process and issue the new card. Guess I'll just send it in and get in queue. Real ID will have to wait for awhile.

Ray - O - Sunshine said...

Easy Monday but silly mistakes but ended up FIR. Thought Bello (bella) was Sp.for "beautiful". Like Marbella, Sp. (beautiful sea). Then remembered Madonna's song . "La Isla Bonita" so erred with "BONITa"at first. I defer to Lucina. Wampam perp walked to WAMPUM. Pad before PAT. Remember when it was RuMANIA?

Following up on Saturday: Anonymous PVX: "Guns and Waffles" (sounds like a rock group)...about the COVID parallel increase in gun and Eggo product purchases...

As I was going into our Walgreens pharmacy yesterday a man with his young son was leaving with a cartful of DiGiorno pizzas.

I imagined a desperotto (sorry... desperado) with a newly purchased gun threatening them.

"Gimme all yer dough or the kid gets it!"

***Father nervously fumbles with his wallet***

" yer FROZEN dough!"


"Of or related to Sheriff Taylor's son"....OPINE

"Aspirin and nasal spray"...COLDCOMFORT

"Nanny and Billy's preferred hot drink....GOATEE.

After a number of cold but sunny days woke up to a minor snow storm. Typical prankster March.

Husker Gary said...

-This dredged up a Buddy Holly earworm for me
-“Go for the hook” – Con men are trying to take advantage of this national emergency
-I ask TAT owners about how they came to get these permanent inkings. The story are amazing.
-My country music-loving uncles would not like today’s CMA award winners
-D-O – Here’s Ted Mack’s ANEMIA cure in this vintage commercial
-One colleague gave many EFFS and proclaimed in the lounge, “I’m not lowering my standards!” instead of “I’m going to have to do a better job!”
-Our priests have a Sunday afternoon where people can have their pets become BLEST. Okay…
-Did the Lanape tribe really sell Manhattan to Peter Minuit for $24 of WAMPUM? A long answer
-My MONO record player did fine with stereo records
-I’m going out for the first time in a WK. Left hearing aid went bad and audiologist said she is only taking drop-offs and will call when it is repaired.
-Nebraska has only 51 COVID-19 cases most of which have been brought here from around the country in UNMC’s high-tech infectious disease facility

oc4beach said...

Good Monday puzzle and Boomer's write-up explained the theme nicely.

I motored through the puzzle quickly, but the Electronic Ta-Da didn't happen. It took a few minutes going back over each clue until I realized I spelled WAMPUM as WAMPaM. Dumb mistake.

A little bit of snow overnight that turned into rain. No biggy. They were predicting up to three inches, so I figured I would have to shovel today, but it didn't happen.

This Sheltering In Place gets tiresome quickly. Just knowing there isn't any place to go except the supermarket is depressing. I am doing my part by staying home and not doing anything in public.

Our Governor, Tom Wolf, has tried to shut down just about everything. This included all of the rest stops on Interstate 80, other Interstates and the PA Turnpike. Not a very smart move. Where can the truckers "go". After someone pointed out the error of this move, he opened about half of them and then a few days later opened the rest. They are still modifying the list of what businesses can remain open under the Business Shut-down order he issued last week.

Be safe everyone.

CanadianEh! said...

Marvelous Monday. Thanks for the fun, Kurt and Boomer.
I completed this CW in my newspaper (which is still being delivered!), saw the "GETTING CLOSER" theme (although we should be at least 2 metres, or 6.6 ft. for you Americans, apart).
But I arrived here to discover that I FIWed, not once but twice. And on a Monday - oh the shame!
Hand up for Bonita; but I failed to correct it when MILLION perped. Plus this Canadian spelled EARL GREY as Gray (triple shame!) and thought Latt was short for Latvian. Wikipedia says that "They are occasionally also referred to as Letts, although this term is becoming obsolete."

I had Over before ATOP, Stu before MOE, Spar before BITE; wiped out wouldn't fit - WORN out did.

CSOs to Abejo (EARL GREY), C'MOE, and Canadian PMs for me. (Trudeau is still in self-isolation)

Owen- loved your 2nd verse @5:10
Ray'o - LOL re GOATEE (to go with EARL GREY)
TTP - Ontario announced last week that all cards requiring renewal (health, driver's licence etc.) would be automatically extended until after this crisis

Wishing you all a good, safe, healthy day.

