Mar 2, 2020

Monday March 2, 2020 Paul Coulter

Theme: PIZZA ( 69. Popular pie, and what the ends of 17-, 30-, 45- and 61-Across have in common)

17. Crème de la crème: UPPER CRUST. Pizza crust.

30. Spar without a partner: SHADOW BOX. Pizza box.

45. Extremely lame, in modern slang: WEAK SAUCE. Pizza sauce.

61. Business manager skilled at reducing expenses: COST CUTTER. Pizza cutter.

Boomer here.  WWWWW - Wow, What A Wild Week on Wall Street!  I felt like I was on a bicycle with no brakes coasting down Lombard Street in San Francisco. However, we have seen this before around 2008 and we survived. I hope all will stay safe from the coronavirus and I hope if you were hurt in this correction, that those nasty numbers last week will start bouncing back today.

I made thousands of pizzas as a chef for a pizza restaurant in Hopkins, MN.  I've also eaten quite a few but I cut them out of the diet for now.  Not healthy enough.


1. Photographer Adams: ANSEL.  Always outdoor scenes.  We found one at a garage sale once.

6. "Happy Motoring" company: ESSO.  Fill 'er up in Canada eh?

10. Cuba, por ejemplo: ISLA.

14. 2000s first lady Bush: LAURA.

15. Matty of baseball: ALOU.  Also Jesus and Felipe.

16. Twice-monthly tide: NEAP.  Depends on full or new moon.  It amazes me that the moon can have an effect on the ocean.

19. Kvetch like a fish?: CARP.  In Minnesota, if you happen to catch one of these mud-eating fish, it is against DNR rules to toss them back in the lake.

20. West of "My Little Chickadee": MAE.  "When I'm good I am very good, but when I'm bad, I'm better."  Mae West.

21. Mr. Peanut prop: CANE.  "Ain't no more CANE on the Brazos my boy, Oh, Oh, Oh.  Well we done ground it all to molasses. Oh, Oh, Oh.  (Chad Mitchell Trio).

22. Dental hygienist's gizmo: SCALER.  In Minnesota, we use these to clean fish.

24. Essen's river: RUHR.  Quite a distance Northeast from my temporary home in Hardheim. (1969)

26. Russian space station for 15 years: MIR.

27. Hurry-scurry: ADO.  Much ado about nothing.

28. "__ Yankees": DAMN.  You can say that again! I am a Twins fan.

33. Rascal: SCAMP.

35. "Honor Thy Father" author Gay: TALESE.  What about thy Mother??

36. Hawaiian porch: LANAI.

37. Ab __: from day one: OVO.

38. Uses a sieve: SIFTS.  We used to use an aluminum with a squeeze handle.  I never knew why my Mom sifted flour.  It always seemed pretty sifted to me out of the bag.

42. Apply, as a brake: STEP ON.  We had to do that quickly Saturday morning.  Some car was stalled in the middle of our lane.  C.C, saved us because I was watching the rear view mirror at some idiot tailgating us.

44. Flynn of "Captain Blood": ERROL.  From Australia, he led three lives with three different wives.

48. Hunky-__: fine: DORY.  I don't think I have heard this since Ike was President.

49. Toronto's prov.: ONT.  Home of the Blue Jays.  That team has a whole country rooting for them since the Expos moved to Washington.

50. Dada co-founder: ARP.

51. Either H in H2O: ATOM

53. Home of the NHL's Senators: OTTAWA.  A lot more Canadian cities have a hockey team.

55. A head: EACH.

57. "Aladdin" monkey: ABU.

60. Old phone feature: DIAL.  Absolutely old.  We went through several in my life, and Graybar sold millions of them.

64. Shortest-named Great Lake: ERIE.  4th largest great lake

65. Sci-fi's Jabba the __: HUTT.  Aaron Rodgers "3-19, 3-19, HUTT HUTT !

66. Mars has two: MOONS.  Amazing.  There are only three moons between Mercury and Jupiter.  Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus all have dozens.  I am surprised they don't run into each other.

