Dec 25, 2020

Friday, December 25, 2020, Jeffrey Wechsler

 Who needs a title- IT'S CHRISTMAS with Jeffrey. What we need is some music!

So much for my sincere "see you next year!" This Friday tag team is back with the holiday spirit. This a classic Friday that demands you deduce a theme, which will displease many but otherwise you would be forced to solve all the downs to finish. We also have a group that dislikes referential cluing so...To begin, recognize that this is a special puzzle for the day (Merry Christmas to all!). Then examine all the effort to make this work: a 16x15 grid to allow the one grid spanning theme fill; 15 cheater squares to make it work using mirror semi-conventional symmetry. The Joy! 

21A. Seasonal favorite: DECK THE HALLS (12). 

40A. With 43-Across, 21-Across chorus line: FALALALALA. 43A. See 40-Across: LALALALA

63A. Seasonal favorite: LITTLE DRUMMER BOY

66. 63-Across chorus line: PARUMPUMPUMPUM.


1. Oft-heard disembodied voice: SIRI. The apple of our ears. You can make some choices now but there may be a big CHANGE soon.

5. Fauna component: ANIMAL. Flora's partner in the forest.

11. [It vanished!]: PFFT. It's magic!

15. Turkmenistan neighbor: IRAN. They are bordered by Kazakhstan to the northwest, Uzbekistan to the north and east, Afghanistan to the southeast, Iran to the south and southwest, and the Caspian Sea to the west.

16. Ford's second commercial success: MODEL A. First sold on December 2, 1927, it replaced the Model T which had been in production for 18 years. The new Model A was designated a 1928-year model and was available in four standard colors!

17. Senator's helper: AIDE. Did any watch VEEP?

18. One standing before the king and queen: PAWN. I love this tricky clue. And I loved 

19. Frederick Douglass, notably: ORATOR. This impressive MAN is not to be confused with the one "s" senator who debated Lincoln.

20. European border range: URAL. These MOUNTAINS were an important part of Hitler's plan for a pure Europe.

24. Maneuver: STEER. This word has many possible ORIGINS.

26. Circle dance: HORA. Not a Christmas dance.

27. Fabric-dyeing process: BATIK.

30. Sycophant: TOADY.

31. Toss insults (at): SNIPE. Sadly the actor died; oops that was SNAPE.

32. Sport for swingers?: POLO. Golf fits so much better.

33. They're often seen on slides: AMEBAS. Are they?

39. Don't have to guess: KNOW.

44. Entertains: HOSTS.

48. Part of BPOE: ELKS. Benevolent Protective Order of Elks so soon after yesterday's reference.

49. Phase: STAGE

54. Fit to serve: ONE-A. Selective service designation.

55. Seriously off the mark, as a throw: WILD.

56. Show appreciation to: THANK. I want to take the time to thank all of the wonderful talents who have created 52 entertaining and challenging puzzles. 

58. Asian desert: GOBI.

62. King of Judea: HEROD. I really cannot discuss without getting into a religious discussion, but this name is also part of the Christmas story.

67. Rascal: SCAMP. Child of Lady and the Tramp.

68. Like Oscar of "The Odd Couple" or "Sesame Street": MESSY.


1. Opposite of guzzle: SIP.

2. Novelist Levin: IRA. You do not want to adopt one of his babies. 

3. Unfair outcome: RAW DEAL.

4. Demanding: IN NEED OF.

5. Uncontrolled: AMOK.

6. Word with due or true: NORTH. Also Oliver.

7. Yukon Gold source: IDAHO. The Potato, not the mineral. 

8. Poet's concern: METER.

9. Greeting in a state nickname: ALOHA.

10. Spencer of "Good Morning America": LARA. Everything and MORE.

11. '50s-'70s singer with 12 Billboard Top 10 hits: PAUL ANKA. Paul did many Christmas albums but I did not see our two featured tunes.

