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Mar 25, 2020

Wednesday, March 25, 2020 Patti Varol

Theme: March Person

17. March commander: DRILL INSTRUCTOR. Base training.

41. March composer: JOHN PHILIP SOUSA. "The March King".

64. March creator: LOUISA MAY ALCOTT. The March family,

Boomer here again. I hope you are not sick of me, and especially I hope you are not sick!!  Bowling centers and my church are still closed. C.C. and I are pretty much situated at the home front.  Maybe if the weather warms up a bit here, we might take a chance at a walk in the park, but we will stay away from any other humans.  Enjoy the puzzle, we're here for you!

Forward March, Hup, Two, Three, Four, - You had a good home when you left, You're right, Your girlfriend was home when you left, You're Right! Am I right or wrong ? You're right ! Are we weak or strong ?  We're Strong ! Sound off, one, two, Sound off, three four. Sound off - one, two, three, four, one two, THREE, FOUR !! 


1. Furniture chain that also sells lingonberry jam: IKEA.  Been there once.  Their furniture seems half-finished and I only like strawberry jam.

5. Highlander: GAEL.

9. Irritable: CROSS.  A symbol for Good Friday or go from one side of the street to the other.

14. December temp: MALL SANTA. A frequent visitor to our Northtown Mall.

16. Overseas coppers: PENCE.  Or a vice president.

19. Count who has a cameo in "Blazing Saddles": BASIE.  I don't remember him, but I really liked Mel Brooks' Movie.

20. Thus far: YET.

21. Airport with many connecting flights: HUB.  Our MSP is a Delta hub.  They are really struggling in these critical times.

22. Rathskeller rejection: NEIN.  While I was in Germany, this was one of the words we all knew.

25. Tenants: RENTERS.

28. SFO overseer: FAA. I think this Airport is in even worse shape than ours. Not sure if international flights are even allowed.

31. Not just assume: KNOW.

33. Merit badge spot: SASH.  I made it through Cub Scouts.  Did not get any higher.

34. Gaga over: INTO.

36. Shellfish serving: CLAW.  Does not sound too appetizing to me.

38. Smug look: GLOAT. Nothing to GLOAT about for awhile.  Bowling centers are closed.  I am wondering if the golf courses will be open. I never buy food there. I bring a couple of sandwiches and some Diet Pepsi and load it on the cart.

44. Fritters away time: IDLES.  A decent way to warm up your car up here in the North.

45. French 101 verb: ETRE.

46. Old Russian ruler: TSAR.  Look at it - it spells RATS.

47. Not demanding: EASY.  A BIG one could be New Orleans or Ernie Els who is on the Champions tour now.

49. Citrus peel: ZEST. Or a bar of soap.

51. Greener Living org.: EPA.

52. English blue cheese: STILTON.

55. Whiskey cocktail: SOUR.

57. Form 1099 org.: IRS.  We already filed, but I hear you have until July now this year.

58. "Wonder Woman" actress Gadot: GAL.

60. Run out: LAPSE.  So many health care agencies have RUN OUT of masks and safety equipment.

69. Hides in the shadows: LURKS.

70. "Shape of You" Grammy winner: ED SHEERAN.

71. Direct: STEER.  A big Cow with horns.

72. "Gone Girl" actress Ward: SELA.

73. "Queen of Country," familiarly: REBA. 


1. Website for looking up "that actor on that show": IMDB

2. __ Zor-El: Supergirl's name on Krypton: KARA.

3. Yale students: ELIS.  Poor little lambs.

4. Totally wiped: ALL IN.  Or when you bet your entire roll as a final bet in poker.

5. Moo goo __ pan: GAI.

6. "Commonwealth" novelist Patchett: ANN.

7. "Unique everything" online shop: ETSY.  I have never been there.

8. "Gotta run!": LATER.  "See you LATER Alligator!"

9. PC core: CPU.

10. Copying button: REC.

11. Music to a bar customer's ears: ON THE HOUSE.  At Christmas, listen for reindeer.

12. Really clean: SCOUR.  You'll need an SOS or Brillo pad.

13. Some Slavs: SERBS.

15. Stylishly smooth: SLEEK.  I believe I have seen that word on a Corvette ad.

18. GPS displays: RTES.  I don't have GPS, but I usually do not get too lost.  Although people have told me I don't have a clue to where I'm going.