67. Aloha State bird: NENE.

68. Jazz and Disco periods: ERAS.  Pitching statistics too.


1. Grad: ALUM.  Short for alumnus, not aluminum.

2. Auto parts giant: NAPA.

3. Clark Kent, really: SUPERMAN.  "Look, up in the sky!  It's a bird, it's a plane, no it's a bird (wiping your eye).

4. "... __ he drove out of sight": Moore: ERE.  "Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night"

5. Tree that rhymes with a month: LARCH.

6. Deserve: EARN.  I guess it's deserved.  Lend some of your money to a bank and you will earn interest.  Just not as high as the poor guy who borrows it.

7. Pivot around: SLUE.

8. "Help!"-ful soap pad brand: SOS.  ...---... or a Competitor of Brillo.

9. Not in the house: OUTSIDE.  "Ball one", says the umpire.

10. Ancient Andean: INCA.  Inka Dinka Do - Jimmy Durante

11. Aquanaut's base: SEA LAB.

12. Texas city in a cowboy song: LAREDO.  Johnny Cash did the song.  But Laredo is unique with a bridge across the Rio Grande.

13. Estimated: Abbr.: APPROX.

18. Wheels, so to speak: CAR.  I call my wheels a van.

23. Game stick with a netted pocket: CROSSE.  Never played it.  Add "LA" and you have a great city in Wisconsin.  Close to Minnesota just on the east side of the Mississippi.

25. Expose: UNMASK.  We would do this on Halloween when our face got sweaty.

26. Sam who owned Cheers: MALONE.  "Where everybody knows your name."

28. ISP alternative: DSL.

29. Fed. law known as Obamacare: ACA.  It's "Affordable Care".  However some people still cannot afford it.  But I don't think the U.S can afford an alternative.

30. Clog: STOP UP.

31. "Wreaked" state: HAVOC.

32. Creepy sort: WEIRDO.

34. Tool for two lumberjacks: PIT SAW. I don't see many any more.  It takes two persons to use it and I think power saws have taken over.

39. Completely, alphabetically speaking: FROM A TO Z.

40. A.L.'s Blue Jays: TOR.  Mentioned them before.

41. Scheming: SLY.  And the Family Stone.  "Everyday People."

43. Pain in a canal: EARACHE.

45. Made of oak, say: WOODEN.  Coach John Wooden - famous coach of UCLA.  His teams won something like 10 NCAA national championships.  I remember Lew Alcindor (AKA) Kareem and Bill Walton helping.

46. Complete: ENTIRE.  There once was a girl from St. Paul, who went to a newspaper ball.  Her dress caught on fire, and burned her ENTIRE front page, sports section and all.

47. Reach, as a goal: ATTAIN.  A whole bunch of major league teams are in Spring Training hoping to ATTAIN that fancy trophy for their stadium display case.

51. NC State's conf.: ACC.

52. Dull sound: THUMP.  Sounds like a ball going in the gutter.

54. On the safe side, at sea: ALEE.

55. Spanish "this": ESTA.

56. Lawyers: Abbr.: ATTS.  Most abbreviate ATTY(s)

58. Mercedes-__: BENZ.

59. Big Dipper bear: URSA.  Major.

62. Lord's Prayer start: OUR.  We say this in church.  So many stories.  I went to an all-boys Catholic School. I coach bowling there now and it is co-ed. When young ladies would come to our sock hop dances, they had to recite the Lord's prayer to get in.  If they said debts instead of trespasses they were not allowed.  If they got by that and ended with "For thine is the power etc." they were refused.  Now we say that at the end of the prayer.  I am wondering though, after the prayer we are asked to offer a sign of peace and everyone shakes hands. I wonder if that might be adjusted due to coronavirus.   

63. You, in French: TOI.



Paul C. said...

Thanks, Boomer. I wish I could cut out pizzas, too. But we have this great pizza place in town, and well, what can you do when the craving strikes? This started when I dropped one of their pies on the kitchen floor, and it landed... you guessed it - upside down. My dog Jake certainly enjoyed his dinner that day. While eating a bologna sandwich I made a grid with the following set:

WEAKSAUCE - Extremely lame, in modern slang
BIGCHEESE - Head honcho
PIZZAROLLS - Party bites from the toaster oven, or why the last words of 17, 30, and 46 are in the opposite order you might expect?