12. Inventory evaluation term: FIRST IN. First out. 

13. Org. that tests cosmetics: FDA. And COVID-19 vaccines.

14. Business card no.: TEL.

22. Yell: CRY.

23. Freight meas.: LBS.

24. Indy 500 initialism: STP. Mario Andretti.

25. Excessively: TOO.

28. Wall St. event: IPO. Initial Public Offering.

29. Royal Botanic Gardens locale: KEW.

33. Like: Γ€ LA. Near 35D. Mideast carrier: EL AL. 37D. Woeful word: ALAS. 38D. Mineo of "Rebel Without a Cause": SAL. 41D. Gore and Green: ALS. And 42D. __ Cruces: LAS. I will leave out the next two, even though they both have "AL" inside.

34. What Y can imply: MALE. Chromosome, baby!

36. Resist, with "at": BALK.

44. Lanford Wilson's "The __ Baltimore": HOTL.

45. Where impatient hands might be placed: ON HIPS.

46. Washington airport: SEATAC. Seattle Tacoma

47. Hindu philosophy: TANTRA. Thought-provoking? LINK.

50. Annoying sorts: TWERPS. JUSTIN BIEBER

51. Boeing competitor: AIRBUS.

52. Like Eeyore's outlook: GLOOMY.

53. Swirl: EDDY. Nelson?

57. "Project Runway" host: KLUM. Heidi made it back to AGOT. Still a pretty woman.

58. Econ. stat: GDP. Gross Domestic Product.

59. Tulsa sch. with a Prayer Tower: ORU.

60. Mooch: BUM

61. Pesky sort: IMP. Aren't they really elves?

62. Iron-rich blood pigment: HEME. It is more places than blood LINK.  I wonder if Wimpy would want an Impossible Burger?

64. Ruler of anc. Rome: EMPeror.

65. Silent: MUM. Not if you are from Britain, there the mums are seldom silent.

But fittingly, it is time for me to be silent and let you savor the flavor of JW's Christmas treat. It has been a year; my best to all who read, the posters, the lurkers, the constructors, and our own Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell- C.C. and Boomer. We have lost some followers, both literally and figuratively. We won't forget. We have had bloggers come and go, but we are here. COVID be damned. 
Lemonade out.
Notes from C.C.:

1) Happy Birthday to dear Yellowrocks (Kathy)! So glad you've settled in the new place. I'm sure your next birthday will be extra special with Alan, David, Motoko & Kenny all together.
Kathy, Japan

2) Happy 82nd Birthday to Lorraine (Fermatprime)! I hope she's OK. She has not replied to my last email.

Thanksgiving, 2015


Wilbur Charles said...

ANKA also wrote songs. Along with "My Way" he wrote the Buddy Holly hit "It Doesn't Matter Anymore". Here's Linda and Buddy versions

I thought REAGAN until I realized it was the State.

I'm on a FIR streak. Also, FLN.. I've mentioned that I gat the weeks xwords in a Sunday TB-Times insert. I've been careful not to say anything which would spoil the solves I think. Mentioning that Jeff had a Friday Christmas themed puzzle sb ok. ?Oui?

Wilbur Charles said...

Forgot to add hbd to Yellow Rocks. Glad to see you're happily situated in the new digs.


OwenKL said...

When Henry made the Model T,
He said "Let black the color be."
Another day
In many colors would buyers see!

Are you bedeviled by IMPS and TWERPS?
SCAMPS playing DRUMS as you try to work?
Mayhaps a SNIPE hunt,
Or some such WILD stunt
Will get them elsewhere to go berserk!

{B, B+.}

Hahtoolah said...

Good Morning, Lemonade and friends. This was an especially easy Friday puzzle. I first noticed the strange looking grid.

Another CSO to our friend Abejo with the ELKS.

Sport for Swingers = POLO, was an interesting clue.

Happy Birthday to Kathy and Fermatprime. I hope Lorraine has found some happiness wherever she may be.

Merry Christmas to all who celebrate. Please stay safe and keep those masks on.

QOD: Christmas is a season not only of rejoicing but also of reflection. ~ Sir Winston Churchill (nΓ© Winston Leonard Spencer-Churchill; Nov. 30, 1874 ~ Jan. 24, 1965), British Prime Minister

Boomer said...

A very Merry (and White) Christmas to everyone from a very snowy (and white) Minnesota. FA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA !

desper-otto said...

Good morning! (And Merry Christmas to those so inclined.)