23. Go very slowly: INCH.  "A pinch to grow an INCH and a smile to go a mile".

24. "I'm not kidding!": NO LIE.

26. Torments with reminders: NAGS. Someone in our house tells me to take a pill or eat more veggies.

27. Letter-shaped opening: T SLOT.

28. "Natural artesian water" brand: FIJI.

29. Give __ to: okay: A NOD.  "And giving A NOD up the chimney he rose."  A little out of season, sorry.

30. Fashionable sportswear portmanteau: ATHLEISURE. This sounds like the overpriced clothing I see on the rack at the PGA Superstore.

32. Ballroom dance: WALTZ.  Our MN Governor is Tim Walz, and he's been dancing around the coronavirus for a month.

35. Tatum who plays Amanda in "The Bad News Bears": ONEAL.  Ryan O'Neal's daughter, she was also a hit in Paper Moon.

37. Tangle around a surge protector: WIRES.

39. Pronto: ASAP.

40. "Teen Titans" and "Teen Titans Go!" voice actress Strong: TARA.

42. Hissed summons: PSST.

43. 100 centavos: PESO.

48. Tranquil discipline: YOGA.  Reminds me of the great Yankee catcher, #8

50. Veil material: TULLE.

52. Opera great Beverly: SILLS.

53. Brook fish: TROUT.  Not too many in Minnesota lakes.  You need to try a river.

54. Identifies: NAMES.

56. Regatta entrant: RACER.  I don't know if the Kentucky Derby is a Regatta, but I've heard it has been moved to September.  Don't worry, all the horses will be three year olds.  Their birthdays are all January 1.

59. Put on cargo: LADE.

61. Peruse, with "over": PORE.

62. Wild guess: STAB.  "BATS" spelled backwards.  We won't be seeing any soon.

63. Italian peak: ETNA.

65. '50s prez: IKE.  Mentioned him previously.  Great General, decent President.

66. Pre-1991 atlas initials: SSR.

67. Couture monogram: YSL.

68. "I've got it!": AHA. And A HA HA HA to you, we are done.



OwenKL said...

DNF. Had CLAm instead of CLAW, didn't know ETrE or sOUR, and with mI_E_ couldn't see WIRES where I wanted SAGHETTI.

Thought of the town of Azusa?
Did he think that its MALL
For his band was too small,
And so he left out his big tuba?

As a girl, did LOUISA MAY ALCOTT
Commune with her dolls quite a lot?
Make them MARCH down the hall,
And dress for the ball,
And develop her future book plot?

{B+, B+.}

Lemonade714 said...

Boomer, thank you for the extra duty. Better than peeling potatoes.

Patti V. also stepping in to fill a void with a crafty construction that was very doable. ANN PATCHETT is unknown but with AN__ it was an easy fill. She now is also famous for funding the Nashville independent bookstore PARNASSUS BOOKS which I have heard about but never visited.

Creating a puzzle with three grid-spanning themers cannot be easy. To also include as sparkly fill like MALL SANTA and ON THE HOUSE is awesome. Having GAEL andGAL was fun. ATHLEISURE clanks to my ear but it has 30 million appearances in Google Search so who am I to complain.

All of this to be expected from Rich Norris' assistant who C.C. interviewed in 2013 interview.

Jinx in Norfolk said...

FIR, but erased scot for GAEL, scrubs for SCOURS, mull for PORE, and dde for IKE. DNK GAL, ANN, KARA, ED SHEERAN, STILTON, ATHLEISURE, and TARA. So much show biz, so little time.

As a teen I volunteered at a college radio station. I used to babysit the Texaco Metropolitan Opera Radio Network on Saturday afternoons. IIRC, Beverly SILLS was already a star. (It was at this job where I first learned about inward WATS calls - now known as "800" numbers. Had to place the call with the telephone operator.)

As a regatta RACER, I'll take a CSO.

Maybe this time I'll remember moo goo pai.

The rain has finally stopped, so I better get moving and get this rig ready to roll on home. Norfolk will be a lot different from when we left on December 27th.

jfromvt said...

Pleasant enough puzzle, but a few too many proper nouns for my liking. Also I like consistent theme answers, so having two real people and one type of person is a nit.