Rich liked the pizza theme, but felt that many solvers wouldn't get my "twist." The pizza "rolls" over in the air, landing upside down. Groan. Yeah, I know. So we went with a more standard theme.

OwenKL said...

JABBA was known for the size of his butt,
But scrimping on food he just couldn't CUT.
His WEAKEST area
Was SAUCE marinara,
He was known on nine MOONS as the PIZZA HUTT!

As I walked out in LAREDO one day
A man with red cape was shouting, "Olé!"
No toro was in sight,
But a red krypton light
Made SUPERMAN behave in a Mexican way!

{B+, B.}

OwenKL said...

UPPER CRUST is the name of a popular pizza restaurant here in Santa Fe that does a lot of advertising, so the theme was sort of telegraphed here. Personally I like Pizza Hut's stuffed crust the best. I can eat the bones. (Anyone else refer to inedible crusts as bones? I don't know where I picked that term up from.)

Two MOONS -- Mars and Earth both. The earlier article I read said 2020 CD3 was about the size of a compact car. This article says washing machine. Tariff jokes, anyone?

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

I've gotta learn to read the reveal clues. When I got to the bottom those two Zs were there, so it had to be PIZZA. Got the puzzle, but missed the theme again. Double CSOs to CanadianEh! with ONT and OTTAWA. ERIE was back to honor Abejo. Tried THUNK (past tense of thought) before THUMP became obvious. Thanx, Paul and Boomer.

Old Phone: I've got a Panasonic desk model in the office. I like having a handset I can park on my shoulder. Pushbuttons. No DIAL.

MOONS: "I am surprised they don't run into each other." They've had a few billion years to collide, if they were going to.

DSL: Hard to believe, but the telephone infrastructure where I live isn't modern enough to support DSL. Our only options are dial-up, cable, or satellite.

Jinx in Norfolk said...

FIR with no erasures. DNK ab OVO, WEAK SAUCE, PIT SAW, LARCH, or TOI. Had to wait for ER[ro/ol]L and A[p/B]U.

My favorite pizza (when home) is from the inanely-named Ynot. The founder's first name is Tony, and he couldn't think of anything clever so he just spelled his name backwards. It has grown into a small chain, and has branched out into event ticket sales al la Ticketron. (I was going to mention the sound that a pizza makes when it is dropped on the floor, but I'll leave that slur to Anon T.)

OK Boomer, I thought you would link the Janis Joplin classic Mercedes Benz. We have owned a 300SE and a 300SD. I only appreciated the SD on Interstate trips, where it really excelled. Except that it had to be plugged in overnight when the temperature fell much below freezing.

Thanks to Paul and Boomer for all the fun.

desper-otto said...

I seldom eat PIZZA, but yesterday I stopped at PIZZA HUTT on the way to pick up dw at the airport. It was very good, and there's enough left to warm up for lunch today.

Yellowrocks said...

I love Ansel's photography. Amazing what he can do with black and white to make it so evocative.
Favorites were pain in a canal/earache and kvetch like a fish/carp
Carp example: Scaler, please don't remind me of my quarterly torture, but it is better than root planing every few years. I should be thankful that the hygienist saves my real teeth and the underlying bone. And a scaler is much worse for a carp.
ERROL was said to be gay, despite being married three times.
Wall Street is not hunky dory these days. Since January I have been seriously considering whether I should move to a retirement community. Now is not the time to cash in my investments. I can still research, but the whole thing is in abeyance til the market recovers.
After spending three weeks in Japan on a fellowship for teachers most of my colleagues were dying to stop for pizza on the way home. I missed roast beef and mashed potatoes the most. We ate the delicious local dishes, no carp about that, but home cooking is always nice.
Time to go to the Y. I have to push myself hard to go, but when I get there I enjoy it.

desper-otto said...