Zipped right through to a DNF. That drum wasn't speaking to me...missed the R in TANTRA (odd, since d-o was a master of the TANTRUM in his ute). Bzzzzt. Along the way POOF became PFFT and REAGAN morphed into DULLES and finally SEATAC. I enjoyed the exercise, Jeffrey. Also enjoyed the tour, Lemonade. (What's an AGOT?)

Happy Birthday, YR. Glad you got relocated and are lovin' the new digs. HBD, also, to Fermat, wherever you are.

To everyone here at the corner -- bloggers, posters and lurkers -- Whirled Peas. May this horrible 2020 finally come to an end, and may 2021 be much brighter.

ATLGranny said...

FIR and enjoyed the Christmas themers. They sped things up a bit. Had some some changes of thought as others had: gOLf/POLO (surprise!), plus SNarl/SNEER and trouble getting my drum beat started PARUMPUMPUMPUM, but once again perps to the rescue. I paused long enough to figure out Washington state since the DC airports would have fit, saving some ink messes there. THANK you, Jeffrey, for the holiday puzzle fun, and THANKs to Lemonade for another fine Friday review.

A big THANK you to the Crossword Corner community for being welcoming, interesting, educational and jolly. You are appreciated. Happy Holidays and better times to come, I wish for you all.

ATLGranny said...

Oops, forgot to wish Yellowrocks and Fermat very Happy Birthdays. Best Wishes!

CanadianEh! said...

Merry Christmas. Yes, Boomer, we have snow. Beautiful!
I FIRed this CW while DH is shovellingπŸ‘. Thanks for the fun, Jeffrey and Lemonade.

Happy Birthday to YR and Fermatprime.
Wishing you all a great day.

TTP said...

Merry Christmas, everyone !

Happy Birthday, Yellowrocks, and FematPrime, where ever you are !

No snow here, but as JB2 noted yesterday, the temperature fell as the arctic blast moved in. My weather station reads a balmy 9 degrees F. I don't know when I'll ever get to use my snowblower.

Started in the middle and filled outward, upward and downward from there. Moved right along, but as I was working my way up to the NE corner, I had ---LANKA, so I threw in SRI before bothering to read the clue. D'OH !

Before SEATAC, I had ReAgAn. Also thought about golf before POLO (great misdirection), but never filled it in. Other than those two errors, pretty smooth solving.

Lemonade, last Friday you wrote "see you next year" but I see you are back as the Jeffrey Wechsler specialist !

I think AGOT refers to that TV program. I've never watched Hunger Games of Thrones, but I think Lemonade is a fan.

Mark said...

Enjoyable festive theme today.

Could 46D be REAGAN...or DULLES? Oh, no DC in the clue.

Merry Christmas everybody. Stay safe.

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed this puzzle. Getting LALALA early on gave the theme away. Cute for the holiday. I solved this at 2:00 AM because I could not sleep. SIRI was my last fill. PAWN was my favorite.
History tells us there were four Herods, rulers of ancient Palestine, appointed by the Romans.
Our white Christmas disintegrated over night in a great downpour. Only the snow piles left by plows and shovels remain.
Thank you for the early morning birthday wishes.
Happy birthday, Lorraine. We miss you. I hope you are well.
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all.
Thank you Lemonade, and Jeff for a fun start to my day.

Lemonade714 said...

A very happy birthday to Kathy and Lorraine; sending you my prayers and wishes for a wonderful holiday and 2021.

AGOT is of course A GAME OF THRONES and an example of a tired mind. I meant AGT - America's Got Talent . I also wanted to modify what may be understood as disparaging remark...Cheater Squares should be called Helper Squares

inanehiker said...

Today was a fast one due to the two songs and choruses filling out a big chunk of the puzzle!
Major holidays I always solve on-line as my small city never has a newspaper on those days - a different experience for this pen & paper gal! The theme was apropos and a JW to boot - fun way to start the day! Typical weird MidWest weather - high 63 a few days ago, 9 degrees this morning and then back into a high of the 50s tomorrow - no snow yet but a chance of that next Tu/Wed.

I had the same challenges other posters had -GOLF to POLO; REAGAN becoming SEATAC (two of the airports I fly into to see my kids - or used to, sigh)

THANKs to Lemonade (as I was reading the blog I thought - this sounds like L but he said he wouldn't be back until next year :) for the blog and Jeff for the Christmas puzzle!
HBD to Kathy and Fermat!