Now back to

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

Needed to fix TESTY/CROSS, SCOT/GAEL (Hi, Jinx), CLAM/CLAW (Hi, Owen). Thought that SE corner with its stacked ALCOTT, SHEERAN, SELA, and REBA was tough. Lucky for me, only SHEERAN was unknown. Thanx for the outing, Patti, and for your yeoman service, Boomer.

RTES: Really needed my GPS for those M-o-W routes. I got to see parts of Montgomery County that I didn't know existed. Some of 'em evoked Deliverance. No volunteering during the "social distancing."

Yay! My razor handle arrived two days early. My face is now smooth as a baby's butt. Ya gotta appreciate the little things these days.

Madame Defarge said...

Good Morning.

She's BAAAAk! Ah, yes. So close and yet so far. My surgeon called yesterday to cancel my surgery. While I am not surprised, I am disappointed. 50% of the surgical staff is on a fourteen day furlough, including him this first two weeks. The hospital in the NorthShore Health System where I was to have my surgery is now designated COVD19 only. Not that it's filled, but prepared for. . . . My surgery is now scheduled for 4-9 at one of the other surgical hospitals in the system.

I decided in the spirit of the times that I have hoarded enough puzzles for my eventual hospital stay, and I can begin again to work them daily. Eh, bien: first I must thank all of you for your good wishes and prayers. I am saving them for later. I am most grateful.

Patti, thank you for my re-entry. I did not burn my heat shield, but I did stumble over my last long fill. After JOHN PHILIP SOUSA and LOUISA MAY ALCOTT, I struggled in the Northwest because I wanted another tri-named person. Not to mention (but I just did) that I had Scot for GAEL, making this all the more confounding.

Boomer, you are always a clever tour guide. Thank you. I love lingonberries--an easy favorite as I do enjoy cranberries--now the only fruit I can every fall. I'll bet you see plenty of them in Minnesota with wonderful Swedish pancakes.

Have a sunny day. Be well.

Hungry Mother said...

FIR and no obstacles. A few write-overs: FuJI to FIJI, BASey to BASIE, yACht to RACER, scot to GAEL. Enjoyed the outing.

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

It's been ages since we''ve seen Patti's byline but the wait was worth it. I like Patti's themes a lot and I do like a definition puzzle for a nice change of pace. After seeing the December temp clue, then a March commander, I thought we were going for different months. But, no, all March meanings. My only goof, like others, was Scot before Gael. I held off on Claw because it could have been Crab or Clam. There were many catchy duos: EPA/IRS, Easy/Etsy, Peso/Pence, Gai/Gal, Tsar/SSR, and Kara/Tara, both unknowns to me. I saw another theme going on that could have qualified for an A Game: IKEA, Santa, FAA, Sousa, EPA, Sela, Reba, Kara, Tara, Yoga, Aha, and Etna. Phew!

Thanks, Patti, for an enjoyable solve and thanks, Boomer, for doing double duty and doing it with a smile and a wink! 😉


Lucina, if you have On Demand, see if the previous seasons of This Is Us are available. That is one show that you must see from the beginning to understand and appreciate the family dynamics. IMO, it's one of the best shows on TV. All of the actors give fine performances but I'm very partial to Milo Ventimiglia (sp.) as the patriarch, Jack Pearson.

Stay safe.

Irish Miss said...

I got so wrapped up in my praises of This Is Us that I forgot my message to Madame Defarge. I'm sorry that your surgery was postponed as I'm sure you were psyched for it to be over and done with! Oh well, these are difficult times and April 9th is not that far off. On the bright side, we get to enjoy your presence while the time passes. 🤗

billocohoes said...

Lobster CLAW is very appetizing if it has enough butter on it. Well, maybe it's the butter that's appetizing.

Did IKE shop at IKEA?

Is GLOAT a noun? or should be clued "Look smug."

kazie said...

Just checking in briefly to wish you all well in this crisis and to let you know I'm alive and full of kick. Apparently some governors are doing a better job than others. Isn't Cuomo great? Here in Wisconsin, I think Evers is doing pretty well too. Living in a small town, I feel a bit more secure than I would in a city, especially since I finally convinced my 72 year old husband to stay home and work the phone instead of seeing clients at the office. Let's pray we all get through this intact.

Along with everything else, I recently had to cancel a month-long trip home to Australia to reune with my class of 1962 high school leavers as well as about 20 other friends and relatives. In the aftermath, I'm delighted that I'm becoming reacquainted with many of the school friends via email for the first time since we left school, in preparation for the rescheduled reunion set for May next year.