YR, sometimes I have to push myself hard to go, too. Roughage helps.

Anonymous said...

Broke the 5-minute barrier on this easy, cheesy Monday.

I read an article yesterday about a pizzeria that is now taping pictures of adoptable dogs on its pizza boxes. I think it's a nice gesture, but I hope my kids don't order from there.

inanehiker said...

Nice easy solve and with it being breakfast time - I had no urge to go eat pizza! My eating cold pizza for breakfast days are mostly in the rear view mirror these days. I didn't know the term WEAK SAUCE - but the perps easily filled it in!

At church yesterday people were doing elbow bumps and a few fist bumps instead of shaking hands with the flu season still roaring along!

Thanks Boomer for the smiles to start the week and Paul for another fun puzzle (and for stopping by)

Husker Gary said...

-Thanks for the fun puzzle and visit today, Paul
-_ROSSE/S_ALER was an uneasy moment but I got it
-This reentry path when MIR fell back to Earth made Russians warn Japan and New Zealand which was really much ADO about nothing
-OTTAWA and Canberra are the least known capital cities of major countries
-On Mars’ Moon Phobos the gravity is so small an astronaut could jump up 12 stories and take 12 minutes to come back down
-That cowboy in LAREDO was “dressed in white linen, as cold as the clay”
-Oh, now I see why it is called a PIT SAW
-Some pitchers want to ATTAIN the goal of THUMPING (plunking in baseball parlance) a Houston Astro this season

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

This had a bit of crunch for a Monday with the unknown, to me, Ovo, Abu, Pit Saw, and ESSO, as clued. The theme escaped me (Yay!) until the reveal brought an Aha and an Aah, as I love, love, love pizza. 🍕🍕🍕I also wasn't familiar with the phrase Weak Sauce. My favorite C/A was Kvetch like a fish=Carp. (Hi, YR!) Rascal=Scamp should be Rascal (Imp)=CED and Jinx. DO, I see triple CSOs to CanadianEh at Ottawa, Tor and Ont. Alas, Abejo has to settle for the lone Erie.

Thanks, Paul, for such a tasty treat to start the week and for stopping by. IMO, Rich was right about your original idea on the pizza "rolling"; that would have "rolled " right over my head! Thanks, Boomer, for the chuckles, snorts, and tee hees that your musings induced this morning.

Owen, you and your Muse are on fire these days!

FYI, go to Crossword Fiend and read the lengthy list of ORCA winners for 2019. A certain lady, very well-known to the Corner, is prominently profiled.


BlueHen ~ I have always enjoyed learning what was on your menu d'jour! I hope you'll continue to tease our taste buds, from time to time!

Have a great day.

Yuman said...

DO, I discovered the best way to warm up leftover pizza is in an air fryer, crust gets nice and crunchy, not soggy like when you nuke it in the microwave. Some of the Canadian snow birds in my Aqua Zumba class are heading back home early due to fears about the virus.
Thanks to Paul, we will be having A sausage mushroom pizza for dinner.

Yellowrocks said...

Yuman, never thought of warming pizza in an air fryer. I will have to try it. I find the air fryer very handy and so easy to clean. The minus is that it takes up a lot of counter space.
Pizza rolls are regularly hyped on TV with all the neighborhood kids coming in for a snack.
I don't say "weak sauce" but it seems to be very descriptive. I will try to use it more often.
I have seen sawyers in a saw pit on TV. Sawmills have replaced this back breaking method. Mechanized sawmills were powered by water wheels or steam. These days electricity and computerization have made the mills much more efficient.
I must stop to bake a cream cheese pie for our square dance tonight. It is better if it sits for several hours before cutting.

Sherry said...

Flummoxed by: Aladdin's monkey,Jabba,blue Jays,and , of course, French you. Tough for a Monday.

jfromvt said...

A lot of Canadian references today. I grew up on the Canadian border in Derby Line, VT. Google it, it’s an interesting, quirky village with a library that literally straddles the border.

oc4beach said...