Malodorous Manatee said...

Merry Christmas one and all.

Happy Birthday to Yellow Rocks and Fermatprime.

We have snow here in the Rockies...and cold temperatures.

Good Xmas-themed puzzle.

Why does this sound like Darlene Love? Because it is:
Christmas Time For The Jews

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

Couldn’t ask for a nicer Christmas present than a JW puzzle, especially with a Christmas theme. I didn’t appreciate the visual placements until seeing them highlighted in the review. Pretty impressive! I liked the Emp/Imp duo and the hat trick of Rum, Mum, and Klum. I goofed at Pat Boone before Paul Anka and got my models mixed with Tyra before Klum, as I don’t watch their shows. Herod was an Easter Egg. CED must have been a good boy this year because he gets two CSOs, Scamp and Imp! My only nit about this solve is that is was over way too soon!

Thank you, Jeffrey W, for a fun and festive Friday and thanks, Lemony, for the entertaining expo and enjoyable links.

Happy Birthday, Kathy, enjoy the day as best you can. πŸŽ‚πŸŽ‰πŸŽŠπŸŽˆπŸŽ

Happy Birthday, Ferm, I hope you are well! πŸŽ‚πŸŽˆπŸŽ‰πŸŽŠπŸŽ

Merry Christmas to all. πŸŽ„

waseeley said...

FLN - TTP, thanks for the clarification, and that history of the blogging process. I've come late to the dance.


Spitzboov said...

Merry Christmas everyone.

Happy Birthday to Yellowrocks and Fermatprime. Bummer, having to share your birthday with another major holiday. I guess it is special in a way, and I hope your day is, TOO.

A special treat from Jeffrey as others have said. Easy for a Friday; all the FALALA's and PUMPUMPUM's helped. FIR. Did have 'mantra' before TANTRA, and 'golf' before POLO. Perps set me straight. The extra cheater squares helped to (IMO) add some sideburns, a hint of beard, a mustache, a smile, and expressive eyebrows; creating a visage of Santa. Argyle is with us.

Thanks Lemonade for another fine intro.

Best wishes to all.

Husker Gary said...

-What a unique and wonderful, seasonal puzzle from Jeffrey
-C’mon, was I the only one with POOF/PFFT and REAGAN/SEATAC issues?
-TODAY always winds up being TOADY when I type too fast
-Compasses here point about 5 degrees east of true NORTH
-Kitty wanted door open but BALKED at going out into 10F weather
-We all know an EYEORE don’t we?
-Happy Birthday to our two Christmas babies, YR and Ferm!
-Off to Lincoln to "do the best we can"

Unknown said...

Fun puzzle. Cleverly composed

desper-otto said...

POOF/REAGAN -- Husker, see my 7:01 post.

Ray - O - Sunshine said...

πŸŽ„Merry Christmas to all and to all a good puzzle.πŸŽ„

FIR ..the repetitive long horizontal chorus answers were a big help. 40 & 43 across: What FDR originally named his dog till Eleanor made him shorten it. Plus the vertical alternating placement of the A's and L's and flanked by addtional vertical ALS and LAS

And what about the family that just got city water for Christmas? Nowell Nowell Nowell Nowell !

FIRSTIN: (First out). Why MUM KEWed me to always grab the loaf of bread in the back of the grocery shelf. Didn't realize Ford made a Spanish automobile: the "MODELA"

I'm really PFFT off about that clue. Is TANTRA the plural of tantrum DO? SNIPE: does anyone hunt them anymore?

The ELKS say BPOE stands for "Best People On Earth." AMEBAS not amœbæ todæy.

Reagan/Dulles/(like WC, ATL & others.. "oh THAT Washington") SEATAC (from prevous CW's)

"And we'll all come out to _____ when she comes".....METER
Deep laugh....ALOHA
"Are you hurt?", "No, I ___ . "... AMOK

Happy Birthday Yellow Rocks (Kathy)
Same to Fermat prime

All our ❄ White Christmas ❄ snow melted during the night. It's 50 degrees now in the Mohawk Valley. A small but addtional down side to Christmas 2020.