Like others here, I don't do well with proper nouns, but managed to suss them all ok today, only with several WAGS. Sometimes it's just that my brain farts more often over names, but frequently they're complete unknowns.

Once again my very best to all of you!

Yellowrocks said...

The theme helped with this neat puzzle. Only TARA. ATHLEISUE and ED SHEERAN (ESP) were new to me. The last one was ESP. SCOT before GAEL. I thought of YACHT but I already had the R for RACER,
I just finished a book by Ann Patchett, "The Patron Saint of Liars."
We say our family's middle name is Cheese. We enjoy every type including Stilton. I think it was Bill G. who gave me a tasty recipe for cauliflower/Stilton soup. My dad thought he greatly disliked spinach, but he really liked our crustless cheddar/spinach quiche. He said, "Put cheese on anything and I'll eat it."
IMO the claws are the best part of crabs and lobsters.
Madame D, nice to have you back for a while. On the bright side, it is good that your surgery team recognized they might be infected and called off the surgery.

Big Easy said...

Well hello Boomer. Stay safe. Diane and I take a daily joy ride after exercising. I've never seen so many people taking walks. As far as IKEA, people our age really don't go furniture shopping. As for Count BASIE, I always thought his music was more 'listenable' than the other Jazz pianists. But the critics always like Duke Ellington.

The 'Overseas copper' was hard to grasp until a few perps were in place; looking for the police, not money. But ALL IN was the hardest fill because I've never heard used for being exhausted.
Had the usual A&E unknowns- Ann Patchet, KARA Zor-El, ED SHEERAN, TARA Strong,

ATHLIESURE- YOGA pants make 'painted on jeans' look baggy.
LOUISA MAY ALCOTT- DW dragged me to see Little Women; couldn't wait to get out of the theater.

Hogs to the trough- seems like every Congressman is trying to add idiotic things to a stimulus bill. Absurd.

Jinx- I had two Wide Area Telephone Service, aka WATS (line extensions from my office) that came to my house- one incoming and one outgoing for the state of LA only. Prices for long distance was insane 40-50 years ago. After out $3-4,000 monthly bills for customers calling collect the $850/month for each of the WATS was cheap in comparison.

Spitzboov said...

Good morning everyone.

WAGged my way into a FIR with ED SHEERAN. Theme fill was easy except for 64a, but ……ALCOTT became obvious from perps.
Had 'rower' before RACER. It's been awhile since we've had a Patti puzzle. I enjoyed this one for its fresh fill and creative theme.
IKEA - Boomer's visual reminded me of the excellent Lingonberry crepes BH made for me on my birthday last week (ala IHOP.). First experienced lingonberries at a buffet on the Finnish icebreaker URHO, 30 yrs ago.
STILTON is a really tasty addition to cauliflower soup. Gorgonzola cheese works well, too.
The need to INCH along is a reason not to go metric.
NEIN - POC (piece of cake). L. German, Dutch: nee. (Sounds like Scottish 'nae'.)

Thanks Boomer for stepping up and STEERing us through today's solve.

TTP said...

Thank you, Patti. I liked the theme and the three grid spanners with the MC clues.

ATHLEISURE was new to me.

A couple of write-overs. Toile before TULLE, Mae before MAY.

Nice job, Boomer ! Fun as always. My golf league with 24 players is supposed to start in three weeks, but it's not likely.

Madame, what Irish Miss said.

Worked yesterday blowing out all the leaves from the Honeysuckle hedgerow that strides the property line. Then mulched them in place in both of our yards using the mower. More yard and garden work planned for today.

Jinx (FLN), my friend worked at that multi building facility in LISLE for many many years, and my wife worked in one of the buildings for a year or so in a services delivery engagement.

inanehiker said...

This was a pretty quick run for a Wednesday - but with a lot of creativity! A few areas where perps came to the rescue like CLAW vs. CRAB and NAMES vs NAILS.
As far as modern singers go - I like ED SHEERAN but I'm always more a fan of acoustic music.

Lemonade - I have been to ANN Patchett's Parnassus bookstore in Nashville - very unassuming from the outside in the middle of a strip mall - but inside it is a book lover's haven. She even has a designated space that is slightly raised for visiting authors to come and talk about their books. Very cozy - with lots of recommendations from the staff scattered among the books. And if you ever go - in the same strip mall - the most awesome donuts in Nashville at a mom-and-pop type store. We discovered that when we thought the store was open but it didn't open for another 1/2 hr!