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

I just glanced out the window and, surprise, surprise, little white flakes are falling! ❄️❄️❄️ The puzzle was a typical Monday, easy peasy. Didn't know Tyr, tried Bonita first, and Go for the hook conjured an image of a Vaudeville (sp?) hook, so I entered Yank instead of Bite. Funny how our brains work, sometimes. The theme was simple but cute. CSO to Abejo at his favorite tea.

Thanks, Kurt, for a pleasant start to the week and thanks, Boomer, for lifting our spirits with your colorful and comical commentary.

Stay safe, all.

Wheels42 said...

Enjoyable puzzle to start the week. Hope everyone is able to fend off cabin fever for a while longer.

TTP said...

Irish Miss, good catch. I meant to mention the Earl Grey / Abejo connection.

Canadian Eh, that is a very considerate and appropriate action from the officials of the Ontario administration.

I just found a March 20 media release for our state saying that all IDs, registrations, document filings and the like will be extended for 30 days after the disaster ends.

Lucina said...


Que rompecabezas tan BONITO! What a (so) beautiful puzzle! As most of you know, all nouns are feminine or masculine and occasionally neutral in Spanish.

I waited until MILLION emerged for the endings to ET AL ALII and BONITO.

KLUGMAN prompted a deep chuckle when I recalled him as Oscar Madison.

CSO to Abejo at EARL GREY. I knew the British spelling would be GREY.

CSO to my friend Sister DEE, i.e., Dorothy and another to Sister Katie LETT.

My home must be a HOT PROPERTY because every week I receive numerous calls asking me if I want to sell it. There is not enough WAMPUM to force me to sell and the mere thought of moving gives me tremors.

Thank you, Kurt Krauss and Boomer! Confinement has not affected your sense of humor I'm happy to see.

WARM REGARDS, everyone! Stay safe and healthy.

Lucina said...

I have an appointment tomorrow afternoon for my Real I.D. and received an e-mail reminding me of it.

Misty said...

Delightful Monday puzzle--many thanks, Kurt. Worked my way through this slowly and then noticed the beginning words COLD and COOL and WARM turning up. So HOT PROPERTY was pretty much a gimme by then. Like others, I too started with BONITA but knew quickly that that lotto prize had to be a MILLION. And nice to see ROULETTE to go along with the gambling.

My only worry was whether KLUGMAN and PRU were correct. Then when I saw Boomer's picture of Jack Klugman I couldn't believe it! Oscar Madison! How could I not know the actor's name when I was such a fan of "The Odd Couple" for so many decades. But I still don't get PRU? Does it stand for Prudential, or something like that? Anyway, lots of fun, many thanks again, Kurt and Boomer.

Enjoyed your poems, Owen, and your humor, sunny Ray.

Have a comfortable day staying home, everybody.

Abejo said...

Good morning, folks. Thank you, Kurt Krauss, for a fine puzzle. Thank you, Boomer, for a fine review.

Was zipping through this puzzle easily, being a Monday. Came to 39D, EARL GREY. Wow! I had already known that he was the Prime Minister of England during the reign of King William IV. Circa 1830's. I actually learned that doing crosswords. Thank you all for giving me a Shout Out for Earl Grey Tea. I guess we all get famous for something.

Caught the theme after I was finished. Liked it. Very good.

I agree. Jack Klugman was best in the Odd Couple.

Knew VERSO. For some reason I have always known RECTO and VERSO.

For some reason I could not remember the name of the tall building in Boston. I have seen when I was there. Thank you, perps.

Anyhow, I have to run. No where to go, though. Until this Virus plays out.

See you tomorrow.


( )

Picard said...

EARL GREY tea served HOT is the favorite drink of the "real" Picard in Star Trek. Enjoyed the puzzle and theme. I was hoping the trumpeter would be Herb Alpert because we just got to see him perform! I will save those photos from when he appears.

Learning moment about BONITO. I thought LINDA meant "beautiful" and BONITO meant "nice".

Here are a few of my photos of and with THE PRU.

The recent loss of Kenny Rogers had me searching for my favorite song that he did.

Here is my favorite Kenny Rogers song as used in a beautiful dream sequence in the film The Big Lebowski.