Glad to see a Paul Coulter puzzle today. A 10 minute Monday because I got hung up on HA_OC and O_O. Took a while to suss out the V. Also didn't know ABU and WEAKSAUCE plus with so many four letter European Rivers, I had to wait for perps to take care of them.

I didn't see the theme until after I filled in all of the puzzle and went back over the puzzle.

Speaking of pie, today is National Banana Cream Pie day. So a few slices of Pizza with a Banana Cream pie slice sounds like a pretty good meal to me.

Owen: Yep, I refer to the leftover crust as bones which I give to DW because she likes them, which is good, because I don't.

jfromvt: can you go from one side of the library to the other side without going through customs?

Screwy weather. Don't know from one day to the next on what coat to wear. Maybe spring will show up soon and stay here.

Have a great day everyone.

jfromvt said...

Oc4beach - there is a line on the floor that marks the border, but you can cross it legally. A lot of issues these days with “securing the border”, they have tightened things up after 9/11. As kids, we crossed into Canada and back home all the time without ever reporting to Customs.

Lucina said...


It's always nice to see Paul Coulter's byline on a puzzle. I know it will be fun.

Starting with ANSEL Adams and LAURA Bush propelled me forward quickly. And ALOU is now familiar, too. No HAVOC was wreaked in solving this puzzle.

Marty Robbins of Glendale, AZ also recorded a memorable version of LAREDO.

The NE is well represented with OTTAWA, ERIE and ONTario.

I can't tell you how many times I've seen Aladdin and ABU, the monkey. He was quite a SCAMP!

The Empire Strikes Back is the only Star Wars movie I've seen in a theater and seeing Jabba the HUTT on that screen was impressive, I can tell you!

Thank you, Boomer, for your amusing review and commentary!

Have a lovely day, everyone!

Lemonade714 said...

PC, I always enjoy your puzzles and your comments when you stop by.

D-O, it is time for your nap. That was too funny.

For inanehiker: ELBOW BUMPS

Ray - O - Sunshine said...

Easy Monday. Knew I probably WOODEN have problems with the solve.

DAMN never heard of WEAKSAUCE. The MIR thought of it on my pasta or pizza plays HAVOC on my tastebuds. Would definitely SLUE away

In Utica we have a specialty called "tomato pie", like PIZZA but more bread and not so heavy in the toppings. It's usually served instead of bread with a meal. Mars has two MOONS. Another local treat are " half moons" cakelike circles with half chocolate half white icing. Smaller versions sometimes referred to as black and white cookies. Ours are larger and tastier. All out of town visits require we bring a box of both.

Someone borrowed my CARPIng Koi without asking!

Dorothy had a sex change operation and is now HUNKY DORY

Flynn made a few bad films till he saw the ERROL of his ways.

What came first the pollo or the OVO?

This WEIRDO says see yah Tīwesdæg (Tiw = Mars hence Mardi...Martedí)

Misty said...

Great to get started right away with ANSEL and ALUM, and LAURA and even MAE, making that northwest a delightful corner--many thanks, Paul. And thanks for stopping by and telling us about the construction process. Also nice to see ERROL. FROM A TO Z helped me guess PIZZA even before I got the BENZ. And I too liked the Canadian references and ERIE and the Hawaiian NENE. Fun Monday puzzle and fun Monday commentary--thank you both, Paul and Boomer.

Have a great week coming up, everybody.

Paul C. said...

Thanks, Lemonade and all you lovely folks. Owen, your take on Jabba and Pizza Hutt was hilarious. You may just have inspired another theme.

AnonymousPVX said...

I thought this Monday grid a bit crunchy, but no problem.


The trouble with trying to use modern slang is that by the time it appears in a puzzle it’s already passé. The best way to eliminate slang is for older folks to start using it, haha.

See you Tuesday.

Disciple of NAN'L said...

I liked the way the moons and the pie hit my eye, I guess that's amore!

Brian said...

I haven't heard of WEAKSAUCE either. However, I have heard of "Awesome Sauce", so it does make sense.

Bill G said...

Hi everybody.