I love the lingonberry syrup on the Swedish pancakes at "The Original Pancake House" chain.

Thanks Boomer for another blog this week! and to Patti for you puzzle and all you do with Rich to keep the puzzles coming!

Ray - O - Sunshine said...

After some social distance perp walks I FIR. Had "look" then "pour" then PORE to fit REBA in. Bad habit of putting "toile" before TULLE everytime that clue appears.. Have to remember Jethro's shiny clothes. I am INTO crossword puzzles but not "gaga"!

Athleisure? C'mon!

Moo goo..what a GAI
Superwoman...what a GAL!

Water truly from Fiji should be salty.

"Dentistry 101 professor".....DRILLINSTRUCTOR

Do you need instructions to open an IKEA jam jar?

Over the counter COVID therapy

Based on data suggesting a combination of hydoxychloroquin (an antimalarial quinine derivative) and the germ fighter Azathioprine may be effective against COVID.

I propose a slight modification: Quinine (Tonic water) plus juniper based ethanol, a recognized antiseptic (Gin) with a dose of lime for a vitamin C boost. Take continuously over ice till the expected effect is produced or you just don't care anymore.

Cheers from a distance.

John E said...

Ray, I love the prescription although I'd prefer vodka as the antiseptic.

Husker Gary said...

-Three 15-letter names with a March theme? How did she do that?
-SCOT/GAEL and TESTY/CROSS cured me of not synching with down fill
-This teaching temp has seen 12 jobs go up in COVID-19 smoke
-Why Blazing Saddles could never be made today
-My neighbor has 16 RENTERS and I wonder what she is doing in this climate
-Don’t know ED’s work but he was in my fav 2019 film Yesterday whose star was Beatles music
-It was a SERB who ignited the powder keg of 1914 Europe to start WWI
-Is TARA Lupinski being sent to the crossword bench in favor of some very young actress?
-After my haircut this morning, I’m going to find out the difference between TOILE and TULLE. Uh, maybe not.

Wilbur Charles said...

So, Boomer, you didn't eat the Swedish Meatballs? Give me raspberry jam. But…
If you can get elderberry it's good for immunity. DA's office serves it

DI Story. I'd finally got the MARCH down pat, until… Candidate calls the March and when the dweeb is supposed to call hut, freezes. And I do the command I'd anticipated. Alone. Hell's gate opens.

B-E etal. When it first looked like the Stimulus Bill was going to happen I had a naive moment. It reminds me of shopping for my last car. My son was there and stormed out. When he came back, to "appease" him the salesman took another $500 off.

If there's NEIN (Bernhard)Langer it's NEIN Champions Tour

Labeling "un-PC" has become a fad hobby. Especially in the collegiate venue.


Oh.. Great having Boomer and Patti

Old Okie said...

This was a nice puzzle today, not too hard, not too easy.
I am getting tired of hunkering down at home, but at the age of 80, with asthma I sure do not want this virus.
I needed a new battery for my mower yesterday so I called Freds tire and battery in Shawnee, Ok.
I did not have to get out of my P.U. The brought me a new battery put it in the back, I gave them a check and went on my way, Thanks Fred.
Wish everyone was this helpful.

Lucina said...


It's good to see that you are all in fine spirits and hello to Kazie! I'm sorry to hear of your trip cancellation. I suppose this entire time period will be known in history as The Age of Cancellation and Postponement. I feel bad for those Olympic athletes who have trained for so long only to see their hopes dashed.

I just finished reading The Dutch House by ANN Patchett so that gave me a firm start and while I've heard of ETSY I've never visited the site.

It's a treat to see LOUISA MAY ALCOTT, a favorite author. It is also fun to be reminded of JOHN PHILIP SOUSA. Many years ago I saw his biography with I believe, Clifton Webb, and was impressed with his dedication to music that hailed our country.

Not being a big fan of seafood I was not moved by CLAM but ZEST conjures all kinds of good dishes a la Steve who often writes about them.

My mistakes were YACHT and TOULE before I recalled TULLE and RACER. Wite-out is so glaring!

ED SHEERAN is unknown to me but I know REBA though I am not a fan of country music.