JB2 said...

Fast Friday JW puzzle. Perfect for today imo! And as always, a wonderful and informative write-up by Lemony.

Poof b4 pfft and went to put Reagan in but had some perps already and knew it couldn't be. We have Elks, but no reindeer!

I hope everyone has a safe and happy Christmas. My best non-family present is getting to spend some time with each of you everyday. Thank you all!

And HBD to Lorraine (my mother's name too) and Kathy!


SwampCat said...

What a wonderful Christmas gift! A JW puzzle with all those carols. And who better to sing along for us than Lemonade. Thanks both!

I wanted Fabric dyeing process to be tie dye but BATIC filled itself in.

Happy birthday Yellowrocks and Fermat.

Owen, both A’s.

staili said...

I loved, loved, loved this puzzle! A fresh take on a Christmas theme for Christmas Day! I didn't get the theme for a while, which I think increased my enjoyment of the puzzle. Sometimes, it's nice to have the "what is going on here?" feeling for a little bit before the breakthrough happens.

Happy Holidays to everyone here! I don't write a lot but read it almost every day. It has taught me a lot about crosswords, so thank you all!

NaomiZ said...

Thanks to Jeffrey for another misattributed gem, and to Lemonade for the tour!


D-O, I applaud your wish for Whirled Peas!

MalMan, thanks for sharing a link to Christmas Time for the Jews. A perfect nugget to share with the mishpucha today.

SansBeach said...

Good afternoon and best of holidays to all. Was waiting for a Xmas theme and finally got a good one...Thx Jeffrey and thx lemony for the 'splainin'. 😎
HBD yellow rocks and fermat. WEES and DNF. Stuck in page @ 18a and golf for polo so I became a victim of the raw deal.😁 Just couldn't see it.

We imported some cold air for that special seasonal feel in Fl, you all can have it back now.

AnonymousPVX said...

Happy Birthday to the Christmas Kids.

I’ve been in SC for ten years, this is my 1st Christmas here...and it’s 40°...almost like being home...thanks?

Always happy to get the solve for a JW.

Hard to confuse the 2 Douglass(s) men...the other one was Stephen, haha, among other differences.

And a Merry Christmas to all.

JohnK said...

I was hoping that as a Christmas gift to constructors, the papers (mine is the LA Times) could start giving credit to the actual author, rather than continually printing the wrong name. Other than that, Happy Christmas everyone!

Wilbur Charles said...

I first thought of David for that Judean King. HEROD quickly perped. Folks are familiar with HEROD the Great from Luke. The other New Testament Herod is Agrippa who is in Acts.

Now there's a parable called Prodigal Son. And the "parallel" is Agrippa who after spending time with the"pigs" is welcomed by the "Father". Agrippa became the last Judean King.

Pigs refers to Romans. In some circles same vernacular is applied for Police. Check out Josephus for details on Agrippa who was named after a prominent Roman.

There's an author that I read awhile back named Eisenman who postulates a lot of alternative interpretations.

Hopefully the above is only history not intended to be religious.


D4E4H said...

Merry Christmas Cornerites.

Merry COVID free Christmas

HBDY to Yellowrocks and Fermatprime

:) :) :) :) Ðavið

AnonDon said...

Struggled a bit in the SW but FIR. Merry Christmas to everyone.

Anonymous said...

It turned out to be a great birthday and Christmas with phone calls from three sisters, both sons, DIL, niece and grandson. I received a butterfly ornament and birthday card from a friend in yesterday's mail which I picked up today. My final escrow check from my buyer arrived and also a rebate on my auto insurance due to my new location.
I had my first meal with friends in nine months. Limited numbers were allowed in the dining room here. Two new friends and I sat at a table for 8 with constant air exchange to enjoy a turkey dinner and pleasant comradery. Delightful. I am happy.

Shankers said...

Got to be the easiest JW puzzle ever, especially for a Friday. Finished hours ago, but didn't have time to post as I had to rush off to the most beautiful Christmas Mass ever. May we all look forward to a year of recovery ahead and getting back to a semblance of normalcy.

Anonymous T said...

Coal in my stocking!
JW got me again...

Hi all!