Put me down as never having having heard of weak sauce.

I loved the original Robin Hood with Errol Flynn.

I don't have an air fryer but I do have another very excellent way of reheating pizza. Just put a slice or two crust down in a medium-hot skillet. I use a heavy teflon skillet but I'm sure cast iron would work well too. The pizza ends up hot and not the least bit soggy. Let me know...

Abejo said...

Good afternoon, folks. Thank you, Paul Coulter, for a fine puzzle. Thank you, Boomer, for a fine review.

Went through the puzzle easily. The theme was fine. I do like some pizza, pepperoni.

Yes, ERIE, made it again. Always makes me happy. ERIE may have the shortest name, but it has one of the best histories. It is where Oliver Hazard Perry defeated the British fleet in the War of 1812. He penned these immortal words in his ship's log. "We have met the enemy and they are ours, two ships, two brigs, one schooner, and one sloop." His ship was the Niagara, which is docked in Erie, PA, permanently. It sails the Great Lakes each year.

I had an Ansel Adams calendar once. Great photos. Always black and white. A guy I worked with kept begging me for the calendar. So, I gave it to him. He was always grateful.

And, with that, I am heading to Early Voting shortly. I am working the Polling Place for the next two weeks.

See you tomorrow.


( )

Spitzboov said...

Hello Everyone.

Thanks Boomer for your usual light hearted reaction to much of the fill.

Easy solve today. Only strikethrough was I had 'seabed' berfore SEALAB. SHADOW BOX took care of that. FIR.
ERIE - might be the fourth largest (in area) but it is the only dimictic Gt. Lake; the others are monomictic.
Here is a Map Depicting Current Ice Coverage.. Mostly open except for the shallower west end. (In an average Winter, L. Erie becomes about 95% ice-covered.)

A Roman walks into a bar, holds up two fingers, and says "Five beers, please."

CanadianEh! said...

Manic Monday. Thanks for the fun, Paul (thanks for dropping by) and Boomer.
I found more than a little crunch in today's CW, mostly in the centre.
My Rascal was a Knave before a SCAMP; I had Unveil before UNMASK, and Uno before OVO (oh I need Latin today.)

Like YR, I smiled at the "pain in a canal" clue, as I originally thought of teeth and a root canal. Could have been a mini-theme with SCALER.
I also smiled at LANAI and NENE.

We did have a mini-theme of Canadian sports with TOR Blue Jays baseball, OTTAWA Senators hockey and LaCROSSE which is Canada's national summer sport, played by indigenous people back in the 17th century.
I do have a small nit with the CROSSE clue. The game stick is called a LaCROSSE stick not a CROSSE (although the literal translation of the French "La Crosse" is "the stick"). Improved clue would have added (with La) IMO. (Or should I say WEAK SAUCE)

d'o, IM & Lucina: I'll take at least four CSOs today; besides ONT and OTTAWA, we had TOR and ESSO. Plus CROSSE (see my LaCROSSE comment) and 1/2 marks for ERIE (shared with Abejo).

jfromvt: Great to hear that you grew up in Derby, Vt, sharing the border with Stanstead, Que. I had heard about that library/opera house. I'll share my CROSSE (that's French) CSO with you!)

HuskerG:"OTTAWA and Canberra are the least known capital cities of major countries." Really! Well, at least OTTAWA is well known to you Cornerites.

LOL, Disciple@12:05
LOL, Abejo: we won't get into another war over who won the one in 1812!
I saw the Niagara last year in Port Colborne.

Wishing you all a great day.

CanadianEh! said...

Yes, Spitzboov, I had heard those figures about Lake ERIE ice this winter.
There may be a lot more lake-effect snow yet this winter!

Jayce said...

I enjoyed solving this puzzle. I especially enjoyed reading Boomer's comments.

Theophilus Thistle, the Thistle Sifter
Sifted a sieve of unsifted thistles.

I enjoyed reading the list of ORCA winners for 2019 at Crossword Fiend. Crossword constructors are amazing people.

I didn't know the game was called simply CROSSE. I have always known it as Lacrosse.