Irish Miss:
Thank you for that info. I shall do as you say because I was really impressed by This is Us.

Thank you, Patti Varol, for the entertaining puzzle with NAMES that were fun and challenging to work on.

And thank you, Boomer, for your extra day of commentary though you are never at a loss for words to keep us amused.

Have a special day, everyone! Every day is a gift!

AnonymousPVX said...

Well, it’s Wednesday and this grid seemed easier than the last two.

No write-overs today.

Those folks wearing the ATHLEISURE outfits look like they’ve never sweated in them and never will.

“The Good Place” is/was a great show, IMHO. It has the best series ending I’ve ever seen. On a related note, Ted Danson makes every show he’s in a “better place”. instructions needed for the Lingonberry...but you do need the special tool.

See you tomorrow.

Yuman said...

I am now doing yoga with my instructor on Zoom. I was doing ok until my lab and three cats decided to join me, now we are all nice and calm. MCAS, the Marine Corps Air Station Yuma, AZ, is now on lockdown as several Marines tested positive. My dentist closed his office and donated all his mask, gloves, and other supplies to our hospital.
Boomer, when you said wouldn’t be seeing “bats” my mind went to flying bats, not baseball bats.
Anybody watch Jeopardy last night? The letters were BLACKBERRY_ _ _? Took several tries before someone got it. What was your answer?

mailman1959 said...

Love Paper Moon. Tatum and her father together.

Yuman said...

I have this in my bathroom as a daily reminder.

You never know what you have until it’s gone, toilet paper for instance.

Misty said...

Always exciting to see a Patti Varol puzzle, and this one was a treat--many thanks, Patti.

I got through the whole thing without any real problems (I thought) except for the northeast corner, which was a bit tough for me. I loved getting JOHN PHILIP SOUSA and was surprised when LOUIS turned out to be LOUISA MAY--oh, ALCOTT! Woohoo! Nice to see her in a puzzle. But because, like others, I expected a third name, the DRILLING INSTRUCTOR flummoxed me for a bit.

Like Big Easy, I too thought of the COPPERS as police, and even after I finally got the PENCE, still couldn't understand it (oh, money, coins, darn). Interesting how often cheese turns up in puzzles--so nice to see STILTON. Got YOGA instantly even though I never do it, and both SELA and REBA popped right up. But I too had problems with that darn middle C word--had CRAW, and then CRAB (kept wondering what MIRES were) and CLAW almost eluded me.

A always enjoy your fun commentary, Boomer--thanks for that too.

Sorry about the delay in your surgery, Madame De, but it's nice to have you check in with us.

Loved your poems, Owen--a total delight.

Have a good day, everyone.

desper-otto said...

Yuman, I wanted PIE, but when that was ruled out, quickly jumped to JAM. I couldn't believe how long it took those contestants to come up with it. I'm pretty sure that was Wheel of Torture, not Jeopardy!

Yuman said...

Even Pat was shocked that couldn’t solve it

Jayce said...

I liked this puzzle. Not knowing Mr. SHEERAN I wanted SHEEHAN which is a name I have heard of. Some cool clues, such as for WIRES and MALL SANTA.

Best wishes.

Ray - O - Sunshine said...

LIU...since 1992 an Enlish penny is made of copper plated steel

When I visited London decades ago I was standing next to a lady at a pay phone in the tube. She asked him "if he had 2 P?"

Almost offered to direct him to the gent's loo till I realized what she needed was change for the phone.

Ray - O - Sunshine said...

She asked the fellow next to her...I

Yellowrocks said...

If ads are targeted, why does our club receive ads for male enhancement, exotic women, loans, insurance, chancy investments etc from things we never clicked on? I find all this on my spam filter.

CrossEyedDave said...

A highlander is not a Scot?
(Of all the gall...)

3 letter busy airport starting with H,
(Must be the code for O'Hare, no?)

I am sorry,
but do I really have to do this puzzle?

Sandyanon said...

Dave, 👍

Ol' Man Keith said...

Almost forgot to finish today's pzl. Catching up in a hurry, as this is a smooth, easy ride...
Except of course for ATHLEISURE. It may be legit, but it's the first time this clunker has crossed my ancient path.
A 3-way on the near side. Only the top diag yields a fair anagram. It speaks of a variant of the infamous water torture.
This is when you inflict too much Victor Herbert on your victim. An overload of saccharine ear worms!
You guessed it! It's the evil...