Boomer I highly recommend you watch this as it involves bowling!

Picard said...

From Yesterday:
Yellowrocks you really made my day with your very kind words about my photos and adventures. I am very grateful every day for the unique opportunities I have had. It is so important to make every day count in this short life that we have.

CrossEyedDave said...

I am having trouble finding
a suitable silly link for this puzzle.

They tell me buds are appearing on the trees in New Jersey,
But I can't tell a dang thing locked up in this air conditioning in Florida...

P.S. thanks C.C. for the Sunday cake for PK,
It is hard enough finding a PK cake without without a PC...
(This stupid IPad has become my lifeline to the outside world...)

Hungry Mother said...

Very nice, fun and useful theme, pretty quick solve. I always enjoy using the word LETT. A bit of a write-over first occupied by diOS.

ChatRoomKiller said...

Bonito is "pretty" in Spanish. Hermosa is beautiful. And they speak Catalan in Barcelona not Spanish. "Bonic" is Beautiful.

billocohoes said...

Yes, Misty, the 749-foot PRU is the Prudential Tower, once owned by the Insurance Co., the 2nd-tallest skyscraper in Boston. The 790-foot John Hancock Building was designed by Xword friend I M Pei with the requirement that it be taller than their insurance rival. The Pru is taller with its radio mast.

Lucina said...

Yes, they speak Catalan in Barcelona, but they also speak Spanish. I know they did when I visited.

Spanish, like English and presumably other languages, have nuances that render certain words synonymous with each other. BONITO, bonita, preciouso, preciousa, lindo, linda, chulo, chula can and are often used interchangeably.

AnonymousPVX said...

This Monday grid was a nice way to start the week.

No write-overs today.

Not much to add....just stay safe.

See you tomorrow.

Jayce said...

I enjoyed this puzzle, Boomer's write-up, and all your comments.

Sorry, but when I filled BONITO all I could think of was an osteoporosis medication or a fish.

Good to know that chula is a close synonym of linda. Now I know what the name of the city of Chula Vista means. There is also a community in San Diego called Linda Vista. My brother's wife is named Linda, as is my wife's friend who lives next door.

Irish Miss, from last night, I was (and am) completely serious, even though Anonymous T made an Etch-a-Sketch joke of it, in advising you that shaking the iPad will give you the opportunity to reverse what you just did. So if you make a mistake, such as deleting something by accident, immediately (before doing anything else) shake the iPad. You can get back what you deleted. (You might have to shake the iPad rather vigorously. With an iPhone it is much easier.)

On a Windows PC, the same advice applies, except don't try to shake the computer; just immediately type Ctrl-Z (hold down the Ctrl key as you type the Z key) to reverse the unwanted action. (I'm not a Mac user but I think on a Mac it's Command-Z.) Using Ctrl-Z has saved me from many "Oh crap! What did I just do?" moments.

Good wishes to you all.

Ol' Man Keith said...

The correct posture for AT EASE is only slightly less demanding than that for "Attention." Hardly the "opposite."
Maybe non-military types think AT EASE means you're free to move about and chat with your buddies, but it is a strict no-talking pose, a uniform posture with feet apart and hands clasped behind the back.

I wonder if languages that read from right to left (Hebrew, Persian, Arabic) change the order of VERSO and Recto?
One diagonal, on the near side.
The anagram tells us that Pinocchio was carved from Oak or Cherry, for he was a...

CrossEyedDave said...

It needs to be turned on first,
But just imagine the problems having the hiccups would create....

Chairman Moe said...

Puzzling Thoughts:

Since I got a CSO @42 across, I figured I’d chirp in and see how the Corner was coping with the CV-19. Hope there are no “COV-IDIOTS” among us ... I’m still a bit unsure if the millennial and Gen Z’s are “getting” this social distancing ... our Governor (Ducey/AZ) finally closed all bars and restaurants this past Friday ...

Speaking of COVID-19, I’m wondering if that “number” has become popular as a betting selection at casinos, on the ROULETTE wheel?

I’m enjoying the peacefulness the AZ desert provides, as my “escape” from all this upheaval has been to go for hikes in nature with my lady friend. We took a marvelous hike yesterday; it even inspired me to come up with a limerick!