The infrastructure where we live only has DSL or Comcast cable. Both suck.

The naughtiest prawns I've ever seen were SCAMPi.

Here's wishing you all a good day.

David G said...

DSL and ISP are not the same. DSL is one way to connect to an ISP which connects to the Internet

Ol' Man Keith said...

Boomer, I wouldn't say LAREDO is "unique" with a bridge over the Rio Grande. I used to cross over the same river from El Paso to Juarez. This was back in the late '60s, but I'm guessing the bridge is still there.

Mr. Coulter's pzl was deceptively chewy for a Monday. Not really difficult, but you had to choose which of several fills to go for.
Nice to see him stopping by. Come again!
Only one diagonal today--in the mirror.
Its anagram answers the burning question:
What do eight iterations of the one-and-only vowel look like?!
Ans. -

Bill G said...

Spitz, good one!

* Every time you clean something, you just make something else dirty.

Roy said...

The movie Spaceballs had PIZZA the Hutt.

PK said...

Hi Y'all! Great puzzle, Paul! liked your story about the pizza on the floor. However, I would have just zapped it in the microwave to kill the germs and ate it myself. Well, maybe not. But then I don't have a dog. As for warming up a cold pizza, I've found the mouth and stomach do a good job of that.

CanadianEh has us well trained. I thought of CE all through the puzzle.

Boomer, you must have been quite a singer back in the day all these tunes were popular to be able to remember the words. Great expo!.

My daughter was the office administrator for 30 years for two guys who owned almost 40 Pizza Hut franchises. They died a few years ago and the franchises were sold. Pizza paid a lot better than any of the comparable jobs she looked at after that.

CanadianEh! said...

Jayce - it is NOT called CROSSE! That was my nit with the clue.
My nephew and his son play it. If we had continued the mini-Canadian-sport-team theme, we could have had the Toronto Rock. (That line was almost a tongue-twister like your Thistle Sifter!)

PK - glad to add a little Canadian flair to the Corner!

Wilbur Charles said...

Yep, DAMN those Yankees.

"C.C, saved us because I was watching the rear view mirror at some idiot tailgating us.". That must have been the mayhem guy. Glad you saved your Allstate discount.

I went to Publix for Swiss cheese. I picked #43; the current# was 35 and a crowd had gathered. So…
I sat down and solved away. I'd just inked the last box and looked up at the next number: 44. Oops. But…
Someone had left 47 and it was only a few minutes and I started Boomer's write-up. His always great write-up. I didn't realize it was Paul C. but I knew someone had fun constructing.

Ps, $47 later I left with a cartful of BOGO's

What's a Monday xword without ALOU,ADO &ABU; ERIE&ERE. Sans francais? Non, pour nous il y a TOI.


Wilbur Charles said...

Anybody having trouble with Preview. It's simply deleting posts on Android. I composed elsewhere so I just had to repaste and publish.


Anonymous T said...

Hi All!

Thanks Paul for the puzzle and for stopping in at The Corner w/ some inside baseball. Fun expo Boomer; thanks again for kicking off our Mondays!

WO: NEeP b/f I got to LARADO
Fav: Clue for CARP was cute as was EAR CANAL's.

I noticed all the CSOs and thought of yous at the appropriate one. :-)

{B, B+} //cool link about our temporary MOON, thx.
Roy - that's why OKL only got a B - joke is WEAK SAUCE by now :-0
//actually, it was LAME then - not Mel's best movie IMHO.
DR - alternatively, Fonz's tag-line.

Ray-O: You were on a punny (not PIZZA) roll.

IM - Thanks for the nudge to see the ORCA page. C.C.'s in there for 2 (two!!) puzzles.
Abejo - I hope your early vote wasn't for Klobuchar :-)

OKL - hand-up for pizza bones if we order in. When I'm lazy, there's only one place that delivers that I will get (OK) pizza from. Otherwise I make it myself without a rim - just a very thin crisp crust.

Jinx - it goes WOP.

Did I link this Rotary Cellphone a week or so ago?

Cheers, -T