PK said...

BillG. - FLN: Yes, I did see your post where you said something nice about me. I appreciated it very much. However, I saw it much too late to post on that day's blog. When I went back to review it before responding yesterday, I couldn't find it. Thought maybe I'd dreamed it. My sleep patterns are very weird.

Picard said...

Boomer thanks for the illustrated and humorous review.

Here is a one minute clip of the COUNT BASIE scene from the greatest movie of all time - Blazing Saddles

Husker Gary yes, sad that such a movie probably could not be made today.

I am not fond of themes like this that don't really have a "reveal". But overall I enjoyed the puzzle. Learning moment about LOUISA MAY ALCOTT and the MARCH Family. Never heard of ATHLEISURE or LINGONBERRY JAM. Learning moments.

I love CLAMs (hand up for that mistake) and CLAWs. Try to get as many of each as I can afford. They have both gotten quite expensive.

JOHN PHILIP SOUSA has a bridge named for him in Washington, DC.

Here are photos of my friends doing YOGA on my hikes. Along with some Acro YOGA.

I have lots more Acro YOGA photos. Is anyone else familiar with this?

Picard said...

From Yesterday:
Jinx hey, I am not complaining about Lucas. Happy he made that decision about LEIA! Just wish he didn't say something untrue in my domain of physics!

Misty thank you for the consoling words about our reunion. There are much bigger problems coming from this crisis, so I can't complain. I worry for the tens of millions who are always one paycheck away from bankruptcy.

As for me, I was supposed to be having surgery on an epigastric hernia about now. But my surgeon has had to cancel anything that is not currently life threatening. Too bad. With everything else being cancelled, this would be an excellent time to get it done!

Picard said...

I almost forgot:
Ray - O - Sunshine I loved your PENCE story about the woman asking the guy if he had 2P.

UAAlum72 said...


GAL Gadot plays Wonder Woman, not Superwoman.

I always knew G&T was a health drink, devised by the British to prevent malaria and scurvy at the same time (the gin is to make sure you drink your tonic and lime) but sadly modern tonic water doesn't have anywhere close to the amount of quinine needed.

Lucina said...

Re: last night's Jeopardy! My first thought was PIE and JAM was surprising.

One of the amusing things among many that my sisters and I discovered during our yearly trips is the strange and unusual ingredients people use for jam. Memory fails me at the moment and I no longer have any of the jam jars left to name them.

Bill G said...

Hi everybody.

Thanks Patti and Boomer.

Like Spitz, I'm a big fan of Stilton cheese. I like crumbly Gorgonzola even a little better.

Reruns on the DVR are helping me through this cabin fever.

Yellowrocks said...

Now my mouth is all set for cauliflower-stilton or gorgonzola soup, but have neither, holed up here behind my castle walls. I have plenty to eat, though. I will make keilbasa-potato soup tomorrow.

Spitzboov said...

YR - It all sounds good. A good time to have cauliflower Stilton is when you are social distancing. 6' minimum might be enough.

Sandyanon said...

Thanks again to everyone. I read this blog and it helps alleviate the isolation. And gives me a cheering laugh from time to time.I

CanadianEh! said...

Wonderful Wednesday. Thanks for the fun, Patti and Boomer.
Officially a DNF today due to my personal Natick at 28A (This Canadian did not recognize SFO and thought it was the San Francisco Orchestra LOL). Since I am also not familiar with FIJI water or ATHLEISURE, I thought it might be due to Canadian disadvantage, but I see others of you did not know ATHLEISURE either.
I also had a FIW with ED Sheehan which gave me the odd Pohe instead of PORE.
But I did get the March themers. Did I tell you all previously that my mother named us all from the characters in Little Women?

Hand up for Rower before RACER.
I noted PESOS and PENCE.
LOL Spitzboov@8:43am - we Canadians "centimetre" along.
HuskerG@10:12am - I cringed at your haircut comment. Social distancing (we are starting to call it physical distancing) require 2 metres (6.6 ft) separation and most of our barbers/hairdressers closed 7 to 10 days ago. Now we have only essential services open. One joke going around is that we are only 3 weeks away from knowing everyone's true hair colour.

Stay safe out there.

Lucina said...