BATIc, mANTRA, and pOSmS(?) Three bad squares. The rest of the puzzle was quite nice and lots of fun [See: SIRI, POLO, PFFT]. Thanks JW.

Thank you Lemonade for kicking off the Christmas Post-Puzzle Party even though your Lights are done.

HBD Fermat (you good?) and YR (you're good :-)).

ESPs: FIW so you do the maths :-)

Fav: Getting to stop by The Corner and wish all my eFriends a Very Merry Christmas.

Cheers, -T

desper-otto said...

YUKON GOLD: Five pounds peeled and grated (plus five more pounds of russets). Let the dumpling-making begin. Dinner at 6. Food coma at 7.

Wilbur Charles said...

Re. COVID. A possible dilemma is apparent in the administration of the vaccine. X amounts are taken out of cold storage from whence they have five days to innoculate. Now…

Expiration time is rapidly approaching and say 200 doses remain and there's no one left.

I'd hate to believe that the 200 will be disposed of to prevent "ineligible" but available people from receiving the vaccine.

TB-Times hinted at this dilemma but stayed away from actually talking about it. The Black Market rears its ugly head.

Personally, IMHO, whatever they do don't dispose. Call them in off the street if necessary.

Maybe Christmas will come unexpectedly.


Hungry Mother said...

Quite a nice challenge today. I smeared ink with some write-overs. Very cold here in Florida, so just hunkering down indoors.

CrossEyedDave said...

What a difference a day makes,
Yesterday Daughter#1 got the fill but hated the theme.

Today I got the fill like STP & HotL
but she nailed every one of the theme answers
& I had no clue.

I tried (or wondered) what a combo birthday cake
of square dancing and Mathematics would look like,
it didn't turn out too well...

So, Happy B-Days Yellowrocks & FermatPrime
with the best of intentions...

Yellowrocks said...

Thanks everyone for the lovely birthday wishes. C E Dave thanks for the thoughtful birthday cake. No need to stress every year over my cake. Everyone who knows me provides butterfly decorations on my cake. Angels would work too. Wings! Do I wish to escape or just soar above it all. I want to feel light and carefree. Much of my jewelry features butterflies or angels.

Alice said...

My husband and I had a nice morning watching our grandsons open Christmas presents. We stayed masked on the patio looking into the house. Fortunately, the weather is warm and sunny today.

Came home and started the puzzle. I found out from the blog (thanks Lemon) that this was a Jeffrey W work, and not Blake Slonecker’s, as attributed by the LA Times.

I loved Jeffrey’s Christmas-appropriate theme, with many easy fills.

Merry Christmas to all!

Chairman Moe said...

Puzzling thoughts:

Thanks to JW and JC (aka, Lemony) for the Christmas "cheer"!

My gift to the blog was to have Jason recap the puzzle, as his favorite (?) constructor is Jeffrey Wechsler, and his gift to me was to allow me some extra time to spend on this Holiday with my family - though it was "virtual" in the sense that it involved a few hours on FaceTime and Zoom rather than in person. I now have the dubious pleasure of recapping the New Year's puzzle, which I hope will usher in 2021 with a bang! Stay tuned ...

In the meantime, it's Christmas, and whether it is celebrated in a secular or religious manner, it's my/our hope that all of you here at the Corner are having a wonderful experience! To those coincidentally having their own birthdays, enjoy!

A "haiku" for a change:

It's Christmas, Christmas;
Gifts to open, love to share.
Christ is born today!


C Moe

Ol' Man Keith said...

Neat haiku, Chrmn Moe!

I guess if you ask for Jefffey Wechsler at the LA Times, they'll just say, "Who?"
That's where they gave today's pzl credit to Blake Sonecker. Maybe he's a native son or sumpin'.
For two weeks now, the Times has been crediting a person or persons different from the ones listed in this Corner. I wrote to them, but got no reply, and certainly no action.

Well, it was a fun, EZ pzl, filled with Xmas spirit. FA-LA-LA...
Mmmm. And we have our honey-baked ham for Christmas dinner tonight.
(To quote from A Christmas Carol:)
"WHAT, the one as BIG as ME...?!"

Ol' Man Keith said...