I think the best way to “beat this virus” is to both be vigilant AND maintain a good sense of humor.

No crossword references today ...

The old trail guide just tried to arrange
Different hiking trip. But what was strange,
Is that none of his crew
Wants to go somewhere new.
Could it be that they fear climb-it change?

Chairman Moe ...

Jayce said...

CrossEyedDave, "Shake to Undo" is enabled (turned on) by default. One does not need to turn it on first.

Spitzboov said...

OMK @ 1551 brings up a good point about AT EASE for 46d. AT EASE still requires the hands interlocked in back, the legs spread about a foot apart, and no talking or other body movements. "At Rest" would be more of an opposite.

I did CC's WSJ puzzle today and it was worth it even if you don't like circles. I enjoyed finding the 'Treasures' (no anagrams involved.)

CrossEyedDave said...

Turn it off, turn it off!

Irish Miss said...

Jayce @ 2:55 ~ You, Sir, are a sanity-saver! I just tried it and it worked! I still find fault with the location, though, right next to the oft-used ABC key. This Undo key wasn't on my original iPad nor my iPad Mini which is probably why its bugging me so much. Anyway, thanks for the tip.

Misty said...

Billocohoes, thank you for verifying and explaining PRUdential. And Picard, what a cool photo of you with the PRU in the background! Thank you for that too.

Jayce said...

CED, Gesundheit!

9mileSkid said...

Hey Chairman Mo! Another Arizonan - granted I'm in Minnesota as we speak, but my heart is still in my home in Tucson. I'm new here and haven't seen you post before. Your post today made me LOL! COV-IDIOTS, 19 on the roulette wheel, and even a limerick! Damn, you're good. Where in AZ are you? I moved to MN from Tucson about 5 years ago to help take care of my aging in-laws, who are TOTALLY ignoring the shelter in place mind frame, BTW. I envy your access to the peacefulness of the Arizona desert. Please tell me where you are so I can access memories of peacefulness myself. Thanks for posting your excellent remarks.

Anonymous T said...

Hi All!

Thanks Kurt for the puzzle Thanks Boomer for kickin' off the after-party; sorry to hear your bowling season ended prematurely.

Fav: I thought EARL GREY as clued was fun.

{B+,B | B+, A}
Great DR OMK!

Climb-it change? Really?!? :-) Nice to see you C. Moe.
Ray-O: ibid GOAT TEA :-)

Jayce - thanks for helping IM. I didn't know about (or forgot) the shake/undo on iPads.

HG - I know you are scientifically minded and thus you already know this but for those who let low numbers lull them into complacency:
There's only 29 cases in the county I live in. Those are the folks who got infected 8-14 days ago. They were walking around infecting others in the meantime (yesterday?) and we won't know how many each infected for another week or more. Hence the 2 week limited quarantine.

Unfortunately, this was not coordinated and, while I've been isolated for 9 days, FL just started...

Jinx - Ironically, 19 was my first bet ever in ROULETTE. I didn't know how to play so I read the magazines on the flight. Every ad seemed to have 19 as the winning number, so why not?
It hit! I put the rest of my money in my pocket and played with the house's for the night.

Cheers, -T

Anonymous T said...

Oh, I forgot to link today's As seen on Twitter:
Pi$$ing off the neighbors during quarantine.

IT'S a must see.

Cheers, -T

Wilbur Charles said...

Boomer, I suggested a link to TPBuddy *as in Gas-buddy from the hurricane evacs
Pat Boone was as square as you could get in the fifties. He has the PB hour on Sirius 50s

I don't have home delivery up in Dunellon do I tried the online XW. I forgot LEO(Uncle) of Jerry and had PET/PERSA. But I'll blame it all in not solving on paper.

One old Boston trick was to park at the PRU underground garage , walk to Fenway, then use the ticket stub to reduce to nominal the parking. Then , if course, go up to the top and look around.


*Could it actually exist?

Ps, I'm Monday late. I actually awoke early and tackled Wa-Post Birnholz xword which is lengthy. Back to bed , up for late breakfast and a J poem, nap, and finally, earlier, all set to post and no WiFi. This new company wants to be paid in advance.

Ol' Man Keith said...

Thank you, Spitzboov @5:04.

Lemonade714 said...

We were phished at 1:32 PM

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