I can take care of my hair but it's my nails that will soon resemble talons! Driving by the salon today I saw that it is still closed and likely for the foreseeable future.

Sandyanon said...

C Eh, I loved all the March sisters, even though Amy was definitely a pill.

PK said...

Hi Y'all! Liked the puzzle, Patti! Always enjoy your humor, Boomer (hey, that rhymes).

This filled easier than it might have since I DNK: GAL, ED SHEERAN, KARA, ANN, CPU, ATHLEISUREl, TARA. Perped easily.
I did not get the theme, however, because I don't think I read the theme clues. I did sit and look at the long ones and decided there wasn't a theme.

Peruse = not Pour, but PORE? That doesn't seem right...

Boomer: a STEER is not a cow (female designation) but a castrated bull (male), with or without horns.

I think I told y'all once about the HS Band Booster's president who was always talking about JOHN PHILLIP Susan. Still makes me laugh 50 years later.

Anonymous T said...

Hi All!

Patti! Haven't seen a puzzle from you in a while. Thanks!
Boomer - pulling double-duty this week. I know that MARCHin' cadence...

Hand-up struggling w/ all the names. Couple that with crossing of ATHLEAISURE, LoDE or LADE, TULLE + STILTON and it was a perp & wag fest. First 'E' in SHEERAN was last fill -- right after I went (with the I) ALL IN. My bet: that it was NOT Basse.

A tale of two puzzles: Fill (except JOHN) above and right of the bottom 3-diaganal blocks on the left was finished before 1/2 my coffee was gone. The rest of the puzzle took two more cups.

WOs: SSA b/f IRS, Suave->SLicK->SLEEK, FuJI
ESPs: ETRE, TULLE, every NAME but BASIE (spelling after BAS was perps :-))
Fav: clue for PENCE

I'm familiar with the term ATHLEISURE but I can see why most are not - looks like we've only seen that in the LAT once before; it was Gail Grabowski's Sunday 3/3/2018 puzzle.

{B+, A}
OPERETTA almost KILL'd me today w/ SILLS :-)

Nice to see you Kazie!

MDF - when you said (FLN) you were going to have a non-life-threatening surgery, I thought "Still? - I thought all non-essential procedures stopped." Still, I'm glad they postponed you - there's sick people at the hospital! (and, sadly, this time they're really sick).

HG - A haircut? Start social distancing now. Douglas County, NE had 43 cases. My county has 53 and we are on lockdown (of course, we're right next to Houston, so...)
I needed a haircut pretty bad b/f all this started. It will likely be 3 more weeks before I get one - by then it will look so '70's :-)

Old Okie - our grocery stores have curb-side pickup which I used 1st time this morning. Order online, select a drive-up time (usually NOT 3 days later), show-up & pop the trunk. No interaction (except asking DOB for the wine).

YR - the ads you see online are targeted. SPAM costs almost nothing to send out millions of messages. Fortunately, our SPAM filters have much improved over the last 20 years; I used to hand-roll rules on sendmail; what a pain!

Oh, boy! Python and Blazing Saddles!
Thanks CED & Picard - the smile I needed today.

Thanks RAY-O for the laugh 2P for... And Spitz's social distancing crack - LOL!

Cheers, -T

Lucina said...

Canadian eh?
I assume you have three sisters. Which one are you if you don't mind telling? I love that idea of naming you all from Little Women!

CanadianEh! said...

Lucina - Actually I have a brother who was given the boy's name with the unusual spelling (u not w). I was supposed to be Meg but instead was given the name of an aunt who died shortly before my birth. Sister got the B name.

Abejo said...

Good Thursday evening, folks. Thank you, Patti Carol, for a fine puzzle. Thank you, Boomer, for a fine review.

I had no time todo this Wednesday, so this morning worked fine.

Liked the theme. Of course I got JOHN PHILIP SOUSA first. He is one of my heroes.

DRILL INSTRUCTOR was easy. I am on a drill team and I love marching.

SERBS was easy. Our former Illinois governor is Serbian. He just got out of prison. In my opinion he did not deserve what he got as far as a sentence. All he did was run his mouth too much.

Tried CLAM before CLAW worked better.

I love STILTON cheese. Two problems. 1. It is tough to find. 2. It is too expensive.

ATHLEISURE is a new word for me. Thank you, perps.

Anyhow, I am hitting the hay. See you tomorrow.


( )