Wilbur ~
I don't follow. Where are these 200 doses sitting idle? Did they just fall off the truck somewhere?
Do you mean 200 vials sitting out in the sun in a particular hospital?
Or in the city of St. Petersburg?
Or in the whole *#@! state of FLA?

Did a trainload of folk fail to show up to get their shots?

As I understand it, you have 5 days to use them, but only if they are kept cold, not as deeply cold as for long storage, but cold. Probably colder than my fridge.
They can't just be left on a tabletop for 4-1/2 days, then pressed into service.
More info, please...

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas!
Happy Birthday to Jesus, and those on the Corner.

Drive safely, if you go anywhere.

Today's took 12:49.

Wilbur Charles said...

OMK, simple. They pull 5000 doses from cold storage and over 41/2 days innoculate 4800 prime risk people. Then in the 11th hour they have 200 doses left.

Choice A. Dispose of them.
Choice B. Find 200 people regardless of risk class and use up the 200.

The latter makes sense but has complications. And there's a Choice C. Pretend to dispose and sell on the black market.

Now proper planning will prevent piss poor performance as the Marines used to say


Anonymous said...

I think the vaccine distribution has been complicated because a lot of people are taking time off, and they want to leave work and a difficult year behind them. They don't necessarily want to come to work just to get the vaccine. Also, the high-priority people are exactly the ones who end up getting exposed and having to quarantine, thereby missing their appointment.

Locally, at least one hospital is letting any employee get on a waiting list if none of the high-priority people are available to get the vaccine on that day. I have no idea if anyone's actually come off the waiting list, though.

Wilbur Charles said...

That's what I thought. A waiting list.

unclefred said...

A fast friday (for me!) of 24 minutes. Enjoyable CW, lots of fun solving. Thanx, JW!! Terrific write-up, thanx Lemonade!! I got lucky with 46D; almost wrote REAGAN then had second thoughts and looked at the perps. Finally, it was ALL perps. I didn’t know SEATAC. Merry Christmas to all and happy birthday where appropriate, including Tony Fauci’s 80th (yesterday, I think?). Many of the Christmas cards I rec’d had comments about the year 2020; my favorite was a homemade but very professional looking card that said: “2020: Good Riddance” on the front of the card. I couldn’t agree more.

waseeley said...

Thanks Jeffrey and thanks Lemony for a carolful puzzle and excellent commentary. FIR, but didn't have time to comment, having to rush off to party with my Son, DIL, and eight grandchildren. Left at 10ish, full of Christmas ham and fixins, a living room knee deep in gift wrap, ribbons, and bows, and the kids all playing "Ticket to Ride" (the game, not the song).

And with that I'm out of sight. Merry Christmas to All, and to All a Good Night!


Misty said...

Fun, Christmas Day puzzle, Jeffrey--many thanks. Sadly, you were still replaced by Blake Slonecker as the constructor in the Los Angeles Times. But your theme words were a delight, and there was much to enjoy. And always like your commentary, Lemonade.

Cute to see the puzzle end with MESSY Oscar--we usually get NEAT Felix instead. I'm always sad to be reminded about SAL Mineo. He was such a sweet actor and we were all shocked when he was shot to death in his parking lot by some random shooter at the age of 37.

Enjoyed your poems, Owen.

And happy birthdays, Yellowrocks and Fermatprime.

Have a good week coming up, everybody.

LEO III said...

Very late again. Very busy day. Hope everyone had a nice Christmas.

DNF. Should have done so hours ago, but I ended up with five letters that I never could get filled in properly, and two outright errors, so BOO! Got the long fills early again, and I had most of the puzzle done before noon, but then Christmas festivities and then the James Bond marathon ensued. Thought I’d take one last look at the puzzle, just in case I stumbled onto a sudden attack of brilliance, but no such luck.

That’s OK. It was still a neat Jeffrey Wechsler puzzle and Lemonade expo.

HPD Yellowrocks and Fermatprime!

Spitzboov, I kept trying to figure out if the grid was supposed to be Santa too.

Ol' Man Keith said...

I'm still puzzled, Wilbur. Sorry, but where was this? --and WHY exactly are there 200 doses left over?
Were they mis-counted when ordering?
Did some "high-priority" peeps just not show up?
Did they all have a reservation to begin with?
Were there that many anti-Vaxxers in the 1st batch?